Socially Distant Sports Tech $500 Gadget Giveaway!

If there’s ever a time for a giveaway, this is definitely it. With a boatload of folks stuck inside, any bit of gadgetry cheer I can help usher in your general direction is a good. Plus, this post helps buy me a few more hours time to finish adding a couple of words to my nearly 11,000+ word long 2020 Indoor Trainer App Guide (you can see a sneak peek of it on my Instagram Stories). So whatever the reason – it’s time for a giveaway.

The winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway effort.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead that are kinda like cash).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from a new trainer to a new watch. Or perhaps a new GoPro to properly document your backyard adventures, or simply new shoes to keep pacing around your living room.

In fact, with the current 20% off sale on smart trainers and related accessories, it’ll also cover a number of trainers that are now down to even $399 – sweet! Whatever floats your boat and keeps you happy (Note: While they don’t technically sell boats, they do sell stand-up paddleboards…which, are kinda like boats. And that also helps with social distancing. Just sail/paddle away!).

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of the last workout you’ve managed while properly social distancing. It’s as simple as that!

The reason you need a short description of ‘why’ is that if you just put a simple one-word answer (i.e. ‘Walk’), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM, especially if you’re pulling that can out of your hoarded stash.  Got all that? Good.

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Sunday, March 29th, 2020 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock. Anyone in the world may enter, there’s no limitations there. However, some products can’t be shipped internationally – though most can.


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  1. Leah Gregory

    I’ve been doing yoga and going for runs. That’s it.

  2. Joe Navratil

    I just got back from an early-Sunday-morning ten-mile run from one end of a busy road to the other — which, being Sunday and all, was quiet enough for me to run in the middle of the street for most of it.

  3. Jose

    a nice cross country bike ride

  4. Matt Fratkin

    Indoor trainer ride in my basement.

  5. Robjeat

    Stage 5 Watopia – my first completed Tour of Watopia!

  6. Orion Jones

    4 mile run on trail near my house.

  7. SimAda00

    40 mile ride this morning, no choice but to go outside as I’ve only just bought a house and got the room for a turbo trainer.

  8. Iona Robinson Zeki

    Just a chilly walk in the fields. Saw some birds. That’s about it.

  9. pete mba5

    since we are not completely locked out, I still could enjoy my training in the spring outdoors 🙂

  10. Pepe

    40 km MTB ride

  11. I use my dumb trainer almost daily. Let me win a smart trainer.

  12. Dylan

    Last workout was a home gym strength workout (deadlift and bench).

  13. Martin

    Never rode that much on zwift!

  14. Jochem

    My last proper training was last thursday, I ran together with a friend both on our own side of the cyclepath (the only proper place to run in this area, east of province Utrecht), when someone was approaching we took one side of the path with a proper distance. Luckily we did that, after the run Strava said that my HR was a little bit too high for the type of workout, on Friday I got fever and all corona related problems. I’m in bed now, feeling ok but not good.
    An indoortrainer would really help Me in preparing for my first OD triathlon in june, it will be postponed probably but this will be anyhow be the year of my first tri.

    Please all keep your distance and stay safe, maybe you won’t have any problems but help others to stay save!

  15. Tim

    Taking 7 days off after completing a half marathon training cycle, so I hit the Peloton power zones this week. I’d love a trainer.

  16. Fauxno

    A trainer would be very nice.

  17. Donna

    Garmin with Pulse OX for me please.

  18. Carl

    I did an easy ride on my trainer.

  19. Enrique Valenzuela

    Treadmill run. 5 miles
    Trying to get my endurance level up and be able to run faster, for longer with a lower HR

  20. Chris Cronin

    Walked/Jogged 18 holes on a local golf links (reverse). Saw two couples, but they gave me a wide birth as I passed. Safe. Thanks Ray.

  21. Jessica Mayon

    Stage 1 of Tour de Watopia

  22. Ro

    Last training was a progression run at sunset with most of the people luckily at home having dinner

  23. Jenna L Brashear

    Walked the dog!

