The Because It’s Friday $500 Gadget Giveaway!


Today is Friday – you made it to the end of the week. But more importantly, today is also Australia Day. I only know that because I’m in Australia, and the beaches are more crowded than the starting line of a marathon (still, I pretended to workout and went for a short swim).  Thus, it seems reason enough to give away some gadget goodness.  But fear not, I won’t be restricting this to those in Australia, or any other country.  Anyone, anywhere on earth, is welcome to join as always.

Somehow it’s been far too long since we’ve last done a giveaway.  I seriously don’t know how, because I talk about it almost every month with the Clever Training crew, and then somehow it slips off my radar.  Perhaps we just need more holidays to have faux reasons for me to give stuff away.

The winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on almost anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero6 Black, to a Suunto Spartan Ultra, to a random pair of socks, to the Garmin Vector 3 power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever floats your boat (note: they don’t sell boats).  Also note, your credit is in US dollars, not Australian – otherwise you’d get less.  Nobody wants less.

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of what product you’d get and why (but don’t worry, you can change your mind later if you win).

The reason you need a short description of ‘why’ is that if you just put a simple product name (I.e. F5), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, January 29th, 2018 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Peter

    I have never won anything but if luck came to me, I would definitely get GoPro camera. This is a great friend for your outdoor adventure and recording your memories.

  2. Scott Jones

    I’d like a Garmin 935. My 910XT is showing its age and now acts up in its later years.

  3. Ales

    Scosche’s New Rhythm would be 1st on my list. 🙂 Really practical for all around sports.

  4. Nic Decapia

    a garmin 935 most likely.

  5. Kris Pachla

    Would probably purchase a new GoPro Hero 5, or a combination of the new Scosche HRM + GPS.

  6. Gennaro

    I would buy either Garmin Forerunner 935 or an action camera

  7. Darren

    Garmin Vector Powermeter for my bike as I am training for my first half ironman in july!

  8. AJY16

    Garmin Varia Radar, close call has me spooked. Looking for some confidence to get back out on the road.

  9. Yagil Henkin

    A garmin fenix 5 and a Scoshe Rhythm from the new generation. Nice upgrade to my fenix 2 and Rhythm+

  10. Ocskay

    Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt would be nice on my tuscany trip

  11. Omar

    Garmin 920xt ,becouse i like to train for triathlon

  12. T N

    A powermeter to kick my cycling to the next level.

  13. Tim Seal

    I’d love to get the Suunto Spartan Ultra!

  14. Alex

    I lost my Garmin during a race at the weekend so I need to replace it!

  15. Gonzalo

    Garmin Fenix 5

  16. Maarten

    The Wahoo Kickr Snap would be an awesome tool to use in the pain cave.

  17. Grant King

    Upgrade to a Garmin FR935

  18. Robert‘S

    I would get the Vector 3 Power Meter. The reason why is because I want to improve on my training. I currently have no power meter and having structured Power Meter training would improve my speed!

  19. Bruce

    I’d like to get Garmin Vector 3 power meter. I have read your review on it and liked it very much. I’d like to use it to better understand my bike performance, since the watch I have needs more information to access my training. Thanks for hosting such an event!

  20. I would like Garmin 935, because upgrade from 310xt.

  21. Tom Hunt

    A set of Garmin Vector 3 pedals to fine tune my training and pacing for bike racing and triathlon.

  22. JS

    I always dreamed of having a Go Pro with 3 teenagers at home… but sales are too rare!

  23. Martine

    My husband would like a Powermeter so it’s may be the occasion

  24. Kasperi

    Garmin Fenix 5x for having maps would be awesome.

  25. Brian Bonner

    I NEED a power meter for my mtb. So I’d get a stages power meter.

  26. Michael Ogilby

    I would love a polar m600. I have the m 400 and love it!

  27. Mark D

    A Mavic drone, the Spark or towards the cost of the Mavic Air maybe. I’ve wanted one for ages, but this is a very difficult purchase when it comes to spousal approval!!

  28. Stephanie Bonner

    Clothing need new cycling shorts

  29. Ian Wild

    Definitely a power meter to help me go quicker on the bike

  30. Brad F Goodridge

    I want to do some vlogging in Thailand so I’d go with the GoPro

  31. Matthew

    Vector 3 for me!

  32. Javier Colomer

    Hero 6!

  33. Fragkiskos Vellis

    I am in the market for a new trainer. A voucher would definitely come in handy and would allow me to go for the top Tacx model!

  34. Leonard Lublin

    Garmin 935

  35. Andy

    any powermater to improve my training

  36. Mrunal Sabnis

    A GoPro Hero Black because I have a couple of gorgeous climbs on the bike planned!

  37. Dean Sever

    I would love a Garmin Forerunner 645M. Been waiting to see if the new 245 would come out before I start marathon training, but the 645M would be even better! Thanks for the opportunity.

  38. H.W.

    I would like to try out a Suunto for trailrunning!

  39. Jose Castro

    I would totally go for a Garmin 820

  40. daglax

    Oh gawd i was dreaming of the garmin vector 3 pedals since they came out. I’d love to have the opportunity to afford them. Thank you Ray.

  41. Gertjan van den Eijkel

    Would love to be able to buy a power meter!

  42. henry

    A new garmin would be sweet!

  43. Lynne

    This would be so great for my new running watch, whichever one!

  44. Sharon McNary

    I’d be looking to get credit toward a power meter, not sure which one yet.

  45. Martin S

    Definitely power meters! After spending all winter in Zwift I’m getting spoiled with the trainer telling me the power I put in and all the nice statistics that comes with it, and can’t imaging when spring arrives and suddenly ride without it 🙂

  46. René

    A powermeter of some sort as I don’t currently have one, probably some Garmin Vector 3 pedals.

  47. Attila

    I would get the Garmin FR645, exactly fits my needs and want drop the phone during running..

  48. Stefan Gosh

    The Scosche Rhythm 24 – not out yet, but available for pre-order. I am on the fence about the accuracy of my Garmin FR235, so I’d like to give this a try! Second option: a Garmin watch that supports running dynamics, not sure which one, though.

  49. Jim

    A new Garmin watch!!

  50. Richard

    the best watch available: Garmin 935

  51. otto

    I’d buy me a nice FR935

  52. Ivan

    Garmin Vector couse I need power meter on my bike.

  53. CC

    Update my bike computer

  54. Martijn

    A nice garmin watch to track running and cycling activities.

  55. Stuart Douglas

    I would love the Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter as I am hoping to upgrade my 8 year road bike later this year, for something swish, before we emigrate to Thailand for a new adventure for my family and I, and to help me with my long distance training.

  56. I would buy a Garmin Fenex……after 41 years of running, have been struggling with Afib the last year. Had two ablations. need to religiously track my heart rate now, so that would be my desire!

  57. Jorge

    I’ll love to get the Elite Direto to have my wife next to me in the pain cave. Thank you DC Rainmaker and Clever Training.

  58. Ivan Gilabert

    I’d love to have a garmin fenix 5 so I can measure the heart rate

  59. Mike

    FR935 to add wrist HR and 24/7 HR tracking

  60. Henrik Persson

    A GoPro Hero 6 action cam so I can record my upcoming ski trips!

  61. Mark

    I would love a GoPro Hero 6 so I can film some trail running.

  62. Lorenzo

    Favero Assioma because I think it is a high quality PM

  63. Tyler

    Garmin 935!!

  64. Andrea Levario

    The brand new yet to be released Garmin 645 with the Music please.

  65. Milton Evans

    I’d get the new Suunto spartan wrist trainer HR because I could have an affordable running/tri watch to replace my 305 (which still works great).

  66. Terri

    I’d buy a combination of footwear and swim gear

  67. Wouter van de Giessen

    I switch from Suunto to Garmin last year! Garmin is suck rock solid products! Garmin Fenix 5x would be a great addition to my collection.

  68. Tamer

    I would get Garmin fenix 3 Multisport GPS watch. I started biking but I do not have a GPS watch. I would really love to have one.

  69. Christy

    I just got my first real bike, and still need pedals and clipless shoes.

  70. Tammy

    I want Garmin fenix 3 Multisport GPS watch.The reason why is that i just want it 🙂

  71. Gamze Sulucak

    I would get garmin Fenix 3 multisport watch. Because I only need a GPS watch

  72. Tim

    I’d get the new garmin 645 music. I love garmin and am looking forward to the ability to listen to music and run phone free.

  73. Picko

    Happy Friday! I’d probably get a few smaller gadgets – actually got all of the major kit I need! Then again, another PM would come in handy…

  74. The Eric

    I would def put that money towards a Garmin 935! Love everything that watch can do. Or maybe a Fenix 5 just to have a slightly classier look. 🙂

  75. Kirk

    I think I’d upgrade my Fenix 3 to a 5 or 5X

  76. Mike Boone

    Time for some pedal power meters, power taps probably.

  77. Harold Waldrop

    I’d love to get a go pro. I’ll be racing the Bryce Canyon ultra in June and it would be great to get it on film!

  78. Tamas Izmendi

    Fenix 5 would be nice to have. Replacing my fenix 3 for long runs

  79. Tash

    I would buy a Forerunner 935 🙂

  80. Ray

    I’d get myself a Garmin Fenix 5 as my old Vivoactive HR just gave up the holy ghost.

  81. Sarah

    Probably looking at buying a new OHRM, one of the recently released ones 🙂

  82. Yu

    Garmin Fenix 5 for hiking

  83. Sebastien

    a Stryd and Spartan, or a mavic air –

  84. David Brocklebank

    Would like a Garmin 645, perhaps 735XT. Reason, still using FR410 with a strap held together with electrical tape. Been on this site for years deciding…

  85. MAFletch

    Since my ride is already outfitted with PM, computer, and cameras with Ray’s advice and Clever Training’s supply, I would probably opt for a tri watch.

  86. Ellen H

    A fancy schmanzy Forerunner because I’m getting tired of always having to edit the activities from my Forerunner 10.

  87. Gamze

    Garmin fenix 3 Multisport GPS watch ♥️

  88. Pavel J.

    Garmin Fenix 5S – because I like the idea of a small sporttester, or
    some of SUUNTO SPARTAN COLLECTION – because I’ve been using Suunto for the past few years.

