Giveaway Extravaganza: Garmin VIRB 360 Action Cam


What if you could always capture everything, all the time.  Well, with the VIRB 360 you can.  I mean, as long as it’s not behind your back.  Or behind a wall.  Or behind any other opaque object.  But glass is usually ok!

See, the VIRB 360 captures every angle of what you shoot.  So when you’re bombing down that mountain descent on your bike with the unit on your handlebars, it’s not only capturing the road in front of you and the snow-capped scenery to your sides, but also your crotch…all at the same time.  Fear not though, you’ll soon learn to place that camera in more exciting locales.  For example, atop your head.  And best of all is that the VIRB 360 can stabilize that footage so even if you look to your left to see that dancing bear, the viewer doesn’t get sea sick.

Further, once you crash (because you will while looking at that bear) – it’ll keep that footage buttery smooth throughout that entire incident thanks to the internal gyroscope.  See, today’s action camera technology is all about capturing that moment in stunning 5.7K resolution – no matter how much you want to forget it.

Giveaway Opens: 2:00PM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 4:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Garmin VIRB 360 In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Cedric

    I want one 🙂

  2. clifford


  3. C Wheeler

    A virb to record my verbs…

  4. Santiago

    Just a random comment to see if this is the one I win

  5. Patrik


  6. Christopher Carpenter

    Wow a giveaway! You are too nice!

  7. Scott Markley

    Please send to the following address 😉

  8. Tim Klein

    Yes, for me ???

  9. Jeff

    Looks like fun!

  10. Emil H

    360 me!

  11. Timo Möttönen

    I’m going to attach this to our baby. 😀

  12. Claeys Jens

    Never had one 😉

  13. Ivica Sakota

    Awesome, wonder how HRM overlay looks like.

  14. L R

    The more cameras the merrier!

  15. Neil Donovan


  16. Larry G

    Love my 935!!!

  17. Roland

    This time ?

  18. Gilles martin

    Maybe this one? Looking for an action cam!

  19. Steve

    nice look –

  20. Lars Riegman

    That would be great.

  21. Reinaldo Pulido

    Great Dc, love your posts

  22. TenJake

    Count me in!

  23. Mike O'Neil

    Videos are good!

  24. Antonio

    Yes please

  25. Kai

    Coolest thing ever

  26. James

    Perfect for recording face plants!

  27. Zoltan Hubai

    And now the camera to capture all the previous items. 🙂

  28. David Couch

    Would love one of these please

  29. Ken Graham

    Perfect to pair with my Garmin ultra 30!

  30. Nate

    Great! More Chances to film embarrassing content of my kids!

  31. Andy CS

    Just did a 360.

  32. Ryan Uchida

    This would be awesome!

  33. Jakub

    Me too!! Great camera 🙂

  34. Matt

    Would love to give this a try!

  35. DJ

    VIRB 360… Go Garmin!

  36. Marc Beyer

    Hay cheeeeeeeese

  37. Cristina_v

    For me!

  38. Vincent

    Nice !

  39. Renda

    Simply choose me 🙂

  40. Patrick C.

    Yes please!!

  41. Benjamin

    Wow, like it

  42. Simon

    Crossing fingers

  43. Jane A.

    I would love this!

  44. Mehmet Bayram

    omg this one is the greatest! ?

  45. Riccardo Canola

    This camera looks fantastic!

  46. Herchel Portella

    Thanks for all you do!

  47. Dan

    I would love this

  48. Vit Vojtech


  49. Quincy Jones


  50. Eugene

    A VIRB would be nice! Speed and power overlays!!

  51. Tom Martinka

    I want one.

  52. Jerome Angsuco


  53. Nathan Crum

    Love my Virb Ultra 30 – this would be a nice addition!

  54. Mary Keogh

    Yes please Ray

  55. Jonathan Smith


  56. John Mooney

    Pick me, pick me!!

  57. Ariel Schwartz

    Love me some cameras

  58. Simon Pease

    Great shoot

  59. Viliam Valent

    I want it… please?

  60. Joe

    I really really really really NEEEEEEEEED this!!!!

  61. Anders

    Oh yes! ?

