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Hands-On: Elite’s New $799 Suito Smart Trainer (with cassette)


[Update – Sept 23rd – 2019: At this point Elite appears to having some pretty substantial teething pains for initial units now just hitting the market. I’d be hesitant to recommend this unit as of today based on these initial reports, though, that could and likely will change if/when Elite can address these hardware manufacturing and software accuracy issues. As noted early on, this post wasn’t a review and I really needed to see final hardware and software and to see it fully fleshed out. Unfortunately, I don’t yet have what I’d consider acceptable software stability, though the hardware unit I do have is fine. I’ll continue to watch all the comments down below and will update once I have something new from Elite.]

It’s very likely that the just announced Elite Suito will be the trainer to beat for 2019 in terms of value for the money. In many ways, this is repeating Elite’s successes of 2017 with the original Elite Direto which dramatically shifted the price equation downwards. Just like then, it appears to be the ideal balance of functionality and price.

Which isn’t to say it does anything earth-shatteringly new from a technology standpoint. At this point in the trainer industry, I don’t think we’ll see any major shifts tech-wise. Instead, it’s about creating better value for the money (read: continued lower pricing), and in some cases various accessories.  The Elite Suito will however look dramatically different than existing Elite trainers, but it shares many aspects of the Elite Direto lineup. But there are some improvements over that product line, notably that it’s quieter and responds faster in ERG mode.

Though, before we talk all tech, let’s just talk. As in, how to pronounce it. Which is always the discussion for any Elite product. This time, the proper pronunciation is akin to sweet-o. Like Cheeto, but, with sweets. You can add some Italian flare in there if you want, it’s optional. Also optional, but highly recommend – is watching the below video recap of everything (it includes the audio tests too!).

Oh, and note – this isn’t a review. While I do have a near-final production unit, there’s some minor tweaks to be had – mainly in firmware, but also even to the packaging. This was considered a test production run, and based on that test there’s a few tiny things they want to do. Point being – things could change in terms of my impressions. They’re expected to do final production runs in about 2 weeks, with European deliveries occurring in early August, and US deliveries the first week of September (the first few weeks of production actually go to North America, but due to boat shipping times, they’ll arrive after Euro deliveries).

And lastly, as usual, this is just a media loaner unit. Once I’m done with the full review I’ll ship it back to Elite and go out and get my own. You can use the links at the bottom to help support the site.

The Tech Specs:


So, let’s get straight into the tech side of the question. Ain’t got no time to waste! Here’s your bulleted top-line tech specs for the Elite Suito.

– Direct drive trainer: This means you remove your rear wheel
– Includes Shimano 11sp cassette (Shimano 105, 11-28)
– Flywheel: 3.5kg/7.7lbs
– Max Simulated Incline: 15%
– Max Resistance: 1900w @ 40kph, 2900w @ 60kph
– Stated Accuracy: +/- 2.5%
– Legs: Adjustable in/out to consolidate, as well as individually adjustable feet
– Sound: Quieter than a Direto, not as silent as a KICKR CORE (less than your fan though)
– Handle: Yes, includes a handle to move around/store
– Protocol Compatibility: ANT+ FE-C, ANT +Power, ANT+ Speed & Cadence, Bluetooth FTMS (Trainer Control), Bluetooth Power, Bluetooth Speed & Cadence
– App compatible: Every app out there basically (Zwift, TrainerRoad, Rouvy, Road Grand Tours, Sufferfest, Kinomap, etc…)
– Compatibility: 130/135 QR, 142×12 thru-axle included (and 148×12 Boost adapter available)
– Weight: 14.5kg / 31.96lbs
– Includes a Zwift 30-day voucher/card in the box

So more or less, it’s very similar to the Wahoo KICKR CORE in most categories. The main differences are the KICKR CORE goes to 16% (vs 15% here), the CORE is slightly quieter, and the CORE has a bigger flywheel (5.45kg vs Suito’s 3.5kg). On the flip-side, the Suito includes a cassette on the unit so that’ll save you ~$60 (+ $15-$20 in tools if you don’t have them), and comes fully assembled and has adjustable feet. Further, it supports proper Bluetooth FTMS, and includes cadence inline (a big deal for Apple TV users).

So, let’s start with the box side of things. Cause that’s where I started. Here it is:


Inside you’ll find the trainer 100% fully assembled. Well, I suppose you have to plug in the power cable and then put the skewer on the trainer. But that takes like 6 seconds. No leg assembly to deal with like so many past Elite trainers. Finally!


Speaking of that power cord, the unit I received included a rather short 1.5-meter cord cord. However, I’ve been told that starting sometime in August the production line will switch to a 2.5-meter power cord. For consumers that receive a unit between those two points, they can simply hit up Elite support and they’ll send them the longer cord gratis.


The most notable thing about the Elite Suito is that it includes a cassette. This is the only other trainer except the $1,199 Wahoo KICKR 2018 (and all top-end KICKR prior to that) to include a cassette. While cassettes are hardly expensive, I’ve always found it fascinating (read: stupid) that more higher end trainers don’t come with them. A typical cassette will set you back about $50-$60, and then another $15-$20 in tools if you don’t already have them. So for a $799 trainer to include a cassette is a huge industry shift. Whereas the $899 Wahoo KICKR CORE doesn’t include a cassette.


That cassette is an 11-speed Shimano 105 (11-28), and will work just fine with 11-speed SRAM if the rest of your drivetrain is like that (as is mine). Additionally, you can always swap out the cassette for other cassettes including Shimano & SRAM 9/10/11 speed cassettes, or there’s a separate freehub adapter available for Campagnolo 9/10/11 speed cassettes.

One minor tidbit that I noticed immediately upon my first pedal strokes was that without a tiny bit of chain lube on my otherwise dry chain, the Suito sounded fairly loud/rough. But after adding a few drops of lube I was good to go. As a result, Elite will be including a tiny little bit of chain/cassette oil in the box so that if your bike is not as ideally maintained (like mine), your trainer will still sound great.


Speaking of attachment type things, the unit includes 130 & 135mm quick release compatibility for standard road bike skewers. Additionally, in the box is a 142mm thru-axle adapter. If you’ve got a 148x12mm thru-axle (Boost) or a 135x10mm or 135x12mm setup, then Elite has separate accessories for those. Again, this is notable as there’s a number of other trainers that don’t include the 148x12mm thru-axle adapters in the box at the lower price points.


And lastly on the accessory front, it includes a front riser/wheel block. Elite started adding this to the Direto trainers last year (2018), and has continued that down to the Elite Suito as well:


The Suito includes a 3.5kg (7.7lbs) flywheel. This is smaller than the $899 Wahoo KICKR CORE at 5.4kg (12lbs) and less compared to the $749 Tacx Flux S trainer at 6.7KG flywheel (which can simulate 32KG). Flywheel weight is generally what drives how realistic the road-like feel is. But there’s not a perfect 1:1 mapping there. Companies can do various secondary belts that multiply the flywheel effect (as Elite has done in the past), or in the case of the Tacx Neo, have no physical flywheel at all, but a virtual one. Still, from a road-like feel standpoint it’s about the same as an Elite Direto to me, and not as good as the Wahoo KICKR CORE – felt primarily during accelerations.


The belt is also a tiny bit wider than the Direto belt, while the case is obviously much thinner than the Direto, with both sides being two sheets of metal versus the plastic shell found on the Direto.

Finally, before we get to the pedaling side of things, let’s talk protocols. The unit supports ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart in the most open way of any company out there. It supports all of the following:

– ANT+ FE-C Trainer Control (including power/speed/cadence)
– ANT+ Power Meter Broadcast (including power/speed/cadence)
– ANT+ Speed/Cadence Sensor Broadcast
– Bluetooth Smart FTMS Trainer Control (including power/speed/cadence)
– Bluetooth Smart Power Meter Broadcast (including power/speed/cadence)
– Bluetooth Smart Speed/Cadence Sensor Broadcast

Neither Wahoo nor Kinetic support this. And Tacx is a bit of a mixed bag on the FTMS side.

The inclusion of cadence in all of the signals is a huge deal for Apple TV users, whereby Apple TV is limited to two Bluetooth Smart connections (plus the Apple TV remote). So Wahoo users for example have to choose between having heart rate or cadence, whereas with the Elite Suito you’ll be able to pair the trainer and get all the data: Control/Power/Speed/Cadence + heart rate from your own HR sensor.


Also of note is that the Elite Suito includes their ‘power meter link’ feature, which means the trainer can pair to your power meter to have the two values match (effectively ensuring the trainer matches your power meter). I’m not usually a huge fan of using this feature on any trainer unless you’ve got a really specific use case. But it’s there for those that want it.

On more thing before we talk first ride is the folding capability. The unit folds up easily so it can fit into smaller places. I suppose you can easily lie it down on it’s back (side?) too, and it’ll probably fit under some beds. The stack height when folded this way I measured at approximately 8in/20cm including the skewer:


And here’s a before/after with its legs extended:

DSC_3049 DSC_3039

Ok, with all that covered, let’s get onto riding it.

First Ride Data:


Technically speaking, I think I’m on my 2nd ride by now. But the first ride was just some quick setup type validation, whereas this second ride was a little bit longer. Definitely not a full test, but enough just to get the feel for things.  Keep in mind the firmware isn’t finished on this, and there’s already some tweaks in the pipeline based on some of my initial ride feedback.

For both of my initial rides I just used Zwift in regular simulation mode (non-workout mode). I’ll likely take TrainerRoad for a spin sometime later today (Monday), if life cooperates, allowing me to test out ERG mode.

Speaking of Zwift, one semi-unique selling point here is the inclusion of a free 1-month trial of Zwift. Many other trainers include 7-day trials, but 1-month is pretty rare. There’s a little credit card thingy found in the box, and on the back of it is a disturbingly long code you can input into Zwift for the 1-month of freedom.


In my case, I’ve long been paying for Zwift, so this wasn’t terribly useful for me. Though, at least it was pretty. I cracked open the app and got Zwift all paired up. Apparently this is Suito #14 off the assembly line.


You’ll notice I’ve got it paired as a controllable trainer, the power meter, and then the cadence as well. For the heart rate I ended up on a TICKR FIT for this ride – all paired via Bluetooth Smart.


At this point, off I went – pedaling away. I ended up doing a few loops of Zwift’s NYC Central Park, which includes some nice rollers and a few brief climbs up to about 12% I believe (on the park perimeter loop):


From a ride feel standpoint it was mostly good, though certainly not at the same level as something much higher end (but also not horribly far away either). As I often note – at the end of the day I’m still staring at a wall inside, there’s only so much a company can do to simulate the outdoors in any meaningful way. But still, accelerations and such were fine – and there wasn’t the grinding feeling found on some lower-end trainers.

Sound-level wise, I’d wager it was quieter than an Elite Direto, but certainly not at the same near-silent level of a Wahoo KICKR/CORE. I’ve got a video coming up sometime today over on YouTube that’ll cover exactly this. Just running out of hours in the day this past weekend.  Also, no issues with the quality of the included cassette. Not that I’d expect that on a 105 either. Sure, the greater Shimano 105 groupset isn’t the pinnacle of engineering tolerances compared to an Ultegra or Dura-Ace one, but for the most part the 105 cassettes are just fine (even when mixed in with a SRAM RED eTAP groupset like I was doing).

But now it’s time to shift our focus to the power accuracy bits. Keeping in mind that this *will* change. Mostly because Elite has already stated it’ll change, specifically around the sprint accuracy. Ideally/hopefully, it’ll change for the better. Here’s the data from this ride, compared against the Favero Assioma Duo pedals and the 4iiii Precision Pro power meters.  Full DCR Analyzer data set here:


(Note: I’ve divided this ride up into two chunks, because Zwift on iOS has a bit of a weird quirk where if you change to a different app for a second, it’ll create a delay in the data, so I did that around the 17 minute marker, and then things were offset for a few seconds. So I’ve adjusted for that in the later graphs.)

What you see above is that for the most part the Elite Suito is similar to the other power meters (namely the Favero Assioma Duo pedals via an Edge 530) during the majority of it. We see it slightly lower, as expected, since it’s further down the drive chain. Oddly the 4iiii Precision Pro unit connected to a Garmin MARQ over ANT+ showed a number of dropouts. I don’t believe I’ve seen this on any previous rides with this combination, so it’s unclear if this is something in the DCR Cave for this ride that caused that.

If we zoom into the sprint a bit, we’ll get a bit more clarity on things at higher outputs. In both the above/below graphs I’ve added smoothing of 10-seconds to make it easier to see. It seems highly unlikely the 4iiii Precision Pro power is accurate at nearly 800w for 10-second smoothed value. Whereas the Elite Suito and known-good Favero Assioma pedals are near identical.


However, you’ll notice that at the end of the sprint, the Elite Suito seems to somewhat ignore the pullback in power, likely due to the speed not catching up, and throwing the algorithm a bit. The Elite Suito (like many trainers these days), doesn’t have a built-in power meter. I don’t particularly care whether a unit does or doesn’t have a power meter in it, some of the highest end trainers don’t have them and report perfectly accurate power. All I care about is whether the number is accurate, the means are irrelevant in 2019.

