Garmin Training Status Now Includes Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest and Tacx App Workouts


Garmin quietly rolled out an update yesterday that means you’ll now get training load updated on your Garmin devices for workouts done in Zwift, TrainerRoad, The Sufferfest, and the Tacx App, all without using a Garmin device to record them.

You’ve long been able to link up your Zwift/TrainerRoad/Sufferfest/Tacx app accounts to Garmin Connect, which then automatically sends completed rides/runs to Garmin Connect. However, those workouts didn’t accrue any training load or recovery time on your Garmin watch or bike computer. Thus, you still had to start a workout on your Garmin device, even for a simple indoor ride with Zwift. Else, you’d lack the correct data on your watch. But now, that’s no longer required.

I’ve been testing this feature for a few months, and it works pretty darn well. It doesn’t cover every single edge case, but it does nail the core pieces people (including myself) have been complaining about for years. And it sounds like this is sorta the first layer of that onion that Garmin is trying to peel back and sort out. All of which notably coming after the Firstbeat acquisition last year (almost exactly a year ago).

How it works:

So, let’s walk through how it works with some handy before/after type photos and screenshots. But first, at its core, this is the basics of it:

1) Ensure your Zwift/TrainerRoad/Tacx app account is linked to Garmin Connect (if you did this before, you’re good to go)
2) Do a workout on one of those platforms, no need to start your watch
3) Post-workout, sync your watch, and it’ll now show the proper training load and recovery time

Note that your watch will sync automatically. So realistically that by the time you get out of the shower, it’ll have done all this for you behind the scenes. Unless you don’t shower after a workout, in which case training load is the least of your issues.

To begin, here’s my watch pre-ride. For this example I’ve got a nice easy recovery ride of sorts. But it shows exactly how this works. Note my current training load is 608, and as I got on my bike in the shed, my recovery time showed 0 hours:

P1022583 P1022585

Now, I jump on Zwift. In this case, the *ONLY* device I’m using to record Zwift is Zwift itself. I’m wearing my watch, but not starting a workout. It doesn’t matter if you wear your watch (or, if an Edge device, if it’s sitting in your fridge). I’m just wearing it because that’s what you do with a watch. In any case, Zwift I go:


After completing the 30-minute ride, you’ll see the ride/workout show up on my Garmin Connect app. It’s labeled from Zwift, and even includes a nifty map outline:

clip_image001[4] clip_image001[8]

(You can see how much I care about updating the default bike in Garmin Connect, for which I haven’t changed in exactly 10 years to the day)

Note: What follows is explaining how this works for geekiness, but practically speaking, again, if you take a shower, this all happens quietly and invisibly behind the scenes by the time you get the shampoo in your hair. There’s nothing you have to do here except ride your bike and save the workout on your Zwift/TrainerRoad/Sufferfest/Tacx app. That’s it.

However, what’s notable is at this very moment (for the next minute or so), my training load hasn’t actually updated yet – and it still shows 608. Why?

Well, that gets into the nuances of how Garmin Training Load works, which is actually calculated on the Garmin device itself (not on Garmin Connect). That leads to lots of other quirks (and benefits), but we’ll table that rabbit hole for the moment. What this means is that in order to calculate the training load, that Zwift workout needs to get to my watch. By default, Garmin Connect Mobile is always syncing in the background, so realistically this only takes about a minute or two until it shows up there. At which point, you’ll now see my increased training load on the watch (637 vs 608 prior):


And, if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see my newly added recovery time too:


Now, as soon as the watch gets this data, it actually has to send it back to Garmin Connect so the app knows of the new training load value. Thus, again, there could be a slight bit of lag here. Maybe a minute, maybe less…maybe more. But, once it does, you’ll now see the new training load value (637 now, instead of 608) in Garmin Connect too, and in fact the exact load is shown in the training load section (Load: 29) on June 12th, and showing the proper benefit area “Recovery”.

clip_image001[6] clip_image001[10]

And thus, the circle of life is complete.

And again, all this happens for TrainerRoad the same way. Here’s what the watch looked like pre-ride, note the load of 523:


Then, I did the workout on TrainerRoad, without starting my watch:


And then, post-workout/sync – now showing a load of 655, some 132 units higher than the initial 523 value.


Neat, huh? As I said, it’s as simple as ride (or run), and it updates it.


Now, I’m gonna take a stab at some FAQ’s here, though, I’m sure there will be plenty.

How do I connect Zwift to Garmin Connect?

Simply go here, and then link your accounts together.

Here’s a good article explaining it.

How is this different than Physio True-Up?

It’s part of Physio True-Up. That’s the feature that syncs your workout-related data between multiple devices so that if you do a ride on your Edge 530 it’ll sync to your Forerunner 945. Of course, in practice, we all know that can be messy. Though, I assure you – nobody has as messy an account as I do, with dozens upon dozens of devices. Garmin sticks pins in a Ray voodoo doll every time I stumble onto something with my Physio True-Up stats. Still, for the most part, it works until it doesn’t. The core sticking point is that training load is calculated on a per-device basis, so you can get weird sync issues, especially with not-always-on devices like an Edge.

Which devices does this support?

Essentially, anything with so-called ‘Training Load’, which means you’ll see a load-specific number somewhere on your device. The current list of devices supported by it:

D2 Delta series
Descent Mk1
Descent Mk2 series
Edge 530
Edge 830
Edge 1030
Edge 1030 Plus
fenix 5 series
fenix 5 Plus series
fenix 6 series
Forerunner 645 series
Forerunner 745
Forerunner 935
Forerunner 945 & 945 LTE
Marq Collection
quatix 5 series
quatix 6 series

Can other apps do this too?

Nope. At present, it’s just those four (Zwift/TrainerRoad/Sufferfest/Tacx), largely because those are the only four apps that have permissions to push completed workouts INTO Garmin Connect. Countless apps can receive workouts from Garmin Connect, but only these four are the anointed ones. I’ve long argued that Garmin could stand to gain quite a bit by allowing more apps to push into Garmin Connect (akin to how Strava works), and they’ve long ignored.

Will my Wahoo bike computer now update my Garmin watch?

Nope. Per the previous one, only workouts that come from those four sources are being calculated. Trust me, I tried.

Why didn’t my Zwift/TR/Sufferfest/Tacx ride instantly update the training load on Garmin Connect Mobile?

Remember, it has to talk to your Garmin device. That’s especially notable for the Edge series devices, which you probably left powered off. Thus, if you want it to update training load in Garmin Connect, you need to power that device on and let it sync (both directions, or basically, twice). For watches, this happens pretty quickly in the background, so it’s less obvious.

Does this require anything on the Zwift/etc app?

Yes, it requires you use at least a heart rate monitor, and ideally a power meter source (trainer or power meter) for the most accurate data.

Does it show Training Effect?

No, not at this time. So you won’t get the Aerobic/Anaerobic breakouts of training effect. It sounds like this isn’t a case of ‘never’, but more a case of ‘trying not to boil the ocean’.

I’ve long noted that Garmin has historically held off on these sorts of deployments as they try and solve every single little aspect of it, rather than fixing the core issue that people primarily care about, and then circling back later to finish up the minor things most people don’t care about. So I’m actually glad we’ve got this today, versus waiting who knows how many months or something for things like Training Effect breakouts. Just my two cents though.

What about Zwift Running?

Don’t worry, while Zwift might ignore Zwift running, Garmin didn’t. A Zwift run with heart rate will provide Training Load, Training Effect, and Primary Benefit with one caveat, you will not get VO2Max estimates, as those require GPS speed/pace and so if you do not get one of those for 2 weeks outside, Training Status will go into a No Status state as it does today.

I’ll add more questions here as they come in.

With that – thanks for reading!


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  1. Tommy

    So this means i no longer have to dual record my Zwift activities on my Garmin. This makes me happy

    • Scott

      Kind of, it’s definitely not perfect. See my other post.

    • Bmin

      I’ve tried everything and still can’t get this to work on the 245.

      I can either record workout on watch but I don’t get power/distance metrics and it will update recovery status


      I can do the workout without starting the watch (just broadcasting HR) and when training peaks syncs the workout to my garmin I have power data but no calories burned, no vo2/training load status, recovery time etc. I’ve also tried with Zwift and it’s the same deal.

    • raadoo

      It doesn’t work on my 530 either. I can see training recorded in Zwift in Garmin Connect (web & phone) with power and HR but no training status in details of activity (load, effect..).

      No trainings from Zwift can be seen on my 530 unit (it could be the case AFAIK all the magic is done locally on the Garmins)

      The only place where I can see some part of training load is one page on my phone – it is traing load summary. I can see there traing load and gain for both activities recorded in Zwift and my Garmin unit. But if I dig to activity details activity from Zwift lacks all traing load details, and Garmin is ok.

      Should I start a ticket in Garmin? And what is the root of a problem? No Zwift activity in my Garmin 530, or sth else? As I can attach only 1 picture, here is activity details from Zwift with no TL.

    • raadoo

      And here you can find the only place in garmin ecosystem where I can find any mark of trainng load. The activities are doubled because 1 is from Zwift and 2nd recorded on Garmin unit.

      I started to double record after I tried to record only on Zwift with no success concerning training status details.

    • Bmin

      People have told me my 245 won’t work properly (even though i can getbpiwer data imported from trainingpeaks and Zwift). It seems to be garmin forcing us to upgrade to newer devices which is total B.S. imo as all the data is recorded and imported but garmin is blocking it from properly affecting training status metrics etc on out devices.

      I just purchased a garnin 255 watch and if it doesn’t sync up my power/distance metrics and update my training status Vo2 metrics on my watch after my workouts I’m sending it back. My garmin 245 works 100% and I feel garmin is forcing me to upgrade.

  2. Nick

    I’ve been using this (link to github.com) python project to download garmin connect activities to use locally, but garmin seem to have broken the way it connects. Do you know of any other ways to bulk download files from GC?

  3. Alberto

    It would be nice if you put a list of supported devices Ray. I can’t be the only one interested in updating from an older device (735xt, edge 520) now that this is working as it should always have.

    And now that they own Firstbeat, so no need to license each device anymore I’m guessing… will they put this calculations on garming connect directly??

    • Alberto

      Also, is it enough with just one supported device? ie Update to the 745 but keep using the Edge 520 for my outdoor rides. will the 745 calculate training load data for the activities done in the 520?

    • It’s actually any Garmin device. There’s no limitation there, except supporting the base Training Status features. So, off the top of my head that’d be the FR245/745/945/Fenix 5/Fenix 6 Series (and all the derivates), plus the Edge 530/830/1030/1030 Plus.

      I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but basically, if the device supports ‘Training Load’ then it’ll support this.

      Long-term, I suspect we’ll see some of this shift towards GC, but it’s not as simple as that. At first glance that sounds great, but where it breaks down is when you do a workout without the phone/connectiity live/nearby. In that case you want to see your training load form that workout on the workout summary stats, so it needs to be able to calculate right then and there too.

      It’s the whole ‘how everything merges together’ bit that is super tricky.

    • Gerrie Delport

      It will be nice to know if the Fenix 3HR will also get this update.(Tested today and the Fenix 3HR did not work) Or will I have to start my EDGE 350 every day.

    • Gareth Smith

      Same here, I’ve got an older watch (FR235) which is great for running but at the moment I don’t get anything from my Zwift training (I understand that there’s more chance of hell freezing over before they support data from my Wahoo Elemnt). Checked for updates today and not got anything. Will check again after my Zwift ride today as well.

    • Henrik Riomar

      Finally a reason to motivate me to switch from a Vivoactive to a FR745, as lots of my rides are on Trainer road, the training load feature was not at all useful before.

    • Robert

      From support.garmin:

      Devices That Display Training Load
      D2 Delta series
      Descent Mk1
      Decent Mk2 series
      Edge 530
      Edge 830
      Edge 1030
      Edge 1030 Plus
      fenix 5 series
      fenix 5 Plus series
      fenix 6 series
      Forerunner 645 series
      Forerunner 745
      Forerunner 935
      Forerunner 945 & 945 LTE
      Marq Collection
      quatix 5 series
      quatix 6 series

    • Robert

      … and then you look at the FR245 feature set, and sure enough, it supports Training Load. That’ll teach me to trust Garmin on knowing their own products.

    • Oleks

      I’m on 935 now and it does not work for me. I read and followed the steps several times, tried to switch it on/off etc. but nothing helps.

      Then, I contacted Garmin support and after several ping-pong attempts they finally admitted that it really does not work in my case. So, I provided them with app logs, GARMIN folder from the watches and screenshots. Now, waiting for them to respond.

      I’m posting it here mostly because there are many other comments where guys complain that this feature does not work for them as well.

    • Oleks

      An update: for those who also do not see TL change, try to record an indoor activity by using your Garmin watches first (it was 935 for me). After that, regular Zwift workouts started to affect my overall training load.

    • CS

      I’m pleased to report this does solve the issue. I started testing this theory this weekend and I did 2 ride with the Fenix5 on as a indoor ride to update my VO2 Max and load, did a ride today without the Fenix on as it’s working as expected.

    • andrey

      Yes! Totally worked for me!

    • Dan G

      So the Forerunner 245 isn’t supported? It has Training Load. (That it cannot connect to a power meter is irrelevant; Training Load is calculated solely from heart rate data, and anyway the Forerunner 645 can’t connect to power meters either and it’s supported).

      Has anyone who uses a 245 seen Zwift etc. workouts update their Training Load as shown in Connect Mobile?

    • Andrey

      I’m on 245 and it works for me. For clarity, it took a watch shutdown/restart PLUS recording an indoor cycling activity FROM THE WATCH ALONE, and then it started to affect the training status, loads, etc.

    • Rob

      Hi, just purchased a 745 and Training Status isn’t coming over after TrainerRoad workouts. I saw your comment and did record a short ride on the watch only yesterday.

      Did you only have to record on the watch once? Garmin’s support article seems to read that you need at least two workouts recorded per week for this to work correctly.

    • Alex

      Any kind of indoor activity? or cycling specifically?

  4. sean s.

    I have a 745 and am a dope,if you use wrist hr how does zwift without starting the watch?

  5. Sven Brennberger

    Any Chance, that this becomes available also for other platforms, e.g. Kinomap?

  6. Lauri

    Very good news. Does this mean that Zwift activities are now calculated towards Garmin challenges too, or do we still have to use a Garmin device for those?

    • I’m not sure on Garmin Challenges. I’ll ask.

    • Rob

      I would like to know this too.

    • Armando Charvet

      Zwift Ride yesterday did not apply to a challenge. FYI

    • Scott Harding

      No dice. Sufferfest ride did not add to my June Cycling Challenge total. Maybe incremental steps…

    • Nickm

      Did they come back to you on this? I use/own a tacx neo 2t with Zwift and it doesnt seem to register for the challenges. Even though I have two garmin devices and they have the data, its frustrating they don’t allow the full use of their products when you buy them. Makes me want to use strava for this. Silly really driving their customers to other platforms.

