The April $500 DCR Gadget Giveaway!


This could alternatively be titled – ‘Pre-Sea Otter Cycling Event $500 Gadget Giveaway!’  Or, it could be titled ‘Crap, I meant to post this on Friday and therefore this is your consolation prize for it being a Monday…nobody likes Mondays.

Except, the second one is too long for the title.  And the first one is confusing for those that don’t know what Sea Otter is.  Thankfully, everyone knows what April is, so we’ll just go with it.

So here’s the deal – this giveaway gets you $500 worth of gadget goodness from Clever Training, my always excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  And they’ll even let you wait till the end of the month to take advantage of any upcoming new devices in the next week or so (such as those announced this week at Sea Otter). It’s like having stock market options, without any real downside.

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of an athletic adventure from this weekend. If you did a ‘recovery’ weekend…then…well…think of something vaguely athleticish.

The reason you need a short description of ‘why’ is that if you just put a single word (e.g. run), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of stale SPAM.  Got all that?

By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on almost anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero6 Black, to a Suunto Spartan Ultra, to a random pair of socks, to the Garmin Vector 3 power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever floats your boat (note: they don’t sell kayaks).  Also note, your credit is in US dollars, not some other funky Canadian currency or something – otherwise you’d get less.  Nobody wants less.

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Thursday, April 19th, 2018 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Steve z

    3500k training swim and a 10k race! Plus strength training!!

  2. Rob Allen

    Stuck inside during ice storm. 100 then 150 minutes on the trainer.

  3. Marvin Kilgo

    Primed for Sweetwater 50k this weekend.

  4. Darryl Heckle

    2+ hours on trainer and running, prepping for a race title defense this weekend.

  5. Ming

    A LSD 12.5 miles run.

  6. Gregory S Mauldin

    I was home with my two kids all weekend, riding out a wicked winter storm. This coming weekend is our Tri Club’s training retreat, so lots of running, biking, and swimming! 🙂

  7. Sekina

    Ran on my treadmill because it was too hot outside

  8. Dave

    Brought my family to Disney-20000 steps a day! Not so athletic, but tiring.

  9. Casey Hewgley

    Rode my bike 46 miles, over 3000 ft elevation.

  10. Brilly_AU

    Logged about 8 miles in airline aisles on a flight from Dallas to Sydney. Insomnia on a 17 hour flight is the stuff of nightmares.

  11. Daniel A

    I did weightlifting intervals of furniture while I was moving houses this weekend.

  12. Lex

    interval run on saterday and a MTB ride on sunday…

  13. Paul Grave

    Rode a 81k fairly high intensity training ride that included my first road bike crash. A bit of road rash was the worst of the damage.

  14. Roura

    Trained using my punching bag to let out some steam

  15. Florian

    I visited Antwerp and walked 13-15km per day around this beautiful city.

  16. Hugo Noronha

    Going to run 25km uphill downhill

  17. benji

    took a nice solid recovery walk on the beach

  18. Greg J

    Weather finally broke on the east coast so first warm/hot ride of the year… weekend was 4 hours in the saddle, 2800 m swim and about 18 miles of running.

  19. Michael

    Ran Boston!!

  20. Armando Serafini

    This weekend I will be supporting & cheering on my running buddies who are running in the Naperville Women’s Half-Marathon on Sunday, April 22, in Naperville, IL, of course.

  21. Heather

    Used my backyard trail to get some hill training/hiking in even though I’ve been down and out with a cold. My mind was going crazy from just sitting and resting so I needed to get up and move.

  22. Javier P

    Went for a long ride of 197 km and 3,000 m of elevation

  23. Ana

    Mountain running in Olesa de Montserrat (near Barcelona), hard race because of the heat

  24. Peter Gibson

    Stuck inside on the trainer due to rain that never seems to stop. Next weekend I’ll be 2000 km south biking in Utah.

  25. David Coleman

    A steady 30km loop in the glorious Peak District as I continue tentative steps to overcome an overuse injury of the right knee – and it didn’t even rain!

  26. Hiked the Grand Canyon!

  27. Gordon

    I ran after my dog as it chased a Highland cow following a max effort 5k!

  28. MaartenVD

    Home renovation, at least I’ll be counting my steps 🙂

  29. Russ

    Great weekend with a short EZ run on Saturday followed by a 2 hour adventure in Zwift land. The a 10 mile trail run on Sunday.

  30. Peter

    Wall to wall PBs on the first road ride of the year after a gruelling winter discovering the joys of trainerroad/kickr.

  31. Hussam Q

    10km Fun Run. No race to train for, just for fun. I need to get back to cycling too!

  32. David

    Catching up on TV on the stationary bike

  33. Leland

    Spent all day building doors for an outbuilding… Does that count? It was a rest weekend after my first race in a couple years.

  34. Timothy Schroeder

    Just a relaxing weekend with some short rides around the neighborhood.

  35. Bob Goodman

    Lol. Did my upper body workout by shoveling out form under this stupid mid April snow and ice storm!!!

  36. Alan E

    Cold windy 11 miler run on Saturday with a nice springish 8 miler on Sunday. Winter of 2018 just won’t let go.

  37. Simon

    I did a 12k fast-ish run on holiday in Osaka. Cool city

  38. Sean

    Weekend saw a large ice storm here in Ontario, so I did a couple of 2 hour trainer rides and continued waiting for a sign of spring…

  39. Chris

    Longish run along the FoOrth and Clyde canal

  40. S Riedberg

    Spring has finally hit Stockholm – so I enjoyed a nice calm job in the sun along the water!

  41. Kg

    Got on the trainer Sunday night after a day with the kiddo, and 20’, the aluminum rim exploded! The tube and tire were fine but a six inch seam opened along the brake track. That was interesting.

  42. Dale

    Ran the boston marathon!

  43. Brian Hale

    Flew over the hood of a Ford Fusion and lived to tell the tale!

  44. John Bikes

    70 mile ride to top off the final portion of a long build block of training. Then, volunteered to help dig berms at the new bike park.

  45. Stu

    Rest weekend, but had a nice long hike with the dog.

  46. Charles

    Thought about going for a run in the freezing rain we got in Toronto. Decided the trainer was a better option.

  47. Gerhard

    Did 70k with a timetrial bike and a babystroller into engtal, where the road is still closed for cars.

  48. Mary

    5k Park run with my daughter- positive vibes and negative splits

  49. Jeff

    Ran a 15.5 mile training run. Second attempt at a marathon in just over a month.

  50. Spencer J

    Exercise was mostly chasing around after 3 year olds at my son’s birthday party. Tapering off a little with the NJ Spartan Ultra coming up in a little over a week…

  51. B. Hopkins

    I had a wonderful day on the trails on Sunday

  52. Issao

    Just ran after my little kid.

  53. Bailey

    Strenuous weekend icing my knee as I’m recovering from an overuse injury 🙁

  54. GB

    i”ll do a 15k run on friday and a 1:30hr bike ride on Saturday. Here, the weekend is Friday and Saturday….
    thank you!

  55. Siddhu

    I did a long bike ride (50 miles) and a long run (12 run) to get me ready for my upcoming half!

  56. Alexey

    260W for 15 mins

  57. Pieter

    No cycling past weekend. Working in my house 🙁

  58. Janis vaskis

    155km bike ride with overall elevation 3000m to the top of Cyprus or mount Olympus!

  59. Stein Van Loon

    Getting caught in the wheel of somebody that overtook me during my commute to work and having a hard time keeping up while noticing his tires aren’t even that inflated and his backpack is even larger than mine.

  60. Killer ice storm here kept me indoors last weekend. Have a 44K training run planned for next weekend though

  61. Lukas

    a run through the parks

  62. M Breg

    After a period of long slow runs (marathon prep), I started again with speed-work and got lost…lead to a speedy 16k in total!

  63. Benoit Page

    A 1.5 hour long interval session on the trainer, followed by a 2 hours walk in freezing rain since it was too dangerous to commute on my bike.

  64. Emerson Howard

    Was race support for my daughter as she did a triathlon and taught adults how to ride. So unfortunately no miles myself but a very rewarding weekend.

  65. Did a 25km trail run

  66. jayson

    over the weekend was a nice calm yoga-ish weekend.

    plus the obligatory ride on sunday! 🙂

  67. Jonathan Perez

    I went on a trail running of 10 km.

  68. Raphaël

    My athletic activity from last weekend was sorting out stuff and packing for the big move to…Sweden. Two weeks left. But will do some intervals on bike this week.

  69. jamie lowden

    Last ski of the seaon

  70. Jake B

    Coaching youth 5-6 year old flag football was pretty much it

  71. Ricardo Palma

    Easy workout… No there wasn’t a workout just a ride with the MTB with my daughter in the child seat. One or 2 sets of easy sprints for the sake of “dad, go faster!”

  72. Oscar Bonilla

    5k run. Busy weekend with many other things. Couldn´t find time for more.

  73. Andrew Ward

    Had a great weekend away visiting relatives and enjoyed running in the countryside as a pleasant change.

  74. Steven Nguyen

    I stared out the window at the rain and snow and gave serious thought to training. Then binged tv shows.

  75. Josh

    Got in a pre-snow (yay four weekends in a row…), super cold ride on the road on Saturday and had to settle for some trainer time on Sunday.

  76. NEMEZS

    Went on the first ride on my new bike over the weekend! Indescribable feeling. The wind against the face, the thigh feeling sore cranking the bike, the nervousness of looking out for traffic, the thrill of going downhill… the best possible combo in a package. Really could not wait for my next ride.

  77. minja

    a brick session, nice and long 🙂

  78. Sara M. in CA

    Short 3 mile run with the family.

  79. Carlos Vazquez

    Slow scenic ride as I’m not training for anything specific. Enjoying a ride for the sake of it.

  80. Deanne

    After dragging three kids around in the rain to watch my husband run a half marathon, none of us (except my husband), had a change of clothes for the out of town race. Everyone had to wear dry socks from the day before, the boys wore their pajama pants, the 9 year old daughter wore my workout capris, which were long enough to be pants for her, but way too big in the waist. She also wore my dry, current running shoes. We were definitely a site to see when we went out for dinner afterwards. After the drive home, I managed to still get a workout in at my local gym

  81. Miquel Barberà

    I went running with some friends at home. The weather was lovely 🙂

  82. Andrew

    10km of forest galumphing in the Eifel, and somehow managed to miss seeing the Amstel Gold in the neighbourhood.

  83. Mike Race

    Chest infection meant i had to do weekend sofa recovery.

  84. Sam Morris

    Long ride in the wet.

  85. Jake H

    Went for nice run in the rain

  86. Rob L.

    Recovery weekend with lots of walking around Times Square.

  87. Miquel Barberà

    Some running with my friends enjoying the lovely weather

  88. Jorge C

    5k run. Couldn´t find time for more :'(

  89. RobW

    Discovered a small park couple Km from my house with a lovely muddy perimeter trail through the trees
    definitely one to go back and explore again

  90. Andrej B.

    Still can’t run because of my knee injury,but learning to get along with MTB riding instead, and it would be great to gear up for my new adventures.

  91. Kyle

    I had my biggest LR workout of the cycle, 12 miles @ MP. Twelve days until a new HM PR!

  92. Ian

    Surf trip to Mexico!

  93. Ebe Boettcher

    Fat bike ride with rain, and snow. Plenty of wind to keep me honest.

  94. Simon rimdal

    Did a 30 km trail run.

  95. Mike

    Spent some time on the treadmill to avoid the snow….

  96. Dave Copland

    Hell of the East 110 mile ride. It’s not very hellish.

  97. Marcin

    yeah! on sunday we won first place in 4th Gdansk Marathon relay ! that was a great run !

  98. Arthur T Chambers

    5k race on Friday, hike on Saturday, 8 mile run on Sunday

  99. MaciekZ

    This weekend I’ve taken part in Poznan Halfmarathon. I knew that it would not be my best, as recently I’m in a bad shape but I didn’t expect just how difficult it would be because of the heat. The temperature was 23C (in shadow) and most of the race was in open space, so the real temperature was probably closer to 30C….

