Strava Raises Prices But Can’t Tell You How Much It Costs Anymore

Some days, I just can’t decide if Strava tries hard to hurt their reputation, or, if it just comes naturally. Today, however, I’m left flabbergasted.

When I started writing this post, I thought I had it all figured out. And then each time I dug further, the rabbit hole deepened, and the absurdity of it expanded. So, I’m going to attempt to unravel this, but realistically, this ball of spaghetti is such a mess that I don’t even think Strava knows what they’re doing at this point.

In short: For some people, prices will double overnight. For others, it’ll be nothing. Others still yet will split the difference on a wide-ranging scale in between those points. The determining factor? Theoretically a combination of which country you’re in, when exactly you signed up, whether you’re on annual or monthly plans, and finally, exactly what today’s date is, relative to the date of your subscription renewal. I’m not kidding, you can’t make this up.

But the real kicker? Strava refuses to provide the actual price you’ll pay for Strava. In a nearly 24-hour long volley of e-mails that ultimately triggered them to publish a statement on their press site, they still refuse to simply state what the price of Strava actually is. I’m not kidding.

Getting the Ball Rolling:

Before we go too far, it should at least be noted that Strava has never increased prices in the last decade. If you go into your account settings, you can actually choose to have Strava send you a single e-mail outlining your entire payment history since the beginning of time (“Send All Receipts”). And this is what mine shows – that I’ve been paying the same $59/year since March of 2013 (though, I’ve actually been a member since September 2011):

StravaReceiptPart1 StravaReceiptPart2

And in fact, it also shows my upcoming renewal in March will be $59 as well:


However, before we get back to my account (and my wife’s account), let’s look at the storm clouds brewing.

Back a month or two ago, a few readers noted that their Strava subscription was showing a higher renewal price than before (free accounts still exist of course). Of course, as noted when I checked my account, everything was still the same. At the time it seemed specifically tied to UK accounts. Not other countries. And the exact change % varied depending on whether or not you were on an annual plan, or a monthly plan.

The UK Beginnings:

In the case of the UK monthly plan, Strava had raised UK rates from £6.99 to £8.99, about a 29% increase (though other people apparently have a £5.99 plan, so that’s a 50% increase). Whereas, for the annual plan, it’s far more subdued, raising rates from £47.99 to £54.99. That’s only £7 per year, or about a 15% increase. I think we’d all agree a ~50% increase is pretty substantial, yet at the same time, outside of temporarily trying Strava for a few months, I’m not really sure why one would buy it monthly. I mean, that’s what I wrote till I noticed my wife was signed up monthly for the last 5 years, which, is actually my mistake. I had upped her account to Subscriber to test something years ago and never thought about it again. Doh.

(Fun fact, in order to go from monthly Strava subscriber to annual Strava subscriber you literally have to cancel your membership account, wait for your current month to expire, then finally remember to re-subscribe. WHAT!?!??!)

Looking at the UK piece specifically, what can’t be ignored is the simple economic reality that two things are probably at play:

US inflation last 12 months: 6-8% (depending on which source you pick)
GBP to USD Exchange Rate last 12 months: Down 14% (GBP value to USD decline)

These UK-specific changes seemed to start shortly after the British Pound (vs USD) reached rock-bottom back in late September. Remembering that Strava bills UK users in local British Pounds, but ultimately Strava is based in the US and the vast majority of their employees/costs are in the US. Just as we saw with numerous other companies, the cost of business has simply risen. Companies have to pay employees more to stay competitive (especially for tech companies), and other infrastructure costs have also risen.

Then More Countries:

Now, fast forward to the last day or so, and Reddit has blown up with some people showing huge annual price increases as well, from $59/year to $99/year, and others up to $79/year. And monthly prices from $5.99 to $11.99 (a price doubling!). A few other people living in other countries reported price increases as well. Here’s an example e-mail of a price increase from $59 to $99, a 67% increase:


The problem though? It’s super random. Some people got e-mail notices with upcoming price increases, while others got no e-mail and their account shows upcoming renewals at a higher price. And plenty more still, like myself and my wife, show no price increase either (nor did I receive an e-mail).

If however, you sift long enough through Reddit threads, you eventually find a thread that talks about a support article Strava posted (or updated) on Saturday that attempts to outline what they are doing, price-wise. I say attempts, because clearly ‘Meg’ was tasked with writing an article to explain the most confusing policy possible. For all the hate other companies like Amazon, Netflix, etc get for their price increases, at least we can decode them. It’s straightforward: On X date, the new price will be Y. I mean, except TrainerRoad, which also said “…but only if actually you want to pay more”.

In any case, there’s a table in this Strava Support article, which your eyes will naturally gravitate to:


Unfortunately, if your eyes did gravitate to that table first, then you missed the slate of ifs/ands/buts that were prefaced in the block of text above it. Which I’ve included below for funsies. Again, I don’t envy poor Meg’s task here. She did the best she could with the paper bag of poop she was handed:


So, let me try and simplify this for you, here’s the distilled version:

We, Strava, will increase your price if you live in a random smattering of countries. However, we won’t show you said new price until 30 days prior to renewal. Nor will we put that price in a handy table anywhere on our website, because honestly we wouldn’t want you to know just how much we’re gonna increase it. Also, if today is before February 2nd, 2023, then, frankly, we have no idea what your account renewal status should show (but whatever it is, it’s probably not right). Shrug.

P.S. – If you just signed up for this dumpster fire of a situation since November 23rd, 2022, then we won’t increase your price for now. Pinky swear. Maybe.

Hugs and kisses,

Seriously, that’s literally what it says. I can’t make it more serious than that. And their support article directly contradicts what people have posted in Reddit showing things like $79/year renewals coming in May.

So in the case of our household, two different things are happening:

A) Me: In my case, theoretically, my price will increase when it renews on March 14th, 2023, because mine is listed as a US account. Except, I have no idea what it’ll increase to, and I will apparently receive a notice 30 days before.

B) My Wife: In her case, her account is actually listed to our Netherlands address (we live in the Netherlands). Currently, she’s on a monthly account (doh, again), but hey, as it stands now, her price isn’t going up. Had we left our previous France address on there from a few months prior, then it’d increase.

Also, fun fact: I can’t actually find any place to update said country/address. Both of our accounts are actually billing to US credit cards (directly on Strava’s site). At the moment, that seems to be a good thing for my wife. And, I suppose it’d make sense for me to switch my account to being a Netherlands-based person before March…if only I could figure out how.

Finally, A Proper Strava Response:

So, as I started mulling through this, I shot off an e-mail to Strava’s PR person aiming to get some clarity. I was just looking for a simple table of what the USD/EUR/GBP final prices were (monthly/annual). I wasn’t gonna try and get greedy and get actual explanations or other prices. Nonetheless, some number of hours later, I got an official answer, which Strava is also going to cross-publish to their Press Blog site.

Here’s the official response I received from Strava:

“At Strava, we are consistently investing in the value of our subscription experience to deliver a best-in-class digital experience. A price change was recently enacted to reflect the growing subscription features, as well as local market changes. We remain committed to delivering value to our active community on a daily basis.

The last pricing release for annual subscriptions took place about a decade ago while monthly subscriptions have seldom fluctuated.
Price adjustments will vary depending on region and preferred platform.”

Meanwhile, that’s actually different than what they posted to the press site about 20-30 minutes later:

“As we continue to invest in your experience, our prices may change to better reflect new features and market conditions. The decision to change our price was not taken lightly and we want to share why this is happening.

Our priority is giving you a unique experience for a holistic view of your active lifestyle. This happens through delivering you value on a daily basis through new features, product updates and services. In the past 10 years, Strava has added countless new features including support for more than 40 sport types, Beacon, route recommendations, an online route builder tool, global and personal heatmaps, segment leaderboards and custom goals and progress. These additions are made based on your valuable feedback, what we are hearing from the active community and research.

While our subscription price has largely remained constant for the past years, we also take local market conditions into consideration. When costs and plans are adjusted, we’re always working to improve your experience and invest in the value delivered to you on a daily basis. Pricing decisions will continuously be evaluated to ensure we are offering the best value of our growing features to our community.

Price changes will vary depending on region and preferred platform.”

Well, that’s at least slightly more clarifying than the statement e-mailed to me 30 minutes prior.

Except, that didn’t answer my original question on what the actual prices are (or whether or not they’re going to notify end users)? So, I circled back again, asking again in one line what the USD/GBP/EUR pricing is for monthly/annual subscriptions. Silence. Then, one more poke, this time getting:

“That’s our full press statement.” – Michael Joseph, Strava PR Lead

Wait, are you kidding? I’m actually mildly angry at this point. Strava actually can’t tell me what its price is? So, being the generous guy I am, I just wanted to make it clear the road they were travelling, saying in the nicest way possible, “Wait, sorry, just to confirm: Strava can’t tell me what the price of Strava is anymore?”

To which, Strava stopped responding.

This is arguably the most insane conversation I’ve had with a company in the 15 years I’ve been writing about sports tech. A company “with more than 100 million active people in 195 countries”, literally can’t tell me the price of their own product in even just the three biggest countries/regions. And mind you, if you think it’s published anywhere, it’s certainly not. Even if you go to sign-up for a subscription, they won’t list the price.

Gonna Do This Myself:


So given Strava is unable to provide their own product pricing, for even just one country, I’m gonna figure this out myself. So I cracked open some VPN software, and then an incognito browser session and got to work. I connected to every country on the list as if I was setting up a brand new account, to get the current new subscriber pricing. I also picked a few other countries along the way, just for fun. Here’s the current pricing for signing up for a new account in each of these countries:

(Reminder: Your account will not likely show this new pricing until you’re within 30 days of your renewal, and said renewal is after Feb 2nd, 2023 – per the screenshotted support article up above.)

Generally speaking, this matches what other people are seeing. And, it also explains some things. The $99 seen earlier for the annual sub? That was apparently a Canadian person. Whereas the US pricing is $79/year. However, indeed, the new monthly price does double to $12.99.

The only quirk though is actually my wife’s account, which shows both the previous renewal 4 days ago, and upcoming renewal in 27 days as 7.99EUR, versus the 10.99EUR it should be for a Netherlands account. Of course, the challenge is that there’s actually no way to see on Strava’s site what your billing origination country is. That appears to be set from whatever country you instantiated the account at (like, where the computer was). So it’s plausible we were travelling in Spain or Italy sometime in the fall of 2018 when we clicked ‘Subscribe’ on her account. Or, something else entirely.

Either way, that’s the best we’ve got for now. Maybe Strava will wake up and decide to publish their own price list like every other company on earth. Or not.

A Wrap-Up:


Here’s the thing, Strava seems to be hoping that nobody notices this price increase. Problem is – people are, and when they get notified, it’s nothing more than a short and terse e-mail saying their prices are increasing upwards of 67%. Unlike other platforms which at least attempt to smooth over things, outline all the new features a user got over the past while, or basically explain things a bit.

When Strava replaced its CEO a few years ago with one of the original founders, they pissed off a lot of non-subscribers by removing features for free accounts. But long-term, they focused on subscribers as their singular revenue source. The idea being to focus on features subscribers wanted. And to their credit, they’ve largely done that. Sure, all of us could name one stupid thing Strava hasn’t done or hasn’t fixed. We all have our ‘this seems obvious’ thing we want changed, but practically speaking, companies can’t change every thing every person asks for. However, on the whole, Strava has done a good job at adding plenty of new features.

Unfortunately, whatever goodwill Strava built up over the last few years, they’re flushing down the drain through non-communication to end users. Like most consumers, I’m a pretty reasonable person when it comes to understanding the world reality that prices are going up. I get it. I really do. But just be honest and clear about what those prices are going to be, and then, at a minimum – attempt to justify them. I don’t know how you justify a 67% price increase. Perhaps you do it by noting that Strava prices haven’t increased in a decade. But, that’d require opening your mouth and doing it, not just flipping a switch and hoping money rolls in.

In our household’s case, for my account, I’ll renew it. Mainly because it’s my job to write about new Strava features. The only premium feature I actually routinely use is creating routes. I have virtually no use for Segments. Meanwhile, for my wife, we’re just going to cancel it. This was probably a good reminder that she doesn’t use any premium features at all at this point, so there’s really no reason to stay premium. So ultimately, in our home, Strava will gain maybe $40 in revenue to concurrently lose €95 ($102). A net loss of $62/year.

At the end of the day, only Strava will truly know whether or not their strategy is going to work. But I struggle to see how this approach helps the company long term. And I fail to see how hiding your price from consumers is a good business practice.


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  1. >> paying the same $59/month since March of 2013

    Almost fell off my chair, think that should be $59/annually?

  2. Paul S.

    The numbers in the table are local dollars, right (Australia, Canada)? And the UK should be pounds, not euros.

    • Yup, correct for AUS/Canada, local dollars. and yes, good catch on GBP symbol. Thanks!

    • Ellie

      My account is in the UK and I seem to be billed in Euros for some reason. Currently showing my renewal price as the same €54.99 I’ve always paid, bit not due until end of November 2023.

    • Kevin

      This isn’t quite correct. In Canada and mine was charged in USD when it renewed mid-December, so with the exchange rates it came to $82.53 CAD.