  62. Lori T

    Pick me! I haven’t got a new Garmin in almost two years

  63. Phil Jones


  64. David Higginson

    Very cool

  65. ALBERT Jordana

    Happy to have it if nobody else wants it :p

  66. Cheri Martinka

    Pick me.

  67. Pieter

    360 vids

  68. Georges T.

    Shoot me please!

  69. James DeFilippi

    Need! Thanks For all you do!

  70. Bernhard

    Sweeeeet ??

  71. Fiona Wilson


  72. MikeKomputer

    Waouh !

  73. Pedro

    That (too) would be great!

  74. Noah Martinka

    Good luck

  75. Matthew Hunt

    Would like to give an action cam a try

  76. Tim Delss

    Hot damn, I want!

  77. yannlg

    will be great to get this cam.

  78. Marius Cristea

    Nice Giveaway.

  79. Kevin


  80. Mary Catherine Martinka

    Good luck all

  81. Bjorn S.

    Sweet little cam.

  82. Mike Sevilla

    I’ll trade my GoPro anytime!

  83. Luke Hardman

    Yes Please!

  84. Pavel

    I definitely need one 🙂

  85. Michael Tabolsky

    I crash a lot. Need that gyroscope thing badly.

  86. Mike Weyant


  87. chris carson


  88. Tom

    This would fit on my head perfectly.

  89. Paula Smith

    Nice camera!!

  90. Helen Hardman


  91. Thor

    Nice one

  92. James C


  93. Richelle Sevilla

    This is nice during bike rides!

  94. Tim Smith

    Yes, Please

  95. Nico

    Yes please!

  96. Chris Savage

    would love this! 🙂

  97. Mark

    I’m not sure my comment posted….

  98. Kim Juul

    yes please

  99. Kerim

    This one would be great!

  100. Hugo-alexandre Latulippe

    J’ai toujours rêver de filmer ma vie en 360!

  101. Greg Sisengrath


  102. Zachary Boivin

    Sweet camera!

  103. Rob L.

    Really want it!

  104. Andy

    Me pls……

  105. Haakon

    Please me!:)

  106. Janice Nieuwoudt

    Choose Me!

  107. Terence


  108. Marc

    Save the shipping – will be in Paris tomorrow!

  109. Matt

    Yes please!

  110. Johan Ekström


  111. Satish

    Would love me a VIRB!

  112. Mircea

    Nice one

  113. Peter Kirkham


  114. Gabriel Reid

    Yes please!

  115. Marcos Buosi


  116. Cody Jensen

    Pick me!!!

  117. Margot Saunders

    Yes Please!

  118. christian

    Pretty please!

  119. Martin

    Beauty. Would reaaally love to have it.

  120. Derek Paton

    Me please!

  121. This would be amazing for training!

  122. Nick

    I like!

  123. Brendan

    I’m going to win this one. No need for anyone else to comment.

  124. Juris Rats

    Would use it on my commutes…

  125. sean jones

    yes please need to have this all the way in Sunny South Africa

  126. Krzysztof


  127. Demetre kalkounis

    Yes please

  128. Tatiana Hill

    This is so cool!

  129. Chris M.


  130. Chris Boyer

    I could have used this yesterday to film the fall when I cracked a vertebra…

  131. Jordi


  132. Sérgio Henriques

    Go go go!

  133. Nick_in_Minnesota

    Nice. Love this for outdoor activities! Thanks, Ray.

  134. Bill H.

    They’d be a lot of pressure to start doing cool things worth recording…

  135. Andrew

    Yes please

  136. Nikolas

    Action movie cam!

  137. Bartokian

    close-up of a bloodshot running face anyone? in 360 degrees?

  138. Stephen Kaas

    My old action cam just broke, time for a new one!

  139. Avery De Marr

    Safety first

  140. Kristopher Wekarchuk

    CAM it be used for any other purpose? Get it? CAM, CAN…. LOL

  141. Chris

    great stuff.

  142. John bird

    Garmin eye balls ?

  143. Steve E

    Light, camera, and… Action.

  144. Jonathan Osgood

    This would be cool to have. Sign me up!