    Not really something to expect on early Spring in Poland…

  100. David Telford

    Galashiels “sprint” triathlon

  101. Jeff B

    Bad storms here this weekend, so it was just indoor Zwift time. Not really an adventure but definitely vaguely athleticish.

  102. Scott Hainline

    Did a super chill ride in London on Zwift.

  103. Russell

    Panic training for Wildflower.

  104. Dave C

    Just A nice easy long run on Sat, and a trainer ride on Sunday.

  105. Matthew Harris

    Still on the bike trainer here in Chicago 🙁

  106. Mark R.

    Did parkrun in Cutteslowe park, Oxford in surprisingly good weather, then a cross country 10km run on Sunday evening. Enjoyed my first open water swim of the season — in balmy 11°C waters.

  107. Andre Yu See

    Too hot outside so zwifting inside

  108. Brian

    Did a reverse-brick. An 8 mile run followed by an easy 40 mile bike.

  109. Jonathan

    I would love a new Garmin Edge!!

  110. Mike

    I went mountain bike riding in Florida, a state known for it’s lack of mountains. I also rode on Zwift, which has more mountains than Florida.

  111. Jan Magnus Brevik

    Started a 60km ultra, but sprained my ankles after 10km and had to DNF 🙁

  112. Lani

    Running in a freak storm against better judgement!

  113. Dor N.

    Took my 2mo baby in his stroller to the park was as athletic as it could get for me!

  114. Sébastien Gagné

    Doing the Tour of Watopia on Zwift, trying to get mentally ready for doing that Pretzel stage …

  115. Rodrak

    Saturday, garden works training + bike and CX skies maintenance
    Sunday, 2hrs low intensity road bike + 30min recovery swim

  116. EvilEuro

    Continued my horrible streak of not riding outside all year, but continued to ride indoors as both days left me thankful that I had the virtual Alpe de Zwift to keep me company and fit.

  117. Alex

    Masters swim meet. PR in 500 free.

  118. David Newman

    Lifetime indoor Triathlon.

  119. Matt J

    I went for 2 runs in one weekend. Bearing in mind my grand total number of runs this year is 3, excluding these 2, that’s pretty impressive!

  120. Steve H

    Took a check ride on my road bike after installing new chain, shifters and cables.

  121. Kevin

    Well, it snowed a lot, so some unexpected spring snow biking with the kids.

  122. Frank Goehner

    With an ice storm in Toronto, and my wife out for a girls weekend, I was on full time daddy duty. So, I did a session on Zwift

  123. Chris

    It was a birthday weekend, but still training for summer Sprint Triathlon series. Excited for these first triathlons and getting into the sport. Still too cold for swimming, so working on the running/cycling portions.

  124. Philip

    Went for a 10 mile run on Friday, though didn’t even make it three miles before the stomach bug hit. Long, “eventful”, walk of shame back to the car.

  125. Dan Sellberg

    Training for Gotland Grand National that I will take part in October this year. It’s the worlds largest enduro race and considering I started riding just this year it will be “interesting”.

  126. Thom

    Moved a cord of wood from one pile to another pile inside my wood shed then stacked said pile. Old school workout provided by nature.

  127. Justin K

    Took my dog trail running.

  128. Jean-Baptiste Berthomieu

    Stage 4 of Tour of Watopia!!

  129. michael casista

    6km swim on Friday
    6 hour bike on Saturday
    3 hour run on Sunday

  130. Tom

    Road bike season debut, 120 km in lovely weather.

  131. Bruno

    Gotta try, or not gonna win

  132. YecoYoung

    Slept 🛏 all weekend 😮

  133. Jason Uhlrich

    I raced my 10 year old daughter around a baseball diamond and tripped at second base and shredded my leg . . . is that a “athletic adventure”?

  134. Paul Hudson

    Run in the forest with my youngest child. We got to see such scenic areas as “Burnt out bus” and “post apocalypse holiday camp”. Awesome, I think.

  135. Martin

    I took full advantage of the first weekend of sunshine and got out for a long bike ride with some tri club friends

  136. Wilhelm

    Easy run along my local golf course.

  137. Barry van Oven

    Nice 7 hour training run in the Ardennes.

  138. Elfar

    Did several dives at Gili Air

  139. My first “run” since a herniated disc on Sunday. It was only a mile, it was slow, and it was ugly. But I went running in Iceland.

  140. Gary Lewis

    Crushed it on Zwift both days.

  141. Juan Otavo

    Im visititing denver,CO for business and during my tim ein town went for a Run around to get to know more of the city.

  142. Mark Taylor

    I went for the first sunny ride of the season!

  143. Doug Dinero

    I did a training run on Saturday for an upcoming race.

  144. Adam Rodman

    Okay, I am definitely not going to just post “run”! 🙂

  145. Hector Pacheco

    Training for a triathlon while supporting two daughters with theirs crazy swim and soccer’s schedules and games.

  146. John A

    Only 100k on the bike, but first ride of the year with legs out and no gloves on, which was absolute bliss. I was rolling around in the summer feeling good, thinking; this is why we endure so much training and misery in winter.

  147. Dustin L

    Well i live in wisconsin where we got 24 inches of snow last weekend so i found myself in the pain cave pumping out miles on zwift. thank god for zwift.

  148. Mike

    I ran, for 1.5km, slowly, and interspersed with walking breaks. But I ran. First time in four months. It was great.

  149. Pat

    Just watching Boston was an endeavor.

  150. Koo Chan

    First 6 miles run after a very long break and need 3 days to recover from soreness, sigh…..

  151. Keith Lacey

    Finally got my first 100km cycle of the year after this very long winter! Snow in March in Ireland is way out of wack! Roll on the summer!

  152. Stephen

    Shoveled 4 times and pulled a 4 yr old around the house on a sled since we got ~18″ of snow….in April.

  153. Philipp

    I have been working. But I’m commuting by bike and cause of the great weather I took a longer way to work on sunday.

  154. George Raihala

    Climbed the Epic KoM on Zwift! Bottom third of those climbing it, but always fun to give it a go!

  155. Jared S

    I took my family hiking in Zions National Park, UT, USA.

  156. Michael

    Does a long walk with my wife count? Is an ice cream shop a feed zone?

  157. serge

    planned an xc ski outing but snow turned to freezing rain – ended up doing a treadmill run

  158. Massimo

    Rece for the second time in Malta, for the first XTerra race of the year !

  159. Alejandro Carao

    Sort of long run (10mi) though driving rain in Atlanta this past Sunday. Soaked through and through

  160. Katie Massen

    I did a training based duoathlon while the midwest received its blizzard. Thank goodness for zwift!

  161. Ed

    Indoor brick workouts in prep for first race weekend of the season Sunday

  162. Lynn

    5 k walk/run at the beach.

  163. Rob P

    Saturday I rode approximately 40 minutes before having a flat tire. Repaired flat and rode for 3 hours total near HIM wattage. Sunday I did a 10 mile long run with rain the last half mile.

  164. Jonas

    ‘Recovery’ 11.5 miler way faster than it needed to be at a 7 min mile pace

  165. Rasmus

    Long ride to prepare for upcoming 70.3 IM

  166. Tom Smulders

    Have been sick for 4 months, so I am hoping to enjoy the nice Dutch weather finally!

  167. Patrick

    Saturday a Sprint Duathlon (2,2k Run – 13k Ride – 2,2k Run), Sunday 90min Bike RIde.

  168. anthony

    core session on Friday, restful Saturday and run on Sunday

  169. Allan Saito

    Brick workout on saturday (70km bike + 5km running) and 12km running on sunday.

  170. Sean Ormerod

    Alp De Zwift while watching an ice storm from my window 🙁

  171. Dax

    did an upper body this weekend…hanging a ton of pictures in my house.

  172. Gabriel Robert

    Little pause from road racing. I will spend some hours in front of my brother and friends that need to prepare endurance events

  173. Lukman Nurhakim

    I rode hard, in zwift, on my TT bike, for 4 hours. Now that hurts!

  174. Mark

    Finally hit some local, snow-free trails for some a long run & lots of climbing & was reminded what a treat they are. (Western NY area)

    Even saw a porcupine! But now the snow is back…

  175. Rob Campbell

    Running in the … snow. Not right!

  176. Lee

    Our local club (Mid Island Velo Association) had their annual spring ride. I ended up riding the 100k route on the cross bike, the weather was fantastic which is great as it’s been raining for what seems like 4 months.

  177. Nico

    Chasing my son around the local park

  178. Rodrigo Meira

    Weekend of 48 hour training …
    or rest . .call as you will 😉 ….

  179. Peter Parfitt

    Descending Miracle Intervals on the Indoor Bike at the gym on Saturday, weights session on Sunday

  180. Kim Robberecht

    100k ride to Bosberg and Congoberg

  181. John Harvey

    Taught group of beginners to sail over the weekend and resting due to calf muscle injury from running in the week

  182. Neil Cooper

    1 mile swim in freezing but beautiful lake

  183. Luke

    Actually ran both days!

  184. Juan Pablo Gonzalez Rey

    i run a half ironman distance race in cocncordia argentina

  185. RR

    Did some nice bike 🚲 rides. Had a nice view at the sea 🌊 and I did a walk on the beach for recovery.

  186. Andy Rowe

    Biked from Denver out to Golden for espresso and a cookie. Got the first leg sunburn of the season, and rode up lookout mountain setting my best 20 min power of 2018 so far.

  187. Keegan Siebenaler

    Got in a glorious last weekend of spring skiing.

  188. Marcin

    1h swim drills

  189. twoxj

    A nice trainer ride using TR.

  190. Francisco Rodriguez

    Took monday and Tuesday off work, so I’ve been logging 356Kms from Saturday until this sunny glorious morning… with some swimming and running sprinkled in as well. A good block before Mallorca 70.3 coming next month!

  191. Nathan Kofahl

    Did a long run and had a rest day this weekend for my Garmin hr zone based 1/2 marathon training plan.

  192. Maeximus

    I went to a H2O Bloxx Swimcamp at TauernSpa Kaprun! 4 swim-sessions over the course of the weekend and very helpful insight to a better freestyle technique! Awesome but also exhausting! 🙂

  193. Richard Jones

    Since it’s been cold and rainy, I rode 2 hours on my trainer inside, and I ran a nice easy pace 4 miler outside the next day.

  194. Zach S.

    Had my first outside ride of the year on Friday, did the run leg in a mountain pentathlon Saturday, then off to cheer on friends at the Boston Marathon on Monday!

  195. Christopher Krueger

    Short trainer ride followed by intervals with the snow shovel!

  196. Luis Iturralde

    Run pushing a double stroller for 18 mile.

  197. Barnabie

    I ran around a park with my 2 year old, it was more of an adventure for the 2 year old, but still good 🙂

  198. Thanasis

    A good recovery cycle

  199. Alvaro GT

    Some short and relaxed runs.. just enjoying the sun

  200. Jon

    Finishing out the season on my SnoGo snowbike!

  201. Barrett

    Dashing through Frankfurt and Amsterdam airports 🙂

  202. Charles Schwartz

    Hiked up Mont Blanc (the one near Montreal, Quebec, not the French one!) and ran a (quick for me) 13km!

  203. MagicM

    Sat- Nice hilly ride followed by city-biking and an adventurous walk down vegi food lane.
    Sun- medium-long run over 11K with some altitude.

    Thanks in advance.

  204. jerome

    I dived in my bed this week-end

  205. Miguel

    Strenous dog-walking on Sunday!!!!

  206. Tanel

    Did some running and hour of strength training.

  207. Nick Radov

    I ran the SV Half Marathon.

  208. Sam

    Time-pressed sprint workout on the bike Saturday evening.

