Giveaway Extravaganza: GoPro Hero5 Black


It’s rare that I leave the house without an action camera in my pocket.  And when I do, it’s almost always the GoPro Hero5 Black.

Be it for a run, a ride, or just a trip to the pool with the little one – I covet the built-in waterproofing of the Hero5 Black.  Mostly because when the little one chews on it, nothing happens.  She’s been doing that since January, and so far so good.  She’s even good at taking selfies with it.  Though, ‘good’ is all relative.

Don’t worry though – you don’t need little ones for this action cam.  In fact, any sort of adrenaline pumping activity will suffice.  For example: Walking to the bus stop on a cold and dreary morning, taking your dog out for a poop, or just sitting in your living room listening to Mozart.  Whatever floats your boat.

And if your boat sinks?

No worries.  Like I said, the Hero5 Black is waterproof.  Though, sorry about that boat.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: GoPro Hero 5 Black In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Kim Bo Jensen

    I am in.

  2. Jason

    Must have camera

  3. Kevin

    Action sport camera to document my failings.

  4. Den

    One please

  5. Becky

    Pick me, pick me!!!

  6. Michael


  7. Cathy B

    Very nice!

  8. Nate D


  9. Toby Hunt

    Your my hero?!

  10. Jon Myrvold

    This would be great!

  11. Nicholas

    Yes please

  12. Skyler


  13. Janna Gee

    Want. Yup.

  14. Hugh


  15. Rob antonetti


  16. Marc M

    Just made it!

  17. David Leon


  18. Jonathan


  19. Danny

    Great camera

  20. Ben Woods


  21. Jason

    I’m in

  22. David Cagle

    Need it

  23. Eric

    I’d love one!

  24. Henrik Teinvall

    I hope I win

  25. Harry Blake

    This would be awesome!!

  26. melissa D.

    Wouldn’t mind snagging this one too.

  27. Nancy

    Most definitely would love one! Please

  28. Joanna

    pure beauty

  29. Kahle Jamieson

    Definitely want one of these!

  30. Carrie H


  31. Gabe Peer

    Are you sure you got my right email?

  32. Michael Merritt

    In for the gopro

  33. Jason Shock


  34. Tania

    would love one of these

  35. Beth

    Yes please!

  36. Brian Rasser


  37. Ian

    Gotta go, Go Pro. Bring it on.

  38. Zbynek Srubar

    Waked up in time. GoPro is the best.

  39. James harrell

    Pick me! I’ve never had an action camera, only my phone!

  40. Alec

    Video upgrades remove the need for radio stars

  41. Anne

    Nice camera.

  42. Phil Jones

    Hero5 Black <3

  43. Marc-Olivier Arbour

    Want want want

  44. Bill R.

    Thanks Ray

  45. Benjamin Richards

    Watch me, Mom!

  46. Ferran

    Yes, please

  47. Thom Wood

    Great prize. Thanks

  48. Sak

    Love it!!!

  49. Kari Viippola

    An awesome Hero !

  50. Jeff

    I need a hero!

  51. stuart stent

    oooo GoPro!!

  52. William Pretorius

    I would love this one DC!

  53. Marek

    big bang

  54. Michael

    This would be a great way to document those epic rides!



  56. Kevino

    I recently bought a used Hero 3+ off a friend to see what all the noise was about and I’m sold. Already ready to find a way to get my hands on a 5 and all the stellar peripherals!

  57. Dave Severn

    Yes please!

  58. John B

    Why not me?

  59. Chris Geraghty


  60. Michael Forman

    Nice camera

  61. Ian Hobley

    I would like one pleae.

  62. Gordon McKenzie


  63. Jukka Kitunen


  64. Raymond de Jager


  65. Niels Grote Beverborg

    Could this be the lucky one?

  66. Elyse Clements

    GoPro go!

  67. Christian

    Oooo, I could film my epic adventures!!! Oh, guess I’d have to up the epic though.

  68. dylan

    Another sweet deal!

  69. Kate Vantucci

    Yes, please!

  70. Micheal Stevens

    Whew almost missed this one!

  71. Jovaldas

    Please this one for me !!!

  72. Scott

    Yes please

  73. Ronen

    What a nice present…
    Thanks in advance

  74. Luke

    This would be cool!

  75. Brendan

    I’d love an upgrade!

  76. JS Bradley

    would love one, really like your site

  77. Bo :o)

    Would be perfect for creating virtual routes for my trainer ?

  78. Michael Addison

    Would love an upgrade from a Hero 3.

  79. Lucia


  80. Eric McMinoway

    Yes, will be good for the family.

  81. Gerald Brown


  82. Simona


  83. Colin Watts

    This would be awesome!

  84. Ian Marchant

    Here’s hoping

  85. Stewart McKenzie

    Say Cheese

  86. Dan thomas

    Still have the original GoPro, this would be a huge step up.

  87. Bill

    All in on this one!!!!

  88. Randy


  89. Sergio V.


  90. Dayne Kim

    Action shots!

  91. Patrick Jakubowski

    One more giveaway, one more try!

  92. michael jeans

    Soak. Nice.

  93. Peter

    Hello Ray 🙂

  94. Alan Stewart

    Need a new action cam

  95. David Coleman

    Set an alarm for this – 2.50am – but worth it!

  96. Wayne Francis

    Sweet cam!!!

  97. Marjolein Kooij

    Abother great one, i’m in!

  98. pofix

    Action cam … uch