Huge List of Spring 2021 Sports Tech Deals (US)

It’s that time of the year again, where we see a slate of sports tech deals out there. This typically happens each May, just ahead of Memorial Day in the US, and then carries through to Father’s Day. However, most of the 20% off deals with REI & Backcountry are only valid through Monday (May 31st).

As usual, I wouldn’t overthink any of these deals as a sign of impending newness. For example, virtually every year Garmin has been selling the Fenix series, they’ve put the Fenix series on sale ahead of Father’s Day. And every year Garmin has sold Forerunner watches, we see those usually on sale in the May timeframe too.

I’ve consolidated everything below. I don’t expect the indoor trainer deals (namely the Saris H3 and Elite Sterzo Smart ones) to last long. And the Wahoo Speedplay one is pretty big too – the first time we’ve ever seen that.

If you’re looking for hard to get trainers and other indoor cycling gear, use the Stock Alerting tool, to get notified the second a new trainer is in stock for purchase!

Finally, both REI & Backcountry are running 20% off sales right now on much of their gear.  While a lot of sports tech doesn’t qualify, there are tons of deals to be had elsewhere (like apparel, shoes, etc…).

Most links here help support the site – which I greatly appreciate! These four DC Rainmaker partner sites here are also running deals on sports gear to supplement your sport tech addiction- Backcountry.com, CompetitiveCyclist.com, REI.com, and Wiggle.co.uk:



As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but your purchases help support this website a lot. Even more, if you use Backcountry.com or Competitive Cyclist with coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time users save 15% on applicable products!

Watches & Wearables:

This covers anything you can wear that’s watch-like or activity band-like, including sensors.  Generally speaking, you’ll mostly find deals here that are on things I’ve written about in the past.  So you won’t find a deal on some random non-sports tech watch here, or on socks.  Unless the socks have some crazy sensor or something in them.

There are no deals currently.

Cycling Gear & Trainers:

Got a bike? Then this section is for you.  Everything from bike computers to bike lights to trainers, it’s all here.  I won’t generally be adding things like brake cables or bike seats here, but if I find a good deal on a cassette to stack on that new direct drive trainer you just bought, I’ll probably list it here.

There are no deals currently.

Action Cameras & Drones:

Wanna record it?  No better way than an action camera.  Anything that’s action camera related or drone related you’ll find here.  That’s especially true of action camera mounts, which are often found for great deals around the holidays.  Same goes with drone and drone accessories.  Usually a great time to pick up an extra battery or extra props.

There are no deals currently.

Other Sports & Fitness:

Anything else that’s sports and fitness related that I think is interesting will be here.  It may not be super techy – but it’s stuff that most readers will be using in pursuit of their running/cycling/swimming/hiking/whatever.

There are no deals currently.

With that – thanks for reading, and for supporting the site via the links above. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Have a great weekend!

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  1. RMTL

    Thanks Ray ! No deal good enough to grant a ⚡⚡ or even a ⚡⚡⚡ this time ? 😉

    • Hahaha, yeah, only the Saris H3 one, cause frankly, I don’t think that’ll last the night.

      And actually, I added the double ⚡⚡ to the Saris H3 bundle too just now.

      I’d say the Speedplay ones would get 1.5X⚡ if I could, since that’s super rare. But hard to give it a full ⚡⚡. Nothing for the triple right now though.

  2. RMTL

    Oups, only one ⚡⚡

  3. John

    No 745 on sale. Do they except people to buy it if the 945 is only $20 more? Seems to be just about the anything never on sale.

    • Yeah, I thought we might see the FR745 on sale right now, as you said, the FR945 is only $20 more. Though, that’s technically not a Garmin official $20 more sale, that’s Amazon saying ‘screw it’ and going lower than MAP (Minimium Advertised Price policy). Still, given it’s been that way a while, it’s effectively setting the baseline for the product.

  4. Dave

    Garmin 1030 seems to be on sale link to amazon.com, and the 830 and 530 were on sale oddly for about 4 hours last week, not sure if that was a mistake

  5. Mike

    The Garmin 945 is $509 at westernbikeworks.

  6. Joseph

    NOTE REI members: REI has the Garmin Rally (powermeters) which the coupon can be applied.
    Example: With Garmin Rally XC200 would have $240 savings making total before tax at $960.
    Offer ends May 31

    • Dennis

      What coupon?
      Rally side listed now on reinstating at $1200 us

    • Very nice catch! I just added it to the list above.

      It looks like they tried to slyly hide the normal coupon code text (likely at Garmin’s request), but under the covers it’s still valid. Nice!

