The April $500 DCR Gadget Giveaway!


This could alternatively be titled – ‘Pre-Sea Otter Cycling Event $500 Gadget Giveaway!’  Or, it could be titled ‘Crap, I meant to post this on Friday and therefore this is your consolation prize for it being a Monday…nobody likes Mondays.

Except, the second one is too long for the title.  And the first one is confusing for those that don’t know what Sea Otter is.  Thankfully, everyone knows what April is, so we’ll just go with it.

So here’s the deal – this giveaway gets you $500 worth of gadget goodness from Clever Training, my always excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  And they’ll even let you wait till the end of the month to take advantage of any upcoming new devices in the next week or so (such as those announced this week at Sea Otter). It’s like having stock market options, without any real downside.

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of an athletic adventure from this weekend. If you did a ‘recovery’ weekend…then…well…think of something vaguely athleticish.

The reason you need a short description of ‘why’ is that if you just put a single word (e.g. run), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of stale SPAM.  Got all that?

By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on almost anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero6 Black, to a Suunto Spartan Ultra, to a random pair of socks, to the Garmin Vector 3 power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever floats your boat (note: they don’t sell kayaks).  Also note, your credit is in US dollars, not some other funky Canadian currency or something – otherwise you’d get less.  Nobody wants less.

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Thursday, April 19th, 2018 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Kostas Christidis

    Great weekend at work, very refreshing!

  2. Troy Hylton

    Ice storm in Toronto last weekend, so relegated to Zwifting 89 km and 1404 m elevation by completing Tour of Watopia Stage 5 and London Triple Loops while watching new Lost in Space series on Netflix.

  3. Kris

    12 stage road relays in Sutton Park (Birmingham UK)

  4. Martijn Willems

    Instead of running did a bit of cycling! New experience… not sure if this is something for me.

  5. Jean-Yves

    I’m back from knee surgery and recovering with bike rounds.

  6. Swim n Bike Ken

    Sat night I did the 10K Orbis run for vision in Hong Kong

    Next weekend Aquathon Terra14 Trial-run

  7. Chern

    10km run to the butcher to pick up a Rib Eye on the bone.

  8. Don Diggedy

    Had a nice run with the kids…

  9. Raf Pi

    I did a long bike ride 100km.

  10. Samo

    I cycled 130 km, to the beautiful lake Bled and back.

  11. Matt Langford

    I surfed on my SUP!

  12. efat

    Simple run for 10k and then… digging in the garden 😐


    A quick trainer ride

  14. M@rtin

    Everything was technically athletic last weekend, as I’d just had a kidney stone removed! I’m now enviously looking at the sunshine and willing myself to recover fully so I can get outside and enjoy it…

  15. John W

    Walked around London seeing the sights

  16. Micke Sandberg

    My athletic activity was a 50K ride in the beautiful spring weather in Sweden

  17. Lyo

    I did run in mountain for the first time in 3 month. Next day was hard to go down the stairs.

  18. Maria

    Did on Sunday a 18k LR

  19. Soo Guan

    I’m recovering from a foot injury from my recent marathon, but will try to do some hilly cycling of 120km with my friends this weekend!

  20. Victoria

    I went for a 10 k run and did a mellow MTB ride with a friend.

  21. Juan Perez

    Swim + Trail run + Park with kids.- My weekend olympics.

  22. Frank Meissner

    Hello, I’m gonna do some relaxing shooting pictures at a weekend-getaway with my children…

  23. Diego

    Ran the Boston Marathon under the most extreme weather I have experienced while running

  24. Derek P Marquardt

    My athletic adventure last weekend was Zwift.

  25. John Lawson

    I went swimming with my 2 year old daughter. 30min of playing around in the childrens pool, sandwiched between two set of 500m all out swimming.

  26. Fredrik Rostlund

    I took a bike ride to Djurgården, a nice green lush part of Stockholm, just by the water. No cars, no noise and no troubles.

  27. Gonzalo

    On Saturday, 45 min in the bicycle and 33 in the treadmill

  28. Heather Riley

    Me and hubby visited Williamsport, Md and hiked 5 miles on the C&O Canal. At least that’s what my 935 said 😉

  29. Anna

    Did a 90 min long run in sunny weather

  30. Burton


  31. Peter Suba

    Salisbury 1 hour score Orienteering event in surprisingly hot weather!

