DJI Mini 3 Pro Accessories Tested: New Bike Mount for ActiveTrack

I figured I’d add a quick post here to mention a video I posted a few days ago on YouTube, covering a slate of DJI Mini 3 Pro Accessories I’ve been using this summer. Most of these were more general purpose, but one of them was for your bike. And given I was swarmed with requests to test some of these bike mount options back in May when I published my Mini 3 Pro In-Depth Review, I wanted to circle back here.

I cover most of this in the video, but to briefly back up. First, ActiveTrack on the DJI Mini 3 Pro lets it follow you autonomously, filming you as you go. The Mini 3 Pro has forward and rearwards facing obstacle avoidance sensors, though they do provide some minimal sidewards facing avoidance at certain angles (given the field of view). They also provide some upwards/downwards facing avoidance, but not nearly as much as something like the Skydio 2 does. However, while the Skydio 2 series continues to be the undisputed king of obstacle avoidance and cyclist/runner tracking, it also continues to fall further and further behind in image quality and cinematic prowess. Not to mention the size.

The point being, the DJI Mini 3 has become my defacto drone for virtually all of my sports tracking shots this summer, both locally and on trips. However, one particular challenge is that the new DJI RC remote (which is a remote with a built-in screen), didn’t have a bike mount option. Whereas the other DJI RC-N1 remote (the one that you place your phone in), does have a bike mount that I’ve reviewed previously. In my case, I greatly prefer the newer DJI RC remote since it means I’m not reliant on my phone for anything drone-related. Size/weight-wise, it’s a wash.

But at launch, that new remote didn’t have a way to mount it to my bike for tracking. Since then there’s been numerous 3rd party mounts that have come out, which attach to either the lower screw holes on the front/bottom edge, or the rear-facing screw holes on the back. The first I tried was a bottom-edge one that was basically a piece of crap. It didn’t even pass my desk test before I deemed it highly likely to break. Technically it said it was for the DJI RC Pro, but frankly, there’s no way it would have worked on that either, since that’s far heavier than the DJI RC. Thus, skip this one:


After that, at least one, if not two DCR followers came up with their own 3D printed options that seemed far better, and some even included proof of life videos. Which is great! Sadly, Instagram’s direct message search tools are a proper dumpster fire, and I can’t find these again from back then. But, if you’re one of those people, drop me a note below!

So, back to Amazon I went, this time seeing one that connects on the back:


It uses the same handlebar mount I’ve previously tested, but is also fully GoPro adapter compatible. So that meant I could ditch the sometimes tricky handlebar mount portion, and then simply use the DJI RC adapter portion.


Point being, in the video I show how it all works (chapter markers are listed in the video), including some test bits. However, I’d say that while this is totally acceptable for road cycling with a safety tether (in case it snaps), I wouldn’t recommend it for MTB. Whereas previously, the other mount I did actually test extensively for MTB. The main difference being the previous mount basically was like a giant hand/clamp that held the entire DJI RC-N1 remote. Whereas this new DJI RC controller mount holds it up on a pedestal, meaning it wobbles/vibrates a lot.


Anyways, in the video I dive into all that with footage and the usual bits. But, I wanted to call it out here for the bike mount portion, since that’s typically of more interest here on the site. Maybe some day there will be some other mount options. Or, maybe we’ll just get lucky and DJI will eventually produce a simple tracking beacon like the Skydio Beacon (or the AirDog Beacon). One can dream!


With that, thanks for reading!

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  1. Didier

    Hi, thanks for the i 3 Pro Accessories review but can you shre the link to get it online?


  2. Bruce Burkhalter

    The no fly zone around Schipol is pretty big. Are you always outside of it when you fly?

    • Yup, it’s absolutely massive. And yup, every single time. In a car, it takes only 20 minutes to get to a few spots. But, I lack a car. So every time (like today for something else), I had to go find a car share car. Sometimes I’ll get lucky and it’ll be 100m away. Other (most) times I’ve gotta pedal 5-15 minutes first. Then come back and load it up/etc…

      If I ride to a spot, the nearest viable point is 38-40 minutes away pedaling. For summer stuff, or stuff that’s quick and easy, I’ll often just pedal versus deal with the car fiasco. But if I’m gonna be somewhere a long while shooting a bunch of stuff that’s more than just sticking the drone quickly in the air, then I’ll get the car.

      I’ve roughly found a slate of 5-7 spots I tend to film in each time that are known good for me in terms of being outside the no-fly zone, virtually nobody on weekdays, scenic, or provide a specific test thing I want.

    • Bruce Burkhalter

      Thanks! The Muiderslot location is a good find.

  3. Didier

    oops, thanks

  4. Chris

    Thanks for the post! Always enjoy your content!

    Not sure if this was one of the 3D printed designs you were sent, but I had this design printed and it is awesome: link to thingiverse.com.

    I also tried the second mount you reviewed and just didn’t like how much it wobbles. Made me too nervous.

    • Vinnie

      Great now I need to go buy a 3d printer

    • Nice! I haven’t seen that one before, but it definitely looks more supportive for sure!

      I’ve really gotta get a 3D printer at some point. The new Anker one looks really appealing…maybe once it starts shipping and we see how reviews are.

    • Chris

      Not sure where you’re located, but my local library has a 3d printing service, and was able to print up the controller adapter. I had to order the Garmin mount through an online service using the recommended PETG filament, but I think all in all it was like $20 to have everything made.

    • Chris

      Oooo, I haven’t seen that one yet. Now I want one!

  5. Vinnie

    The issue I found with that model as I have it here is that it’s not designed for wider bars. It won’t fit my gravel or mtb. What I mag do is keep it and mount the controller on my gopro chestie mount to keep it safe, secure and not worry about pinching cables on my bars.

  6. Hi Guys! Hi Dc Rainmaker, i think i’m one of the guys who sent you messages about the 3d printed bike mount, i design one that works great for me:
    link to youtube.com
    (in fact i redesign and printed it more than 5 times until found one that works with trepidation )

    I already try it in a trail :
    link to youtube.com

    if someone want to print it :
    link to thingiverse.com

    And thanks for all you reviews, im always sad when you lose some gear, but you help a lot of people showing the limits of what drones can do.

  7. Nick Hall

    I finally bought the Mini 3 Pro and would like to get a handlebar mount but my Canyon has arrow bars and I can’t find any mounts that will fit a none round bar. Any suggestions?

  8. SG

    I like this combined cover and sun hood:
    link to sunnylife.net

    It makes the drone usable for activities like snowboarding, etc. as it protects the sticks, screen, and most button (but not the record/shutter, scroll wheels, and C1+C2). Works even better with a neck/shoulder strap – snap the cover shut and swing the RC to the side or tuck it into the jacket.

    Side benefit is that the sticks are protected and do not always need to be removed.

  9. Martin

    This seems like a good bike mount for the RC:
    Bicycle Mount for DJI RC Controller (Smart Controller, Mini 3 Pro), Black

    link to amazon.de

    It is very convenient to use and holds the RC pretty well, but I haven’t tested it yet in rial ride, so I cannot tell how durable it is.

  10. Peter Smith

    Have you ever found a mount for flatter style handlebars?