New US Partnership + $500 Gadget Giveaway: & Competitive Cyclist!


I’m excited to announce a new partnership for US readers, with &! This new partnership helps support the site here, while also getting you a discount on applicable items as well using the DCR Coupon Code. And, atop that, they’re sponsoring giveaways like this very one right here. Win-win!

Both & are owned by the same entity, and thus you’ll largely see most of the sports tech items I tend to review on both platforms. Eagle-eyed readers have noticed a slow transition of links over to & over the last few weeks – and I’ve already seen a number of you taking advantage of that. Using the links here on the site (always on the sidebar), or in the review posts directly, helps support what I do here. It’s much appreciated!

Atop that, I’ve been working with the folks at both companies to increase inventory and stocking in the sports tech product areas you care about most, something you’ll probably start to see the benefits of over the next little while (and in some cases, already).

For those readers that have been around the site a long time, you’ll know previously my main partner in the US was Clever Training, for some 8 years in fact! And they’ve been a great partner over that timeframe not just for the site, but for thousands of you as well. Links to Clever Training will continue to support the site through the end of October, but not beyond that. Your existing Clever Training VIP memberships will remain valid beyond that, as do any points you’ve accrued.

Now to get this party kicked off, I’m doing a $500 gadget giveaway. It’s been a while! The winner gets a $500 gift certificate to Backcountry or Competitive Cyclist for the gear of their choice. It could be a watch, a bike computer, or heck, even just a whole lot of gels. Or a hoodie. Whatever floats your boat. Now, while the Backcountry/Competitive Cyclist site is mostly blocked in Europe and some other places, fear not – you’re still good! You can continue using Wiggle or Amazon to support this site (they are always on the sidebar). And, if you are a non-American winner, you’ll still get up to a $500 gadget of your choice that’s from their inventory. See, I have you covered!

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Use or Competitive Cyclist with either the coupon code DCRAINMAKER for first-time users saving 15% on applicable products. And both Backcountry & Competitive Cyclist offer free 2-day shipping!

How to enter the giveaway:

Simply leave a short description below in the comments with what your weekend workout plans are. Even if that ‘workout’ includes spending time with Netflix. Recovery is important!

Note that simply putting the word ‘Run’ in the box is likely to get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  So, adding a few extra explanatory words helps! Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, October 19th, 2020 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time. Winner will be selected randomly. One entry per person.  The selected product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming it’s in stock. If the winner is outside the US, I’ll work with you directly to get you all sorted out. Note that your information above stays entirely within the site and is not given to any entities, except the winner of course, as to be able to place their order.


  1. Timothy Coyle

    Saturday includes a multi-hour hike at a Delaware State park. Sunday includes a 10 mile run.

  2. Bryan Simmons

    10k run around our local lakes.

  3. Erik Pieh

    Rollerski until it snows! The buy a ski erg.

  4. Justin

    Hiking a 40 mile stretch of the CDT in Idaho

  5. Nick

    Shoveling counts as a workout right?

  6. Ken

    Planting trees

  7. Creighton

    Goimg to install a bike rack in the van and take the bike for spin

  8. Keith

    Runs and a family bike ride on tap.

  9. Steve Gwozdz

    Running a double dip virtual 10k to support All Stars and the Res Bamdanna Run.
    All stars project funds urban after school programs.
    The Res Bandanna rum honors the 9/11 hero Welles Crowther, whose selfless acts saved as many as 18 lives that day. Incredible story viewable on YouTube/ ESPN.

  10. paul

    Run through the fall leaves


    Doing 4-5 hours zone 2 outdoor ride.

  12. Bert

    I did a solid long run today, but tomorrow I’m probably going to try to get back a segment that I lost in my neighborhood. Should be nice weather for it!

  13. Joel

    Nice. This would great to buy my wife a bike trainer!

  14. KC

    I’m going to run both days of the weekend.

  15. Randy

    Two runs at a local state park in Wisconsin with all the changing leave colors.

  16. Thomas Rozwadowski

    Working this weekend, so bike commuting for me.

  17. Ben

    Short bike ride for sunday if the weather is good

  18. Cosmo

    A bit of Peloton and a bit of beer

  19. Alex A.

    A quick 10 miler in the Southeast US now that fall temps have arrived.