    • Andrew

      Consider adding units to the table for AUD/CAD/USD to make this clear. $99.99 CAD is about $75 USD, so the table makes it look like Strava is more expensive in Canada than in the US, when it’s actually the other way around. Adding specific currency units will at least make it easier for someone to notice that the units aren’t the same.

    • Kevin

      It’s not the other way around, it’s considerably more expensive in Canada in raw dollar terms. I’ve always been charged in USD for Strava (and Zwift, and TrainerRoad…).

  3. Piotr

    I had also (and still have) different price if i try to buy through my mobile app or web app. On webapp it’s much more expensive and it’s in different currency on mobile i got it in my country currency (PLN) but it’s definitely not conversion of the web price.


    I guess the issue is about Data center storage since they have introduce Video Media.
    They probably have come up with a formula per country, how much data is now posted since Video is available …
    That maybe just an idea but who knows so far 🙂
    PS: I remain on 59$ for renewal in 29 days (Poland)

    • Thomas Gotzen

      I would not assume that they are charging proportional to the costs of the users, but proportional to what they think they can get away with…

    • I was thinking exactly the same. This smells like the result of “market research”. That would explain the bs communication as well. “Hi Ray, the prices are determined by an AI / market research team from user data, as the highest price the person is willing to pay.” – wouldn’t be a communication that they can get away with.

    • Dave Lusty

      In the UK, and I’m pretty sure EU, it’s illegal to offer different pricing to different people in that way. I guess in the “land of the free” things are different, but they’d be in big trouble if they tried to do that. I worked with a holiday company that charged more for Mac users on the assumption they would pay – that was stopped. Also worked with a company who were trying to offer lower bids if you gave more detail (you were keen to sell) and again legal stepped in.

    • Michael

      IDK, the compassion they use in the video is so bad, they probably aren’t paying that much more. My AWS pricing hasn’t changed on me yet

    • I am not even sure it is legal to charge different amounts for the same online service in the EU.

    • Secret Squirrel

      I’m fairly sure different charging between EU countries is legal. However pretty sure preventing you shopping around between EU prices is illegal.

    • Berlin-Ulli

      Pretty sure it is legal

    • nowave7

      And yet, prices differ all across the board for the EU, with Germany “getting” the highest increase.🤬
      I subscribed when the founders plead for financial backing, but i don’t think I’m going to be renewing my paid subscription.

    • inSyt

      This makes sense, but why not make video uploads a subscriber only feature?

      Instead they are still making previously free things like your year in review a subscriber only feature.

    • JP

      Well if we take a look here, it seems charging different prices in different EU countries could be illegal, unless it is due to different delivery costs, different VAT rates, etc. Maybe a US company that doen’t have any offices in en EU country can get away with it though.
      link to europa.eu

      Price discrimination
      As an EU national or resident you can’t be charged a higher price when buying products or services in the EU just because of your nationality or country of residence.

      When you buy goods online in the EU, prices may vary from country to country or across different versions of the same website, for example due to differences in delivery costs. However, if you buy goods online without cross-border delivery – such as when you buy something online which you intend to collect from a trader or shop yourself – you should have access to the same prices and special offers as buyers living in that EU country. You cannot be charged more or prevented from buying something just because you live in another country.

      The same rules apply when you buy services provided at the trader’s premises, for example when you buy entry tickets for an amusement park, book a hotel, rent a car, or when you buy electronically supplied services (such as cloud services or website hosting), you are entitled to have access to the same prices as local buyers.

    • Leslie Harris

      Budget Airlines across the EU have been doing something similar for years. For example – you go onto get a price for a flight, and when you go back to recheck and possibly book, the price has gone up. This is to fool you into booking now before the price goes up again!

      The trick was to clear your cookies and fool the website into seeing you as a unique visitor and hey presto the price is back down again. The system is fairly low tech.

      There are no laws of discrimination based on whether you are using Safari or Google Chrome as a browser, even though such a practice would be pretty despicable. “Caveat Emptor” I guess.

    • Peter

      As mentioned below. There is a EU policy against Geoblocking (2018/302). This includes pricing. Relevant Articles are 6 + 18. Translations are linked at the top:
      link to eur-lex.europa.eu

      Quote article 18:
      “In order to increase the ability of customers to access information related to the sales of goods and the provision of services within the internal market and to increase transparency, including with respect to prices, traders should not, through the use of technological measures or otherwise, prevent customers from having full and equal access to online interfaces[..]”

      You can find all relevant information on how to contact your countries authorities to report this here:
      link to digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu

      For Germany thats the Bundesnetzagentur:
      link to bundesnetzagentur.de

      Strava EU offices are located in Dublin Ireland. Happy reporting.

    • Luke

      AFAIK they can charge differently within the EU but they *MUST* provide the possibility to change your location so that you can get the cheaper Spanish price, too. As it is it’s a distortion of the single market and disctiminates consumers in high-price EU countries vis-a-vis consumers in low-price EU countries. Foul play!

    • Bart

      Excellent info! So nothing should stand in my way from signing up in Strava Spain and actually saving money.

    • Herbert Poul

      I don’t think this is true.. you can’t discriminate prices based on race, gender, religion, etc.. but you can certainly charge whatever you want as long as you ignore those characteristics..

  5. David

    The winners are the Spanish guys. All the listed EU countries paying in Euro like Spain does, just significantly more. Surely Strava can’t argue this is due to € to $ exchange rate. If I was German I’d right pissed off.

  6. Philip Barnes

    I’m based in the UK. Just checked my account, the new price, from 27 October, 2023. will be €59.99, (same as last year) yes, that’s right it will be priced in EURO’s, no idea why. This seems to have happened in October 2021 when the price increased from £18.99 to €59.99, not arguing with that increase I guess it was when they changed the ‘bands’

  7. dddd

    Only reason I use strava premium is to get the best from veloviewer, hopefully it will find another way to get the same kind of info…

    • Hugh

      Thank you for reminding me why I pay for Premium.

    • EelkoL

      That used to be my reason, however, I’m done expanding tiles for the moment. Cancelled my subscription per sep ’23. However, if this settles down I’ll probably re-subscribe as I think it is OK to pay for services. (Yes, I was a DC supporter for a year or two and will be again once I use a review for a buying decision again).

  8. Thomas Gotzen

    Strava would not be the first company having different prices not only per country or payment option, but also depending on whatever information they can get regarding the customer (may be his historic data as a free Strava user, may be whether he is using an expensive iPhone or not, …).
    Would not really surprise me.

    Still true that they need to communicate better. Even if they do not want to tell “a” price.

    • Oldan

      Looks like Strava is going with the Plane Ticket Pricing Model.

      Customer: “How much with a ticket from Amsterdam to Seattle cost if I book 10 minutes from now?”
      Airline: “Call us in 10 minutes to find out.”

    • Eugene

      That “Plane Ticket Pricing Model” gives a different price per individual. I have understood with Strava they are not.
      But I get your point; the prices seem somehow calculated based on Strava’s perception what people want to pay.

  9. JE

    This is such a clusterfuck. The thing is, I like Strava. I like their product. I like that there is no advertisement. I like the social aspect. This is why I pay for Premium. I don’t use Premium features (apart from routes which I could easily do on Komoot). But with this kind of behavior… Don’t know how much longer I’ll continue to pay.

    • Dave Lusty

      100% this. I’m happy to pay my way for an ad free platform. I don’t use premium features either, and I do have Garmin to see data.

      I’ll downgrade if the price rises and I’ll downgrade if they do anything dodgy. There’s no scenario where this goes well for them except making the platform reasonably priced and being transparent.

  10. Corey Jenkins

    I have not been a premium member to Strava for a few years and have been thinking about upgrading. After reading this article and seeing the price increase, there is zero reason for me to upgrade. All of my stuff goes through Garmin anyway and I have all the information I need there.

    • Luke

      I’m a premium member for the heatmap and the segments.
      I realize these are silly, but I like them. But it KILLS me that garmin has never been able to make garmin segments as good as Strava has been able to make strava segments. Same goes for the global heatmap and your personal heatmap. They’re small things, but I like them.
      But, man do I hate strava sometimes (like this)

  11. Eric

    I’m in NL, €59,99 since august 21, renewal per August 23 still listed as €59,99

  12. Dave

    I don’t have those receipt lines on my screen. Odd.

  13. Casey

    This compared to Trainer Road’s price increase approach is night and day. I really want Strava to succeed, it’s a big reason why I stuck with this sport at the start and motivated me quite a bit over the years. I guess we’ll see what happens next.

    • Ronan Murphy

      I have used Trainer Road on off for years, cancelling when it gets to summer etc. This was the first year I paid for the annual, purely out of respecting them for a solid product and offering.

  14. Kyle.

    Just checked my account. I’m based in the US and have paid them since 2016. Says my account will renew for the same $59/yr in October. Even if it doesn’t end up increasing, I should probably take this pricing nonsense from them as a reminder to decide if I really need the paid features any more instead of just letting it roll along unchanged.

    • Remember that any renewal dates beyond Feb 2nd, won’t necessarily be correct for all countries (per their support article above).

      Not saying that’s logical, just helping to clarify.

  15. I pay via an apple subscription that is showing £54.99 for a renew 7 months away!

    I’ll probably cancel, the main thing I use it for is creating new routes. I do find the heat map useful, is there anything else there that provides similar for running and cycling?

  16. Floris

    what strikes me the most is the different pricing for the european countries, all using euros.
    how can they justify the price difference between The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, (Belgium?)?

    • Mikael

      Taxes for an example.

    • Eugene

      I agree that I don’t understand these different prices for the European countries.
      It’s easy for people in the EU to buy in other EU countries. The euro and the European market are big enablers for that. It promotes having the same price in different countries. Strava somehow doesn’t seem to get that.
      Taxes are a differentiator (and a reason to buy in another country), but it is not that big. I mean, the price differences Ray showed in his list are not due to tax differences.

    • Carla

      If that were true, prices in Germany should be lower than in the Netherlands, 19% VAT v. 21% VAT. Yet monthly seems to be the same and yearly is more expensive in Germany acc. to Ray’s table.

    • Pascalwb

      Same as anything. Wages are different. 10 in Germany is nothing compared to eastern Europe.

    • Luke

      As before: Strava has all the rights to charge different prices in different EU countries. BUT they *must* enable their EU customers to shop the cheapest EU price – whether they are based in said country or not. 101 of How-to-trade-in-the-EU.
      –> Four Freedoms. –> principle of non-discrimination

  17. Bill Geiser

    “Bureaucracy is the death of any achievement”.

    – Albert Einstein

  18. Sam

    i guess back to komoot and interval.icu! thanks for everything strava and bye bye

  19. Daniel

    But to your point at the end of the video…there are really very few reasons for users to subscribe to premium. Your device manufacturer (e.g. Garmin, etc.) likely already provides way more in-depth analysis of your data (emphasis on YOUR data).

    I recall discussion every time Strava has to go through another round of funding regarding its profitability or lack thereof. Do you have any more recent data regarding that?

  20. Rob

    I wonder why Strava opts to charge for subscriptions in local currencies? Most similar kinds of companies charge is USD and leave it to the payment platforms to figure out exchange rates.

    Could it be an Apple App Store requirement?

    • Oliver Kamer

      Most likely to adapt to local markets and purchasing power. That would explain the difference between Italy, Spain, Germany, and Netherlands (which all use the same currency).

    • nowave7

      Pretty sure this has got nothing to do with Apple.

    • Glen T

      If they have an operating presence in Australia then Australian law says they must charge in Australian dollars, and the offer to treat must include all fees, duties and taxes in the headline price. These are reasonable consumer protection laws. The ACCC routinely take US websites to court for non-compliance.

  21. Dave

    Even a video about a website, wearing two watches for testing?

  22. keith Williams

    none of it makes much sense other than the fact that inflation is different in different countries… not sure how they can argue that Spain should pay €7.99/€49.99 but Italy pays €7.99/€59.00!

    seems a bity random as you say…

    what are the subsciber benefits, i need to review whether im going to pay the addition £6.99 next August… assuming its still £54.99 then!

  23. SJS

    So here’s an interesting quirk to add another country to list list – I started as UK subscriber then lived in Japan and now I live in the Philippines.

    If you follow the Netflix/other country specific subscription model, you’d expect here to be cheaper on account of the generally significantly lower income level but it’s telling me it will renew for 6300 PHP annually. Thanks to the current currency markets, that equates to around 99 GBP so double the UK rate which presumably means they are pegging it to the USD and placing it well outside the affordable/justifiable range for people.

  24. Phil

    After I saw the increase, it triggered me, much like your household, as to whether the premium features were actually being used, and I found they aren’t.
    I foresee Strava losing subscribers just due to this subscription awareness trigger they’ve induced.
    Great article, albeit I can feel the frustration.

    • Paul

      Rate changes definitely trigger shopping behavior. When I was trying to decide whether to spring for the paid service (after 10-11 years of free), I lost track of the number of paying friends who replied “I have no idea” when I asked what they like about the paid version.

  25. David

    “support for more than 40 sports”? I wonder just how many people take advantage of e.g. roller ski? (Maybe it’s a thing in other countries – lol!) I’d much rather be able to filter my strata feed to weedle out short activities like warm ups and cool downs. Yes – they’re important, but not for kudos surely?