  89. Karen Pettus

    styrd pod because I am learning to use power to train on my bike and see great improvement. I believe stryd can help with my running

  90. Mike Shirley

    Something Garmin… probably for the bike… so many choices!

  91. Mat Want

    Oh i could totally go for a new Forerunner 5P, err I mean Forerunner 935! 🙂

  92. James

    I’d get a GoPro for the epic bike rides and to improve my less than stellar motocross skills.

  93. Jimmy Stevenson

    I would get the Favero Assioma dual sided power meter. I have been looking for pedal based Bluetooth power meters to use with my Polar prodcuts.

  94. Ilan

    Garmin 645 Music, maybe I can finally catch up on some audio books and podcasts 🙂

  95. Aliza Cohen

    I would love the new Suunto Sparta. And some other cool stuff 🍻

  96. mikao

    Upgrade garmin fenix3 to fenix 5

  97. Charlie

    A new running watch. I’m way overdue for an upgrade!

  98. alibi

    fenix 5s _white_ or something, i am really in need of new gear in almost all areas -_-

  99. Julien

    The new Garmin 645 for listening music while running 🙂

  100. If I would win, I will buy the Velocomp PowerPod (the version that does both ANT+ and Bluetooth) because I recently added cycling to my hobbies and don’t have a power meter yet. And this idea of using aerodynamics to measure power looks very cool to me 🙂

  101. The ‘best’ bike trainer from your last Annual Winter Bike Trainer Recommendations.
    Because training now outside is mostly not sooo nice… 🙂

    Thanks for this! Keep up the good work.

  102. James Hardi

    I’d totally get the Cycliq fly cams for front and rear. With two kids I’d feel better riding in the road.

  103. Gabriel Mardones

    I would like to win the garmin vector 3, winter is coming in Chile, and to stay active with zwift or VirtuGo is what I want and need.
    Thanks Ray for every review posted here!

  104. Forerunner 935…would like to give it to my husband for his birthday gift

  105. Sightus

    Fenix 5

  106. Shane

    Definitely the 935, I can use it for rowing and Its an upgrade from my 310

  107. Gavin

    Garmin Forerunner 645 to upgrade from my old 410.

  108. Pedro

    A Garmin Vector 3 power meter would be great for my trainning sessions 😀

  109. Randy M

    Garmin Vector 3’s

  110. Dominik

    Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT Cycling Computer – because the Cyclo 505 simply doesn’t cut it anymore.
    Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch – for getting back into the running game.

  111. Dave Goss

    Garmin Vector 3 pedals!!! Woohooo!

  112. Robert Baldy

    Likely a Suunto Spartan Ultra. But I’m also looking forward to the new Scosche Rhythm 24. Can’t wait to shop! Thanks.

  113. Nicolas Cloutier

    Spring is in the air (NOT!) Power meter time !!

  114. Csongor

    I would get a GoPro Hero 6 black, would be nice to capture my adventures with it.

  115. Michael Weitzner

    GoPro please

  116. Alex

    It’s time to upgrade my wife’s Forerunner 10 that I got her to encourage exercise, and now 6 years later is having screen issues, and button issues, and USB connection issues…

    Maybe a Forerunner 235?

    Thanks again for the giveaway!

  117. Graham Davidson

    I would love a Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smartwatch as it seems to do all i need and not as bulky as many other smart GPS devices

  118. Petra

    A Garmin Fenix 5 to track all my progress

  119. Connor Solís

    I would probably get a trainer, because I dont have any. Or a GoPro? Hard choice, lets decide when I win 🙂

  120. Tim Markley

    A wahoo bike computer!

  121. Oebele Dijkstra

    I would buy a power meter for my bike

  122. zealoucity

    a new gps watch. the fenix 2 finally gave up the ghost

  123. Alice

    Hello Ray, there are quite a few things I could choose and really can’t say for sure, but a new watch would be nice. Thanks.

  124. R M

    Probably new Garmin running watch.

  125. helm

    I like power so I like the Garmin Vector 3 power meter

  126. Markus

    I would get a Hero6 to share my adventures with others.

  127. Eric

    I’d be using it towards the new Garmin vectors.. everything is better with more power:)

  128. Christian Schneider

    I‘d love to give my new artifical hip a good push with a Suunto Spartan Sport GPS – learn to fly again 😉

  129. Stephen

    I’d get a Garmin 645 because I like new shiny things and a few pairs of socks as I’m always on the lookout for new socks.

  130. Hans-Peter

    FR935 or a new trainer (Kickr Snap), not sure yet.

  131. Judah Morris

    Garmin 935, less charging every few days!!!

  132. Nicklas Holm

    A new trainer! Although not sure if it’ll actually help me win those zwift races…

  133. M Kaf

    Forerunner 645 as my first running watch!

  134. Roger

    Garmin VivoActive 3 for my wife.

  135. Chris

    Garmin Vectors so I can see just how slow I really am 🙂

  136. Sergey

    I want Garmin 935 instead of my old Fenix 2.

  137. Kevin B

    A wahoo kickr snap so my partner and I can ride on Zwift at the same time.

  138. Efraim Shaw

    Hmmm…A new suunto watch?

  139. Kamil

    I’d like to get a Fenix 5 because it’s time to upgrade my old Garmin watch 🙂

  140. HeroHamada

    I would get Fenix 5 for my girlfrend

  141. Neill Clements

    I’d get some vector 3 pedals. I miss having a power reading outside when I’m used to zwifting over the winter.

  142. Gyulai

    A new trainer, its time to upgrade my old one 🙂

  143. I’d get a GoPro Hero 6 because I’m really noticing the poor quality on my Hero HD 2 now!

  144. Daniel

    Would love a garmin watch or an wahoo bolt to repalce my dying edge 800

  145. Dieter

    Assumed i win: I would take the new Garmin Edge 1030 – great for outdoor navigation

  146. Stephan

    Most likely I would buy a Fenix 5 or a new power meter.

  147. Christoph

    I’d go for a Garmin Vector 3, since I’m still missing a power meter on my bike.

  148. Bastieeeh

    Hello Ray,

    I will most likely get the Garmin Vector 3 power meter. Why? Because although I changed hubs and cranks several times during the last 10 years I never swapped the pedals for new ones. They are still good but a bit worn out. So it would be a perfect match.

    Best regards,

  149. Bogdan Vreuls

    I would go for an 4iiii powermeter.

  150. CN

    Garmin Fenix 5, my current fenix 2 is starting to act weird.

  151. Lou Berarducc1

    wahoo Bolt yes thanks

  152. Matthew

    I would like to win this amazing, fantastical, wicked prize.

  153. Oputa E

    Probably the tacx neo

  154. Kees

    Power meter for the bike to keep measuring Watt when switching from indoors to outdoors.

  155. Miriam Garcia

    No doubt Garmin Vector 3, I need power metrics to go to the next level 🙂

  156. Leonardo

    The garmin 935 for me. I need a watch that has longer batter life for my Ironman races

  157. Ehu

    It’s like a candyshop, I can’t decide yet!

  158. Mike B

    Top stuff Mr maker! I’d get myself a power meter, it is the last piece data that need to optimise my training

  159. Joel Fowler

    I’m looking to upgrade my forerunner 230! I’d love to get my hands on a Fenix!

  160. Nathan N

    New Garmin Running Watch, like the look of the 645 Music

  161. Alberto

    I would a Bike friday, but I guess it is not on Clever Training (and I already have three bikes at home!) so a Kickr Snap!!! (I would put the + USD 100)

  162. Chris Jacobi

    the new garmin music watch – 645. and some shrimp for the barbie

  163. Christopher Hintz

    I would get a new GPS watch, perhaps the new 645, as it is pretty amazing and has everything I would want (and several things I wouldn’t know hoe to use!)

  164. Herc W

    I’d get a Garmin Forerunner 935 watch coz my old Garmin is dead.

  165. Andrew L

    I’d get a Garmin Forerunner 645 – would love to replace my Vivoactive!

  166. Ray Hilts

    Gp Pro Hero 6 Black cause my current one is the Go ro 3+ and doesn’t have the resolution of frame rates I need.

  167. Bryan V

    I will do the running man if i win

  168. Julio Bertocco

    Garmin Fênix 5X – because I want to have map navigation instead of icon navigation!

  169. David Lynch

    I would love to upgrade to a Garmin Forerunner 935!

  170. matt skeels

    I’d like a Garmin Fenix 3 or Fenix 5 (or affordable top of the line sports watch to use for marathon kayak training. )

  171. Whitney M

    935xt so that I could track my training.

  172. Damon

    Edge 820 or 1030, unsure which. I have a watch for running, but missing that cycle computer.

  173. Hugh

    A GoPro to film all my awesome adventures

  174. David

    Gopro Hero6, because as you said at the Tour Down Under Meetup, it’s simply the best action camera out there!

  175. Stephen Reid

    Hero 6 to film out on the MTB.

  176. John L

    Hero Pro camera or Garmin VIRB.

  177. tino chang

    Been looking into a power meter and like the Garmin Vector 3.

  178. Becker Lee

    garmin 935 or powermeter.

  179. Melanie W.

    I’m thinking perhaps a Garmin Edge 820 or the Forerunner 645.

  180. Matt Brennan

    I’d nab the Stages Ultegra 6800 Power meter. I’m pretty even from left to right, but super interested in seeing my power output, and how I can improve it.

  181. Becky

    I’d preorder the Garmin 645 as that seems to be what looks like I want to try the most!

  182. Pedro Almeida

    I would get a Garmin 935, or maybe a Fenix 5, or a Spartan Ultra, or a Suunto Baro Outdoor Metal Saphire Trainer Gold Special Edition Limited!

  183. Neil Rosson

    i would probably get a power tap because i just bought a bike to go with it.

  184. Gestin Ronan

    It would be an action camera, don’t know which one yet, to shoot some mountain bike and some ski rides !

  185. Jimbo

    I’d most likely get a Powertap C1 set since I’ve yet to have a powermeter and I think it would suit my needs.

