Favero Confirms Shimano Power Meter Pedals On The Way


This is a quick post. Namely, because, only a single image has been posted. But Favero shared on their Instagram account that come next month (July, for those calendar-challenged), they’ve got something in store for Shimano road users (that’d generally be considered SPD-SL).

The above image appears to show not only the outline of a Favero Assioma-style pedal (complete with pods), but also the slightly different outline of an SPD-SL pedal body. However, more importantly, the company clearly highlights the spindle as part of this. Certainly people have done spindle conversions in the past for other pedal types, including the more gravel/mountain-focused Shimano SPD. But that was never officially supported.

One has to believe if Favero went to the trouble of whipping up a graphic intending to support the internal spindles semi-transparently, that they did so for a reason. Or, perhaps the graphic team was just bored. Who knows. I mean, obviously someone knows.

Now, there’s many, many outstanding questions to be had, so many that I couldn’t possibly fit them all:

A) When exactly in July?
B) Is it backwards compatible to existing spindles as a conversion kit (e.g. existing LOOK Keo-ish pedals could be swapped to Shimano SPD-SL)?
C) Are there any other changes to the pods/platform/system?
D) Will you buy a completed system, or, have to part things together?
E) What will it cost?
F) What will availability be like (historically, Favero has had pretty limited manufacturing capacity relative to demand)?
G) What’s the Q-factor look like?
H) What’s accuracy look like (if changed)?
I) I think that’s it for now.

Now, Shimano has actually seemingly answered one question, or confirmed something – which is that it’ll be SPD-SL. Which, would seem obvious, but hey, sometimes Captain Obvious gets drunk on Italian Prosecco on a warm June afternoon and so confirmation is important. Anyway, in a question from four days ago, someone asked specifically about SPD-SL on a different Instagram post, and sure enough, they said “Watch this space a bit longer” (followed by not just one, but three fire emoji):


And thus, we watched it a bit longer, and we got this new post:


Obviously, Favero is looking to expand beyond just the existing Look-KEO(-ish) compatibility of their current and wildly popular Assioma pedals (and bePRO pedals before that). With Garmin offering a triple pedal platform offering in Rally (SPD, SPD-SL, Look-KEO), Favero wouldn’t be the first. But, as they proved with Assioma, first doesn’t always matter. Accuracy and price tends to instead.

The Favero Assioma have generally been found very accurate, and just as important – very well priced (arguably, from a business perspective, substantially lower than they should be). I often use them in my testing rotation alongside both Garmin Rally & PowerTap P1/P2 pedals. They’ve also done a great job at providing a number of solid feature firmware updates over the past few years too.

And with that, that’s all I have to say for now. Though, in the words of Favero: “Stay tuned [fire emoji]”!


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  1. John

    Dear Favero: now do SPDs.

    • Michal

      Major redesign would be required and I wonder if people responsible for original Assioma development are still working in Favero. It has been long time and their were rather hot signing prospects for wealthier companies.

    • John

      @Michal. Nope. Go watch GPLama’s Assioma SPD pedal conversion video, this is totally doable.

  2. Christoph Hanck

    If it were a post about IQ^2, the answer to A) would be July 2029. Fortunately, it is not.

  3. gtom

    Shimono SPD-SL is nice move but Shimano SPD would be awesome.

  4. the new Favero SPD-SL were leaked in Feb this year, no?

    Anyway, good to hear they are confirming SPD-SL, it’s been a while since the original ASSIOMA so hopefully they have some new electronics for us rather than just a new pedal body.

  5. scott

    I LOVE my Favero pedals. I wish they’d come out with some pedals for MTB.

  6. B. Factor

    Please please please let it be backwards compatible!

    • Robert

      I don’t really see what could be backwards-compatible – the spindle is mechanically different. Even the image they posted shows it, and the images leaked a few months ago also showed it. So you have a different pedal body, and a different spindle; this leaves the washers that could be the same I guess?

  7. CKDogg

    It’s hard to imagine that Ray doesn’t have a pair on his bike as we speak, and knows the answers to some/all of these questions already ;)

    • Andrew M

      Yes, but does he have them on the new Dura Ace groupset as well? :-)

    • Dave Lusty

      I was wondering whether Shimano would do something smart like release a DA pedal body designed to accept various power spindles and let other companies do the power bit.

  8. Brian

    I hope they do updating on the electronics so they can do even more cycling dynamics. I love my Assioma’s they have been rock solid.

  9. Rich

    Looking at Shimano’s EV diagrams, the PD-R8000, ES600, M8100, M8120 and M8140 appear to all use the same spindle – just with different nuts. The spindle drawing looks the same, though the part numbers are different which I’m hoping is because they like to include the different lock nuts.

    If that’s correct, and the new Favero Shimano spindle supports R8000 bodies, then the ability to get Power from reasonably-priced SPD road, gravel/CX/xc, trail/gravity AND flat pedal bodies is pretty exciting.