Now what you’ll see a bit later on is the small issue I saw on my first test ride (more of a quick break-in), whereby the Suito will undercut power on less-intense sprints. So in the above case, it was a very rapid sprint. Whereas in the below case it was more of a gradual/sustained build. And it’s oddly in that case where I see the undercuts:


Though, on the second one which is sharper, you’ll see it appears to slightly overshoot. Like I said, some imperfections here to work on. Again, in talking with Elite about this, they believe they can adjust things and address it before it goes into production in the next few weeks.

As a reminder, the Wahoo KICKR CORE also overshot sprints when it first came out – and took about three months to get it addressed (after it started shipping). So this isn’t really unchartered territory by companies. In fact, the Tacx Neo 2 also had some sprint accuracy issues that took a bit of time to sort out.  And hey, CycleOps still (two years later) is the favorite among Zwift sprinters for generously overshooting sprints.

Just a brief note on cadence – in case you were wondering. The Elite Suito uses a bit of black magic to determine cadence, just like most other companies (except Tacx with the NEO2, where they are sensing the pedal instead). Here’s how that cadence data looks on the Suito:


You’ll notice it’s pretty darn close, with roughly two blips of a few seconds being higher/lower than the others. I suspect for most people that aren’t doing hyper-specific cadence drills, this is more than adequate. Whereas if you want more accurate cadence you’ll want to pick up a separate cadence sensor.

As part of my full in-depth review down the road once things start shipping, I’ll dive into many more data sets across multiple apps and different scenarios. This is just a bit of a quick first look at things. And again, I expect (hope) things will change prior to shipping.

Update – ERG Mode Test: I’ve now had a chance to run it through a nice proper 30×30 TrainerRoad ERG mode session. This tests how quickly the trainer can respond to shifts in power, as well as stability of holding power. For these tests I disable any form of power matching or smoothing, and I use the exact same custom workout across all trainers. Per typical recommendation of TrainerRoad and manufacturers, I put the bike’s gearing in the small ring in the front and mid-way on the rear cassette.

2019-07-15 18.03.09 2019-07-15 18.03.26

The test itself is a very short build, followed by 30 seconds on (this time at ~400w, or 396w to be precise), and then ‘off’ for 30-seconds at about 142. Rinse and repeat 8 times, then a short section at about 285w afterwards.  Here’s how that looked. Note: Ignore the blue line, I had reduced the intensity prior to the start, but TrainerRoad doesn’t show that (somehow, still, all these years later).


The green line indicates the specified power, and the yellow line indicates the actual power. For responsiveness, the unit took on average 3-seconds to adjust between 142w and ~400w, pretty consistently each time.

2019-07-15 18.03.16 2019-07-15 18.03.39 2019-07-15 18.13.40

Now, one oddity that did occur was on the 6th interval, it simply didn’t change at all. Whether this was a communications issue (extremely likely) or something else is unknown. About mid-way through the interval it ‘took’ and changed the wattage. Typically this happens due to wireless interference, though I’d have somewhat expected that TrainerRoad would be sending commands every second to maintain the interval wattage (to mitigate exactly this scenario). Perhaps it does and the Elite Suito didn’t respond. I’ll follow-up with TrainerRoad.

From a power accuracy standpoint, here’s how it compared against the Favero Assioma Duo and 4iiii Precision Pro (dual as well). In this case we’re looking at ensuring the trainer isn’t ‘lying’ about the power meter numbers it says it’s holding to the app (there’s a long history of trainers that do that). So effectively using the power meter as the arbitrator of things. Here’s that data set:


That’s super-duper close. Some slight variations at the peak of each interval, mostly due to my cadence drifting a bit, which means you’re going to get slightly different transmission rates on the power meters which in turn impacts recording timing. But really darn close. I’m content with that for this stage of things, but want to ensure any changes coming for the other bits of firmware fixes don’t impact this.

(Note: All of the charts in these accuracy sections were created using the DCR Analyzer tool.  It allows you to compare power meters/trainers, heart rate, cadence, speed/pace, GPS tracks and plenty more. You can use it as well for your own gadget comparisons, more details here.)

Product Comparison:

I’ve added the Elite Suito into the product comparison database, and for the purposes of this post I’ve compared it against the Wahoo KICKR CORE, the Tacx Flux S, and the Elite Direto 2018. I suppose I could have thrown in the Tacx Flux 2, but you can do so yourself via the product comparison tool here – adding in any other trainers as you see fit.

Function/FeatureElite SuitoElite Direto (2018)Tacx Flux SWahoo Fitness KICKR CORE
Copyright DC Rainmaker - Updated August 6th, 2019 @ 3:36 pmNew Window
Price for trainer$799 (incl cassette)$849 ($799 for 2017 models)$749USD/€599$899
Trainer TypeDirect Drive (No Wheel)Direct Drive (No Wheel)Direct Drive (no wheel)Direct Drive (No Wheel)
Available today (for sale)Yes - Ships Aug 2019YesYEsYes
Availability regionsGlobalGlobalGlobalGlobal
Wired or Wireless data transmission/controlWirelessWirelessWirelessWireless
Power cord requiredYes (no control w/o)Yes (no control w/o)YesYes
Flywheel weight3.5kg/7.7lbs4.2KG/9.2LBS6.7kg (simulated 25kg)12.0lbs/5.44kgs
ResistanceElite SuitoElite Direto (2018)Tacx Flux SWahoo Fitness KICKR CORE
Can electronically control resistance (i.e. 200w)YesYesYesYes
Includes motor to drive speed (simulate downhill)NoNoNoNo
Maximum wattage capability1,900w @ 40KPH / 2,900w @ 60KPH1,400w @ 40KPH / 2,200w @ 60KPH1,500w @ 40KPH1800w
Maximum simulated hill incline15%14%10%16%
FeaturesElite SuitoElite Direto (2018)Tacx Flux SWahoo Fitness KICKR CORE
Ability to update unit firmwareYesYesYesYes
Measures/Estimates Left/Right PowerNo9EUR one-time feeNoNo
Can rise/lower bike or portion thereofNoNoNoWith KICKR CLIMB accessory
Can directionally steer trainer (left/right)NoNoNoNo
Can rock side to side (significantly)NoNoNoNo
Can simulate road patterns/shaking (i.e. cobblestones)NoNoNoNo
AccuracyElite SuitoElite Direto (2018)Tacx Flux SWahoo Fitness KICKR CORE
Includes temperature compensationYesN/AYesYes
Support rolldown procedure (for wheel based)YesYesYesYes
Supported accuracy level+/- 2.5%+/- 2% (Sept 2018 models, +/- 2.5% for earlier models)+/-3%+/- 2%
Trainer ControlElite SuitoElite Direto (2018)Tacx Flux SWahoo Fitness KICKR CORE
Allows 3rd party trainer controlYesYesYesYes
Supports ANT+ FE-C (Trainer Control Standard)YesYesYesYEs
Supports Bluetooth Smart FTMS (Trainer Control Standard)YesYesYesYEs
Data BroadcastElite SuitoElite Direto (2018)Tacx Flux SWahoo Fitness KICKR CORE
Transmits power via ANT+YesYesYesYes
Transmits power via Bluetooth SmartYesYesYesYes
PurchaseElite SuitoElite Direto (2018)Tacx Flux SWahoo Fitness KICKR CORE
Amazon LinkN/ALinkLinkN/A
Clever Training - Save with the VIP programLinkLinkLinkLink
Clever Training EuropeN/ALinkN/ALink
DCRainmakerElite SuitoElite Direto (2018)Tacx Flux SWahoo Fitness KICKR CORE
Review LinkLinkLinkLinkLink

Two minor tidbits that don’t really show up as well on this chart is that I don’t find the Tacx Flux S road-feel all that great (kinda sounds grinding-like), and it doesn’t fold up at all. Nor does things like setup time or included Zwift/app trials. Perhaps considerations for the future.

Again, don’t forget you can mix and match and create your own product comparison graph/chart using the tool here.



When it comes to indoor training in 2019, there’s essentially two ways companies can ‘innovate’. The first is by advancing new technology that changes the ride experience in a meaningful way. For example, a couple years back we saw Wahoo add elevation via the KICKR CLIMB accessory, or Tacx prior to that with the exceedingly quiet NEO.  The second way to innovate is on price and value, which is what Elite has focused on in recent years – and that’s precisely what they’ve done with the Suito.

They’ve essentially lowered the price point of a trainer in this class by about $175-$180, once you factor in the cost of a new cassette and any required tools (and I suppose slightly more if you include the free month of Zwift).  But it’s also not quite as easy as that. After all, unlike the Wahoo KICKR CORE, this does include cadence over Bluetooth Smart – something of growing importance for Apple TV users.  And it has other smaller touches like adjustable feet for uneven floors.

Of course, as I’ve noted, it’s not perfect either. It undercuts the sprints in its current pre-production form (just like the KICKR CORE did for the first few months), and it’s not got the near silence or the road-feel of the KICKR CORE.

Like I said at the beginning though, I suspect this will be the trainer to beat value-wise this year. Of course, Eurobike is still some 6-7 weeks away (first week of September), where we usually see new trainer announcements. Though, true to historical form – Elite will be long-since shipping the Suito before those companies even announce, let alone ship anything new (if anything at all).

With that – thanks for reading!

(Update: You can now pre-order the Suito from Clever Training, which helps support the site and gets you 10% off using DCR Coupon Code DCR10BTF, also, free US shipping. Delivery timeframe is the first week of September for US orders, and early to mid-August for European orders. Pricing is $799USD/€699/£599/$999CDN/$999AUS)

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  1. Cobus

    What happened to the Zumo?

    • It’s been sunsetted. It was only offered to a handful of companies and then ran into technical issues for a good chunk of the winter last year. I understand those may be resolved now, but Elite sees this as their better bet going forward.

  2. Fabio

    Ray, i’m an happy direto user but for me there are 2 issue i’ve experienced.

    1) it is slow in erg mode and when it has to simulate incline changes (in zwift this is really evident)

    2) the belt issue: a lot of direto needs to replace the belt (and another part inluded in elite kit) due to problem in the tension.

    hope this new trainer will solve both problems

    • 1) Yup, ERG mode is one of those things addressed. I’m looking to give that a whirl. Though, ERG mode and incline mode can’t be combined. In Zwift workout mode, all trainers actually ignore the incline, and just use ERG mode. But Zwift has always been a bit funky (imho) on how well it executes ERG mode compared to TrainerRoad. I know Zwift would disagree with that, but I find TR’s implementation far more consistent and precise in my testing than Zwift’s. I don’t know why that is, or if perhaps it’s tied to certain protocols, etc…

      2) This does contain a new belt. Will see if it resolves things. Though I don’t think it was really a widespread issue. Certainly some people ran into it (just as they do/did on the KICKR), but not something I saw a ton of feedback on.


    • Fabio

      Thx ray. I agree ERG mode in zwift is something different because it is not so ‘active’ as in trainer road and it let you stay ‘near’ the target watt but for me is one of the pro even if i admit that it is not what the erg mode shoud be (i often do workouts with erg disabled)

      IN zwift it is really evident when incline changes quickly such as in the London Metro or in watopia on the bridge in the jungle. Sometime it takes seconds to feel what is happening on screen

      anyway is what they have really improoved with the drivo 2..so i hope it will be the same with this ‘direto 2’… hope we won’t see another trainer called direto 2 with something more than this Suito.

    • ArT

      I use Direto for the second year, I do not understand how you can have problems with the belt. I do not do anything there and it’s ok. When it comes to changing the load, you exaggerated a few seconds. It’s about 1s! It’s enough for a real ride.

    • gaetano Mercante

      This is Gaetano from Elite R&D.
      Actually with Direto there were some broken belts. we’ve investigated a lot about that to determinate the cause.
      Thanks to this investigation, the belts have a new compound that prevents the breakage.
      Furthermore on Suito, we’ve increased the belt section to make it even stronger.
      Moreover we’ve improved the qualifying procedure of all the belts.

    • Adam

      Hi Gaetano,
      I have had a Direto for 18 months, have had two broken belts and a 10% low reading of power. Australian importer has been nice and all providing new belts, but I have been so disappointed with it. Currently asking the bike store I purchased it from to replace of refund since repair has not solved issue.
      Sure it may only be a few units, but I seem to be one of those few and not happy. The 10% low reading when compared to PowerTap P1 is really frustrating.

    • Fabio

      as u can read from gaetano, the first gen of direto has had several belt problems, forcing elite to replace both belt and tension system with a kit.

      Happy to hear this issue s been adressed

    • Adam

      Hey Fabio, not sure if you were replying to me, but yeah I have had two of those kits, and still have problems.
      Glad other people have had this solved, but not me 🙁

  3. tizzledk

    I have been very happy with my Direto, although not so happy with the lack of firmware updates (they are just going to do one almost 2 years later). This is a great move again by them because they get to beat everyone to the punch and as. you said getting a cassette included makes this a huge win for them. If they don’t have too many kinks this should be another great deal and maybe an upgrade for me. 🙂

  4. Chris

    Have they given any indication of availability for an XDR freehub? Desperately trying to find a direct-drive trainer that can match an AXS drivetrain (12mm TA for what it’s worth)

  5. PeterF

    Speaking of trainers Ray, I seem to remember you had plans to compare the various offerings with regards to their “real” simulated grading / max wattage. Ie the most resistance a trainer can generate at a low (say 10kph) speed, without it getting so choppy and uneven that normal pedalling is impaired. Still on your todo, or did it turn out to be technically impossible to test?