  20. Matt K

    I just got back from a 40 mile ride but the temperature and wind is starting to get to me. I think tomorrow I will just set my bike on my trainer and watch netflix inside. It will probably be a little warmer.

  21. Luciano Saraiva Resende

    Is it still time? How this year it’s my turn!!

  22. Chris

    Friday my girls HS golf team won their third State Title, and I drove to Northern Michigan to watch the leaves change colors.

  23. David

    Long mountain bike ride in perfect colorful fall weather of Asheville NC

  24. Erica Michelstein

    Thank you so much for offering this giveaway! This weekend I’m hoping to get out for a nice relaxing stroll around the neighborhood, despite a heat wave. Not quite a workout, but fits into the recovery rubric you made so permissible! 🙂

  25. Seth Presser

    Recovery from early Fall common cold (not COVID, as I had that in March). So this weekend’s workout is hydrating and rest.

  26. Ben Zuehlsdorf

    A big gravel ride!

  27. Martin Kulhanek

    EZ run 10km on Friday, EZ run 8km on Saturday, Long run 24km on Sunday 🙂

  28. Kevin

    A little time on the trainer, but mostly working on homework that is due this weekend.

  29. Dana Chin

    Weekend plans are 25k trail run on Saturday with a new group. Sunday will be a ride with family. And of course another mile run to keep the streak

  30. Brian N

    Rest on Saturday. A slow 10-mile run on Sunday morning to beat the heat.

  31. Bruno Q

    Run to hills and bike far away

  32. Abeeku Thompson

    Weekend workout plans include some biking and running!

  33. William Rush

    Lucky to live is SW Florida where it is perpetual summer. Tomorrow we ride at 7:15 for about 30 miles. The. Coffee together with great folks.

  34. Greg K.

    Ironman VR 28

  35. J

    My plans are to hook up the Thule Chariot up to the bike, fill it with kids and their stuff, and ride it as fast as their giggles allow.

  36. DJH

    Wow, big changes afoot at DCR! I did a 3hr solo endurance ride today and will do a 3.5-ish he climby ride tomorrow.

  37. Enrique Pulido

    Go out tu run almost 15k

  38. Running twice with the kiddo in the stroller, 10+12 miles goal!


    I am doing 2 trail runs of 6 & 12 miles in the mountains Sat. & Sun.

  40. Jim Cansler

    Zwift Watopia Fuego Flat ride today. I’ll probably do at least one KOM loop tomorrow followed by Titan’s Grove…then onto the dread mill.

  41. Scott Burrill

    Ride London on Zwift while watching Utopia on Netflix!

  42. Jake Downing

    A difficult workout plan this weekend due to work pressures so having a gentle trail run up Mt Kau Kau in Wellington New Zealand and then a rest until a cold dip into the sea for a short splash.

  43. Jonathan Wendt

    Saturday is a birhday party for my daughter, Sunday a nice 20-30 mile ride!

  44. George Kovatchev

    Work, errands and a family BBQ. But I am looking forward to winter strength training.

  45. S Sowell

    Day off the bike after a hard-ish week. Stay safe all.

  46. Julie Chan

    Indoor cycling on Zwift for 2hrs.

  47. Chris

    Ride my bike, kind of a lot.

  48. Tod Vollrath

    90 minute indoor ride while watching college football today and a long run tomorrow around DC.

  49. Duff

    Building IKEA furniture … cross training.

  50. Michael

    TrainerRoad. I love/hate TrainerRoad.

  51. Vadim S

    Hilly 7mi run and hilly 60 mi bike ride.

    Thank you, @dcrainmaker!!

  52. Phil

    TrainerRoad workout and hiking with my family! Then maybe a run to get back into running shape!

  53. Marc Balaguer

    Short workout Sat, Hike on Sunday, and a short run Sunday afternoon.

  54. MikeB

    Short run and strength workout.

  55. Darren O

    In the process of moving, so that will be my weekend workout for awhile!

  56. Steve G

    Plan is to take advantage of some decent mid-October weather to get in a couple of rides.

  57. Emil Gercke

    Working up to my indoor season with Zwift.

  58. Ian T Hamilton

    2 trainerroad workouts are on the schedule for the weekend. Mary Austin (love to hate that one) and Tallac +3

  59. Paul Adams

    My plans are a 5 mile race over the Mississippi River. Came in 2nd.