  209. Tom

    Did a comparative test between my Garmin and Wahoo, DCR style on saturday. And got hit by car on a sunday. So that was an action filled 150km on the bike.

  210. Nathan G

    My athletic adventures involved a lot of scrubbing, hauling trash, and carrying boxes to and from my car. (I was moving out of my old place & into my new house.) I did get my bike set up on the trainer though, so more adventures are in my future (especially if I win!)

  211. Donna

    Long, cold, rainy day at the Boston Marathon as a spectator cheering at the finish line.

  212. Burgess M Eberhardt

    Ran my first desert 10K trail race!

  213. Robert

    Due to a muscle fiber crack the days were spent at the gym.

  214. Joe

    back to back rec league games = 10K of total jogging/sprinting over a couple hours

  215. Miguel Badillo

    I took advantage of the nice weather before snow came in. Early Spring in Iowa is always volatile. I took a nice 5 mile run in the early morning.

  216. Taylor Shiver

    Easy 3 miles, and then multiple laps around the neighborhood with my girls on the bikes.

  217. Blair Oliver

    Final race prep for the Gila. Thanks!

  218. TomP

    An “epic”50 mile ride according to Strava with the local fast guys.

  219. Eysteinn

    Finally weather to go out riding.

  220. john

    I did a 1000 mile drive…..Set a PR

  221. Peter G.

    well, last Sunday I did my second half-triathlon ever and I think I was well prepared …
    my body was doing fine but I was nervous as hell …
    apparently to such a degree, that when I went running I ran along females, the group which started before men. I then realized that I forgot to do my 3rd bike lap …
    luckily, I am listed as DNF instead of DSQ =D

  222. Gerardo Torres

    I ran the Brighton Marathon in 3:18:54. Really happy with my time.

  223. Alan B

    12 mi run in Memphis and enjoying some blues music!

  224. My weekend included three days of endurance training in preparation for my ride from Seattle to Portland in July. Can’t Wait!

  225. Mike A

    PR’d in the Boston Marathon under horrendous conditions!

  226. Tam Nui

    Did my first bike ride with a lot of hills. Well, there is room for improvement.

  227. Yu Zheng

    Did first bike ride of the year!!!

  228. Ibeti

    Saturday was the last day of my spring training camp – ended up with a social 70-km Ride, and a brick-ish Trailrun right after.

  229. AVCMUSN

    Did some hiking and shooting to relax for the weekend!

  230. Dave M

    Full blown off season mode which means other sports… ran the Hockanum River Canoe Race, finished in second which is good, behind my uncle and cousin which is bad!

  231. Nathan Tressler

    40 mile gravel ride.

  232. Ryan O'Shaughnessy

    Easy swim on Saturday to loosen the body then 4 hour bike followed by 1 hour run on Sunday

  233. Remco Verdoold

    Will be trying the new weehoo trailerbike with my son. I bet he wont pedal but ah well. Dad will pull him just up the hill for fun.

  234. Jeff Wolfe

    I spent the weekend on my mountain bike trying not to fall down.

  235. Peter VAN BEL

    Last Sunday went to Geraardsbergen. The organizers of Challenge Geraardsbergen offered the possibility to do a recce of the bike course for their race on June 10th. Twice the famous Muur van Geraardsbergen, cobbles included…

  236. Ann Correa

    played soccer in the rain and a 10 mile run

  237. Shaun Barlow

    Went for a recovery walk with the wife and baby 🙂

  238. TG

    Bike ride up Mt Tam.

  239. Robert

    Had a rough weekend, just wasn’t feeling it at the gym, on the bike, in the pool, not even in my running shoes. Did them all but it felt like I was just going through the motions. The highlight of my weekend was playing disc golf with the family. I basically slaughtered all the competition, I attribute my success to all the hard work involved in my tri-training. That and the fact that my wife and kids have virtually zero frisbee experience.

  240. Shaun H

    Took the little one to the zoo wandering around for one day. Got the bikes out for a short ride too.


    I flew from CO to San Diego first thing Saturday morning to race the Belgian Waffle Ride on Sunday. 137 miles, 10k climbing and 8.5 hours later, I was done and dusted. Flew back and was at work Monday morning. I don’t think anyone even realized I was gone! My one regret is not having a power meter on my “gravel bike” as this is easily the most epic thing I’ve done. If only I had numbers to pour over, I’d be able to extend my fun. The one thing I didn’t do this weekend… was my taxes.

  242. Tucker

    I didn’t do a bike race because it was cancelled due to weather. Winter is drunk and needs to go home!

  243. Rob Jarvis

    Well, shoveling a record amount of April snow is a kind of cross training, I presume.

  244. Jordan

    Did a hilly 55 mile mixed terrain road ride, to prep for the 100 mile gravel ride this weekend… That I am not ready for.

  245. Allen B

    Indoor Zwifting due to a spring ice storm. Gotta love Canada!

  246. Chris

    Road racing in upstate NY, and won the race!

  247. Torstein

    Celebrated spring with a hard hill climb on the road bike 🙂

  248. Rich Hodgson

    90 Minutes of Hot Yoga and 2 hours in the gym

  249. Nick V

    Indoor trainer ride and a trail run for me. Thanks, Ray!!

  250. Simon C

    36k hike in 9 hours, 1200m of elevation gain in temps starting at 23C ending at 7C.

  251. Yoav

    Did an intense pool session

  252. Diana

    Cross country skiing! It was the last weekend of the season for Royal Gorge and it did not disappoint, even with Spring conditions (ie slush and mud puddles). 😉

  253. Colin D.

    12 mile run on saturday followed by an easy 5k on sunday

  254. David Primm

    Self-imposed 5k to establish baseline for build phase interval times. Then did 8-min FTP test the following day. No rest though — chasing a 3 year old every minute he is awake.

  255. Alex Harding

    Short run on the treadmill while trying to get over plantar fasciitis…

  256. Arthur

    Went for a run with my girl to help her coming back from her injured ankle.

  257. Edward

    Completed Tour of Watopia – Stage 5

  258. Ben

    Running from one terminal to the next (about a quarter mile) trying to catch our next flight from Beijing to the US. Just made it with 15 mins to spare. All that interval training during the week paid off.

  259. Roman P

    Spring is not going to arrive here in Kansas, and I would love a power meter or smart trainer to use till warmer weather is finally here

  260. Juergen

    I ran my first half-marathon race ever and beat my goal-time of under 2 hours by 4 minutes. Was a good weekend!

  261. Jill P.

    With 18″ of new snow in Minnesota over the weekend most of the exercise was flipping channels on the remote & binging on Netflix. But I am happy to say that I got my 3 mile run in each day to keep my 3 yr running streak going!

  262. Thomas

    Missed my favorite KOM by 2 just seconds…

  263. Drew

    Last weekend I thought seriously about an epic 80-100k gravel ride on my CX bike. I really thought hard about it and it sounded like a really great idea. Then it got cold, and I got to feeling a little sick… or not really sick, but definitely not feeling up to getting off the couch, much less going on an epic 80-100k gravel ride in ~5ºC temps.

  264. Blake

    I was busy recovering this weekend while planning some training for an upcoming marathon. Perhaps a BQ?

  265. bupkis

    Continued recovering from some recent illness/injury setbacks.

    Nearly back to where I was. 🙂

  266. Louis

    Nothing Special, just an easy 10k ride along the Loire with the 2 kids in tow along with my wife and dad…
    Also, cleaning the gutters, felled a couple of trees (for core work and upper body strength).

  267. Lane Coddington

    Hill climbs on Saturday and a 72 mile ride on Sunday.

  268. jamie

    Went for a couple runs and spent the rest of the weekend at kids sporting events.

  269. Henrique Fugita

    This weekend I ran some easy 20k. Getting ready for a half marathon in 4 weeks.


  270. Balazs Domonkos

    I prepared for my next running event. It was a pretty good weekend.

  271. Nick Karan

    Looking to go for a 100 + bike ride…

  272. This weekend I ran my first race, the Horsetooth Half Marathon down in Fort Collins, CO! Had a blast and a great race!

  273. Michele Smith

    Scouting ride on my CX bike for an upcoming mixed-terrain ride/event that raises money for Bikes Not Bombs.

  274. Byron Miller

    Did a charity bike ride for Parkinson’s therapy.

    Also lifted a lot of heavy stuff for moving.

  275. Eric F

    After so many months of indoor biking on Zwift, there was finally some borderline shorts wearing temperature on Sunday here in Canada. And then it snowed overnight. Back to the cave.

  276. Sharon McNary

    Big training weekend, 101-mile bike ride, transition run on Saturday, then 13 mile run on Sunday. Getting ready for IM Santa Rosa. Love me some gadgets!

  277. Nick

    I took the kids swimming

  278. Dan

    On Saturday I ran 6 on a new (to me) trail and got freezing rained on. On Sunday I ran 4 in my neighborhood and ice fell from the trees onto my head. Also it’s April.

  279. 8

    Only a 6k with intervals on both mornings cuz I had to work in the afternoon… which arguably was more athelic…

  280. Dylan

    Rode Tunnel to Pinehurst and back home. 30 miles, 3166 ft of elevation, and perfect weather.

  281. Rogge

    Just the usual run that starts out to be a 5k than becomes a 7k.

  282. Jon H

    Power is out due to ice storms. I pulled on the starter cord for my generator a lot… does that count?

  283. Tomer Slaney

    Zwifting in snowy Chicago

  284. Brad

    Bad weather, so hit the gym.

  285. Ee Tze Tan

    Plan to do a 1.5k swim in the morning and a 5k run in the evening.

  286. Bartokian

    A half-marathon trail. The finish almost killed me…

  287. Simon Massey

    ‘Recovery’ run, after being ill for 10 days with a nasty virus

  288. Esteban Carrizosa

    My adventure from this weekend was on a Monday, but it’s a local holiday, so I think that counts: The Boston Marathon in spectacularly awful conditions. Not my best race, but given the conditions and a DNF last year, I’m really proud of this.

  289. Eric

    Went for a long run with my son; we are jointly training for his first half marathon.

  290. Skywalker

    Sunny saturday a very very lite ride on MTB…’cause sunday I had a trail run of 20km and 1300d+. What a week end !

  291. Chris Nelson

    Long trainer ride on the Kickr

  292. Marc S.

    Here in Barcelona we are taking advantage of the improving weather, so I had a rewarding sport weekend:

    – 50km MTB on friday afternoon,
    – 12km run on saturday morning (very early because of my son’s basketball match at 09:00 am)
    – 100km on road bike on sunday.

  293. Gujaab

    Although it’s just 5k. I have run my fastest last weekend!

  294. Brandon

    Did a 50 mile road race on Sat and a wet, windy, rainy crit on Sun. Results were bad but I had fun!

  295. Jeff

    Who’d have thought I’d be riding my fat bike in snow on Apr 15! Newspaper headlines are reading “historic storm” etc etc. 23″ onf white stuff in my part of Wisconsin. Not a hard decision between fat bike on the deserted roads vs trainer in the basement.

  296. Alex

    Started my bike ride in 65F sunny weather and finished it in 45 and downpours!

  297. Per T

    MTB in the woods of southern Denmark among wolves.

  298. Damien

    A nice 100km bike ride

  299. Jonathan Jones

    Up & down 7.5kft of Welsh hills enjoying mixed weather on a 117mile loop

  300. Taffy Thomas

    Cross train Saturday, casual road ride Sunday with friends.

  301. Zul

    short walk along the beach with family, still no time to run/cycle…..

  302. Nick

    Hey Ray, This weekend im looking to ride 500 miles for charity! Keep up the good work!


  303. Pierre Gonzalez

    A little brick with 50k on the bike (indoor as I need to shop for a new bike) and 10k run (outside)… I could definitely use a credit for Garmin Vector 3 when I get this new bike!

  304. Fabian

    Did a boring, pan-cake flat road race on Saturday and a nice Sunday-morning ride.