    • Vaguely still on the to-do list. The challenge is part testing, but also honestly figuring out how to best quantify it all in an even way across all vendors.

    • Adam

      Perhaps you’ve finally stumbled upon a use for Garmin’s Cycling Dynamics?

    • RD

      Thank you, I very much hope something can be sorted for this to be tested/quantified. Seems an important comparative measure for actual user experience that the current numbers don’t provide.

  6. Alex

    If the lube fixed the noise, it’s definitely from your drivetrain not from Suito 🤔

    • The cassette is considered part of the drivetrain, but if there wasn’t any oil on it – and thus none also on my chain, then it’ll be louder than it should be.

      I suspect Wahoo might apply a tiny bit of oil to their cassettes during production, as I’ve never had an issue putting my bike straight on a new Wahoo KICKR trainer.

    • andre

      I recently switched from oil to a wax based lubricant. Most of the work was in cleaning and degreasing the chain and cassette before applying the wax.

      So if given the choice I’d prefer not to have any lube on the cassette.

  7. David E.

    Somewhat of an aside, but this sentence caught my attention: “I’m not usually a huge fan of using this feature [i.e., power match] on any trainer unless you’ve got a really specific use case.”

    I can’t recall you expressing this skepticism about power match before. Can you say a bit more? I’ve used power match on my Gen1 Kickr since it came out, and it seems to work like a charm. Maybe the Gen1 Kickr is that “specific use case” (given the problems they had early on with discrepancies between power meter readings and Kickr readings)?

  8. Alex

    Ray, thanks for this preview, as usual insightful and balanced.

    Any thoughts on Wahoo adding cadence to Kickr Core to match Elite featurewise?
    I suspect this is just a matter of firmware update.

    • I suspect it’s just a firmware update as well. It’s something Wahoo has talked about for years (like, since the original KICKR), but never done. But it’s becoming more and more important for app as more and more apps are going to Apple TV.

      There’s additional ways they could solve it as well – including passing the ANT+ cadence from a cadence sensor back through via BLE (or doing the same for HR).

      I suspect that the Suito will force Wahoo’s hand in some manner here. I think they’ve basically got three options:

      A) Add in cadence support and slightly lower price to $849
      B) Add in aa cassette but maintain price (since people place a higher value on Wahoo trainers)
      C) Do none, but lower price to $799

      Just my two cents.

  9. ArT

    Cadence transfer with power is ideal for Apple TV. The key was choosing ELITE for me :).

  10. hdb

    “Though, before we talk all tech, let’s just talk. As in, how to pronounce it. Which is always the discussion for any Elite product. This time, the proper pronunciation is akin to sweet-o. Like Cheeto, but, with sweets. You can add some Italian flare in there if you want, it’s optional.”

    Now all I can think is “Dorito(s)”… Is there a Cool Ranch version slated for future release?

  11. Michal

    Does it have spindown/zero offset calibration? It surely requires one if power is estimated.

  12. Chader

    I don’t see mention of the OTS power measurement that is used on some Elite trainers.

    Do we know if they are using OTS for this new trainer, or some other power estimation method?

    • No OTS in this unit. So akin to Zumo, but ideally with lessons learned.

    • Chader

      Thanks. I figured not, as they would likely be using that as a marketing bullet point, but wanted to be sure.

      I’m looking forward to hear the results of the ERG mode testing (adjustment delay fixes) and overall full review. We appreciate the time and effort for this and other reviews. Cheers.

    • Fabio

      Does it mean that power i ‘only’ estimated right? so from this point the direto with its ots is better right= maybe that is why direto is 2% (but a lor of reviews report that is even more accurate than 2%) and this 2.5% ?

    • Fabio Mussi

      Hi Ray, this could explain the really good price for the suito and why it s ‘only’ 2.5% accurancy (less than direto).

      Big question: do u think the price gap between suito and drivo 2 could allow a real ‘direto 2’ from elite in the future?

      Speaking of official prices drivo2 costs as 2 suito (almost) considering the lack of cassette in drivo 2

  13. John

    Any word on Shimano Microspline support?

  14. Anonymouse

    Your comment about Apple TV reminded me to ask a question. I have a Core and use a Viiiia HR strap as a bridge because my speed-cadence censor is ANT+. I have been considering getting Apple TV for Zwift, but am concerned about having to use the Companion app to get HR or cadence. Would the Apple TV treat the cadence and HR as one connection or two?


  15. Keith

    Aesthetically, I find the Direto more eye pleasing. The new Suito looks like a piece of industrial equipment.

    So now that Elite figured out how to improve the responsiveness of the trainer to large power swings, will a firmware update finally be issued to improve it on the Direto????

  16. Felipe Serra

    Hello. I will dig into internet, but this tech: Bluetooth Smart FTMS Trainer Control (including power/speed/cadence) is just for trainers or is intended to be used in other areas? It’s like a bus. Zwift must read this no? You are using just a BLE Channel or the apple TV has some BLEApple Something?

  17. Jonathan

    Did you test the trainer without power cord? I’m interested using this trainer at race warm-up, but usually there is no access to electricity. I understand that there is no control, but what is the “basic” resistance it offers?

    • Gaetano

      Hi Jonathan,
      Suito, once powered sets the resistance to 10%. If you remove the power before to connect it to any device, then Suito keeps this resistance level.
      This brake means about 125W@20kmh, 210W@30kmh and 300W@40kmh.
      So you can easily use that for any no-power warming session. Just power the trainer for few seconds and remove the power before you leave.

      There is also a way to change the 10% resistance level, in case you need.
      Start a Level Mode training session with our myE-training app, adjust the resistance as you like, and then remove the power. As before, Suito keeps the resistance level you set, until you power it again.

    • Gaetano

      To avoid misunderstandings, 10% is not a gradient but related to the brake capability.
      It means that the brake is set at 10% of the max.

    • Neejc

      Hello Gaeatano,
      Is that also possible with Direto? To set the resistance and then use it without power.

    • Gaetano Mercante

      Hi Neejc,
      yes, that’s possible with Direto as well.

  18. mkuczara

    So for a mid-range trainer – Elite Suito or Tacx Flux S?

  19. max

    I don’t understand why Zwift can’t handle the slow adaption of the Direto for gradients. The course in Zwift is fixed and I can’t steer. They can calculate when i will likely reach the gradient change and when they know how long it takes a trainer to change it, why not give the order to change the gradient x seconds earlier?
    It seems more to be a software problem than a hardware issue? Zwift does not sell trainers, it would be good for them if the experience on a mid budget trainer is closer to high end trainers.

    • Robert

      That would mean coming up with and then maintaining an advance timing for each trainer model – quite a heavy workload for an app supplier.

    • Fabio

      a zwift developer (long time ago) wrote in a forum they do anticipate incline changes for some trainers. i have asked if they could do something similar for the direto…but no answer yet (after about 2 years).

      Direto was one of the best selling trainers in the last few years so it could make sense to manage its ‘lag’ with this setting:

      Maybe a better way to do this should be to hide a ‘lag setting’ in zwift so that every user (with medium IT skills) could edit it

    • Max

      It could be a setting like the audio lag setting on blu-ray players and flat screen TVs.

      If someone like DcRainmaker would work for Zwift they would program an Ebike or a dedicated motor to simulate a training session with the direct drive trainers at different power and cadence levels. Then they could measure the trainer resistance and create power/resistance curves to anticipate the trainer lags in all circumstances.

      And no one would have to buy new trainers 😉

    • Fabio

      Imho it would be enough if this ‘lag’ settings could be hidden in some xml file or similar. Maybe it s a ‘dangerous’ setting for newbies but it could be useful for others.

  20. Stas

    Yesterday I ordered a new Direto trainer and today I see that Elite announced a new trainer Suito.I cancelled an order and waiting for some new information about which one is better.Any thoughts?

  21. Robert

    Ray, your “interval #6” issue does look like a BT drop-off. I use a Tacx Flux S connected to TrainerRoad (Win10) using ANT+ (as opposed to BT in your case, assume from the screeshots that it was running on iOS/iPhone), and I get a few drop-offs which gives the same result – power demand changes are ignored by the trainer for a few seconds, while power measured seems to still transmit. The output file shoud give enough information to confirm if there was indeed a drop-off.

  22. Tim

    Thanks Ray. Do you know how much the unit weighs? This is looking like a perfect additon for me to train when away from home. I’d be leaving it in storage for 2-weeks a month and then setting it up in a long-stay hotel for 2-weeks. I already have a bike I store (Salsa Vaya), but have been considering a trainer for some time.

  23. Mike Petrik

    Thanks for another great trainer review.

    I would like to buy a trainer for the winter.
    Ray, what’s your suggestion, should I buy one now or should I wait until september/october.
    For example Tacx Flux Smart is now on sale for about 520 euros (it seems to me like a good value for the money).

  24. Zhao

    Found the Suito at the same price as Directo in a shop. Guess I’d better choose the new one. What’s your recommendation, DC?

    • The Direto has a power meter in it, and proven accuracy along with it. It’s not as compact as Suito, but by and large spec-wise it’s got an edge (price wise, it just depends as you noted).

    • Alan

      Thanks for another great review. Likewais I am looking to buy a new turbo and not sure between the suito or direto. Despite the improvements in erg mode and quite in the suito, you think that the direto is the better choice?

    • It’s a really hard choice. I think people have been universally pretty happy with the Direto, so I don’t think you’ll go wrong there.

  25. Marc

    Thanks for the great initial review of the unit! My issue with older Elite direct-drive trainers was the stepper motor which adjusted the resistance in ERG-mode. How does the Suito adjust resistance?

  26. Dave

    Thanks for a great review DC. Is it stable out of the saddle? I always worry about over-balancing

    • No issues with my sprints inside and a ‘normal’ amount of rocking (assuming you deploy the feet of course).

      I suspect like most trainers, if you were somehow sprinting while reaching to pet your dog on the side of the trainer, perhaps something could go wrong. But I think in general most of us are more stable than we realize on the trainers.

  27. Mark Boothroyd

    Will you/have you done a review of the Elite Nero?

  28. Hey folks-

    Super quick update because I forgot to update it like three weeks ago… You can now pre-order the Suito from Clever Training, which helps support the site and gets you 10% off using DCR Coupon Code DCR10BTF, also, free US shipping.

    link to clevertraining.com

    I expect to drop a final review likely either late August or very early September. Just waiting on the final firmware and final-final unit to validate everything.


  29. dizpark

    Question to Ray about 4iiii power meter in these data sets. In the text you refer to it as 4iiii Precision Pro, but in the graphs it is 4iiii Podiiiium Dual. Which one it is is? I guess that it is the newer Podiiiium as you reviewed the older Precision prom back in 2017? And if it is Podiiiium, does it mean that you are working on a review?

  30. Andreas

    How does the noise/vibration compare to a Wahoo Kickr Snap?

    Looking to replace that because the level of noise/vibration in a small flat is just too much.

    • You’ll have less vibrations than the SNAP. I’d have to pull out an old Snap, but my rough guess is that it’s quieter than the SNAP. I’d be surprised otherwise.

  31. Wu

    Hi Ray
    Nice preview. I have followed your blog since my first purchase of the Ploar rxc5 TDF after I’ve read your review on the product :-). Now, I am planning to buy this Suito, and I have following questions;

    1. which offline indoor cyling app do you recommand, I’ve read about that trainerroad and sufferfest will work offline, but have no experince with both mentioned apps. Will the E-traning app from Elite work offline?

    2. I am living in Norway, and will store and use Suito in the shed, so I wonder if I can have Suito in the shed year round considering that the temperature can be down to – 20 celsius or more?


    • Gaetano

      Hi Wu,
      my E-training app requires the internet connection for the first login/configuration, then you can use it even without internet connection.
      Of course, some features, like Gmaps courses or saved training synchronization won’t be available.

      Honestly we’ve never tested the trainer at such low temperature, but as all the power generated by the rider goes into heat, after few minutes, the internal temperature goes up quickly and this should be enough to make it work.

    • Wu

      Hi, Gaetano, thanks for the reply.

      I am conserned about the product’s life span, if I let it staying in the shed year round. Will the life span be significantly reduced because of the temperature??

  32. Sandy

    Is there a power floor on this like the one found in the direto?

  33. Daryl

    To use this trainer with a Shimano 10-speed cassette, would I need to purchase some kind of conversion kit, or will it work directly out of the box?

    • Chader

      For best results, you should remove the existing 11-speed cassette and replace it with the 10-speed cassette of your choice (likely matching the hi-lo of the one mounted on your bike when ridden outside).

      If you aren’t familiar with the process and lack the tools, you are best to take it to a bike shop or find someone with the tools and skills to do it for you.

      This above assumes that you want to use the full range of gears. If all you plan to do is use ERG mode, it is possible to find a single gear on the 11-speed cassette that works fine with your 10-speed bike, and doesn’t jump or make excessive noise. But it is a hack and not recommended for long-term use.

  34. Tim

    Hi Ray,

    I just tried to pre-order the Suito on Clever Training. The DCR10BTF 10% code doesn’t work. The checkout gives me a “Terms of coupon not met” message. Even tried their 20% off for VIP member on the Labor Day sale and no go with that too and an old DCR code I had. I tried to help the site out. I may wait until the full review before trying to order again.

