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Weekend Wrap-up: TrainerRoad, Cold DC Runs, and more

This past weekend was nice and relaxing.  Just a few big ticket items – but largely just a lot of lounging around, enjoying the couch.  Silly I know, but everything is always go-go-go, so it’s nice to simply just enjoy … Read More Here

A weekend of new gadgets: Polar Power Pedals, heart rate strap integrated clothing, and more!

This weekend was a bit of a catch-up weekend on items to get unboxing photos on, and ensure I have all the photos I need of a product before I start using it.  I’ve long since learned that if I … Read More Here

CES 2012 Health and Fitness Gadget Roundup: Part II

We left off last week checking out a slew of cool things, so if you missed that pile of gadget awesomeness – definitely swing back and check it out. Without further ado – let’s get into it! First up is … Read More Here