  305. André Berger

    I did my first longer bike ride this spring, and rode the 30 km to my family’s cabin and back. I’m happy to do 60 km on the bike again after a long winter of only commuting by bike.

  306. Jeremiah Stewart

    Had a relaxed weekend with the crew (aka my three wild and crazy boys). Ran around the backyard and played tag and help the boys build an American Ninja Warrior Course

    Thanks for all the work you do!

  307. Sam

    So im mainly working on losing weight this weekend through a serious amount of running!!

  308. Federico Bruno

    I went running in the countryside. Eventually spring is coming 🙂

  309. Russ Cork

    I did the Sufferfest Blender video because we were shuttling kids everywhere and it is still snowing here.

  310. Ricardo Morgan

    Well I just had a saturday morning ride and then rest and eat chocolate.

  311. Sebastian

    I just went for a relaxed hike with my wife as I was sick the whole week before.

  312. Mike

    I had a really crappy ride on the indoor trainer. Waiting for warmer weather too.

  313. Metaxnerd

    My athletic pursuits were home renovations.

  314. Albert

    I had a naughty weekend. Eating out for breakfast and lunch but I redeemed myself by running 17km on sunday evening!

  315. Whitney Magers

    Bike on Zwift followed by a swift run

  316. Richard Whiteman

    7.0 miles running on the Rail Trail with the first good weather of the year here in central Indiana!

  317. Nathan W Forkner

    Ran 4 miles in the Arizona desert. Longest run in a couple months due to plantar fasciitis.

  318. Seamus Mulligan-Ferry

    At the beginning of a ride, I successfully booted a tire with a torn sidewall to limp home on the nicest day of the year yet. The next day(and upcoming week) was all rain, but no Zwift punctures.

  319. Kerstin

    Just a short run, very relaxing.

  320. Don Schenck

    Last Saturday I rode with my buddies through western Loudoun County, enjoying the unusually hot day. Nice change from the cold weather we’d been having.

  321. Jacek

    Just some light swimming with main set 40x100m

  322. Jaco van Vuuren

    Did some riding on Zwift as there is still too much snow outside!

  323. Cristian Gomez

    Did 107K MTB on Saturday and relaxed ride with my wife on Sunday.

  324. chris

    sat: 2 hr ride / sun 1.5 hr run, 1.2 mi swim

  325. pat haldeman

    Ski Friday and Swim Sunday!

  326. Alan Garcia

    13k morning running with the team on Sat, and 2hr tenis with my son on Sun. Taking advantage of the good weather while it lasts!

  327. Adam

    Sat 50 miler groupA- WINDY. Sun 40mi solo. Less windy.

  328. TFS

    Rehab from hip surgery

  329. Bovi

    Just a little relax at sea, after PB on Rotterdamm marathon (2:43) 🙂

  330. Big Guy

    After dropping some weight using my MTB and reaching the supported weight category for my road bike, finally got to ride that road bike Sunday, which was sitting for 1 1/2 yrs.

  331. Alan

    Trying to squeeze in a long run on a weekend, but ran out of time…so it was a 5.5mi point-to-point. Weather went from warm and humid to rain and windy during that short-of-an-hour.

  332. Martin Robinson

    I did two local rides on my winter bike. Hopefully it’s last outing until next winter.

  333. Mark Hickman

    Tri the Midlands spring tri…1st AG!

  334. Baomin

    Rode stationary bike for 90 minutes on Saturday and 60 minutes on Sunday.

  335. Tiffany

    Just an easy six-mile run. I’m tapering for a 50K this Saturday.

  336. Matthew B.

    I ran a couple miles with a friend on her due date! She, luckily, didn’t have the baby on the run.

  337. Philippe

    PB running 10 km and 50 km bike ride

  338. Sergey

    i did shopping to replace my running shoes

  339. Shannon

    Had family visiting and took are rare weekend off, but did a ton of walking.

  340. Cesar Navarrete

    Surviving a terrible cold. Recovery run with coughing and sneezing!

  341. Kurt Muetterties

    Continuing my Tour de Watopia, with a bit too much climbing on the trainer!

  342. Audrey

    Power walking for 40 minutes before Boston Marathon.

  343. Thomas

    I went on a grueling 8K bike ride. At least, the 8yo decided to make it grueling.

  344. Tom

    30K long run with any epic bonk….

  345. Francesco Tonin

    I went running in the Bronx… three miles under the highway, but at the end I got to do the final mile in Soundview park, which was the prize of the run.

  346. Justin B

    100k gravel road race.

  347. Troy Daley

    I got super sick but tried to run anyway. It didn’t go well but I guess that could be interpreted as an “Athletic Adventure”.

  348. easy swim & bike, after a hard ultra-run race the weekend before (unfortunately DNF…)

  349. Tyler

    With a nagging quad/knee injury, the extent of my weekend activities was coaching youth soccer games and practices.

  350. Francesco

    I went on a nice group run on Saturday, crowned by a great brunch all together.
    On Sunday, recovery

  351. Andy

    Weather was bad so I set up on Wahoo and did Sufferfest, and it did not disappoint.

  352. Nikolay

    Just did an easy run with couple of sprints in the end.

  353. Jorge Sousa

    5k tempo run on Saturday
    easy 9k on Sunday
    Watch my kids compete on duathlons on both days

  354. Dan J

    5mi race in 33F temp and drizzle

  355. relexi

    first trail run this season – with plenty of water and snow and ice in the Finnish woods.
    thank you ray for your effort – will try to spend the bucks wisely 🙂

  356. Francois

    Easy Monday – watching Boston Marathon 😉

  357. joe strafach

    simulated a crit race with a very hard trainerroad workout

  358. John H

    Gotta get back into the running – nice morning runs through Napa Valley pre-wine should take care of it!

  359. Rui

    Saturday 50km
    Sunday: Short Sprint Duathlon team relay.

  360. MJ

    doing recovery zwifting from knee surgery last week.

  361. Mark

    Final 120km prep ride for Dirty Reiver- UK gravel ride

  362. Stephen

    Did an easy 40 mile ride on a paved trail near my house

  363. Maia

    Tempo run on the hill

  364. Josh B

    I did a 5 mile “maintenance” run with my wife. Slow week before my real training starts for the Florida Ironman in November.

  365. David

    I ran 6 miles in Tenerife before heading home from holidays.

  366. Jacob Roth

    Coaching high school track, district championships… and a quick 5k on my own.

  367. Devin Handler

    Great weekend of bike racing in the St. Louis, MO area. Road race on Saturday followed by a crit on Sunday.

  368. Michael Gardner

    Our Colorado temps were finally warm but the winds were ahowlin on Sunday and as much as I needed to get some climbing in I decided to cake some more sweat on my Tacx Neo trainer (quiet and lovely). Yes, time does actually slow down when you do intervals and so my 50 minute ride took me up the steepest parts of all the passes I hope to be riding this summer. Keep crankin’ was my mantra. The fan a poor substitute for cool mountain air. Soon enough.

  369. Jonathan DeAngelis

    Bike ride on Friday and spectating the Boston Marathon in a monsoon on Monday was quite the adventure.

  370. bryan

    I did have a recovery weekend, but managed to include a run in the blizzard that hit us Saturday.

  371. Andrew

    Ran outside Saturday and hit the trainer on Sunday.

  372. Matthew Thompson

    This weekend was filled with swim, bike, run braving the winter that will never end in Ohio

  373. Frank Besseling

    Did my first 120 km ride of this year with an average of 30 km/hour

  374. Charles Lee

    This weekend’s athletic adventure was a long run through the back roads of Virginia to the small town of Goode. It’s alway a good run out to Goode!

  375. Scott

    50 miles of cycling in the Santa Cruz mountains.

  376. dave c

    I spun on my kickr for 60 minutes in my garage… it was 75 and sunny out… not much athleticism involved but I did get a good sweat.

  377. Seth S.

    I did a 16 mile solo “time-trial” Sunday. Why the quotes? My time made it look like a recovery ride. Sigh…

  378. Jose

    Relaxing beach day in the caribbean!

  379. Roy Pepe

    I went for my semi usual Saturday morning group ride. The wind direction was a bit abnormal so the pace picked up quickly because we all knew coming back there would be a head wind. Needless to say I got dropped a lot sooner than normal and it didn’t help that I was on my new Tarmac thinking I would murder everyone on the hills. But to my defense I had three solid excuses or getting dropped on my new speedy bike.

  380. Luc Sarlandie

    Nice day of skiing at Val D’Isère. Enjoying last snow of the season.

  381. Matej

    This weekend I walked tenths of miles per day around Paris (sightseeing)!

  382. Adam

    80 degrees one day, and 40 the next…but the trails were calling both days, and I answered!

  383. Phil A

    I got my first outdoor ride in since Oct/Nov. Really was something better for a trainer, but man it was nice to be outside. A bit warm since it got up to 85, and had some 3min high power intervals. Needed something since I hace a race in just 2.5 weeks.

  384. Karolin W

    I participated in the Austrian Squash Bundesleague-Final in Graz.

  385. Richard Wagstaff

    First proper ride out on the road bike this season.

  386. Matthew

    Recovery weekend but I logged a little time on the elliptical, ran errands on my bike and walked the dogs.

  387. Zach Gonzalez

    Did a MTB ride with the fam (Wife on MTB and Toddler in Burley HoneyBee) down the scenic road of Mobile Bay, 98% flat.

    Successfully mounted two MTBs onto roof rack w yakima boas (athletic on it’s own)

  388. Paul S.

    I did my very first Sufferfest Power Test, and it lived up to it’s name. My wife came down to the basement to check and make sure I was going to be okay. 8^O

  389. Eoin

    A nice 70km cycle round the Wicklow mountains just outside Dublin Ireland

  390. Michael Held

    Did three hours of hilly riding on Saturday. Longest ride of the year so far.

  391. Tristan

    Awesome run on holiday in Costa Rica!

  392. Anssi T

    Run with the baby in the new baby stroller 🙂

  393. Ricardo HR

    Bike in the morning and ride to the park on Saturday with my daughters, on Sunday I try to return to running in shape.

  394. Ryan W

    My weekend was heavy on cross-training as I built a garden and retaining wall with some 500+ pounds of material. Luckily I wasn’t too sore for my Sunday long run on the mount vernon trail.

  395. Eddie Chen

    I ran my first Marathon last Sunday, so this week is for the recovery. I rode on WOD trails most of the week days from 1 hours to 2.5 hours. I also rode on gravel roads in Loudoun County and did one Trail run and one easy pace run.

  396. Pat Dameron

    Took my 3 month old on a 5 mile walk in the nice weather. Its been brutal weather wise in PA lately so it was awesome just getting some vitamin D.

  397. koen

    quick 15k run (for me) on mostly dirtroads.

  398. Bogdan Terziiev

    indoor sessions on turbo… survived.

  399. Robbie

    Actually, I pouched from shovelling out from an ice storm—in April??

  400. Steve Callow

    My weekend has been a long one, recovering from a nasty dose of metatarsalgia has meant that my running has been put on hold but my trusty turbo trainer has been busy with lots of miles logged cycling around Wattopia..

  401. Robin Gambin

    Easy 20k run on Saturday followed by rest days on Sunday and Monday due to freezing rain and power outages in Eastern Ontario.

  402. Ale

    A swim + run brick session for an overall 3 Hours

  403. Ziga

    Had a recovery weekend, went through some yoga and a few walks… 🙂

  404. charles van den akker III

    after a week of IDT i got to go out to ride my road bike in a nature reserve with my buddies… 60km of riding with Eland, Kudu, zebra, Wildebees, Rooibok and a few humans ☺ … spectacular views… animals 10 metres away without fences… at one point we had to show down for the Zebra to cross the road-literally a zebra crossing!