    • Charlie Anderson

      Count me as one of the Roller Ski users! An activity Garmin does not have (that I see). Training mode for cross-country skiing without snow :).
      Funny since I upload and record via garmin, I have to edit the strava activity from nordic skiing to roller skiing, but pleased it exists.

  26. Arno Smit

    I also don’t get the download old receipts option.

  27. Norbi

    incredibly bold 🤪

  28. MichaelP

    Obviously Strava needs some new PR staff. My eyes rolled into the back of my head when I saw corporate babble speak like “we are consistently investing in the value of our subscription experience to deliver a best-in-class digital experience” and “Our priority is giving you a unique experience for a holistic view of your active lifestyle. This happens through delivering you value on a daily basis through new features, product updates and services”. Do they really think that such language resonates with their user base? They must think that following the lead of phone and cable tv providers in maintaining confusing pricing structures makes them “best in class”. Wonder how much of these price increases are needed to cover the costs of their mainstream advertising campaigns?

    • usr

      What Strava needs is less PR staff. This looks like a number of warring factions having each promised a different solution to an impossible problem and then pretending that they don’t disagree with each other because some company culture document mandates harmony.

  29. Matt B

    What a mess lol.

    How do they justify 4 different price points within the EU where a euro is a euro regardless of where you live? And even if there is some dubious justification for that, how can they justify that there a four different monthly euro prices, and four different euro yearly prices, but those four prices are not in line with each other for the same country of origin – ie if I pay monthly in France I pay €2 more a month than Italy, but the same annually. Whereas in Spain I pay the same monthly as Italy but €10 less annually. And the same between Germany and the Netherlands, same monthly but different annual? WTAF?

    As a Brit, none of that even affects me personally, but having given them the benefit of the doubt the last time they messed with the payment structure (pay per feature), I’m really starting to think that just not paying at all is the best way to solve the issue.

  30. Frank

    Bye bye Strava!People, vote with your wallets!!

  31. Dave Lusty

    Errr mine is £39.99 in the UK. Renewed in October.

    While I understand what you said about their costs being in USD, I have to suggest that’s irrelevant. I don’t pay in dollars and £54.99 is a lot of money in the local currency for what Strava offer. They have to set prices to what the local market will stand, not align to US costs.

    I guess they have until October to sort it or they’ll lose at least one more subscriber (and then their USD costs won’t be paid regardless).

  32. Sean Owens

    I gave up on Strava a while back, I actually deleted my original account and started a free account again after about 9 months, only because a few friends said that they missed seeing my rides. However, since starting again, I only have a few close friends and family on there as ‘followers’, and for everything else I’ve found somebody somewhere else is doing it better for cheaper or for free. Garmin Connect, PlotaRoute for route planning (which is miles ahead of anything Strava does) and intervals.icu for analysis.

    Once you take out the broken segment nonsense, it’s like the Emperor’s new clothes, there’s nothing really there that is any good.

  33. Dominic P.

    Great post, thanks for you work.

  34. Oliver Kamer

    > Some days, I just can’t decide if Strava tries hard to hurt their reputation, or, if it just comes naturally. Today, however, I’m left flabbergasted.

    This is 100% on purpose. They don’t communicate the change in any meaningful way because they hope the damage from people noticing will be smaller than the increase in their bottom line. By the very nature of reading this blog, we are all a bit more focused on this stuff than your average consumer.

    By asking them for a statement, you are basically messing with their plan to have this fly under the radar.

    As for my opinion: This will probably work in the short term by increasing revenue and bite them in the ass later for abusing our trust. This seems to be the Strava way, where management seems to be severely lacking long-term vision every so often. I will start to look around if the price goes up for me, basically just looking for the routing features (which is very nice in Strava, especially the integration with Garmin devices).

    • “By the very nature of reading this blog, we are all a bit more focused on this stuff than your average consumer.”

      To a degree. But one of the reasons Strava spent 9 hours drafting a response (based on them confirming receipt and saying they’d have it by EOD) is that they know whatever I write will be quickly picked up and or echoed by all manner of more mainstream news orgs (cycling, tech, running, even papers).

      As of this writing, there’s just a handful of UK-focused stories from the past few days from just cycling outlets. I’d say give it 6-9 hours and this will be atop every tech website and many sports sites. That’s the part they’re afraid of. How they handled it was the mistake.

      In effect, the cover-up became worse than the crime. The crime was the doubling of prices, the cover-up though is trying to hide it from consumers and the media.

  35. Surreyrider

    Brilliantly written. Shockingly bad (by Strava) 👏

  36. Jerry C

    Would it be cheaper for you to switch to using your wife’s account for your testing and drop your account to the free level? Not saying that you’d want to do that (for example because of DCR branding that comes along with your account), but would it be cheaper than dropping her to free?

  37. Kev

    But I’m in the UK and I pay £3.99 a month?

    I had no idea people were paying different amounts?

  38. Guy Rintoul

    I noticed something similar with MyFitnessPal recently. The annual cost if I subscribe via Google Play is €49.99, but if I subscribe via their website it’s €79.99. So I emailed to ask about the discrepancy, and whether I was able to get the lower price via the website (Google Play subscriptions are infuriatingly difficult to get a refund for if anything goes wrong). I got this baffling response from their customer support:

    “Thank you for reaching out to us. Our apologies for any confusion. From time to time, we run tests on the MyFitnessPal app which cover a range of items, including adding new features to testing different pricing options that may or may not be presented to all MyFitnessPal users. We are currently running both types of tests on our platform.”

    So basically, if you use MyFitnessPal, it’s the luck of the draw as to how much you’ll pay 🤷🏻‍♂️🙈

    • Simon

      that’s done often, e. g. when you sign up for Netflix they show different prices to gauge what people would be ok with to pay. not sure if they actually ask for that price though.

    • Guy Rintoul

      Yep, absolutely, A/B testing is a thing… but usually the same user wouldn’t be offered two totally different prices. All that’s going to do is irritate the consumer. They also did the same thing when i was logged in vs. logged out – which, more frustratingly, meant that when I saw a cheaper price on the website while I was logged out, as soon as I clicked subscribe and logged in, it told me my price was actually going to be a huge amount more. Poor user experience.

  39. Ted P

    Garmin Connect does a pretty good job for free.

    I’m not renewing Strava this year. The stuff they added has been more “social” vs technical. @$60, OK have my money – but I mostly use Premium for routes. @$80+, that’s RWGPS pricing and routes there a better.

    All of this said, I still get the most actionable functionality out of Garmin Connect and might only pay for Veloviewer this year.

  40. herbiclover

    There’s more weird stuff going on with subscriptions; I’ve paid $59 4 years ago and my subscription was never cancelled. My receipts show 1 payment of $59, no further charges whatsoever. It says it will cancel in March 2021 but I can still access all features.

    • BIG Timmy

      I pay through PayPal and after going through my PayPal history it seems I haven’t paid Strava since 9/26/22 but I remain a paid subscriber with all the features. Something similar has happened before with SiriusXM where I receive service for years after canceling a vehicle but keeping others active.

  41. Peter Speight

    Wow! A tire fire on Strava’s decision here. Based on your article I 100% agree with your assessment. I enjoy using Strava, but hiding an increased cost and hoping people don’t notice is straight up bad business.

    I have no idea if I joined Strava with a US VPN or CDN VPN – so I’ll wait until my annual renewal date on Oct 2023 to find out? 👎🏼

  42. Rick vW

    Hey DC, when you say they didn’t raise prices I distinctly recall years ago they suddenly carved the membership up by what state you were after. For me it suddenly meant I had to pay a lot more to get the same info and I cancelled. I’ve since just stuck w Garmin and I don’t want to be in the deathgrip of anyone holding my data for ransom.

  43. McHaager

    Absolutely scathing article, which I love as it makes it clear your opinions are your own. At this point Im not sure I’ll renew Strava. At the end of the day it’s just another time suck, and painful reminder that I’m not getting faster as I get older. All these subscriptions these days also add up.

  44. Michele Shems
  45. Biker

    Super awkward. Some side by side European countries have same price monthly but different yearly. But others have same yearly but different monthly. Pretty absurd.

    Feature development has become much much better except for the Segments front. These are getting messed up more and more and no curating process or flagging on mobile apps possible. No love any more for what made them big in the beginning?

  46. Collin Snyder

    Wow, this was an eye opener. I’ve been a premium member since 2013. Everything was $59 a year but was changed to a monthly model back in 2020 at a cost of 7.99 a month (or $96 a year) and I can’t seem to find an email documenting that change. Then to make matters worse, if I create a burner account, if I go premium with that, its only $80 a year so $16 less then I’ve been paying for 3 years.

  47. Simon

    well that communication is just ridiculous, lol.

    no way I’m gonna pay 75€ going forward. I love the segments for some competition against myself to push myself when out for a ride. The route painting by finger is also neat – but for anything more complex I still prefer komoot by far. which is still free for the core features (I. e. all you’ll need)

    the fact they added new sports… wow.. so what? all OEM smart device apps support dozens of sports

    I still can’t even analyze stuff in the android app. the fact the graphs like heart rate, power, etc. are still static is quite ridiculous

  48. Dave West

    I’m a UK premium subscriber and mine has just auto renewed (no advance warning, just a receipt from Paypal) @ £47.99 which is the same as every other year except the first where I seem to have paid £18.99 (presume a one-off deal). Like others here, I am considering whether I actually need the premium version. No interest in Segments, occasionally use the route planner, but I also push my Connect output to SportTracks and Runalyze which give me far more analysis than Strava. The main purpose of Strava for me now is as a social media platform to share activities with selected friends and to see what they are up to – do I really need to pay £50 a year for that?

  49. Max

    It’s called Mather Pricing. Newspapers do the same thing. We will charge you what you will pay.

  50. Eugene

    Ray, how did you get the monthly subscription fees/prices?
    I couldn’t get them, perhaps Strava has changed this in the meantime to not show it?
    I just tried to subscribe as a test, with my chair+desk+myself+computer in Belgium. The only price I found was “Free trial €0.00, €5.00 /mo* after 60 days” and the asterisk refers to “* when billed annually”.
    So that is €60,- per year, which is very close to France and Italy (but not e.g. neighbours Netherlands or Germany).

    • You can see it briefly in the video around the 8-9 min marker when I start the VPN.

      But basically I had to:

      1) Create a VPN connection to the country in question
      2) Open an incognito session
      3) Create a new account with a legit e-mail address
      4) Then upgrade said account to paid
      5) When I do that, it’ll finally show me the annual price, but I can click ‘More billing options” for the monthly price.
      6) Rinse/repeat for every country on the list

      Thanks for being a DCR Supporter!

    • Eugene

      OK, I didn’t create an account, I just gave up. But I understand you received the monthly price when upgrading that account. Love your dedication (and your writing style).

  51. Wow, what a mess. I subscribed via Apple In-App purchase and still see the old price. Can they just raise the price for existing subscribers? BTW you really need a Mastodon account 😉

    • I’m not super great with it yet, mostly a Twitter back-up, but it’s: @dcrainmaker@mas.to

    • Goncalo

      Yeah! Glad to see this link 😁

    • Stewart

      I went into my subscriptions on my iPhone, and I saw the old monthly price too. Then out of curiosity I tapped the “See All Plans” button, and that’s where all of a sudden it shows the new price. If I hadn’t done that I’d have never seen it. I also haven’t gotten any email from either Strava or Apple detailing this increase.

    • Michal

      I see a lot of plans there, with different pricing. I was on a monthly plan for some reason, just switched to the cheapest yearly plan. Around 32 eur, converting from PLN 🙂

    • Michał

      And to follow up on that, as I am an iOS dev. All subscriptions need to be registered in the Apple’s App Store Connect system. Afair per country. Seems they registered all of them, and Apple makes it possible to see all available ones under Subscription settings.
      The app, in this case Strava, can filter them as it sees fit though when presenting an option to pay. So they are allowing themselves to decide in runtime which offer they will present on iOS when a user wants to buy a subscription.

  52. Theo Wissen

    “The only premium feature I actually routinely use is creating routes. I have virtually no use for Segments”, I couldn’t agree more. The route-creator with the heatmap is working so good in Strava, its the only reason why I have a premium account. I have actually no clue what the other premium features are. Never used them.

    • Ted P

      Garmin (if you use their stuff) has popularity routing as well.

      Less users than Strava but I’d argue it’s more focused that way. In my area ( at top 6 US city) – the whole area is a “heat map” on Strava. Kinda hard to weed anything out. Only value I get is trolling local clubs to see what their frequent routes are.

      I’d like to see Strava offer more analytics to get real “value”. Uploading videos, colors for routes ridden, etc is not “value”. If you want to make it more “fun” – a tile explorer would be cool.

  53. GLT

    It is possible this all stems from the good intention of only raising prices as much as every specific case in every geography requires. Between the accountants and the software people every company can certainly forecast pricing with a high rate of detail & churn. It is just that the people with the numbers have to be moderated by the pricing & marketing people so it appears a bit more smooth & graceful.