  10. John Tomac

    Yes! Finally a powermeter compatible with SPD-SL cleats! Please keep the price similar to the version with look cleats

  11. Olivier

    “Now, Shimano has actually seemingly answered one question, or confirmed something – which is that it’ll be SPD-SL. ”

    I guess this is a Shimano/Favero typo

  12. Josh Naylor

    Re: question B about backwards compatibility… i asked Favero in March and they said no unfortunately:

    Dear Mr. Naylor,

    thank you for your kind email.

    We confirm that there will be interesting news in the nearby future, nevertheless please consider that it will be not possible to convert your Assioma due to technical reasons involving a slight difference in the internal sensor.

    We remain at your complete disposal for any further information you might need and, in the meantime, please accept our

    Best regards,
    **** name redacted***


  13. Bob Chew

    One wonders if Garmin will lower the price of the Rally pedals when these come out?

  14. Andy biker

    Wonder why they didn’t target SPD first , surely that would be a bigger market

    Ie it’s not much of a deal to move to assiomas if using 3 bolt shoes

    Where it is if using 2 bolt / SPD (which I am), ie need new shoes and that’s what has out me off

    • Olivier

      I guess SPD implies more probable misuse and warranty issues.
      SPD on road for trekking/ultra is probably OK, but hardcore MTB and power pedals will probably not match.

  15. Tizzledk

    I love the reviews of I have seen of the pedals….I am praying they engineer away the pods. I just couldn’t do it.

  16. Bernie

    Should I feel stupid for just buying the Garmin Really SPD-SL pedals (at 20% off)?

    • Chad McNeese

      You paid a price for a product that you wanted and fit your needs/budget.

      Why should you have regrets now, based purely on a product that we don’t even fully know yet (specs, pricing, etc.)?

      I know the grass is greener… but consider what you bought and why… and I presume you should just be happy with that and move on. New stuff always comes, and if you plan to wait for the next best thing… you will wait forever.

    • Bernie

      This is basically the response I’m looking for! I guess, everyone seems very excited about the Faveros, but if that’s simply due to price, then I don’t have reason to feel stupid.

      Unless there’s some advantage to the Favero over the Garmin aside from price that I’m not aware of. (I think they’re slightly lighter, but that’s negligible).

  17. Curtis Repen

    So Ray, if I’m satisfied with Look cleats and heavily invested in Garmin ecosystem, is there any reason not to go for Vector 3s? They are now cheaper than Faveros, and MUCH cheaper than the new Rallys. It seems like the only benefit to the Rallys is adaptabilty?

    And I know you’ve written about it before but I can’t find it – what are your feelings about single vs double sided meters for regular old BOP-trying-to-become-MOP age groupers?

  18. Darin Steele

    Are there any advantages to Look SPD-SL over Shimano SPD-SL, Because I have the Look version and it’s absolutely fine, so what is the real difference if any at all? My cleats are the Look Grip ones that come with the pedals, I have the Look Keo 2 Carbon Pedals.

    • Chad McNeese

      The main advantage is the wider placement of the contact and grip points at the rear on the Shimano SPD-SL cleat. It gives more security walking, especially on slippery surfaces, and is better than even the Look Grip option that is narrower for contact surface, IMO.

    • Darin Steele

      Thanks! I did notice the Shimano ones are wider, if the new Favero version is the same price I will make the switch and I want Favero to be my first power meter.

  19. Martin

    Maybe Shimano bought them and will bork them like they did Pioneer.

  20. David Robert Newman

    A couple of months ago I wrote Favero asking specifically about an SPD-SL release. They confirmed it, saying they’d ship “soon.”

  21. Tim Kingston

    It would be great if they brought an MTB version to market. I understand Ray suggesting that cranks are a better option in the Garmin Rally review, but the ability to share between XC, CX/Gravel bikes would be excellent. Obviously the Rally’s are an option, but pricing wise a 2 sided Assioma is around a 1 sided Garmin.

  22. Andrew

    Hi Guys i am getting a Shimano Dura Ace PD-R9100 , would this be later compatible with the new Assioma Favero? or just Shimano Ultegra series?

    • Jemmy

      I asked the Taiwan agent yesterday, the answer made me depressed ==> only support Shimano R6800, (R7000?), R8000, no Dura Ace

    • David Robert Newman

      Why would the crank matter? A pedal-based power meter doesn’t know what it is attached to, yes?

      I have Cannondale SISL2 Hollowgram cranks and plan to buy these pedals.


  23. Dirk

    July 19 per Assioma’s instagram

  24. henau212

    link to youtu.be

    Video on German. I think they are a day early.. ;)

    • It’s a bummer to see someone not only break an embargo, but then actually “like” two comments on his video that others have made noting he broke it a day early.

      People accidentally breaking embargoes is actually very rare, but doing so purposefully, then doubling down on it is really a self-rectifying problem in this industry. Companies and other creators don’t forget it. Seriously, I have an actual written list for every creator that has violated an embargo, even by a single minute (a clever/common tactic to boost SEO) – and I won’t work with folks that do.

    • Andrea

      they are the “normal” version, not the Shimano.