Socially Distant Sports Tech $500 Gadget Giveaway!

If there’s ever a time for a giveaway, this is definitely it. With a boatload of folks stuck inside, any bit of gadgetry cheer I can help usher in your general direction is a good. Plus, this post helps buy me a few more hours time to finish adding a couple of words to my nearly 11,000+ word long 2020 Indoor Trainer App Guide (you can see a sneak peek of it on my Instagram Stories). So whatever the reason – it’s time for a giveaway.

The winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway effort.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead that are kinda like cash).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from a new trainer to a new watch. Or perhaps a new GoPro to properly document your backyard adventures, or simply new shoes to keep pacing around your living room.

In fact, with the current 20% off sale on smart trainers and related accessories, it’ll also cover a number of trainers that are now down to even $399 – sweet! Whatever floats your boat and keeps you happy (Note: While they don’t technically sell boats, they do sell stand-up paddleboards…which, are kinda like boats. And that also helps with social distancing. Just sail/paddle away!).

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of the last workout you’ve managed while properly social distancing. It’s as simple as that!

The reason you need a short description of ‘why’ is that if you just put a simple one-word answer (i.e. ‘Walk’), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM, especially if you’re pulling that can out of your hoarded stash.  Got all that? Good.

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Sunday, March 29th, 2020 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock. Anyone in the world may enter, there’s no limitations there. However, some products can’t be shipped internationally – though most can.


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  1. Nick

    Enjoyed the warm Melbourne weather by cycling in the hills.

  2. David Abraham

    I did an hour and a half while watching Icelandic TV, instead of flying over there and getting sick.

  3. Ben

    Weights, at home 🙁

  4. Tim

    cycling around the neighborhood

  5. Andrew Cayce

    Starting several 30 day challenges with my wife.

  6. Thibaut

    5km run at 5am to avoid bumping into anyone…

  7. Robert

    180min basement trainer

  8. Karl

    “this post helps buy me a few more hours time”
    $500 for a few hours. Sure beats minimum wage. ?

    My workouts since my gym closed have sadly been hearing my son working out. But next week, I promise.

  9. RW

    Hit the rower after a core & weight workout in home gym

  10. Matthew

    Solo run up and down the street.

  11. Robbie

    Another home gym session

  12. ron

    just did a 2 hour bike ride

  13. Brandon Hur

    I have been doing my runs along the stream, where there are some people usually walking around usually. Now I need to find remote sections along the stream to distance myself away from increased number of people and dogs out. It’s getting harder to find open spaces without people.

  14. Wayne Francis

    Bike ride 10 metres behind other riders doing the same. Same as usual for me as i’m always getting dropped! Quiet roads.

  15. P. Chan

    ZHR Audax 100km Zwift ride. Indoors, avoiding people, socially distant.

  16. Ethan

    Run/jog/run – recovering from a ticked off Achilles.

  17. Dan Markel

    I completed another ride on Zwift, exploring Watopia.

  18. Andrew McAvinew

    I just did a Ramp Test on TrainerRoad!

  19. I’ve been mostly running in the forests near my home, but moved the cycling indoors and getting to grips with Zwift!

  20. Jillian

    I did a 2 mile run w my days at the dog park. It’s over 3 miles of open space park and we were 1 of maybe 5 families there. Got my exercise and the pups!

  21. Arif

    My last run was more than 1 week ago, I’ve just been doing body weight exercises at home

  22. Jarek J

    Kitchen Run (100x 3 meters), Then balcony push-ups, bedroom cross, living room squats. And again, and again … and march on a place (just to get minimum step amount). What a hard time…

  23. Leonard Brisebois

    Round Bald +2 on Trainerroad.

  24. Sam S

    A very early morning run yesterday, with only a minor amount of pavement weaving to avoid people!

  25. Maxim A

    I did the Sufferfest’s Blender workout.

  26. Mathieu

    Running 12k with a friend, staying 2 meters apart.

  27. Paul Fearon

    I rode to Monmouth and back to Bristol on a solo ride. The ride was around 100km with approximately 1100m of climbing. I saw a few cyclists, to wave at, on the opposite side of the road but a pretty quiet day on the roads.

  28. Mark Pyers

    I walked up our local hill with my son. It was a beautiful day.

  29. Saucie

    I rode my bike around on my driveway. Does that count as a workout?

  30. Henrik Persson

    I did a 6k run in the woods yesterday afternoon. Sunny but cold.

  31. Nick Keen

    rowing machine workout. Learning the basics.

  32. Marc Deshaies

    I did a 28 mile bike ride on the trainer inside and then went for a short 4 mile run afterwards….still training for my Tri.

    Then had to shower and head into work. No rest for police…lol. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  33. Alex

    Zwifting all the time 🙂

  34. Lorraine S

    Solo cross-training circuit in my garage for 40s/20s (5 rounds)
    SL DL 16kg L
    SL DL 16kg R
    KB Swing 16kg
    Push up
    Mountain climbers
    Lunge 1 16kg
    Lunge 2 16kg
    Squat jacks
    Shoulder taps
    Skip rope

  35. Thomas Conti

    40 minute run in the woods. Can’t ride anymore in France, which I discovered after receiving a fine from the Gendarmes.