  35. Marko

    Just saw that NEW DIRETO X has arrived at my local dealer, they don’t even have it on elite official website …

  36. Matt

    This looks like a great trainer and I think the value of it makes it a better buy then Kickr Core.

    However, I’m tempted to pay the extra money for a Kickr Core purely for the option of being able to use the Wahoo Kickr Climb.

    Any idea/heard any rumours with regards to Elite/other trainer companies developing something similar to the kickr climb?

  37. Tim

    Hey Ray!

    I know you are busy with Eurobike but wondered about a comment you made on a The Fit File recently. You mentioned that August, and now September, are not good times to buy a trainer unless it was a exceptional deal or promotion. Would you apply this logic then to the Suito since it was just released and will be available just as Eurobike wraps up? Thanks for all your reviews!

  38. Bernd

    Ray, thanks a lot for your review. It helped a lot.

    Got my Suito yesterday (Germany based) and I’m really pleased.

    Specs that I was looking for:
    – smart trainer
    – small size to be packed away easily
    – as much usable “out-of-the-box” as possible (cassette)
    – silent, no wheel-on
    – up-to-date protocols

    I’m an absolute newbee to this topic so accuracy was not top on the list. I don’t have any comparison to other trainers, except that a friend of mine has a cheap wheel-on Tacx and it’s very loud, imho not usable outside a cellar or shed, but that’s my personal opinion.

    Took me 15 minutes to get it unpacked, built up and adjust the bike on it. About as long as it took to connect it to Zwift (Windows Notebook + external monitor).

    On higher gears there’s noticable vibration, but the overall noise is silent enough for my taste. No complaints from the neighbours yet :-). I really like the adjustable leg-hight. A small thing, but it makes the trainer very stable, despite the small built.

    I have no idea if there is a firmware update yet, and how I’m supposed to update. I’ll find out later.

    Zwift found a “Suito 12” right away, connecting cadence and power took a bit longer, but that’s due to my being new to this all.

    I like it 🙂

  39. Slav

    Can you upload your own GPX track and would Elite application enable you to follow that gpx elevation profile changing automatically the resistance?
    As far as I know Wahoo has that option?

    • Gaetano

      yes, you can upload a kml file. The app will simulate the path and relative slopes, showing your position on the map.
      if you have a gpx file, you need to translate it. you can find many tools/services online.

  40. Vasilis


    Anyone know of a compatible through axle qr so I do not have to use my SystemSix one to attach the bike to the Suito?


  41. Richard Starkie

    I just got mine today. I’ve upgraded from a Tacx Vortex. I am very disappointed indeed.
    I find the flex within the device unacceptable. There is a lot of side to side movement at the axle/hub. I.e. sideways movement between cassette and the black plastic casing of the trainer. I think with the fairly thin legs coming out of the bottom of the unit, with hinges along the way, add to the flexibility.
    My flywheel is not straight, like a wheel that’s out of true. It’s clearly visible. This creates vibration through the whole bike, particularly noticeable when coasting. The bike shimmies like bad speed wobble.
    Finally, the power was 20-25% off, out of the box. After a spin-down calibration, it’s still overstating my power by over 10% compared to my Garmin Vector pedals.
    I intend to return it and hopefully swap it for a KICKR Core.

    • Bummer, 2nd person to report flywheel damage/wobble upon arrival. 🙁

      Hopefully it’s something they can quickly address.

    • Richard Starkie

      I’m returning it to the store and swapping for a Flux S.

    • Gaetano

      Hi Richard,
      it’s Gaetano Mercante, I’m the Elite R&D Dept. Manager.
      I’m sorry for your experience with the trainer. I know that you’re already in contact with my colleagues from the Technical Dept. to figure out what’s the matter with your Suito, and I’m confident that we’ll be able to address these issues in the shortest time possible.

      In fact, we would appreciate it if we could arrange for the return of the trainer to our HQ and promptly replace your Suito with a new one in the meantime to let you train as soon as possible.

      We believe that the vibrations you feel and the power overestimation are not compliant with the production standards, and that’s why we’d like to have the trainer back and carry out comprehensive tests on its behavior.
      Despite this, I feel like I should highlight that the trainer’s flexibility that you feel is in fact a deliberate feature of the product’s structure, which is made of flexible implants that are aimed at improving the feeling you have when you pedal and making the pedaling even more realistic – just like your bike would do when on the road.
      Should you need any more information, please feel free to ask.

  42. Fragile

    Hi how does this Elite Suito compared to the Gravat2 in terms of roadfeel and accuracy? I am looking at either getting the Gravat2 or Suito. The Gravat2 is USD150 cheaper. Thanks.

  43. Simone

    I’d like buy new Suito trainer, but the latest comment stop me…i’m ancious waiting for the final review to decide. If you confirm this problems i’m thinking about the wahoo kickr core but is 180€ more that i like to leave in my pocket :))

  44. Swervie

    I’ve already pre ordered mine and am waiting for it to ship. I am relieved to hear that the flex is by design. I am hoping I don’t receive one with flywheel issues. :-/
    Hoping by the time they reach the states they have these issues ironed out!

  45. jason Sheppard

    Hi Ray.
    At this money would you recommend this over their Direto?
    Or would recommend a completely different trainer all together?

    • It’s tough. It’s clear Suito is having some early growing pains. So if you want a trainer today, the Direto X is a bit more of a safer bet.

      Many trainers have early growing pains. Even the super popular Direto had early issues in the first few months around consistency of parts. Wahoo had more than its share of issues with the CORE & KICKR (both of which I’d argue are no longer issues), and Tacx has had plenty of issues with the Flux is various forms.

    • jason Sheppard

      I love how you take the time and effort to reply to your viewers! My local Halfords has available the three trainers below
      Elite Direto OTS 2 Percent Turbo Trainer £600,cycleOps H2 Direct Drive £659
      Smart Trainer,Tacx Flux 2 £649
      Which of these would be your recommendation?
      Thanks again Ray 😀

    • Dean

      Just as an FYI, you could get the Direto OTS 2 from Halfords at £550 up until a few days ago. I’m sure it will go down again as it did this a few weeks back before returning to £550.

      Also, you can get 10% off at Halfords if you look online for a code.

    • jason Sheppard

      Thanks chap.
      I’m ex staff there so get a good deal!
      Why would you choose that one out of the three I listed?

    • Note I would avoid the Flux 2 if you do lots of ERG mode work (workouts with specified power levels), some solid inaccuracies there.

  46. Marcel Kroeker

    I just got my Suito a week ago, it is very disappointing. Like Richard Starkie’s Trainer, my power readings are about 30% off. Spindown Calibration does not help, even after warming up the trainer for 15 minutes. The flywheel is a bit untrue too, noticeable at higher speeds.

    I tried Power-Link with my Favero Assioma Duo’s (trainer uses readings of the power meter), and this makes the trainer power readings accurate, but there is a problem that’s waay bigger:

    The trainer won’t respond to intervals. When I try to do intervals in ERG mode, the trainer simply is not able to hold the target wattage. Sometimes it is on target, but then randomly ramps up or down more than 50w. Sometimes it misses the next interval and holds the target of the last interval, sometimes it ramps up or down in the middle of an interval.

    I tested this with the Elite My-E-Training app and Trainerroad, both show these problems.

    I first thought it was somehow my fault, for pairing of the powermeter or doing the spingdown the wrong way, or using the wrong app settings, but no, it really is the trainer.
    Very frustrating. I hope this is fixable through a new firmware, otherwise I’ll have to return the trainer.

  47. Jan Hendrik

    I have not ridden my brand new Suito yet, but I’m already disappointed by the software. The download pages don’t provide secure downloads or checksums and the links point to an outdated version of the software. So the first thing the software does is to get more software from another untrusted source. Also the 12 month coupon code that came in the box is rejected as invalid. So I had to contact customer support before even attaching a bike.

    With that experience I’m a bit frightened of the PML feature. Is it possible to use the trainer without automatically reading a nearby powermeter? The printed manual says it will automatically pick up the powermeter with the strongest signal. I have a powermeter, but I’d be interested in monitoring my power in Zwift (via the trainer) and from my powermeter independently. Is that possible? How can I tell whether the trainer is currently using PML data or its own?

    • Marcel Kroeker

      Yes, you can enable and disable the power meter link feature in the my-e-training app. You can also specify the exact power meter the trainer should connect to, by entering it’s ant+ ID.

    • Jan Hendrik

      That’s good news. I also found the setting in the app, even if I’m not 100% sure where to find proper values for the configuration fields. I’ll look into it first thing in the morning. Is there an up to date manual for the software somewhere? I don’t find it very intuitive and all I can find on the website is unspecific information of the general features.

    • Marcel Kroeker

      In the android app, you can find all the settings under “Parameters” and then “Advanced Configuration”. All the settings are pretty self-explanatory

    • Jan Hendrik

      I had another look at the app and did not find the PML settings there at all. Are we talking about “MyETraining” or is there another configuration app available to set up the trainer itself?

      I thought PML would be a setting that allows the trainer to pick up the powermeter data directly from the powermeter, rather that connecting a powermeter to an app and feeding the data back to the trainer. But maybe that assumption was wrong?

      Also, is it possible to have the trainer specific settings synched between mobile and desktop? Or are they stored locally only?

      Is it worth the time to file software bugs with Elite? The state of the app tells me they don’t care, but maybe they just don’t know that QR-code identification of the trainer just doesn’t even try to read the code and selecting a trainer with the text search box only works if you are lazy enough to spell lowercase in the first place.

      Question to Ray: Is the software of other trainers in this price segment of similar quality? Or are there trainers that come with a software that feels solid and sound in terms of software/platform design and web security practices?

      As I was planning on mainly using Zwift anyway, I’m not too worried about all this. It does feel inadequate for the price point and how things are marketed though.

      Finally I’m still not sure what exactly to do with the PML feature, but I guess I’ll get there with a bit of t&e.

    • gaetano Mercante

      Hi Jan,
      Related to the PML, I confirm that it’s not active by default.
      In any case, you can enable/disable it by using the E-training app. You don’t need an active subscription. Just configure the trainer, and access to the advance settings page.
      Yes, my E-trainng save the configuration between the devices but some settings are saved into the trainer as they involve the behavior of the trainer even when used with other softwares.
      Pls contact our assistance service, for sure they’ll provide a valid code for my E-training.

    • gaetano Mercante

      Hi Jan,
      The PML is not active by default. You can enable/disable it at any time by using the my E-training app. You don’t need an active subscription for that. Just configure the trainer and access the advance settings page.
      Yes, the settings are synchronized between all the devices, except some settings that are saved in the trainer itself as affect the trainer behavior also when used with other softwares.
      Pls contact the assistance, for sure they’ll provide you a new code for my E-training.
      If you provide some info about your device, we’ll fix the QR reader. It works with many devices and we’ll fix for your device as well.

    • Jan Hendrik

      Hi Gaetano,

      thanks for your reply. Regarding the code I have already contacted customer support. Since I just opened my ticket yesterday, all is well. I’m pretty sure you guys also need and deserve your weekends. 🙂

      Also nice to know that you are following discussions regarding your products. Is there any place where I can easily report bugs in the apps online? I’m specifically asking for software problems that I don’t need to be solved quickly, such as the QR-code and trainer name search issue I mentioned above. I was able to select my trainer using lowercase spelling, but I still think that this is an issue that should be recorded somewhere.

    • Mike

      Ciao Gaetano quando darete la possibilità a Ray di pubblicare la recensione completa? Da quel che ho capito aspetta il vostro firmware finale…ma quelli già venduti che firmware hanno allora? Anche il mio Suito è in arrivo !

    • Gaetano Mercante

      ciao Mike,
      ci stiamo lavorando. Speriamo di poter rilasciare il nuovo fw per la fine di settembre/inizio Ottobre.
      Ovviamente ci sarà la possibilità di aggiornare il firmware anche per i Suito che sono già sul mercato.

    • Jan Hendrik

      Turns out I was just unable to read my coupon card. If in doubt about “0” or “O”, also try “Q”. Software is all set up now and I did my first rides on Zwift. The trainer feels absolutely solid. I can confirm that the trainer does read high power values (compared to my 4iiii precision) and that vibrations become a noise issue at higher speeds. I put it on a yoga mat and think it will be absolutely fine for most of my efforts.

    • Igor

      Ahoj Ján, keď som dobre postrehol si z Brna, mohol by si mi dať nejaký kontakt na teba?
      Mal by som nejaké otázky ohľadom Suita.
      P.S. : igmat73@gmail.com

  48. Nejc12

    I am refreshing this page every few hours for the last few days, to see if there is anything new about this trainer xD
    I was sure that i would buy this one, but now i see some comments that tell me not to..
    I am currently choosing between Suito, Direto x and Kickr Core. I (normally) want the trainer to work as it should but I am aware that the fails can be in every model.. Want to use the trainer also for warming up in races and for moving it from one flat to another, is kickr core portable as much as the elites are? Those legs still looks big when folded..
    What do you think is the best option to choose?