  186. Simon Potter

    Vivoactive 3 or Fenix 5X

  187. Hussein

    Garmin Forerunner 645.

  188. Hamish Tobias

    I would buy the watteam powerbeat. I’ve been looking for a power meter for a long time and just haven’t had the spare cash laying around. The rest would put to some new tyres as mine in desperate need for a replacement.

  189. Stefan

    Fenix 5s would be really nice thing to get.

  190. Walter Tsui

    Garmin Vector 3

  191. Sara M

    Thanks for this opportunity! I would like to purchase a power meter.

  192. Benoit Page

    Garmin Vector 3 or Power Tap G3, because I don’t have a power meter on my bike yet.

  193. Robinson Milani

    A Garmin Watch. Not sure which one yet. Cause it is never a bad idea to buy a new Garmin. 😉

  194. Matt

    Varia Radar? Because… well I imagine getting ran over sucks.

  195. Gunz

    I deserve to own a power meter. Nothing fancy.

  196. Bryan Fro

    I would get the Garmin Vector 3

  197. John

    Garmin FR935! Thanks for hosting the give away!

  198. Fonzo

    I would probably get a Garmin Edge 1030 as I need a replacement bike computer and have lost faith in waiting for the Karoo. Edge 1030 seems ideal.

  199. Tim Olsen

    Wouldn’t mind putting some money towards Tacx Neo Smart or Wahoo Kickr!

  200. Zac

    I’d get a bike trainer, mainly because my current one is so outdated WRT all the tech DCR tells me about!

  201. Mohd Nazrulludin Md Nasir

    I would love to have a Garmin Vector 3 power meter. I want to improve myself and structure my training.

  202. James Chen

    I’d love a wahoo elemnt bolt cause my mio cyclo 500 is dying!

  203. Bruce Cohen

    Garmin Varia rearview radar is at the top of my list. It will be nice to have warnings as cars are approaching

  204. Jordi Saez

    I need the GoPro Hero 6 to make good videos

  205. Tom

    I’d put this towards a new trainer I think or maybe a power meter… hmmm, can’t decide, would be a nice problem to have

  206. Daniel Aspinall

    Definitely a new PM; second bike needs a second set of gadgets!

  207. Giles Rowland

    I’d get a Wahoo Bolt

  208. PMB

    Time to power, and get the leg strength imbalance sorted out.

  209. I’d get three different heart rate monitors and two Garmin Edge 520s, so I can ride like Ray!

  210. Steve Nussenblatt

    A GoPro would be nice!

  211. Michael Woods

    I would get the Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch because I am trying to track my fitness progress in the new year.

  212. Martin

    I would get the Garmin Fenix 5 in order to save my wife some money on my anniversary gift.

  213. VG

    I’d live to get my hands on the Cycliq Fly12 CE

  214. Beth

    The Garmin Fenix…because a new running watch is always a good idea!

  215. Ross Poulton

    Time for me to get a proper cycling computer instead of strapping my iPhone to my handlebars!

  216. Casey Cook

    Peloton bike for wife. Or hopefully the WattBike if they start shipping to US.

  217. Nedim

    My wife has a Garmin Fenix 5S and since I am still on a FR735XT I have been very envious — the money would most certainly go towards my own Fenix 5!

  218. Shamir Dasgupta

    Garmin Forerunner 645 Music – Because it’s time to run without your phone…

  219. NP

    I record runs with my phone, but have been looking at running watches for a while. I like the look of the Garmin Forerunner 645. 🙂

  220. Scott H

    This will help fulfill my lust for a power meter

  221. Paco

    Fenix 5. Because my 910XT is not anymore waterproof altgough it works fine for cycling and running

  222. TJ

    Scosche Rhythm 24, maybe another trainer…

  223. Katie B

    I’d love a new Garmin, possibly the Garmin FR935.

  224. John

    Well, I would take all of them but I am in need of either a bike computer or a power meter.

  225. Warwick

    Rhythm 24, who doesn’t want to exercise for 24hr +

  226. brian

    i would get the garmin vector 3. i want to upgrade from the orginal vectors to get rid of the pods.

  227. Antoine Wright

    I would probably get some road cycling shoes, with several pairs of socks and gloves. That would refresh what I use now as its been some years with the shoes and such I use.

  228. David Pina

    Power tap p1’s

  229. Jennifer

    I’d love to get the new garmin 935 so I can track my full ironman!!

  230. Kim

    Would love the GoPro Hero6 to capture some upcoming trips!

  231. Jeff

    The new forerunner with music would be pretty sweet….

  232. Chow Tzu Hao

    Garmin Forerunner 645 (no music). Possibly the best-in-class running watch now. 🙂

  233. Kyle F

    I would pickup another trainer for the wife. I would be looking at another Kickr or maybe Cycleops.

  234. Andrew

    Would be looking for a Garmin Forerunner 645 to replace my aging MotoACTV!

  235. Jason

    Power meter.

  236. Iain W

    I think I would go for the Garmin 935 or the 645M. Or maybe a power meter…

  237. Rene Amador Jr.

    GoPro Hero6 action cam for experimenting with training runs.

  238. TimG

    GoPro6 please. Because 2 GoPros are better than 1

  239. Christopher Jervis

    A power meter!

  240. Matt

    I would get a Wahoo ELMNT bolt head Unit. I am growing tired of only riding locally. I would like to get out and explore the beauty of the USA. Riding predominantly in the same county always is a bit to predictable. At the end of last year, I begin doing some rides in the catskills NY region. If I was not with a group, I would have to stop and pull out the phone for a map check every so often. Worrying If I was going the wrong direction always takes you out of the ride. Stopping for a map check on a cell phone absolutely takes you out of a ride. It would be nice to experience the modern technology of GPS. lots of data = longer, faster, harder (bike rides).

  241. Brian K

    Been eyeing the Garmin 935xt…

  242. Niklas Stenwreth

    Garmin Forerunner 935

  243. JR

    I need a Garmin FR 935 to replace my current combo of 910xt + original Vivoactive.

  244. kw

    I would like to have the Suunto Spartan Ultra!

  245. Michaela Dix

    I would get a pair of aftershokz trekz headphones so I can listen to podcasts on a run while still listening for cars. Plus some new running leggings and shoes because I’m in need of them.

  246. Denis

    Any cycling power meter to train in right zones

  247. Torin La Liberte

    Most likely either a power meter or a new GoPro!

  248. Chappo

    A GoPro please DCR &!!

  249. Travis Brassington

    Time to upgrade the running watch! Fenix 5 please (some hiking to be done here West of YYC as well)

  250. David Bushnell

    Definitely a set of Garmin Vector 3 pedals.

  251. Josh Gustafson

    If I win I would order the vector 3 power meter

  252. Lucas

    Forerunner 935

  253. Darren

    If I won, I think I’d go with a new GoPro, I’d love a new one to take running with me.

  254. Chris Massey

    I would order a Fenix 5s. My forerunner 235 has been freezing and powering off lately when it is low on battery and really cold outside.

  255. Ryan M

    A GoPro would be great for recording my longer runs/rides!

  256. James Robertson

    Though it’s tempting to select a big-ticket item like a smartwatch or power meter, I think this would be an ideal opportunity to stock up on accessories that I wouldn’t normally purchase for myself, such as compression clothing, bike tools, camping gear, etc.

  257. Davide

    Garmin Vector 3, as i do not have any powermeter on my bike!!!

  258. Paul Frylink

    I would like a fenix 5 please to upgrade my 920xt

  259. Brett Bornhoft

    I would get a GoPro Hero 6. I want to film my cycling adventures.

  260. SteveT

    The fenix 5x since my fenix 3 is still usable and it would be a free upgrade.

    Thanks Ray, nice to see the family growing!

  261. PRowland

    Hero 6. I could really use a waterproof camera in the rainy Seattle weather.

  262. Brad

    I’ve been wanting a power meter like the Garmin Vector 3 for the past 2 years to make my Zwift rides more accurate!

  263. Joe Spurgeon

    Kickr Snap to step up my indoor training.

  264. Dave Manning

    Forerunner 645, because I can’t seem to get any data of my 350 anymore.

  265. Matthew Patterson

    GoPro…my other one broke. 🙁

  266. HH

    I’ve started to use the openwater swimming function on my Garmin 935 & it could be nice to pair it with a HRM Swim Strap, also upgrading to a gopro hero 6 or garmin VIRB could be nice to make my snorkelling videos 4K

  267. Khoa Phung Huu

    Garmin forerunner 935.
    I am going to take part in an ultra marathon, and the battery of my old Tomtom cardio runner is not good enough for that.

  268. Hubert

    Garmin vector 3 to replace my vector 2.

  269. coquus

    Been using Polar watches for a while and I lately need a watch with barometric option. I’m still undecided but Fenix 5 might be it.

  270. Joseph D'Amato

    I just browsed through the site….. that’s a lot of socks one could buy if that person had an unhealthy obsession with great socks. I’d need to buy a whole new dresser to store them

  271. C

    very much in need of a Wahoo bolt and a power meter cant hurt.

  272. Robbie

    Hmm, the Spartan Ultra.

  273. Ken

    Ahhh, so much to choose from… but a new smart trainer would top the list!

  274. Garmin Vector 3 pedals. Since I was hit in a bicycle vs car on Nov 29th and broke the bicycle (along with my hyoid, laryngeal cartilage, jaw and 20 other bones in my face and pelvis — while dislocating my hip) I’ll want a new PM when I get a new bike once I can walk and then ride again!

  275. Thibaut

    GoPro Hero6 Black. I guess they need support…

  276. Jason

    I would use the gift card to purchase a stages dual leg power meter so it can prepare for the 2018 hotter n hell 100.

  277. Jared

    I’d get the FR935 because I cracked the glass on my Fenix 3. It’s also thinner and lighter which would be nice.

  278. I’d like to get a pedal-based power meter to simplify training while staying in a hotel.

  279. JamesCheah

    Straight to the Neo fund! …or maybe the Assioma pedals! Fingers crossed 🙂

  280. Jayant D'Souza

    I would like to get my first running watch!