  60. Turner Thompson III

    I plan to ride the Macomb Orchard Trail with my amigos, then hang blinds during my recovery.

  61. Nathan Nisbet

    Saturday was a 22km ride to Musselman’s Lake. Sunday will be a long slow run (training plan is calling for 18km).

  62. Jerry

    Run on Saturday and Bike on Sunday.

  63. Jim Ford

    It’s yard work for me this weekend! Raking and bagging leaves in the US Midwest counts right? I mean Garmin is only a few miles away from here…

  64. Adam

    Ride some gravel and attack some tail trail!

  65. tyler ellis

    Recovering from a long work week with some short runs around the neighborhood!

  66. Jonathan G

    Saturday 11mi+ Trail Run
    Sunday 6.5-7 Miles Road and Track

  67. Robert Kortyna

    Having a hard time with motivation so probably just a longer walk

  68. Derrick Davis

    go for a long ride on the W&OD trail in northern virginia

  69. Bret Bartness

    9 mile run on Saturday.

  70. Rob

    Long run on Saturday and moderate road ride on Sunday.

  71. Paul

    Weekend workout plans: an 8 mile run into the Bronx with my partner this morning, and a simple solo 4 miler tomorrow. Not training for anything particular right now with no races going on, but trying to keep in at least half marathon shape.

  72. Jimmy Stevenson

    I did a short bike ride today to kick off my offseason training plan. I’ll do a short zone 2 run tomorrow before getting into the plan for real.

  73. Tyler Rosser

    I’ll be riding 10ish miles on my MTB, and then watching Flanders. Can’t wait!

  74. Denali

    Running, hiking, maybe just chasing kids

  75. Mike Matheny

    60+ mile ride with the Saturday group.

  76. Jed Siebel

    Trainer ride tonight and a run tomorrow morning

  77. Eric

    Zwift ride on Saturday, long run Sunday!

  78. Matt W

    My ankle has been hurting for a while, so I’m taking it easy for now

  79. Thomas Tarnow

    Walked today. Going to jog on the Erie Canal and check out fall colors tomorrow.

  80. WW CAKES

    Fitting in some tough Zwift workouts before I get away for a few days with the wife and kids.

  81. Steve

    Woo Hoo!

  82. Jon LT

    2-3 hour ride south and east

  83. Alex

    Trail running !!!

  84. Kyle Demerath

    80 mile gravel race in snow… Yeah that was chilly

  85. Johnathan Davidson

    trail run off the blue ridge parkway

  86. A Brady

    Bike and avoiding smoke from fires

  87. Josh

    Would love a new PM!

  88. Matt

    Play some Pickleball while recovering from gravel riding

  89. Andy Jones

    Hopefully getting out on Sunday for buggy run with Mr mummy and me.

  90. Turn The Damn Cranks

    Zwift x2. Unless I can get out IRL x1.

  91. Jeremy C.

    Going to the zoo with my family–getting some walking exercise pushing the kid and stroller around

  92. Shay Foley

    One wheeling at least 20 miles with my sons! It’s a workout, I promise.

  93. Donna V

    The only workout I’m going to get time for is time in my NormaTec Recovery boots.

  94. Sara

    Catching up on sleep and getting in a ride outside tomorrow!

  95. Hori G

    Run with my girls and a long ride on Sunday.

    Thank you!

  96. Jess Anderson

    Long bike ride in the morning followed by a second ride with kids to the park.

  97. Harsha Sudanagunta

    Hiking, Gardening, Cleaning the backyard.

  98. Gabriella Tsurutani

    Weekend workout plan is 50 mile ride with a friend on new trails along the Mississippi. Day 2 has Pilates and a hike with the dog.

  99. Julien A Bouillot

    plan for the weekend, a 90Km bike ride along the Hudson river and 9W and a 20K run on Sunday….stretching those legs…

  100. Geoff

    Break in my new bike with another ride tomorrow. Hopefully, I don’t take another tumble like on today’s ride. Don’t worry, the bike escaped with only a few scratches!

  101. Jason W.

    Two 60 minute zwift rides.

  102. Robin

    My weekend training plans? Answering the call of that bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos in the kitchen.

  103. Ben

    Woohoo!! Sweaty run today.

  104. Jon Palmer

    Hiking with the family

  105. Elizabeth d.

    A little speed with my cross country team. A little more miles with a friend. And some hiking with the family.