  49. Max Schnabel

    Hi Ray – thanks for the great review, as always! Seriously considering the Suito (or Direto X) as my first direct-drive trainer. I have two questions though:

    1. Which Trainer is quieter, the Suito or the Direto X?
    2. I will be using the Trainer 80% in ERG-Mode. Is my understanding right, that the Suito delivers an overall better ERG-Mode experience?


  50. Max Schnabel

    Hi Ray

    Thanks for the review, super informative, as always!

    I’m looking to buy my first direct-drive trainer and undecided between the Suito and Direto X. Could you clarify two things for me?

    1. Which trainer is less noisy? And is the difference significant?
    2. As I’m doing 80% of my indoor rides in ERG-Mode – am I right to assume, that the Suito is (probably) going to outperform the Direto here in the near future?

    Thanks in advance!


  51. Xander

    My Suito was delivered missing the legs. Hope Elite get their act together for production of this seemingly great trainer.

    • Lt. Dan

      Me: “I’m here to try out my sea legs.”
      Gump: “But Lt. Dan you ain’t no legs…”

    • Hi Xander,

      it’s Salvatore Andolfi from the Elite MKT Team.
      I’m sorry for the missing legs, of course they should be already assembled.

      Please drop an e-mail to my attention at info@elite-it.com with your address and telephone number.
      We’ll send out the legs to you immediately.

    • Xander

      I have followed up via email up requested by Salvatore. However it has since been one week without a reply and so I have opted to get the unit replaced by the importer.

    • Salvatore Andolfi

      Hi Xander,

      I’m really sorry for this. I’ve checked with my colleagues from the Customer Care, but we didn’t receive any mail from you.. Did you just attach the pic of the missing legs?
      However, I’m very sorry for this incovenience

      Should you need any assistance with the replacement, please contact us at info.

    • Xander

      My Suito has been replaced and I’m happy to report that it now works as expected, also in ERG mode! I can’t speak for the accuracy since I do not have a power meter but readings feel like what I would expect.

      The importer replaced the unit for me. Strangely though, Elite never responded to my two emails to the address mentioned by Salvatore. It was the correct address, I checked. And the email didn’t bounce. Perhaps their customer care is facing some IT issues?

      See you all in Zwift!

  52. Hello DC! Do you know what is the distance from the cassette center to the ground? Looks like it´s very small and I feel that the front wheel of a MTB will be pointed up

  53. Andrey Matenkov

    Another one with wobbling flywheel reporting in. Yes, clearly visible, feels like untrued wheel but much worse. Also noticed cadence underestimation(LOL) and probably power underestimation, will check it with powermeter soon.
    Construction in the whole a bit wobbly but it’s OK for me.

    • Andrey Matenkov

      Tested with powermeter – after calibration suito adds 30 watts to fsa Powerbox numbers.
      Made some visual inspection of flywheel. It seems to axle of flywheel makes this wobbling because bike moves from side to side with flywheel. After kilowatt effort that was like OOOOOOOOH MACARENA!!!

      Without this issues which I guess my mechanic able to fix this is a nice trainer. Silent, smooth, VERY compact.

      P. S. Two days without response from elite support.

  54. Ryan

    Received my Suito and disappointed to report power numbers appear a fixed 25-30watts off (reads too high). Sent through a ticket but have not heard back yet, hopefully soon. Calibrated numerous times (all after recommended 10 minutes).

    I hear the point about early teething problems on trainers and i hope it gets sorted but (1) i don’t think it is right to make full price paying pre-order customers guinea pigs – for $800, I expect a properly developed and tested product (2) i have concerns about elite regarding track record of releasing firmware, they don’t seem to prioritise frequent firmware updates.

  55. Rob

    Hi Ray,

    After your initial review I was going to purchase a Suito but was just waiting on an update following Eurobike when you had a full release model(any idea when this will be or is this being delayed given the number of issues being raised in these comments?) . Am really unsure about purchasing a Suito now (am in the UK) and wonder if it’s worth just getting the Direto as the Direto X is just too much extra for me.


  56. Frits

    Hi Ray, first of, thank you for all the information you are sharing! It’s a real pleasure reading and watching and learning about everything.
    I’m in the market for a direct drive trainer and I like the Suito for it’s price and the small footprint when not in use. But I do have a little question for either you or Elite for that matter. In your review of the Flux 2 you talk about the importance of the residence floor in terms of speed. How does the Suito score in that field? I can’t seem to find anything about it on any Elite direct drive trainers. Thank you advance.

  57. Amit

    Hi Ray

    It appears that picking a turbo is a minefield at around the £550 budget, in part due to reduced prices of older stock, but because everything seems to have an issue…

    Could you please help me with a few questions…

    Kickr Core – £700 and v hard to find discounts, but might be able to get on a group buy if I’m happy to wait a while for it and get it close to budget. This seems to be quiet enough, good responsiveness,

    Question 1: whether the serious build issues with these have been fixed in the latest batches – are complaints from newer customers subsiding?

    Elite Drivo 1 – £500, seems good, a little noisier but seems to have major ERG issues according to GPLama.

    Question 2: Assume those ERG issues have not been fixed in the Drivo 1, but please correct me if I am wrong?

    Elite Direto 2, £500,all seems pretty good with this one, almost ready to pull the trigger on this but it’s only really the mid-level noise levels putting me off.

    New Suito @ £650 (maybe able to get this down to £585) seems to tick many boxes on noise and with the hope that the release firmware would fix the issues you found, except the various build issues already reported. These could be fixed soon, but then look what happened to the Zumo…

    Question 3: Which would you go for?

  58. Michael Gerressen

    Really wanted this trainer to be good but after reading latest comments i’m holding off my purchase for the moment. Hope they can sort it out in the upcoming months.

  59. baty

    Hi Ray, when an In-Depth Review will be available? 😉

    • Once Elite sorts out or updates the firmware. Or, if that doesn’t happen soon-ish, once I get through my other backlog of trainers that don’t have power accuracy issues first.

    • Name

      Hmmm… As I remember they don’t provide any firmware update since 2016 or so….

    • Fabio

      Hi Ray,

      any news aboute the update/firmware?

      It seems that this suito is having some issue and some folks ve returned it to elite due to some crazy problems in watt readings or erg mode lag?


    • It sounds like at least a few weeks until they can sort out the firmware issues, which is unfortunately a story I heard before with Zumo.

      As such, between the firmware issues and the hardware teething, I put up at the top of the post a ‘Hold recommendation’ a week ago, on folks looking to purchase a Suito at this point. Happy to change that once I get updated firmware and clarity that the hardware issues are cleared out.

    • Amit

      That is exactly my worry; looking back and what happened with the Zumo. I think Elite have given this more airtime than the Zumo, so I think they will have more impetus to sort it out. But it’s too much for me to spend in hope. Instead I got the Kickr Core. Got up and running with it pretty quick and happy. Cost me about just under £100 more for the Kickr, but hoping it’ll probably hold that in additional resale value in a few years time!

  60. Martin


    I have got my brand new Elite Suite device a few day ago.

    I am very unhappy with the device.

    During my first few trainings with the Suito, I noticed a very slow response in ERG-Mode. If you want to do a short sprint (50 seconds, about 260 watt), it takes over 30 seconds, until the unit catches the target watt. At the first 5-10 seconds the unit increases
    the resistance up to 450 (!!!) watt, right after this, the watt decreases very slowly to the target-watt.
    This is not usefull at all.

    If you only do workouts without short sprints with a high level change of watt in a short period it is ok.

    On the other side, the device is great. The cassette is mounted and you can start with the training in a few seconds.
    The new PML-Feature works fine (you can bind the external powermeter directly to the smarttrainer.
    You do not need Powermatch at all).
    But on the other hand, you have to configure PML with the Elite-Software with a laptop, because the
    Android-Version does not have this option even though it is described in the manual, how to change this
    in the Android-Version.

    Today I will send it back and order a Wahoo Kickr Core…

    Best regards


    • A 30-second delay is a bit crazy, and honestly, sounds a bit more like communications issues between the trainer and your app. Typically when I see or hear of 30-second delays on any trainer, it’s because the app is sending over and over and over again, and it’s not getting through.

      Was that Zwift, TrainerRoad, ?

      Most of those apps have logging. For example on Zwift you can upload your log to the Zwiftalyzer to see if communications drops are happening. And on TrainerRoad the support team and pull the logs and let you know quickly the same.

      Sometimes there are quick fixes there (like moving something else in the room).

    • Marcel Kroeker

      I have the exact same issues, and I have my phone right on the handlebars. Also tried with my laptop. I fear it is really the suito that’s the issue.

    • Martin


      I am using trainerroad and a Ant+-Dongle. I tested with a BTH-Dongle as well. Both dongles are palces right next to the trainer (gap < 50 cm).

      Today I will reconfigure my setup with another dongle. Maybe this can solve the possoble communication-problems.

      This setup worked fine for me since years with all my smart-trainers.

      I will let you know…

      Best regards from Austria!


    • In the meantime, with TrainerRoad, I’d recommend going ahead and opening a support case so they can double-check the logs and also confer with Elite.

      They saw something slightly peculiar on one of my Suito logs a while back,but we deferred it to Elite sorted the ERG mode bits out.

    • Martin


      Today I reconfigured my configuration. I placed the BTH-Dongle right next to the smarttrainer (gap less than 20cm). The data reception was at 100%. I did not use powermatch (trainerroad)

      In the attachement you can see the workout. At the beginning everything was fine. But after the warm-up the mess began. The restistance should increase to about 210 watt but the trainer jumped
      to about 370 watt. And it took too long until it was in the target-zone. And after this it wobbled again.

      Right befor the third workout-part I resetted the trainer. After this things went a little bit better…Right
      after this I stopped the workout, I was xxx off. From my point of view this trainer is not mature, because I think a working ERG-Mode is a very basic feature.

      This smart-trainer sucks, this is my opinion. :/

    • Martin


      Today I was in contact with trainerroad, based on my last workout. They did not find any problems with communications or other connectivity-issues. Trainerroad told me, that till now they do not support the Elite Suito official.

      I will send it back and buy a Kickr Core. Sorry, Elite! 🙂

      Best regards

      PS: THX for the great support her and from DCRAINMAKER!!!

    • Gaetano Mercante

      Hi Martin,

      I see what you’re saying. The values you have described aren’t correct, I agree. As you can see from the test Ray did, the trainer’s reaction speed should take about 2-3 seconds to reach the target, perhaps a couple more with the PML activated, but definitely not 30 seconds as you experienced. Should you like to try, please contact us at myetraining@elite-it.com to let us verify where the fault is.

      Regarding the app, you should be able to use the PML on Android, as you can see from the attached screen. In these cases, we recommend users to update their app to the latest version or check if the trainer is correctly configured in the app.

      Gaetano Mercante
      – Elite

    • Martin

      Hi Gaetano!

      I am already in contact with the support-team. I did a test for them. We will see..

      Best regards


    • Martin

      Dear Gaetano!

      Maybe you guys can help other customers to have a solid product.

      I was in contact with the support, but there was no progress. Yesterday I returned the trainer and ordered a Wahoo Kickr Core.

      Maybe you can improve the Q/A-process, because I do not understand, how it can happen, that such a faulty unit can be sent to the customer at all. ERG-Mode is a very basic feature and it cost me about 20 minutes to find out, that there is something strange happening during the workout.

      Best regards


  61. Frits

    A lot of smart trainers have problems, it’s a innovative market. Be aware that there is a long Reddit topic about the wahoo devices giving problems after a month of use. Also people complain about the support wahoo gives, then again people are very positive about the support Elite gives. The only thing I can’t find are bad things about the new Tacx devices. For me the big footprint of the Tacx devices is a no-go. But if you don’t mind that, the tacx might be your best option. Let us know how you experience the wahoo?

    • “The only thing I can’t find are bad things about the new Tacx devices”

      Fear not, just swing over to the Tacx 2T post I did…

    • Amit

      I agree that it can take a while for issues to be ironed out. For me the problem is that for some devices it takes a long time, or just eventually gets put in the too hard or too old box and never done; duck is the easy of modern technology.

      I am a serial purchaser of the slightly cheaper device with flaws that I hope either I can live with or will get worked out soon. But I probably then spend more time faffing with it than getting on and using it.

      With so many Elite devices, the level of unhappiness with the device and watching how the Zumo got dropped, an alarm is going off for me. I’m just going to get the Kickr Core and get on with using it, think it will cost me around £100 more than the suito (after purchasing a cassette) and around £120 more than the Direto 2, but hopefully I’ll get something with no compromise (other than cost).

    • Amit

      Ray, any way of introducing an edit function on posts (for those that are prone to hitting send without re reading their text). My auto type really messed up a sentence there.

    • There isn’t really a good/viable way for allowing edits for un-authenticated users. However, I can see about having an edit option for those that have accounts (thus, I can verify they are actually editing it themselves). That might be an option for DCR Supporters.

      Good idea!

  62. Andrew Matenkov

    Sent a ticket to elite support with flywheel wobbling.
    Guys, does it really looks like “completely under the tollerance” like elite support said? Keep in mind that is pretty low speed.

    Video: link to photos.app.goo.gl

  63. Swervie

    I really was hoping this trainer would be the one to get. But, after reading all the initial problems people are having with the Suito I ended up canceling my preorder from Clever Training (great company BTW) and ordering a factory reconditioned Kickr Core direct from Wahoo. Price is about the same other then I will have to dig up a cassette, but thats not a huge issue.