  54. Darren

    I read the entire article and about a dozen comments before I realised, in my mind, I was thinking it was about Zwift! D’oh 🙂

  55. Erin

    Mmm I’m in NL with an annual subscription that says its €69, stuff that I’ll just cancel and be done with it and use a free account with my komoot

  56. Martin

    I subscribe to Strava primarily for route planning functionality. I like being able to drag/drop to adjust a route and how I can easily get those routes to my Garmin head unit.

    What other platforms are available that offer similar/better than Strava in this regard using PC/smartphone app?
    I’ve never got on too well with Garmin Connect’s route planning, but maybe I’m due another try…

  57. Lieven

    The Brazilian pricing seems the cheapest, will reactivate mine with a vpn (or start a new account)

  58. Peter

    Having different prices for the same service within EU is prohibited under EU competition law in some cases. I think its called Geoblocking or Price Discrimination. I’m not a lawyer but this might be the case here?

    link to europa.eu
    link to eccnederland.nl

    • Goncalo

      Peter, you can have different prices, you just can’t discriminate on the basis of nationality. Eg price for Portugal is X and everyone in Portugal, regardless the nationality, pays X, which can be different to Y in Spain. You also can’t be denied access to a service based in your nationality, so in theory we should be able to subscribe by the Spanish prices. It’s the beauty of the internal market.

    • Empewu

      However you may argue that by not providing transparency on pricing in different countries and using geofencing they effectively blocking access of customers to eg cheaper offer in Spain. I would like to see opinion of one of ECCs on this case.

    • Peter

      But they are discriminating on nationality! You can only get acces to these prices by pretending you are spanish via VPN, as you can see in the video (9:04). If there was a spanish website I could easily acces your point would be correct.

      I did some more digging and the EU specified this exact case in their anti discrimination geo-blocking poclicy from 2018. First quote is from a summary, the second is from the actual regulation.

      “Sale of electronically supplied services
      When a customer wants to buy an electronically supplied service, such as cloud services, data warehousing or website hosting, from a trader established in another Member State. Such customers are entitled to do so in the same way as local customers are.

      Example: A Bulgarian consumer wishes to buy hosting services for her website from a Spanish company. She will have access to the service, can register and buy this service without having to pay additional fees compared to a Spanish consumer.”

      link to digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu

      Or to quote the actual Regulation Article 6:
      “This Regulation aims to prevent discrimination based on customers’ nationality, place of residence or place of establishment, including unjustified geo-blocking,
      Such other criteria can be applied, in particular, on the basis of information indicating the physical location of customers, such as the IP address used when accessing an online interface
      link to eur-lex.europa.eu

      Article 18 goes into more clarification.

      This is the exact case here. I’m not a Strava user, and not willing to sign up to get data for a case here, but I think its worth a shot if someone else is willing to report it.

    • Goncalo

      Yes, I’d agree with that.

    • Paul S.

      Looks to me like that’s only between EU countries. The US is not an EU member, and Strava is a US company. I don’t know that the rule you quote applies here.

    • Empewu

      Nope. That does not apply only to EU companies.

    • Peter

      To go into more detail on Empewus comment. The EU is a single (digital) market. If a company wants to officialy do business in that market it has to comply with that markets regulations. This is also the case for the US or any other market.

      And yes Strava officially offers those services for the EU as proven by giving prices in Euro, doing country specific pricing, listing EU countries in the price increase table mentioned in this article and (ironically) not geo-blocking EU users from the service. They even have an office in Dublin (Ireland) for EU operations.

      I guess it just needs the right person to notify authorities of this. A list of EU country specific enforcement bodies where and how you can report this is listed at the bottom on this website:
      link to digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu

      In germany its a simple online form, though it may differ on a country basis.

      As mentioned I’m not a user or customer, but maybe someone here who is a user oder customer will take 10 minutes of their time and reports this? 🙂

  59. Doug G.

    What if your subscription is through Apple? My Apple Subscriptions still lists the annual cost of Strava at $59. I am grandfathered in at earlier prices for some other annual subscriptions I purchased through the Apple Store on my iPhone. I will not continue using Strava is the price goes up.

    • Paul S.

      Your subscription price can certainly go up. What happens is that Apple will notify you (email) that the subscription price is increasing, about a month before the increase occurs, so you can cancel if you want. It’s happened to me several times in the past year.

    • Stewart

      I went into my subscriptions on my iPhone, and I saw the old monthly price too. Then out of curiosity I tapped the “See All Plans” button, and that’s where all of a sudden it shows the new price. If I hadn’t done that I’d have never seen it. I also haven’t gotten any email from either Strava or Apple detailing this increase.

  60. Jamie B

    I find it in extra bad taste that they are doing this AFTER laying people off. But I do appreciate when they piss everyone off and I get recommendations for alternatives

  61. Mike

    I subscribed to Strava for a year, one time, over a decade ago. I see no new features that have me inclined to subscribe again, only the offering of things that were once free. Every single feature they offer is available elsewhere, better, at no cost (Garmin, intervals.icu, FindMy on Apple, etc.).

    Regardless, I expect most paying members either won’t notice or won’t care enough to cancel over this, and Strava will come out financially ahead.

  62. David B.

    I got the $79. renewal notice last Oct. I didn’t fall for it. I then got a $69. offer in Nov. I didn’t go for that either. Then in December, the offer had dropped to the original $59. I went for it. Next year, if it stays $59., I’m in. If not, I’m out.

  63. Mike

    I don’t see why anyone would pay for Strava premium. Garmin provided the same metrics and give you a device as well for your purchase price. KOMs have been ruined by e bikes, and before that by local semi pro who you were never going to catch. I also find that much like Facebook / Insta encourages constant lifestyle comparisons, Strava did the same for excercise. I felt like I was in terrible shape despite being in the best shape I’ve ever achieved. At the end of three day, social media is on its way out….I am surprised they haven’t sold out to Outside Inc yet.

    • Dan

      @mike…thank you! Even before bikes and neo pros there has been and will continue to be “group rides”. So for the average rider, you will NEVER contend for a segment and will never have a ‘fair’ comparison. So there is no point really. Plus watching OUTSIDE ruin everything it touches you’re probably right. Seems like Strava is positioning themselves for a buyout. I’m so tickled that my velonews subscription that I paid for 12 issues now only gives me 6 and the latest issue has a bicycle on page 11, 37, 40, and two of those pictures are in advertisements. FU strava, you’re crapping on your customers and your mismanagement for years of pricing negligence is your own fault.

  64. Jim B.

    I found this interesting:

    “In our household’s case, for my account, I’ll renew it. Mainly because it’s my job to write about new Strava features. ”

    I know you write about Strava features but you write about a lot of other things as well.
    I don’t really think your “job” is to write about Strava. Actually if you do not, they will suffer and maybe come back to reality.
    Unless you write off the cost, I see zero reason to use that as a means for continuing with a company that can’t give you a straight answer to a very simple question.

    • Sure, I do write about tons of stuff. In the context of this though, writing about Strava as “my job” is really three different aspects:

      A) Testing devices (e.g. bike computers or watches) that have Strava premium features like Strava Live Segments, or Strava Routes integration. So, I need to at least have awareness of how things work on new products, and if they work properly.

      B) Testing new Strava premium-only features. There’s been tons of premium-only features the last few years. Since I don’t usually just copy/paste press releases, I want to see how something works. Thus again, needing a subscription.

      C) Seeing how Strava compares to the marketplace. How does Strava compare to Komoot for routing, or Garmin Connect for Routing, etc… I might not always write a specific article about this sort of stuff, but it’s super important as background knowledge for me to understand it all.

      It’s sorta like Whoop and Oura. As a standalone device, I get no value in my life from either. It doesn’t provide me anything I don’t know from other devices. Yet, I paid the sub fees, because for what I do, they’re among the biggest players, and being able to talk intelligently about how they compare to said other devices, or, when they announce to features, how they compare to previous. Same story with Strava.

      Even in today’s post, being able to show my account (and even my wife’s accounts), and what’s going on is argueably a pretty critical aspect to the post. Foundational even.


    • JK

      Jim B,

      As a sport and tech enthusiast, I am thankful for Ray’s input. Tech includes devices or software integrations that help me analyze my efforts. This Strava update has been very enlighting. I am thankful for Ray’s time, research, and sharing. I trust Ray’s input and it is the sole reason why I will be continue as a paying supporter. But I am trying to understand your justification to define what is Ray’s job. To be honest, I am offended because defining someone’s else job or status is very dangerous train of thought. He is not an elected official. He is a journalist and a blogger, who I trust.

  65. I am in Spain and have been paying 59 EUR forever.
    Can I switch to 49 EUR if I cancel and renew now?

  66. Chris Cleeland

    It’s not surprising to me that strava can’t figure out how to communicate a pricing policy, because they’ve consistently not been able to figure out what their product even is. Most of the new features are focused on creating the illusion of a training data analysis platform, but at best it’s just another entry in an already-crowded marketplace. Meanwhile, they sit on a gold mine of crowd-sourced location, routing, and performance data that could offer insights and answers that would be complementary towards training and riding:

    1. plot a 30 mile route on roads I’ve never used
    2. where can I go do a 20 minute interval at threshold?
    or, even more sophisticated
    – plot a route to do this workout
    or, for the casual rec rider
    – plot a route that’s easy
    3. show me all the times I traversed this random section of road

    These are not new ideas, because I probably started asking them how I could do #2 for probably 10 years, but they have all of the data to answer all of those questions and even more. Yet they seem resolute in keeping strava as some sort of mediocre training analysis platform maps and weak social media aspects.

  67. Mark Rajkovic

    Keep up the good work!

  68. Tsachi Avrahami

    Not a good start for their new VP of global communications – less than two weeks into his new job.
    Price hike is definitely a must have for them, considering they laid off people in December. For the amount I use Strava, I’d be happy to have incremental increases in pricing over the years. Problem here is that it is not incremental and there’s horrible lack of transparency around it. I got an end of year email signed by the CEO last week as part of their marketing, similar email on price hike would have been so they needed. It will eventually come late, as it did when they tried the weird split of premium features and then recombining it (both were similarly poorly implemented).
    I guess if every user sent an email Strava support asking for clarification maybe they’ll get the hint

  69. Michael

    One thing we could all do is cancel our subscriptions now so they see it happening en masse. You’ll have access to your premium until it expires, but it might get their attention if a bunch of people cancel, even if you intend to renew.

  70. Chris

    Strava will die overnight one day soon, exactly like MySpace did. All it will take is the first wave of users sliding over to a free alternative platform, and the tsunami will follow.

    Their ‘competitors’ are free. There are no unique features worth paying for, and the interface is poorly designed and executed, so they can’t even offer “sexier looking on the screen”.

    Garmin Connect […and likely many others…] offer social; following, liking, commenting on activities, etc. Komoot […and likely others…] offer route design and turn-by-turn by voice. Intervals.icu and many others offer much better analytics. Zwiftpower covers Zwift races, on that front, isn’t Strava dead irrelevant?

    I don’t even have the app on my phone anymore. The graphs are childishly simplistic; they look like a shoddy exported Excel template.

    They wouldn’t answer when you asked “What is the price?”

    But there’s one question even more basic they’ve been failing to answer for years now: “Give me *one* good reason I should even have an account, let alone pay for it?”

    • Garmin Connect is a mess. Really nobody is I know is using social features or anything else except storing data.

      Strava has still one unique feature and that is segments.

      Segments only work with many users. No other company out there has such a bit user base and therefore anything that compares.

  71. Chris

    I would cancel if I can find a simple site to track miles. I have a Karoo and use Strava to set a goal mileage for summer. It doesn’t work great since I have to manually remove indoor rides but it’s the replacement for Garmin since I switched.
    Mine still says $7.99 in the US

  72. Andy Linquist

    My subscription is through iTunes in the USA. When I clicked “manage your apple subscription” in the My Account area it said I will renew August 3rd at $79.99. So I guess that’s what it’s going to cost me. Good luck to the rest of you!

  73. Paul ODonnell

    This sounds like a tax nightmare. And a great way to have some messy money books 😬

  74. William Brannon

    Thanks for trying to make sense of nonsense. I’m US based, currently at $59.99 scheduled to renew at $59.99 July 30th. Strava’s marketing department is testing ChatGPT.

  75. Jon Thompson

    Another bit to add to the mix- if you subscribe to Strava through an App Store. My Strava subscription through the Apple App store still says $59.99/year and will renew in June. However, if I want to change my subscription, the new prices go into effect. Also, note there is a large amount of very confusing duplication in the subscription options…

  76. Ian Hoffman

    It seems that Strava is also gaslighting me about what my annual subscription rate has been. (ok, lying? maybe just screwed up?)

    I went in and selected the ‘Resend all receipts’ option. Check my email and it says I’ve paid $76.99 on Aug 1 for the last three years. Wait… that’s not what I remember. Go over to my credit card website and search for ‘Strava’, and get $62.00 for 2021 and $60.32 for 2022. (2020 was paid some other way)

    Currently says my renewal will by $76.99 (USA location) this August. I’ve got awhile, will drop a reminder on my calendar for middle of summer and make a decision then.

    • Juro

      Looks like the $76.99 you are charged might be Canadian dollars. That comes to approx US$ 60 with currency fluctuations.