    • Richard

      It’s due to the file being upload from Zwift, therefore classed as virtual ride, and thus not being included in any challenges. Altering the ride to indoor/outdoor doesn’t change anything either as it is still know as an activity uplloaded from Zwift.
      The only way around it that I’ve found is to download the original .fit file, and use fitfiletools to alter the device. Once that is done and you re-upload to Garmin Connect, it then counts towards the challenges.

  7. Graham R

    Conceivably someone like RGT could go through “the process” to get this working though right?
    Not sure what that looks like, or what sacrifices need to be made, but it should be “possible” at least?

    I’ve moved over to a mix of RGT and TR and really dig it. This could push some folks back to zwift though.

    What would be amazing (and will never happen) is if Apple could push the data up and have it count for the true-up – especially for all the fitness+ users out there.

    • The problem is assuming “the process” is an actual door one can open. When I asked about this previously, it was essentially a variant of “If you have to ask, they aren’t big enough for us to care”.

      Which is too bad, as it negates the core reason people care about this: They’re using a Garmin device, thus, they’re a paying Garmin customer and want to stay that way. I’ve tried to make this point for years, but mostly without luck. In my mind there’s literally zero downside to ensuring that apps like RGT, FulGaz, have access – except of course to pitch the Tacx app.

      But I’m reasonably confident Garmin makes far more money selling hardware than selling Tacx app subs (as nice a side-husttle as that might be).

    • Graham R

      yeah, that’s what I am somewhat “beholden” to I suppose. I really do enjoy RGT, so I guess for now ill just keep on keeping on with the watch – once the F6 arrives to replace my F3 – (pulled the trigger through the sale post yesterday)

  8. Paul Schroder

    Hi, what needs updating for this to work please, is it software on watch or garmin connect or express please? I did run yesterday on Zwift but not given benefit.

    • Depending on the exact timing of the run yesterday, it might have missed the cutoff window. It was enabled over the course of yesterday (Kanasa time) on all accounts.

      The only thing that needs to happen is to ensure that you’ve linked your Zwift account to your Garmin account, and that the Zwift workout shows up in your Garmin Connect account.

    • Greg Hawkins

      Still not getting the Training load from Zwift – I have a Forerunner 935. (Based in NZ)

    • Stephen M.

      Same issue as well. I see the Zwift workout in Connect, but the effort does not register on the training load for the mobile or watch.

    • Tom

      Yep, I have the exact same issue. Based in Malaysia.

      Zwift ride loads up in Garmin connect but no training load appears on my watch.

      Could it be that this feature hasn’t been rolled out in Asia/NZ area yet?

    • Paul Schroder

      Thanks for this. I have everything linked as it should and it seems to work for cycling but cannot see it works for running yet? Just did workout today and shows on Garmin?

    • Paul Schroder

      Ignore earlier comment, is this the only thing it updates from Zwift that I would here?

  9. Thomas A.

    Nice feature from Garmin! What happens if you record the Zwift training session with your Garmin watch as well? Will the Training Load incorrectly be counted twice; once from Garmin training session and second time via Zwift –> Garmin Connect –> Garmin watch import?

    Not sure 100% why you would want to additionally record the session as a training for your Garmin watch, but just to play devil’s advocate. 🙂


    • ap13

      One reason could be to record cycling dynamics metrics that are currently not tracked via Zwift or trainerroad (as far as I know)

    • It’ll be a duplicate. You can actually see that in one of my Garmin Connect screenshots showing my 30 day load, in that I’m using duplicate devices/apps, so it doubles down.

    • Thanks Ray — and I assume there really isn’t anything to fix the double counting (other than nuking everything) ?

  10. Roland

    have you tried recording with a device as well? I like to record on my 1030+ as well (I don’t trust Zwift that much) but I don’t want to screw up the metrics either.

  11. ap13

    Thanks Ray.

    Do you know if power metrics recorded with dual PM devices (e.g., Assioma Duo) will be tracked and recorded in Garmin Connect? I am asking as currently I don’t see any metric like left/right balance, etc. while using Zwift or TR to record a workout session.

    • No, as Zwift doesn’t support anything other than baseline power – no advanced metrics. So you’ll have to make a decision there on what’s more valuable to you.

  12. Rob Christie

    Where the training load & effect is calculated on an edge device (e.g. 530) will this now push the workout to the device, do the calculations and update Connect in the same manner as you have outlined for a watch, or do we need to continue dual recording?

    • Same as with the watch, just a bit more clumsy because of the fact that the Edge is normally in the off state versus the on-state.

    • JP

      I have an instinct that is always on, and an Edge 530 that is normally off, so I am curious to see if the training load metrics are handled properly if I turn on the edge after the zwift workout and let it sync or if a sync with the instinct that happens before I can turn on the 530 fouls up the flow of information. any experience with this Ray?

  13. Sean Farrugia

    Hey 🙂

    I work for Garmin dist in my country and did not know about this until you published this article so thank you thank you thank you 🙂

    one question: Since I also use training peaks, will connect upload to TP or shall I keep zwift connected to my TP account as well?

    Thanks in advance

  14. John Waterhouse

    What is the version number of this update?

  15. Paulo

    Now to really stop dual recording we just need zwift to record vector cycling dynamics, right?


    Hi Ray! After a workout is imported from TR, will the garmin device re-calculate the cycling VO2Max, body battery, training effect (aerobic-anaerobic)?
    What happens if I record the workout in TR and my garmin device simultaneously (that’s what I do today)? Will data mess up?

    Thanks for your help!!

    • John

      I am interested in this as well. It seems like you should straight up not wear your watch at all if you care about body battery as the watch would still see elevated HR and stress while not doing an activity. I hope someone can clarify this.

    • Steven Knapp

      I did my morning ride w/ Zwift recording, using a HRM-Tri which should also pass activity data back to Connect. My watch was charging and not on my wrist.

      Body Battery did not reflect the workout best I can tell. Bummer. 🙁

    • Andrew M

      MoveIQ detects that you are working out and turns stress (and BB) of, even if you haven’t started an activity on the watch.

    • Steven Knapp

      When I do a workout tracked on the watch my BB drops because the workout adds stress. Which seems logical.

      When I synced from Zwift my BB remained high, which seems a flaw in the implementation, no?

    • Alex

      Have you tried wearing the watch but not recording a workout? Wondering if that is the best way to handle things now.

    • Niels

      I tried doing a ride on zwift yesterday, several things are missing compared to recording it on my garmin watch, training effect, Nutrition & Hydration, temperature and Strokes tabs are not there on the synced ride and intensity factor, training stress score and ftp arent listed under the power tab. So i probably wont be using the sync ill just register them on my watch as well as zwift and disable sync from zwift again :/

  17. Zach

    Speaking of TrueUp, does Garmin ever talk about updating things so that PRs set on a device carry through to Garmin Connect and back to other devices? There’s nothing more irritating than getting “Fastest [distance]” notifications every time I update my firmware or get a new watch. It’s a continuous reminder that the PR tracking feature sucks.

    • Meredith

      I can see my personal records in Connect. You can sync these records with a device. I have done this to put them back on my Edge unit after I reset it. Worked perfectly.

  18. richard

    If i have my zwift already set to send my ride to training peaks, and my garmin connect also sends info to training peaks. when i set up zwift to send a ride to garmin connect, will it end up on training peaks twice? I understand strava is quite good at removing duplicates

  19. Tim

    Does this mean that a normal Garmin treadmill activity will also be taken into account for training status?

  20. Crossing my fingers for Keiser metrics integration, preparing to be disappointed…

  21. triptyx

    Does that mean Zwift training has gone back to counting towards daily or monthly cycling distance challenges or to I still need to dual record for those?

  22. Mark

    I’ve been doing the dual recording with Zwift + Fenix 6.

    Today I can now see the 3 zwift activities I did today under “Exercise Load”
    They have information like :
    29.6km ride – Load 33 – Benefit Recovery

    So when I click on that activity :
    On the First Screen I don’t see that “Zwift Device” Icon you have in one of your pictures.
    On the Stats screen (second page) I don’t get :
    Intensity Factor (IF) : –
    Training Stress Score (TSS) : –
    FTP Setting : –

    Also there is no Training Effect data on the Zwift Activity, but it shows up on the “Exercise Load” page.

    So I guess its just a matter for this to be rolled out?

  23. Glenn

    Does it calculate other metric like Vo2 max, FTP too ?

  24. Trevor

    Can this cause your VO2 max to update as well, or just training load?

  25. pavlinux

    Edge 1040 Coming soon ?

  26. Juri

    Kind of a rare scenario.. but if I reach new hights on a trainer road workout for example that would trigger my ftp to automatically go up on Garmin.. will it now do it retroactively if I dont double record?

  27. Tim

    Hey Ray, thanks for delivering the great news. If I end up with two records of the same activity (I run Zwift and TrainerRoad at the same time) can I just delete the one on do not want once they sync?

    Hopefully that makes sense.

  28. Charles

    Sort of related and sort of not, is there a reason why VO2 max cannot sync for cycling trainer sessions? Used to work great when using the watch but now you need to use the tacx app and the watch on order to get VO2 max which yields double uploads of the same session.

  29. Ben

    Will it calculate FTP / Lactate Threshold (and VO2 max) based on these files or are those still only calculated from activities that originate on a Garmin device?

  30. Marcel

    so what about the other data, training effect,power curve, vo2max,ftp updates?

  31. Steve B

    What about runs or swims tracked with the Apple Watch workout app?

  32. Crystal

    I wonder if they’ll ever do this for peloton!

  33. Jason Skeoch

    I’m having really bad issues with calibration with my trainerroad app since the ‘new’ update it simply won’t do it at all and now my rides that sync to strava are showing average speeds of 130mph, any ideas on how to fix this or not because it’s worked perfectly fine before the new app update came out

  34. Mitch w

    Ray, my problem with the way the apps sync, and why I run my watch while using trainer road, is calories. Calories from foreign workouts dont get calculated and thus MyFitnessPal sync isn’t calculated correctly. Does this update solve that problem?

    • Ben Smith

      It seems like after my Zwift ride synced, active calories from the ride are included on garmin connect, but strangely not on my fenix, even after several syncs over the period of an hour or so. So it doesn’t work seamlessly, Mitch, at least with Zwift.

  35. Oleksiy

    Concept2 can push workouts directly to Garmin Connect, but still no training status..

    • Dave

      Hi, you can get Concept2 Training status now with the PM5 if you are using the latest PM5 firmware. You need to add the PM5 as a trainer to your Fenix watch. That’s it. It works great. The attached screenshot shows Concept2 training status in addition to the other PM5 metrics.

    • B. Factor

      That only works if you record the Concept2 session on your Fenix. What happens if you record your Concept2 session using the ErgData app and then push it to Garmin Connect?

  36. Andrei

    “A Zwift run with heart rate will provide Training Load, Training Effect, and Primary Benefit with one caveat, you will not get VO2Max estimates, as those require GPS speed/pace and so if you do not get one of those for 2 weeks outside, Training Status will go into a No Status state as it does today.”

    I have personally been getting random VO2Max estimates from Zwift (I wasn’t running outdoors for several months)

  37. Frank Scott

    What widget or app are you using to display 7d load like that? Can’t seem to find it on my Fenix 5x plus. my zwift ride synched to my device as you described though!

  38. M4rk0

    How do you get the ‘training status’ card to appear in Garmin Connect? I don’t see it when I open the app.

  39. Jeff Pearson

    Fenix 5x covered too? Been looking for this feature … Forever.

  40. JD

    Ah, so training load is calculated on the Garmin device. I guess that *might* explain different values for the watch and the Edge, even though I have Physio TrueUp enabled (the Edge is usually off, the watch is always on).

    The Zwift thing is huge. Just wish that it included Rouvy and Fulgaz.

  41. seth katzenstein

    Not convinced mine is working yet. Did a very hard trainer road workout this morning and it’s saying my recovery time is 0 hours. I also see no training stress for today. It was a “productive” ride followed by 10 minutes of core work. Is this rolling out in stages? I’m on a FR945.

  42. Joseph Mulhall

    Great news Ray thanks for the review, question:

    Garmin Workouts…can my Zwift Run fulfill my Garmin Workout?

    I’ on a Garmin 10k run plan and I much prefer doing speed intervals on a treadmill, and currently use the Treadmill setting on my forerunner but it never gets my interval paces right. I can get near-perfect intervals through Zwift Run so if this can tick of my Garmin Workout it would be great and simplify things for me.

  43. John Watson

    Obviously doesn’t apply to my edge 830. Tried syncing just now and my zwift workouts don’t even show up. Only the workouts recorded with the edge are shown.

  44. Jeremy

    Well, for once, that’s Garmin catching up to Suunto tat has included the TP equivalent in SuuntoApp fr one or two months now.
    That’s nice 🙂

    • Garmin has actually had these load datas in the app for years, even branded with TrainingPeaks stufs. Though, they don’t have the running/swimming variants, which Suunto does have now (and, are pretty cool).

      That said, this is about *IMPORTING* the Zwift/TrainerRoad/etc data into the Garmin Connect platform.

    • Jeremy

      Yes, that’s slightly different indeed: for Suunto, we’ll still stuck with manual import/RunGap/dual recording to get zwift-iesque stuff in SuuntoApp.

  45. Nathalie

    What if you use your Garmin watch as your heart rate monitor. I know it starts broadcasting HR before I hit “start” on an activity, but does this time-out after a while?

    What’s the best way to use the Garmin watch for HR? (Especially if you want the HR broadcasted via ANT+)

  46. Michael

    My edge 1030 updated to software version 12 today, but there is nothing explaining the update on the garmin website. Do you know what was added with this update?

  47. Rick Barnes

    Hopefully the start of something bigger. I don’t see the training status section on my app {linked to a 735xt) so need to search for that. It would also be great to have the ability to set swim metrics by pace as so few of us use waterproof HR. So that TSS and training are also recognised. 4k swim last night in 2 sessions HIM pace followed by an interval set with a recovery time of 0.

  48. John Faxio

    In addition to Training Load, are Intensity Minutes updated from these four sources? If so, does that mean activities sync’d from my Garmin Edge unit will update Intensity Minutes as well?

  49. Jan

    Now Garmin needs to put Xert in and Im really happy..

  50. TAFB

    I am thoroughly confused by Garmin’s implementation of training load. If I use a Garmin device that does not support training load (e.g., Venu/45/55) with one of these third party apps for a workout and then sync the workout to a Garmin device that supports training load (e.g., Fenix 6x), will the Fenix 6x then incorporate the workout in calculating my overall training load? I would like to use something like a Forerunner 55 to run/lift weights rather than a Fenix 6x, but I would also like the Forerunner 55 workouts to be incorporated into my overall training load. Are these third party apps a workaround for that scenario?

  51. Alessandro

    Hi Ray, sorry, but why in today workout registered only on zwift and synced with Garmin connect on this last don’t appear the tss and if?

    • I don’t know, however, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s a licensing thing. Also, typically TSS & IF are dependent on your known FTP value, whereas NP (which is actually included) has no dependency on your specified FTP value.

      So perhaps there’s a tie-in there. Either way, I’ll get clarity.

    • Alessandro

      Thanks, also because those values also feed other tables and also other monitoring sites, for example intervals.icu which no longer receives the tss and if.