  106. Andy

    Taking Saturday off, long run Sunday

  107. Lori

    Working out using fun workout videos I found on YouTube

  108. Joe

    Lot’s of hiking

  109. Steve

    Yard work and a treadmill run.

  110. Mike E

    Long and easy gravel ride.

  111. Patrick Bise

    5k today and long road ride tomorrow with 3 climbs in preparation for the hincapie gran fondo

  112. Scott Johnson

    Running a half marathon to prepare myself for virtual MCM next weekend! I took 8 weeks off for recovery and it’s been hard coming back.

  113. A hike today and a long drive back to DC tomorrow, 9 hrs or so!

  114. Bryan A

    1 burpee

  115. Nico L.

    Quick run, and then volunteering for a local cyclocross “time trial” event

  116. Anthony

    Longish ride today, hike and picnic with the family tomorrow, and do some much needed maintenance in the family’s bike fleet tomorrow. Wife can’t currently ride her bike, so would be good to be fixed up for commute on Monday.

  117. Mike

    Nice long ride today and church tomorrow! Great weekend!

  118. Anthony Bone

    Putting winter tires on the cars and resting my sore Achilles’ tendon.

  119. Guillermo Guerini

    Today I did a 7mi run and tomorrow I’m planning on an indoor ride and then 10min run. And I’d love to win the $500 giveaway. Hehe one day…

  120. Carlos

    Long bike ride and short 30 min run.

  121. Josh

    Century ride in Zwift world tomorrow

  122. Jim Gould

    My workout plans are moving a Data Center.

  123. Chomac’h

    Saturday : nice SUP trip on the sunrise
    Sunday : walk with a lot of climbing.

  124. Mike cycle

    Hope to manage to get in a zwift session or 2 if lucky

  125. Quentin Low

    My 11 year old son and i have our version of Fushia Dunlop’s Emergency Noodles for breakfast on Saturday. Then at mod morning, we do a 2 miles loop around the neighborhood. Then we spend the rest of the time doing housework until mid afternoon when we run the 2 mile loop again.
    Sunday runs are mostly what we call chat n runs. More like running at conversational pace. Sometimes more conversations than running.

  126. Tyler

    I’ll be playing some golf, riding my bike, and doing some walking.

  127. Shawn Tubre

    Switching between heat & ice on my aching body.

  128. Dan

    Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City then hiking in Zion. I wish every weekend were this eventful!

  129. ryan kathol

    A bit of trainer time in the basement

  130. going to take a road trip down to San Luis Obispo! should be great weather!

  131. Michal M

    Working on a new plan to help me lose the 25% weight I’ve gained over the last two years Vs my race weight… good times and about time I get back on that high horse!!

  132. Bruno

    Yesterday, a 50km ride done. Today a whole day of rock climbing!

  133. Rob

    A trail run down to the beach and a dip!

  134. Robert Black

    Nice cool 5am 10km run in the next ten minutes, then work, then whiskey about lunchtime. (Shift worker) tomorrow I’m on nights so time to clear the alcohol

  135. Brendan Lewis

    Putting up a new TV antenna!

  136. Chris M

    Long run in the mountains

  137. Iman Setiawan

    Cycling outdoor for century rides following exciting news of easing restrictions in Melbourne Victoria Australia … yay

  138. Carlos Gonzalez

    Spent Friday having my wife on her E-bike pacing me. Got a good work out with the head wind.

  139. Andy G

    Weekend plan: map out gym workouts for this week and cardio days.

  140. Peter Poulsen

    A walk with the family and a ride on Zwift

  141. Ralf Salzgeber

    Running the virtual JP Morgan….

  142. Alex

    Off-season has begun… this weekend’s training is some walks and couch time.

  143. Chris McElwee

    5 mile hike at a local ski resort!

  144. Thibaut

    Short run with the children in the trailer!

  145. TimG

    Weekend away of cycling

  146. Barry Whittle

    Cycling around the lake

  147. Ace

    I’ll be doing squat thrusts with my buddy Gary in the Fortress of Solitude™

  148. Tim S.

    Two rounds Zwifting around Watopia will have to do the job on this rainy weekend – but I am looking forward to seeing some friends online!

  149. R. Fisher

    Running and biking through Northern Utah

  150. Jordan Carelli

    Riding the Ibis Ripmo I bought from Competitive Cyclist a couple months ago! Ripping on a full squish really brightens up the week!

