New US Partnership + $500 Gadget Giveaway: & Competitive Cyclist!


I’m excited to announce a new partnership for US readers, with &! This new partnership helps support the site here, while also getting you a discount on applicable items as well using the DCR Coupon Code. And, atop that, they’re sponsoring giveaways like this very one right here. Win-win!

Both & are owned by the same entity, and thus you’ll largely see most of the sports tech items I tend to review on both platforms. Eagle-eyed readers have noticed a slow transition of links over to & over the last few weeks – and I’ve already seen a number of you taking advantage of that. Using the links here on the site (always on the sidebar), or in the review posts directly, helps support what I do here. It’s much appreciated!

Atop that, I’ve been working with the folks at both companies to increase inventory and stocking in the sports tech product areas you care about most, something you’ll probably start to see the benefits of over the next little while (and in some cases, already).

For those readers that have been around the site a long time, you’ll know previously my main partner in the US was Clever Training, for some 8 years in fact! And they’ve been a great partner over that timeframe not just for the site, but for thousands of you as well. Links to Clever Training will continue to support the site through the end of October, but not beyond that. Your existing Clever Training VIP memberships will remain valid beyond that, as do any points you’ve accrued.

Now to get this party kicked off, I’m doing a $500 gadget giveaway. It’s been a while! The winner gets a $500 gift certificate to Backcountry or Competitive Cyclist for the gear of their choice. It could be a watch, a bike computer, or heck, even just a whole lot of gels. Or a hoodie. Whatever floats your boat. Now, while the Backcountry/Competitive Cyclist site is mostly blocked in Europe and some other places, fear not – you’re still good! You can continue using Wiggle or Amazon to support this site (they are always on the sidebar). And, if you are a non-American winner, you’ll still get up to a $500 gadget of your choice that’s from their inventory. See, I have you covered!

Backcountry_Logos_with_TM  CC_17_grey

Use or Competitive Cyclist with either the coupon code DCRAINMAKER for first-time users saving 15% on applicable products. And both Backcountry & Competitive Cyclist offer free 2-day shipping!

How to enter the giveaway:

Simply leave a short description below in the comments with what your weekend workout plans are. Even if that ‘workout’ includes spending time with Netflix. Recovery is important!

Note that simply putting the word ‘Run’ in the box is likely to get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  So, adding a few extra explanatory words helps! Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, October 19th, 2020 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time. Winner will be selected randomly. One entry per person.  The selected product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming it’s in stock. If the winner is outside the US, I’ll work with you directly to get you all sorted out. Note that your information above stays entirely within the site and is not given to any entities, except the winner of course, as to be able to place their order.


  1. Running and weightlifting

  2. michel

    Do an easy run
    Eat cake
    Try not to get covid

  3. Mark Lever

    Trainerroad on the turbo and a long base run!

  4. Miguel Goyanes


    Unfortunately, injured myself in the ankle. Will probably spend the next month recovering. That’s hard.

  5. Jorge LC

    Quite a lot of swimming during the week, Amazon prime and netflix recovery needed!!

  6. andrey Ivanov

    sadly no workouts at all 🙁 – got strong skin irritation, need to recover 🙁

  7. Bill Kerber

    Movies with family. Pirates of the Caribbean marathon.


  8. Pawel

    I’m going to continue getting friends with my new trainer and Zwift 😉

  9. G-man

    Recovery weekend

  10. Jari Leino

    Zwift academy

  11. jerome

    Hi, edge 830 would be fine !

  12. Chris

    Putting up bookshelves whilst trying not to aggravate an ankle ligament injury 🙁

  13. Rastislav Sarik

    Cycling only 🙂

  14. Luiz DF

    Bike ride
    Transition 2
    And cheeky run to finish it.

  15. Rajat Sarup

    Trainerroad workouts on the bike

  16. Peter van Groesen

    Had a solo 100km ride ‘SKC’-style (steven kruijswijk coëfficient, 2.6!). link to

    First ride with my Favero Assioma uno after reading your in-depth reviews. Very happy with it!

    Next ride will be 2 minutes intervals monday or tuesday.

  17. Andrej B.

    I hope I’ll be able to take a short walk. Still not feeling well after a week of a nasty cold.

  18. Tyas

    Did a chilly and demanding MTB ride yesterday (mac heart rate efforts). Today (Sunday) its legs up on the couch, watching road cycling on TV (and maybe some bike maintenance inbetween).

  19. Richard Blanchard

    End of season break for me at the moment, while away with work. May get a short run in if I’m lucky.