  77. BradC

    I have been subscribing to strava premium since somewhere around 2014. I have really only kept it up as I like the service and wanted to support it. The premium features just don’t offer much for me over my garmin and other stats.

    I have yet to actually see any real useful improvements 🤷‍♂️ Accessing the premium power features requires a workaround on tablets/mobile devices as they default to opening the app which is very basic. Hitting 100+ bucks a year is putting strava pricing close to training peaks, but only offering basic training features over a free account.

    Maybe it’s time to stop paying. I’m really not sure what I will lose?

  78. Alberto

    This like airplane tickets. They try to charge you the maximum amout possible, somif you just check prices and come back again from the same browser, they increase them, because they infer you checked other options and their was the best….

  79. olivier

    another shady strava subscription feature which seems to have been corrected is, if you were on an annual subscription expiring at date X, and cancelled before date X, they would immediately downgrade you to free usage, e.g. they did not honor the full length of the subscription period despite charging you for it. I know of no other company which did this.

    On the plus side, it looks like this was fixed as I just cancelled my premium subscription (losing a 6 year customer) and it seems to have remained active until the expiration date.

  80. Simon Town

    Managed to change to the annual subscription via app….thanks for headup.

  81. TheStansMonster

    I want to hear more about the “preferred platform” clause. Does this mean they will charge differently based on the device you signed up with? Or based on your historical device usage?

  82. Rob J

    FWIW I joined June 2016. Based in UK. Subscribed for a few months at £3.99. Last year moved to New Zealand. My account still shows my location as UK. At end of year I noticed I was being offered two different annual subscription prices £ in the app (£54? I think) and NZ$71.24 on the website. I decided to take the website NZ$ option. My next renewal price is now shown as $94.99. Would be really interesting if someone made a little database of everyones situations and spat out some stats.

    • Bill B

      I move to NZ in 2019. The price has been the same NZ$94.99 since then. (~USD59) . I did a dummy sign up account her and it was also that price.

  83. Daniel

    I will resubscribe for the route plotting features. I just wish they’d add a folder structure to routes. I have over 100 and can’t organise them

  84. Andreas Groos

    No increase, 59$,/year, US, long time subscription, renews in April

  85. Dan

    I am in the US and have an annual account. The app stated I will renew at $79.99 on Feb 13, 2023. My credit card was charged yesterday (Jan 12, 2023) for $7.99 (monthly rate). Looks like I will be canceling…

  86. Simon Lassen

    I just canceled my account, and put “I agree with DC rainmaker” in there reason questionnaire 😉

    • Chris

      Wasn’t aware of the difference in monthly vs yearly subscriptions (my laziness).

      Cancelled monthly and will decide on re-subscribing yearly once it’s expired and see what features I miss (likely just route planning and will investigate alternatives)

  87. AC

    Strava is as clueless at business as outside. Maybe they should get together?

    I canceled my strava this summer. Not because I can’t afford it (although I watch my subscriptions closely), but because they haven’t added useful features, and mostly because they don’t do anything to make leaderboards, the one unique feature they have, useful. There’s no reason that people accidentally recording their drive home, people who’ve been flagged for ebike use, etc. are left to users to flag. I’d subscribe again, at the old rate, if strava could demonstrate improved features in areas that actually matter. I plan routes on ridewithgps. I have other sites for fitness tracking. Strava needs to focus on what makes it strava. Which at this point is mostly missteps and bad communication.

  88. Christopher Guimaraens

    My annual subscription went up from €54.99 to €59.99 in 2019. It seems it may stay the same but why the heck I pay €10 living in Portugal than in Spain?? That infuriates me.

    I just can’t see why I’ll continue paying, the adavatntages are minimal but worse still the lack of transparency is inexcusable and despicable. Strava have the morals of a sewer rat

  89. bas koning

    Oef, bad luck for Strava that you did such a thorough research article. I hope you get some reward by means of extra DCR supporters, maybe some commenters here who save on their Strava premium membership 😉.

  90. EelkoL

    That used to be my reason, however, I’m done expanding tiles for the moment. Cancelled my subscription per sep ’23. However, if this settles down I’ll probably re-subscribe as I think it is OK to pay for services. (Yes, I was a DC supporter for a year or two and will be again once I use a review for a buying decision again).

  91. Norbert Kappel

    very interesting

  92. Rosco

    I became a subscriber in November 2018 and paid $30.99 CDN through November 2019. It went up to $76.99 CDN in November 2020, and has remained there for 2021 and 2022. As of today states will renew at same price in November 2023….for now.

  93. Felipe

    I’m in Australia:

    Your next bill will be on 14 August 2023 for $81.99.

    That’s the same as 2021 and 2022, and before that it was $74.61, then $64.99 several years before that.

    1. The no price increases in the past comment is incorrect for me.
    2. No increase here, and not matching the $99 price indicated…

    It seems like it is totally random indeed, the membership is what we Meg spins on those lotto ball machines on the day!

    • Felipe

      Oh and my renewal date is end of August 2023, and the price is already there.
      Unless what they’ll do is 30 days prior to that inform me of an adjustment to go up to the $99/year?

  94. Claus Jacobsen

    I may be out of my limb here. but isn’t that kind of “procedure” an illegal practice here in europe?

  95. Micke

    I’m a free user, why?
    I can’t find one thing in premium, not one thing I’ll pay for, not even a dollar.
    Strava is Sports answer of Facebook for me, share info about workouts with friends, give kudos and comments.

    That said, My guess is that strava will have nor net loss then Family Rainmakers

  96. Oliver Melvin

    Strava likes to tote all the features they supposedly add, but tbh from a casual user perspective I hardly notice them and I just don’t care. There are better tools for managing training.

    The only reason is subscribe is to download routes and at this increased price I’d rather just manually copy a ride I’m interested in doing

  97. Duncan B.


    im glad iv never given them my credit card details

  98. Jon R.

    Excellent info and video, Ray.

    I’m subscribed Monthly through the Google Play store, in the U.S..
    My subscription per Google, renewing on January 31, still shows $7.99/month
    My account in Strava shows renewing on January 31 at $11.99 though. Swapping to annual plan shows it would be the new $79.99 price.

    So at least it’s not confusing at all… Well done Strava,
    I’ll probably be cancelling my premium subscription as soon as the price changes, or just because even if it doesn’t actually change.

  99. Marco

    Thanks for the work in at least trying to decipher the madness! Watch, soon they’ll get rid of the free accounts as more and more current paid users move to free.

  100. AK

    “But long-term, they focused on subscribers as their singular revenue source.”

    Yet, there is still a fugton of sponsored challenges with stupidly easy requirements.

  101. Zoltán

    As a contrarian I cross my fingers for a huge increase, because I will definitely recalculate how much I save in each month, in each year and also in the remaining part of my life expectancy for not being a Strava subsriber. 😉

  102. Miro

    Spain 59.99 Eur so far for renewal at June 2023.
    Same as last year

  103. Rodrigo Basoalto

    “Price adjustments will vary depending on region and preferred platform.”
    So they’re jumping on the bandwagon of charging iPhone users more than Android users, since they’re usually willing to pay more.

  104. Camarones

    US-based runner here, Strava subscription managed through my Apple device which seems to have allowed me to escape the nonsense. Got a notice on Dec 8 that my subscription was expiring on Jan 8, and would renew for $59.99. Jan 8 rolled around, and it renewed for $59.99 🤷‍♂️

  105. Lars K

    Norwegian, and my account says the yearly renewal will be 649 NOK, which translates to 60.8 Euros.

  106. Hans

    Great article. To add another data point: I have an annual Germany account and it says my next subscription in May will cost 59.99€

  107. Phil

    I’m in Canada, been a member since 2016 and my account says I’m due to renew in May 2023 for $59.99. No price increase for me I guess. Maybe I should screenshot this just in case…

  108. Tony West

    Might explain the weird thing I saw when trying to subscribe to the Recover Athletics app. They’re owned by Strava, so I must have a Strava account. OK, opened one. To take the Recover Athletics annual sub, I must have a Strava Premium account. This, all up, will be $79.99 per year. Alright, not too bad. But; click on the pay button and it says $99.99 will be billed. Asked via Twitter and an email about why there was a difference, no response. So, didn’t proceed – and I’ll access the exercises I want through the Recover Athletics website for free.

    Why do some companies go out of their way to make it harder to be a customer?

  109. Dave

    In New Zealand, my renewal for March 2023 (signed up in 2016) is showing as $NZ71.50 ($USD45), but a new subscription would be $NZ95.04 ($USD60).

  110. Chris

    Ha, and here I was thinking if strava didn’t LOWER their pricing, I was going back to the free version. Guess I’m going back to the free version.

  111. giorgitd

    I’ve been a free Starva customer b/c Premium offers nothing I’m interested in. As another poster pointed out – Strava is only for connecting with friends, not for analytics (or anything else) – for me. But I do get regular emails about amazing discounts and deals to become a Premium member. So, I clicked on one to check out the cost. The deal was 60 days free, then $80/yr (US). Ummm…no.

  112. Thinking about it, I guess the only reason I subscribe to Premium is to see segment times and such by age group. Being in the 75+ AG that’s the only way I can “compete” these days or just measure myself up against others. It might get expensive, but I can easily trade it for all the event entry fees that I no longer pay…

  113. Shawn Hime

    Wow! This is crazy!! I’ve been a member since 2011 and a paying member since 2013! If the price goes up and if that’s how they’re going to treat their customers, I’ll cancel. Maybe if we all cancel together they’ll get the idea!

  114. Bnt Dlll

    Checked my Strava status tonight. According to Strava I’m a premium monthly subscriber.
    Also checked my last payment. It was with Paypal in November 2021. Since then I cancelled the Strava automatic payments authorization in Paypal. Still premium 14 months later.
    So I think I’m some kind of a free premium monthly subscriber, a new category of customer…


    We’re writing to let you know that our subscription price is increasing from £44.99 to £54.99. You’ll automatically renew at £54.99 on 9 February 2023 unless you change your subscription.
    U.K in £

  116. Belmont

    This post is now on the first Google results page for both “Michael Joseph, Strava PR Lead” and “Michael Joseph, Strava.” Ouch.

  117. Boris

    And together with that they promoted Brian Bell to VP of Communications.
    link to mmm-online.com

  118. David Watkins

    GBP here, been paying £39.99 a year. Renewal in June 2023 at £39.99, but surely that number will leap up 30 days before it is due. Might as well cancel it now and save me the aggro.

  119. Nick

    Removing features from free accounts is still very much their goto strategy. They removed the yearly review thing for free members at the end of last year. Which is really weird because something that’s barely interesting once a year is absolutely not worth paying all year for! Another brain-dead move.

    I actually cancelled my subscription over a year ago after they removed features but I still have a full premium account despite what it says on my account page (below). They no longer charge me so I don’t care. Must be a bug:

    > Your subscription was canceled and will expire on 22 February 2022.

  120. Steve S

    What an absolutely bonkers post! Can’t believe a seemingly adult company like Strava would not have this wired tight before implementation, to include a communication plan and FAQs. Kind of price increase 101, right? Contrast this with much smaller TrainerRoad’s recent price increase which was a brilliant piece of communication and authentic brand building. Here’s the Strava leadership and board–tons of smart people who should know better.

    link to linkedin.com

    To add to the data points, checked my US account and apparently will get billed $59 for the year in July.

  121. Ben Evans

    I got an email notification (30 Dec 2022) of my annual price renewal on with the auto-renewal of A$81.99 (set to renew Jan 27, 2023). Strava app now says that the renewal fee will be A$99.99. I wonder what they will charge me.

  122. ”Create routes” is probably their worst feature and surely nothing I would want to pay for (as a cyclist creating routes, elsewhere).

  123. Jim Couch

    It is the Xfinity/Comcast model. No transparency, everything obfuscated, It is one of the reasons Xfinity is always near the top of most hated corporations. Looks like Strava is moving up the ladder as ell.

  124. Johan R

    Sweden here. Been a paying user since ’15. 419 SEK next payment in July this year.

  125. David Jaget

    I acknowledge to being opportunistic, however, my son and I launched a new biking app called JAGZ. Think of Facebook (Meta) combined with Airbnb to form, what I believe is the most useful biking app created. We are Cyclists and MTBers that set out to create a social and riding home for Cyclists & MTBers. I welcome your opinions, especially dcrainmaker 😊
    Here’s the App Store Link (or just search JAGZ):
    link to jagz.app.link

  126. Govert

    I don’t think this is the full story tbh. By coincidence, yesterday Friday 13th was the day my subscription was renewed. I have been a member since April 2016, based in NL. I just checked my account and it says Euro 59.99 for next renewal in January 2024. This is what I have always been paying.
    But here comes the good part: I checked my bank account and they collected 30.00 euros. No kidding. Can provide proof if you want. Makes you wonder if all is well on their side…

  127. Peter

    Looking at my old receipts I used to pay only £18 annually. This then changed to £47.99 in Sep 2020.

  128. JB

    I’m in the US and did my subscription through the Google Play Store. In the store it shows my account renews on 1/31/23 for $59.99, but in the app it shows $79.99 on the same date. I’m assuming I will get billed the higher amount, but seems not updated everywhere.