  151. Eric S

    First really chilly ride of the fall

  152. Roy M

    Saturday did 2:20 Zwift workout.
    Sunday either 2:30 Zwift workout or 1:00 run

  153. Marc

    Saturday – open water swimming. Sunday – long run in the woods.

  154. Kyle D.

    First ride after moving back to the States. Thanks, Ray.

  155. Jose Luis Bravo Garcia

    Easy 17k, around 1:30

  156. Jacob

    First Rouvy Ride

  157. Pedro

    Already 3100 plus comments. Damn. Nursing an injury so some easy run and bike for me this weekend.

  158. Martin N

    The only workout I am getting is getting my kid to swim practice.

  159. Tom Preute

    A little ten mile loop around town.

  160. Mat

    a swim, a bike, a run, a rest

  161. Jason Chan

    My swimming pool will be closed in Nov, I need to catchup swimming as much as I can.

  162. skyrun

    looking to finally get outside for a run!

  163. Patrick

    Long run on Saturday, sleeping in on Sunday

  164. Florin

    Indoor cycling and run

  165. Nils-Peter Aulisio

    Need to do some strength training by renovating my new house and hopefully get a qucik ride in too!

  166. rp86

    Doing a full lap of my local MTB trails.

  167. Roeland Koldenhof

    Going for 50k mtb trip at sunset here in NL.

  168. David Maume

    Two 10k runs on saturday et sunday and two short bike rides to recover.

  169. Martin G

    About to get up and out for a 50 mile road ride

  170. Ross

    Big solo gravel ride west of Boulder

  171. David T Tsai

    Indoor cycling, weight machine and free weights

  172. Rob

    Lazy Saturday, then a MTB duathlon on Sunday.

  173. Konstantin

    Long rollerski session or may be 15km run on hilly terrain.

  174. Jeff W

    Road trip for work with visits to see kids at school

  175. Nick

    Long ride to try out the new tubeless setup!

  176. KO

    Short ride and a long run through San Francisco.

  177. Harri Roto

    Trail riding!

  178. Stuart

    Suffering with cramp and illness and sleeping, rather than getting outside for a nice easy 50

  179. mama

    Went on a hike in the mountains yesterday (first in a while!) with a Fenix 2 I’d love to upgrade *wink wink*. Thanks for these giveaways 🙂

  180. Ulric

    Being outside with nature and hiking is the best.

  181. Libby Harris

    Golfing 🙂

  182. Chris Webb

    Running the Abraham’s Tea Round; a 30mile/12,000ft route over the fells in the Lake District, UK.

  183. Michael Eckhardt

    I’ll visit an animal park with my children and if some time is left I ‘ll get on my bike and drive around on the trails.

  184. Steven Lee

    Zwifting with a pace partner

  185. David Post

    This weekend I’ll be testing out my new running gear. I had tested these Adidas sneakers in a short walk, and it feels like running on Franz Bread. The most comfortable I’ve ever felt running.

  186. Christophe

    Riding a Rouvy drafting series race and going for an outdoor ride

  187. shmuel Raviv

    Planning short Mountain biking, thanks DCR

  188. Kardiuz

    Walking by the sea

  189. Paul Faulkner

    A hill climb yesterday, a jog along the South Downs today.

  190. David

    A mellow 120km ride with friends amongst the hills south of Khao Yai (“big mountain”) in Thailand.

  191. Dionisis Dionisopoulos

    A 2,5 hour long run and then all the food and rest i can get!

  192. Dieter

    I plan to go for Run #2 of week 4 of my c25k plan.

  193. Nick Sutton

    TrainerRoad sweet spot Saturday and Sunday for me!

  194. Hanna

    100km ride if the weather gods are kind today 😇

  195. Luca

    Unfortunately this weekend for me is quarantine time 😢

  196. Alasdair Graham

    Simple local exploring and planning for new longer routes.

  197. Jukka Kukkonen

    Following Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra 2020 World Championship over the weekend!

  198. Michael Humphrey

    Planning an afternoon hike after a coffee and mabey a little iced yoga… I do live in Alaska.

  199. James Mangold

    Easy ride with a broken tibia and DVt

  200. maikkeli

    Brick TR / run workout! First snow expected next week 😀