  52. Sean K.

    This is fantastic. I’d stopped double recording a long time ago because it is a pain and then you get duplicates in other services like TrainingPeaks which links to say Garmin and TrainerRoad. Thanks Ray for the detailed explanation on how it works.

  53. Leard

    Concept 2 will push workouts to Garmin, any chance that will get added to training load?

  54. Gary Walker

    Does this also update hydration (assuming you have a device that supports it)?

    Seems a bit short sighted if it doesn’t given hydrating correctly is part of training/recovery

  55. Peter O Rexer

    Just wanted to register my vote for Garmin to support this for Peloton. Or Strava if that’s easier for them… Since Peloton already syncs to Strava.

    Then a question. Will this work on my 935?

    If it worked for Peloton, but only 945 or newer, that might be enough to get me to upgrade watches… Just trying to let Garmin heart some additional feedback

  56. Visee

    Maybe not completly on topic but when I do a workout (bike) with my garmin edge 820 the recovery for that is not synchronized to my fenix3 and vica versa.
    Do does devices not support that?

  57. TheStansMonster

    This further enforces the confusion I have about Garmin’s approach. In a world where most companies are deciding whether to do some calculations client-side or server-side Garmin says “let’s make it happen on the device” so workout data has to take a 3-part boomerang out and back to get relatively straight-forward calculations done when all of them could just be done server-side and that information pushed to Connect and to the devices. Seems unnecessarily complicated with the only benefit being that you could get that information on the device immediately and without ever syncing.

  58. I’m down with many here. already used to upload zwift direct to garmin connect, went there to see it after today’s workout and nothing new. guess it’s not rolling out for everyone yet.

    • Andy

      Same for me, recorded on Zwift only and it’s pushed across to Garmin Connect as normal but nothing else – no training effect, no change to recovery, the workout doesn’t show in the exercise load section of Connect.

    • Jonas Pacheco

      a follow up.

      this week the virtual rides begin to count towards training load without double recording. did nothing different… just begun to work by itself. i don’t use any garmin device during the indoor sessions and were on zwift.

      but that’s it. no vo2, training effects, none of them. just load.

  59. Andrew

    I’ve been dual recording on a Edge 1030 plus and Zwift – so this is good news. I wonder if the activity distance in Garmin Connect shows as the Zwift distance or as Garmin distance? Typically the Garmin distance is shorter as the Zwift distance has other factors that impact speed such as drafting, gradient, equipment.

  60. Andrew

    Anybody tried this yet and seen if the Zwift data that lands in Garmin Connect is passed on to other 3rd parties such as Strava or MyFitness Pal?

  61. André Faria

    Can you confirm that any activity on those platforms without power contribute to your training load on the garmin connect?
    Because If I am not mistaken, activities recorded on garmin connect without power don’t contribute to training load.
    maybe they will “open the doors”, because there are other platforms that do it…
    Would be cool for when we don’t have power on one bike, or want to run with another watch that is not garmin…

    • David

      A power meter is not required for training load. I just my first MTB ride with my new 945 LTE and it calculated a training load (I have no power meter on my MTB).

  62. Alexey

    It seems that some metrics like VO2max, aerobic / anaerobic TE, etc. are not calculated in this way. Interestingly, workout load and tss were also slightly different, somewhat lower if calculated via garmin device.

  63. Robin Eyre

    Awesome, now just need Zwift to allow Heart Rate based workouts so I have no need to use my watch at all!
    Also, wonder if this will this work with the 920 that only has recovery advisor but not training load? 🤔


    Thank you! Nice insight!!!

  65. Joel

    Does it update your power curve too? As didn’t used to from swift

  66. Oh, how I hope Suunto adds this feature…especially for SUF.

  67. Husain

    I’d love to see Stryd show up on Training Load. That way all my runs using AW6 with Stryd are counted.

    • Sean K.

      That would require Garmin to actually have native way of using power in a run profile I would imagine. Correct me if I’m wrong but today Garmin’s Running Power is more of a curiosity/informational feature than anything that is actually analyzed by Garmin’s software + FirstBeats.


  68. Niall Gardiner

    No training effect in the activity (after Zwift) I can see the load updated but no training effect any way to get it in?

  69. Ondrej

    Classic Garmin, they do half of the job. You don’t see Training Effect have exercise Load but no Primary Benefit, Aerobic, Anaerobic training effect in the activity, no Nutrition & Hydration. They are missing Normalized Power® (NP®), Intensity Factor® (IF®), Training Stress Score®, Respiration Rate.

    • I actually get NP just fine for my Zwift ride. Respiration rate wouldn’t come though, since that typically requires HRV-level data, which Zwift (or TR) doesn’t record in the file, thus, Garmin wouldn’t have access to it.

      As for nutrition & hydration, again, how would Garmin get that? Zwift/TR/etc doesn’t send any information there, and in this case, those are dependent on knowing the temperature and manual calories inputted (consumed), which other platforms don’t enter/recor.

      That said, I do agree with you on IF & TSS, though it’s plausible there’s some licensing aspect there (since those are indeed licensed from TrainingPeaks). And I also agree with you on the Aerobic/Anerobic benefit.

  70. Jim Haysom

    After an hour of searching the web, it seems the Edge 520 doesn’t send any Training Load data!

    I do my Run/Walk/Swim with Fenix 6 Pro but Ride with the Edge 520 and Zwift. Hopefully the Zwift rides will trigger the 70% of Max HR for 20 mins and 2x activities a week, and start showing for rides.

    Good excuse for a new GPS unit for the bike 🙂

  71. Dayna Lepin

    Would love if they also included ErgData from the concept 2 rower…I get no “credit” for active minutes

  72. scott shaadle

    Does not yet work for me on my Fenix 6. Updated zwift just cause. Love your deep dive review on the Fenix 6 on YouTube

  73. Conrad

    VO2Max doesn’t seem to get updated and, albeit unrelated to the Training Status section, neither does maximum heart rate. I wonder if it will come in a later update.

    I am used to track the workout on my watch and just discard it afterwards which was working pretty well to get the nice ride file recorded from Zwift and the training metrics from my watch. Now I have to choose whether I want double training load or no VO2Max.

  74. Michael Herald

    It didn’t work for my run today. 🙁

    I don’t see Zwift as the device in the activity like in your screenshot.

  75. Steve

    I was just thinking this would be a great feature for my Form goggles. Given Garmin don’t have an equivalent product why not?

    Presumably both companies need to agree first then the devs need to write the API components. Hopefully this comes along soon!

  76. Marc

    If both Garmin Connect and Zwift are set to upload to Strava – what happens?

    If we turn off Zwift to Strava, will Garmin connect send Strava the accurate workout details and distance etc?

  77. Marc

    Will Garmin Connect update Strava with the accurate Zwift route and distance and details etc?

    If that’s the case I can turn Zwift to Strava off and let Garmin connect update Strava for Zwift sessions and non Zwift exercise

    Currently I update Strava via Zwift and connect ( primarily for runs) but the Garmin version of the Zwift session is not as accurate and usually Strava saves the first one saved – so I save the Zwift session as my “official” version

    • No, it won’t forward it on, so you’ll want to leave that Zwift to Strava one on. As you noted, generally speaking, your Zwift copy of the ride will ‘win’ anyway, and it’s the proper one you want (for a slew of behind the scenes reasons around routes/segments).

      I simply leave both connections on (as well as one to TrainingPeaks too).

  78. Greg

    When does the update roll out – nothing yet in NZ.

  79. Richieg

    How do you recommend dealing with the watch and edge not adding training load together? It’s almost more frustrating than linking the afore mentioned apps that I can run a marathon on do a CV session and weights on Monday and Tuesday on my watch (the edge looks odd on my wrist) yet still have “low” training load on the edge.

    • I’d check to make sure you have the ‘Physio True-Up’ toggle enabled on both devices. If you’re not seeing that, then something might be disabled there. Or, it could just be Physio True-Up being Physio True-Up.

      But in general, you should definitely see the load, after the Edge syncs in the data (which, it’ll do the second it turns on, to either WiFi or Bluetooth). That’s part of the random ‘Download complete’ message you get shortly after powering it on. It pulls in that data, as well as any staged courses and other tidbits.

  80. Dan

    Do you know if this works between Garmin devices, ie Fenix 6 and and older non training status Edge (eg edge 820). Or is that nurfed as it could impact upgrade sales for Garmin?

    • Tom

      That is a very good question!
      I currently use an Edge 520+ and Fenix 6. If I record the ride using Edge 520+, there is no training load registered (as it does not calculate it natively) – so I have to double record using the watch. This makes the Edge 520+ pretty useless… unless I need it for navigation (which I rarely do).
      Will this new feature calculate the training load on Fenix 6 when the Edge 520+ uploads the activity?

    • Henrik Riomar

      I record on my Garmin watch, but can not look at it while riding in the forest. Instead I use my Wahoo Bolt as a display that I can look at when i ride (live segments, Komoot routes and HR from the watch). So I guess you can regard the 520+ as a convenient display…

      Only the Watch uploads the activity to Strava.

  81. Jeremy Churcher

    So, nice not to have to dual record workouts but, still a shame that I don’t believe any of these platforms record all the broadcast ANT+ data available on my Garmin such as temperature, left right power etc. I accept that I don’t take much notice of much of this but it is nice to have it.

  82. Andrew M

    Am I the only one that is having trouble connecting Zwift and Garmin. I’m getting stuck trying to do it either through the companion app, or through the zwift.com website – it just doesn’t proceed. I had no problems connecting Zwift to Strava.

  83. Kevin LaCour

    Garmin with the new Edge update and their take on heat maps, which was in the past a Strava feature – could that be the dip of the toe into into direct competition with other Strava offerings? Like allowing other apps to push?

    Nah, probably not. But a guy can dream.

  84. Gerrie Delport

    So far no luck using the Edge 530. I see the Zwift rides on GC and on the Edge 530 but no training status.

  85. Alex

    Thanks for the update Ray.

    I’m using Xert. It only accepts activities FROM Garmin but won’t send rides TO Garmin.

    So, it’s a real pain, I have to upload all my home trainer rides manually into Garmin Connect. And of course, it don’t update the load.

    Who should I press in order to have this functionality, that Garmin can import FROM Xert? Should I complain to Garmin or to Xert?

    Thanks in advance

  86. Jim Haysom


    How comes you have your F945 watch showing at the top of the Load screen in mobile Garmin Connect app?

    Looks like a device drop down too.

    Weirdly mine doesn’t show at all. Even though I’ve Fenix 6 Pro and Edge 520 devices in the app.

    Still not seeing any Zwift activities appearing with 2 rides in 2 days that would have been productive on the HR effort and duration level.

    Slow roll out to the UK perhaps?


    • Ross F

      Slow roll out in Aus. I’ve updated everything and I’m not getting anything yet.

      It’ll be good when it does work.

  87. Thorsten

    “…those are the only four apps that have permissions to push completed workouts INTO Garmin Connect” might be true for bike, but at least for rowing it is allowed for concept2 workouts – workouts (including pace, stroke rate, heart rate, power) are pushed to Garmin. Unfortunately, Training load ist not calculated/added.

  88. inSyt

    Mmm, nice alternative to “Virtual Bike” activities.

  89. Pimalu

    Looks like your need a PHD to understand all of this….hahahaha. Definitely it’s a great improvement

  90. Giampiero

    This must be only an Apple IOS Garmin Connect feature because last Android update is from May and there still no such a feature which still make me really disappointed. Nice article anyway 👍

    • There’s no dependency on iOS vs Android, this is simply a behind the scenes feature, and didn’t require any iOS/Android/Device update. It was all done at the server level.

  91. Decided to give this a try. I was going to start a Virtual Run activity to broadcast my HR from my FR245M to Zwift, as my PC cannot does not an ANT+ receiver, but low and behold, I was able to connect my HR to Zwift from my FR245M using Broadcast HR from quick settings. This previously only worked with ANT+.

    I then downloaded Polar Beat to my Pixel 4 which does not have ANT+, just in case my PC secretly had an ANT+ receiver, and yes, Polar Beat received my HR via Broadcast HR as well. No need to use Virtual Run.

    When did Garmin secretly enable Broadcast HR via bluetooth on FRx45 devices?

  92. Waldo Scholtz

    Anyone having a problem displaying the info on within Garmin Connect using a Garmin Fenix 5x. I synced a ride off trainerroad. Synced it to the watch and back. I can see the activity both on the watch and Garmin Connect but no updates to the training status. Also my intensity minutes for todays shows as zero. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated!

  93. ibcoleman

    Does the Recovery Advisor feature work better on the various Garmin watches than it does on my 520 Plus? After every moderate 60 min sweet-spot workout, I get a notification warning me to stay off the bike for at least 72 hours. I wouldn’t ever actually get on my bike if I took its advice.

  94. Ludwig

    Hi Ray, does that also work with .FIT files manually uploaded to Garmin Connect (e.g. coming from the Karoo2) or is this restricted to rides pushed via the API

    • My test of a Wahoo BOLT workout did not update training status Thus, I presume the Karoo would fail the same sniff test. Within the .FIT file is the device name and manufacturer name, so it’s pretty easy for Garmin to filter on that.

      Companies could try and fake it, but frankly, these days that’s basically impossible. There’s so many hidden attributes in a .FIT file (silly things like backlight status and battery status and even exactly how many button presses you did and how many times the watch vibrated), that it’d be trivial for Garmin to see if you’re ‘really’ on a Garmin device or not.

      (Which, doesn’t mean I agree with that approach, just pointing out the nuances of it.)

  95. Stéphane

    There are so many hidden attributes in the Garmin .FIT files, it is a bit difficult nowadays to consider the FIT format as a “standard”….

    • True, though, the core is the standard, and the way the extras are there are standard. It’s just that the extras themselves aren’t standardized.

      But in some ways, that’s what helps it maintain being a standard – it allows for flexibility. Apps know how to read the ‘known’ data correctly, and know how to ignore the extra data (mostly, assuming coded correctly). Of course, I wish brands did a better job defining what some of that extra data was, ala Github style.

  96. BA

    What if you do a Trainerroad workout outdoors on a Wahoo do they update training stress? I suspect not, that would be the ultimate burn, but would be awesome if it did!

  97. Francis

    Something I don’t undestand: what does this have to be deviced based?
    All these calculations could happen behind the scene in Garmin Connect, not on the device itself.
    I mention this because I have an Edge 510, and nothing I do on the 510 counts towards the training load. There is HR, pace, time etc, everything needed is there, but the device can’t compute it. Why can’t the platform do it?
    So now, I ride with the 510 on my bars to view all my metrics as I ride, but I also have to record on the Fenix on my wrist, and then I just dont save the 510 ride, which is just there of display while riding…
    Not the best …

    • The main reason (and I think it’s a good reason), is that you want the recovery time and training status to be available on the watch/device immediately upon finishing. So if you’re without connectivity, you don’t want a message saying “Please Connect To get Recovery Time” or such.

      Now, that said, I agree that I think long-term it needs to be concurrently calculated on either side, which also resolves the issue of having multiple devices with differing transient training status values.