  129. Jeffrey F.

    Related, did you know that if you accept a free month (because you gifted Premium to someone), it doesn’t just tack on an extra month to your current year, but quietly flips you from annual to monthly. I didn’t notice for the better part of a year that I had been shoved to the monthly plan. It turned out to be the most expensive “free month” I’d ever had.

  130. Paul

    Interesting… I just bought a paid subscription after years of the free service. I’m working on getting back in shape after an extended period with very little fitness, and I figured any features that help me do that (mileage goals, which I need to set…, comparing segments to prior rides, and grabbing routes I see on the local heat map) would be worth it.

    I paid $59.99 and it’s showing that I renew for $79.99 in December, but when I purchased they were offering 2 extra months, which doesn’t appear to be factoring in. Might need to look into that.

  131. Simon

    Great article thanks. In case it hasn’t been noticed (I haven’t checked the comments) your table shows $11.99 per month for US but the following paragraph puts it at $12.99 / month. Cheers

  132. Carl J

    So, they pretty much “forced” a majority of users to buy a subscription a few years ago

    Now they’re saying they have never increased their price (not 100% true as Free to paid in an increase)

    And, they’re going to try to secretly increase their price and hope no one notices?

    Not against a price increase. But don’t wait 10 years and then jack it up twice the price.

  133. jb

    Posting here for posterity.


  134. Harmen

    To my own big surprise I just managed to ‘upgrade’ my Strava subscription via Apple to a lower amount!

    I first subscribed in October 2022 at MYR 230 (USD 53) per year. I just went in to see what the available plans were and saw that cheaper options were available, including the lowest at MYR 155 (USD 36). It also locks this new price in for the next 12 months.

    Step by step on an iPhone: Settings, click own name, Subscriptions, Strava, See All Plans, select cheaper plan and confirm to buy. Apple says “Your upgrade will start now. You will receive a refund for the remainder of your current subscription.” Not sure if this is a Malaysia special or if you can also find such options in other countries. Good luck.

  135. Tezza

    No surprise countries that are hot nearly all year round are the cheapest (Spain, Italy).

    I wonder if using a vpn to sign up in Spain will gain you a cheaper price. Because a Strava subscription can used all around the world when traveling/on holiday. This is a a trick people do on Tinder to get cheap subscriptions.

  136. I own a market and PR agency. Strava, hollah at me cuz this is going to be freaking disaster. We can coach you know or help you do crisis management after this plays out. Here to serve.

  137. Tathagat Chatterjee

    Read the article & then checked up mine as well. It says $59.99 (since March 2018) & I was in India when I subscribed. Shouldn’t the third world countries get a discount instead of getting almost a dollar added?
    Maybe they are trying to do it by not raising prices in growing economies..

  138. ColdNorth

    Strava has never got a penny from me or any of my mates as far as I know. We all laughed years back when they offered a paid service.

    It’s so unnecessary. Give your head a shake if you have this as another one of your forgotten subscription fees

  139. Sven

    Sad Strava. I’m going back to the free version.

  140. Fabian

    Has anyone also noticed that the price differs from device to device?
    I live in Germany and have my yearly subscription using the apple app store.
    If I check the price using my phone it says: 81,99€
    If I check it on my laptop it says 74,99€
    How does that come?!

  141. Jeff

    Great read, thank you, didn’t realise that such kids run Strava that they don’t want to tell you anything.
    I saw this on Reddit and thought it was an April Fools, as my subscription showed £39 and had been for years, yet everyone was saying they had had emails.
    Well, this morning after replying to someone on Reddit, the email landed and yes, the rise will come into force from February, so good bye Strava, hello Garmin Connect.

  142. SM

    UK here, subscribed annually via Google Play. Current and increased £ are the same as you have above, but takes effect in September 2023, not February. Price increase is visible on Google Play subscriptions page, but haven’t had any notification from Strava directly (yet?).

  143. Matt Siniscal

    I got an email with receipts since 2013, signed:

    — Your friends at Strava

    So far it’s still showing $59.99 renewal March 30th.

  144. Adam

    What about the three different types of memberships they had a few years back?
    Or I confused? I recall different options with different features or you could have all three.

    Not sure it’s worth the increased price, didn’t like the current price.

  145. Hoot

    I quit Strava after 2 years of full subscription because I didn’t use anything they offered. The only nice thing was the review at the end of the year.
    I’ve got a free account now but I wonder how much loner they let you use free accounts forever. What I need I get from GC which is not perfect, but at least for free.
    Anyway, thanks for this great article! It’s a good reminder to RENEW MY DCR SUBSCRIPTION and a recommendation to everyone to become a DCR SUPPORTER!!!

  146. Spencer Hollis

    US-based subscriber with a renew date (annual) is 28 Jan 2023. Says renewal will be $59/yr, so maybe I got in just under the wire for the changes, whatever they may be?

    • CowRob

      Or ours is going to be magically increased when they seek money.

      And TrainerRoad is insane. I have an invoice dated January 2023 for $129.00, and in the app it says it’ll renew in March for $189.99. So will my Strava final invoice be $119.99? (Did they both do the same as Peloton and over-spend and now we are having to pay for it? It just seems ridiculous, and playing games with how much users will end up paying? Bad vibes)

      This seems insane, from both of them! I mean, at this rate, I could switch to abusing my wife’s Peloton, and try to get Garmin Connect to work with their rides. (Both I get ‘free’, as long as Peloton is in business)

      I’m not opposed to paying for services I value and features I use, but when providers start pulling this kind of game on what it will cost, well I’m starting to look for the door. It doesn’t help that I’m retired, and though money isn’t exactly tight, it’s not growing on trees either. Playing games with invoicing is just BS. If they are afraid they are going to spook people with their new prices, maybe they have to cut costs and take a hard look at what money they actually need.

      But with this, it’s the drama, the ‘stage show’, the mystery, the kabuki show, the silliness. And if Strava thinks I’m paying double? Wow…

    • CowRob

      Strava renews for $59.99 on the 17th, so far…

      Guess I’ll have to watch it for a while.

      Checking my email, all I have from corporate is the ‘Thanks for being part of the Strava community’ message.

      With all these price games, I wonder if Zwift has something coming up for those that use it.

    • CowRob

      So, sorry. For some reason I thought that only certain people on TrainerRoad were paying the $129 a year. All this pricing thing has gotten weird.

      But I dropped Strava Premium. I’m realized I’m not a competitor and paying for things I don’t/won’t use doesn’t make sense.

      What are ‘older riders’ doing? How many are doing what different TrainerRoad price levels?

      It’s also perhaps unsurprisingly feeling like ‘Dropped again?’ when I have to face the fact that I’m not a competitor, I’m just an old man riding a trainer (like I stole it). But the other day I was dropped by someone claiming to be 77, so the ‘urge to kill’ popped up so I’m not dead yet, but maybe have to be more reasonable? Hmm…

  147. Greg

    Just got my email from Strava here in the US and mine is going from $79.99 to $99.99 annually.

  148. Spencer Hollis

    A few stray observations:
    1. It’s a damn miracle that the site works as well as it does, given this mess. For most of the organizations I work with, dysfunction in the front office usually extends to operations.
    2. Even if you cancel your subscription over this, I’m not sure Strava is organized enough to take notice.
    3. All of this really makes me question their claim of crossing the 100-million user count

  149. Colin

    Sounds like they’re trying to do some price testing and will look at retention rates to set an “optimal” price. Too low and you don’t make enough, too high and nobody wants it. When I was in insurance any price change, up or down, caused people to look around and reconsider.

    Given the poor delivery of this price change, you’ll get people trying to game the system either by VPN or cancelling and seeing if they get an offer to tempt them back.

  150. Peter Blair

    Wow… Two quick things – I wonder if it’s worth adding a chart of Strava Free vs Premium at this point? Secondly, you included the name of the Strava PR human in their final response email, guessing you might want to cut that as you blocked it in the video?

  151. TimRules!

    I spent ~10 years of my life as a Commercial Lender (i.e., doing bank loans to businesses), and I suspect you’d be shocked by the number of companies out there that are run by complete idiots who just happened to stumble upon a single great product.

  152. Leslie Harris

    I quit Strava some years ago when they experimented with the different tiers of service, and as I use a Garmin device, I got 90% of what I wanted from Garmin Connect with no additional cost, and I am happy with that.

    It looks to me that Strava will suffer like Netflix is now suffering, each time Netflix increased price, I downgraded the service, until finally I simply cancelled. Netflix is looking into a cheaper service with adverts, but I think this is poor, and subscribers won’t go for that.

    Any sort of price change runs the risk of consumers evaluating their use of the platform and simply deciding to cancel, rendering Strava revenue neutral or worse revenue negative. January is always a bad month historically in many countries, where people often review subscriptions and direct debits, especially in the dark nights of the North, whilst staying sober in January!

  153. Mike

    Strava have failed to build a platform for clubs, considering Strava is a “community/social media” platform, it’s has the worst club features of pretty much any platform, this is where I feel they failed badly, Premium membership typically involves a committed cyclists and the vast majority are in a club, if clubs managed all their rides through Strava it virtually forces club members to join Strava and maybe even upgrade to paid membership, it is utter madness they have not exploited this. I’m a member of 4 clubs and each one uses a different system none of which are Strava, I can’t even organise my own routes on Strava!!!

    • CowRob

      I’ve found what Strava does for clubs is not that bad, for an app that doesn’t actually do rides.

      They have a leaderboard and coupled with apps like Zwift do at least show the carnage. I really liked that I was on the leaderboard quite a bit a few years ago. Since my hip replacement I seem to not be on it as much. 🤔 The club I’m in also has scheduling for outside rides which made it easier to do ‘club rides’, plus, in Strava you can include riders you rode with in a ride you did (although I have never done that).

      *shrug* Just think: In the past, we rode for fun and enjoyment. That’s what my wife keeps saying: ‘If it’s not on Strava, it didn’t happen’ makes her cringe. 😎

    • Mike

      Unfortunately I think Strava think the same, there are some features for sure, but there is a boatload of things they could do to make using it a no brainer, look at Zwift and how they arrange group rides, I can’t even go in and look at the last cub ride !, the feed lists rides by all riders, I want to see Club Rides, I could list 50+ features that would make Strava awesome, especially around club group rides, club management, route library of club runs, real average speeds of rides, climbing etc., they have so much data and use absolutely none of it for clubs apart from who was top 3 in certain categories

  154. Simon Kellett

    Just checked by subs in Germany:
    2019/2020 – Eur23.49
    2021 – Eur59.99
    2022 – can’t find my payment!
    today: renewal due 20/1/13, Eur59.99

    On Android app there is a page of Subscriber advantages, titles only and it says click for details, but clicking does not work !
    On the website I can’t find any list of subscriber features 🙁
    (I like the topo/3D maps, but I need more than that to pay up !)

  155. Gennaro

    I had a look at my own account. I’m based in the UK, my subscription is, and has alway been, 47.99gbp and is due to renew on February 19 for the same price. I guess I’ll find out in a few days if there’s any increase…

  156. Xavier Neys

    NL based account will be renewed in Dec. 2023 for €59.99.
    I’ll make it 0.00 just to teach strava a lesson.

  157. This is a classic example of “building your house on rented land.” We have so much data storage invested in Strava that they assume we’ll continue to pay the rent. And many of us probably will for a while. What Strava has accomplished is forcing us to evaluate whether the free version is suitable.

  158. Matt Shaw

    I think this may be a move by Strava to stop payment abuse.

    Having well published prices that differ by region may create a scenario where users, use geo spoofers to pay the lowest price in that region.

    As a SaaS company, this may then present tax compliance issues (billing country are not quite equal to actual user location)…or currency arbitrage opportunities (Argentina).

    Either way, major costs are accrued here for a company to be able to make sense of it and have clear prices that scale globally.

    The 30 day ambiguity price is not okay and I do believe we should see our own future price on our account upfront.

    There may also be other factors contributing to the prices that make it difficult to publish a blanket pricing overview. Ie) where you subscribe, iOS/android/online, these all have different payment processing costs. Usually only very large companies can absorb these differences. And have uniform pricing globally.

    Eitherway, I think Strava could have done more on their communications. Probably first internally where the issue prob stems from. Better disclaimers rather than this seemingly strategic ambiguity.

  159. Jb

    Is there actually an alternative to Strava? I remember at the time Garmin had something similar (compare to other people etc..) but then Strava became popular and I think they abandoned it.

    • CowRob

      Garmin Connect?

    • Paul S.

      I’ve been using Connect since before Garmin acquired it (it was called something like Motionbased when I first started using it). The oldest activities in Connect are from 2008, but I think I started using its predecessor in 2007 when I started using my Garmin 60CSx regularly. I’ve been using Strava since 2014, and I’ve paid for most of that time. For me, Connect really isn’t a replacement for Strava. Strava has a more social aspect. I’m not a social creature (wish I could turn everyone else off on Zwift and just admire the scenery), and the people I follow I discovered using flyby on Strava mostly before Strava made flyby less useful. All live in my general area. They’re not “friends” in any sense, although I’ve met several of them while riding and a few live in my immediate neighborhood so I see them out and about. What’s useful to me is seeing their rides to both see routes and also to learn about conditions in the area. (For example, I know that currently the roads in the local mountains are clear of snow and ice because some of the people I follow have ridden up there and posted photos.) That’s valuable. I also generate routes on Strava, but I could just as easily do that elsewhere. (I used to use Garmin Basecamp for that.) So I don’t think that Connect is an actual replacement for Strava, or vice versa. Each has unique features that I use.

