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Hands on with the new Adidas Fit Smart

Adidas has just announced their latest sports and fitness focused device – the Fit Smart.  The unit features optical heart rate recognition from your wrist via an embedded Mio optical sensor, while supplementing that data in conjunction with accelerometer data … Read More Here

Behind the scenes at Adidas Global Headquarters, plus updates on future of miCoach and Smart Run GPS

Earlier this week I made the short (very early morning) flight to Nuremburg, Germany to visit the worldwide headquarters of Adidas.  The purpose of the trip was twofold.  First, it was to get a bit of an understanding of the … Read More Here

Adidas Bluetooth Smart miCoach (Mini) Footpod In-Depth Review

It’s been about 8 months since the first Bluetooth Smart footpod popped out into the market, introduced by Polar shortly after the release of their Polar Beat app.  However, while it technically worked just fine, it lacked one thing: Elegance. … Read More Here

Adidas Smart Run GPS In-Depth Review

This past October Adidas announced their Smart Run GPS unit to the world, introducing the first optical heart rate watch with a GPS sensor combined into it.  While Adidas has been in the sports technology arena for some time with … Read More Here

Initial thoughts on the new Adidas Smart Run GPS watch

Update note: My In-Depth Review of the Smart Run GPS has now been published, check it out here! Last week Adidas announced their first foray into the GPS device world with their Adidas Smart Run GPS watch.  While this may … Read More Here