  32. Martynas

    Had a hard strength training for upper body and recovery easy walks.

  33. pepe

    I did a 70 km ride.

  34. Luke

    Did a long run with friends we were visiting, in the trails and hills around Gif-sur-Yvette. Great run for just on two hours – was nice to be running, slowly and easily, outside the city and for a longer time than recently. Cheers!

  35. Evgeny

    Good morning (or should I start with Goeden moregen now ? ),

    Last weekend was bike focused. After spending several sessions on the trainer watching great Monuments previous weekend, I switched to outside for that weekend long bike. Plan was to hit first Century of that year and it terms of time in the saddle it was more or less like that, but real mileage was just something above 50 Km as I was trying to follow scenic riding routes along the Rhein river around Bonn and a) there was traffic and they are narrow b) few times I wasn’t sure where to go c) there was marathon run in Bonn that day and for sure I paused on the way to cheer up to the runners/just see how it is going.

  36. Laetitia von Rochow

    Nice weekend ride at chatting speed along the river. 40km of enjoying good company and the first rays of sunshine.

  37. Steffff

    This week, went twice for a short run, to go easy after the Paris marathon… Oh, and some Sufferfest on the bike also !

  38. Renato

    Finally some sunshine to do a long bike ride outside

  39. Uri

    Just getting fat at hone. Watched some NBA games…

  40. Ondrej

    I did a nice 62k MTB ride in the woods around the lake in Sumava mountains.

  41. John Descourouez

    This weekend was a recovery weekend, but I was still able to get out and do a quick ride about town to see all the flowers in bloom. I’d love to put the $500 towards a shiny new GoPro for my upcoming adventures in Greece!

  42. Birne

    100 km on the road and in the evening 45 km MTB 🙂

  43. Thomas

    first ride over 100km for the year planned for sunday!

  44. Matt

    Hilly stroller run Friday, long run Saturday

  45. Eric Apple

    Athletic adventure this weekend….hours of coaching kids softball and soccer…..

  46. Joel G Rivera

    I had a 45 miles bike ride Friday that was not E as planned, and paid for it during my run Saturday morning. Oh…also installed a power meter! Go me!

  47. Alexey

    23k marathon tempo running.

  48. Valerie

    Bought a new bike and took it out for a spin (50km)to test it out!

  49. porek388

    Rude, run, swimm.

  50. Nick

    I was on a plane for most of it, but airports count as hiking right? (I may have also walked the length of manhattan trying to adjust to the new time zone anyway)

  51. MM

    It’s recovery week after the GF Firenze!

  52. dancov

    relaxed weekend riding mtb with family

  53. Neal

    Still cold in Chicago so I was on the trainer… 2 hours each day to get a movie in each time!

  54. Gouke

    Cycling through the dunes on the Dutch island Ameland.

  55. First trailrun with my dog! 🙂 A very nice experience!

  56. Roland

    Exiting twilight running festival ahead, doing 10k run there.

  57. Bram

    Started at home to ride with our group, flatted on the front after 2km on the way to the meeting spot to come to the conclusion that my pump had a leak as well! Stopped a cyclist passing by, he was nice enough to give me a CO2 cartridge so I could inlfate my tyre enough to limp back home. Back home I pumped up my tyre enough for the ride, grabbed another CO2 cartridge just in case (since my pump was broken) and set out to chase the group with half an hour delay. After 50km of solo riding I found the group and joined them for the rest of the 110km ride. What a ride it was!

  58. Paul

    Short run last weekend. Tapering for first half ironman.

  59. Florian

    I went for a long run with 3 x 2 mi repeats followed by 60 min of easy running.


    I realised two ride : a short one saturday and a long one sunday.

  61. Martin Steen Mortensen

    I will be starting a kayaking course.

  62. Linda

    It was a light weekend for me as I was getting over the flu. I had a couple of short walks in the woods to get my energy up.

  63. Stephen P

    On Saturday I did a group run, then played in a table tennis tournament. Recovery swim on Sunday.