    • Tim

      I am having the same reservations about the Suito. Firmware issues I can live with for a while. Wobbling flywheels and missing legs are another issue. How is a wobbling flywheel going to be resolved, ship back to Elite and then ship back to me. That is a hassle and time lost. I was considering switching my order to the new Direto X but will there be similar issues and then there is no Zwift trial and no cassette, +$ 60-75 on top of the $899. That gets me to almost $1000 and a different level of trainer.
      Any thoughts from the DC collective?

    • Swervie

      The out of true flywheel that was deemed within tolerance by Elite, and the fact that this seems to be larger number of people having the same issues regarding this and the power readings is what did it for me. I really wanted this trainer, especially since it included the cassette and the 1 month of Zwift. It checked all the right boxes for me, but I can’t afford to spend $800 to be a hardware beta tester. Tim, Wahoo is selling reconditioned Kickr Core trainers for $779 with free shipping and a 1 year warranty. You don’t get the free Zwift and you’ll have to get a cassette, but at least its a mature trainer as far as problems go.

  64. ms

    Does Suito and Direto X have a calibration option in zwift?

    • Andrew Matenkov

      In general no, but one time there was a glitch or something and calibration button appeared. I ran it and….. nothing happened, just an error occurred. This is about suito.

  65. Remco

    I’m not able to calibrate in Zwift with my Suito. I have calibrated in the my-etraining app. Not sure if the powerreadings are correctly, I think they are al little high, also I think that my speed is a little high compared to real life cycling. Flywheel looks okay, not wobbly. Soundlevel is okay, installation was easy (5 min)

  66. Jan Hendrik

    Just finished my first week of riding the Suito and the more I ride it, the more I start to actually like it.

    BUT (and it is a big one): Power numbers are still an issue, though. I use a 4iiii Precision single sided powermeter as a comparison. From “guest rides” on dual sided powermeters I know that I’m usually 50/50 or 49/51, so pretty balanced.

    I’ve spent the whole week on twenty minute rides per day where I started with both systems without any calibration. Day by day I tried to make figures match by zero-offsetting the Precision on day 2, spinning down the Suito on day 3, doing both on day 4, just riding on day five…

    Today I did a three hour session to collect the “25 laps on the Volcano circuit” badge in Zwift, jumping to the top of the leaderboard once for fun. Average power over three hours: 106W on the Precision (with Garmin Connect), 157W on the Suito (with Zwift).

    Something is messed up there. Maybe it’s one system, maybe it’s both. Times were a lot better when I just used my rollers and was happy with that. Also that would have left me with a week of winter training in Fuerteventura for the money.

    Not sure what to do right now. Spent another 5$ for the DCR Analyzer (to know what exactky?)? Buy a third device and hope it matches one of the two I already have? Send both devices back?

    • Jan Hendrik

      I tried Zwifts workout mode today for the first time and ERG mode seems to be working fine on my unit. As mentioned before I have no experience with other smart trainers, but high power intervals kick in smooth and quick. As of now I’m not using PML, so the power in ERG mode is offset the same way it has always been for my unit.
      I’ll collect a third set of data and then give the DCR analyzer a go once I have time to read the manual.

    • Jan Hendrik

      The 30min Zwift standard workout, resolution 3s, since the Suito does not seem to give real time values.

    • Jan Hendrik

      A 3h ride on the Volcano Circuit in sim mode, resolution 30s. The Suito is the one reading higher in both cases. To me ERG mode looks good, except for the gereal offset (as mentioned before).

  67. Marcel Kroeker

    Alright, I did a Ramp test on my suito, increasing the wattage every 2 minutes by 10w.
    I found that:
    – The trainer is off by more or less 50%, at the 160w stage, the trainer was actually producing 239w (verified with a powermeter that’s accurate within 1%)
    – Doing a calibration after using the trainer for 15 minutes at about 220w did not change the offset
    – At about 220w and more, the trainer starts making cracking noises

    I will return the trainer to the store as soon as possible.

  68. Marcel Kroeker

    Erg mode is absolutely useless, as you can see in the screenshot. With trainerroad’s powermatch, the trainer is able to stay on target sometimes, but at an Interval change, it kicks up way too high and stays up there.

  69. Marcel Kroeker

    Update: I talked to the elite support, and they said they will send me a new unit immediately, while I can keep the faulty one until it arrives. That’s pretty awesome, since I can continue training (in manual mode). I will keep you updated, and report about the replacement process!

    • Andrew Matenkov

      The same experience here. After two hours of riding my unit developed cracking sounds and elite support proposed to send me a new unit.

  70. Johan Nordlund

    My first test ride on zwift went very good, i was a little bit afraid after all these problems that people have with it that i ordered my self a piece of s…
    But after my first 30 min test session i have to say i´m impressed or is it just that i didn´t expect them to be accurate, i had vector3 on my bike and have now both versions on strava:
    Suito: link to strava.com
    Vector 3: link to strava.com

    • Martin

      Hi Johan!

      Good to hear!

      Just to be sure (because my first few endurance-workoust without sprints, were fine too), try a workout with a few sprints or a 5 min training for example warm-up 100 watts, then 2 minutes 180 watts, 2 minutes 100 watt, 2 minutes 250 watts, 2 minutes 100 watt). If this is fine and the smarttrainer does not increase the resistance too high, and it does not take to long to the target-watts (not more than 5 seconds) you should be safe. 🙂

      Best regards


      Best regards


  71. Ryan

    Im getting really annoyed

    I submitted a ticket to Elite support showing the power was inaccurate with supporting files. They asked to run further tests which i did. I am confident that the stages power meter is cirrect having checked it against another powertap. I also ran a test using left leg only (with power divided by 2 to make sure it was not left leg right leg imbalance).

    This is the reply i recieved from Elite, which i consider totally unacceptable. You cannot advertise a trainer at 2.5% accuracy, and then simply suggest that the user must use the power link function.

    Extremely frustrating that each time i submit a mail it takes more than 2 days to reply too.

    “Good Afternoon

    The trainer seems to have some difference respect your Stages

    To improve the accuracy of the trainer I suggest to activate the Power Meter Link function
    from My E-Training app go to Parameter -> Advanced Settings
    Click on Power Meter link and activate the function

    In this mode the trainer will deactivate the power calculation and will take the power directly from your Stages, the trainer so will use as its own power the power directly from the Stages

    I remain at disposal
    Andrea B.
    Elite srl”

    Pictures of the inaccurate readings below

  72. ryan

    I am extremely annoyed.

    Submitted a ticket about inaccurate power meter readings, i did follow up tests requested and submitted files and then received the following reply which i consider totally unacceptable given trainer is advertised at 2.5% accuracy, and clearly the problem is with Elite.

    Also really annoying that each return email takes more than 48 hours to receive.

    “Good Afternoon

    The trainer seems to have some difference respect your Stages

    To improve the accuracy of the trainer I suggest to activate the Power Meter Link function
    from My E-Training app go to Parameter -> Advanced Settings
    Click on Power Meter link and activate the function

    In this mode the trainer will deactivate the power calculation and will take the power directly from your Stages, the trainer so will use as its own power the power directly from the Stages

    I remain at disposal
    Andrea B.
    Elite srl”

    • Martin


      I was in contact with Andrea as well. :/

      I had the same problem with the Suito. I tested PML as well with my external powermeter, but the issue is the same. The smart-trainer’s resistance-output is too high (for example a 50 sec intervall with 200 watts, the trainer’s resistance is about 360 watts in reality, which my external powermeter displayed).

      I played arround with the spin-down-process, different software features (Trainerroad and Powermatch, Zwift) but nothing changed.

      Yesterday I returned the trainer and ordered a Wahoo Kickr Core…

      I told the support, that I do not want to be a beta-tester for such a product. A working ERG-Mode is a basic feature and I do not understand how this device could make it through the Q/A-process… :/

      Best regards from Austria


    • Martin

      Hi Everybody!

      Yesterday I got my Wahoo Kickr Core (I returned my Elite Suito). I am happy now, the Core works as expected. The smarttrainer nailes the watts perfect and in ERG-Mode it only takes 2-3 seconds until the target-watts are reached.

      Sorry Elite but I have no time to be a beta-tester.

      Best regards


  73. Ryan

    Update on my situation that i posted on previously. Elite support is at least now trying to come up with a more customer orientated solution – offerring to try get a replacement trainer out to me. Not sure this is actually going to solve a systemic issue but at least credit to then in acknowledging the issue and trying to address it more constructively than previously.

  74. Thomas Butler

    Just purchased an Elite Suito about a week ago. I have tried for 3 days to get it to work in ERG mode with TrainerRoad with no success. During the ramp test in Erg mode the resistance never changes. Definitely not the way it is supposed to work. I have contacted Elite and am waiting for a reply.

  75. RaSa

    Hello everyone!
    As many people now that the winter is coming, I am trying to decide which trainer I should buy. I have two main options because of the prices/specifications that make sense for me:
    1) Tacx flux S (T2900 older version). This is now by 500€.
    2) Elite Suito. This is close to 600€ but it includes the cassete.

    What would you recommend me more? I have read here that the first units of Elite Suito are having some issues… perhaps the technology used by tacx is worse due to its age?

    I would greatly appreciate a help. Thank you

    • Martin


      To be honest, today I would not buy both of them (I owned both of them). After 7 month my FLUX-S had a broken belt. My brand new Suito (ordered two weeks ago) did not function at all (ERG-Mode did not work) was a “dead on arival”.

      Now I have a Wahoo Kickr Core and I am very happy!

      Best regards


    • Julien

      Hi Martin,

      How can you compare the noise between the suito and the core ,



    • Martin

      Dear Julien!

      From my point of view, both devices are quiet. But the Wahoo Kickr Core is more quietly. With the Suito above 200 watts, I could hear/feel little vibrations with a growl.
      Above 200 watts the Kickr Core is absolutely quiet.

      Overall I am impressed of the very fast adoption of the resistance during a workout of the Kickr Core.The devices nails the resistances, based on the workout (power-smoothing is disabled).

      Best regards


    • Julien


      Thank you very much for your interesting answer.



  76. Michael

    U.S customer here. Unit just arrived today. Flywheel wobble isn’t enough to worry me on mine (not nearly as bad as video above) and resistance is reacting as expected though not tracking perfect (but I’d think it’s just a firmware fix). Stability – it does move side to side but doesn’t seem like it’s going to tip over by any means. Overall pretty happy. Wondering if there may have been some QC issues on a later batch since my understanding is US units were manufactured first?

  77. Michael

    I’m seeing the suito available for $620 and I’m also reading about the accuracy issues and cracking noises… I’m wondering if getting a deal and waiting for the problem to be fixed is better than paying basically $300 more for the kickr core.

  78. Oleg

    I was centhusiastic about new Suito. I considered either Kickr Core or Suito, but after reading negative comments, understood that I have no time to send faulty devices for replacement and miss indoor training. (I’m only 6 weeks at home). So I found great deal for Neo2 (which can also have some problem, but no so often). Rose bikes sell them at 927 Euro!! I bought it and next time I’m home I will make my neighbours happy after changing buzzy Elite Power Fluid to Neo 2!

  79. Jim C


    Recently received the Elite Suito in the US following a preorder. This is my first power trainer therefore I have no expectations. The unit arrived with legs intact and setup was easy with included cassette. All was well until the unit synched with TrainerRoad and ETraining app but did not send speed or cadence information to either app. While looking for a solution I noticed the discussion of wobble and, sure enough, my flywheel wobbles. Once you see it it cannot be “unseen”.

    Time to send back to seller or manufacturer.

    • Andrew Matenkov

      It’s not a real problem actually. I done a little research and in overall almost all flywheels of literally any manufacturer has this wobble. In my case whole the bike move right-left even at low speed. This is defenetly not a flywheel but something like axle bent.
      Anyway elite sent me a new one. It would be “nice” if the new one has this annoying but too.

    • Jim


      Thank you for your perspective.

      When I place a ruler adjacent to the flywheel and turn one rotation (Belt seam to belt seam) the flywheel edge travels approximately
      2mm in a lateral direction. It is visible to the naked eye and introduces a subtle wiggle to the rear of the bike.

      If this is consider manufacturers tolerance perhaps that should be clearly specified. If not it may not bode well for the life of the trainer. I also wonder about the wobble effect on the carbon bike frame.

      I reached out to Elite via there website but have had no response after 3 days.

  80. Mattias Schöier

    Is the problems only related to units sold on the US or has the european units the same problems?

  81. Andro

    I’ve been literally holding my finger on the “confirm purchase” button for a month already, but the comments are holding me back – I must say I’m very grateful to people sharing their experiences here, it’s much appreciated!

