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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

An amazing weekend of perfect weather here in Paris, more like summer than fall.  Here’s all the goodness that went down this weekend! 1) Friday Evening Delivery and Visitors After a fairly busy day, I wrapped up things with a … Read More Here

An inside look at my bike toolbox

Well, an inside look at my bike cardboard toolbox anyway.  Actually, it’s half split between a cardboard box and a plastic bag from the grocery store.  With a few oft-used items in a 4-cup measuring cup, sorta like how people … Read More Here

Converting a $99 Target Schwinn beach cruiser into my Wedding Bike

When we were planning our wedding that happened back in July, one detail that kept creeping up was our ‘departure vehicle’ – that is, how exactly we’d be departing the ceremony and arriving at the reception.  Often times the bride … Read More Here