    • Luca

      this could be also product placement driven.
      low end version like edge 130 do not have the training load feature…

      what I find strange with my Fenix 5X plus is that all activities are not generating a training load… shouldn’t the 5X Plus be capable of doing this….

      the other strange thing (even with Physio True-Up enabled) I get different load values on the edge and on the fenix …

    • Henrik Riomar

      Was not long ago Garmin had a major outage due to ransomware, device based metrics will work better for the end user if Garmin servers are having issues of any kind.

      But in this specific case importing rides for Zwift / TR it would not help that its device based, but for most other cases device based is better for the end user.

  98. Zoltan Hubai

    Do I also need to own a Garmin watch? I have the 1030 and the activities from Zwift are synced to it but there is no load displayed. The ‘Physio TrueUp’ is enabled.

  99. Just a quick update for folks not seeing training status updates coming through, I checked with Garmin’s engineering teams to confirm if rollout had reachd 100%, and they confirmed, it has. Further, they noted it was not paused either.

    However, they passed along two quick things to double-check/confirm if people are having issues, beyond the items located in the FAQ above:

    1. The user must have uploaded a Garmin activity (with Firstbeat data) after February 10, 2021.
    2. The user must have HR data in the activity they record on the partner platform.


    • Zoltan Hubai

      I guess the No 1. is the problem.

    • Greg Hawkins

      Did a outdoor ride with my Forerunner 935, wrist HR from said device, with Favero Assioma power meter on the 9th June – calculated training load – have since done a dozen Zwift rides on a Tacx Flux using a Polar H1 heart rate monitor – but nothing has updated training load. Zwift activity is showing in Garmin Connet Calendar.

    • Eeks, I’m not sure there. If you want to open a Garmin support case, and if they don’t get anywhere, I can forward along a case number.

    • Greg Hawkins

      Cheers – I have removed and reconnected Garmin and Zwift and checked software versions on watch, garmin connect app and desktop as well as Garmin express and have synch across mopbile app and garmin express and still nothing. Have sent through a request to Garmin – will let you know how it goes (or doesn’t go).

    • spencer

      Greg, same situation as you. Looking forward to hear your response.

    • Tim

      I must be in that 110th percentile since mine hasn’t worked either. Damn, and I even took a shower too.

    • Joe X

      Not for me, I have a brand new Fenix 6 Pro I ran with on Tuesday night(1), and I synched a Zwift Run with Fenix HRM (2) yesterday and saw no training load or sub-metrics.

    • Adam

      Hi Greg,

      As outlined in my post below I’m experiencing the same issue as you. I’m keen to see what Garmin’s response to your case ticket will be….!

    • Greg

      Hi Ray – still no joy and nothing back from Garmin. Have done another watch based activity and checked training load updated which it did and then a Zwift activity – still no dice!! Judging by the number of comments on this thread Garmin are missing something. I find the standard response of follow the FAQ steps. I would hazard majority of users are fairly tech savvy – especially as we get the devices for data and the like. If it’s not working for a large group something is broken in the back end. It’s not a case of user error . Thanks for all your input!

    • Greg

      Nothing yet from Garmin but looking at their FAQ page they seem to indicate we must still record Zwift activity on the Garmin device to get power and HR – which defeats the whole point of saying you don’t need to as per the original blog article from Ray.

    • Daniel Harris

      Very strange..

      I run almost daily with garmin 945 so uploading activities all the time. However this still isn’t coming through with my trainerroad activities. I wear a Garmin HR monitor for the activities and Heart Rate comes through in the activity…

      Perhaps the rollout is complete across their US servers but in places like here (South Africa), not. I’ve noticed a few who say they’re experiencing the issue seem to be from outside the US.

    • CoryG

      No luck for me either. Using trainer road on the PC. Workout show up in Garmin Connect, but no training load.

    • CoryG

      I’m not getting VO2 max information from my indoor rides which seem to be one of the check boxes for training load. Rides are hard enough My setup is pretty straight forward, but I’ll describe it in case anyone see what’s going wrong.

      Tacx Neo-2T connected to a PC running TrainerRoad via an ANT+ dongle and my bike power meter connected as well so it is doing powermatching. HR is from a Scosche Rhythm+ HRM arm strap. Garmin Connect is getting my rides from TrainerRoad with power and HR data, but no luck in getting training load. My Fenix 6 Pro and Garmin 530 both show the rides as well, but no training load on the devices either.

      I’m getting training load when running outside and when I was biking outside (cannot right now due to injury).

    • Parker

      Will it work if you still record an activity on Zwift and your garmin watch,? I am still tracking with my Fenix6 and Zwift, but am not seeing a training load from the zwift activity on my garmin connect

    • Wouter

      No luck here either. Synced with an Edge 1030.

    • Greg

      Hey Ray – opened a ticket with Garmin (Garmin Australia didn’t have any idea and forwarded on to HQ). Have not heard back from HQ. Have some another long ride outdoors with Assioma power meter and recorded on 735, updated training load perfectly, did some more Zwift rides which I recorded as an indoor rode at the same time – indoor ride had a training load but not the Zwift one.

    • Hi Greg-

      Just to confirm – do you have another Garmin device besides the FR735? I don’t believe the FR735XT supports training load-related metrics, it predates it. Off-hand though, I do think it supports recovery hours though.

  100. Carlos Bullos

    Ray, do you know why my Garmin Edge 530 doesn’t record Speed or Distance when riding indoor if I have it connected to my Tacx Neo 2T? Mostly doesn’t work when I am doing a workout but also happens when I do a free ride, I have tried toggling off and on white the switch but recognized the sensor but doesn’t record. Any clues on what to do?

  101. Debbie

    My tacx workout showed up on my garmin 645 this morning (which is new), but didn’t update the training load or status.

  102. Luther

    So just to clarify, is this supported by Garmin Forerunner 245? After every run I see “Training Load” and “Recovery Hours”, but yet, till this day I still don’t see this coming up after my rides on Zwift…

    Thanks in advance

    • Henrik Riomar

      > So just to clarify, is this supported by Garmin Forerunner 245?

      I do not think the FR 245 supports power meters, is not the FR745 required for a cycle power meter? maybe it also lacks training load for cycling if it does not support power meters.

    • Henrik Riomar

      I would guess “POWER METER TSS/NP/IF” for Cycling is what is needed in the device:
      link to dcrainmaker.com
      (but I am not sure)

    • Debbie

      Im thinking this is why it is not working on my 645.

    • Luther

      Ive always had the rides come up on my FR245 with all the metrics that I would expect from my Zwift ride, power, cadance, distance, time, etc.
      I think now, reading all the replies and comments since mine, it’s probably just a slow rollout of the this update… I’m also UK based.

  103. seth katzenstein

    Happy to report that today’s Trainer Road ride properly synced after a few minutes with training load and recovery advisor.

  104. Craig Hamilton

    Training load not working for me from zwift rides I have garmin edge 530 and a venu watch any help on getting this to work, ride showing up but no training effect

  105. FilipSzy

    I did a Zwift ride today to try this out. It sync’d the activity to Garmin Connect after the ride, however there was no impact on Training Status, Load, Vo2 Max, etc on my Fenix 6. Seems like it might still be a slow roll out?

    • FilipSzy

      Pasting in a response from Garmin support on my issue

      “We have not really seen it in action much at this point but from what I am seeing here Why Is My Training Status Not Updating on My Garmin Device? the watch needs to be involved in some way ”

      So sounds like we still need to double connect…

  106. Thomas De Jaeger

    From what I see, the VO2Max metric is not updated by Zwift to Garmin Connect. So will still double record my ride with my Edge 830 or Fenix 6 to have all data in Connect.

  107. Adam Cook

    Training load isn’t updating for me either on my 945.
    I performed a Zwift workout this morning and synched to Garmin. The workout shows on my watch as an activity but has had zero effect on training load and recovery time.

    • Hi Adam-

      1) What type of activity?
      2) Did the Zwift ride include HR?
      3) Have you uploaded at least one Garmin-created activity since Feb 2021 (with HR)?


    • Adam Cook


      Thanks for your reply.

      The activity I performed was an exercise labeled “Lactate Shuttle Short”

      I wore my garmin HRM Pro as well as my 945.

      The zwift ride connected to my HRM to record heart rate.

      I can see the heart rate and power zones for the activity in Garmin Connect.
      However there is no effect on training load.

      I run pretty much every day so have uploaded a lot of activities to Garmin from my 945.

      I’m not sure what is wrong….


  108. Simon Hart

    I have an Edge 530 and a Fenix 6. I have completed several rides on Zwift this week and although the Zwift ride appears in Garmin Connect. Have also synced 530 and Fenix 6. I am not seeing any impact on Training Load or recovery times as others have reported.

    • Thomas De Jaeger

      I do see the impact on training load and recovery time, but no VO2Max update.

    • Simon-

      A couple of quick confirmations:

      1) Did the Zwift ride include HR?
      2) Have you uploaded at least one Garmin-created activity since Feb 2021 (with HR)?


    • John

      I’m one of the people not seeing any load information from my Zwift rides, either. My swim from this morning shows up under Exercise Load in Garmin Connect for both my 945 and my Edge 530, but my Zwift ride today does not. HR was recorded.

    • Simon Hart

      Yes the Zwift ride included HR data.

      Yes to Garmin Created activity since Feb 2021 (if you mean native recording on either Fenix 6 or Edge 530)

    • Daren Chandisingh

      Same for me. I’ve tried syncing to me Edge 830 and me Fenix 6. But Zwift rides aren’t showing in the Exercise Load chart, or showing any training benefit or recovery times.

      They are showing as synced from Zwift, but they’ve always done that.

  109. Raymond

    Until now i still didnt see my Zwift Ride updated to Garmin Connect had such feature.
    Im still dual sync my 1030+ to Garmin connect so i get the Training status and Training Effect status.

  110. John Svagzdys

    It would be great if Garmin would include the Concept2 ErgData app in this program so that row, ski and Concept2 bike data would count.

  111. Andy

    I’ve now done 4 Zwift rides since this feature was announced and none have updated any training metrics on Garmin Connect – all with HR recorded and I’ve saved plenty of activities with either an Edge 530 or Fenix 6 Pro since February.

  112. Scott

    Sigh, I was excited for this, but like all things Garmin it looks like they half-@ssed it. I wish there was a Garmin focus group I could be part of to make the products better.

    Some things I found:
    1) Zwift activities do not count towards Garmin’s Intensity minutes, so with the new Improved Fitness Age on the 945, Zwift activities won’t count for vigorous exercise, a huge oversight.
    2) Physio TrueUp with Zwift activities seems problematic. Never mind that my Edge 530 and Forerunner 945 both have different training statuses abd exercise loads and different 7-day loads, but it appears like the Zwift activity only counts for 7-day load on one device.
    3) It’s hard to tell if Garmin is classifying the Zwift activities correctly on the Load screens. I did a mostly zone 3 Zwift ride and it populated it as Base, on my Forerunner 945, and left it off my Edge 530.
    4) Also you’ll be missing any left-right pedal balance, etc and such that you get from a Garmin headunit, if that matters.

    Until Garmin fixes it I guess I’ll continue to dual-record with the “H” display off on Zwift, then merge the files using Fit File Repair Tool.

    • Marcel

      this. does not work. i will stop the update from zwift to gc and record by using my 530 as i did for some time already. the only thing which is wrong then is the map (some scratches showing where i live). and the ascending/descending data. Garmin makes it too complicated, should be server side not device side. they could enable these calculations if you have a licenced device by registrating a digital key.

  113. Robert Beretov

    Great that Garmin can finally do this and it will save me from recording my trainer sessions with my Forerunner but disappointing that they can’t do this for the data that comes of my Edge 520 🙁

  114. Nate

    My Zwift ride showed a load of 12. My garmin 530 recorded 28. That’s a big difference for a 50min easy spin. Not sure garmin is calculating Zwift load correctly.

    • Ollie

      Funny, I’m actually seeing the opposite ;-). I was feeling that load values of rides imported from Zwift were high for me, so today I recorded the same session on both my fenix 6s pro and on Zwift. I did a 1h58m ride and the fenix activity had a load of 167 vs 330 for the activity imported from Zwift. The duration was only a few seconds off, NP was the same, and avg HR actually 1 bpm higher on fenix.

    • Stuart Harding

      I’m getting the same problem, seems like it’s double counting even though I’m only recording in Zwift

  115. caffeinedreams

    I am another one of those not seeing load:
    – outside run with HR on 2/21/21
    – 2 TrainerRoad workouts with HR (broadcasted from Fenix 6)
    – workouts show up in connect and watch but no load calculated

    FWIW, I haven’t trained outside for quite some time so my watch is currently showing “no training status” at all. I’ll try running to see if having existing data is a pre-requisite for calculating lo9ad

  116. alberto

    i have an edge 1030 bontrager, the activities recorded on Zwift show up on the device but absolutely nothing happens to training status and related data, anyone?

  117. Alan W.

    Thanks for the review Ray, I’d never have found this feature otherwise. I had to hunt to the training load page, since there was nothing in Training Status, vO2max, or Training Effect to indicate any change, even though my Zwift activities were synced no problem to GC on my phone and to my Edge 830 (again, thanks for the explanation of the double sync needed).

    I hope its just the first step as you suggest, because frankly right now its a bit half-cooked. For the moment I’m returning to dual recording so that I get full performance stats data in GC, but like everybody and his brother I would much prefer to be able to just let Zwift send its data to the Garmin/Firstbeat algorithms for a full analysis. The data is all there after all.

  118. Sean K.

    This whole discussion on sharing the load and effects got me thinking about reliance on metrics from different services and device manufacturers.

    There is actually an interesting article on 8020endurance discussing how overreliance on sports trackers can impact endurance athlete’s ability to perceive intensity and self-regulate their training and racing efforts.

    link to 8020endurance.com

    I think I could personally do a better job on my training by not outsourcing the mental work to my watch but pay more attention to my intensity and recovery.

  119. Fescen9

    Wish it worked on my Venu 2. What’s the cheapest TE device I can get used so I can add support to my account. Had to do that to enable cycling FTP too.

  120. CS

    Still not working for me using an F5.
    Garmin UK also seem unaware of this new feature so I’m not making any progress with a support call either 🙁

  121. Adam Cook

    I received a promo email from Garmin this morning with details of this new synchronised training status for zwift etc. All it said I needed to do to ensure it worked was have the latest version of Garmin Connect (4.44) which only appeared on the UK Play store on 23rd June.
    I’m now running the latest version of connect and can confirm that my zwift ride today wearing my HRM pro was synchronised up to Garmin. The activity showed training effect on my 945 first which then synchronised with Garmin Connect.

    It looks to me as though our issue could be related to garmin connect versions and a phased rollout?

    • CS

      I’m running 4.44 with my Fenix 5 and it’s still an issue so perhaps there could be some other phasing issue?
      I’m assuming you don’t need a Garmin HRM for this to work as I do use a Polar H10?

    • Adam

      Ithink it’s a phased rollout issue.
      Where are you located?