  405. Marlies

    Household is a workout on it’s own 🤣

  406. Chris McGrew


  407. Laurent

    Definitely a recovery weekend so took it easy and ate a lot. Does digestion count as athletics? haha

  408. Chris

    My weekend fell more of less into water.. from the resting point of view ;). Started with some indoorclimbing on friday. Then on saturday 9k cycling to the beach, a 20k run, a 9k cycling back home, a 25k cycling to the bouldergym, 1 hours of bouldering, 25k cycling backhome. And to top it off, also a 25k cycling on my “restday” on sunday.

  409. DS

    First long bike ride outside in a few months!

  410. Espen

    Soccer tournament with my daughter..

  411. Remi Ricard

    This weekend was my first zwift ride after two weeks of really bad flue……

  412. Matt

    While I went on a bike ride, the real adventure was a park cleanup (lots of scrambling, jumping, and stretching to clean the creek.

  413. Jonathan

    First swim in a long time . . . gearing up for summer triathlon season.

  414. RG

    Yoga on the beach!

  415. Artur

    A few laps at the pool. It has been a long time!

  416. Paul McComb

    This past weekend was my first workout since the Oceanside 70.3. Oceanside was my first triathlon and I am 100% hocked. My workout was not very hard. I went on a 30 mile bike ride with a few friends with a stop for coffee mid way through.

  417. Tom Coussement

    90K bike ride on sunday morning

  418. Meagan

    Lots and lots of dog walking in the rain, sleet and snow

  419. Dan C

    I set up my television to make sure it was ready to watch the Boston Marathon on Monday morning!

  420. Rune Iversen

    I did a 9.5 mile run with hills on Friday, a 13.5 mile easy run on Saturday, and nothing at all on Sunday. All in preparation for winning this prize!

  421. Alexandra

    I’m doing my first MTB XC race!

  422. Allen Moore

    Divot stomping at the inaugural Las Vegas Polo Classic on Saturday.

  423. Brian T

    2 hours on Zwift baby!

  424. Karsten

    Recovery Weekend was the plan and only a easy hiking Tour with Family. But due to the challenging trail conditions for a Thule kids car, it turned out to be a intense and adventures up and down hiking trip.

  425. linda

    Restoring my vintage Peugeot Mixte bike while thinking where I’ll run my next marathon.

  426. Tim Savin

    I did my first swim in three years! 1km of not very graceful or speedy swimming. Horribly contested lanes but still enjoyed it!

  427. I took my 3-year-old toddler boys to my local university’s spring football game. Beyond the usual man and zone defensive schemes my wife and I deployed, I had a busted coverage as we were heading back to the car (within the first quarter) and got to test my 30-year-old-cycling-dad-legs’ 100-yard dash time.

  428. S. Chhat

    Did a long run at the bay.

  429. Daniel

    Count me in…. This weekend was spent at the pool. Catching the daughter and niece after they flung themselves down the indoor water slide. Not many laps for me, but lots of fun had by all

  430. Felix

    Flew to London to see Hamilton. Walked around before the show if that counts for anything. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  431. Tobias

    first bike ride and short run to kick off the season

  432. Greg Padden

    I’m doing a bike ride this weekend

  433. 40 miler in the Santa Monica mountains

  434. Patrick

    Crashed and separated my shoulder 3 weeks ago, so my sad attempts at PT are the most athletic thing I could do this weekend!

  435. TC

    8 hilly miles with my Dad and my Forerunner 205! Maybe time for an upgrade?!

  436. Alex

    Very hard group ride on Saturday and then sweet spot hills on Sunday.

  437. Sose

    I hurt my Achilles so this past weekend was all bodyweight exercises.

  438. Jim Gould

    rode Alpe de Zwift.

  439. Mark Lever

    Took a drive to the lake District in the UK for a 70mile bike ride encompassing some nice weather and 4 major passes ranging up to 25% gradients!

  440. Lis hulme

    Early morning swim on the Saturday and a long trail run Sunday morning!

  441. Joel Carson

    Easy run through the streets of Auckland New Zealand

  442. Last longish run before this weeks marathon and then doing impromptu speed work running through Athens and Doha airports. 🙂

  443. Terence Hawco

    Hit the mean streets of London (on Zwift)

  444. Javier Perez

    Mmmm… Does chasing my 4 year-old twins around the park count as “exercising”?

  445. Patricia Didone

    Did a 5k recovery run at 4:30 a.m. because I had to be out of the house by 6! creepy at first, but over all I enjoyed having the streets all to myself.

  446. Mark Staub

    12 mile run Saturday, prepping for Pittsburgh marathon and my first sprint tri.

  447. Roscoe Leslie

    road the cargo bike with my daughter to the playground

  448. Borja

    A 10 kilometer race in the Basque Country!

  449. Jesse Saldana

    2 Hours of Aqua Jogging for me because I have a calf Injury. Fun Stuff……

  450. Alberto Montiel

    I started Saturday with +600m of ski touring, then 10km hiking and in the afternoon 16km running. Sunday was a recovery day (late sleeping andbig breakfast xD). A fun weekend 🙂

  451. Shane

    I did a 54 mile bike ride on Saturday and on Sunday I ran 11 miles.

  452. Viktor

    I ran around a nearby hill, doing some geocaching.

  453. Andrew

    South. Beach. Tri.

  454. Markus

    Had to drive quite some distance with the car this weekend (for work). As I typically cycle everywhere, I see this as a quite athletic experience…

  455. Martin

    Saturday – 20 min tempo run, wu, cd, 1 hour hard ride. Sunday – easy long run, 2.5 medium hard ride (testing new wheels, yay!)

  456. Hans

    First-time-ever group ride on my new bike. 65 km on saturday, then anoter 65 on sunday!

  457. Holly W Keckler

    Training for a half marathon later this spring. Did 6.5 miles and felt pretty good!

  458. Mark

    Last ski runs of the season in Maine

  459. D4V1D

    Raced on Saturday, relaxed on Sunday.

  460. Brian

    A nice slow recovery run over the weekend was just what I needed. I could also use a new watch. 😉

  461. One MTB race and one 200km road ride

  462. Brian Ruggles

    Just a little bit of weight lifting, and coaching track

  463. Jeff

    Enjoyed the first long run (10k) in the first 80+ degree day of the year!

  464. Bramble

    It was rainy here, but I found a spare hour to do battle with my wisteria.

  465. Johannes

    If my flu starts to get better then I have a trail run in Sipoonkorpi on Saturday

  466. Mac Brown

    I walked the monuments of DC with a 3 year old!

  467. Greg Lyons

    Pedaled around East Texas, enjoying the weather.

  468. Randy M

    Matched my half marathon PR at the San Diego Beach and Bay Half Marathon

  469. 2 short bike rides outside. 75km in total
    Snow in northern Sweden has finally melted enough to start road biking again

  470. Oriol Garrote

    I’m recovering from a injury but next weekend I’ll try to make a short ride to see how I feel because I have a fondo in less than two months.

  471. Murray Nolan

    A five mile run to end a lazy week.

  472. Henry

    First run in months after awkward injury. Hopefully my luck will change!

  473. Jakub

    I actually went on Friday and Saturday for my first bike ride this year. Enjoying the warm weather with just few muddy holes on the trails.

  474. Brian

    Ran and PRed a 5K race. It was cold, windy, and rainy, but there were thin mints waiting at the finish line so I prevailed!

  475. Kyle

    Spent the weekend shoveling snow

  476. Mike

    Mostly recovery weekend. Any by that, I mean walking 10+ miles a day in D.C. at a conference and associated festivities. Wonderful weekend!

  477. Scott Phillips

    Weather was not nice, so an 18 mile race on Zwift.

  478. BrianMac

    Went for a sunny afternoon bike ride with my brother with a stop at an Amish market for a mid ride snack.

  479. David McCulloch

    Saturday 12k trail run, Sunday local half marathon. Thanks Ray.

  480. MatthewTalbot

    Biked and ran long…

  481. Folkert

    Did a nice ride, meant to be 133kms but naturally took some wrong turns and ended up at 141…. :-X

  482. Seb

    Run around in the Netherlands a bit over the weekend…

  483. Hansi

    Repaired the shifting of my bike, cycled to the gym, did some strength training, and rode home again.

  484. Matt Parker

    No Garmin, no kit ride on the single speed bike.


    I had a recovery swim sunday afternoon.

  486. Harri Roto

    Opened outdoor road cycling season, perfect weather on Sat! Sunday ride started w 10C temp, ended with pouring rain and 0C temperature. Shorts were not ideal in the end.

  487. Stephan

    went for an Ultra-Run in the southern part of the Frankenjura/Germany. Awesome…..

  488. Tofel

    Some indoor madness on my Tacx Neo!

  489. Michelle

    Two days of wonderful road biking!

  490. Nondas

    I did a 10K run on Sunday

  491. Alex

    Training for a 70.3 triathlon

  492. Ty

    Active recovery weekend.. plus furniture moving!!

  493. Alan Waddington

    Interval running along the Tagus Riverside

  494. Josep Maria Fontdecaba Climent

    I’ll do some hicking in Lake District and some swimming to recover.

  495. Minos

    I did an interval 5×1000@4:30 on Saturday

  496. Tony V Benavidez

    Saturday went on a run with my dog. Sunday did a training ride on zwift.

  497. John

    Went to the gym on Saturday and did a cardio workout. Other than that, I was busy with other commitments.

  498. Peter N.

    Nice saturday ride with local bike club

  499. Matt Gardiner

    Racing my first road race and final big training weekend for 70.3 St. George!

  500. Sebastian birch

    Did a 5 k on Saturday – did not get my PB 🙁

  501. chris

    traveled from mexico to north east and watched a lot of tv while recovering.

  502. Iva Hrdinova

    I wanted to go for two runs on Saturday, you know, one in the morning and the other one in the evening. However I go for “morning” run at 11:45AM, got back at 1:15PM and I was like:”Oh, maan I can’t do the second run today.” .. but I made some rice and ate some chocolate too, then I chilled for a while and when it was almost 7PM I told myself I would like to try. I can stop whenever I want to. Well, I ran 6 km and also did my personal best for 5 km. And still, it has been three days since this happened and I still can’t believe it! Not a big adventure but made me feel amazing!

  503. Adam

    Awesome riding on a sunny day through the hills in Marin…nothing beats them for training. Getting ready for the second race of the season!

  504. Jun Zhao

    Ran Boston Marathon.

  505. Steve

    I ran through my favorite road that closes on Saturdays for runners…. only to find that it was under construction and instead I had to (got to?) run through the woods!

  506. EM

    I raced up North this weekend. The weather was way colder than expected.

  507. DDW

    Participated to the “famous” Hageland Classic – 150km of narrow roads, a lot of turns and small but steep climbs … de Ronde Van Vlaanderen – mini edition

  508. Daniel

    Nice MTB ride on some forest!

  509. Konstantinos Velaoras

    a ‘training’ quarter triathlon race for this weekend because in less than 3 weeks my half is coming!!!

  510. leman

    Completed Alpe du Zwift challenge in Strava!

  511. Keith

    51 miles on the bike with lots of hills. 4,100 feet of elevation gain. 6 mile run.

  512. Cameron Seamons

    I was busy this last weekend, so I had to settle for a 2 hour trainerroad workout, but this coming weekend race season starts for me with a local sprint triathlon!

  513. Aaron Benjamin

    37 mile charity ride and 30 min brick run Saturday, then cadence intervals on the trainer, swim and legs day Sunday!

  514. Mike Cavosie

    My athletic adventure wasn’t athletic: I installed a Watteam Powerbeat power meter reviewed by you and purchased from Clever Training with your discount!

  515. Mike Richie

    Finally getting some warmer weather here, in Boston, on Saturday I rode to an early morning step class followed by a 30 mile ride thru the Fells and Mystic Lakes including a ride up Horn Pond Mt. (a steep but little hill). But Sunday was back to Snow!

  516. Tom Burgin

    Park Run! PB for the year despite the mud and hills

  517. David N

    Completed a ride out near Tallassee AL and enojyed bits of the countryside, then followed up on Sunday with a run in a new neighborhood. Working on (eventually) running all the streets in my city and checking my progress using Strava’s heatmap functionality. It will take awhile.

