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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

While it may seem a bit quieter on the site in recent weeks – that’s mostly because I’ve been slammed trying to get things all set up in the new space, as well as compiling the huge buyer’s guides (Power … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

After a number of crazy busy weeks for travel between Florida in June and Eurobike related stuff the last few weeks – it’s time to bring back the 5 Random Things series.  Usually, when things get busy during the week, … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Back fresh from a week in the states at Sea Otter, I was ready to get back to enjoying all Amsterdam has to offer, and no better time to do that than this past weekend. 1) King’s Day in Amsterdam … Read More Here

Bikes Abound: I’ve Moved to Amsterdam!

This past weekend when we touched down back in Europe after three months away in Australia, we arrived home to a slightly different land.  Rather than say Bonjour to immigration officers, we were instead saying Goedemorgen. That’s because we now … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend in Amsterdam (and a big announcement!)

One of the greatest parts about living in Europe is just how easy it is to travel from country to country.  In less time than it would take to drive or take a train from Washington DC to NYC, we … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Phew – a crazy weekend – one unlike any other that we’ve ever had here.  Let’s get right into it. 1) Returned from Amsterdam The Girl and I were up in Amsterdam from Wednesday till Friday evening.  I had meetings … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend…in Amsterdam

Here’s what I’ve been up to the last few days… 1) Started the weekend on an early train to Amsterdam In a clear violation of my rules for being up in the 5AM hour multiple times a week, I once … Read More Here

The Amsterdam Runaround

As a general rule for Runarounds, they tend to run…well…around something.  Usually that’s a city.  In most cases I start at the hotel and then make a big loop back to my starting point.  In some occasions (such as in … Read More Here

A circular tour of Africa

Most folks can find South Africa on a map.  After all, if you can find Africa, you can find probably find the southern portion.  Simple enough, right? Welcome to Ghana But what about finding Accra?  Well, ya probably need a … Read More Here