    • Simon Hart

      Since reporting that this feature was not working for me, I now notice that after my last two Zwift rides training load is being updated in Garmin Connect.

      I am based in the UK, and my assumption is that it may have something to do with the rollout of Garmin Connect app 4.44

  122. Parker

    Will it work if you still record an activity on Zwift and your garmin watch,? I am still tracking with my Fenix6 and Zwift, but am not seeing a training load from the zwift activity on my garmin connect

  123. CS

    For those of you that it is working for are you using a Garmin HRM?

    Garmin UK are saying that I need to use a Garmin product for the activity. Simply using Zwift with a Polar H10 and then syncing to a Fenix 5 doesn’t meet the requirements for the training load calculation.

    I can see the activity on my watch and in GC but still no load or recovery calculations.

    It’s a real shame this isn’t working for me as I expected, all this does is push me towards a centralised platform such as Strava. Paying the subs is probably worth it and ditching the Garmin ecosystem.

    • “It’s a real shame this isn’t working for me as I expected, all this does is push me towards a centralised platform such as Strava. Paying the subs is probably worth it and ditching the Garmin ecosystem.”

      Which, would be logical. Except for the fact that Strava literally doesn’t do any of this.

    • CS

      True in terms of recovery etc I was just thinking in relation to relative effort.
      It’s slowly becoming far more of an emotional decision rather than a logical as every time I need to engage with Garmin support it feels like I just hit a brick wall.

    • Fescen9

      I hear you. I have Venu 2 because I like the display and all but I can’t set my cycling FTP on it without adding another device to my account and setting it there. In this case my friend gave me his old Edge 820. Looks like if I added an Edge 830 I MAY get the training load Zwift stuff. But maybe not, guess I need the Garmin HRM too?

    • Fescen9

      And I just ditched Fitbit because, well, Google…

    • John W

      This seems crazy to me.

      Does the file capture the manufacturer of the HR monitor? Is Garmin really not processing these metrics for Zwift/TR rides if the HR monitor is not a Garmin product? I get these metrics for outside rides, and I use Wahoo HRMs frequently.

      Count me in as another user who is not getting these metrics for indoor rides.

      – Zwift ride, sync’d to Garmin.
      – HRM & Power sent to Garmin, shows power, NP, kJ, etc. in Garmin Connect.
      – No Training Effect numbers for Zwift sourced rides.

    • No, Garmin isn’t filtering in that for 3rd party platforms. If it’s not working it’s got nothing to do with that.

      (also, Zwift doesn’t record that data properly in the file anyway, a personal pain point of mine.

  124. Adam

    For those that have this working for them.
    Recording an activity using Zwift and HR then synching to Garmin only updates Training Load and doesn’t impact V02 max.
    Has anyone tried double recording an activity both on their device as well as zwift (so that V02 gets updated on your device) to see the impact on training load?
    Does training load and recovery time get doubled up or not?

    • Roland

      mine shows up (from zwift, in Austria, using an Edge 1030+ and a Fenix 6X) – as training load – so it shows double when keeping both (from Zwift and Garmin) – don’t know about VO2max or recovery time – but they do not count towards the badges, so I kept deleting the Zwift ones and keep the Garmin ones (and disable Zwift -> Garmin again)

      Because all I saw was a fancy map and accurate Distance/Elevation. But in Watopia the Map is rubbish anyway and I just edited the activity in the app afterwards. I guess if you use the Zwift FIT file to create a route and use that on the Edge, you should get it all, the data, the map, the accuracy and it accounts to everything in the Garmin Environment !?

  125. Roberto

    My training status isn’t showing on my Fenix 6pro.
    Zwift and Garmin Connect are linked.
    What’s wrong ?

  126. Kendra O

    Does Garmin provide training status / effect / load metrics for activities other than running or cycling? I’ve been looking in different places for this info and can’t seem to find a definitive answer.

    From what I can tell polar gives you this kind of feedback for multiple activities. From what I have read you can do another activity and log it under running but your heart rate would have to get to 70% of your max heart rate, which would be difficult with walking.

    I’d prefer to get a Garmin since I’ve used the interface before, but if I can’t get that kind of feedback for the activities I do it doesn’t seem worth it

    Thanks in advance!

  127. CS

    Just in case anyone misses it, Reply #17 has solved the issue for a couple of us that has had issues not seeing the load.

  128. Spiffman_Space

    So I did my first Zwift ride today, I paired the turbo with iOS app and separately with my Fenix 6s, (power and cadence), I recorded an activity on the watch and synced both activities to Garmin Connect – I understand why Zwift has a longer distance (virtual downhills), but why does it have a significantly different training load : link to imgur.com

    My gut says the Fenix, lower, training load is more accurate (I don’t think it was an Anaerobic Capacity workout I did)

    • TonyS

      Where do you find the data to display the top half of your picture? I’m on Android, use a 5X, but I don’t see that bar chart anywhere; nor do I see such things as “recovery” after a specific activity.

      All I can get to is “7 day training load”


    • Spiffman_Space

      On iOS it’s on more – performance stats- training status – load- exercise load

  129. TonyS

    Since Sunday July 4, 2021 (AEST), I still see the zwift rides appearing on Garmin Connect, but the rides no longer add to Intensity Minutes. This is one of my main stats of interest. Anyone else similarly affected?

    • TonyS

      I should add – my rides since this date, I used a Wahoo Tickr HRM instead of my usual Garmin Run HRM. Maybe this is the new variable that has caused a problem.

    • Scott

      Yep, I see the same thing. And with the new Improved Fitness Age of the Forerunner 945, it screws that stat up. I’m still dual recording, it’s half baked.

    • Carlos

      It started working for me today, after I tried the suggestion above of recording an indoor activity.
      After today’s Zwift ride I can now see Training Load on my watch (no status as I haven’t been working out enough) and recovery.
      However, I also see no Intensity Minutes, which I really miss. I’m assuming Intensity Minutes were not part of the update…
      For HR I use an older TomTom chest strap.

    • Luther

      Did you connect your watch to the cadance and speed from turbo?

    • TonyS

      No watch connection

    • Scott

      The whole point of this “update” is that you shouldn’t need to connect your watch anymore, but it’s half-baked and only kind of works.

    • Carlos

      No, I didn’t connect my watch to anything. For me it was Wahoo Kickr to Zwift (with power plus HR from strap) and exported the workout via Zwift to Garmin Connect. I must say, that Garmin Connect’s main screen does not show anything new, I can see the Training Load by going to Performance Stats -> Training Status. I can also see it on my watch (FR935).
      Did you try doing a workout by connecting your watch directly to your trainer and recording the workout like that with HR? That’s what made it work for me. The Zwift ride after that showed Training Load.

    • “The whole point of this “update” is that you shouldn’t need to connect your watch anymore, but it’s half-baked and only kind of works.”

      Well, the whole point of this is that you don’t need to start your watch. Not that you don’t need to use it at all. After all, the whole point of these metrics is having a Garmin device.

      I don’t disagree however that in it’s current state there seems to be many caveats.

    • Scott

      Right, that you don’t need to dual record. But the way it’s done now, you have to dual record still. I don’t see it updating Intensity Minutes, which screws up the new Improved Fitness Age on the Forerunner 945. It also doesn’t seem to update the load correctly if you have two Garmin devices, like an Edge 530 and Forerunner 945. It also doesn’t appear to update V02 max readings with the Zwift file.

  130. Danny Peters

    Just confirming my experience in regards to the VO2 comments and questions that seem to be peppering the comments.

    Ive been testing this feature out with Zwift rides and it seems everything like Load and Status is being updated but NOT VO2. I have plenty of data in Zwift, all with HR, several rides a week, so it shouldn’t be an issue from that side of things.

    Todays test was to run the watch (Fenix 6) in tandem. When complete I synced the Zwift ride and it showed up. I chose to “Resume later” the indoor ride so that it wouldn’t officially save properly or process any fitness data properly. This allowed the watch to then have the Zwift ride sync to it and then back again to Connect. After which no change in VO2 (and it was a really hard workout that I managed to complete so I was sure it should have bumped the value up). In the end I resumed the indoor ride on the watch and stopped and saved it properly and instantly it calculated a bump in VO2 which then went into Connect.
    I was also confused why the 2 identical rides, one as indoor on the watch and one from Zwift had completely different “Load” numbers. Watch was ~130, Zwift was ~300.

    Seems I still need to dual record at the moment 🙁

    • Spiffman_Space

      Different Load numbers has been my experience too (screenshot above).

    • TonyS

      Further to this and my earlier comments. I tried again today. Setup as follows:

      1. Garmin HRM strap
      2. HRM reported to Schwinn Echelon 2 head unit
      3. Power, cadence reported to Schwinn Echelon 2 head unit
      4. CABLE unit to convert ANT+ transmitted from Echelon 2 to BLE
      5. Zwift running on Android picks up BLE signal from CABLE with HR, Power, Cadence
      6. Zwift ride data automatically uploaded to Garmin
      7. Fenix 5x on my arm, not in any recording mode

      So at end of ride, and after waiting for a couple of syncs, I get:
      1. Training Status – Load gets updated
      2. Intensity Minutes gets updated

      Nothing else got updated today but I’m pretty sure a couple of weeks back, VO2Max got updated.

      I’m sum:
      1. I can live with this
      2. I think switching from Wahoo Tickr back to the Garmin HRM strap made a difference

    • TonyS

      One addition, today, same setup, V02 Max updated. This is cool.

  131. Gregg

    I can’t seem to get this to work with my Forerunner 645. Zwift is connected with my Garmin account and syncs my rides fine, but won’t then sync to my watch. Physio TrueUp is enabled on my watch as well. I noticed one difference from your photos is that the activities don’t load from Garmin with a device listed as a third party app so wonder if that could be related? Any ideas?

    • Henrik Riomar

      I do not see that third party app icon either. I am using FR745 and HR-PRO.

      Trainer road Android App gets HR from HR-PRO, my clock is on the wrist but not recording the activity.

      I get:

      * Training Load as well as benefit (e.g “Threshold” or “Tempo”)
      * Effect on Recovery time
      * Updated “Load Focus”
      * Updated “Exercise Load”
      * Updated “7-Day load”

      Do not get:

      * Performance Condition (is that only for running?)
      * Training Effect (i.e. the Aerobic / Anaerobic scores)
      * vo2max

      All in all I am quite happy with the function as it is now, but would be great if vo2max could be “fixed” as well.

    • Henrik Riomar

      EDIT: just now the cycling vo2max was updated as well.

  132. Najmi Fauzi

    Trying with Sufferfest to my Forerunner 645 Music. On Android it’s not work at all, on iOS recovery time shown but training status not 😭

  133. Moritz Kunze

    On June 29th I received the email newsletter from about about the changes to the training load via Zwift and other apps. I use Zwift with a Tacx Neo 2 and own a Garmin 1030 Plus for my outdoor rides (no power meter yet, but connected to Garmin Connect). So this information made me curios and I was looking forward to make use of this development. But my feeling was that it was not working properly. So after reading a lot of comments and the support info at link to support.garmin.com I was close to pull the trigger on a new Garmin HRM Pro. But since we have a Garmin Forerunner 245 Music I wanted to test a full Garmin Setup to rule out the possibility of “false” HR data from Wahoo Tickr or Polar H10. Setups 1-3 started before midnight and 4 after midnight so the restriction of 2 activities with power & hr should be met. All necessary accounts are connected and transferring data correctly.

    Setup #1
    Zwift Windows: Watopia Volcano Circuit Route (V1.0.72785)
    Garmin ANT+ Dongle
    Tacx Neo 2 (Power, Cadence ANT+)
    FR245 Music (HR Broadcast ANT+)

    Setup #2
    Tacx Training Desktop Windows
    Tacx Neo 2 (Power, Cadence)
    FR245 Music (HR Broadcast ANT+)

    Setup #3
    Tacx Training App
    Tacx Neo 2 (Power, Cadence)
    Wahoo Tickr Bluetooth

    Setup #4
    Garmin Edge 1030+ Custom Training
    Tacx Neo 2 (Power, Cadence)
    Polar H10 ANT+

    Garmin Edge was powered off during activity 1-3 since it was not needed but synced afterwars multiple times from the app (Android V4.44) and from the Edge device. The results were sobering. The activities #1-#3 had no effect on Training Status. Activity 4 could have had an effect, but since 1-3 were ignored, it’s guesswork. Training Load was not updated on the edge device

    If the implementation from Garmin was working properly and an all Garmin setup was needed, then the first activity should have counted in. If the problem would only be Zwift, then activity 2 & 3 should have counted in. Activity 1 does not include Intensity Factor, Training Stress Score and FTP-Setting (but Zwift has a FTP set).

    If I take a look into the Training Effect Report in the Garmin Connect App, then only an activity from one week ago and the actitvity 4 are shown.

    This is calling for proper analysis at the lamalab 🙂

    • You’ve honestly got a lot of mixing and matching going, but a few things to consider:

      1) In this cycling context, your FR245 is useless, because it can’t connect to a power meter. And thus, it’s not contributing anything. Meaning, it’s only dirtying the water. 🙂

      2) You need to have at least one power meter connected ride before all this begins. So, in your case, you would need to have paired your Edge 1030 Plus to your Tacx NEO, and recorded at least one ride after February and before you started the 3rd party apps.

      Can you confirm #2 above?

    • Moritz Kunze

      Good morning,

      I decided to test the FR245 for HR because it was listed as a compatible device for Training Status. The power was recorded by Zwift (ANT+ #1), TT Desktop (ANT+ #2), TT App (BT #3), Edge 1030 (ANT+ #4). So the criteria for the compatible 3rd party software should be met in case #1-#3. So the FR245 was never recording, just supplying data towards a compatible software.

      I did a training session (Edge 1030+, Tacx Neo 2, Polar H10) on 21st of June, which resulted in a estimate for VO2. The other session was the one mentioned yesterday (same setup). I can’t remeber the order of the menu entries I selected to start the training in June, but in the end there was an indoor session recorded with all necessary data. So I would consider #2 sufficiently met.
      The 3rd party apps are connected since ages. Zwift is connected sind June 2019 and Tacx Training since about November 2019. My understanding of your last sentence is that the ride with the Garmin device and power has to be done before I connect 3rd party apps?

      Garmin support is listing the following criteria:
      If your Training Status is not updating, make sure you’ve met the following basic requirements:

      You must use a device compatible with Training Status.
      -> Garmin Edge 1030 Plus

      You must record and sync at least two running or cycling activities per week that generate a VO2 max:
      Runs must be recorded outdoors with GPS tracking and heart rate data. Indoor runs will not generate a VO2 max.
      Cycling can take place indoors or outdoors, but the rides must be done using a power meter and heart rate data.
      -> I don’t really run and I’m using Zwift multiple times a week

      If not recorded as an activity on your Garmin device, only activities uploaded from the Tacx Training app, Zwift, TrainerRoad, or Sufferfest will count towards Training Status. You must still wear your Garmin device during these activities to record heart rate and power meter (if cycling) data, and must still also meet the other requirements noted above.
      -> I recently uploaded multiple Zwift rides and used TT app for example yesterday. I did not use a Garmin device for HR, that’s why I tested FR245

      So there is not written that I have to disconnect and reconnect any services. But I can check if this would be helpful

    • andrey

      Did you try doing an indoor cycling activity from the 245 only. So, no zwift/etc. JUST 245?