  24. Sean

    Riding outside while staying 6 feet away.

  25. mjciv

    Short run on the path along the river…in cold rain.

  26. Sarah Palframan

    Run in the pouring rain, which made distancing easy!

  27. Beatriz Vieira

    Using Youtube to do some inhouse workouts! Hope everyone is staying healthy

  28. STEVE

    Just a couple of walks for me

  29. Graham sowerby

    Did a 20 mile outdoor ride on the local rioads on my own , my daughter is working on a Corona virus ward and riding safely outdoors helps me chill and keep my mind off the worry that this presents us with!

  30. fisao

    I really need to replace …all my indoor cycling things!

  31. rob ter heine

    I rode tour of watopia on zwift this morning in my endorphin attic

  32. Johannes

    Run along the canal

  33. Michael Jeans

    A smart trainer would definitely be useful to get through this lockdown!

  34. Chris K

    Ran with no one around!

  35. Eduardo Guemez Sarre

    2 hour stationary bike routine and yoga session

  36. James

    Some rehab work following a stress fracture – core and stength exercises

  37. Christopher Huff

    2.5 hour mountain bike ride with a few friends. We all maintained the 6ft (2m) distance.

  38. Ole Gunnar Tveit

    Last run was yesterday, along a highway beeing close to some cars and a bird.

  39. Daniel Murray

    Running back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth in front of the house.

  40. Phil

    Outside of regular family walks, I managed to do an out side TrainerRoad sweet spot workout yesterday! Hope everyone is able to be as healthy as possible.

  41. Luke Tayler

    I’m still riding outdoors making the most of it before lockdown!

  42. David Kelly

    Zwift Stage 1 Tour of Watopia- Shorter Ride

  43. Janis

    A fairly relaxed 100k ride with a few mean inclines at the end. Alone of course. Total Zen 🙂

  44. Neil Patel

    The last workout I did was a core and shoulder workout using body weight only. I did it solo on the floor in my room! The workout consisted of 5 sets of:
    Shoulder taps x 20
    Cobra/downward dog x 10
    Toe touches x 10
    Cross Mountain Climbers x 20
    Squats x 20
    Pushups x 20
    30 seconds plank

    Do the set with no breaks in between and break between sets! Finish with 5 sets of 10 leg tucks.

    I’ve been looking into bike trainers a lot recently and I’ve been frequenting this site to learn more and educate myself on which to buy!

  45. Matt Leary

    Country about to be in lockdown – I need a smart trainer. Thanks Ray

  46. Peter Den heijer

    A little riun outside

  47. chuck

    30 min Peloton spin class

  48. Jwarkins

    Just finished a solo 10k

  49. Teixido

    Live in a less crowded area. So getting up early and just go for it gives me enough distance.

  50. Moshe C

    I did three stages of tour of watopia back to back 🙂

  51. Olivier

    Out and back again on Zwift!

  52. Cliff

    Basement strength training

  53. I went for a quick run in the local neighborhood which is permitted under local regulations if you keep a 1,5 m perimeter (the government wants to promote staying active).

    A trainer would be a game changer for me since I would be able to sport and yet stay close to my 12 week old daughter.

  54. Jan Jaap

    Did a couple of runs in the forezt behind my house. Lots of space, very few people there. So fortunate in the current circumstances in The Netherlands and rest of the world.

  55. Bence

    10km run at the river bank. At 9PM nobody was out.

  56. Seth Slipp

    I did a TrainerRoad Baird-1. It is my go to ride for an hour.

  57. Alex Hill

    Luckily work is still going and it’s in the middle of nowhere, so going for a run at lunch meant I didn’t see anyone who required avoiding…

    Thanks again!

  58. Derek

    4 mile run on Zwift using my NPE Runn

  59. Malte Eriksson

    Still able to do more or less my regular training outside, just keeping the distance to the people I meet. Did 22k run this Saturday.

  60. David Maume

    Bike ride but inside on my personal home trainer.