  281. Fred Garderes

    Give-aways are always fun to watch, and even better to participate in…
    If I’d win, I would go for a Fenix5 or 5X most likely. I need the long running battery for the ultra runs…

  282. Matt You

    Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt – Got curious after seeing positive reviews.. and my Garmin 810 is starting to get glitchy =/

  283. Stam

    I’d really like to try the Polar OH1 Optical Heart Rate Sensor. I always dread putting on the cold chest strap before a cold morning ride. No worse feeling.

  284. MikeB

    A power meter of some kind. I want to focus on my cycling this year.

  285. Felix de Guzman

    Garmin Vector 3 would be great

  286. Kerry Owens

    Garmin Vector 3 as I’m a little underpowered..

  287. Veronika

    Forerunner 935 will be great!:)

  288. Martina Hetesiova

    Like buy a Garmin 645 m for no need to running with phone.

  289. John

    Garmin Vector 3. Power would be fun!

  290. Massimiliano Panichi

    Garmin F5X. Best watch

  291. Zoltán Kopcsányi

    Probably a Garmin Vector

  292. Brent

    Garmin Vector 3 for some power training or Optical heart strap for some swimming heart rate

  293. Dave Dubay

    I’d most definitely get the new Garmin 645. I have four other Garmin watches (235, 630, 735xt, and Fenix 3HR) because each does something another doesn’t have (metronome, swimming, barometer or some other feature). The 645 has all the best running features plus music and can be used for swimming. Just what I need!

  294. Jason

    Suunto Spartan Sport watch. My last 2 Garmins were Garbage and I need a new one. Gotta get that run data!

  295. Peter Zobel

    CycleOps Magnus trainer, to get ready for Spring.

  296. Zoran Roncevic

    Suunto Spartan Ultra – my old watch is giving up

  297. Seb5250

    I definitly want a Fenix 5
    or a Power meter
    or a Drone !

  298. Jake

    It’s about time I upgraded my Garmin Edge 500.

  299. Eva

    I would get a Garmin watch to track my training 🙂

  300. Tamer Öztürk

    I would get gopro hero6 black. The reason why I need an action camera for my climbing activities.

  301. Tomasz

    GoPro Hero 6 to record the runs outside of the routine routes..

  302. Oskar L

    I would like a Fenix 5S for my small arm. 🙂

  303. Michel

    Garmin 935 for my tri training and races

  304. Elizabeth

    Amy Garmin that tracks everything. That would make by stealth marathon training easier. Come on Marathon no 8. I’ll tell my husband soon…..

  305. Hussam

    I’d get a GoPro 6 so I can take pictures and videos underwater.

  306. Claire

    I’d get a Garmin 645 because I’d like to be able to track my runs without a phone, and this has the added benefit of music!

  307. Mirek

    Some bike trainer maybe Wahoo KICKR SNAP I don’t know yet…

  308. Charles de Nobriga

    I think I would try to either upgrade my Ambit3 or buy a new GPS bike computer; something that complemented my other gadgets well. If there was any money left then the new Scosche HRM looks pretty neat too. It would be a nice change to move away from a chest strap.

  309. Filip

    I go to climb the Stelvio this summer and I’ll like do that with a power meter…

  310. Yann lg

    a Garmin Fenix 5 would be great for my son who’is in his first year triathlete training…

  311. Mikko

    I’ll go for Vector 3 to get power also while not on trainer. Or the Hero6 to shoot some epic footage. Let’s be real, I’ll never shoot epic footage. So Vector 3.

  312. Andrew Partridge

    Stages Power Meter Ultegra 6800 2017 & Garmin Edge 520 Cycling Computer to measure and take my training to the next level!

  313. Vicente

    I would most probably get a Fenix 5S because it has all the features I’d like to have in a watch!

  314. Lars Johansson

    I’d get a GoPro Hero6 Black to film our club triathlon.

  315. Eleanor Hutchings

    I’d definitely get the Garmin Fenix 5 – such a versatile, gorgeous looking piece of multisport tech! With such amazing capabilities…I’d never need another one 🙂

  316. Andreas

    The Wahoo Elemnt would be great, I hate getting lost!

  317. Kristy

    Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT Cycling Computer to be able to accurately measure my training

  318. Iván Nogueira

    I will buy a gopro session 5, or maybe a power meter. I have to deal with this!

  319. Nicolas Le Guern

    I would like a new gopro for my 2018 Travels un all over the world

  320. Kenni Lund

    Suunto Spartan ;O)

  321. Zoltan TUKA

    Forerunner 935 would be great. Thanks for the opportunity!

  322. Rolf

    I’d go for a multisport watch. Not sure which one yet

  323. Marcello

    Suunto Spartan Ultra, why not 🙂

  324. I’d buy the new Sosche HRM & Wahoo Bolt.

  325. R

    Garmin 935 would be a great prize !

  326. Neil

    wahoo elemnt or the garmin 1030

  327. Jonson Brrb

    I would maybe get GoPro or Virb just to capture epic bike rides

  328. MichaelDT

    I’d get the Garmin 935

  329. Clive

    Stages dash. As I have a stages power meter. I want to see how it can improve my training with the link software.

  330. Frédéric Bourgeon

    These credits would probably go to a GoPro, or a swimming-capable watch, or a power-meter. So undecided !

  331. Rafael

    I’m still on time?

  332. Michael

    The Garmin Fenix 5 would be my choice. Such a nice gadget. 😉

  333. The Suunto Spartan Ultra!!! that thing is gold!

  334. qbaqba

    go pro hero 6 to finally be able to record my activities 🙂

  335. Simon

    Dying for a pair of the new Asics nimbus 20’s! Two oceans ultra training!!!

  336. Difficult decision, still need a power meter, but I would also like to start recording stuff with a GoPro as it integrates so nicely with my Polar V800.

  337. Peter Vosters

    Good morning

  338. Ali Jordan

    Power meter that will link to my v800

  339. Martin Stoev

    A bike computer would be nice!

  340. Saulius S

    Garmin Vector 3. Power don’t lie. I want true performance measurement.

  341. Casey

    A smart trainer would be nice.

  342. Doru Eftimie

    Garmin Vector 3 power meter or FR935. 🙂

  343. Stan

    Garmin Vector 3 would be a nice add-on to the bike!

  344. Monica

    Garmin Vector 3 power meter or FR935 for a sporty girl, thanks 😉

  345. Cristian

    I’d really like the Fusion from GoPro

  346. Paolo Veronesi

    I’d like to have the HRM-Run heart rate monitor

  347. Michael S.

    With a GoPro Hero6 Black I could make cool films from rides or little journeys 🙂

  348. Ambra Gallerani

    Fenix 5s is a must!!!

  349. Christian Karlberg

    I would upgrade my Garmin vector 2 to vector 3 because with my present setup I have to retorque the pedals once a month due to power values drifting downwards.

  350. Andy R

    Please Please pick me

  351. Jorge Hombre Marques

    Gopro Hero6 to film all-around…

  352. Hari

    I’ve a FR235 for a long time now, wanted to upgrade, might go for FR635 with this give away 🙂

  353. Benoit Rondeux

    It’d be great to get a Wahoo Bike Computer but even greater to have the chance to use the credits to buy a Hometrainer… With 2 young girls at home and complicated work schedule, having the opportunity to do some decent indoor training on my road bike rather than on my too-old sationnary bike would be just AWESOME!

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  354. Mike Watts

    A multi-function watch, probably a Fenix 5, to help my training for my first sprint triathlon in June.

  355. Zbynek Srubar

    A new Garmin watch (935 might be the best). I miss custom training/workouts features on my Vivoactive HR.

  356. Sorin

    I would either buy a Garmin FR935 or a dozen pair of shoes. The shoes for actual running, and the Garmin for people who look at me on the subway to think I am a serious runner.

  357. Ed B

    I would looooove a Hero6 to capture an upcoming family holiday.

  358. Garmin Vector 3 power meter

  359. Lars Ødegaard

    Would love the Garmin Vector 3 power meter

  360. Michael

    A GPS swimming watch for those open water swims, when the weather improves!

  361. lmkrm

    I’d go for a power meter, but will have to read a lot before making a choice.

  362. Eddie

    I would get another power meter for my other bike, so I don’t have to switch back and fourth

  363. darek

    Garmin fr645, because i would like to run with music but without phone:)

  364. Sara

    Does clever training stock Red Etap Aero upgrade? That would be my choice

  365. Ale c

    Garmin 935 ! My old 410 died.

  366. Bovi

    I realy like fr935 – it’s the best

  367. David Sudowe

    Forerunner 935, to get more data out of my training

  368. Borislav

    I’d like to have the fenix 5. The best watches ever!

  369. Hannes

    I think I would use it for a gopro but I am not absolutely sure yet. Thank you very much for organising the giveaway!

  370. Adam

    Garmin 520 to use on the commute

  371. Deeness

    I’d love a Suunto Spartan, because it would help on my way back from my knee injury to become a Spartan (again) :).

  372. Vincent LE GUERN

    I’d like to win the gopro fusion. Thanks. Vincent.

  373. Jean-François

    I’d buy a gopro to make cool movies of my rides.
    Thank you!

  374. Rohan

    Wahoo kickr. Been meaning to upgrade to a smart trainer for the winter, but just haven’t quite been able to face the price. Five hundo dollarydoos would go along wa6 to making it happen.

  375. Bart van der Laan

    Garmin Vector 3 to improve my pedaling technique!!

  376. Peter

    A Rotor power meter crankset for me

  377. Detlef

    Stages dash or Wahoo Elmnt wpopild be fine

  378. Paul Langelaan

    Gopro 😀

  379. Flo Loferer

    Garmin Fenix 5 x

  380. Rainy

    A new watch

  381. Phil

    A Garmin Edge 1030 for ease of route planning/navigation, or maybe the Edge 520.

  382. Maris Freimanis

    Need new motivation, it will be easier to get it with Garmin watch.

  383. Robrecht Van Meenen

    Garmin Vector 3 to boost my trainings

  384. Crowgirl

    I need a new heart rate monitor – perhaps Scosche Rhythm 24.

  385. GSH

    A Garmin FR 935 would be nice!

  386. James

    Vector 3 power meter because I have 4 kids (so can’t justify the expense) but I ride 20miles to work (32km) and then home again 5 times a week. I’d like to turn 320km of commuting into training.

