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First hands-on look at Bia GPS watch designed for women

Earlier this week while in Las Vegas for CES I had the chance to meet up with the founder of Bia, the only womens focused GPS watch on the market.  Cheryl Kellond and I met me at the UNLV track … Read More Here

Kickstarter sports technology projects I’m backing…and why.

Last night, I had the chance to run with a recently announced Kickstarter watch.  Now, I’m going to save my first look thoughts about the Mio Alpha for Tuesday, but based on some of the Twitter traffic after I tweeted … Read More Here

The Bia women’s GPS watch: My detailed thoughts

A couple weeks ago a new entrant to the GPS-enabled sports watch bounced onto the scene via Kickstarter, the Bia watch.  This unit is forthcoming in being targeted and designed directly at women.  So I’m first going to go through … Read More Here