  134. haris

    Ray, is this still working for you? Stopped working for me on the 26th of june!

    • Seems to be working for many (most?) people past that date. I’m still getting training load contributions from Zwift as of last night.

    • Roberto

      I’ve recorded and synced multiple indoor bike sessions with my Fenix 6, Garmin HRM and Tacx Neo 2.
      The Zwift sessions were sent to Garmin Connect too but…
      I do see a 7day training load but Training status = “NO status” on my Fenix 6 …

      Why… what don’t I understand ?


  135. Eugene

    I tried with 530. Doesn’t show the training effect even after syncing them completely… help!

  136. Fabian Åhrberg

    Tried this yesterday. I’ll continue logging with my f6.
    This system registered my 35min ride as 100% anaerobic and gave me 59h of rest. The ride was nowhere near that. Normal f6 logging would have given maybe 75% aerobic and 25% low aerobic and maybe 10h rest. Guessing I’ll try again in a year or so 🙂

    • Generally speaking, if you see wide variances like that, you’ll want to take a look at the HR & power data, and validate nothing is highly incorrect. Those two things will drive the recommendations, so if there’s a difference there (especially a large difference), that can account for it.

    • Fabian Åhrberg

      The data from zwift looks just fine on zwift, on Strava and on garmin connect.
      All these systems have identical or near identical ftp and max HR setup (well not zwift with the HR).
      I noticed that the data in GC lacks FTP setting which is normally there from the f6 setting but neither zwift setting or f6 setting is in the GC ride now.

      Thanks for reply!

    • Spiffman_Space

      Same for me. See screenshot above. Significantly different Training Loads (and training effect estimates) but both activities had similar HR and Power data from the same paired devices.

    • Gareth

      So here’s an interesting one from my chat with Garmin support today, they stated that it would not assign the rides from third party apps when it comes to low aerobic, aerobic or anaerobic.

      Does seem like the developers have rolled this out and left the support team to pick up the pieces! Not had the promised chat transcript through yet so cannot copy/paste the exact comment but it was pretty clear that support consider this function very, very experimental!

    • Tom

      I’m getting this as well and so is my wife. Intense but short sessions (30mins) are generating huge training loads and recovery times (302 and 65h yesterday) which is completely skewing my training status and recovery figures. It worked ok when I first tried it back in early July.

  137. Gareth

    Seems there are still some issues with this, contacted Garmin support as it is not working for me. They even directed me to this article saying that I needed to do it as an “indoor cycling activity” on the watch so I asked if they had actually read the article (as I already had it open and read it when it came out) and pointed out the bits about “no need to start your watch”.

    Lots of screenshots being sent to them but their current one is “oh the file must be corrupt from Zwift”, last time I tried uploading (manually) a corrupt fit file Garmin Connect had kittens so I doubt this will have changed any time soon! And deleting and manually uploading the file it went through fine so its not that.

    Went through all their steps but still not updating training load nor recovery following a Zwift ride. I did notice that my wrist based HR was massively out compared to HR strap and Zwift (160 max from Zwift/Garmin HR band vs 138 wrist based during the ride)

  138. Greg Hawkins

    Nope – still nothing for NZ. And still no response from Garmin. Very poor service on their behalf.

  139. Steve

    I can echo the recent sentiments about it this update not working anymore.

    – I did a Zwift ride on July 4th, and it did update Training Load and Recovery Time.
    – Since then, I’ve done 3 rides on Zwift, and all 3 registered correctly in Garmin Connect with all HR/power data in the activity log breakdown as normal, syncs it to my Garmin FR245Music, but Training Load and Recovery Time remain zeroed out (minus my indoor treadmill activities not on Zwift – those work just fine for TL/RC updates). I changed nothing in my routine, and followed your outlined guidance: Recorded through Zwift only, and my watch stayed on my wrist. Not that I would use the watch to record bike rides anyways, as my wrist HR reading is rarely above 100bpm, and my chest strap registers accurately for entire rides (I avg 145bpm+ when pushing hard).
    – Gear: FR245Music, Garmin HR chest strap, Tacx Vortex Smart trainer, & (updated) Zwift program

    Honestly, though, I’m not surprised, as Tacx software updates are clunky and their apps do not work well/connect when trying to update and calibrate trainers. And Garmin owns them now. It’s all coming full circle.

    Just discovered your site the other day. Appreciate the write-ups – good work! (And good luck everyone on this issue)

  140. Gareth

    Evening all, I have had a response from Garmin UK Support about this and those who are not getting load/recovery figures at all it is likely you do not have a Firstbeat profile for the activity type.

    Garmin UK Support advised me to do a cycling activity (due to Zwift not calculating load/recovery) and it could be either “normal” or “indoor cycling” profile and it could be as short as 5 seconds long (I went with 5 minutes to be sure) with the device you are looking to sync with regularly (I am guessing most people are watch users rather than booting up a bike computer to sync).

    Anyway, I tried this tonight (indoor cycling activity, recorded on watch with HR and power), closely followed by a longer session on Zwift recorded JUST on Zwift (with HR and power, watch worn but not recording). Once the sync was complete it performed exactly as Ray has been describing and has updated my 7d and 4w training loads (including a break out of anaerobic, high aerobic and low aerobic) with both runs and tonight’s Zwift session contributing. It has not adjusted my cycling VO2 Max at this time but I will monitor.

    However, the support agent warned it was unlikely to retrospectively calculate files but he did say that the device may recalculate if you delete activity, sync device (to remove from history) and then re-upload the activity (e.g. a manual download of the Zwift fit file). I have not tried this, it was only a suggestion and clearly flagged as “might not work”.

    I would suggest for the sake of 30 seconds to 5 minutes that anyone having issues with this do an activity recorded on the device they are “struggling” with and see if this cures it (by generating a Firstbeat profile on the device for the activity type in question).

    • Greg

      Been doing regular rides on device only and have doubled up a few indoor rides and Zwift one’s and still nothing for me. It seems Garmin are taking the approach of its working so the client must be doing something wrong rather then looking into this properly. I received mails back from support asking me if I had tried the suggestions on the FAQ page even though my mail had mentioned I had done everything on that page twice and had made sure I was on latest firmware. This is clearly an issue in some regions but Garmin could t be arsed to treat it as such! Very poor service from them!

    • Debbie

      I would assume this means it will not work if my garmin 645 is my only device because it does not track power

    • Simon

      I also have a 645. Looking back through my training calendar I see one cycling session imported from Rouvy (using a pc) that has a TSS score. This is out of dozens of uploads. I fail to understand what I did different that day.

  141. Michael

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone is having issues with the recent update to Garmin Training Status to include third party rides from Zwift etc.
    Everything was working well for a week or so until the 10th July and now my Zwift rides are no longer being included in Training Status.
    Is anyone else having a similiar issue?

  142. andrey

    I’m on 245 and it works for me. For clarity, it took a watch shutdown/restart PLUS recording an indoor cycling activity FROM THE WATCH ALONE, and then it started to affect the training status, loads, etc.

  143. Justin

    I have Zwift activities appear on my watch/Garmin Connect (6x) however they don’t add to my training load or recovery.

  144. Andrew

    Hi all!

    Seeking here for you help please!!!!

    I haven’t been able to have training effect or load on my Garmin forerunner 745 after a zwift cycling activity.

    I have tried with both broadcast heart rate and virtual run mode for zwift to read heart rate. My distance, speed, cadence, heart rate, calories and more are uploaded to Garmin connect but not my load or training effect.

    I ride on a Tacx Smart Flow trainer. But I’m not sure if I need a power meter of if the smart trainer does the job.

    Please somebody help me!! Thanks

    • John B

      My wife’s 745 is doing (or not doing, more specifically) the same thing: she records a Zwift ride with HR, it uploads to GC just fine (and even shows Intensity Minutes, because she used the 745 to broadcast HR…but not to record), and the Zwift rides don’t show in her Training Load info. No joy.

  145. Mark

    I have the Forerunner 745 and the Edge 520+. The 520+ doesn’t have training status – does activities recorded on the 520+ benefit from this update the same way?

    Currently I record with both 745 and the Edge 520+ while riding and discards the acitivity on the 520+ – which is sort of a pain.

  146. Alex

    I’ve been enjoying this feature for a few weeks now, but I just did a ramp test and FYI Garmin will NOT estimate or update your FTP from imported data. So I think I’m going to go back to recording on two devices 🙁

  147. Steph

    Hi, helpful and informative article. I’m using a Garmin Venu SQ and this has the feature of broadcasting HR and obviously supports ANT+ as does my Samsung (Galaxy S21), but no matter what I try, I can’t get Zwift to pick up the Venu as a HR monitor. I see that it’s not listed in your compatible devices but it does offer HR broadcasting so I don’t understand why this wouldn’t work.

    I’d love a solution as I’ve just spent $1249 on a Kickr Core, $50 service and accessories, and subcription fee to the app and now am feeling like I need to go buy a Plain HR monitor when I’ve got a perfectly good Venu SQ that does HR broadcasting.

    Do you have any suggestions?

  148. Debbie

    I did a ride with Tacx today broadcasting my HR from my garmin 645 (but did not start an activity). Training load and recovery time both updated. Recovery time went from 4 hours to 4 days though which seems a little excessive for a 20 minute ride!

  149. Philip R

    Pardon the newbie question and apologize ahead of time if this has been answered already, but the whole Garmin Connect ecosystem is somewhat new to me. I just purchased the Neo 2t and have an Edge 530 (as well as an FR945lte) and plan to train with Zwift (I also have the HRM-Dual for what that’s worth). I understand that Zwift uploads into Garmin Commect fairly seemlessly now but it is lacking cycling dynamics. Can this only be recorded on my Edge? If so, can the Edge cycling dynamics be “merged” with the Zwift data? Any other workflow ideas foe this type of setup would be greatly appreciated!!

  150. John

    Have started one of Zwift’s training plans, and noticed that the sessions don’t result in the training load being recorded, despite the activity being synced to my Fenix 6. It works as expected when doing a free ride, and has done for the last couple of months since this article was published. I’ve only done 2 sessions from the plan, but has occurred each time. I haven’t done additional testing such as a workout that isn’t part of a training plan etc.
    Has anyone else had this issue? I’ll log it with Garmin and report back here.

    • John

      In addition to my comment from week, I’ve since discovered that no zwift rides are contributing to the Garmin 7 day training load. Last time it worked was 31/8, and now free rides and workouts have the same failed result. I use Apple TV for Zwift, which has had a bunch of bugs and a Zwift release to address them, and I think Fenix 6 firmware has also updated for me recently, so will take some digging to figure out which company has done a change to cause this feature to break. Hopefully someone else is seeing similar and can share their configuration/setup to assist with narrowing the cause down.

    • Bob

      i am seeing the same behavior using Zwift, Garmin edge 530, and an old iMac. I wrote Garmin about the issue and they indicated the reason is due to no Vo2 max recorded in the last two weeks. Since Zwift is all we have in common, perhaps something has changed in the data being sent to Garmin which is preventing this calculation, and therefore preventing the training load metrics from getting created as well…..

    • John

      I’m still exploring the fault with Garmin, having been asked to provide files from the watch and Garmin Connect logs to assist with their investigation.
      I’ve heard back from Zwift though…. this is there, IMO, very uninspring response. I’ve also had no additional information/responses from my Zwift Forum post 3 days ago.

      I’m afraid I’m not aware of why this functionality no longer works. It could be that zwift never authorised the functionality or that Garmin were using a method to get the data in the API that is no longer available.
      The forum is the best place to find out if this is going to be reinstated as I’m afraid we haven’t been given any information. ——————-

    • bob

      I spoke with Garmin as well, and they sent me the following link:

      link to support.garmin.com

      Strangely enough it started working again late on the 6th. i do now see a cycling vo2 max number for September 5th but i have no idea how it was calculated. i didn’t ride outside or on zwift that day, only a 30 minutes ride on a spin bike at a hotel i was visiting, (logged as an indoor ride on my Venu, only time captured).

    • John

      Just wanted to update the above comment in relation to my original post. After receiving some feedback on a seperate forum (also with mixed experiences/fault of this issue), I tried a few scenarios over the weekend and can report that all is now working for me.

      I tried a Zwift structured workout and a free ride both without trying to dual record. I also tried a structured workout with dual recording, but didn’t save the activity on my watch. All of these had training load and I think VO2 update within Garmin Connect.

      For me, this issue seems to have been resolved, but AFAIK nothing has changed in my setup in terms of firmware versions etc. I’m using a Fenix 6 on 19.20 and Apple TV to run Zwift.

      Thanks everyone for the feedback/comments on this thread regarding this issue. Strange feedback that Garmin couldn’t find any record in their systems. My fault was logged through Garmin Australia in early September with the title ‘Training load not updating from Zwift’…

      Hopefully it is fixed for everyone else as well

  151. Andrew Barker

    Hey, is there any appetite at Garmin that you are aware of to bring this to the ErgData app for Concept2 rowers? Would make it the perfect ecosystem for me if it did. Thanks

  152. Brendan

    I have and edge case… I’ve been using this successfully until I noticed that my heart rate zones were way out of whack for cycling (I’m mainly a runner). I had just completed a high aerobic threshold workout I was particularly proud of and was only getting training status calculations for low aerobic because of the zones being off. So I updated my zones and, of course, the workouts from the week are already in the books so my training status was still off. So my idea was to download the original workout file from Garmin, delete it from Connect, then RE-upload it after updating the zones so that it would now reflect the proper effort. That all worked when looking at the workout details, but the newly uploaded workout is still credited as benefiting low aerobic/base (with a relatively low load score) despite 47% of the ride being at threshold heart rate. Thoughts?

  153. Marco

    Did this stopped working? My zwift ride from thos afternoon isn’t calculated. It did work before!
    Using a FR945.

  154. Tim

    Hi Ray,
    Thanks for all the great content! Longtime reader and supporter…
    I noticed this feature stopped working for Sufferfest training rides uploaded to GC, about a week ago (I have a couple of SF indoor rides that show no training load at all in GC, while this used to work before).
    Could it have anything to do with the move to SYSTM?
    Thanks, Tim

  155. Chris

    This was working great with TrainerRoad until a few weeks ago. Like others are reporting, it just quit updating my training status. I contacted Garmin support and got a response from someone who wasn’t aware of any issue, but also didn’t seem to be aware that this functionality was added in June. They requested some files and app logs, but I’m not going to bother pulling that together for them since it seems to be a problem for everyone. Glad to know it’s not just a problem on my end. Hopefully Garmin gets it fixed.

  156. Danny Y

    After consistently syncing ride data and training load from Zwift to garmin connect, for me, it stopped as of Sept 27. Although my Edge 830 syncs with GC on my iphone and the rides show up in the calendar, Training Status ignores the activities. Zwift has power from my Tacx Neo 2T and HR from Garmin HR strap — all data appears in GC activities. Bummer it no longer works.