  36. Yuri Faccetti

    I’m in Italy and I’m currently zwifting with my Triathlon Team’s mates or biking mates. Everyday a meetup and everyday an easy ride transforms itself in a RACE! ahahahahahah

  37. Ugo

    A workout with an app for workout without any gym gear

  38. Stephen

    Rode to my local climb and performed a few reps of it to increse my fitness.

  39. Josh

    I went for a 3km run by doing loops around the perimiter of house, there a a gate on either side and contrete path, it was pretty good.

  40. Reto Freihofer

    Last social distancung excerside was a ride into the hills (83.5km).

  41. Evgenii

    Meanwhile running is still allowed, but if it will be also prohibited – I will need a good treadmill.

  42. Jorge Pereira

    A short trail run in the forest without nobody around

  43. John A Galani

    Whilst fiddling with my 9 years’ old son’s new bike, I pulled my back! Does this count?

  44. j-xk

    I finally hopped on my trainer again yesterday just to find out the battery was too low. So this doesn’t qualify as “sucessful” workout, but maybe the core workout (crunches, pushups) afterwards does?

  45. Brian

    Bike ride to work and back

  46. Erik Forbord

    Did a 30x1min on an industry road in the evening. Held my distance to the few people I met (only seven in total)and switched side of the road when needed.

  47. Arian

    Zwift, tour of Watopia

  48. Richard Jones

    I’ve dusted off my old (and still very painful) rowing machine in my garage. Did a 10,000m row this morning. Hands hurt to type, but I feel good.

  49. Jeffery

    TrainerRoad Antelope on Saturday in the basement while the kids were napping.

  50. Sean

    Just lots of trainer rides using TrainerRoad!

  51. Raul Freitas

    bye corona, welcome prize.

  52. Joshua Potts

    Rode out at the mountain bike trails basically alone! Great social distancing!

  53. Tan Lik sin

    Sufferfest butter session!

  54. JoJo

    After a slow recovery from an 8 day long high fever likely due to a coronavirus infection,
    I did my first short sweet-spot training interval this WE!

    (70% of regular FTP but feels good to be back on the bike!)

  55. paul bayne

    I just reset my Trainer Road training plan for a peak in July instead of April as previously planned. Hopefully we’ll be racing by then, or at least I can go after some KOM’s with peak fitness by then. My last workout was a 2 hour endurance workout on TR and Zwift at the same time. The TR workout was Boarstone and on Zwift I was doing the group ride previews of a few stages of the Tour of Watopia.

  56. Mark S

    Doing lots of running, mostly on streets and early in the morning – very few people out. Get my intervals in on local school track, as long as it’s near empty.

  57. Yannis Zografopoulos

    Structured indoor cycling workouts on my turbo trainer

  58. Adal Gil Darias Febles

    Stairs workout

  59. Charles S Hall

    I’ve been off work for 2 weeks now and have knocked out 10 solo rides of 90-120 miles through the lonely back roads of Oregon…

  60. Mike

    A run in the park

  61. Patrick Silva

    Running with ZWIFT has been the salvation these days. Great way to keep me motivated.

  62. Jurassic

    Session with Joe Wickes this morning

  63. Xander

    Trail run!

    (Thanks for everything/love this site!)

  64. Jared J.

    Ran 5.5 miles on my local neighborhood trail.

  65. Chris

    Just keep on running through the nearby woods

  66. Ana Iris Paez

    My last workout was yesterday, 13km solo run at 4:00am. Enjoying the outdoors while complying with social distancing

  67. Hunter Hall

    Solo 100 miler through and around the Blue Ridge Mountains!

  68. David Liberman

    did a rainy day park run!

  69. Red

    very simple: it snows and nobody wants to join me for running 🙂

  70. mama

    Jump rope workout as my daily outing 🙂

  71. Graham

    Seemingly endless loops of my garden to get in a bare 4.3 miles. Today I now have an achy knee doubtless the result of constant turns.

  72. Job

    I went for my long run on Sunday with my fiance. Made sure to cross the road to avoid other pedestrians/runners.

  73. A-Fly

    Outdoor running while cursing people for not even making an effort to move over or change direction for social distancing.

  74. youssef

    count me in

  75. Sergio Montelongo

    Nike Training CLub video at home

  76. Michael Hogan

    First time up Alpe du Zwift last night!

  77. Bernardo Harvey

    I had a TT ride yesterday 1h50m pushing hard as if to get away from everybody… dig it early and isolated!

  78. Laurentiu Nistor

    A simple 7km trail run with my wife in the forest right behind our home. Crossed in the passing a lonely biker.

  79. Ales Susnik

    Slow dino run yesterday on Zwift 🙂

  80. Serge Hofkamp

    A wonderful Long run yesterday, battling wit the wind.

  81. Patrik

    Zwift all day, everyday ??‍♂️