    • Joseph

      Kind of disappointing… April 2020, I used a similiar REI coupon code and bought the Tacx NEO 2T smart trainer with a $280 discount. This year code excludes smart trainers and bike simulators. I am wondering if REI updated it because the physcial stores are now open.

    • Nah, Garmin basically pressured them to add the ‘no trainers’ language last mid-year. Wahoo had long pressured REI to add it, but REI didn’t really care about Wahoo. Now though with Garmin onboard owning Tacx, REI has to care more (which is why they always had a “no device with GPS technology” in it phrase).

      Ironically, companies like Elite and Saris didn’t care about the 20% off, but they were casualties here. From their perspective, if REI (and fill in the blank other companies), wanted to eat 20% of their margins, that was their problem – and only increased sales of their trainers.

  7. Alex P

    Thanks for putting this together! Would you buy a Suunto 5 at this price or the Coros Pace 2?

    • That’s a tough one. Undoubtedly, I think the Suunto 5 looks prettier, but it’s really hard to beat the COROS Pace 2 with respect to on-watch features.

      App-wise today, I’d have to say I think COROS might actually win that one – at least aside from the mapping/navigation bits, which Suunto (even on the Suunto app vs the older Movescount) does better/smoother than COROS.

    • Tim Wils

      But… the Coros Pace 2 has no mapping/navigation bits at all, right? Not even breadcrumb afaik

  8. Tien Chai

    Edge 1030 plus for $100 off on Garmin.com!

  9. Garrett

    Surprised you didn’t mention the Garmin Edge 1030 Plus being $100 off, nor any mention of your prediction of a new flagship device any time soon? 2021? 2022?

    • Me too! And then I looked and realized I managed to make a typo in the sale start date, and thus, my magical database said ‘Nope’, and did nothing. Sigh.


    • Garrett


      Although I was kinda hoping you were going to say this is a sign that something new is coming. The battery in my original 1030 (purchased shortly after release, so it’s pretty old) is nearing end of life and I’d hate to “upgrade” to a 1030 Plus and have something new come out 2 months later. 😕

  10. Dennis

    What coupon?
    Rally side listed now on reinstating at $1200 us

  11. Steve Smith

    Ray, not that you could say but maybe your readers have seen rumors, my internet searching has turned up no info, would Garmin be refreshing the Inreach Mini anytime soon? Not that I am looking for any new features, but 2 years new hardware might be nice. Thanks as always for your awesome page!

    • Yeah, I honestly don’t really follow the patterns of the inReach product life cycle. I suppose there isn’t a ton of history to go on there. I’d agree in theory it’s a bit older these days, though they’ve actually done a lot since release in terms of compatibility across their other devices with it.

      Thanks for being a DCR Supporter!

    • Hi Ray. While Inreach mini is a great device and I really like it, it has one big problem. The GPS chip is kinda 10 (15?) years old. It could take an enormous time to get GPS coverage, I mean even on a clear sight it can take 5-10-30 minutes to obtain coordinates (while not moving of course); in the woods it could take even longer.

      If Garmin updates inreach in the same small small factor but with a newer technology, I would definitely upgrade.

      They have made available Montana 700 a year ago, but that it is too large for trail running…

    • Interesting, mine doesn’t take that long. It’s not short, I definitely agree, but it’s not horrific either (which, is 5-10-30 mins).

      That said, totally agree there’s things they *could do*, primarily Garmin-izing-it it more to match the rest of their lineups, and making the menu less sucky.

  12. Francis

    Do you heared any rumors about the new fenix 7? Should i wait for it? I dont konw if it worthes!

  13. Jason Wilson

    It is strange that all the Forerunners are on sale but the 745? We keep hearing that a FR 55 & 945 LTE, don’t get that one, are coming this week. I’m hoping someone has missed a 255 and 955 cause it just doesn’t make any sense.

    I know Ray can’t comment, but, we will see soon enough.

    I hope the rumours are wrong and a new 955 is coming. I see no value in a LTE Forerunner and I believe Ray would agree. Or maybe he too will be surprised. Can’t wait to see this week.

  14. Ihsan


    Any possibility of a Fenix 7 Q4/21? Wife has quite small wrists so the F6S’s smaller lugs are tempting, but she doesn’t want to buy one if F7 is “just” around the corner.

    • I’d be surprised if we don’t see a new iteration of Fenix in 2021. Garmin’s goal has been to iterate roughly every 14-18 months (or faster if allowed). One can debate whether or not last year’s Solar addendum for the 6S/6 is considered iterations, or maybe just given a COVID-pass.

    • Ihsan

      Thanks Ray!