    • CowRob

      For people that are not ‘socially connected’ (like me) Garmin Connect works really very well. And not that I’ve spent a great deal of time and effort comparing them, but I think there are some limited things that Connect does that are actually better than Strava. ‘Being social’ isn’t all wine and roses. I’ve had issues with a guy that I rode with in the local group and as a result dropped 98% of my followers. I HATE social media… The drama and BS just gets so stupid with some groups.

      I did read that Garmin Connect ‘is social’, and was puzzled. Are we all missing something?

    • Paul S.

      In the Connect app (and probably on the web site) you can set up “Connections”. Then your “News Feed” is something like your Strava dashboard, in that you see the activities of your connections. (Both my connections haven’t posted an activity on Connect in quite a while, so it’s just me in my News Feed at the moment.) So you can sort of use Connect like Strava. Long ago (I think it disappeared years ago) you could search in Connect for activities near any point you’d like, something like Strava’s “Flyby”. That was useful until it disappeared. (I used to use it to see if people were cross country skiing in the area if conditions were marginal.) And, of course, both have segments, something I’m completely uninterested in.

    • CowRob

      Oh, I had Connect enabled for segments and ‘friend tracking’, and it was just a cacophony of noise. ‘x is riding this segment. If you increase your speed you can catch them!’. Yeah no. Again ‘x is riding this segment…’, ‘x is riding this segment’, etc… And ‘Approaching a timed segment…’, etc…

      Funny that I did ace a segment’s time, and then everyone else had to jump on it to wipe my effort away. BUT they had to exert effort I guess. Funny…

  160. Charles

    Let’s get rid of video then. That eats up so much memory.

  161. David Jaget

    @dcrainmaker would you kindly review my new App?

    Think Facebook & Airbnb had a biking baby 😊

    link to jagz.app.link

  162. John Cross

    I had to take a peek at this. In my case, while I’ve had a free membership for quite some time (2014), I did finally sign up for a free trial on 6 November 2022. The annual subscription fee hit on 5 December 2022 at the $59.99 rate.

    Looking at my account provides the following information:
    “Subscriber since November 6, 2022
    Your annual membership will automatically renew on December 6, 2023 for $59.99”
    I guess I should be happy it does not say $79.99?

    As a point of information, I did look at the support article from poor Meg. 0 of 51 folks found it “useful.” There are zero comments. This surprised me until I noticed the tag, “Article is closed for comments.”

    ps. Thank you to “dddd” for pointing out VeloViewer. I’ll have to have a look at that.

    • Carl J

      You will get a notification prior to your next payment that it has gone up to $79.99

    • John Cross

      Carl J – you’re harshing my <$60 buzz, dude.

    • CowRob


      Ya gotta dream, right…

    • John Cross

      With Carl J and CowRob’s comments, I returned to my account and found an affirmative statement next to the Billing entry, “Your next bill will be on December 6, 2023, for $59.99, paid with a credit card ending in XXXX.”

      I’ve saved a copy for what will come in this new year.

      It makes me wonder if the company is already coming to terms with how they’ve tread in their own pigsty.

      As a business person, when companies are publicly discombobulated, they may have severe financial issues present. Any whiff of that? Is Elon a cyclist?

  163. Well this is interesting. I cancelled Strava last night (January 13th) for a subscription that would end on January 15th in which I was going to be charged $11.99. In the end it’s a helpful tool, and decided to resubscribe just now. And what happened?….my rate is $7.99 a month again. Regardless I’m sure it will go back to $11.99 in February. Just thought I would share this. Because when I cancelled, the price increase to $11.99 was going to be my charge. But for some reason cancelling, and then resubscribing put it back at $7.99 for at least one more month. Screenshot attached.

  164. Craig schaepe

    Strava certainly dealt with this badly and will come to regret the handling. Stravas problem is the free tier gives much the same experience that the paid tier does giving little to no reason to pay. Personally being in software for many years I reject the thinking that everything should be free and have been a paying member since 2015.
    That said I am conflicted though as I really don’t use any of the premium features and when such a large increase happens it makes the subscriber reevaluate the value features proposition and 12 a month is too much for one or two minor features.

    I predict some serious back pedaling in the coming days

    • CowRob

      I actually did the product discounts one year, and they helped lower the total cost. But it’s hard to support the ‘you have to spend money to save money’ because it’s like ‘digging for daylight’. I had forgotten about ‘free mode’, but I wonder how long that will last. I’m not very social media connected, and have thought of dropping Strava for Connect.

      I was in IT for 40+ years and do believe that people should profit from their products, but they also should be up front and honest with their pricing too. It’s just sounding so bizarre.

  165. webbovich

    They added more sports (badminton, pickle ball, pilates etc) but didn’t give us what we really needed; a way to filter them out of our feeds. And now we are paying more for these ‘subscriber features’.

    Crash and burn Strava, crash and burn.

  166. Matt Haber

    On top of it all, they use the stupid US trick of ending every price in a 9 ($59, or 49.99) so that some people forget that the price really is $60 or $50 (or sometimes more, once tax is factored in). I don’t notice that nonsense so much in other countries, but your report on Strava’s pricing suggests they are exporting another US defect.

    • CowRob

      In Amurka they count on that! Seriously. I took some business/retail courses in college, and it’s astounding how well retailers have ‘the game’ down. Even subtle things are part of the ‘game’. I left embarrassed for humanity that so many fall for their games, and most are right in daylight, perfectly legal. Crooked as heck, but fleecing the herd is expected. It’s apparently only when you don’t share you haul with the right people (or hide it well) that you get caught. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  167. dan

    Based on the article you really will not know your new price until 30 days before your renewal date.

  168. dan

    Well, this was simple. Cancelled. Left them a nice note they will ignore i’m sure

  169. Joe

    Free is the only version worth the money, Diva!

  170. Bas Koomen

    Another company that doesn’t understand that lowering prices might attract a huge group of Free users to take a payed membership and therefor increase revenue.
    Instead they are trying to get more money out of less people

    • CowRob

      They have boxed themselves in. They give (gave) away the core of their product and then searched for a way to monetize what they could. The truth is they should either eliminate, or drastically cut back their ‘free’ offerings, and yeah probably need to raise more money and hike their subscription prices but doing that would potentially decimate their membership, cutting their own throats.

      Free users wanting to pay nearly $100 for what they had? I don’t know how many would pony up their money after being being forced to do so after Strava’s free service is all but ended or made useless.

      I would recommend that Strava come out with a Strava Plus that is a complete rewrite of their app that does more and a better job of it. They could trim some of the features of the free level, but having a Plus option would make it clear what people are paying for, and identify it as a separate product with different pricing. Just my thoughts… Yeah, Strava can be improved. The way for Strava to dig out of their mess is not to flip off their existing members, paid and free, and provide people with a better Strava for potentially more money. *shrug*

    • Nighthawk700

      I agree. If Strava were $30, maybe even $40 a year, I would have subscribed. Heck, I was thinking of trying the trial subscription after my hip heals and I start running again. But with this increase, and their usual way of messing things up (still thinking of the Relive debacle) I just really don’t have the motivation.

    • Yancey

      The free offering is pretty barebones as it is. If they took much out of it then they’d only be left with paid subs. Their core problem is lack of innovation and developing new innovative features.

    • AC

      IMO strava should offer:

      free = social only
      plus = social plus leaderboards. Maybe beacon too.
      premium = all the other crap they have that other sites to better

      $4 per month max for plus. Double that for premium.

      But they won’t. It’s obvious they have no idea what it is that users value, and even less of an idea what we think it’s worth.

    • Paul S.

      I think it should be reversed. If it’s free, you get leaderboards. If you pay, all the nonsensical cheating that goes on is hidden from you. (I’m currently in the 30 hrs for January challenge, and the leaders there are claiming more hours than are in a lifetime, let alone a month.)

  171. Sam

    Interesting. At the time if you putting this article up I couldn’t see any prices. But now strava show me as renewing my subscription in August 2023 for $89 – not the $99 listed for Australian prices you have in your table.

    I’ve been a subscriber since 2012.

    I’m happy to pay $89 a year for what I get out of premium but they have totally stuffed up this increase. As others have said, the TrainerRoad approach recently shows how it should be done.

  172. Leo

    “ that Strava has never increased prices in the last decade.”

    That may depend on your views. Strava used to have cheaper subscriptions but they canceled those and only offers a more expensive all feature subscription.

    If you were happy with the features of a cheaper subscription and then had to pay for features you don’t use I would say the price of your subscription just went up.

  173. CowRob

    And another thing: I requested my data and was assured that I would get an email ;soon’, and received nothing. I tried to re-request my data and was brushed aside saying I’d already requested my limit and should just wait for the previous request to be finished.

    It’s been over TWO WEEKS!!

    So is MY data being held hostage?

    It can’t take that much time to get a file of MY data! It’s on a computer after all, it’s not collected on strips of paper by monks in a catacomb far below their offices by candle light. Good grief…

  174. Chris Watson

    I think you made an error in this statement;

    ‘think we’d all agree a ~59%’

    as you haven’t previously mentioned 59%.

    Thank you for your excellent content

  175. brent sword

    Even though strava price had not increased for a while at no time would i have said it was cheap. You have a small amount of storage for the files and they provide a social media platform. I guess if you are a premium member you get some extra analysis tools but most users don’t have things like power metres and won’t use that. Really people use the platform for a few main things. Segments and the ability to show everybody how well they are doing to get likes. Is that really worth 60us$ / year. Not for most users i suspect but the data may say otherwise.

    As a free user i can no longer see my segment times so i simply made a segment on garmin connect for any i was interested in monitoring my time.
    The storage would for almost every user fall under the free limits things like email services.
    They have made their choice but such a large increase in price definitely risks losing more revenue than they gain.

  176. Freddie

    Am in UK. Strava.com/account tells me:
    “Subscriber since [NN] October 2015. Your annual membership will renew on [NN] November 2023 for £39.99”

    None of the new Product Features like Video Upload or +40 ish other sports add Customer Value for me.

    I subscribe for #1 Fitness & Freshness Graph. IS there better value out there for this functionality?

    (All of my data is also in GarminConnect, used as for connectivity and as a repository. I see they have been growing the number of reports there, but don’t see the equivalent of the Fitness and Freshness graph there.)

    • CowRob

      All of my rides have posted as ‘Weight Training’, ruining some of the weekly and yearly distance totals. I emailed support, and…

      Plus, at year end 2022, I had three totals for mileage for the year. Part of their system seems to hold three digits, part of it truncates to 2, and the ‘progress’ seems to truncate with no places. Just *snip* and gone.

      UNBELIEVABLE if some of their system DOES carry 2+ decimal places. WTH…

    • Jake

      Runalyze has something similar to the Fitness/Freshness graph and its free

    • Freddie

      Thank you Jake, appreciated.

      Quite liked my first look at Runanalyze;

      intervals.icu is another contender mentioned in this thread.

  177. David

    I use the free Strava, and don’t even like it much! What good are segments, when they allow this kind data to continue to exist? The top ten riders did this climb at 53mph? FFS the speed limit is 45mph for a lot of this climb. And then Strava continues to get me to pay…

  178. Duncan Tindall

    So what’s not been mentioned in the article (because this is about consumer fee changes) is the revenue they get from selling the aggregated data to councils and professional services that then use the information on walking, running, cycling to inform city design, to bike and running shoe companies on market share, product longevity/ consumer demographics, etc.

    This has become an important part of their business (at least based on what they charge I’d hope that it is important…).

    So on one hand if all the segments, etc were free to users then they would have a business model that is based on selling that agregated data.More data points, and so ‘better’ info to sell. Go the other way, and no-one ‘gives’ them the Garmin data and the equipment flag and they can’t sell that data.

    Over the last few years they’ve plugged the gap between raised costs by adding revenue from the non-consumer stream. That now seems to have hit a plateau and so they need to move back to charging more from the much larger user base of consumer. That being said I can’t quite work out why they seemed to employ Pharmabro as their consumer liaison strategy lead……..

    • CowRob

      So I’ve heard that about low priced products actually selling your (the purchasers) data. (Think those cheap tvs and other crap)

      So, in the whole bastardization of Capitalism, that seems ‘the thing’ now because wouldn’t it tickle the greed of the investor class to have an entity they invested in to both charge a lot AND also sell their customers data?

      Seems just what a greedy investor would want. Even if you give the rubes an ‘opt-out’, you still win from the increased subscription charges.

      Am I right?

  179. Johnny C

    I’m UK based on the Annual subscription. Renewal is set for August 2023 and my annual renewal price, in the Strava app, is set for £54.99. The actual payments go through my Google account and it is showing the renewal will be £63.99.

    Playing it safe and cancelling… Runkeeper’s annual subscription is £30 or I can continue with the Strava free package.