  387. Matt Orabella

    Been reading your site for awhile now. Looking to pick up a Garmin 935 here soon!

  388. Richard McDowell

    I’d love a new Fenix 5 as my Fenix 3 is getting a bit tired!

  389. Wes

    I’d finally upgrade my suunto quest to a Spartan to finally get a cook river run (Sydney) tracked with gps.

  390. Jeroen Pasman

    I would get a Garmin Fenix 5!

  391. Kent

    Power meter pedals of some sort.

  392. Yonah Wolf

    I’d get a new watch/tracker to replace my 4-year old polar loop – papa can use a new watch 🙂

  393. Steve Powell

    I would get the assiomas to see how the work on trainer road and kickr snap translates to the real life ride on the domane…and how much is lost to bounce-if anything- through the isospeed decoupler.

  394. Roman

    I would get a Garmin FR935 to track all my sports

  395. Jens

    i would update my GPS-Watch to a Garmin FR935

  396. Colin Caskie

    Wahoo Kickr Snap (‘cos I still haven’t got the one I was promised at Christmas…)

  397. Stijn Vranken

    Garmin935, because my garmin235 is starting to lose its ability to read my HR through the wrist and my band is also starting to suffer from 2.5 years of training.

  398. Julian Yuste Garcia

    I´m interested in power tap G3
    thank you

  399. Steve Ambrose

    Garmin Fenix 5 or GoPro Hero 6 – either would be awesome! Fitbit is broken and won’t be replacing. Going on a cycling holiday to Mallorca and a GoPro would be sweet to have!

  400. Domasapr

    Would grab a Forerunner 935

  401. rodrigo

    new smartwatch

  402. Hugo

    Vector3 would come in handy

  403. Matt

    I would get a Garmin fenix 5s, because it’s sleek…:)

  404. Kayhan Gultekin

    I’ve long been wanting a power meter. Vector 3 looks impressive.

  405. James

    I’d probably cut loose and grab a Garmin FR 645 because it’s time for a new toy.

  406. Luke

    Edge 850

  407. Calin Bercea

    Garmin Fenix 5s !

  408. Agnès

    One of Garmin’s new watches!

  409. Cindy

    I am new to cycling and I am still in need of a bike computer. Thank you!

  410. Marco

    Garmin Vector 3 power meter to improve my power.

  411. Lubos Gelcinsky

    GoPro Karma Grip Stabalizing – i would like to record another ultra trail videos while iam running without shaking link to

  412. Zenon

    Fenix 5 to replace my old but still working 310xt

  413. Hubert

    STAC Zero!

  414. I’d go with the wahoo kickr snap because I don’t have a bike trainer, but I’m also broke so that would cover almost all of it haha!

  415. A.

    The only missing item in collection is GoPro!

  416. Martin

    A new trainer to save me from the riding in the British weather!

  417. Steven

    Trainer to keep up the training when it rains for days

  418. Carl

    Farming Fenix 5 for me – I need a GPS watch for running and hiking long distances.

  419. Charles

    I’d probably go for a Fenix 5 to take it everywhere on my run, rides, ski days, etc

  420. Mark

    I’ve never had a power meter, so the Garmin Vector 3 is ideal! I’d love one so I can step up my bike training.

  421. danielle

    Whow, I would get a Gopro Hero6!!

  422. William Burgermeister

    I would get the Stages or Watteam powermeter as I don’t yet have one on my bike.

  423. Jeff H

    I would get a Garmin 645 Music because it looks (sounds?) awesome!

  424. Steven Barnett

    I would probably go with a garmin 935. Thank you.

  425. Sven

    Oh my goodness, another try this time.

    I’ll either go for a Spartan, a power meter (vector 3) or just get a load of different running gear.

    Too bad, they don’t have Stryd at clever training.

    Many Thanks for making this happen,

  426. Shawn

    I’m thinking Garmin FR935!

  427. Marc-Olivier

    Garmin 935 to replace my 735

  428. Denis Roscoe

    Polar M430 as I am in the Polar family with M400 and am intrigued with the optical sensor (although will still use a chest strap for training) but would like the better sleep analysis. As I am a shift worker, the sleep analysis will help me in understand my sleep better.

  429. Jay

    I’d love to win, and get my wife a new Garmin Fenix 5S.

  430. Iain Abernethy

    It would end up being Garmin Vector 3 pedals to make switching bikes less of an issue, as much as a watch to track and monitor my sudden running habit would be beneficial

  431. Paul

    Would love a power meter. Not sure which one but would check out your reviews and make my choice. 🙂

  432. Leszek

    My Fenix 3 is getting old, so new Fenix 5 with navi would be cool 😀

  433. Bob

    A Suunto Spartan Ultra, for my first ultra later this year…

  434. John L

    A Garmin or Wahoo or XYZ Thingamajig…with the extra attachment

  435. Thien

    A new Suunto watch but I haven’t figured out all the different models yet with those extra long names! thanks!

  436. Tony

    I would put it towards a pedal/crank based power meter. Ive been wanting one for a while now.


  437. Alison Terwilliger

    I’d use the credit to apply toward etap for my P5

  438. Mike Gathy

    Probably towards a new trainer, I think a new toy will help motivate my winter training

  439. Bobcat

    I would love a Garmin FR935 to offer to a fellow triathlete!

  440. Meghan F

    Something for my fiance. Maybe a watch.

  441. Scott

    Hi. I would probably get a Garmin 935 for my wife. Her vivoactive HR has given up the ghost!

  442. peteIII

    I would like to get the Suunto Spartan Ultra. That would be nice. 🙂

  443. carlos


    Probably a new gopro.

  444. Harry

    I would like to have a Garmin Forerunner 645 or 735xt.
    Because i don’t want to run with my phone anymore!

  445. David Santino

    I would use it to restock on my running shoes and shorts. Thanks!

  446. Malte Erikson

    Forerunner 935XT or Vector 3 or something else… 🙂

  447. Ina

    Garmin FR935 or FR645

  448. Alex

    I would love to get a Wahoo Element Bolt to replace my aging but reliable Garmin 500. Thanks for the contest!

  449. Andrew

    GoPro Fusion for some 360 action

  450. Jonas

    Maybe a gopro or a power meter

  451. Azryder

    I would love to have the brand new Garmin 645 – I love technology and this one seems like the perfect watch for me!

  452. Tom Jansen

    A Garmin Fenix 5, time a new good looking time piece!

  453. Kyle J

    I need a new trainer but not sure which one yet.

  454. Ben

    Garmin 935

  455. Kevin W.

    I’m definitely leaning towards a new trainer, although the GoPro will make the girlfriend happier I guess :).

  456. Erin W.

    Would LOVE a GoPro! Working on underwater selfies is a great breath control drill, so this item will serve dual functions.

  457. Aaron

    A new watch would be great!!

  458. Aliaksandr Leuchanka

    Would get the Garmin Edge 520 on my bike instead of using the quick release from my 935 (which is not the most comfortable unit out there).

  459. Alexander Taaffe

    I would buy Garmin Vector pedals because I am too cheap to buy them on my own!

  460. Austen Lacy

    Garmin Edge 520 for sure

  461. Alex Hemke

    A second smart trainer to get my wife off mine!

  462. Tyson

    I would get a new power meter

  463. Nico

    I would like a Garmin Forerunner 935 of 645!

  464. Craig

    Garmin Forerunner 935!

  465. Andrew

    would look at a new wahoo computer and hr monitor.

  466. Patrick

    I’d like to get the Suunto Spartan Ultra to tackle some epic trails and chase some FKTs this summer!

  467. Ellen schepers

    Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter would be nice. So i can train in the winter on my tacx and in the summer with these power meter just like the real pro’s do in kona

  468. Nils Hannerz

    Garmin 5s to my girlfriend for motivation with Lacatat tests

  469. Maciek

    I would get Garmin 935 to push my training to next level

  470. Jeff K

    A power meter for sure. Maybe 4iiii dual?

  471. BRash

    I’d get a pair of Garmin Vector pedals since I recently switched crank arm length thereby rendering my Stages useless.

  472. Darrell

    Suunto watch

  473. Mirek

    Vector 3 would be appreciated 🙂

  474. Kevin R

    A new GoPro would be a lot of fun. Mine is a bit long in the tooth.

  475. Zhen Ning

    I would buy a Fenix 5X to upgrade my old fenix, need the wrist HR for convenience

  476. David Telford

    Stages power meter to replace my limits paper weight.

  477. Ken

    Garmin FR935

  478. RG

    I guess the powertap G3 Hub, a power/cadence sensor is probably my next step, but I’d need to read all the relevant reviews DCR before making a final decision.

    Unrelated comment: after readings many of your reviews and following your recommendations, I bought a Suunto Spartan Trainer watch (at Clever Training, of course), and been superhappy with it since black Friday. So, thank you so much for your help, you are my only trusted advisor on exercising technology items!

  479. Karolina

    Vivoactiv x2 for me and husband for mutual cometition

  480. Adrien Calmels

    Garmin 735xt do I can replace my old triathlon watch that’s on the fringes.

  481. sko

    Definitely the Garmin FR935.

  482. Paul

    Probably a Vector 3. Getting a new bike this spring and it would be great to have a power meter taken care of already.

  483. Pierre

    I’d choose the Garmin edge 520. No, wait, I change my mind. The 1030 would be better. Perhaps the Wahoo Fitness Kickr Power Trainer.

  484. Fiachra O Murchu

    Either Go Pro or Wahoo Bolt

  485. Kenneth

    I’ve been eyeing a new Garmin Fenix 5X to replace my aging Forerunner 305.

  486. Luis

    Garmin Vector 3 powermeter, because I dont have that yet!

  487. Duncan Martin

    Wahoo Kickr – I have recently got a secondhand set of P1 pedals, but I’ve still only got a wheel-on mag trainer and as I don’t have a spare wheel I’m destroying my nice outdoor tyres!

  488. Stephan Steyn

    The new Garmin Fenix 5 will look really good on my arm 🙂

  489. MattA

    A Garmin watch because my Suunto seems to be failing these days.