    • Danny Y

      Just spoke at length (40min) on the phone with a Garmin support technician about Zwift rides not updating Training / Exercise load. First observation, we spent a good 10 minutes on him searching through existing cases for this problem. I suggested other possible phrasing and terms to describe the problem–he found none. We had to create a new case from scratch, which is unfortunate, since this has appears to have been going on for more than a month for some, based on the comments here. He also noted that the way Garmin prioritizes fixes is by the number of direct contacts/complaints to their support team. The tech says he will look into the issue, and in the meantime, to tell the other folks who are having similar issues to contact Garmin directly and to mention the terms “Exercise load not updating from Zwift / other third party apps”. Their service database uses keywords, so let’s use the same set of keywords to “vote up” this issue for priority. Garmin’s support number in the US is: 1-855-607-2536

      For those not in the US, he says no matter what region you contact, the service repository is the same one.

  157. Pratama

    I already sync my zwift with my strava profile, using HRM and smart trainer in each activity, but I still have no training status on my garmin edge 530. Do you need to sync to the device (in my case, it’s 530) every single activity? or could we do some “bulk” sync?

  158. Carlos Escorcio

    Just to share i have followed the tips about doing an activity on zwift with the watch 745 and only after that it started to have the load in Garmin Connect.

    Thanks for the tips

  159. Greg

    Still not working here in New Zealand and after numerous calls to Garmin Support! Nothing!! To be honest – the help desk should be called of no help at all desk!

    • So I tried tonight, curious if perhaps something was amiss across the board. Did a Zwift workout – and then watched as Zwift synced that into my GC account post-workout, and applied load/etc accordingly.

      Thus whatever’s going on, seems not to be ‘everyone’, but certainly some solid chunk of people (clearly, given the spike in recent comments). :-/

    • Tim Wils

      I paused my Sufferfest/SYSTM account and started a ride on Zwift yesterday (first one in months). The Zwift activity updated the training load correctly. I have a Fenix6s

  160. Antonie

    Dear DC Rainmaker,

    First of all amazing informative videos about all the Zwift and Garmin devices love them.
    Since last week my Garmin forerunner 745 does not add my Zwift workouts to my training load.
    Is this a common issue? Do you maybe know of a solution?

    Kind regards Antonie

    • It seems like for some people over the last few weeks, things have gone down the crapper. I don’t know why, or why it works just fine for some, and not for others. For example, mine to my FR745 works just fine – as does the commenter just above yours.

      Yet of course, the comment just below yours shows things broke. 🙁

      As someone else noted a few comments away – opening up a Gamrin case and linking it to the specific case they noted is useful, as it’ll let Garmin know this is more than just a one or two person thing.

    • Konstantinos Zamanis

      I opened a case on Saturday and Garmin responded very quickly confirming the problem:
      “We have to inform you that we currently have problems with the training status and the corresponding VO2 Max of some customers.
      From your profile we can see that until October 4, your VO2 Max values have been properly analyzed and displayed. We have already sent a ticket to our colleagues in development. We would be very happy to connect your case to this issue in order to get to the bottom of the problem in more detail.”

      I have just sent requested data to Garmin….

  161. Thomas

    This is great.
    But to be clear only starting Zwift with HR/Power/cadence and syncing that to Garmin Connect will Vo2max be calculated? I have an bikeerg,fenix6,garmin hrm. I. tried to connect power and cadence to Fenix as well as Zwift but wasn’t able todo that for dual logging.

  162. Kosta

    Thank you for highlighting this. I have now tested this myself by riding in Zwift and uploading to Garmin Connect.
    Training effect was updated but not VO2max…. any thoughts on this? Thank you.

  163. Robyn

    If I don’t have a power meter, will Zwift’s estimated power allow me to generate a Training Status in Garmin Connect? I swear no matter what I do I cannot get a training status!!!

  164. Vic

    I think I’ve looked everywhere in Garmin Connect but I can’t find the “Load” screen. I attached the image from this article. 😅

  165. Darren

    Looks like Garmin/Wahoo are having issues as well. With the change to SYSTM, Garmin is no longer saying that the Sufferfest is supported. This thread also implies that there is a general problem with things as well – but for former Sufferfest users it looks like we may be back to double recording.

    Not a fan of having my data held hostage – nor of losing this functionality.

    Here’s a link to the Garmin forum thread I snipped the image from: link to forums.garmin.com

    • Interesting. Wonder if that’s a Garmin-led disconnect, or a Wahoo-led disconnect.

      The wording “This is a change that has been made in that platform” – seems to throw the blame in Wahoo’s camp.

    • Darren

      I hope it is just an oversight on the part of the Wahoo camp and it will get fixed. But for Garmin to yank it from the supported list sounds like there is more going on here.

      With Zwift working on hardware and Sufferfest being fully subsumed into Wahoo I hope we are not moving into a new era of forced data silos. I have enjoyed being able to pick and choose the equipment that works for me and not have to feel left out because I was not part of some ecosystems walled garden.

    • I’ve done some poking. People are sorting this out. This isn’t intentional from the Wahoo side, and so they’re doing digging and looping in Garmin to see why it broke.

  166. Noah PreFontaine

    So if I have a wahoo roam uploading a bike ride to strava, strava connected to Trainerroad, and Trainerroad sending data to Garmin, will it work sending that data/training load to a forerunner 745? I’m guessing that’s still a no since its a Wahoo fit file.

    Having just recently purchased a Forerunner 745, its got me thinking a switch back to Garmin headunits would make sense. It’s tough, as I love the Roam so much compared to my previous Garmin 520edge.

  167. Alexandre Léger

    Thanks Ray ! Can’t find an answer in the your article and various comments, what is now the recommended best practice now for TrainerRoad, not to mess up with Training Load ?

    – Should we double record (TR + Garmin) ?
    – Should we only use TR and wait for the Garmin unit to sync ?

    On my side, TL seems to double count my indoor training session which I keep recording on my Edge 830. Thanks for your help!

  168. Ric Liang

    In Garmin Connect / Reports / Functional Threshold Power I have no history. What’s the fix?

  169. Kjetil

    Thanks for sharing a boatload of info on your site, as I’m trying to grasp how apps, treadmills, pods, monitors and my Garmin Fenix 5 Plus watch would work together. My reason for investigating this is that I want to record myindoor workouts on my favourite treadmill (which isn’t a smart treadmill) at my gym and try training with Zwift, and to have my data stored to both Garmin Connect and Strava.

    So if I’ve understood all correctly; I can buy a Wahoo Tickr X gen2 which acts as a footpod for Zwift. I then calibrate the Tickr X to my favourite treadmill for the correct speed and distance. When training I bring my iPad/iPhone with Zwift to the gym and the Tickr X will send all relevant data to Zwift. And if I have connected Zwift with Garmin Connect and Strava, everything is uploaded automatically to those two platforms..? And all I have to do manually on the treadmill are controlling incline and speed according to what Zwift tells me depending on selected workout?

    If these assumptions are correct, a simple YES will be a sufficient answer! 🙂 Thanks again!

    • Scott

      If you want it to work perfectly I would suggest an NPE Runn vs any footpod.

    • Kjetil

      I guess my gym won’t let me put marks on their treadmill, but thanks for the suggestion! I just want to know if a Tickr X and Zwift works? And seamlessly upload all relevant data to GC and Strava (without me being required to start my watch) while running indoors? If it’s not 100% super accurate; no worries…

    • Scott

      Yes, the various footpods will work (Zwift sells one as well, or they used to). They were calibration nightmares for me, constantly off.

    • Kjetil

      Thanks! I’m in need of a heart rate strap anyway, so I think I’ll give the tickr x a shot. If it is way off speed and distance wise, I’ll keep the NPE in mind!

  170. Daniel Yang

    FYI, Garmin has fixed the problem where the training load was not updating from third party apps–at least for me. It’s been working for the last couple weeks.

  171. Daniel M.

    A bit late to the party, but I am trying to set this up for winter training:
    Are the following infos transmitted? Any infos a greatly appreciated.
    How about
    – VO2 Max
    – FTP values and power curve
    – recovery time
    – main session gain (for lack of a better translation) like treshold, tempo, recovery etc

    Thanks a lot, Daniel

  172. Edwin

    I don’t understand how to set this up, can someone please give me some more details how to configure ?
    My setup:
    Wahoo KICKR Core
    Garmin HRM DUAL
    I use my iPad for Zwift.
    The Zwift activities are send too Garmin Connect. In Garmin Connect I see the hearth rate, pace, elevation gained, average power for each activity.
    But don’t see the VO2 max.
    What do I have to do / configure with the Gamin Edge 1030 plus to see the VO2 max ?

    Many thanks in advance

  173. Yannick

    When I discovered this new feature I was happy. But since several weeks training load from zwift activities is not included in garmin account. So I have to start my garmin watch when I zwift as before. Did you know this problem or it’s just for me it doesn’t work.

  174. Christopher Conway

    Question about Training Load from activity manually uploaded from another device…

    I have a Fenix 6X and a Garmin Etrex 30x. For some of my activities it isn’t practical to wear the Fenix 6X. Instead I connect my HRM to the Etrex and record the activity using it. I then manually upload the file to Garmin Connect through my PC. All the heart rate data, speed etc displays correctly. I set it as a cycling activity in Connect.

    I would have thought that this would then sync to my watch and display a training load score, however it doesn’t (actually it sort of did but weird stuff happened through the syncing process)

    @DC Rainmaker is it possible for files manually uploaded to connect from a device like the etrex above to display a training load?

    Hope you can help. Cheers.

    • Scott

      No, Garmin calls this Physio TrueUp and they only do it with select devices. Your Etrex also would probably not record the R-R values Garmin needs for calculating those scores.

    • Christopher Conway

      Thanks very much Scott.

      I presumed the fact it had recorded heart rate meant training load should have been enough. That makes much more sense now I’ve done some reading on HRV and presuming that the actual HRV data needs to be generated within the etrex unit.

      One more question which would help solve my problem (as I could remove the Fenix from my wrist but still record heart rate data):

      I tried to connect my 4iiii Viiiiva HRM to both the Etrex and the Fenix 6X at the same time. 4iiii says this should work from their side, however the Fenix 6X seems to drop the heart rate reading constantly when the HRM is connected to both devices.

      Should this be possible to have both Garmin devices connected to the Viiiiva and recording/displaying heart rate at the same time?

      Thanks again.

    • Scott

      Are you connecting via bluetooth or ant+? If you connect both by ant+ it should be fine. If you do bluetooth odds are that it can only be connected to one device at a time. You should be able to tell by looking at the sensor ID under Sensors.

    • Christopher Conway

      Ah ok…thanks. Not totally sure so will check that and sounds like it will solve the issue.


  175. James

    So I am a little confused as people are also confusing “Training Status” and “Training Load”. I am getting 7-Day Load updates when only using Zwift and a Wahoo Core smart trainer, but the “Status” is not updating. Still reads “No Status”. I typically receive a “Status” after I ride with my Edge 530 and road bike outside with HR and Power and have in the past.

    Is anyone actually getting an updated “Status” as well when only using Zwift to upload the rides? I have a 5X Plus and Edge 530.

  176. Like a lot of commenters, so so happy with this feauter and your great explaination DC. After reading it, you can not do it wrong…
    For me it is not working at the moment (location The Netherlands, app vers 4.49, with the fantastic forerunner 945), I made a case with Garmin, hoping they will give some insights in why and how. If I get any usefull info, I will share it here. If (within al these comments) I missed the magic trick to get it working again, I would love to hear it!



    • Peter

      Interestingly enough they told me, in dutch, there is no such thing as DCR shows us… they told me they don’t expect to see it in the near future….strange

    • Sorry, I’m not clear on what you’re saying is missing?

      No doubt people have had trouble here and there, but by and large it’s been working for most people the vast majority the time since last June (including me).

  177. Yanick


    What others metrics are affected/unusable when direct download from SYSTM or Zwift or TR ?

    From the post training status won’t be updated but wondering what others metrics are loosing accuracy ? (Daily suggested workout? …)

    • Most important is probably trainingstatus (training effect) and recovery. Well that’s for me. At the moment I record my ride on the garmin and on zwift. its not a big deal, but much easier if it would do what DCR told us it does for him 🙂

  178. Spiffman_Space

    I’ll add my recent experience to this thread:

    Double recorded in Zwift and on watch: Uploaded Zwift to Garmin, but DID NOT UPLOAD watch, left it as ‘resume later’ and exited out of activity.
    Opened App to see Zwift activity download to connect, synced watch, force quit app, synced again, repeat for 10 mins or so
    “7 day load” and “4 week load focus” NEVER changed on watch or app. The zwift activity showed a load of 88 on ‘exercise load’ screen on app.

    I then went to the ‘resume later’ activity on my watch and saved and synced that. Opened app, refreshed and synced
    Now “7 day load” has increased by the load of BOTH the zwift (88) and garmin(100) activity. (407-595) Same with the “4 week load focus”; Anaerobic and Low Aerobic went up by the values of both recordings.(An 113->190, LowA 963->1075)

    Based on this article, I think I gave Zwift enough time to sync back to the watch and adjust the count, but I will give it one more go and wait several hours before uploading the Garmin activity. But is this doubles my load each time, I’m maybe going to have to abandon the Zwift sync altogether (As only Garmin gives VO2 max)

    • CJ

      I haven’t done the extensive testing you have but my experience bears this out exactly: I get double training load as well.

      I gave up on synchronizing Zwift to Garmin and just log both separately (Fenix 6X, connected to a NEO2T as a power-meter, Zwift to NEO2T as “controllable trainer”), save both when done, then edit the Garmin-logged activity with the total distance and ascent based on the Zwift ride data.

      This “feature” isn’t ready for prime-time.

  179. Spiffman_Space

    Here’s hopefully my last update (with a positive ending – until it stops working again)

    3 rides:

    Ride 1 – summarised in detail in earlier comment: Double recorded but didn’t save/send Garmin recording initially. Zwift ride never updated load. When I eventually saved the Garmin recording, Zwift load then counted causing double load.

    Ride 2 – double recorded, never saved/sent Garmin initially, but coincided with shady Garmin servers where Zwift never made it to Garmin until the next day. So if saved/sent the Garmin activity – This Garmin activity generated a VO2 Max estimate. (Dropped me to

    Ride 3 – Only recorded in Zwift… load updated as desired. Yay. AND VO2 Max Updated (back to 57)

    My best guess is that having a Garmin device estimate a VO2 Max ever/within a recent window might be a requirement. Who knows.

  180. Don

    I’ve been using Tacx Desktop app with a Neo 2T for a while now and I’ve also been recording my virtual rides with a Fenix 5X. Both activities auto sync to GC. I then download the FIT files, merge them offline using Fit File Repair Tool, and upload the resulting, merged file to GC. Finally I delete the original activities from GC to ensure no double / triple counting. This takes a little effort but works well to retain all metrics, but there may be one issue: It seems deleting the original Tacx recording from GC causes the corresponding ride to disappear from “My Activities” Feed on Tacx cloud. I’ve not completed any Tacx “challenges” to date, but I suspect the loss of history on Tacx may prevent participation / completion. Can any Tacx App user confirm if “My Activities” feed on Tacx must contain valid ride history in order to complete Tacx challenges?