    I’m just another guy here looking to buy his first trainer and due to noise/ease of use, I have settled on a direct drive option. My initial idea was to buy an used Flux for ca 400EUR, then moved to a new Flux of 500EUR (again, due to comments and being afraid of not having a warranty). And now the Suito for 650EUR. I must say I’m very close to moving to Kickr Core now, but that would nearly double the price of my initial idea 🙁

    The sun already sets at around 6.30PM in Northern Europe, which means I would have to buy something very soon… or move onto the trainers at the gym. Therefore, I would like to ask, is 600-700EUR a worthy investment and do you feel that splurging money to train at home is really “the way to go”? To set a reference, I bike around 8000km/year – only outside, through the rain and snow 🙂

    Meanwhile, I will keep monitoring the nice comment feed here and waiting for a full review 🙂

  82. Andrew Matenkov

    Wobbly&cracking reporting in:
    1. Retightened bolts on a flywheel shaft – cracking sounds are gone. At least no sounds for 20 minutes. Need to test more.
    2. Annoying loud sound of flywheel partly can be fixed by another grease in a freehub. I used Mobilgrease XHP – more quite than before. Freehub can be easily dismounted with a 17mm open-end wrench.
    3. Check tightning of bolts on legs. It can cause some cracking sounds.
    4. Still don’t know how can I resolve this issue without “your local dealer”, action begin from 27 seconds: link to photos.app.goo.gl
    P.S. yes, it’s clipless slippers

  83. Jim


    Three questions regarding Suito:

    1. How have people contacted Elite for issues with the trainer? Email via their site=no reply for 3 days. Is there a US based phone number? Effective email address?

    2. Have folks approached Clever Training regarding returns if the wheel wobbles and Elite does not reply?

    3. I have unsuccessfully tried to pair with TrainerRoad and the e-Training software offered by Elite. Both programs link to the trainer but when I try to calibrate the softwares do not display speed for calibration. Any suggestions?



    • EC

      US based number is the distributor Todson
      nick@todson.com or 774-306-3261
      That was what was provided to me by clevertraining.

    • Jim

      Thank you EC. I also received that number from Clever Training. I shared my concerns with Nick and I am waiting for a response.

    • Jim C


      Received some help from affiliate site and US distributor. Awaiting replacement unit direct from Elite. Unfortunately must wait about 1 week or more for unit to arrive. So much for pre order and early adopt. Hopefully have some sort of unit running 1 month after expected.

  84. DWH

    I have the same issue as everybody else with the SUITO: Resistance not working in ERG mode, etc. No response from the company, a disgrace. I todays world this should not happen.

  85. Remco

    Returned my Suito to the reseller (due to these problems) and got me a nice Wahoo kick core. Happy with that.

  86. EC

    I got mine yesterday. This is my first trainer, so I am not sure how close ERG mode is supposed to track with a powermeter. Seems pretty close to me (again total noob question if I have my PM and trainer both connected to TR, where is trainer road pulling the power from?
    Mine for sure has the out of true flywheel. After a sprint the whole bike was shaking as it slowed down. I reached out to return the unit and was told to call elite to see what they could do.

    • Martin


      If you have activated the smart-trainer and an external powermeter and both devices are connected to trainerroad, trainerroad uses the “powermatch-feature”. This features “takes” the values from the powermeter and uses the smart-trainer only for controlling the resistance.

      If you do not want to use this feature, you have to disable the external powermeter in trainerroad (device-settings).


  87. HI Ray

    Thanks for the Nice Review. Also a big thank for all the guys that bought that Trainer already and are sharing Experiences and Problems. I would have bought it already if was not for the bad experience people are having at the moment.

    I’m pretty happy i didnt ordered yet. I stil have Time since I just had a knee surgery last Friday. So i’m going to hold on to see if they can fix those issues.

  88. Hi,
    I have a question related to the possibility to control the Suito using the Bryton Rider 450.
    In particular, I do not know if it is possible to create a training session based on time and power, so for example to have 15min at 150watt and so on.

    Have someone tried this combination ?

    If not with Bryton rider 450, someone knows if it is possible with other bike computer ?

    Thanks a lot, Gian Claudio

    • Gaetano Mercante

      HI Gian Claudio,
      it depends on the device. If the device supports the ANT+ FE-C, than it can control the trainer.
      In case it has only ANT+ Power and/or ANT+ Speed&Cadence, it can display the training data.
      The ability to create training program depends only from the display. The Suito is fully compliant with ANT+ FE-C and thus supports also such kind of training.

  89. F. Esteves

    Had a “clunking” noise at times and the gear index was quite off. Greased the free hub and re tightened and now its just perfect.
    Had no problems with ERG mode.

  90. Adrian

    I got the Suito last week and its my first venture in to the SMART power meter market. Admittedly I’ve not used to any great degree and my max sprint is only 800w but it seemed easy to set up and responded OK to my interval workout on the garmin. I do want to switch off the ERG mode (avoid the ‘spiral of death’) and make it more like my old elite muin. It seems easy enough to do this on ZWIFT or TR but how do you do it on the Garmin 1000?

  91. Slishu

    I got my suito 2 days ago. I’ll get new unit but previous one got problems with zwift…
    Reported power was changing aroud target 150W +/- 15W in ERG mode.
    Appart from that, wheel was wobbling with those noises : link to drive.google.com

  92. Henrik

    But is it a decent trainer if you can find it? I saw some new boxes at the local big chain for about €600 (or about €100 below the old Direto) but as no information is available I don’t *know* if the issues have been fixed.

  93. David Das

    Same problems for me. I bought it mid-September [I think it’s the 1st gen, as it has a short power cable – emailed them to ask for the longer one about 3 weeks ago. No reply]. Only had a chance to use it around five times as it’s still just about OK to go outside at that time [in the UK]. Flywheel and unit are physically fine, it’s the mix of mostly non-response to intervals in ERG mode, or massive over-resistance [e.g. trainer says 110w, Assiomas say 170w, BePro’s say 172w], changed gear in order to stand and the resistance immediately [ironic as it takes 30+ seconds to change if it actually responds in the first place] shot up to where I couldn’t turn the pedals.

    I’m never being an early adopter in the cycling gadget market again. Been burned too many times by the rubbish companies like Garmin and now Elite launch on to the market that are unusable for their intended purpose.

    Sorry if I’m coming across all irate – I’ve just given up on yet another ruined workout and it’s now too late for me to go outside. Borderline tears of frustration :-/

  94. David Das

    I’ve had the same problems – either non-response in ERG mode, or it’s putting resistance at 30%-50% higher than it actually should be, it takes approx. 30 seconds to increase the power, change gear in erg mode and the resistance goes so high I can’t turn the pedals. My one is utterly useless and it’s ruined a number of workouts. I kept the faith in thinking I could troubleshoot it/maybe it was some setting I hadn’t set right, but I couldn’t. I’ve just sat down after another wasted workout and sent my warranty refund request to the retailer.

    I’m never being an early adopter in the cycling gadget market again.

  95. Harmen

    I might be just lucky, but mine seems te be fine. It was delivered yesterday and it seems okay. The reseller said it was the first official batch meant for the Netherlands. The flywheel isn’t 100% true, but I don’t feel any whobbling during cycling.

  96. JB

    Had a couple of rides on my Suito, UK unit shipped with longer power cable. Seems ok so far – responds well to Zwift changes in gradient (Bluetooth smart connected via iOS on iPad)
    No power meter to benchmark against, however I did calibrate it with Elite app – offset value *way* higher then stated on QC value on sticker on trainer.
    I do have a slight out of true flywheel on spindown, but not anything to worry about.
    Struggled to get ERG mode to work initially but once Bluetooth switched off on phone used for music it seems to work fine (10 minute test). Planning to test this further with a long workout at weekend – as it is first smart trainer with ERG unsure if it’s designed to hold the power rock steady? Suito fluctuates a few watts either side of designed power – not a major issue for me tbh.
    Overall, pretty impressed so far, hopefully as it takes a thrashing over the winter it’ll continue to perform well.

    • Kyle

      My offset value was way higher as well, what did you do about it? I saw a Direto video where the belt gets adjusted to make the values match. No idea how to do it on the suito.

    • JB

      Just left it at the moment, I will likely recalibrate in a couple of weeks and see where it’s at. If still the same I’ll likely email Elite and see if I can get a response.
      A little bit of me wants it to mean it’s under reading the power ;0)
      I’ve seen the Direto YouTube showing how to alter the offset but like you have no clue how to undertake on the Suito.
      I’ll maybe post the offset numbers on re-calibration here so you can compare.

    • Kyle

      I did email Elite about it yesterday, I’ll post the response when I get it.

    • Kyle

      Elite got back to me. The offset value for the Suito represents how many milliseconds it takes to spin to a stop and it’s not the same type of measurement as the Direto. Mine was two seconds longer than the sticker. They said that’s fine, but to redo it after riding only for 10 minutes. (I did it after 30 minutes)

    • gaetano Mercante

      Hi Kyle,
      this is Gaetano from Elite R&D.
      Normally the belt on the Suito should not be changed. That’s valid for Direto and for Suito as well. We know that there are some misleading info about that but the need of adjusting the belt are very rare.
      The offset increasing is normal (unless you get over 15’000) and no special operation should be done performed.

      It could be necessary to change the belt tension only in case of case you feel the flywheel slippers but it’s a delicate operation and we raccomand to execute that only under the supervision of Elite support.

      Please note that acting on the belt tension without Elite indication would invalidate the warranty.

    • Jeremy HERMANSON

      Hey Gaetano,
      Any advice for users who are experiencing erg mode becoming so intense that we can barely turn the pedals? This has happened on zwift still need to try on the e-traing app.

    • Swervie


      This is a known phenomenon for all smart trainers. Do a google search for “ERG Spiral of Death” for tips on how to get out of it.

    • Sebastian H

      Just to check you’ve tried the spin down calibration on the myEtraining app?

    • Jeremy HERMANSON

      Yes I have. Thanks.

    • Jeremy HERMANSON

      Thanks. I will do some more research before returning the trainer. I will also try the erg mode on the elite trainer app to see if it is a zwift issue or the trainer.

    • Kyle

      When I get stuck in ERG, I stop pedaling…open the Zwift in game menu and toggle ERG Off then back On. Start pedaling and it’s all good. Only happens at the beginning of rides sometimes.

    • gaetano Mercante

      Hi Jeremy,
      that could be normal. Pls consider that if your speed goes down, then the torque increases to maintain the power constant (Power = Torque x speed).
      Of course, if your speed is constant, then it could be a problem. In case, pls try using another app (my E-training is ok) to understand it it’s a hardware or software problem.

    • Jeremy HERMANSON

      I just used the elite e training app and everything worked as it should. So the issue is likely me. Watched the shane Miller youtube “erg mode explained”. It should be compulsary viewing for anyone new to smart trainers. I will try zwift again but it does seem like it is not a hardware issue. Thanks for all the suggestions and help.

  97. Marcel Kroeker

    Update to my situation:

    As discussed before, my trainer power data was 50% higher than it should be, and there was a slight wobble with cracking noises. I contacted the Elite support and they offered to send me a replacement, and I could still use the defective trainer in manual mode in the meantime to continue my training.

    I’m happy to report that the new trainer arrived and it’s absolutely perfect! No strange noises, no wobble, and super accurate power data compared to my favero assioma duo. I like how fast the trainer responds in ERG mode. The new version came with a significantly longer power cable.

    In case you can get your hands on a non-defective unit, this might be the best-value smart trainer of the year. I just hope that Elite gets their act together, those initial quality issues should not happen!

  98. Fabio

    Sad Thing that the thread is not updated by Ray because this means that there are no news from Elite.

    A lot of people ask about this trainer but i can’t raccomend it if the situation is the same of the last update from Ray (23rd september). I see that Gaetano from Elite sometimes answer questions here..so it could be great if he could tell us something update what Ray wrote on the 23rd Sept here.

  99. Rensa

    Man, at least you guys get to use it, early adopter pains and all – bought one through the affiliate link and FedEx has somehow lost it to the void. (Not optimistic at their chances of finding it or getting my money back.)

  100. Adrian

    A couple of weeks on since I got my Suito, I ve been pleased with it. It performs well noise wise (a bit cluncky on gear changes but far quieter overall than my old Muin), I can’t fault the stability or build and I like its compactness (the main reason I bought it). I am not sure of the ERG/workout mode, it seems to enter the ‘circle of death’ too quickly (the lower the cadence, it ups the resistance to meet the power target, which lowers my cadence more, etc etc) but that might just be my defficiency. I find it best to unlink the Garmin and trainer and just control the resistance manually in Level Mode.

  101. David Das

    My Suito is being picked up by the retailer today for a refund. I’m going to spin classes at the moment [good heat training!].

    I’m now looking at what the next choice should be at a similar price point and I’ve narrowed it down to two. I would love anyone’s [and DCR’s, obvs :-)] opinion on whether I should go for a Kickr Core, a Hammer H2 or an Elite Drivo Mk 1? They’re the same price [Drivo is £25 cheaper than the others, at half price!]. Have the issues with the Core been pretty much resolved? It will be put on a turbo trainer mat, not carpet!

    Many thanks for any help!

  102. Jasko

    How to CALIBRATE Suito smart trainer? I cant pair my powermetar from the trainer with the App! Also I have high watt numbers, when riding Zwift. Thanks!

  103. Carl-Olow Magnusson

    Hi all, bought my Suito for 3 weeks ago (I have the long-power-cable version) and I’m a very happy Suito owner. When I did my first ride, rattling and strange noises came from the back of the trainer – but this is quite normal if you put a well-used chain on a brand-new cassette 😊. I put some oil on the cassette and just after a couple of rides – complete silence (still some small rattling noises on some gears, which I do not use that much. I think I can do more fine tuning on my rear derailleur as well).