  490. I would look at the HERO 6 and maybe extra batteries as I begin to venture into more video on my trail running and other sports activities, plus pool time with the kiddos.

  491. Nicholas

    I would like the new Garmin Fenix 5x to get maps while trail running.

  492. Martin

    I want that! 😀

  493. Matthew Mabry

    I like the new FR 645, music or no music I can’t decide.

  494. Hugh Mc Nulty

    Suunto Spartan Ultra, just because of all the things it covers that I’ll never do !!

  495. Peter

    Gopro hero6 need to replace my Sony actioncam.

  496. alexander

    gopro hero

  497. Pieter

    A tri-Watch

  498. Brad Currens

    I’m thinking a Wahoo Elemnt to replace my Garmin Edge 820 which after 16 months of use can’t hold a battery charge for even a 30-40 mile ride w/o going into battery save mode. Maybe the rest towards a GoPro Hero 5..

  499. Scott Averin

    Tacx Flux – because i need a good reason to actually train this winter.

  500. Martyn Short

    I’d probably go for either a Garmin Vector power meter, or a running watch that’s a bit better than my old TomTom! To be honest, any excuse to buy gadgets is a good excuse…

  501. Sylvain Michaud

    Elite Direto Trainer because of the long and cold Canadian winters

  502. Scott S

    I would want to upgrade my Forerunner 230 to a 735xt. I actually moved away from a 920 setup to a 230/edge 520 in order to look good feel good and have a dedicated bike computer. However, the cheaper band and lack of swim functionality are missed more than I thought they were going to be.

  503. Karla

    i would get a smart trainer so I can ride with Zwift!!

  504. MyriamSP

    Garmin 5x

  505. Paul Modern

    Would buy a shiny new Wahoo to cheer up my January training 🙂

  506. bharath v ram

    Elite direto

  507. Erik

    I would like to replace my Fenix 3 with a Vivoactive 3.

  508. Patrick

    Definitely the Forerunner 645. I need some training status help!

  509. Leo

    A Garmin 935 or 645 Music as I embark on my first triathlon and need all the help I can get! PS: thanks for all your reviews – incredibly useful in understanding all the tech.

  510. Shaun H

    As I just purchased a new MTB, I’d like to pick up a new Garmin Edge 520 to start tracking my rides better with a cadence sensor as well.

  511. Kees

    I think i would like the Garmin FR935 – after a difficult period i switch a mentally button and set goals for myself. I realized that sports helps me a lot, but still figuring things out and a big noob. I’m focusing on running, cycling and swimming. I think this watch would be a big help in understanding how i’m going on with my body, make clear what i’m doing en help reach my goals.

    Sorry for the bad English.

    Kind regads

  512. Reinaldo Pulido

    I would like the new Garmin Fenix 5x to upgrade my old 910 for my triathlons, I loved the new maps and applications.

  513. Steven Brown

    I’m in the market for a new watch, looking between the Spartan Ultra or the Spartan Sport HR+Baro. Seems like the only benefit of going the Ultra route would battery? Have a thought on which you would recommend?

  514. Gabe Raff

    I’d love an F5 to train for Wildflower.


  515. Mike

    A new trainer for me…

  516. Brian

    So tough to pick. I’m torn between one of the Fenix 5’s or maybe the Forerunner 935. Those watches have everything I could possibly want and then some. Plus they are incredibly stylish. And you can’t beat style.

  517. Jasmin Zeger

    The new garmin running watch would be good for my runs around the lake here.

  518. Chris D.

    Either Stages L/R or Garmin Edge 1030

  519. I would buy a Wahoo Bolt because I want to try something different than Garmin.

  520. Ricardo HR

    Definitely a Go Pro 6 or maybe a Garmin 645 for my wife.

  521. Ron

    Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt, to replace my ooooooold edge 500!

  522. Ty

    I think I’d upgrade my Fenix3 to either the Fenix5 or the Forerunner 935. I’m still not sure which would make more sense… The Fenix5 has a lot of bells and whistles that I’m used to with my current watch but it may be a bit of overkill as I don’t use all of those features.. but it just looks better than the Forerunner series… anyway its a nice problem to have if I win!

  523. Jordan B

    If I win I would look into buying a GoPro Hero6. I love the idea, and convenience of having a great camera, packed with features in a small and easy to carry package.


  524. Tofan

    I would get garmin vector 3, because knowing my power output would be great.

  525. Brad S

    Vector 3. The road bike needs a power meter

  526. Greg

    Wahoo Kickr! Why? To train better and more efficiently when the weather is rotten outside.

  527. Chris Nelson

    Garmin Fenix watch

  528. Corey

    Thanks Ray! I would get the Garmin Vector 3 pedals to elevate my outdoor training to the same level as my indoor training with the Tacx NEO.

  529. Mrwolf78

    Mm, I want a Vivomove HR for myself and a Vivoactive 3 for my wife, should be possible 🙂

  530. Amie

    I’d love to try out the new Garmin 645 Music!

  531. Sara Herbert

    I’d definitely get a Go Pro camera to take with me on my running adventures! I love the photos and videos I see friends post & it would be fun to capture some great moments myself!

  532. Kaj

    Garmin 5x or vector 3.. or both.

  533. Fabio Pires

    Right now I would love to put my hands on a new trainner!

  534. Bryan

    Fenix 5s… for the wife

  535. Abby

    Fenix 5x… for my husband (not really, I’d get a 5s for me!)

  536. Kenneth Riess

    A Garmin VIRB, to be sure. If it is not on video, it didn’t happen.

  537. Piotr

    I’d like Garmin Fenix 5x because it’s the ultra running/hiking watch I need

  538. Helder Rodrigues

    935 xt. Because I like trathlon it is a really nice watch.

  539. Jeff Wamser

    I’d definitely get a Fly 12 . I have an ultra tri coming up and would like to push it’s battery and recording to the limits, as well as have some footage from the race. Plus the added safety of another light during the expected 14 hours in the saddle. The rest I’d probably use for a Go Pro.

  540. ibisxin

    I would go for a Garmin Fenix 5 … as a motivation for European winter outdoor activities … no beach, but snow.

  541. Pete lawlor

    I would definately buy the spatan watch, superb and would help in my training this year to full fitness after my hip replacement

  542. Esther

    A Garmin because it’s my birthday!

  543. Jacob

    Need a new bike computer, probably a Wahoo Elemnt! Can’t wait to get out there this summer!

  544. Pauline

    A powermeter for my bike would be fantastic

  545. Donce

    I’d go for smart trainer and drop the winter to get some rides in before spring.

  546. Achilles

    That GoPro Hero6 Black would be great!

  547. Richard Blanchard

    I’d like a powermeter, either Garmin Vector or Powertap wheelset.



  548. Michael Black

    I’d put it towards a smart trainer!

  549. Jared Wilson

    I’d by a Wahoo KICKR to replace my $50 ALDI magnetic trainer!

  550. Scott C

    I would get a new Garmin watch to replace my old Forerunner 305. Not sure what model yet, but it’s time for an upgrade. Although it still works so I’d have to think about it.

  551. Adam

    I need a new Garmin! My FR620 is antiquated, time for an update. Thx!

  552. Jamie

    I’d buy the a Garmin Forerunner 935 with the triathlon bundle to take my training to the NEXT LEVEL!

  553. Kevin

    Fenix 5x. Because it looks like fun.

  554. Jorge D.

    I might update my F3 with a new F5.

  555. Mark Kline

    I’d get a triathlon gps watch for my daughter.

  556. SEBASTIA V.

    The great Wahoo Bolt for the Wife

  557. Josh miller

    New Scosche sensor and Fenix 5. Love the old scosche and the fenix 3–who doesn’t love a better version of what they already love.

  558. Sander Kommeren

    Oeeh I would really like those new sleek Garmin Vector 3 pedals!😁

  559. Dav Nadz

    Rolling for GoPro!
    Because my current camera is hard to hold in 60mph summit winds.

  560. Tom

    I would love the Garmin Fenix 5 — My Forerunner 410 is 6 years old, and the smartwatch features look great!

  561. Jason Uhlrich

    I have always wanted a fenix 5. This is pretty much my only shot at getting one!

  562. Tim Stevens

    I think I would finally get that Power Meter I’ve been lacking, maybe the Garmin Vectors.


  563. Jared Sale

    I’d go for the GoPro Hero6. I’m a mountain biker and have held off getting a GoPro due to the shaky footage (unless you’re using a gimbal that is). The EIS looks primo!

  564. Rogge

    Probably one of the Garmin watches.

  565. Rafal

    The Assioma- or Garmin Vector Power Meter’s would fit the bill perfectly!

  566. Frank

    fenix 5 so I can make gains

  567. Josef B.

    I would get a new smart trainer, be it wahoo or tacx neo!

  568. Derek Paton

    Any of them!

  569. Maia

    Fenix 5 because my Forerunner has died on me

  570. Jacob Dewispelaere

    PowerTap pedals 😉

  571. Kate

    I’d go with an edge 820 because my edge 500 is getting long in the tooth.

  572. Steph

    Garmin 5s!

  573. Tom Scanlon

    I would get the FR 935 as a replacement for my 920XT.

  574. Iuriy

    I’d get the new garmin 645!

  575. Savio A

    I’d like to get the Garmin Fenix 5X. Now that’s a gorgeous looking watch. It’ll also tell me how far, how much, where, at what heart rate, and the map of where I’ve run and cycled.

  576. james shea

    I want a Garmin Vector 3 power meter. I do not truly need one or even deserve on but I still want one.

  577. Daniel Lipsher

    I’d put it toward a Stages PM on account of … well, just ’cause.

  578. Ura

    Definitely the Garmin FR935!

  579. Jonathan Tan

    a garmin watch- my old one is lacks a HR monitor.

  580. Greg K

    Garmin 935 to replace my aging Fenix 2 with battery issues. Rhythm 24 to monitor HR while swimming? Pedal based power meter to replace PowerTap hub. Oh, I could go on. Have I exceeded the $500 limit?

  581. Mike

    Vector 3 for me, need a PM!

  582. Edoardo Silvi

    Garmin MK1

  583. Gouke

    I would buy a Gopro hero 6 black for my snowboard holiday.

