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Getting the Christmas Tree Home via Bike: 2023 Edition

After crossing through the decade barrier last year, we’ve moved onto the 11th year of getting the Christmas Tree by bike. With Christmas itself nearly over, it was high time for me to finish this post. Obviously, this happened a … Read More Here

A Decade of Getting the Christmas Tree Home via Bike: 2022 Edition

This year marks a decade of getting the Christmas Tree home by Bike posts. Undoubtedly, many in parts of Europe (or elsewhere), have been doing this for much longer. In our case, we started in Paris with Velib bike share … Read More Here

Getting the Christmas Tree Home via Bike: 2021 Edition

As has been the tradition for nearly a decade of living in Europe, we’ve been bringing home the Christmas tree by bike. Seriously, all the way since 2012 in Paris using the basket of a Velib (when we apparently looked … Read More Here

Getting the Christmas Tree Home via Bike: 2020 Edition

It’s that time of year again! Or rather, it was a few weeks ago. But – the key thing is I’ve squeaked into home with this annual tradition of a post. And this year we stepped it up to video … Read More Here

Getting the Christmas Tree Home via Bike: 2019 Edition

In now it’s 7th year, we’ve been moving the Christmas tree home by bike. It started when we lived in Paris, using a bike share Velib to make the trek from our favored Christmas Tree vendor at the flower markets … Read More Here

Getting the Christmas Tree Home via Bike: 2018 Edition

Transporting home our Christmas tree has become an annual tradition of ours since moving to Europe. And this year we continued it after our move from Paris to Amsterdam. Except, you know…a bigger bike equals a bigger tree. But let’s … Read More Here

Getting the Christmas Tree Home via Velib: 2017 Edition

Each year since moving to Paris, we’ve ended up buying our Christmas tree not terribly far away at the flower markets.  While these markets are on the long list of tourism things to see in Paris, for us it’s more … Read More Here

Cycling home with the Christmas Tree: 2016 Edition

Since moving to Paris, it’s become a little bit of an annual Christmas tradition of ours to pickup our tree at the flower markets and then subsequently bike home with it.  This would mark the 5th year of doing so, … Read More Here

Christmas Tree by Bike: 2015 Edition

Here’s this week’s “5 Random Things I Did This Weekend” post, complete with our annual picking up of the Christmas tree via Velib. 1) Chateau Cake Deliveries First up on the docket was a wedding cake delivery out to a … Read More Here

Our Christmas Tree by Parisian Velib Bikeshare: 2014 Edition

Earlier this week The Girl and I made our sorta-annual trek to pickup a Christmas tree at the nearby market.  The first year we returned home via Velib (the bike share system).  Last year, we ended up walking it home.  … Read More Here

Getting our Christmas tree home by bicycle: 2012 Edition

Like the US, Christmas trees are readily available in France.  Be it at just about every corner convenience store or small grocery, or even at gas stations.  Here the trees are a wee bit shorter in general, and a little … Read More Here