  20. Conor McQ

    Extra easy long run tomorrow. Recovering from a back injury

  21. Seth Frankel

    Cruises through my own half marathon run on Saturday. Hoping some real racing be back next fall.

  22. Yohann

    Congrats on the new partnerships!

  23. Yohann

    This weekend: 3*10 sweet-spot and threshold ride! Yikes

  24. Peter Gaboury

    A quick ride on Saturday with a couple of sprints to pep up the ride, and a mountain bike ride on sunday. not looking for any particular zone, just ride and enjoy automne

  25. Todd Foeckler

    Bandit riding courses of rides that were cancelled.

  26. Miguel

    Covid sick… Looking forward to get out!

  27. Scott McC

    Saturday easy ride, Sunday Checking out a new (to me) 15 mile trail run.

  28. JP

    An all-day drive after a week of riding and hiking in the mountains!

  29. Andrew

    Last day of 5k lockdown restrictions in Melbourne Australia.

  30. Abdiel

    No sport sessions scheduled for this weekend (had to give a band concert instead). Today I’m heading into the woods for an evening stroll, trying to get the kids tamed. ^_^

  31. Brian Johnson

    Nothing fancy or exciting here! The weekend workout will be an easy 9 mile run followed by some stretching and leg exercises.

  32. Marc

    Just going for a short run in the forrest

  33. Nicholas


  34. Dean C

    2hr Zwift endurance ride then a short run, all while switching between the Vlaanderen and the Giro.

  35. Geoff D

    Riding gravel and watching de Ronde van Vlaanderen!

  36. Joe

    Sweet spot trainer workout followed by brick run on Saturday, then long run on Sunday.

  37. Marc Simkin

    Plans were to go out for solo ride at least on of the two days. Not sure it will happen. It got cold and I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed by work, enough that the thought of spending 3 – 4 hours out on a bike adds more stress. So, it will probably just be a workout in TR.

  38. Anthony

    5k easy run on Sunday and some rehab, easing back from achilles injury

  39. Nathan

    There was a run and walk plus two games of rugby league to watch and one game of union and we mustn’t forget Bathurst. A very full weekend.

  40. Yagil

    Did a 21 miles MTB loop today.

  41. Daniel

    I did a rather slow 10k today. Preparing 5k PB try next week!!

  42. Jean

    Changing the gear set on my bike

  43. Milessio

    A not too chilly sea swim & maybe a roller session 🙂

  44. Jeff Kohn

    Going Mountain biking on a new trail in Patapsco State Park in Maryland today. Thanks Ray for all you do for the biking/triathlon community.

  45. 8 mile surfski race, Sunday morning Rhode Island, US.

  46. Viktor Poór

    Go for a run with my daughter in our running stroller.

  47. Daniel Hirsh

    Feelin lucky

  48. Eric

    Longish road ride on Friday, trail run on Saturday to enjoy the colors changing! Cheers!


    Hopefully the rain holds off for one more bike ride before it gets too cold to ride outside

  50. koen

    easy run sunday, and then watch the Tour of Flanders

  51. Mike


  52. Jason Meador

    Walking (lots), running (a tiny little bit) and monkeying around with trying to get my Chinese spin bike connected to Zwfit (more than I want to)

  53. BGarb

    Spending time watching my daughter race XC.

  54. Anthony LoSasso

    I have a 50 mile ultramarathon planned for two weeks from now. Going to do a relaxed 25 miler.

    Congrats on the new partnership!

  55. Patrick

    EZ spin on Sunday morning followed by watching De Ronde and the Giro.

  56. Andy Armstrong

    Cross Loop through the North Copenhagen forests :):)

  57. Rob Peters

    Last MTB race of the season

  58. Nicolas D

    Riding through Chevreuille!

  59. Stefan Bluemmers

    Enjoying a ride along the ocean with finally a bit cooler temperatures

  60. Matthew Corcoran

    Congrats on the new partnership. Long Run in Philly!

  61. gil eliraz

    2 outdoor cycling. about 80 km of good time….

  62. Rich M

    My workout plans, it would appear (having, err, done it), are to decide at 1230 to sign up for a race, rush to sign up in my car, drive back, getting delayed in rubbish traffic, swap car for bike so wife can use car, cycle back for the start time at 1400. Arrive 4 minutes after the start of the race…. quickly swap shoes, take helmet off, remove phone from bike and attach to arm (thanks Quad Lock!), etc. Start race and cross start/finish line at about 5 minutes behind field!