  145. Westin McEntire

    record weird stuff

  146. Charles Z.

    Just woke up. Hate the night shift

  147. Mike canelas

    Smile ray

  148. Mirek

    No idea how to use it but I can try it …

  149. Eugene R.

    Awesome device! The YouTube video of the ride through Paris looked cool – up to that point I didn’t even know YouTube supported 360 degree videos.

  150. Been doing photography for almost 2 years now with a small point-and-shoot Cannon, would LOVE to expand and grow!

  151. John MacDonald

    Yes please Ray!

  152. Ville

    Yes, sir.

  153. Basile

    Pretty please.

  154. Anders

    I left this comment within the 2 hour period!

  155. Steve Simonsen

    Very cool!

  156. Joe Gilbertson

    Please pick me!

  157. Bo :o)

    This could be so much fun to play with.

  158. Helen

    Yes please!

  159. Alison egan


  160. Patrik

    Yes please

  161. wil

    may be useful for the next biketour

  162. Don Wingler


  163. Tomislav Bl

    This one would be great for trail action 🙂

  164. Louise bird

    Eye see you

  165. Matthias G.

    My new cat cam!

  166. Ob1

    So Nice Cam !

  167. Brett Ward

    Nice. Nice.

  168. ioan

    Go DCR !

  169. Derek

    Count me in!

  170. Shane o c


  171. Rok

    Garmin Virb??

  172. Wolf

    My life would change forever…

  173. Adi

    Mo on the TV. French lessons on Duolingo. Entering yet another draw on the side.

  174. baptiste

    pick me pick me pick me pick me

  175. Michael


  176. Vincent

    Je tente ma chance

  177. Earl Naylor

    Gogo go!! 🙂

  178. Chris Dyroff

    If I win this camera, I promise to generate and post video of me a) riding by a bear, and b) crashing buttery smooth.

  179. Ales Kramarsek

    Nice 🙂

  180. Nick

    So much action I could capture!

  181. Stu Richards

    Need to replace faulty GoPro, this will do nicely!

  182. Robert

    What the heck do I do with that thing?

  183. Sean

    Lights, camera action

  184. Chappo

    Pick me please randomiser!

  185. Jeremiah Werner

    Looks awesome

  186. JanneK

    That’s what I’m missing!

  187. Jeremy

    I should have plenty of crash footage for it!

  188. Stefan E.

    Nice cam, I’m in again 🙂

  189. Mike Nash

    I’m in

  190. Yussef G

    The review has me wanting one of these.

  191. Jurjen

    Pretty please?

  192. Corri

    Sounds fun! I’ll take one.

  193. Julien

    Yeah! I don’t have an action cam yet.

    Oups, saying this might be a reason for being excluded by Ray 🙂

  194. Joel

    Yes please!

  195. Brian M

    I want it!

  196. Ben

    Lights camera….action!

  197. Devin Smith


  198. Jenny

    Looks nice

  199. Ian Abson

    This would be a great upgrade from my Virb.

  200. Carlos

    It’d be great to get this!

  201. Harold

    I could really use it 😉

  202. Tim

    I want one!! 🙂

  203. Frank Bax

    Nice one!

  204. Jeff Costello

    Yes please.

  205. Peter

    Would be great, go Garmin 🙂

  206. Csaba

    Yet to try!

  207. Jeffrey S.

    Count me in!

  208. Tim

    Perfect for my trail rides

  209. Jonathan Sanborn

    Sweet, this is awesome.

  210. Mike Watson

    Yes please

  211. Mike Holmes

    happy face. thanks mate

  212. Vincent

    Me please!!!

  213. Jamie Given

    Lights, Camera, Act-diddly action jackson!

  214. Nick Jones

    Go Garmin… up for more….

  215. Wojtek

    Deluding myself about my chances of winning.

  216. Neil A.

    Please & Thank You!

  217. Nick Padley

    Would be a fun gadget to have.

  218. Ben Ryan

    my kids would love this.

  219. Giovanni handzic

    I’d love to have one, it’ll be a great addition to my trip to Europe later this year.

  220. Brian Jacobson

    This looks too cool!

