Giveaway Extravaganza: Wahoo BOLT Cycling GPS


There’s only one bike computer that includes an aerodynamic mount that will, if nothing else, make you feel faster. And thus, I’ve introduced the next product on today’s lineup – the Wahoo BOLT GPS. It’s arguably the unit that kicked off legitimate cycling GPS competition to the Big G and is an incredibly solid unit – especially given the price.  But again, dat aero. Heck, I even brought it to a wind tunnel to check the claims – and they mostly kinda sorta check out. But the important part there was that I got to play in a wind tunnel. Just like the important part here is that you’ll get a sweet (but free) bike computer. Let’s not get lost in the details.

Giveaway Opens: 2:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 4:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Wahoo BOLT Cycling GPS

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself
Fine Print: No fine print, it’s just the bike computer.

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is, of course, eligible as always.

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Thanks all!


  1. Paolo Albonetti

    Count with me too!!

  2. Ola

    Would love to try the Bolt

  3. Tuula

    My husband apparently needs this one.

  4. Ryan

    I also live in Amsterdam

  5. Bobby Oag


  6. Bernard

    Hope I can still take part! Thanks!

  7. Ferran

    Yes, please!

  8. m1571k0

    I love Wahoo products

  9. Taylor Hay

    Bike GPS FTW!

  10. Patrick Myers

    Wouldn’t mind this!

  11. Raymond Fong

    Super nice!

  12. Paulius

    great stuff

  13. Carlos

    I certainly need a GPS upgrade

  14. Alex Masidlover

    I’ve always fancied a Bolt.

  15. Martin Jackson

    Make it rain!

  16. Ole Kristensen

    Yes please

  17. Sandeep

    i am in.

  18. Vian Fathulla

    I could really need one!!

  19. Vivek Deshpande

    My friend lost one the day he bought it. Would like to give him one.

  20. Ștefan Uricariu

    This would go nice with my Stages power meter.

  21. Siew Chi Yung

    Hi there, hope all is well. Not sure whether am in the correct time zone or not though…been a long time silent follower of the website.

  22. Thom Figueroa

    Need me aero compu

  23. Stephen

    Always fancied trying one of these… ?

  24. Joe Edwards

    Blooming brilliant prize!

  25. Nicholas Flynn

    Lightning bolt!!

  26. Herrvoss

    Me me me ?

  27. James

    Could do with being lucky today..

  28. Karim

    My wife thinks I am crazy-on vacation checking site every 2 hours!

  29. Andrew

    Will it be me?

  30. André Santos

    Saving for a Cyclones gps for Aquiles, This would be great!

  31. Richard

    This would be awesome!

  32. Brandan k

    Thank you ray!!

  33. Éric

    Still early!!!! But less so

  34. Charles

    Yes, please! 🙂

  35. Simon

    I would love it!

  36. Sebas

    Oh yes please!

  37. Greg rochford

    Yes please!

  38. Frank Satira

    Any choice of colour?

  39. Daniel Guerendiain

    Neeeeed it! Would be fantastic to track my training!

  40. Vincent

    Lets go !

  41. Zbynek

    Good morning everyone!

  42. Vincent Drozdzyniak

    Realtime interesting!

  43. Tomi

    Will look good on my bike

  44. Alasdair Gardner

    Would be a great addition to the bike!

    Thanks Ray

  45. Kirsikka

    Let’s begin this!

  46. Tony

    Very keen!

  47. Chad Martin


  48. Daoud

    Yahoo for wahoo

  49. Lory

    My husband wants me to participate on this day (He never wins anything, so he wants me to help). But if I win something I like, I’ll keep it for myself! 😉

  50. aceJacek

    How cool is that!

  51. Tommy Størseth

    Please, please, please me

  52. Carlos Monteiro

    >Send it to Portugal!!

  53. Matthew

    Will be a great upgrade

  54. William Chang


  55. Wendy Palto

    Would love this!

  56. João Cravo

    Just what i need!

  57. Domapr

    I am in

  58. Veiko

    I am probably late, but here goes nothing.

  59. Robert

    A very nice piece of kit!

  60. Alec

    Aero is always good.

  61. Keith Black

    Let’s do this!

  62. Ole Seglem


  63. Martin

    whoop whoop

  64. Zlatan

    Thank you!

  65. Csaba

    Would try!

  66. Iwan Brink

    Best present there is I think

  67. Juan A. Rico

    I have the feeling…

  68. Jonathan Pye

    Pretty please ?

  69. Bertrand


  70. Torsten

    Not in love with the Garmin anymore. Would love to switch to Wahoo.

  71. Ian

    A nice replacement for my Garmin

  72. Stefan

    I would love to have

  73. Kenneth Murray


  74. Philippe G


  75. Vinay Lathigra

    Yes please

  76. Matt O

    Yeah go on then!

  77. Christer

    Oh yes please

  78. Balazs Domonkos

    A good reason to buy a new bike 🙂

  79. Vincent Needham

    My old Edge 800 is getting… old?

  80. Ludo

    Please Ray !

  81. Jens

    In top 3 of my wishlist.

  82. Patrick Hurley

    Awesome competition

  83. Sophie

    Would love this to replace my broken watch

  84. Thibaut

    Nice indeed!

  85. Jonathan

    would love it !

  86. Jakub Marek

    Yes please.

  87. Michele Franzi

    Best dashboard ever!

  88. Sam

    I’m a Garmin guy but I woke up too early to not enter.

  89. Dave Boggs


  90. Kenneth Lim

    Time to replace my Garmin 520

  91. Rain

    Why not!

  92. Gareth

    Yes yes yes please!!!

  93. andrew

    Yes please Ray!

  94. David

    Aérodynamique… That sound awesome

  95. Massi

    I do not spend too much time cycling but with the Bolt I would definitely start