    Funny thing was getting appluaded as the (much faster) lead runners came to map me a few minutes later, and some shouts with people thinking I was in front… not realising my unusual start situation 🙂

  63. Christopher Brooks

    I’m planning on finishing setting up my pain cave for my kickr that should arrive this week. I’m a little further North than most so my outdoor riding season has been over for a week or so now.

  64. Zai Balint

    we have orienteering competitions for as long as the bearable weather holds out, so two 10k-ish run

  65. Chris

    Evening walk with the family.

  66. Frank Bauer

    Did a 40k Time Trial today – first race in 2020 🥳

  67. shawn k

    a couple short runs and catching up on household task list!

  68. Richard Elliot

    Pushing a buggy is as active as I’ll get this weekend.

  69. Neil b

    10 mile trail run

  70. Ray Jebsen

    It was a 60 min tempo run, but it was 38 degrees in Chicago so I did a 2 mile speed test!

  71. ram459

    Watching Tour of Flanders on TV!

  72. Nick Grant

    Small recovery ride and coffee stop ☕️

  73. Running. Every weekend. Always.

  74. L. Davids

    Going for a nice single-track with my lefty.

  75. Jay Mitchell

    Midway through replacing shifter cables, so will be getting in some strength training and some time on the old indoor recumbent (along with finishing the cable replacement).

  76. Michael Dunlap

    Run and work on my Sprinter Van Conversion.

  77. Michael Dunlap

    Bike help my mother on some projects around her house.

  78. dave

    raking leaves, banking riding hours

  79. CC

    Trying out our new Stages bike.

  80. Stuart Schwark

    Kinda cool today in N. Virginia so maybe a shorter ride followed by some good weight training. Today’s a good day to take a break from Zwift! 😊

  81. keith

    Going to be a rest weekend.

  82. Jacalen Garris

    Fall trail run. Gravel ride with my “bubble” friend. Mow, rake and pack. New house on the horizon!!

  83. Lucas

    Watching the ronde of Vlaanderen, to see how it must be done….

  84. Anne B

    Running the last long training run before a half marathon race next week

  85. Mike E

    Runs, rides and red meat for this weekend. Then rinse and repeat. Cheers!

  86. Adam Mullins

    Lazy recovery Sunday for me.

  87. Jamie M

    Just a relaxing Sunday today. Back at it Monday.

  88. Rumpt Rumpt

    A 65 km bikeride to the edge of Holland

  89. Chris

    Recovery with a zone 1-2 spin just to loosen up the legs before doing some yoga.

  90. Emma Cutrufello

    5 hour hike enjoying New England fall foliage

  91. Soo Guan Ng

    Probably try to hop back on my trainer and continue my physio treatment!

  92. Bart

    10 mile training run and then a hike with my puppy.

  93. Mitchell Mond

    Some runs and core workout

  94. Brandon

    Just got back from an hourish gravel recovery ride. The rest of the day, however, will be spent on Netflix.

  95. D Pindell

    Weekend taken up with easy run and hard work pressure washing house

  96. Alexandre Paquet

    I plan on restarting zwift and working out again even though it probably won’t be much 🙂

  97. John Poisson

    Tempo ride on TT bike and long run on forest / mountain trails.

  98. David R

    Getting back on the bike again. then a short run.

  99. Risto

    Nice cyclocross taide!

  100. Sneaking out for an autumn afternoon road ride…

  101. Frank Velez

    Pretty excited to ride in some fall leaf colors finally hitting the mid Atlantic. Excited about this new partnership as the backcountry shipping and service is top notch.

  102. Matthew Harlow

    TrainerRoad workout while watching the Tour of Flanders

  103. Marcus

    I’ll be watching my son race cross country.

  104. Dave Byers

    Weekend training plans: 4-hour MTB ride on Saturday and a 3-hour gravel ride on Sunday.

  105. Eric S

    My gym just reopened and I’m going in for a much needed change from my at home workout routine

  106. Nope

    Won’t support a company that supports Backcountry. Shame on you.

  107. Jason Fears

    Recovery run and ride.

  108. Victor A

    Rest after a long ride !

  109. Shane

    Luckily got a nice long run in with the club before stricter lockdown restrictions are imposed.

  110. Yap Kok Fong

    15km trail run, 90km road cycling hill climbing.

  111. Piet Barendse

    As always, sunday morning started with a spinning class and a body pump class. Good way to start your day!

  112. Brett

    Cycle round the river

  113. Jim

    Getting cold and wet running in the Wisconsin rain this weekend.

  114. Cedric

    Weekend workout plans: wrangle my two little girls!