  221. Flemming Lundager

    Count me in

  222. Mike Stubbs

    Looks awesome 🙂

  223. Raia-Jicin


  224. Fernando


  225. Bruno

    Video is what I’m missing

  226. Niels Grote Beverborg

    Fingers double crossed

  227. Andrew Thompson

    So many prizes! All I want is just one!

  228. Loved the original Virb, this would be so much better. Yes please.

  229. Aaron Ainsworth

    Pick me!

  230. Cory Kawa

    Think of the possibilities.

  231. Alex Knol

    Me please

  232. Chris

    I can’t wait to film my unexciting life!

  233. Marjolein Kooij

    Oeh nice

  234. Vicky Velásquez

    I need it

  235. Torsten

    Nice cam.

  236. Maurizio

    Yeah, action cam,

  237. Kyle Polansky

    Always wanted one of these

  238. Fengyuan

    Thanks for sharing!

  239. Lars

    Yes please 🙂

  240. tom anderson


  241. John Kissane

    Nice gadget to play with!

  242. Gordon

    That would be cool

  243. Matth

    I need this

  244. Matthew Field

    I need to see whats behind me of course!

  245. James Wilson

    No more trying to finding the right camera angle!

  246. Eric Olsavsky

    Oh Snap!

  247. Chris

    Going for a win! Would love to have this action cam 🙂

  248. Ronald Molina

    What! It captures every angle? Nice, I’ll need it for my mountain decent and dancing bear!

  249. Jack Hsueh


  250. Peter Vachtler

    Want to make videos with this.

  251. Michael Schmidt


  252. R142


  253. yanick

    oh yes hi res footage cool

  254. Carole

    What a gift

  255. Patrick Hughes


  256. Jeremy Wassink

    I’m lovin It. I need that.

  257. Jeffrey Morgan

    I need one of those

  258. Michel


  259. Robin Nijholt

    I would love this!

  260. Randy Stewart

    Cool camera

  261. Felix Rotthowe

    Me me me

  262. Tobias S

    Would be amazing to win this one!

  263. Young B

    Yes yes yes!

  264. Erik

    Want it!

  265. Maxine g

    Great way to capture every moment of fun !!!!

  266. Dimitri

    I like it!

  267. Christian Skoog


  268. Karen T

    Would love to have this camera!

  269. Jennifer Jackson

    Would love this.

  270. Jorge blanco

    Perfect for action!!

  271. Claude Paquin

    Oui, je le veux 😉

  272. David

    Would love this as an upgrade to my existing original Virb.

  273. Raja Assily

    Cool, so I don’t need to stick two Garmin Virb Ultra 30’s back to back anymore. 🙂

  274. Anja

    Mee too

  275. Vitor Rosa

    I’m in 🙂

  276. David Rockwell

    Sign me up!

  277. Danalee

    The ladies crew would love this. Paddle strong!

  278. Jerry H

    I won I won!!!!

  279. Brad


  280. Dale Evans

    Yes please

  281. Viorel Vasile

    I love actions cameras

  282. Kris Nicholson

    Looks good

  283. Kevin C

    I could make some cool videos with this!

  284. Johannes


  285. Felix Wilson

    do i really need this?

  286. Wouter Van Genechten

    Crazy spinning

  287. Mark Nickerson

    That’s pretty nice.

  288. Lisa

    Yes, please. Please!

  289. Peter

    That would be welcome in Belgium!

  290. Mark

    Great camera.

  291. Rinske Franssen

    Yes please!!

  292. Melissa Yap

    Ready, set, action!

  293. Still not totally sold on 360 cameras, but what the hell, why not

  294. Mary D

    Let me win!

  295. Justin V

    360 Degree YouTube goodness awaits!

  296. Adrian Walton

    Thanks so much, Ray!

  297. AyaHut

    This is AWESOME! Please pick me!!!!! 😀

  298. Francisco Migoya

    yes please

  299. Steve T

    I would LOVE to put this to use!!!

  300. David

    I’d love a CAM for biking in traffic

  301. Eoin

    Gimme gimme gimme

  302. Trevor

    Cool camera !