  15. Scott Harding

    Do you think we’ll ever see a new pedal PM from SRAM/PowerTap?

  16. Garrett

    Have to decide if the Wahoo Headwind is worth it now… I hate getting up to turn my fan on! If they added control through Sufferfest rather than the Wahoo app it would be a no brainer. Hmm.

  17. Peter B

    Any updates in terms of firmware and accuracy a few months out on the Garmin Rally pedals? I’m looking for an SPD option for my gravel bike (Trek Checkpoint and so crank arm isn’t an option sadly) and the SRM X-Power are still a mirage it seems…

    • Joseph

      I would not wait on firmware. It does the job. It may not be perfect but it is the best option out there. The savings is hugh. I bought a second set for my other bike, too lazy to switch pedals and it is nice to have backup option. Note: if you don’t act soon you may have wait 7+ months before REI has another 20% discount. Garmin could also force REI to not offer discount on power meters later.

    • No, there’s a beta I’m running on one set to fix the quirky no-call issue I saw moving outdoors to indoors (which is easily fixable by just doing a calibration). But given it’s a beta, I’ve found this particular beta less optimal than the production build, so I’ve kept my other set on production. And in that case, totally happy with it (I’m happy with both sets, if I ignore the specific beta bug that was introduced.).

      Like Joseph said, I’d grab them now with the discount, as you won’t see it again till fall, and it wouldn’t surprise me if REI’s ‘No-can-do’ list magically excludes power meters next time. 🙁

    • Joseph

      Forgot to add: The link below is a spider/crank base power meters for gravel bikes. You will have to most likely have replace your your crankset (chainrings and crank) because of compatiablity issues. If you have shimano then look at the ALDHU versions. There are two different versions NG and NGeco. The NG has more cycling metrics and more expensive about $1200. The NGeco is less expensive has upgrades available but the cycle metrics are limited and not as complete as the NG version. I believe the dual sided Garmin Rally does capture more clycling dynamics. If you have questions, concerns, or compatiablity issues, their customer service is prettty responsive. It is a more permanent solution, meaning it is not a viable or quick solution for two bikes. But you will not have to worry about damaging it with pedal strikes.

      link to power2max.cc
      link to powermetercity.com

    • Peter Blair

      Awesome – thanks Ray and Joseph. I went ahead and pulled the trigger. I’ll keep my 4iii left crank for a while to see how often I end up switching the pedals, and if it’s every time that’ll basically bring the price difference down to a one sided power meter!

  18. Kevin Marshallsay

    Its not REI however KOM Cycling have 20% off everything this weekend including their new Rocker Plate

  19. Jason

    Ray, do you think With the Elevate v4 Garmin would think of making a oHR accessory to wear on bicep or wrist to pair with their watches for track and sync similar to HRM Pro. I see this as a Whoop style band and for when I’m doing strength workouts for better placement on my bicep or winter running when I wear my watch over my jacket.

    Would love your opinion.

  20. Chad

    I’m in the market for each of these so what are your thoughts on new Fenix or Edge added to Garmin’s 2021 lineup?

  21. Diego


    Thanks for these lists, and for all your reviews, great resources for enthusiasts like me. Any thoughts about new Garmin Edge units being released in the near future? I’ve been thinking about upgrading mine, and as of today the deal on the 1030 plus seems like a good option, but I’d hate to buy it, and see a new improved version of the 830 coming out a month from now….


  22. Volker

    Where is your Forerunner 945 lte review? 🙂

  23. Gonzalo

    The future seems promising for next Fénix 😋

  24. Katri

    Will there ever be any noteworthy European deals?

    • There, but usually not adhoc. We see them around Amazon Prime Day (especially), and around Black Friday – often better deals than the US.

      The main thing to keep in mind is that Europe allows discounting, whereas companies in the US generally don’t. As such, a Garmin priced at $599 *WILL BE* $599, otherwise that retailer gets their supply cut-off for 6 months (even if one penny low). Whereas in Europe, you’re basically paying 10-20% below list all the time.

  25. Francois

    I bought the GoPro cloud subscription to reduce the price of the Hero. However, the upload speed for video footage is incredibly slow. Is there a way to use the cloud or is it just a waste of money? I feel that a NAS is cheaper and more efficient.

    • It’s definitely slow. For me, I use it primarily as a backup, and occasionally – like right now – it’s syncing clips to the cloud from my swim, that later tonight I’ll grab at home (from the cloud) for Instagram stuff. It just save me time sitting there connecting to it, etc…

      But I agree, I wish there was better connectivity options there. I wish I could have it sync to at least Dropbox (which, I’ll happily pay them for), or to a NAS.