  64. Kevin R

    I had a great ride with my favorite cycling group. The B group was on fire. Killer Bs!!

  65. Aaron M Schmid

    Weather was too bad to take the bikes out, so my wife and I played some racquetball. Also did some zwifting.

  66. anybody

    Even though I planned to do a long run it just ended up doing a short 6k run.

  67. Mitchell Mond

    I plan to do a 40 mile bicycle ride this Sunday as long as it doesn’t rain.

  68. Daniela S.

    Due to ice storms I spent the weekend exercising in VR. Specifically I tried BoxVR and loved it.

  69. Bernhard

    210km ride to pick up my car

  70. flanker

    Hawkshead Trail race up in the glorious English Lake District. His, mud, and lots more hills.

  71. Pieter De Neve

    I’m currently on sick leave, having Pfeiffer disease… serious bummer to my training schedule. I am however despirately making plans to come back stronger! Some tools & gadgets might help there. Cheers 🙂

  72. Alex

    This weekend: a sunny early morning 40k ride on Moscow river embarkment. Testing my new 105 brakes, getting prepared for a future 100k bike-stroll to one of the local towns – just for fun!

  73. Marc

    I ran through Seattle WA, then hopped a plane east to Virginia and finished with a 35 mile bike ride. Also today (April 19) is my birthday so I’m doing my annual birthday ride.

  74. Glajda

    Did the Haute route. It was fantastic.

  75. David

    I ran my first 5k of the season, went to a yoga class, and sent my first indoor 5.10

  76. Brandon

    I packed up stuff for moving

  77. Kokki

    FTP test after a long break. Didn’t go too well…

  78. L R

    Technically it was after the weekend, but — the Boston Marathon!

  79. Paco

    I did run in the park and went to mountains close by for a ride

  80. Filip

    Actively recovering from a chronic plantar fasciitis by a 100km bike ride on Saturday, a 11.5km running race on Sunday…and strength training by assembling new sofa in the living room B-)

  81. jose

    80 km MTB ride.

  82. Jon

    Pushing one kid in the stroller while chasing the other on her bike… And a bit of family bike riding too

  83. Shawn McCoy

    A hill training ride that included headwinds, rain, and hail…

  84. Ben N

    Probably going to get out on my road bike for a short-ish spin. Weather’s finally turning so it should be a gorgeous day to be outside and be on a bike.

  85. Anna R

    Did a nice bike ride and the first miles on it this year

  86. Erwin

    Last weekend’s adventure was an 65-mile organized ride followed by registering for may is bike mknth (MIBM).

  87. Tonny Madsen

    The very weekend in Denmark with some decent weather, so I was out for 40 km on the bike Saturday and 10 km run Sunday.

  88. Jeff Rogan

    It was a nasty weekend with weather but was able to jump on the trainer and conquer the Alp de Zwift and then a recovery ride on the road to ruins course

  89. Luc

    While vacationing overseas, I repeatedly simultaneously carried a backpack loaded with about 50 pounds of stuff, a 30 pound toddler and a 20 pound daypack. Not exactly a workout, but physically taxing nonetheless.

  90. Steverino

    I ran 10.5mi on Sat building up to my 2nd marathon. Would’ve gone farther but forgot to clear a long run with the Mrs. first. Spent the rest of the day doing yard work… should’ve kept running.

  91. Steve

    Last longish run before marathon relay this weekend.

  92. Zita

    10 km run and gym

  93. Gabor M.

    Walki with the baby up and down the house, “shaking” her

  94. Did a ride on my new MTB with a friend. Luckily he had a navigation system (not garmin) which knew the best offroad ways. It was lots of fun and a bit muddy, but this was great.

  95. Tony

    Ran on the treadmill.

  96. Anthony Tom

    I went running with a friend from college and he took me lifting. Turns out that’s a completely different can of worms compared to purely running.

  97. Paul

    12km run through botanic gardens.

  98. Sean

    A 2.5 hour ride in the awesome 75 degree and sunny spring weather.

  99. dave

    ran the 7 mile bridge in fl keys

  100. Justin V

    Went for a run along the beach during the first nice spring day we’ve had all year. Then flew some kites on the beach with my kids.