    I’m using Rouvy and my Suito is performing much better than my previous trainer (roller), very smooth and no variations in resistance. Today I did a long test run on a flat(ish) route and I had no problems holding specific power levels (tested 180, 210, 230w for 2-5 minutes). I did a sprint (last 300m, that’s when the leaderboard is displayed in Rouvy 😊) and I could hold approx. 350w with no problems.

    I’m running the Suito straight out of the box. No additional devices are connected and I’m using BT and iPad.

  104. WB

    After reading review I was like – I am going to buy it!!
    After reading comments I am more like not yet.

    I want to buy first trainer for winter. I need to decide in top 2-3 weeks
    Currently seems to be discount on Suito.
    I can get Elite Suito for 560e or Tacx Flux S Smart for about 650e (with cassete).

    In general seems Suito has better spec, but still some issues.
    How long do you think it may take elite to fix problems?

  105. Tomas

    Hi guys,

    Despite all the issues mentioned below i decided to buy suito from local bike shop. I just want to get the second issue with longer cable. Can you tell me how long is the cable so i can measure it in the bike shop?
    I will also check the flywheel wobble. Is it visible also when not riding? This is my first trainer so i dont know if i can spin the flywheel when not riding.
    There is also the power accuracy problem. I dont have a powermeter and i wonder, if there is way to check the accuracy also without power meter?

    Thank you

    • Jim C


      My experience with the flywheel is that one feels a subtle wiggle or vibration in the rear of the bike once the flywheel is up and spinning. On my trainer it is not huge however one wonders how that would play out for the trainer or the bike over time. This is my first indoor trainer but my Peloton spin bike flywheel has been straight and smooth for 3 years. The peloton bike was my gateway drug to cycling.

      Off the trainer one can spin up the flywheel and see it.

      Finally, when off the bike turn the flywheel so that the colored seam in the flywheel belt is visible at the top of the flywheel. Crouching behind the bike, rest a metal tape measure or an index card with a vertical line against the frame just above the flywheel so that a tape measure mark or the line in the index card is lined up with one of the edges of the flywheel. Turn the flywheel through one rotation. On my bike the flywheel moves about 2 mm side to side during one flywheel rotation.

      My trainer syncs up with my iPhone and Macbook via Bluetooth but no power, speed or cadence information goes to either device when the trainer is visible in TrainerRoad or the my Etraining app suggested with the Trainer.

      If not too late consider whether you really want to begin the dance with this device right now.

      In the 2.5 weeks since receiving the trainer I have had no contact from Elite support despite submitting a “ticket” via their website and my online seller’s distributor contacting them.(perhaps this is some sort of simple software glitch that I could fix? Maybe I’m doing something wrong? If the power/cadence/speed worked perhaps the flywheel movement is not “perfect” but at least I could be using it until a replacement comes?)
      I am told another trainer is on the way. Hopefully the next will be issue free.

  106. Just got my Suito, so far so good. Been waiting a while like most on this thread.

    From what I was told it’s from the second European batch which has sorted the cracking noise and from what I can see there’s minimal to no travel in the flywheel.

    I don’t have power meter so can’t check the data on that side.

    The only problem i’ve encountered so far is not being able to calibrate ERG with Zwift using the spindown tool.

    • Slishu

      You need to do calibration via myETraining application. Spindown value will be stored in trainer itself therefore values in zwift should be accurate.

      Spindown calibration in zwift is working only for couple of wahoo trainers from what I know.

  107. Milan

    Hi, I own two units. One has issue with knocking noises :(. I made a video of the issue link to youtube.com.
    Anyway, no other issues, pairing with zwift is quickly, tested with iOS,iPadOS, Macos, Apple Tv.

    • Jim C


      Since I have had no communication from Elite regarding my pairing (going on 2.5 weeks, despite apparent contact between distributor for online site where purchased), perhaps you can help me.

      I turn on my Elite Suito, open TrainerRoad or myEtraining app, see the trainer in the app and then try to calibrate. In TrainerRoad the app asks me to pedal faster than say 5 miles per hour. When I start pedaling no data is visible in the app. Same sort of scenario in myEtraining.

      I have restarted devices (Macbook, iPhone), used the two apps etc. Same thing each time: I see the trainer in the app but unable to calibrate.

      Did you do anything differently?

      I’d like to be able to do something while I wait for promised replacement of device.

      Many thanks.


    • Milan

      Hi Jim,

      First calibration was done by iOS app myETraining. One device was set manual, one was set used by QR code, which is located od smarttrainer legs from underneath. Than I picked Advanced configuration a than spindown calibration (small “i”). I think, that second try of calibration was success. I do not use myETraining app for riding, I have only tested/riding with Zwift. Sensors was discovered immediately. Calibration was after aproximately 5 attempts. What did help was increase speed higher, than requsted 37km/h, for aprox. 50km/h. Since than I made calibration every 4 days and everything works fine. Hope it helps.

      Both units behave almost the same.


    • Jim C


      Thank you for your suggestions. I repaired the Suito with myEtraining via the QR code on the stabilizer leg. The app listed the model and identifying numbers of the trainer. The app did not register speed, cadence or power.

      I opened a Zwift account. The app, running on iOS 13.1.3, quickly recognized the trainer and appeared to ready to go. No speed, cadence or power. Tried to calibrate, it asked me to pedal to 23 mph or so….no speed.

      So, three out of three: TrainerRoad, myEtrainig, Zwift. I think my unit doesn’t work.

  108. sebastian hughes

    Cheers for the heads up. I did that after and it worked just fine.

  109. Keang Soy

    I contacted CleverTraining to get RMA # to return the Suito; however, they refuse to do so and redirect me to contact nick@todson.com or 774-306-3261. I emailed him and no response. I tried to call, the number is dead. At this point, I am not sure what to do. I am very unpleasant of how they handle these issue. I would never buy anything again either from CleverTraining or Elite. I would not recommend to get the Suito at all until they iron out all the issues we experienced on here.

    • Jim C


      I have had a similar experience however I did reach Nick and he said he would contact Elite and Elite would ship a trainer to me and I would return the trainer to Elite.
      That was 8 days ago. Email Saturday inquiring about shipment tracking and phone call>voicemail unanswered.
      What began as the expected bumps in the road with a new device has morphed into a poor customer service experience all around from Clever Training (note that one large online shopping site allows direct return of defective devices), distributor Todson and manufacturer Elite.

      For those thinking about ordering one of these, as you choose this device and your seller remember the words of Dirty Harry before you push the submit button: “Do I feel lucky?”……well do ya?

      I am grateful for the community that DC Rainmaker supports. At least those of us working through this are not alone.

    • Andrew Matenkov

      Don’t worry. Elite sent me a new unit in three weeks.

  110. Kyle

    I’ve had mine for about 2 weeks and have put in around 6 hours. No issues so far. Zwift is fine, both interactive and ERG modes. Connects easily. Shifting is pretty dramatic, but I think that’s due to the new dry cassette. Yeah the flywheel wobbles a bit, but doesn’t seem to affect anything. I’d recommend it at this point.

  111. Heiderunner

    Just got my Suito for 599€ from Fahrrad XXL in Dresden. Switching from a Tacx Bushido, the first out of the box ride went smooth and was a real joy, no cracking sound so far. Next test will be ERG mode. I got the longer cable, but no oil for the cassette was in the box. I am surprised how solid and stable the unit is. So far, I would say it is a no brainer for that price. Time will show if it holds up.

    • Heiderunner

      Second day, second ride and unfortunately the Suito let me down. From begin of riding, the exact same cracking sound, reported from others before, occured. No matter if ERG mode or free ride, no matter how intensive I hit the paddles, the cracking occurs about 70% of riding time. Anybody got experience what exactly causes the problem? Before returning, I would like to test more and see if others were able to fix it.

  112. Rysn

    Update on my situation. Elite have been helpful in resolving the problems with the first trainer i received. New trainer i received so far appears better. Still not sure accuracy is spot on (appears better than the first though), but i think will be ok via firmware updates which Elite indicated will hopefully be out in a few weeks after beta testing.

    Overall if it all teething issues get worked out i think this could still be a great trainer.

  113. Jeremy

    Has anyone experienced the erg mode on the suito when using zwift gets so heavy you can barely turn the crank. Only pushing 400 odd watts so it shouldn’t feel like concrete. Suggestions appreciated.

    • Andrew

      i rode in normal mode, it gets very heavy in climb section, i can’t push down the pedal, i have to change the gear to the easiest one. working as indented? this trainer measure your watt by how fast you can turn the flywheel per second. unlike true power meter, it measure how hard you push down the pedal. correct me if i am wrong

    • What Andrew describes for SIM mode (non-ERG mode) is completely normal. It’s just like outdoors, you have to shift.

      For Jeremy, honestly it’ll depend a bit on your fitness. For most people 400w is a fair bit, depending on the duration. It’ll feel harder also if you’re talking a low cadence.

    • Andrew

      Just tested mine again this evening. it’s very bad. on my Assioma power meter, reading was 160w but, trainer reading was 120. ERG totally not usable since the reading was way off.

      i am sending mine back

    • Andrew

      here’s the video of the wobbling, feel free to share.

      link to youtu.be

  114. Jeremy HERMANSON

    Thanks. I will do some more research before returning the trainer. I will also try the erg mode on the elite trainer app to see if it is a zwift issue or the trainer.

  115. Jim C


    I am pleased to report that Elite and the US Distributor have come through regarding my preordered Suito that wobbled and did not pass power/cadence/speed to apps via bluetooth. A replacement is on the way for late in the week. Last week when I asked about obtaining a replacement from retail channels the distributor said that Elite wanted to send a unit directly to minimize the chance of further issues.

    So, for those of you with hardware issues it looks like Elite is doing the right thing. For those who are likely to benefit from a firmware update I will cross my fingers with you.

    Good luck to all,


  116. Andrew

    Here’s the reply from customer service, full of crap if you ask me


    Hi Andrew,

    please read my comment below:

    Wobbling of the black pulley:
    The oscillation of the black pulley doesn’t have repercussions on the bike, and it’s due to an intrinsic effect intentionally present in the hometrainer (consequent of the greater flexibility of the hardware, developed in order to simulate the best road behavior). Therefore, this kind of wobbling are not be considered as a claim.

    Best regards

    Elite srl

    /end quote

  117. Joao Vinagre

    Hi guys,
    I just calibrated my Suito with myETraining app and it gave me an offset value of 13281. Any clue of its meaning? I’m new on the smart training world, so any help would be much appreciated!

    • gaetano Mercante

      Hi Joao,
      the offset value is actually the spindown time of the calibration process (in ms).
      This is automatically saved on the trainer thus it’s available even when you use the Suito with other programs.
      No special action is required.

    • Joao Vinagre

      Thanks for the quick reply.
      On the flywheel there’s a sticker with a much higher value (something around 19000, can’t say exactly right now). Shouldn’t the values be similar?
      By the way, how can we update to the latest firmware ? Thanks for the help

  118. Romolo

    I try to calibrate my suito several times without success!
    Other have same problem?

    • gaetano Mercante

      Hi Romolo,
      what app do you use? As far as I know Zwift is not fully compatible for the calibration.
      You’d use the Elite my E-training app for that.

    • Joey

      i have similar issue, both etraining and zwift !

    • Romolo

      I ve used Elite My Etraining i have contacted elite too and tehy suggest me to change device so we have changed device and used also my Imac and App for imac but look impossible make it !

  119. DWH

    Dear All, after updating to the new firmware, I still have the issue of strong overshooting the prescribed watt value with very slow relaxation (up to 30sec) and then huge fluctuations around the desired watt value. Do you share this experience? Elite in their responds essentially said that this was supposed to be normal!

  120. ML

    Just read this review. Very interesting. Thanks

    One thing I want to add is that you noticed a glitch that for a period of time, the trainer wasn’t responding to the ramp up in wattage until seconds later later. I have a similar issue with Elite Arion Smart Roller trainer as well. It happens maybe once every 10 or so training sessions on Trainerroad when the machine would not ramp up on the wattage for 10-15 sec. Sometimes it just stopped responding altogether. I would have to just unplug and come back the next day, and it’s fine for a while.

    It’s quite annoying as it is very intermittent, so no use to send back to Elite as it likely won’t happen back there.

    Now I am thinking maybe it’s an issue for Elite machines, not just mine.

  121. Fachiro

    Hi, i bought Suito on 16th october and i have problems with power.

    Updated using Upgrado, calibrated and tested with Trainerroad. No way, problem with power, i have an outdoor ftp of about 240W but the trainer was so hard that i can’t keep 200W for 1 minute. Next day, first i used the trainer for half an hour and then calibrated other 2 times. I did the ftp test and it was ok, with a reasonable ftp of 230W. Next day did a light workout, but in the interval where trainerroad requested me 116W ( nothing) the trainer was so hard that seem to me to push at least 200W.

    Elite told me to send them the Mapping of the trainer and the serial number…i hope in the replacement with a new trainer because in this way it’s not possible to train

  122. Andrew

    Is this what they sent ?

    Please create a training in this way:
    2′ at 100W
    1′ at 150W
    2′ at 100W
    1′ at 200W
    2′ at 100W
    1′ at 250W
    2′ at 100W
    1′ at 300W