    • Scott

      I do a similar thing. When you merge the rides do you leave the recording device in the file as your Fenix or do you let it default to Zwift? I always set mine to the Garmin device.

    • Don

      The Fenix 5x appears in the merged file as the recording device. Basically, when doing the merge in FFRT using the “indoor trainer” merge feature I take all fields from the Fenix 5x file except for GPS, speed, elevation, and distance which come from the Tacx App recorded file. I guess it would be interesting to see if overriding the device value (to Tacx Neo 2T in my case) in the merged file would allow the activity in Tacx cloud history to remain. I would guess not though since there is probably some other identifier linking the original file in the Tacx cloud with the one I ultimate delete in Garmin connect.

  181. Lloyd

    Same issue as others, my Zwift account is linked to Garmin, my Zwift activities are synced. Everything seems to be working but the training load, training status and VO2 Max do not reflect nor contain my Zwift activities (cycling). On the other hand, my recovery time seems to work and of course, I can see my Zwift activities on my watch and or on Garmin connect.

    Forerunner 745
    Garmin HRM-Dual
    Wahoo KICKR v5
    Zwift with Apple TV or computer

    • Lloyd

      Update: training load it is working now !

      So Garmin connect and my watch showed me all my Zwift rides but none of those rides were included in the training load, training status, or VO2 Max.

      That did change on the 25 of January when I rode my bike to my local shop to fix a noise issue. I use my watch to record this bike activity, that was the first time I use my watch to record a “real” bike ride. And since then all my Zift rides are included in the training load, training status and VO2 MAX.

    • Scott

      Can you screenshot the Training Effect page? I bet they aren’t on there.

      I also noticed it doesn’t update for Zwift runs.

  182. Stefan Schachameyer

    Hello and sorry for my english. Greetings from Google translators. I hope I have understood your instructions correctly. I use the Edge530. ONLY turn on the Edge and stay in the menu. In addition, it can be updated permanently. then I get the training effect calculated. Correct?

  183. Marieke

    I think training load is not updated in the garmin fenix 5s. Could it be possible it only works in newer 5 plus series?

  184. Pieter

    Thank you. Somehow you always have the answers to all my questions. You’re like a Greek Oracle. I should just read everything you post, so that I will know the answers to my future questions already.

  185. Matt

    I’m just catching up on this, switching from dumb trainer to Kickr. So noob question: can I make all this work using the Garmin HRM and Cadence sensor, or do I need to run Bluetooth non-prop devices in Zwift (et al)

  186. marcel

    it works, also vo2max is updated. After my zwift ride, it appears in garmin connect app. Then i do a sync with my edge 530. Excercise load, 7day load,vo2max,calories, power,hr,speed,cadence,elevation data and curves, zwift route updated.

    What is not updated:
    Performance condition – but that figure drops during excercise
    training effect
    Temperature-but how would zwift know
    Nutrition and hydration-but how would zwift know

  187. martin

    Hiya. I am recording my training either on Zwift or outdoors with my Forerunner 245 Music. However, I don’t seem to get any training load on my outdoors cross country skiing activities? I tried find an answer, but perhaps someone here nows? Does Garmin not include XC skiing in hte training load/status???


  188. Bambo1983

    Seems that since a few days or maybe a week, Rouvy has a possibility to push workouts directly to Garmin.
    Training Load, Status and main benefit are being updated, not sure yet about VO2Max, but if all other data are there, probably it is being updated as well… I don’t know why, but I like Rouvy more than TACX.
    Oh, BTW… TACX app for Windows works perfectly with Elite Suito, but only over ANT+ 🙂

  189. Miguel

    Ray, while using RGT, which one will be the best method to get all the training load and information on Garmin?

  190. Maciej

    You can add Garmin Edge 130 plus to the list

  191. Dave Carter

    Do you know if this will retrospectively add training data to Garmin Connect? For example, if I bought an Edge 530 now, would it recalculate for the last few workouts?

  192. Travis

    Hi, I stumbled across this article because I have a new Garmin Epix on the way. I currently use Zwift and only sync to Strava, then I use an app called Rungap that syncs that to Garmin Connect. I’m trying to figure out the right workflow… I use the Apple Watch for heart rate in Zwift right now, but when my Epix comes, I will want to use it to broadcast the HR to Zwift. But I’m not sure what kinds of problems this is going to cause in Garmin Connect because I only want my Zwift ride to count once for purposes of load, recovery, etc.

    Sooooo…. if I use my Epix for broadcasting HR, I assume that means the workout will have to be created on the watch itself, but then when my ride syncs to Garmin Connect from Strava, will it double everything? And will I also have TWO rides in Strava since I also have Garmin Connect synced with Strava for outdoor rides? What I want to do is use my watch or bike computer for outdoor rides (which then syncs to Garmin Connect and Strava). But for indoor rides, I want my rides to sync with Strava and Garmin Connect but only have the metrics applied once in Garmin. Any suggestions on how to set up this workflow when my watch arrives?

    • Bambo1983

      Actually quite similar setup to what I use now.. I have used Zwift before, now switched to Rouvy.
      But, first of all.. Zwift is able to push workouts directly to Garmin account. So no need to worry about duplicate entries in Strava, it (Zwift) will synchronize to both Garmin and Strava, and thee will be no duplicates.
      I also use my Garmin watch (Fenix) to transmit HR. You only need to remember to start transmitting and stopping it at the end od workout 🙂 no need to create additional workout on a device.
      After activity is synced with Garmin account, then when you sync Garmin Connect with your watch it will sync it also with your watch and this is the moment where magic happens 🙂 it calculates everything and with next sync of watch and Garmin you will have training load/status/benefit/Vo2max/intensity minutes updated.

    • Rad

      Does it only work like this with watches? I have Edge 530 and it doesn’t sync 2nd time to calculate training load / benefit and things like that? I have 9.10 FW so I’m up to date.

    • Bambo1983

      Hm, as far as i know it should.. of course if you have all required data (especially HR) and workout is automatically pushed to Garmin from a compatible app (Zwift, TACX, TrainerRoad etc. and since a few weeks Rouvy).
      I am not using any Edge device, but as this is cycling device..after it is synced first from account to device I would try at least to sync 2-4 times more and see then training load.

    • Travis

      Thanks, I hope it works as seamlessly as you have described. Right now, I have Garmin activities set to auto sync with Strava because I use my bike computer outdoors. So you’re saying that if I also connect Zwift to Garmin, it won’t duplicate activities in Strava since 1) Zwift is syncing to Garmin and Strava when ride is finished, and 2) I have Garmin set to auto sync activities to Strava? If I turn off the auto sync from Garmin to Strava, then my outdoor rides won’t go to Strava when they are finished (or I have to manually upload them).

      If I understand correctly then, I just start the “virtual ride” activity on my new watch when I start a Zwift ride? And that doesn’t create two activities when I’m done since Zwift will also be syncing the activity to Garmin?

    • Bambo1983

      Well, nope…
      I also do have auto sync from Garmin to Strava set up (same situation, cycling outdoors but also hiking 🙂 ).
      So, after an activity is pushed from Zwift or Rouvy to both Garmin and Strava it is not being duplicated anywhere.
      I do not start ANY activity on my watch when cycling indoor, the only thing I do is to start HR transmission. Actually it is important only from intensity minutes perspective to have the HR data from the watch and not for example directly from the belt. All the data are pushed with the workout (power, cadence, speed, HR etc.) and it’s enough and activity type will be virtual ride.

    • Scott

      So I had some different experiences.

      1) Intensity minutes only calculates from Garmin watches or if you have an HRM Pro. So just a Zwift activity, or an Edge bike computer for that matter, won’t update Intensity Minutes. This screws up the new Improved Fitness Age as one metric for it is Intensity Minutes. It also makes Intensity Minutes in the GC app pretty useless as you’ll show zero even if you ride a lot.

      2) I’m not sure about vo2 max values. Garmin uses R-R value data as part of the vo2 max calculation and the Zwift file doesn’t include that. Not only that, but I believe Garmin is calculating VO2 max on the device itself vs on Garmin Connect.

      3) I had inconsistent experiences with Training Status and Load. I’m not convinced it works seamlessly in all cases.

    • Bambo1983

      Hm, interesting points.
      I got intensity minutes when transmitting HR either from watch or a belt (standard old red HRM Run) connected to the watch and transmitting thru watch. If I connect belt directly to Zwift/Rouvy it does not count intensity minutes in Garmin.
      I know that the training load is being calculated on a device, not sure about vo2max, but it requires like at least 2-3 syncs to have all the data updated everywhere.
      Yeah training status.. sometimes I really do not understand how it works 😉 also main benefit, I hope it’s not just quick calculation if simply more time spent in HRZ1/2 it’s base, when HRZ3/4 then high aerobic etc 😉
      Bit I can also confirm that VO2Max is being recalculated/updated after each ride on Rouvy or Zwift, I believe the only data required for that are power and HR.

    • Scott

      First Beat is what Garmin uses for vo2 max calculation, they also purchased the company. Their vo2 max whitepaper says they use R-R values, which Zwift doesn’t provide. Unless they somehow changed it for Zwift files, I don’t know how that is working for you? Unless you record on your watch as well? Do you never record to your watch anymore? Just use Zwift/Rouvy? Or do you do a mix?

      link to firstbeat.com

      Intensity minutes are recorded on Garmin watches. They are not recorded with Edge bike computers or with Zwift, unless you have an HRM-Pro. Seems like an oversight since they use Intensity Minutes in things like the new Improved Fitness age.

      Overall it feels very incomplete to me.

    • Bambo1983

      Nope, not using the watch to record activities done on a trainer, only using it to transmit HR, usually i connect HRM Run to the watch and transmit HR from the watch (otherwise intensity minutes wouldn’t count). I use watch only for outdoor, but for those rides I do not have power meter so vo2max is for sure not calculated.
      Just finished a ride on Rouvy and GC says that last update of Vo2 waa today.

    • Scott

      If I had to guess, the fact that you are transmitting through the watch is why that is working. Can you do a test and do a Rouvy ride using only your chest strap and bypassing the watch? Take the watch totally off. I’m going to guess vo2 max will not update.

    • Bambo1983

      Sure, will do it, probably on Saturday 🙂 actually got enough minutes for this week and one easy ride to finish a challenge so not a bad idea.
      I am also curious.

    • Tom

      Hi DCR,

      Tot 3 weken terug kreeg ik updates van Vo2max(cycling) en tot 2 dagen terug trainingstatus in GC. Sinds 2 dagen ineens niets meer.

      Vanmiddag contact gehad met de supportlijn van Garmin. Zij gaven aan dat er geen VO2max gegevens en dus trainingstatus gegevens niet via Zwift te verkrijgen zijn! Terwijl dit eerder wel lukte en ook hier lees ik dat het wel mogelijk is.

      De koppeling tussen zwift-app/account en GC is er en werkt. Ritten registreer ik als volgt:

      Fiets via BT gekoppeld aan zwift-app voor wattage, afstand, duur.
      Hartslag (deel hartslag-functie) via ANT+ op fenix6 pro-horloge naar Zwiftapp voor complete gegevens.
      Alleen ritregistratie op zwift.
      En na afronding van de zwift synchroniseer ik dit met GC.

      Ineens werkt dit niet meer en ik begrijp niet waarom.

      Heeft True up hier iets mee te maken?
      Heeft registratie HSV hier iets mee van doen?
      Net een nieuwe Android telefoon (2 dagen), zitten hier andere/ vernieuwde settings in?
      Is er recent een update geweest van Fenix6 die dit kan verstoren?

      Aangezien garmin support niet wilt helpen, hoop ik op een bruikbare reactie op dit forum.

      Alvast bedankt, Tom

    • Emma

      Ik heb precies ditzelfde probleem, in ieder geval sinds 8 dagen. Zelf heb ik niets veranderd aan mijn setup. Het komt voor op zowel mijn FR745 als mijn Edge530.
      Ook ik heb de klantenservice gemaild, maar vooralsnog geen reactie. Ik ben benieuwd, maar vermoed dat ze deze functionaliteit mogelijk gewoon weer weg gehaald is. Mocht je er nog uit komen hoor ik het graag.

    • Tom

      Ik heb het nog even dieper en verder bekeken.
      Het blijkt dat ik sinds 18 februari (toen stopte de vernieuwing van VO2max in GC) niet meer 2x minimaal 60 minuten per week heb gefietst.
      Wellicht dat GC de verplichte duur van een oefening via een ander platform (in dit geval Zwift) veel langer zet/ nodig acht dan bij een directe meting via Fenix6Pro (garmin product).
      Deze theorie heb ik overigens nog niet gedubbelcheckt omdat mijn huidige trainingsprogramma 3x 50 min en 1x 2 uur+ per week is.

  193. Toby Stewart

    Sorry very trivial but I like the watch face your using what is it called?

  194. Vinicius Pinheiro

    My zwift account is connected with my garmin connect, and when I do a ride on zwift, it syncs automactly, but my watch is no updating my training status, with training load and recovery time. The ride appears on watch’s activities, but my training status does not updates. What could be?

  195. Chap

    Unfortunately it doesn’t do anything with the heart rate data either, which probably means v02 won’t be changed.

    What’s the best solution to get all the info to update and stay accurate?

  196. Paul Duncan Cotterill

    This is not working on my 955.

    • Mike C.

      This works on my 955- had to record a ride first though. Connect using Indoor Bike Activity and make sure you connect the watch to the trainer. Record the ride and Save. Your next ride should then be counted in the Exercise/Acute Load.

    • Acamp

      Any metrics need to be hit in the initial “indoor ride” (eg time or heart rate) for this to start properly pushing load and status on the subsequent Zwift ride?

  197. Liam S

    Hey Ray,

    Thanks for all of your terrific advice both here and everywhere else.

    I’ve just bought an Instinct 2 based off your reviews etc and the (hopefully) upcoming improvements to the readiness, load, prediction etc etc metrics.

    Question though, I’m stoked I won’t have to dual record to utilise the features as I was thinking. That’s awesome. However, will I miss any data having the recording via TR, and if I utilise the Broadcast HR from the watch will it still have the accuracy expected? i.e. does Broadcast HR turn up the power on the sensor the same as an activity start does?

  198. Amanda Reid

    Any chance we will ever get this for Peloton workouts?

  199. Brian

    The biggest issue with training load is that multiple Garmin devices don’t communicate. I have a Garmin watch for running and Edge for cycling. They show different training load/status. Any way to rectify this?

  200. Matthew

    Thanks for this DC. I didn’t spot it anywhere (but haven’t read every comment), but you must have a cycling activity recorded on your watch before virtual (Zwift) rides will contribute to training load, etc. Garmin support said they need a “seed” ride to start counting virtual rides (maybe for calibration?). Anyway, I had a new watch and hadn’t used it out doors and wondered why it wasn’t counting wift rides, so it could be worth adding the need for a seed ride to the article.