  518. Floris Van de vijver

    first bicycle ride of the year with my 1y old girl in the backseat along a canal, mimicking lot’s of animal sounds

  519. PascalDG

    Just a short workout but if was fun and sunny !

  520. Steve

    Trail ride to Satua in the western Chobe Enclave, Botswana- rode with elephants and water buffalo, great ride 85kms of fun. Some tensions with the game, beautiful grass lands with palm trees and flood water raising.

  521. Patrick Reilly

    Fished for Shad and did a tune-up run.

  522. Oliver

    This Sunday I did my first round Trip around the Lake of Zürich. Loved it!

  523. Johnny mannion

    Went swimming with my two girls indoors as weather in west of Ireland ain’t tropical just yet.
    Put on ambit 3 run on in the loop de loop waterside.
    Awesomeness #newsegment

  524. Grant F

    First road bike race of the season after moving to a new city (which just recently thawed).

  525. Steve2

    cycled through the the hills of N. Carolina

  526. Kay

    Had a nice warm sunny bike ride Friday night followed by a complete rain out on Saturday. Well hello stinky trainer I’d love to replace. 🙄Coached a Spin class on Sunday.

  527. Joon Kim

    Still snow snow snow out here in Canada.
    Zwifing, treadmill and swimming everyday.

  528. Helen Wilkes

    Running after too many wines on the night before on Saturday morning!

  529. Stephen Fitzgerald

    Was supposed to complete the Boston Marathon midnight bike ride. To cold, wet and windy so not done. Went to expo that day instead.

  530. Brandon L.

    low rpm ride on the trainer, broken 200s in the pool, and an aerobic run. of course my indoor workouts (bike/swim) were on the beautiful day and my outdoor run was on a much less than beautiful day.

  531. John A Galani

    I ran 13.3km easy. The weather was perfect, aside from that I cooled off in 16c seas which meant my last day of holiday was heavenly.

  532. turn the damn cranks

    Laid up by injury. 🙁 But thanks for the chance to win and thus to buy a cool goodie for when I’m back at it!

  533. Francois Poirier

    A day of running and work. The office is empty on weekends, so I don’t have to bring a change of clothes. I can split my run into 2 commutes and one break. Pretty fun!

  534. Beatriz S

    I did 40 miles uphill with headwind (ok 20 miles)… the last 20 were fun!

  535. Tom Pomfrey

    Rode in The Ride to End Leukemia & Lymphoma metric bike ride

  536. Thomas Bruun Funch

    I had a simple long run on saturday. Wonderful!

  537. Dave

    Attempted to coach 2 baseball games, but instead got 2 rainouts. So I hit up zwift instead.

  538. c owen

    shoveled 15 inches of snow, in April.

  539. Andrew S.

    Awesome bike ride with the wife to get ice cream and play lawn games.

  540. bill

    Sunburnt on the first sunny ride here in DC. Followed the next day by a run along the canal in the wind and rain. WHERE ARE YOU SPRING?!

  541. Markus

    Squezeed out the last of the cross country skiiing-season before the spring hits hard up here in Sweden!

  542. JTVincent

    Went on a nice long run with my wife while pushing the little one in a jogging stroller. After the 9 mile run i was really thinking i should get double miles for pushing the stroller for that long.

  543. Keith Shuker

    I went bike packing/wild camping in the English Lakes: amazing!

  544. Bob

    Stage 5 of Tour of Watopia.

  545. Doron leibovitz

    800 m competion not bed at all

    Thanks ray

  546. Stefan

    Did a 10k run and a 20k bike ride

  547. Jeremy C

    on saturday played tennis

  548. Peter

    Went for a 10K hilly run sandwiched between two silver wedding anniversary celebrations, complete with too much to eat and too much to drink. Way harder running than it should have been

  549. Crappy weather here over the weekend, so it was indoor stuff for me 🙂

  550. Vincent

    I did some easy bike ride and run to prepare for the kiev half marathon on sunday

  551. Veiko

    Meant to do a 100 km on a bicycle, but managed just 97 km. It was still nice though.

  552. Lance Liljenquist

    Weather was finally nice here in southern Spain,so the wife and I took the dogs for a trail run.

  553. Noah

    Final getting some dirt miles in on the Mountian bike.

  554. Matt Charlton

    2 hour easy run on saturday, 4 hour not so easy bike on Sunday followed by another 45min run!

  555. JoJo

    A 6 km run along the local river – kind of a big deal, first time in 2 years after knee surgery.

  556. Jochen

    6 and a half hours of sports on Sunday: Starting with a 1,5-h-run in the morning, 2 hours Formula 1 on TV on 8 a.m. and after lunch a three-hours ride on the bike. Pretty nice!

  557. Arne

    Since I got a new foot pod I did two calibration runs in a stadium on Saturday. Each 2k one high pace; one regular long distance pace. On Sunday i did 60min of interval training to check if instant pace worked better than via GPS. Spoiler Alert: it does.

  558. Kelli Marie

    Rode 60 miles through Skull Valley in AZ with an awesome elivation gain of 3000 feet. Freezing temperatures and a beautiful campfire to combat it for recovery after! Can’t leave out the s’mores:)

  559. ian

    Discovering the tiny, crowded streets of Cannes by rental bike whilst working there for the Red Bull Air Race.

  560. David Walker

    got to go running through some nice farm country! Saw some cows and chickens and avocados!

  561. Benjamin Ward

    Using the Fenix 3 to navigate around the woods in Holland. (Not needed, but fun).

  562. David Studenick, Tricycle Assassin

    I installed two toilets. Not very athletic but certainly heroic!!

    Also rode a really tough Xert workout on my Cycleops Hammer, I guess that counts as athletic.

    Can I have my gadget now?

  563. Deepak

    Training for a 10k run. Would like to buy a Garmin watch with Garmin Pay 😀

  564. Leendert van Nieuwenhuijzen

    Did a brick training for a comming sprint duathlon in may; with a new speed PR on the 20K bike part.

  565. Florent

    A 10k run and a nice walk on the beach in french Brittany.

  566. Ian Dickens

    Finally got the road bike out for an hour in the countryside 🙂

  567. Hamida Demirdache


  568. ReHMn

    I had a working shift all weekend, but noted some racing events, like city marathon, when plenty of people passed by my window… I couldn’t resist, I went for a short run on SUN…

  569. Martin Peake

    Rode a 123km Audax up some big hills!

  570. Ran a 5k and did lots of yoga

  571. Patrice

    Ran a very little footing, 5 months after my left foot surgery… Back training 🙂

  572. Robert Johnson

    Training for a fat man 5K. 70% of the way back to fitness!

  573. Niklas Liljedahl

    90km cycling =)

  574. Bert

    Took a stroll through town to look at some old buildings.

  575. Joseph mcleod

    Rode from downtown Atlanta out into the burbs to see my friends doing the Ragnar relay then i rode back. Yeah

  576. Andi

    Sat at home waiting to be called to work, and then a quick road bike ride which for some reason ended with much carrying of the bike through snow.

  577. Tyler

    Ran my first 10k on Sunday. This is the longest run I have ever done, but I’m on my way to marathon number one towards the end of the year!

  578. David Foss

    I completed the Goat Hill 50Km trail race in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, USA. 6+ hours of fun in the sun (much nicer weather than the runners experienced in Boston on Patriots Day).

  579. Lucik

    Running with the kids.

  580. Pieter Brankaer

    Felt a little under the weather, so I went for a walk with the wife.

  581. Jeff Shafer

    last long run before this weekend RunDisney: Star Wars – The Dark Side HM!

  582. Marco Meyer

    Did a 10km run at the first warm and sunny weekend this year in the Rhineland 🙂

  583. Jason s

    Alpe Du Zwift

  584. Andy S

    An intense weekend of watching the start of the NBA finals, challenging given the time difference to the UK for live games!

  585. Kerri McConnell

    After 10 years of run/walk/run, did my first “all run” long run – 5 miles! What I lack in speed, I make up for with stubborn.

  586. Marc-Olivier Tremblay

    Half on sunday

  587. Michael

    Will be doing my last big training ride before the century. A PM could be interesting for determining that “all-day” pace.

  588. Drew Lanier

    I worked my job at LRS shop. Climbed lots of ladders to help customers find the right running shoes. Good cardio!

  589. hdrz

    Cycled Friday & Saturday, mountain to valley, all of it downhill!

  590. Jarek Jadczyk

    Just run some Marathon. Not so clever while it was about 30 Celsious degrees (and trainings were done in 0-5 average)

  591. Priit

    first 10k forest run after the Paris marathon. Forest in spring is The perfect place for running.

  592. Sergio

    I ran in Atlanta while I was in town for a conference!

  593. Peter Chester-Browne

    Duathlon practice in the sunny Algarve, 1:09 🙂

  594. Denica

    Went on a cold, wet and eventually snowy hike on the Greenway Trail in Southern Canada. It lasted one hour and I almost froze to death. The rest of the weekend was spend Zwifting.

  595. Drew

    Rode 100km with a buddy

  596. David Goodsell

    Finally got back to putting weight on my ankle post surgery this weekend. My athletic adventure was walking around the house and the grocery store in my boot.

  597. wycat

    Hitting the trails on top of Zürich

  598. Ross O'Donoghue

    Longest ride of the year and two PR’s on the tough climbs. Happy with that

  599. rene

    A saturday run and a sunday swim. Sunday swim left me prepared to watch Amstel Gold:-)

  600. Will Newbery

    Went for a 2 hour run in the beautiful sun while my son was on a junior triathlon skills camp.

  601. Anete

    On the weekend I participated in trail run event, where I did 11km distance. And had a wall already after 5km. Though because I walked a lot the leftover, today nothing hurts!

  602. Ryan B

    Trying to build up my miles again after a long recovery following the NYC Marathon.

  603. Dhyan Valle

    Had a rest weekend, but I did ride my bike 5 miles or so in the rain to get Chinese food to satisfy a craving!

  604. Michael Boesch

    I finished up my Olympic Triathlon Build phase on TrainerRoad. On to the Specialty phase! I really need those Garmin Vector 3s!

  605. Benoit Rondeux

    Last weekend my coach asked me to do a cool 35miles ride on saturday.

    When I started, the weather was great, not that much wind, plenty of sun so I decided to try to finish my ride with an average speed of 30km/h (18,64miles/h) … a first for a runner like me.

    I was feeling energised by the sun and even though I had to slow down a couple of time while crossing cities, I managed to keep an average speed above 30km/h… until, 1km before the end of my loop… I was crossing a turn-point and Spchiiiiiiiiit… my rear tire deflated… I had to continue to ride for a dozens of meters until I was able to step safely… and stop my watch.

    Believe it or not… I’ve finished my ride with an average of 29,9km/h … =( –> link to

    Conclusion: I have a good reason to continue to ride 🙂

  606. StefanU

    MTB ride with the wife on Saturday, mildly off road ride with the 4 year old daughter on Sunday.

  607. Jaymeth Maddox

    Cheered on runners at the Boston Marathon.

  608. andres

    raced expedicion guarani, great expedition race

  609. Frode Efteland

    Had my first 4-hour outdoor seasonal ride this Saturday in awesome weather. Awesome.

  610. Corri

    A trainer ride while watching the NBA Playoffs

  611. Ken

    Completed a serious two day long workout in the garden: weeding, planting, re-fit of the shed and jet washing the paving slabs! I cirtainly felt like I had exercised.

  612. Hubert Chao

    Vancouver Sun run, 10 km

  613. Anders

    Did 2 hours of cycling

  614. Anders Sørensen

    I did a 110km race with a 1000 meter elevation gain. A lot of climbing in a flat country.

  615. Adrian Moy

    SEC collegiate championship – didn’t perform that well but still had fun!

  616. Sonny

    Sure would love some Garmin Vector 3’s.

