Giveaway Extravaganza: GoPro Fusion 360° Action Cam


Let’s say that you were the dude (or dudette) who always managed to miss the shot. Always had the camera pointed in the wrong direction, or perhaps always had it out of focus. Well, I’ve got a solution for you: A 360° action cam. With this imaginatively named creation it’s virtually impossible to eff up the shot. One way or another, it’s going to capture it.  It might take your computer 12 years to process the footage, but gosh darn it – you’ve at least got the shot! And more than likely it’ll be epic…at least as epic as going to the mailbox on a rainy January morning can get.

Giveaway Opens: 4:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: GoPro Fusion 360° Action Cam

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself
Fine Print: No fine print, it’s just the Action Cam

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Thanks all!


  1. Adam Rolls

    Would b3 great for the front of my kayak

  2. Kristopher B

    Love your website. This is a great camera

  3. Flavio Pires


  4. Jeremy Smith

    Yes please

  5. Owen Stickley

    Thanks Ray!

  6. Fredrik Eliasson

    Fingers crossed…

  7. Benoit

    Look awesome to do some nice ski shot.

  8. Christos

    Would love this!

  9. n00b

    sweet !

  10. Joel Neff

    Just made it!

  11. Cesar Espinoza

    I want that camera!!

  12. Chris

    Cool camera

  13. faarn

    3rd time lucky

  14. Filipe Lopes

    Great cam!

  15. Bill Jessup

    Nice toy

  16. Anne

    Love your site!

  17. Tris Skirvin

    This would be awesome. My hubby would LOVE this

  18. Mike Smith

    Ooh, free GoPro…that’d be nice!

  19. Jarno Heynis

    Check 1 2

  20. Joe DeBlasio

    I saw so many Go Pro’s at my fundraiser ride this weekend, wishing I had one too.

  21. Imre

    Cool stuff!

  22. Lee

    Now your talking. This camera would be fun. Please pick me:)

  23. Gene Fitzhugh

    Right on…

  24. Wil

    My son would love this

  25. jamie mcpherson

    yes please

  26. tadmaxh

    I need to record my trips to the mailbox!

  27. Angelos Skoubas

    I want it !!!

  28. Ajay

    Thanks will be good on a helmet

  29. Dan

    I like free and I’m in the market

  30. sean mclean

    this would be awesome

  31. Ricardo Silva

    Ray is the man.

  32. michiel


  33. Ivan chen

    Maybe one of these years I’ll get lucky!

  34. Anders

    Would be great to bring with me!

  35. Linda

    I’d love this. I’ve used a GoPro from a friend, but don’t have one of my own.

  36. Jeffrey Powell

    Awesome! Thanks.

  37. M Breg

    360 degree of awesomeness coming my way!

  38. FJ

    Awesome, yes please!

  39. Szabolcs Gyulai

    i never win anyway…

  40. TomS

    I’ll have one, pretty please 🙂

  41. Tiago Dias

    Peak me peak me, I need this so badly.

  42. Zoltan T


  43. Troy

    Thanks for awesome Extravaganza

  44. Shelly

    Nice camera man

  45. GomJabbar

    Count me in ! Thxs

  46. Jonathan

    cool one !

  47. mikao

    Oh, I need this

  48. Marty

    Just in time!

  49. Alejandro Montelongo

    Would love one of this

  50. Santiago C

    I want this Camera!

  51. David

    Ray, thanks for the Giveaway Extravaganza! Hope to win one of your fantastic gadgets:) Cheers, David

  52. Colin Smith

    Yes please you can send it to me

  53. Jason

    Would love it!

  54. gaukler


  55. Gyucso

    this is cool stuff

  56. Jennifer Geiger

    Hi! Thanks for posting these giveaways! I love your reviews, they are always incredibly helpful!

  57. Seet

    Yep let’s do this!

  58. Andy

    Hello ?

  59. Mike Richie

    Gotta film it!

  60. Daniel

    Must see everything!

  61. Henrik Isaksson

    Go pro!!!

  62. michael


  63. MartialMax

    Not to Late!

  64. Carolina Huerta

    Wow! Pick me! ?

  65. Eric Alvarez

    I could really use this GoPro for my upcoming adventure to East Australia!

  66. David Tunney

    Me please

  67. Henrik Brosenius

    My old GoPro Hero 3 needs an update.

  68. Eduardo

    Cool camera!

  69. Mike V.

    Thanks Ray!!

  70. Brewster

    My GoPro got stolen, this would make a nice replacement!

  71. Tom Smulders

    Pick me!

  72. Matiss

    want one

  73. Phil Lewis

    Yes please!!

  74. Chris

    I love GoPro! This is the best day ever and it’s not even 6 yet

  75. Martin Syvertsen

    This is my comment 🙂

  76. Nesnahal


  77. Martin Lewis

    This would be great!

  78. David Belanger

    Very nice.

  79. Susan

    Very nice. Thank you

  80. Dave

    Need more sleep

  81. Paulo Fernandes

    Nice 🙂

  82. Sander Kommeren

    GoPro for the win!

  83. William Law

    Yes please!

  84. Carl

    Cool! I want one

  85. Maxime

    I’m in!!

  86. Rob F

    Maybe I could finally get smoother shots with this. Or at least better angles.

  87. Argiris Roussos

    Thanks Ray!

  88. Steve Lund

    Count me in

  89. Keith SHERMAN

    whew. Just in time

  90. Tony Goncalves

    Hoping to win this year

  91. I could use another action camera.

  92. Cristiano

    Me… pick me…