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(Updated Last: 7:50PM US Eastern Time)

Today is Amazon Prime Day, which is basically an excuse for the equivalent of Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales to happen in July for one day…and in this case, one vendor.

It technically started last night US time (9PM EST), but it continues through till today.  It’s technically for Amazon Prime members only, though I suspect that’s most of America.  But the good news is that it’s also not just an American thing.  Rather – Amazon Prime day extends to other Amazon countries, including those European ones.

With the goal of keeping this post short and tidy, I’m just going to get right into the deals.  Keep in mind that in almost all cases availability is limited, both in time and quantity.  Like, sometimes just a few minutes or at most a few hours.  You’ll want to jump on a deal you like.

If you find an Amazon Prime Day deal that’s not listed below that’s sport-tech related, feel free to drop it in the comments!  Or, if you’ve got questions on deals, that’s a good place too.

US Deals:

These are from the Amazon US store, but do remember that as of late Amazon.com (US) actually has reasonable international shipping options (they used to suck), so for some purchases it may be worthwhile looking at the numbers.

Apple Watch Stainless Steel Accessory Band: Starts at 11:15AM EST (unknown discount)

Fitbit Blaze Smartwatch: Normally $200, now $140

Fitbit Charge HR replaceable bands: There’s actually a lot of these on Prime Day, this starts at 1:55PM EST

Fossil Smartwatches: 40% Off all models

Gamin Fenix 3 GPS Watch: Normally about $499, now $315

Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire GPS Watch with leather band: Normally $599, now $399.

Garmin Fenix 3HR GPS Watch (with optical HR): Normally $550, now $384

Garmin Forerunner 630 with HR strap: Normally $449, now $300

GoPro Hero Session: Normally $149, now $102 (this has been popping in and out, keep an eye on it).

GoPro Hero Session Bundle: Normally $200, now $149

Misfit Ray Activity Tracker: Normally $99, now $49.

Nitetrider Pro 1800 Race Cycling Light: Normally $349, now $199

Nitetrider Lumina 750 Combo Bike Light: Normally $99, now $79

Polar M200 GPS watch (with optical HR): Normally $149, now $99.

Polar Red M400 GPS watch: Normally $169, now $104 (UPDATED to lower price!). Solid deal.

SanDisk 128GB High Performance MicroSD card: Normally $44, now $35. This is the exact microSD card I use in all my action cams and drones. Zero issues.

Scosche Rhythm dual ANT+/BLE HR optical sensor: Normally $79, now $69 – my favorite optical HR sensor.

Wahoo TICKR HR Strap: 20% off, normally $50, now $40 (deal temporarily ended, scheduled to reappear later today)

Wahoo TICKR X HR Strap: Normally $79, now $59-$63 depending on hour (I use this strap a ton)

Wahoo RPM & SPEED dual ANT+/BLE sensors combo pack: Normally $70, now $50 (sensors I use a lot)

Yi 4K Action Cam: Normally $249, but $160 (after added to cart)

Also of note in the random category, for those that wonder what automated camera I use for my Facebook Live sessions, it’s the Mevo camera which goes on sale at 1:05PM EST (unknown price).  Just today they released a firmware update which adds 4K recording and 1080p streaming to YouTube/Facebook. Woot!

Deals that are still alive the day after:

(Added Wednesday, July 12th, 2017)

Turns out, Prime Day isn’t just a day, but…extra days. Like extra innings in a baseball game, minus the cracker jacks.  Some deals are still going strong, so here’s the roundup as of Wednesday afternoon:

Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire GPS Watch with leather band: Normally $599, now $399

Garmin Forerunner 630 with HR strap: Normally $449, now $340

Polar Red M400 GPS watch: Normally $169, now $104. Solid deal.

Scosche Rhythm dual ANT+/BLE HR optical sensor: Normally $79, now $69 – my favorite optical HR sensor.

Wahoo RPM & SPEED dual ANT+/BLE sensors combo pack: Normally $70, now $55 (sensors I use a lot)

Not a huge list, but certainly better than no list!

Most ordered items by DCR readers:

Update – 7:50PM US EST Time: I thought it might be interesting to look at the top items ordered by DCR readers today to date.  Note that I don’t see any personal/order information, just a total list of items en mass ordered today…albeit including the handful of folks who ordered sex toys (well played). For everyone else, here’s the top things as of this point:

  1. Amazon Fire HD 8″: Ok, this surprised me. Given I didn’t link to it at all, this is just Amazon doing its magic.  But at $39 for an HD tablet (or $49 right now)…even I’ve been tempted to buy one.  Damn you Amazon algorithms!
  2. Gamin Fenix 3 GPS Watch: I kinda expected this, as it’s a pretty good deal for only $315.
  3. GoPro Hero Session: What’s interesting about this is that it’s not actually the item I linked to initially. I initially linked to the then only available Hero Session bundle, but once this became available for $102-$109, lots of folks hit it.
  4. Garmin Fenix 3HR GPS Watch (with optical HR): Like the Fenix 3, this is also a good deal at $384 – so no surprise there.  Plus, readers here would likely be attracted to a product like this.
  5. Wahoo TICKR X HR Strap: While the regular TICKR was picked up a bunch, more people actually have gone for spending another $10 or so for the TICKR X.
  6. Scosche Rhythm dual ANT+/BLE HR optical sensor: While ‘only’ a $10 savings, at $69 I suspect this fell into the impulse buy category.  But more people bought than I expected.  Plus, it’s still my favorite.
  7. GoPro floating handle mount: Another item I didn’t link to, but a crapton of you have bought for $21. Given how many times I’ve dropped GoPro’s over the side of a boat, I probably should consider this one.
  8. Amazon Echo Dot: Yet another item I didn’t link to/mention.  And also yet another item I was suckered into buying.  I don’t have any Echo at all, so for $34 I’m willing to write it up to a nifty experiment.