  617. andrejs

    After training on asphalt for months and months, I finally hit some high country trails for a couple hours here in SoCal. Refreshing!

  618. Anne Farawila

    I did a mini IM for my last big workout before tapering. 7 hours of swim bike run.

  619. Gennaro

    Went cycling along the river with my son!

  620. stephan

    Longest ride on the trainer in a couple years. I won’t embarrass myself by admitting how short it was, but maybe, just maybe, it is a baby step back towards fitness.

  621. ioan

    Climbing on Athens hils – 32k steps + 62floors

  622. Spin class, trail run, inline hockey!

  623. peter p

    25k long run with some 2k intervals

  624. ailsa c

    Leading run clinic at local Running Room

  625. David J

    I rowed a boat in the wind and rain.

  626. Darren

    Easy 3 miler to test annoying Achilles injury…

  627. Chris

    Pouring rain all Sunday. Treadmill.

  628. Marc Taymans

    A good brick on Sunday: 25km on the bike + 10km run

  629. Alan Rubsam

    I ran 16 miles (distance PR!), a long training run at pace for my upcoming first marathon.

  630. Jason

    What I do every weekend…ride my bike…a lot.

  631. marco possagnolo

    I ran like a zombie but i ran!!!

  632. Gethin

    I raced a cat3/4 road race, was going well until puncturing with about 10km to go. Fancied my chances as well. Grr!

  633. On saterday the first tour with some altitude meters.
    link to

  634. Maria Alpoim

    Went swimming with kids.

  635. Mats

    Did some weight training….

  636. Billy Mac

    Escaped the tyranny of the power meter by going for a couple of long recovery walks with the dogs.

  637. Malte Erikson

    Long Run (24km) on Saturday with friends in the nice weather. Supposed to do a bike tour on Sunday, but the nice weather on Saturday was replaced by a cold and foggy Sunday.. 🙁

  638. Yonadav Yuval

    Hoping to go for a nice long ride on Saturday and a nice but shorter run on Sunday.

  639. Jeroen

    Walked a lot, ran a bit in pretty warm weather. Maybe get a500$ water bottle?

  640. Daniel Klein

    I got my butt kicked on the alp de zwift.

  641. Andy Harries

    Double trail run, weekend!

  642. Thomas

    10-hour walk through Vienna followed by some jumping at the Imagine Dragons concert

  643. Jonathan

    Trying to do 2k swiming, 4k running and some cardio. Hope I can make it all.

  644. Roland

    Only managed to get out on the bike for an hour but managed to nail a few pbs on a hill climb. Picked up a flat on the last 200m to my door (thanks pot hole)

  645. Patrick

    Did some final tuneup before this weekend (April 21) Parkway Classic 10 miler outside DC. Feeling good and would feel even better with some new gear!

  646. Ivan

    I had a good MTB ride.

  647. Ryan Uchida

    Did a 10 mile trail run. Started raining at mile 6 then it turned into a puddle run for the remainder. Good stuff.

  648. Adam M

    Old but good – last long ride before Iman AUS. 6.5 h computrainer set – I did mention old. Like me, after this ride, on its last legs:)

  649. Fab

    last 20 km training for next sunday marathon in Padova.

  650. Jenna Hampshire

    Stuck inside because of the ice 🙁

  651. Rado

    Stretching with yoga.

  652. SZ

    I am running a 10K on Sunday.

  653. Chris G

    Due to a broken wrist from a crash it was a couple of rides on the trainer

  654. Armando Portillo

    Just a 5k run to get started on running again from a slump……..

  655. Neil

    I managed to get out of bed does that count?

  656. Annelise M

    Went running in 100 kph winds on the blustery east coast of Canada!!

  657. Mike

    Took the bike off the trainer for the first time this year and went for a ride outdoors.

  658. Koly

    Walking with my baby girl — does that sound athletic enough? If not, there was also some weightlifting after shopping 🙂

  659. Angy

    went out for my first roller ski ride of the year.

    (my english is bad, so doy you actually Ride roller ski?)

  660. Craig

    recovery weekend, but I did spend a couple of hours in a bounce house at a kids birthday party!

  661. Johannes

    Drained my edge battery – so I need a new one 🙂

  662. Thomas

    I fled South to Altlanta to escape the persistent nature non-spring in the NE & I found the same weather! Oh well, I still rode out to Stone Mountain.

  663. William

    Windy recovery spin

  664. Freddy

    Mtb training in the Eifel

  665. Fred Weeden

    42 miles with 3000ft of climbing

  666. SamA

    Woke up 5 am on a Saturday to ride some laps in CP before the crowds show up.

  667. Brad King

    It was windy Sunday so I decided to change things up from my normal ride and head south into the wind. I felt like Superman coming back home.

  668. Amy Thoma Tan

    Last long run before Eugene Marathon!

  669. Duane Braswell

    6 mile training run. First one since I started the 100 day challenge of 100 push up/sit ups/squats on 4/1. Was good to get out and not just hurt.

  670. Jack

    An ugly run and I fell off my SUP a few times.

  671. Christian Bakke

    Trail running at “Liafjell” (Lia mountain 🙂 ). Finished off the weekend by playing some fotball (or soccer as some call it) and ended up with a pulled hamstring 🙁

    So I’m trying to not go trail running tomorrow… we’ll see…

  672. James

    I went for a chilly sea swim!

  673. Bob

    Walking with fam,gym time

  674. Hannah

    Yoga and a trail run for me!

  675. Aaron Lee

    Long bike (on the trainer, got rained out!) on Saturday. Nice surprise the sun came out and got to do my Sunday long run outside after some brunch (waffles!)

  676. Thijmen Groenewegen

    To get back up tot speed in training. Since the arrival of my first peanut I have been lacking…

  677. Kyl Rusk

    Half marathon training run for upcoming 50k.

  678. Laurence H.

    I recovered from the hamstring injury. It took me almost 2 months to recover. I am very happy I can back to normal train again. I ran 60km last week, keen to run more this week.

  679. mahead

    Fatbiking on friday, relaxing rest of the weekend.

  680. Matt

    Cross-training with Ellipticals during the pollen season. 🙂

  681. Russ

    I had a wicked case of the man flu so i watched Amstel 2018 race and drank hot drinks. The most athletic achievement was walking the dog unfortunately. Here’s to the end of winter.

  682. Alex Whittemore

    We hosted my buddy’s bachelor party this weekend, so there was lots of athleticism on tap: beach volleyball, running from bar to bar, lifting burritos to the mouth, climbing up off the floor at 3am… etc.

  683. Kano

    Did a long run in the rain.

  684. Ian

    Hill repeats (10% grade, 1 Km long). Didn’t get as many as I would prefer.

  685. Sebastien

    Had to change 4 winter wheels of the car to the summer ones, and to add to the fun, had to take the wheels from and to a nice Parisian cave. Yeah!!!

  686. CJ Foley

    I am a tax accountant and worked for 95 hours this week. So my athletic adventure was walking to the bathroom. Not good, but it’s all over now and I can go outside again!

  687. Rai

    I rode 60k for a coffee as a come down after the Paris Roubaix

  688. Daniel

    Hiked and road bikes with the wife😎

  689. faarn

    Weight training (aka gardening… it is spring!!)

  690. AC Brainmaker

    Hiking with ex-high school mates and their kids.

    (Bon Scott rulez)

  691. Tom Meyers

    Gravel race cum family vacation

  692. Anatoly

    I’m going back to my running schedule, 15km three times per week.

  693. Alison Warner

    I did some intervals in Santa Barbara in the sunshine, then came back and repeated them in the rain in Seattle. Whiplash a bit!

  694. Daniel

    I‘m at Mallorca this week for cycling…so every day in this week is an adventure…including the petrol Station at „Kloster Lluc“

  695. Brian

    It was finally warm enough to ride outside!

  696. David E.

    I went for a Parkrun 5km

  697. thomaek

    i went for my first rider last weekend and added a little run off the bike

  698. Josh

    rain finally stopped so got to get out on the singletrack

  699. Renard Sebastien

    Super weekend, die a 4h30 MTB ride with friends!!

  700. Chris Kohoutek

    Rode my new mountain bike.

  701. Mieszko

    I did 40 km bike ride. It was extremely windy ride

  702. Tom

    Weekend weather is a junk yard our way, so my adventuring has me secluded to the isles of Watopia with my fellow zwifter! A little of John’s Mix and a climb up the big KOM for me 🙂

  703. Walt

    Run with my son, then biked 42k and finished off with a few squats. That must be the reason why legs hurt so f**kin much 🙂

  704. leon wylie

    Ran with daughter and dog, daughter had a bike but a dud knee, I’m going land based for a while after nearly breaking my neck in 1 ft Scottish surf.

  705. Chris

    Sadly still riding indoors due to a cold spring – 2.5 hours on the trainer. Rest day on Sunday.

  706. Michael S.

    Does lifting an ill 10kg 1-year-old awkwardly out of a cot all day long count? I hope so, because that’s all I could manage. Knees straight, back twisted, sharp jerking motions… fun fun.

  707. Francisco Migoya

    I did a 26km mtb ride with my two brothers after 3 months not riding.

  708. Andrew Burrows

    Best I managed as a 1 mile trip into the village, did manage to carry a cubic metre of fancy dress clothes on the rack though – not very aero

  709. Balandreau lorin

    Swam 4k in open water in Philippines, boat was following until my friend dropped me and ended up being alone in the ocean! That was bloody scary 😱! Then followed by 2hrs run under 36C, that was killer. This weekend was more of a mental training 🤣.

  710. Doug Lam

    Long Bike and run this weekend.

  711. Steven Shearer

    You mean I was meant to be athletic this past weekend?

  712. DJH

    I ran along the Champ de Mars while I was visiting Paris at the tail end of a work trip.

  713. Ben

    Headed to Buenos Aires for work, but I might sneak in a few long runs!!

  714. Jim Toye

    Charity spin for Parkinson’s at local YMCA 🙂

  715. Marshall Hynson

    5 mile walk on Friday, 20 mile MTB ride on Saturday morning, another 5 mile walk in the afternoon

  716. Gabor Szenteleki

    On Saturday i will playing tennis with my Friends.
    On Sunday i will go to Roadbiking

  717. Matt Jones

    Test drove our schools new HPV at the local go-cart track. Unfortunately there was no body on it, no chassis, and there was a rainstorm and I got soaked…..

  718. theboxers

    I did a virtual ride up ax 3 domaines on big ring vr. It hurt, a lot.

  719. Ed Foster

    Did 4 hours of TrainerRoad.

  720. Graham

    I did a nice long ride with my son.

  721. Josh Blazzard

    Toured the National Mall (A lot of Walking)

  722. DW

    I did a 38 mile bike ride around town.

  723. Fred

    A nice trail run near Hammamet Tunisia !

  724. Giles Levy

    Just some sprints – and then running through the neighborhood to find my wandering dog.

  725. Dionisis Dionisopoulos

    First trail run of the year and it took a heavy toll on my poor body !!
    15k with 1000m of total ascent did the job !!

  726. Jmags20

    Need this weather to warm up, indoor training is getting to me

  727. Libby

    Ran through the lovely April Midwest snow!

  728. David Kreutzer

    The first half of Saturday was spent at an Al-Anon lecture and group session to support my son. Then yard work, car work and house work. Sunday however, I skipped church and rode a couple laps on a hilly Zwift course to help build strength. I rode for just over an hour and a half and climbed over 2,600 feet.

  729. Erik Braun

    On Saturday, I raced in a 38 mile gravel grinder in Swain, NY. It was cold, muddy, wet and foggy, but I placed 5th! Sunday was my birthday a d I rode in a charity gravel grinder with Jeremy Powers. All in all, great bike weekend!

  730. DLinLV

    Kind of dont care to win. But I do want to know if we can expect an update from Garmin on the 935 watch? The $50.00 off and it not being Christmas makes me wonder if a new model is coming. What can we expect from Big G? (I would say Big Blue, but everyone knows that is IBM).