  303. OlivJ

    Yes to update my virb elite

  304. Dana

    Mama needs an action cam. Or really my kids really wants one.

  305. German Merino

    Thanks for the giveaway

  306. Rootland

    This would be great to make some cool videos!

  307. Thomas O'Reilly

    Thanks again.

  308. Hari


  309. Anders


  310. Patrik


  311. bryan

    In. No clue what I will do with this thing, but looks cool.

  312. Oliver

    A Camera! Great!

  313. Stelica Vasile

    The action starts with this camera

  314. Chris robbins


  315. Jhonathan Montoya

    Me me me please

  316. Marius

    I feel lucky!

  317. Alec

    Every angle looks great

  318. James

    Thanks ray!

  319. Christoph

    Thank you!

  320. Thor Gunnar Steinsli

    Yes please 🙂

  321. James Mc

    Love the view from here, all around here actually 🙂

  322. Tamás Sz.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  323. Aaron Schmid

    Yes please

  324. Stefan Pauzenberger

    Choose me! 🙂

  325. Erik Molina

    Yes! I’ve wanted one of these forever!!

  326. Brianne


  327. Ian McGee

    Cause I am pretty from any angle

  328. Walter Ross


  329. Tim

    Yes Please

  330. Maria Vasile

    Great camera

  331. Nadia Grace

    But the question still remains – ViRB 360 or GoPro 360? Which will reign supreme?

  332. Mikey H

    small but useful

  333. Quintin Gay

    Cool Camera

  334. Ian Hobley

    Capture my weakness in all its glory.

  335. Jae

    Oh wow Garmin camera! Sweet.

  336. Matthew Guyatt


  337. Josep

    Will gladly mount in my helmet!

  338. Morten Andersen

    Great giveaway?

  339. Megan Gardam

    I’ve been looking at cameras recently

  340. Roland

    This would be nice!

  341. Grant Kennedy


  342. Scott ha

    Winter is coming

  343. Ben a


  344. Seth Slipp

    I’m like everyone. We all could use a 360 camera

  345. Minh Nguyen

    My third try

  346. Lorenz Valentin

    Wow this is in the giveaway included.
    I want it.

  347. Jesse

    Free stuff!

  348. Arun W.


  349. stepan velensky

    round and round…

  350. Bart H

    Very nice

  351. Steve Cooper

    Nice camera!

  352. Antonio Domingo


  353. Ryan Crissey

    Want one SO bad!

  354. Johan Fredrik Furuly

    I need to win it

  355. Cristina Voicu

    Extravaganza big time!

  356. Tom quinn

    Send it.

  357. Ziga

    I need this badly :).

  358. Gary Spanedda

    I need the Verb to work with my BKool as the TomTom Bandit does not work well.

  359. Daniel Domingo


  360. Alan Waddington

    I’ll have that thanks.

  361. Robyn Boyd

    I would like this please!

  362. Amy O

    Pick me!

  363. Caroline Worrall

    Awesome! Thanks!

  364. Alex

    Ca me branche bien !

  365. Jenn Wilson

    Wow sounds amazing!!!

  366. Eric

    great camera to record my rides

  367. Chris

    Virb 360 a whole new perspective of awesome

  368. Domen

    I guess I will not sleep tonight, because prizes are geting better and better.

  369. Adam Kessler

    I see you

  370. Paul Voorend

    Garmin make some of the best stuff out there

  371. Daniel Sunday

    Please pick me

  372. Lauri

    I’m in

  373. Hidde

    Yes please!

  374. Kevin

    Good luck to me

  375. Pierre-André Bégin

    I hope it’s me!!!

  376. Carlos Vargas

    No one ever wins without at least trying!!

  377. jay flowers

    good stuff.

  378. davide lattuada

    let’s try…

  379. Mike G

    Love one to keep me safer.

  380. Alda

    filming everywhere!

  381. Nathan Burks

    Sweet camera of doom.

  382. Oleksii

    I’m here! 🙂

  383. Angelo Montoya

    I wanna take pretty pictures too.

  384. Patricia Rueda

    I want one!

  385. Todd Foeckler

    Sagan was framed.