  584. Mike Richie

    I am lusting after the new Mavic Air, but since CT doesn’t sell that, I would probably put the money toward either a power meter or trainer.

  585. steve

    A garmin as my new 820 has frozen and we have no agents in botswana!!

  586. Naomi

    garmin 935 because its wonderful

  587. Ryan Nelson

    I would absolutely spend the money on a Garmin Fenix 5, my last garmin was a 310 and it bit the bullet roughly 2 years ago!

  588. Dow

    Garmin 935 or PM.

  589. Reinier

    i would buy the garmin 935

  590. Peter

    I would go for a GoPro Hero6 Black

  591. Aaron T

    I’m up for a triathalon watch, though a power meter might sneak in there.

  592. Nontas

    I would buy the Fenix5

  593. Ruth Z

    garmin 5s to run in the dessert

  594. Maria

    I would get a Garmin FR645

  595. Minos

    I would get Garmin FR935 as a replacement for my old watch

  596. Jonathan

    I would pre-order a Garmin 645 Music, since I think I’ve passed the point where I’m ready to invest a little more than my current secondhand Forerunner15. Either that or I’d put it toward an Elite Direto, just because haha.

  597. Patrick

    I would buy 10 pairs of the Bubba Blade Fishing Pliers now that I know where I can buy them.

  598. Duje

    Either a new trainer, but we’ve already made it this far into Winter with the old one, so my splurge on a set of Vector 3’s

  599. Marcin

    I’ll buy Garmin Edge for my new gravel bike.

  600. Carlos

    Hi Ray!

    I would get a Garmin 5X… with some extra money of course!!

  601. Michael

    I would be upgrading my old watch to a Garmin Fenix 5… woohoo!

  602. John Yeld

    Garmin 520 to accurately track my performances

  603. Owen Lepps

    Garmin 935 for triathlons!

  604. Rafal

    I’d go with Assioma Pedal Based Cycling Power Meter…

  605. Martine Barker

    Stages Ultegra power meter to be able to measure power to train more effectively.

  606. Steve

    I’d love to get some pedal based power meters

  607. Andrew

    Time to upgrade the old Vivoactive HR to something newer and more better-er!

  608. George

    Garmin Vector pedals to improve my training 🙂

  609. Jim S.

    I’d buy a Garmin 935 to replace my older watch, which is dying

  610. Ed Druitt

    Fenix 3 or 5, tough because it’s all good. The old 310 xt is showing some signs of age and doesn’t look that hot in day to day life.

  611. OBI

    random pair of socks sounds great

  612. Chris Hillbun

    Forerunner 645 (non-music) please : )

  613. Oscar

    Garmin 735xt tri bundle or a single-sided power meter, because I doubt I could convince my wife to let me get either otherwise.

  614. Magnus

    I’d choose a stages power meter to take my training with power outside this summer after a winter on the smart trainer

  615. Steven Shearer

    Fitbit Ionic for the win.

  616. Vinicius H.

    To keep using my bike this winter, I’d love a Kickr Snap

  617. Maxime

    Definitely a Tacx Neo!

  618. Meghan Struxness

    Definitely would love to subsidize the Garmin Vector 3 pedals with this!

  619. steph

    Would love a new trainer!

  620. Steve S.

    Wahoo KICKR!

  621. Dan Benton

    oh its got to be the garmin watch!!

  622. Sherry Marshall

    Garmin Vector power meter

  623. ido lasman

    Tacx neo please 🙂

  624. Jeremy

    Garmin 935 because why not

  625. Steve Tygrett

    A carbon Stages power meter for SRAM BB30, since i need power and it will go with what I have.

  626. Carole S

    Yes! Garmin Vector 3 please! Same reason as everyone else – a measuring stick for progress!

  627. Bert

    I would get a Garmin 645. I do need an upgrade.

  628. James

    I would use the suunto-spartan-ultra to test myself during my running backwards and forewords after my 9 year old getting fit and healthy 😂😂

  629. Ey

    I wanna get myself a Fenix 5, this should cover a big part!

  630. Tim Vanhaeren

    I’d love to get a new garmin FR. I’ve been running with the 610 for 3 years now, It’s still going strong even though I have to fiddle with the adapter to get it charging again.

  631. Kevin W

    Garmin fenix Sapphire….my heart beats not for my iwatch but for a Garmin

  632. Tristan

    Looking for a power meter or a bike-GPS….

  633. Jeremiah Stewart

    Garmin 935 or Fenix 5x Can’t make up my mind to replace my Fenix 3 non HR. Would enjoy wrist based HR for simple things like walks and easy rides with the family.

  634. Adrian Collins

    Garmin Edge (although undecided on exact model).

  635. Gerwyn

    I would love a garmin Fenix 5 or Suunto Spartan Wrist Hr to help me build on my two stone weight loss. Still got 4 more stone to go. Want to build back my health through running and cycling.

  636. Victoria

    I’d go with power meter because I’m missing one 😀

  637. Christian

    Garmin Felix 5s. Sprint triathlon, & Spartan races. Or Forerunner music.

  638. Dana Sandoval

    I want the Garmin 645 music, cause I hate working out with my phone.

  639. Ryan Thomas

    I would get a smart interactive bike trainer! After riding indoors to youtube videos I think it is time to take the plunge into zwift!

  640. Yeahme

    I’d like a Garmin 645 please!

  641. Vincenzo

    I would like to buy Garmin Forerunner 935 because according to your reviews is more accurate than Fenix 5 not to mention ant connectivity issues!

  642. Matt

    A new watch to replace my dead fenix 2.

  643. Andy Gardner

    I would get the polar m430 running watch, fantastic review on that product and the no frills style is perfect for me.
    Also some CEP Men’s Progressive+ Outdoor Merino Socks for keeping my feet warm in this chilly alaskan weather

  644. Tomasz Bondarewicz

    I’d like to get Favero Assioma UNO as it’s planned to be my first power meter.

  645. Trevor

    Maybe an indoor trainer so I don’t have the excuse of not wanting to go out in the rain.

  646. Stuart huddle

    I’d love a new head unit to replace my lezyne which is rubbish.

  647. Andrey

    Was thinking about getting a trainer to avoid the rain but still get a workout.

  648. Jimmy

    Garmin 935 would be beast! I currently use a Suunto Ambit 3 vertical primarily for running. My major issue is that my wireless headphones conflict with my watches heart rate monitor, both chest and my now defunct schoche. So I figured I would give something with a different heart rate setup a try.

  649. Jonathan Stenlund

    I’d love to get a new Garmin watch, such as the Forerunner 935, after having used the 310XT for many years now.

  650. Jeff

    I would have to read up on the latest Garmin watch, but I would probably try that one on for size (I currently have a Polar M400 that’s getting a little long in the tooth).

  651. Richard McClain

    Ultegra pedals. Using MTB pedals on my first road bike.

  652. Szabolcs Gy.

    Probably a Gopro Hero 6 or a new bike trainer for these chilly months

  653. Mark

    The GoPro6! Cheers!

  654. Michael

    I’d get a running power meter and some updated running gear. Or maybe a bike computer.

  655. John Wilson

    Gopro Hero 6 to go with the Hero 6 my wife got and wont share…

  656. Tatsuji

    A Garmin 935 or Fenix 5s. It’s be good to upgrade to a watch with a barometric altimeter!

  657. Brad

    A fr935 to replace my half-broken 910xt!

  658. E Shirey

    Garmin Vector 3. I need a power meter on my bike.

  659. Amos Hundert

    The garmin vector 3 power meter so that I can train to power.

  660. Travis Thiex

    I would get a garmin edge because I don’t have a good cycling computer and some other odds and ends.

  661. Pete R.

    New bike computer?

  662. Carter S.

    Vector 3’s! No more pods.

  663. Jerry M

    Garmin Vector 3 because I like the form faclor.

  664. Sarah Goscinski

    I need a new activity tracking watch – my current one is on “life support”

  665. D Pindell

    Fenix 5 because 8 could use a good tri watch.

  666. Wayne Francis

    A shiny new Sunnto Spartan 🙂 My kids broke my last watch 🙁

  667. Nunzio

    Garmin 935

  668. Mike Lacy

    Vector 3, for sure…

  669. Ian Braucksieker

    I’d love a new Bluetooth hr monitor

  670. m hill

    go pro, because I’ve never had one 🙂

  671. Kyle

    Id get the Fenix 5s for the wife as she needs a new hiking watch

  672. Angus Barnes

    New Garmin Fenix would be great. Old one is starting to fade.

  673. Brandon Burger

    I’d get myself a power meter or a GPS computer

  674. Jeremy

    I think I’d go with a Garmin Fenix. That watch looks So nice

  675. Paul Tomblin

    I’d really like one of the new GoPro 360 cameras. Or a Hero 6. Or a Garmin 935.

  676. Timothy Daloisio

    I would love the Garmin Vectors so that I can test the accuracy of the Peloton power algorithm

  677. Chris

    Garmin Vector 3 for me because they did away with the pods.

  678. Tim smith

    Fenix 5

  679. Dwight Roberson

    What: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

    Why: Retired from the military 2 years ago. Just walked my son (HS senior) across the football field and someone took a picture. Realized how much I let myself go. Can’t run anymore, but this is a way to get back in the game!

  680. Frank

    A new watch! or a wetsuit! or both!!

  681. Khalid Hasan

    Garmin Watch… track it or it didn’t happen no matter how sweaty I look.

  682. Garrett Bastable

    GoPro Hero6 for my best friend & tri training partner to use with his drone!

  683. Paul D

    Need a proper watch – garmin 935 should do the job after gimping along trying make the AW2 work

  684. Miles

    Power pedals!

  685. Adam Beaver

    A power meter of any kind. Love the Garmin vector set up. Just bought a used smart trainer so now saving up for garmin pedals to kill it this year!

  686. Brian Brophy

    I’d probably go with some kind of trainer to upgrade my old one and hopefully add a little spark to the MN winter doldrums training.

  687. Spencer

    Vector 3. Love the blog Ray!

  688. Steve E

    Probably a 935 – I’m on the original Fenix 3 and it’s taken a beating. I’d also like to see how the newer Firstbeat tech works out.