  115. Barrie

    Indoor ‘triathlon’ Row, Bike, Run..
    Long Run and then Long Ride.

    Cup of tea and a slice of treacle tart.. ☕🥧

  116. Shane

    A 1 hour run on Saturday and hike on Sunday.

  117. Jonathan

    Monday: Easy recovery
    Tuesday: SST med
    Wednesday: ??? Surprise
    Thursday: Zwift TTT
    Friday rest
    WE: long ride

  118. Tobias

    I races on Saturday. Yes a legit race. It was so amazing to race once more 🌟

  119. Hugh

    2 hours debugging a new (to me) Wahoo Kickr setup. Also, losing a fair amount of water weight in the process.

  120. Gloria F

    Walking the dogs and grinding on my Echelon indoors, trying to stay away from people and COVID

  121. Kieron

    Short cycle to test the knee, following an injury in the virtual London Marathon

  122. Elisabeth Beusch

    I’d prefer to go outside but turbo it is 🙁

  123. Ondřej Volák

    Just recover after season so maybe a small run.

  124. Tony Marcus

    Hard week. Recovery weekend. Sunday at the winery

  125. Bryan Simpson

    Zwift trainer rides and core work

  126. Ken Linden

    Go for a long day hike in the mountains at altitude.

  127. Jim D

    2-3 hours on the TT bike

  128. ErR

    Lifting boxes, couches, beds, TVs, etc… as we are moving.

  129. Erol Dinneden

    Zwift fun in the warm and comfortable environment of the house when it is raining outside

  130. Blake

    This is a rest weekend to make sure I didn’t truly hurt myself this last week. Hopefully easing back into it at the start of the week.

  131. Matt

    Went for a nice family walk on Saturday and Sunday will be a rest day.

  132. Steven Chasteen

    Saturday run with Rae (my buddy running dog), then rest day Sunday

  133. Jim Trout

    30 mile gravel road race in tandem with wife. Super brilliant fall colors here in Michigan!

  134. David William Holoman

    I am on-call so if I get a ride in it will be really close to home

  135. RobW

    I do love a giveaway 🙂
    Plan this weekend is a virtual mountain race, actual event got called off last week due to the increased restrictions.

  136. MAGNUS

    Quick run followed by a quick rowing session.

  137. Franz

    Short runs on the plan, as I’m just coming back from a running break. And having tea, and some coffee…

  138. Kenneth Xiao

    meditation meditation meditation…

  139. Coach Josh

    Virtual Detroit Marathon on Saturday, recovery run on Sunday.

  140. D S

    Running with my son at a local state park. Maybe also sneak in an MTB ride at the local trails.

  141. Strikkie

    Praep, ride, flow..whoops an unplanned skid, ride some more…go home…some praep…

  142. Chris

    A relaxing 50 mile ride on the C&O canal

  143. Stephen Neabore

    It’s snowing! Hoping to go for a trail run!

  144. Simon Richards

    A pair of long runs for me, which I can hopefully time with breaks in the rain. 🙂

  145. Stefff07

    A recovery weekend ! With some easy running & biking….

  146. ezio

    start to run again and my usual bike ride

  147. Andrea

    Lazy weekend. Let’s call it recovery. 🙂

  148. Vincent

    A long solo ride if I’m lucky enough with the weather, otherwise the same but with my feet in place of my bike 🙂

  149. Lahrs

    Sneaking in a mtb ride, once/if the rain subsides.

  150. D

    Mellow indoor zwift ride before a socially distanced BBQ with a small group of friends

  151. John

    I am going to ride the trainer yuck

  152. Karim

    Big ride Saturday with both Tarmac and gravel. Watch Flanders Sunday. Perfect.

  153. Marc Zuckerman

    Ride with my son.

  154. Christine

    Some torturous Zwifting on the tacx 😭

  155. Tonny Madsen

    Saturday, I have had a first run after a week with a sprained ankle – the inherent risk of trail running – and today, Sunday, I went on 27 km hike with my wife on a new path close to Copenhagen (the Amarmino – just opened in October).

  156. Brett G

    Weekend workout consisted of a hike and vigorous tree trimming!

  157. Andrew

    Nice easy long run through the hills, and getting my bike trainer up and running.

  158. Jörn Tegtmeier

    A walk in the Eifel with the kids and friends visiting from Berlin.

  159. Derek Lee-Wo

    Two rides done this weekend, one indoor and one outdoor

  160. Seth Kirby

    Run in the Peak District on Saturday and rest on Sunday – may go for indoor spin on the bike!