  386. Poly

    That’s a nice action camera! 🙂

  387. Daniel S

    Let’s see if we are lucky.

  388. Andy ec

    Oh yes please 🙂

  389. Alfred

    Cool camera!

  390. Shane

    I love my ultra30

  391. Borrey Kim

    I’m feeling lucky

  392. Martin H.

    Another try

  393. Ratrejo

    Feeling lucky

  394. Abe

    360 degrees of tracking!

  395. Luis

    Yes i want!!!!

  396. Patrick Anderson

    I would love a camera

  397. João Cravo

    Nice one.

  398. Eric

    Nice! Looking good!

  399. Jeff

    I want to win ?

  400. Daniel


  401. Kris

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  402. David Tupponce

    Hmmm, a camera. I could use one of those.

  403. Vadim Trainin

    I need it

  404. Grant


  405. Kirsten surprenant


  406. Jess

    Yes. please.

  407. nOzwald


  408. Kelly B


  409. Colm Costelloe

    Super prize!

  410. Thierry

    It would be nice to win this one 🙂

  411. Jason Walkley

    I’ll do anything to be on camera

  412. Richie Close

    Yes Please!

  413. This would be amazing!

  414. Steve

    Yes, please!

  415. Vincent Cheung

    My my, you are too generous! Thanks!

  416. Tara

    Yes please 🙂

  417. Jonathan

    Looks nice

  418. JD Griffis

    Lights, camera, action

  419. Xu Wang

    Yes please!

  420. Allan Lo

    Thank you!

  421. Jean David Pare

    That is a geat giveaway.

  422. Michel

    Show me

  423. Daniel thomas

    Pick me please

  424. Emily

    Cool camera!

  425. Tanel

    Amazing prize ! Would love that.

  426. John

    This might make up for the fact my first virb was terrible and the warranty replacement has been exactly the same.

  427. Kevin M

    Ray, I’m seriously considering getting one of this. Make it happen, please.

  428. Evan Gaertner

    I like videos

  429. Brian E.

    Yes, please!

  430. Darren

    Garmin Virb

  431. Bart dh

    Yes sir!

  432. Gillian

    Like that!

  433. Tony K

    This would be fun to play with

  434. Tim

    Hope I’m not too late

  435. Francois

    Let’s try 🙂

  436. Chad Shivar

    How awesome it would be

  437. Jason Sosa

    Putting my name in the hat

  438. Matej

    Awesome 🙂

  439. Daniel Sherman

    I want one!

  440. Sascha

    Neeed 😉

  441. Povilas

    Because why not?

  442. Nathan

    DC rain maker rocks!

  443. Aldo

    Since it doesn´t hurt to bid, here we go again…

  444. Clive Fredericks

    I need this please.

  445. Allory Deiss

    The only way I’m likely to get a camera.

  446. Rudy Dupree


  447. Stijn


  448. Gloria

    Top 360º view is coming!

  449. Jaco van Vuuren

    Yes please!

  450. Jennifer

    Yes please.

  451. Rhett Butler

    360 cameras have come full circle.

  452. Brian Statler

    PICK ME!!!

  453. Trond

    feeling lucky today!


    Yes please

  455. Matthew


  456. Amanda Ahne

    Looks fun!

  457. Chris

    For the next ride on the Nordschleife

  458. Steven Keller

    Virbs the word

  459. Nick Anderson

    Lights, camera, action!!

  460. Grant

    All in boom!

  461. Maciej

    I’ve been looking for a way to fill my memory cards faster.

  462. dustin r

    Yes please!

  463. Mikao

    Need to replace my old virb elite

  464. Jo Payne

    Oh yeah, so many cool movies await

  465. Eric

    I can finally stop strapping my phone to my chest now

  466. Kim Kronberg

    I have wanted an action cam for a long time now… This would be perfect!

  467. Doug Felts

    Pick Me! Pick Me!

  468. Brian Ballard

    Misplaced my original Garmin VIRB in the floorboard of a rental car before flying back home from Vegas after CES several years ago. This would make a nice replacement.

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    Thanks for all you do

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    Win me some camera!

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