Giveaway Extravaganza: Tacx Neo Smart Trainer


Boom – time to kick this up another notch!

You wanna train like me?

No problem.

First, start with cupcakes. Lots of them.  Then, probably some pasta (fresh, preferably).  And finally, add in the Tacx Neo trainer.  Bike also required.

When I’m not testing trainers, you’re likely to find me on the Tacx Neo, if for no other reason than it actually shakes when I cross cobblestones in Zwift.  Same goes for those wooden planks on the bridges in Zwift island.  It can even replicate ice, as odd as that may be (it is odd though).

More importantly – it can throw down with the best of them.  While normally quite pricey, it’s totally yours for free today…if you win.  Good luck!

(And if you lose, there’s still cupcakes and pasta to be had).

Giveaway Opens: 4:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 6:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

Detailed Tacx Neo Post: Tacx Neo Everything You Need To Know

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. ash Newnham

    I need this to get back my fitness after an injury!
    Please help DC Rainnmaker!

  2. Martijn Spaanderman

    Hear hear 🙂

  3. Christine

    We can finally have his and hers trainers!

  4. Max

    Winter is coming .

  5. Extravaganza - Tacx Neo

    Hammer time!

  6. Jonathan Collins


  7. Neal b


  8. Michael Swann

    If I won this, I could Zwift.

  9. Greg Sisengrath

    Gimme please!

  10. Alejandro

    My dream trainer !!

  11. Bart


  12. Robert Moncrief

    Would be a welcome addition

  13. I'm Toast

    10min to go!

  14. Chris oakey

    Yes please.

  15. Casey Cook

    WHAT? is this real? yes, yes, yes, please let me have the golden ticket. My HR just hit an all time high.

  16. Grant Fraser


  17. Flooz

    Yes please.

  18. James Mc

    Spinning the seasons away

  19. Sarah

    Husband is still pinging me every two hours to enter this thing. Please. Think of our marriage.

  20. Zac

    Now that I live in Michigan (and I am a cold weather weanie), this would be incredibly useful.

  21. Colin Kalescky


  22. James sayer

    Yes please!

  23. Daniel W Sekera

    I definitely would like one of these

  24. Daniel Kianka


  25. Ben j

    Looks good ??

  26. Alan Madigan

    Off chain

  27. Eric

    I want to feel the cobbles.

  28. George Stan

    I need the trainer!!

  29. Darren


  30. Leanne

    Saves the cold, wet, windy rides…. yes please

  31. Charlie G

    Plz and thank you!

  32. Jeff Byrnes

    Oh yes. Time to upgrade my trainer.

  33. TimG

    Yes please

  34. KevinB

    Pick me!

  35. Geert VL


  36. Louis-Philippe Gauthier

    J’ai besoin d’un nouveau trainer, merci!

  37. Inazio


  38. Ian

    Struggling to get better, need to do winter training.

  39. Eric B

    It would be surreal to win the Neo!!

  40. Luca

    Yep why not

  41. Andrew

    Can I have some cupcakes too?

  42. Ben

    Haha, I’ll have lots of cupcakes then 🙂

  43. James Brewster

    I really want to know what riding on ice on a turbo feels like

  44. Michał

    Want! Badly!

  45. Chris

    Yes please! I want one

  46. Winter is coming.

  47. Tamás


  48. Doug Felts

    I wanna train like you!

  49. Kevin


  50. Gerrit

    Entering again 🙂

  51. Jerry

    time to zwift !

  52. Ross Clarke

    Take the red pill

  53. Dave

    Just what I need ………..

  54. jeff

    I would love this

  55. patrick maslen

    thanks dc

  56. Sonia

    Am I too late? Need one please….

  57. alison pond

    For my hubby!

  58. Milos

    I need this!!!

  59. Denis McCarthy

    Yes please!

  60. Alex

    I’m in!

  61. Dan Murphy

    The perfect trainer for winter and it is cold outside. Cheers

  62. Daniel Guerendiain

    Would be great for my triathlon training!

  63. Nik

    Let’s compare it to a Kickr.

  64. Ben Wong

    I want to train like a pro!

  65. Kyle

    I could totally use this! Thanks!

  66. Sid

    Yes please!

  67. Ryan


  68. Andrea b

    Wahoo I hope it’s me!

  69. Sara

    This would be amazing!!

  70. David Raimist

    Get after it! You have goals!!

  71. Ian Cassidy


  72. Gert jansseune

    Feeling lucky

  73. Janita

    I’d get crazy fast!

  74. Craig

    Just woke up, back in the game

  75. Ward

    Gimme gimme

  76. daniel devine


  77. Gareth Loggenberg

    Fat man needs to get thin! Hoping this will help.

  78. Daniel Mcpeake


  79. Ted Kao

    I’d love to get this! Thanks!

  80. Eric Larochelle

    Yes, please

  81. Sean

    This would be amazing

  82. Brent Knutson

    You spin me round

  83. Corey

    Sounds great!!! Zwift is about to get a lot better!!

  84. Neal Whitford

    fingers crossed

  85. Povilas

    Tacx first, cupcakes later!

  86. Herc

    I wanna train

  87. Adam

    Winter is coming ?

  88. lozburton

    this would be great and i could race my husband on zwift

  89. Eric

    I desperately want this. Need to spice up my TrainerRoad winters.

  90. Reed hoyer

    Spin it to win it

  91. Matt


  92. Tasos

    I want it!

  93. Sheri

    I’d love a Neo in my basement.

  94. June

    cool !!

  95. Jake

    Neo, very nice.

  96. Dimitrios Athanasiadis

    Great for training

  97. Sergio Roberto Guerini

    Winter is approaching… I’d love to have a nice trainer.

  98. Em

    I need a trainer! 🙂