  161. Jonathan

    Probably a walk on the treadmill. Weather is not very nice at the moment.

  162. Marc Salvia

    Long rides to prepare for upcoming events…

  163. Jurassic

    Run with my dog along the South Downs Way

  164. tsachi

    Mountain biking and yard work

  165. Manos Maragkoudakis

    Saturday 4 hours bike train (120km) and Sunday relax with friends at me daughters birthday.

  166. Pieter Messiaen

    A lazy sunday with the tour of Flanders

  167. Terry Reich

    My weekend will be spent bringing into the basement 5 cords of firewood for the winter!

  168. Christine Crockford

    Going for a run on the treadmill

  169. Lou Sanchez

    With any luck I’ll get a good 2 hour mt bike ride in.

  170. Brian McEntire

    Doing the Garmin 5k Intermediate Coach program and loving the prescribed workouts. This weekend it’s a 50 minute long run sandwiched beween 5 minute warmup and cool downs.

  171. Ronja Winter

    A special corona swim training with.other under 18 members of my club

  172. Daniel Bezte

    Putting up snow fences, changing tires over to winter tires, and sneaking in a TrainerRoad workout.

  173. Sébastien

    Nothing at all… 100% recovery !

  174. Steve Schwartz

    Recovery weekend!

  175. Ovidiu

    2 hours endurance training with Xert

  176. Robin

    Enjoy the sun working in the garden and after that I go for a cycling ride!

  177. Daven Oskvig

    Some long miles on the trail.

  178. Dave Ellison

    No Seahawk game = 2 hr Pain Patio ride! Wish me luck!

  179. Chris

    Going for a run later!

  180. Jeff Bradley

    group road ride Sat, mtb today

  181. Martin

    I have everything that I need at the moment except time to train. New season starting, so hopefully I will make a good plan that I can follow. I am following you since beginning, when you were pretty much anonymous geek who review staff in a very long honest, detailed post. Keep up the good work.

  182. Stina Mick

    I wil ride a ZA Segment Groupride and after that I will do a little recovery run around the Alster in Hamburg.

  183. Robin Li

    Zwift + TrainerRoad

    Training for a virtual everesting effort. Just did 3 laps on alpe du zwift yesterday!

  184. Paul Smith

    As a 59 year old PE teacher working in the North of England, my fitness always has and always will be important to me. I have had 2 total hip replacements in 2013 and 2016, so run a lot less than I used to do. However I still manage a couple of weights sessions during the week and a couple of weekend bike rides. On Saturday I went for a quick spin and today I did 30 miles up to Kettlewell and back. I still use a Polar S625X HRM and strap and for what I need it has served me very well.

  185. Jeff Colditz

    Bike Saturday, run Sunday

  186. Solomon B

    Hopefully help defer the costs of an Edge 1030 plus as I am loving the daily suggested workouts on my 945 but not the overall experience

  187. Criag Watson

    Long runs followed by long rests

  188. Ken Kirschner

    First run on the treadmill for the Zwift Run Academy. 90 minute TR indoor bike ride. 60 minute trail run. Son’s baseball game and 1/2 mile Healthy Kids Running Series race.

  189. Ro

    Well, the weekend was two runs of 8.05 Km (probably some weird mile distance…)

  190. Michael

    took part in a 50km gravel race – that was so much fun 🙂

  191. Richard Kendrick

    I expect to do an hour of riding on zwift at some point today.

  192. Tom

    Workout: being spoilt by my girlfiriend following surgery last week!

  193. Puk van Gool

    I wasn’t planning on participating in this giveaway, because it’s almost impossible to win. But why not enter just before the end and see if I achieved my weekend goals.
    Saturday planning to do a group interval workout, but could run because of two big blisters.
    Sunday I was luckily able to run again and did a 15k long run.

  194. Tim Hezemans

    I am going hiking on the Veluwe, on a small holiday near home!

  195. Dmitry

    2 hour driving my cozy sofa in 2nd heart rate zone 🙂

  196. Kajetan Koprowski

    Indor cycling on covid isolation

  197. Christopher Decker

    Intervals on my new Peloton Tread. My new favorite piece of training equipment, fully recommend!

  198. Patrick

    I had some good single track time on the MTB yesterday… And then it snowed. Still hoping to get in a chill (pun intended) recovery ride.

  199. Pete Johnston

    Out on the bike then a rest

  200. Michael Girard

    My weekend workout included loading wood into the smoker for some BBQ and a Sunday Sufferfest sesh (to sweat off said BBQ)