  61. Mark Jarred

    1 mile run to tesco

  62. John Fuhrman


  63. Grant King

    Attempted a socially distance run, one of my usual routes where normally i see no one. Now i’m seeing loads of people out walking

  64. Hans Heunis

    I’m bummed I didn’t buy a Wahoo Kickr Core before our lockdown, the old dumb trainer I dusted off sucks.

  65. Hugo Cayssials

    Got an hour long quarantine home-gym workout, complete with the lone 4kg kettle bell!

  66. Bond

    9 km run in quite easy pace in Warsaw. Only me and wind

  67. Roger Galuban

    5K with nice weather in Dallas this morning

  68. Alex

    Indoor biking in my basement with zwift and Disney+…
    Just me myself and I

  69. Erik Breunig

    Indoor training and splitting logs.

  70. Aaron

    Forgot to read the instructions. My last workout on Zwift was today and was called Cucumber for whatever reason.

  71. Lasse

    3 hours on the gravel bike alone in the woods. Just riding around in zone 2 exploring..

  72. Derrick B

    My last socially-distant exercise was today running at the beach… Unfortunately not many people were being socially-distant, and I ended up spending a lot of time running on the grass to keep at least 3m away from everyone.

  73. Jack D

    Cycle home from work on some beautiful and completely deserted country lanes.

  74. Ari Novis

    Early afternoon weekday bike ride, but traffic like a quiet Sunday morning.

  75. Mark

    A quick run on the bike path near my house, not very busy.

  76. Noah

    A solo road ride with a trip to the ER at the end after I crashed and broke both bones in my arm. FML. Trainer Life for a while!!

  77. David J Smoot

    Went for a run on some weird roads and a new bridge not yet open to the public. Only had to dodge one walker in 5 miles.

  78. Albert

    Coronavirus killed the sports

  79. Cory

    Last workout was a 60 minute suffer in the garage with body weight and TRX straps and a pull-up bar. Running and mtb have also been done, but dialed back on anything risky on the MTB. Trying to avoid popular hours and keep doing my part to stay healthy and away from others.

  80. Reinaldo Pulido

    Im used FulGaz two days ago.

  81. Al

    Last workout (today) was on zwift, previous one was actually an outdoor run trying to avoid people

  82. Brendan Watt

    Managed to get in a 5k trail run with the wife on a beautiful Autumn afternoon in Brisbane.

  83. B.Winter

    Another so soon?
    Today i did an indoor bike on the Tacx.

  84. Trent Simmons

    Zwift ride with the other half!

  85. Marc Metakis

    Kids yoga online with my kiddos

  86. Matthew Glick

    I did a socially distant 10 mile run on the rail-trail near by apartment.

  87. Alejandro Cueva

    Walking indoor

  88. Viviana Filgueira

    just feeding my babe!

  89. Charlie

    6am mtb ride… Finished as others were just starting to get out.

  90. James Lyau

    Training ride with no cars out there

  91. Tabata in my pain cave:
    8x(20s/10s) Squats (1/2 jumped) – 60s pause
    8x(20s/10s) Push-ups – 60s pause
    8x(20s/10s) Sit ups

  92. Brendan Byrne

    I did a Zwift training ride on my Tacx Vortex in my basement two days ago!

  93. Ben

    Zwift Tour of Watopia Stage 1 Long run. Again. Because who doesn’t like double the points for the effort.
    NPE Runn TickrX Landice L8

  94. Travis

    I did a Beep Test on an isolated Netball court…alone.

  95. Tim Splinter

    Walked in the rain for 30 minutes.

  96. Worked out in our condo building’s fitness room alone. My husband would like a new trainer.

  97. Scott White

    20 mile bike ride. Not to many people out and about.

  98. Laurent

    Rest is part of working out, right? So I am resting at home.

  99. Trevor B

    Had a nice socially distant trail jog with my brother today. He’s faster than I am so keeping 2m gap was easy ;$

  100. Mike Pisauro

    Ray, thanks for the giveaways and reviews. My last workout was 7 miles on very muddy, wet trails.