  731. Molly K.

    First half marathon after having to take time off from running due to a knee injury.

  732. Jackie Merrick

    Raced a 10k!

  733. Tom Cavanaugh

    Long bike, long run.

  734. Jason M

    90 minutes of sweet spot on Zwift and 40ish minutes in the pool. Thank you Ray and CT!

  735. Jed Siebel

    5k pushing the 4yo in a stroller, managed to run into and back out of the rain. At some point a truck pulled over and asked if we were ok and needed help … I didn’t think I looked that bad 🙁

  736. Emily

    Running along the water in Alexandria…err, running is kind of a strong word for the crowd-packed activity, let’s call it more of a “first spring/summer sunny weather day obstacle course”

  737. Jason Larocque

    First outside ride bike after this canadian winter !

  738. Josh C

    Went for a six mile run in the nice rainy spring (?) New England weather! And I definitely need to upgrade my 8 year old Forerunner 405…

  739. Inge

    First road race of the year! Didn’t crash.

  740. Jon

    Did a 50 miler bike ride sat and Zwift on rainy Sunday

  741. DaveG

    Did no exercise other than yard work.

  742. Markus

    I did my first run for a long time, after more than a year out with a hop injury. Now I need a new watch!

  743. Arthur

    Slowly getting my knee back to work by doing awful gym session. Only to shatter it again once the bike season will start again I suppose.

  744. Stephen

    A hill workout with the bob stroller and the 18 month old peanut in the seat holding on for dear life.

  745. I’ve actually did a short (5K) run on Sunday, because I knew that on Monday I’ll have a business trip to Germany and I didn’t know if I have proper chance to train, or just stay at hotel and drink beer.

  746. Dustin Dunsmore

    55 miles on the new road bike; 10 miles of pushing a stroller across town

  747. Tracey

    Some Hiking up hills

  748. Simon Potter

    Did some weight lifting – got my f** a** out of bed.

  749. Jean Ayotte

    OK, the weekend was going to be awful cycling-wise – up here in Quebec the first race of the season was cancelled because of the announced bad weather, with tons of freezing rain. But Friday was nice, so I anticipated on the weekend and went for a ride on Friday afternoon. Does that work?

  750. Chris

    Was sick unfortunately. Will be moving from Chicago to LA in a few months so fantasized about running on the Hermosa strand.

  751. Dustin

    Snowboarded with 50+ mph winds!

  752. Lara

    My only athletic adventure this weekend was walking around the outlet mall!

  753. Terry

    Mountaining biking

  754. Kyle

    Easy weekend, did a 5k

  755. Sebastiaan

    whole weekend of cycling! + adjusting seat & cleats for even more power

  756. Wal

    Went for a ride. Between a flat, road closures and a strange alteration to the usual bunch ride it was a bit if a fail… but at least I got out.

  757. gabriel schlumberger

    I sunburnt myself while jumping up and down frantically at my two children’s three football games. So, Plyometrics?

  758. Phil Duncan

    With two grandkids in the house, I believe I ran a few hundred miles…

  759. Thomas Quade

    Just had cataract surgery and lens implant so cant do much until Wednesday, but chawing at the bit!

  760. David Yang

    I ran around Boston to support my girlfriend running the marathon and picking up stuff for her.

  761. Curtis Repen

    Tour of Watopia – Stage 5 – on the trainer I got based on your advice (StacZero) with the head unit I got based on your advice (Garmin Edge 520).

  762. David Richmond

    Back in the UK for a quick trip… 21Km run Saturday (with a rare Sun sighting) and 30Km on Sunday (back to grey weather) – enjoyed getting out into the country

  763. Max

    As a way of celebrating Marathon Monday, I ran my own marathon before work. It was magnificent!

  764. Kelly

    Hot yoga Saturday, and final Sunday training run (15km) before next weekend’s race – taper time now!

  765. Pierre-luc

    Indoor bike training

  766. T

    I did my long run on Saturday. On Sunday, I did some stretching and… Cleaned my bike to prepare for spring rides!

  767. Kim

    Good old recovery

  768. Doug

    Basic 20 mile slow training ride on Saturday. Wasn’t able to get on Sunday due to rain, rain and more rain.

  769. Hori G

    We’ve started the outdoor riding season at Lifetime Metrowest

  770. Dylan F

    Running Camelback Mountain in Phoenix!

  771. Dr. D

    Almost the weekend…Boston Marathon 2018

  772. Renee

    1 hour bike trainer ride

  773. Douglas Young

    Post hangover ride after a stag do, sweating that beer out!

  774. Gee

    Hiked my local park trails with family!

  775. Juan Zorrilla

    50 mile group ride Saturday morning.
    Tempo 5 mile run Friday

  776. Biked 39 mile riding the Montevideo route in Poolesville, MD.

  777. stephan

    actually did a post marathon recovery run. 13 miles on a soft forest trail.

  778. Patrick

    Walking from the car, carrying a folding chair to the sideline of my kids sports…’s not hard work but good recovery from a hard week of training. Hope I win for sitting in a chair.

  779. C

    gone ZWIFTING!

  780. Craig Schaepe

    Took a cold road ride and prayed for spring

  781. Ben

    nice long marathon training run!

  782. Michael Lambert

    Yeah for giveaways!

  783. Ray Duda

    Rode 65 miles for lunch

  784. Lynn

    Blue Bell Ice Cream Half Marathon in Brenham, TX. Lots of rolling hills and bluebonnets – not enough ice cream consumed!

  785. Jimmy Stevenson

    Started training for the 160 mile Ride Across Indiana (RAIN) ride this July with a 42 mile rode on Sunday.

  786. Chris Mc

    Swim, bike, run on repeat!

  787. Luke M

    I had a nice hike of Christoffelberg on Curacao. Nice hot weather for a job up and down the mountain.

  788. Michal Balicki

    Jogged with 2yr old in umbrella stroller around local trail. Followed by sore back from said activity. All better now and back to Zwifting.

  789. Scott Alan Reinemann

    Went ZWIFTING and finished off the Alp Du Zwift challenge on Strava!!!!

  790. MrFlux

    I ran through TSA and waited on the tarmac.

  791. Jamee Mikell

    I rode Tour of Watopia stage 5 on Saturday morning on my new Synapse (first indoor ride) then took the bike for an outside ride on Sunday afternoon (first outdoor ride).

  792. Greg K.

    10 mile run in the (33 degrees F) Chicago springtime.

  793. D Pindell

    Does cutting the grass count?

  794. Darren O.

    Chasing my kids around the local soccer fields while attempting to watch the actual games.

  795. Gabriel

    5 mile run exploring new neighborhood

  796. Ron P

    I swam 26.2 miles in the boston marathon =p

  797. Andrew

    This weekend I had an 8 mike training run in the sleet and freezing rain followed by a 90 minute trainer ride in the basement. Yay spring!

  798. Wes K

    First open water swim of the season

  799. Claus Blem

    So I did a 3500ft training ride up atlas peak, does that count?

  800. Reeli

    Saturday bike then run off the bike and then open water swim with awesome group of athletes. Sunday run with intervals and then a nice spin-out-the-legs ride. Then I took a nap! My new favorite!


    First adventure with my f5x and I got lost. Seriously. Thanks God, it has a “return to home” function, as my cellphone had no coverage.

  802. Paul R.

    Did a ride on my Kickr.

  803. Joe

    Recovering from an injury so lots of PT and easy spinning

  804. Eric G

    Did a nice brick on Saturday

  805. Mike Freitas

    1.8 mile walk… not bad considering 8 days post rotator cuff repair!

  806. Mart

    Just walking on the mountain.

  807. Bob Hayssen

    A nice brisk walk in the park.

  808. Brian

    Over the weekend my running adventure was a 14 mile run that is in preparation for the Garmin Half Marathon in the Land of Oz!

  809. k bittle

    easy recovery mtb bike ride

  810. George

    Easy run in Nashville on a wedding trip!

  811. Sean

    I’m training for my first marathon. I did my first ever 35km run. It went great for the first 30km. Then my lack of pre-run nutrition hit me. I barely made it home and when I did my blood sugar was so low I could barely stand up. My wife was not impressed.

    Anyway next time I run that distance I’ll be well fed before I set up. Gels and bars during the run weren’t enough.

  812. Dustin

    13 mi training run on Saturday. Recovery day on Sunday!

  813. Ross

    5 hour ride… took advantage of the good weather

  814. John Galletta

    Cross country training with the 10yo

  815. Quintin Gay

    This weekend I did spin Sunday night. It was hard.

  816. Derek Lee-Wo

    As a new cyclist, I did my longest ride on Saturday

  817. Kevin Ulmer

    I spend last week mostly in the gym playing volleyball. Which is one of my favorites! Thanks for the reviews. They’re Grrrrrreat!

  818. Ariel Schwartz

    Ran the Boston Marathon through a monsoon. Posted my worst time ever, but the race was epically awesome.

  819. Chris P

    3 hour ride in 20 mph winds this weekend. Tough.

  820. Craig Ryan

    Rode my trainer in the basement. The weather in central Illinois sucks this spring.

  821. Brian Greenhalgh

    Currently suffering a hamstring injury which has killed my running, so walked parkrun with the dog and wife.
    I’ve got to say, walking sucks balls.

  822. Si

    Entered a hill-climb race on Sunday. It was reduced from 24km to 15km due to bad weather at the top of the mountain.
    Cold and wet, and an incredibly disappointing result but, looking back now, great fun..!!

  823. Sean

    Since winter came back for the weekend, I decided to take trainerroad on a trip over to lion Rock.

  824. Mike

    Some biking indoor because of snow

  825. Jack Allen

    Wednesday 11 April, EPIC stomach bug/virus. The worst 12 hours of my life. Did not eat Thursday, ate very little Friday. Awesome 5K run early Saturday morning. Crashed from lack of nutrition for 4 hours after the run.

  826. Chris Kuchin

    Went for a walk around the neighborhood pushing 100lbs of kids up and down hills. That seems vaguely athletic

  827. Edwin Chen

    i lame indoor bike ride in the basement due to inclement weather all weekend long.

  828. Christopher Hu

    I went for a 3.5 mile run on Saturday, and swam 1 mile of laps in the pool on Sunday.

  829. Bijak

    Gone a for ride, my knee need that

  830. Robert Baldy

    Not a lot this weekend but I did get into the gym on a rainy Sunday.

  831. Mohsein

    I need a break from this household chores. Make a ride that will give me a score

  832. Daniel Taylor

    Recovering from Ironman Texas 70.3 so just an easy run/bike

  833. Tensai

    Getting through 2 hours run.

  834. Reiner

    I rode Mt Baldy for the frist time.

  835. Ed Chen

    indoor run

  836. Hiked up Half Dome in Yosemite.

  837. Mike cycle

    Did my first zwift workout – until now (past 2 years) only did freestyle rides + races

  838. aditya

    I am starting to train my 2 years old son to walk 2 km every morning this week.
    Morning sunshine, a little sweat, and some new places will be good for him.

  839. Sam

    Hey, I am in India for work all week and have no idea of a place to go run, looking forward for the sun in Paris this Saturdays

  840. Niffercoo

    I skipped all of my weekend triathlon training because my kids needed me – they are teens and young adults and I know this time of them needing Mom is fleeting. I have lots of years to finish in the bottom 50% in Ironman 70.3 events! 😉

  841. Adam Zawisza

    I walked downtown to goto a hockey game.

  842. Eric S.

    Loop around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track, around the track,

  843. Aaron

    8 mile neighborhood run

  844. Melanie Gray

    30min Zwift volcano circuit while my 5mth old napped!

  845. Jennifer

    I ran 10 miles in the foothills between my daughter’s bracket play baseball games. They won the tournament.

  846. Mike Eng

    2nd ever gravel ride and i love it.

  847. Vitek

    First longer bike ride ending up with cramps in both of my legs. Still lot of training ahead.