  180. Dirk B

    No one mentioned Switzerland yet, so here’s my details. The good news is it’s not changing. Paid CHF 64 last year, and it’s marked for the same at renewal next month. However, it was already high compared to others for the last decade. The US price is insane, but my last trip to NYC showed this to be a general trend there. Quickly becoming the most expensive country on earth, and I’m saying this as a Swiss.

    • Paul S.

      Don’t assume that NYC is the same as the rest of the US. When I go to Europe, prices are always higher there than here in central Pennsylvania. That’s likely because I’m spending time mostly in cities (London most recently) or tourist areas, where prices are bound to be higher. When I go to NYC or environs, prices are higher than at home.

      64 CHF is more (at the moment about 69 USD, I checked) than the 60 USD I paid Strava last year. They’re still saying my next payment will be 60 USD. That I can’t be sure about that is the point of this article.


    I will cancel if they raise my account…period. My money goes much less further than it used to.

  182. Stuart Irvine

    My annual fee has been £39.99 since 2016 and have been told it will be renewed in July for the same price.

  183. Paul

    So I was a Strava subscriber for 2 years.( Been a member from the beginning )
    Last year I decided not to renew ….
    6 months later I can now renew in UK for £41.24…That is cheaper than existing users. Its says my renewal in December will be £54.99 !!!
    Why do companies always do this – screw their loyal customers …

    Ps I wont be renewing going forward. Me thinks Strava is in trouble long term…

  184. MichaelP

    I remember when Garmin maintained its own database of segments. I would love to see that feature return. I’m curious as to whether Garmin abandoned that feature because of the greater popularity of Strava for segments, or was there some sort of arrangement between Garmin and Strava for Garmin to exit that space?

    • CowRob

      I found a support doc at Garmin that tells how to create segments, but none of the IRL rides I’ve done have the tab for segments, even after changing the ride type. Maybe I can’t create segments for older rides? They were all done early last year, recorded on an Edge 1030.

      Maybe the don’t do segments anymore. I’ve done most of the last year virtual so no segments there. And arrangements like you suggest are usually frowned upon by regulators I think.

      link to support.garmin.com

  185. Patoche

    Nice article. Can’t send me a email with history of payments, but I am due for renewal at 59$ as well (initially suscribed in 2014), if it helps.

  186. Adam Dingwall

    SMDH at how some companies communicate. And like you DC, I get it, costs have gone up and I like Strava enough that I want them to be around and be a strong viable company going forward. But damn damn Strava the least you could do is treat us like we are reasonable intelligent folks and simply communicate with us. All that said, I’ll re-up my annual premium membership because in the course of 12 months I find that I get at least $80 worth of value.

  187. okrunner

    I cancelled my Strava paid subscription two years ago based on craziness from them. I’m not surprised at this.

  188. CowRob

    I dropped my subscription, yesterday and just checked it today to see if there was a cost for subscribing, and not only is there no cost shown, but it says I will renew *today*. Odd… Is this like the Mafia: You can never leave?

  189. RickyC

    I loved my yearly wrap up and was bummed they didn’t let free subscribers have it this year. I almost signed up just to get it, but then I heard prices were going up. Glad I avoided it.

  190. Mark

    Anyone else get the email survey from Strava “How likely are you to recommend a Strava subscription to a friend?”

    Not sure whether this is a periodic thing or whether they are trying to understand likely back-lash on this clusterflip

  191. Kris Kootale


    This is surely confusing. If that’s not enough already, my subscription is due for renewal in February. I am in the US and my account page says my renewal will be at $59.99

    Subscriber since February 19, 2022

    Your annual membership will automatically renew on February 19, 2023 for $59.99

    Not that I am not complaining, but the pictures don’t seem to line up.

    Thanks for all your good work!

    • My guess would be that Strava’s IT systems aren’t quite sorted yet when it comes to the updates, and thus the Feb 2nd date is probably the actual 30-day window start (e.g. for March 2nd). Thus in your case, with a Feb 19th renewal, you’d be Jan 19th for 30+1 day notice, below that threshold.

      But again, that’s the problem. It’s such a mess that everyone is different and Strava continues to play the silent game.

    • CowRob

      They are still ghosting you? Wow… Either they are grooming themselves for a buyout, or an implosion? And being a couple days out of subscription I’m surprised at the petty things that are being denied now. But it’s their game I guess. And I’m getting pretty much the same features of the Strava subscription from Garmin Connect, currently ‘free’. (Missing the social bits, but NBD)

      On a related note: Any news on price moves from Zwift? Hard to believe that they haven’t said anything, or are they good. Seems everyone is jumping on the ‘inflation bandwagon’.

      Thanks for fighting for us. It’s shocking that they are still blowing you off. Again, wow…

    • Nothing from them yet. I’m pretty surprised, if not to me, then to consumers with a general e-mail. The ball of news continues to roll – it’s not going away.

      As for Zwift, nothing at this point. I think Zwift could easily justify it – just don’t go crazy. $14.99 to $17.99 would be totally explainable. Heck, they could probably even do $19.99 with proper notice and being clear about it, albeit probably some grumbling. The last Zwift price increase was Nov 17th, 2017 – so over 5 years ago.

    • CowRob

      I would pay a little more so that they could buy more capacity with Amazon’s web hosting so I don’t get ‘DISCONNECTED’ messages so much.

      Strava! What the heck are you doing?!?!

    • Manny

      Thanks for the info. Mine just went up from 54.99 to 79.99 in September.

  192. Thomas

    Strava made it even on the short list for “Outstanding Tech Product” at the Global Triathlon Awards 😉
    But those categories and shortlists are really… weird ^^

    link to globaltriawards.com

  193. O N

    If you want more fun stories from Strava…

    I was NOT a paying customer. Around Black Friday, they started sending emails about 2 free months if I signed up for a year. It was “we never do this” and the offer of the year. I think I got 10 emails in a month.

    I did nothing.

    Then, December 26th they changed. One week after I got the email stating it was my last chance to get 2 free months, I got Now they offered 25% off. Doing the math, that is an even better offer.

    Never seen them that active before.

    • CowRob

      Be careful. I received a few phishing emails claiming to come from, and offer deals from, Strava. I remember them because I was shocked that they were purportedly from a product/service that I actually use.

      And email that seems too good to be true likely is, and anyone that responds to them and is lured to give them any financial information is in for a bad time.

      Most people that are hacked, actually hack themselves. For all reading this post: Check how to tell where an email message is from, and if it’s not from an address associated with the vendor/bank/whatever, it is fake and should be deleted immediately. And some messages I keep getting are also from many different email addresses making it important to be diligent.

      I used to get hundreds of emails from Apple, Netflix, Facebook, from banks, credit cards, the IRS, etc, and still do. ALL fake… Be careful. A lot of those messages, especially from banks, really LOOKED real! I initially don’t trust any email that I didn’t request or know was generated by something I did. TANSTAAFL…

      Sorry if this seems like I’m lecturing, but too many people are being suckered into these scams and losing their lives, homes, savings.. Getting one ‘from Strava’ was proof that nothing is sacred, nothing is safe. Yikes… And the reason they do these scams is they work, unfortunately, and the perpetrators usually get away with it being based in foreign countries that either can’t or refuse to punish them.

      Be safe, everyone…

    • O N

      As a general rule: You are right.

      In this case: They were indeed from Strava 🙂

    • CowRob

      Apologies. The ones I got weren’t. I was almost tricked many years ago by an email supposedly from my bank so have been on the alert and having run an IT company was always helping clients and their employees deal with those emails. It was funny for me to get emails from my companies IT department exasperatingly asking for my password to deal with a ‘vital security issue’. It’s all to easy to be suckered in.

  194. Maciek

    Your annual membership will automatically renew on 7 July 2023 for $79.99

    You can add Poland to your table.

    • Michael D

      cześć Maciek

      Seems they going to increase the price later than February in Poland as I have in my account:
      “Your next bill will be on February 12, 2023 for $59.99”
      I’m in Poland and Polish debit card…

      At $79, it’s a Good bye from me.

  195. Gennaro

    Today I got my email from Strava. My UK subscription is rising from 47.99gbp, what it’s been in the past several years, up to 54.99gbp. I guess it’s ok.

  196. Eric Gottlieb

    I received an e-mail from RideWithGPS with “A Guide to Importing All of Your Data to RideWithGPS”, clearly targeting people looking to move away from Strava. To top it off, there are several comments in the article that the e-mail links to where people are specifically asking about migrating data from Strava.

  197. Graeme

    What did the Germans do to piss off Strava? Why are they paying 60% more than Spaniards?

    Strava, like many tech companies, have been living in a bubble of cheap VC funding where the only requirement to get more of said funding was to show increased user populations. With the pandemic bubble now well and truly over they are likely no longer increasing subscriptions at anything like the rate they were two years ago and, simultaneously, VC funding has dried up in the face of hiked interest rates. These price increases and the recent 15% staff lay-offs are the result of reality biting and old-fashioned concepts like the need to turn a profit coming back to prominence. Recent tech sector woes are almost entirely down to companies assuming the weirdness of the pandemic years were here to stay rather than the bubble they really were.

    The things is, the way this has been handled simply means I’ve gone from not thinking about this to now looking at my subscription to see if I actually need any or use any of the premium features. I suspect I know the answer…

    • CowRob

      It’s interesting, because all of their ‘analysis’ is gone behind the ‘paywall’, so it’s interesting. I do miss it because that was the first place I always looked while adding quotes and pictures, just to see how brutal that ride was. But, you are right: It got me looking at all my subscriptions, and what I realistically need/use, and what is beneficial.

      There will be, I’m sure, many people that will just do it. Heck, my wife has been ‘Just do it’, but I have to realize that it was all just ego and bravado and no one ever looked at that stuff anyway. I also had developed a Pavlovian response to people giving me kudos and realized that was really pretty meaningless. I dropped most of my followers. (I mean, too many never gave me kudos, and it was just pointless to value my activities on other people’s actions. It’s a sick thing to get into, and Strava isn’t the only place feeding that monster)

      The huge layoffs at the big tech companies has me wondering what’s up. I mean, eliminating near double digits of your staff is a symptom of something, and I think it’s them trying to instill ‘gloom and doom’ onto the public. Heck, a week ago I was harangued by the owner of a building supply store that sounded like ‘the end is coming’, and was strongly urging me to think of selling my house and moving into a condo or an RV (caravan) or ‘small house’. He was predicting widespread massive unemployment, and huge numbers of bankruptcies. I really don’t know where this all is coming from. I get that one party here in the US wants to warp peoples minds, but good grief, who’s side are they on (I know who, but still good grief)

      Ride on!

  198. BeachMama

    Here’s a novel idea: what if 60% of subscription users simply leave the platform entirely once their renewal is up instead of just ranting about it and letting Strava overprice them?

    After all, Strava is essentially just another social network. Anyone with a fairly inexpensive device such as a GPS watch or bike computer, like already has their raw data on that platform (ie Coros, Garmin, Kamoot, TrainerRoad, etc) and it provides more than enough data. Who cares about kudos. Kudos aren’t worth $99/year. 🤣

    The real problem here is that as a social network, Strava is having a tough time competing against the other big ‘free’ (in quotes, because it’s costing us our private information) social networks and they are trying to justify their platform and figuring out how to keep it afloat. Spoiler: it’s not via pricing ambiguity.

    Ps. I’ve been off & on Strava 2 different times since 2015, but this 3rd time might just be the straw that broke the camel.

  199. They lost me as an subscriber, the free tier is good for me and if for one reason or another they decide to eliminate it then I”ll just stop using this app and delete it.

    • CowRob

      I think that in the end, given how many silly things they have already put behind a paywall, they will very likely trim more and more features and/or eventually make it a full pay-as-you-go service with nothing much ‘free’. (Will they pull a Wahoo and sue Garmin for unfair competition? Garmin gives away Connect after all)

      So I created a database to let me know how far along I am in my yearly goal. I guess goals and having a running total of distance towards that goal is just too expensive. Silly, but I guess they had to draw the line somewhere.

      I’m just waiting for Garmin to do something with Connect, and Zwift to jack their prices too. Not that I’m asked them, good grief. Things are so crazy now. The last thing I need is to pay more for what seems to be rapidly becoming one of the world’s most expensive hobbies. Yikes…

    • CowRob

      I stayed at a hotel for a conference every summer that suddenly raised their rates 25%, and sold out three years later. They apparently needed to shake down the customers a bit more to get enough profit to get out. Makes me wonder about Strava…

      Yeah, it’s likely somewhat less people are using Strava, but is it enough to play games with what you are going to charge those that are left? Seems ridiculous, but ‘get it while you can”?

      And what’s ‘too expensive’ to offer prospective customers? Silly things…

    • Paul S.

      Cycling has always been an expensive hobby. There’s probably not a cyclist here that doesn’t own at least 1 multi-thousand dollar bike, let alone trainers, clothing, tools, etc. $20 extra per year for Strava, or a few dollars more per month for Zwift, isn’t going to lead to starving cyclists.

    • CowRob

      Nickle and dimed. With all of the ridiculous price hikes over the last 3 years, all for sketchy reasons: Are we paying more because we can pay more, not because there is any added value.

  200. Nik

    In Germany. New subscription rates are 75/year or 11/month for me.