  689. Mark W.

    Probably a new Garmin Fenix. Why? Because I can!

  690. Bryan

    Definitely a Elite Direto Trainer. Need to start getting on the bike more

  691. Greg Fitzgerald

    Garmin Vector 3. Because apparently if I move my skinny pale legs “Watts” will come out of my feet.

  692. Olivier M.

    I would get the élite arion smart rollers ! Why ? People on my group rides keep telling me I don’t ride straight ! Plus I love zwift 🙂

  693. Erik Hash

    Pedal power meter.

  694. Abel Oyhamburu

    I would love to get my hands on the Suunto Spartan Ultra. My Garmin Fenix 3 broke 3 months ago and I haven’t been able to replace it.

  695. Gonzalo Sequeira

    I’m always a fan of the Fenix 5. Gotta love the crisp display and switching the band makes it perfect for work and training!

  696. Ubaldo Cabrera

    I would go with the Suunto, I used to run with one and the HR strap but have been using the Apple Watch fo the past year or so.

  697. Christopher Szachta

    Garmin 935 to replace my 910xt. That would give me there does I need 😉

  698. Jonathan

    I’d get a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt. Ive been using a Garmin Forerunner 735 and I’m ready for a bike computer. After getting a Kickr this winter I’ve fallen in love with everything Wahoo is doing!

  699. John Galletta

    Definitely would get Vector 3 pedals – or maybe a Kickr! who knows.

  700. Chad Closson

    I’m just getting into smart training on my bike. My next purchase will either be a Wahoo Fitness Elemnt Bolt, Wahoo Kickr or Vector 3 pedals!

    • Gary Artinger

      I would get the Fenix 5 watch. I have the Fenix 3 and live it but am a little jealous of assume of the new features on the 5.

  701. Jeff

    I would simply love the socks ! Colorado winters can be cold and blustery , unlike beautiful Australia hoots stay warm. Although I sure do fancy those new wahoo computers! Your reviews are excellent DC keep them coming!

  702. Bobby

    I’d get the Hero 6.

  703. Brad

    Garmin 935 for me

  704. Kevin

    Wahoo kickr or pedal based power meter

  705. Jim McGuckin

    Garmin 935 because I do t have a watch anymore and could really use one.

  706. Bobby

    I would pick up the vector 3 pedals.

  707. Sarah W

    I’d get a Tacx Neo for riding until the snow melts

  708. Kevin Smith

    Wahoo kickr snap so the girl can zwift along with me.

  709. OMAR

    Having never trained with power I would be interested in getting the garmin vector 3 and taking my training more seriously.

  710. Nicole

    I’d love the GoPro so I can document my tri journey

  711. Nick Burton

    Wahoo Element for my wife’s first fondo.

  712. Andy J

    I would love to get a Garmin Fenix so I have a watch to wear for long trail runs and triathlons.

  713. Garmin Vector 3 Power Meter is on the top of my list now to make that next step in training and in triathlon. World Age Group Champs 70.3 in Nice 2019 is the goal!

  714. Chance

    New Garmin head unit!

  715. Chad

    I’d get a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

  716. Dustin

    Really need a new power meter!

  717. David Corsi

    The GoPro 6 would be a fantastic upgrade for my family! Thanks Ray!

  718. Brian Hammer

    Vector 3 pedals

  719. Jesse Sparks

    I would love a new go pro.

  720. Ebe Boettcher

    I would grab a fenix 5. More watch than I need, but so cool!

  721. Steven

    Looking for a running watch and would love the 935 or maybe the 645!

  722. Stephen

    Think I’d have a hard time between the 935 and the Fenix5, but definitely one or the other.

  723. Mary

    I already have a super sweet watch but could use a new bike computer!

  724. Katie S

    Would love to finally trade up from my dumb trainer to a brainier one!

  725. Slorider

    I would get PowerTap C1 for my CX bike!!

  726. Paul furniss

    You are the GPS god.

  727. Mike Robinson

    I would use the winnings toward a new trainer. Most likely a Wahoo Kicker.

  728. Edge1030 , larger screen, more information

  729. Alex Marr

    I”d go for either a GoPro or put it some of the way toward a new trainer – the go pro for making videos and the trainer for smashing it on zwift

  730. Richard

    I think I would get my wife a new Garmin vivoactive 3

  731. Christopher Kemp

    A new Garmin fr935 or a new smart trainer would be great.

  732. Adam

    I’m looking for that edge over my competition, probably a 530 when it’s released?!

  733. I’d get either a GoPro or a new trainer!

  734. Oscar

    I think I’d get a new trainer because I’m still rocking the (non-rocking) kurt kenetic from 2008. There’s nothing wrong with it because those things are built like tanks, but I wish I had a controllable one.

  735. Ben

    Suunto spartan ultra or some other smart watch I think.

  736. Terence Chia

    Good day mate! (from Perth, Western Australia)

    I enjoyed your adventures at the Tour Down Under, great to see your chats with Shane 🙂

    As a starving student, my dream item is a Garmin Vector 3 power meter because they are always beyond my reach. Primarily because there is always another essential bike part that you need to buy for maintenance to ride in this sandy state of Australia.

    Thanks Ray for your good work!


  737. Ron

    Garmin Vector 3 power meter to always know watts up

  738. Dave Opfer

    Most likely a Garmin Edge 520 and other random bits

  739. Patrick G

    Hero 6 for me so that I can capture my kids’ snorkelling videos

  740. Charlie G

    I’d get a power meter. Probably something pedaly

  741. Jeff

    A new watch… I ran a trail half last spring and came back missing a button on my Ambit II. Still works perfectly fine, just can’t swim with it…

  742. Chris

    I would get my wife a watch so she can finally track her distance and pace without pulling her phone out of a belt

  743. Dustin Beaudette

    I’d love to upgrade to the Garmin 935 or Garmin 520! My 910 is on its last leg! Thanks Ray.

  744. Chris

    Suunto spartan ultra – battery life ftw

  745. Matt

    Probably get a Fenix5 upgrade to the HRM on the watch.

  746. Tyler Philp

    I’d purchase the the Garmin Vector 3 power meter since I’d like to see what amount of power I am not producing. 🙂

  747. Brian Pac

    I would get either a fenix 5 or an hydration pack.

  748. Oscar P

    Start the year with new gear!

  749. Brian

    Wahoo Kickr or even and Element Bolt for that matter would be awesome.

  750. Matthew Miller

    If I am selected I will likely use the credit to purchase a Suunto Spartan GPS watch because I am starting my half marathon training next month and have never used a Suunto GPS watch.

  751. Dan Mc

    Late to the party and didn’t bring a gift. I’d pick one of these to make up for it 🙂

  752. Ed

    The new Scosche optical hr band. Because you can’t have too much hrm.

  753. Sebastien Houillot

    Finally upgrade to a smart trainer!

  754. Peter Leventis

    I think I’d get a GoPro 6

  755. Mark Wenzel

    Would love to try a power meter

  756. Jonathan

    The new Scosche optical hr band. My Garmin is getting old.

  757. kazu

    Hero 6 would be mighty fine as I don’t have none of its kind.

  758. Brian


  759. Jeff K

    Power meter!

  760. Lauren

    I would buy a Garmin 645 because I would love to have a watch with music storage.

  761. Candace C

    Garmin Vector 3 pedals for Zwifting using my n-1 bike.

  762. Andrew

    GoPro Hero 6 for the 4k.

  763. carl thomas

    lots of little gear.

  764. Andrew M

    A new power meter

  765. Andrew

    Garmin Fenix for the multisport capabilities

  766. Andrew

    Garmin Vector 3 since I don’t have a pm

  767. Darren O

    I would take the Western Mountaineering VersaLite sleeping bag, because I need a cold weather bag for camping.

  768. Craig

    Garmin 935 because my other watch is screwed up and I’m getting a little pudgy.

  769. Bstn

    Fenix 5 to replace the non-hr fenix3.

  770. Samuel Schmidt

    A heart rate monitor to track my marathon training!

  771. Chris

    A Go Pro 6 would be prefect for filming mud runs and me learning bouldering

  772. Thom Wood

    Tough choice. Probably a Wahoo smart trainer to replace my old fluid trainer. Thanks.

  773. jeremy nolle

    I’d love to get a Fenix 5x to wear on trail runs. Thanks for the chance to win!

  774. Assaf porat

    Garmin vector – makes it easy to swap bikes!

  775. Jayson

    I would probably pick up an action cam to document my upcoming honeymoon!

  776. Jackie Garris

    I’d get a Tacx Neo trainer or Wahoo Kickr.

  777. Jason Sosa

    I would use the funds to purchase a 4iiii power meter, must have read your review a dozen times now. It would be my first power meter. Also I enjoyed the collaboration with gplama.

  778. Dave Nelson

    I would look at a Power Meter that would be compatible with my gravel bike.

  779. Trevor Sutton

    Hero 6 because I just bought some new bike components and it would give my wife a heart attack to see one more box of goodies come in the mail.


    Garmin vector – for more efficient training!

  781. Carolyn

    I’ve been looking at the Garmin 620 with the heart rate monitor. ❤️

  782. Todd Thorsgaard

    A power meter!! Or something else….. To train for some tries.

  783. Steve

    I’d get a Kickr. Turning to science this year to up my training—just want to keep up with the local club ride!

  784. Richard

    I would like to get a set of Garmin Vector pedals for my wife so that she can become a meaner cyclist 🙂

  785. Daniel

    A Garmin Vector 3 power meter, because I need some better measurement of how I’m performing on the bike whether outdoors or on the trainer and it will help me to more clearly set fitness goals.

  786. Greg Larsen

    I’d get a new trainer so that I could upgrade to a smart trainer to use with Zwift. Either TACX Neo or Wahoo Kickr 3.

  787. Karim

    Garmin watch for me! I’m in need of an upgraded watch

  788. Inti Garzon

    I’d be delighted by getting a GoPro 6 for my family off-road cycling routes. Thanks for the gift DC

  789. Allan

    vector 3 power meter to pair with my garmin edge 500!

  790. Mike

    I would get a pedal based power meter