So there ya have it, a look at what your fellow DCR readers are ordering.  Also, a lot of socks.  Though not really the same brands/etc, just socks in general.  Runners you are, so that makes sense too.  Thanks for supporting the site – no matter what you order/ordered!

European Deals:

I’ll try and find these across the different sites, but sometimes it’s tricky.  Do keep in mind that in most cases you can order on any Amazon Europe site to any other European country.  For example, even though I live in France, I can order from Amazon Italy or Amazon UK.  Occasionally there are limitations, but not usually.

Deal redirecting you to wrong page (geo-redirection)? No problem, just use these country links and then search for the product name: UK based here! Canada! Germany! France! Spain! Italy!

DJI Mavic Drone Sorta-Combo Pack: Down to 1099EUR, normally 1,293EUR (Amazon France) – it’s a solid deal, and what I use (Amazon France and Amazon Germany). Note this is not the normal combo pack, but a variation on that theme with 2 batteries instead of three, and not the car charger (but does have the charging hub). It’s not clear if it has the carrying bag.

Fitbit – 30% off most devices: From Amazon UK.

Fitbit – 30% off some devices: From Amazon France and Amazon Germany

Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle: Down to 329EUR, normally 398EUR (Amazon Germany)

Garmin Fenix 3 Performer Bundle: Down to 379EUR, normally 488EUR (Amazon France, Amazon Germany)

Garmin Fenix 3 with HRM-RUN strap: Down to 279EUR, normally 404EUR (Amazon France, Amazon Germany)

Garmin Forerunner 230 GPS watch: Down to 129EUR, normally 249EUR (Amazon France)

Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS with optical HR: Down to 174GBP, normally 299GBP (Amazon UK)

Garmin Forerunner 35 GPS with optical HR: Down to 109GBP, normally 159GBP (Amazon UK, Amazon Germany)

Garmin HRM-RUN HR Strap: Down to $89, normally $99.

Garmin Index WiFi Scale: Down to 99EUR, normally 119EUR (Amazon Germany)

Garmin Vivosmart HR with optical HR: Down to 119GBP, normally 151GBP (Amazon UK)

Garmin Vivoactive HR with optical HR: Down to 159EUR, normally 213EUR (Amazon Germany)

GoPro Hero5 Session Bundle: Down to 255GBP, normally 381GBP (Amazon UK)

GoPro Hero5 Session Bundle: Down to 299EUR, normally 416EUR (Amazon France)

Huawei Android Wear GPS Watch: Down to 269GBP, normally 329GBP (Amazon UK)

Polar A360 Activity Tracker: Down to 89EUR, normally 110EUR (Amazon France and Amazon Germany)

Polar M400 GPS Watch: Down to 99EUR, normally 129EUR (Amazon France)

Polar M600 Android Wear GPS watch: Down to 187EUR, normally 258EUR (Amazon France)

Samsung Gear S3 GPS Watch: Down to 254GBP, normally 349GBP (Amazon UK)

SanDisk 128GB High Performance Micro-SD Card: Down to 38EUR, normally 50EUR+ (Amazon France). This is actually the specific card I use in all my action cams and drones. Zero issues.

Sony FDX-X1000 4K Action Cam Bundle: Down to 279EUR, normally 379EUR (Amazon Germany)

TomTom Runner GPS: Down to 54GBP, normally 74GBP (Amazon UK)

TomTom Spark 3 with optical HR: Down to 107EUR, normally 139EUR (Amazon France)

Withings/Nokia Body+ Balance WiFi Scale: Down to 62EUR, normally 99EUR (Amazon France)

Withings/Nokia Body Cardio WiFi Scale: Down to 112EUR, normally 125EUR (Amazon France)

Withings/Nokia Activite Steel HR: Down to 89EUR, normally 129EUR (Amazon France)

Do note that for European Amazon pricing, sometimes the ‘normally’ price isn’t super accurate, as that’s the list price that’s never usually used in Europe.  But I’m not going to try and track all the street prices everywhere across all these countries – so, your mileage may vary.

With that – thanks for reading, and thanks for supporting the site via the links above!  Also, if you plan to purchase anything else on Amazon today (like, a car), using the link at the top (the big Amazon Prime picture) helps the site out, no matter what you purchase after that point.


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  1. Would you recommend the Edge 1000 at that price given the age of it? I’m still holding out for the Edge 1030 (or whatever) but as the Edge 1000 gets cheaper it seems more of a good deal! The Edge 820 is too small a screen for me so it’s a 1xxx next either way.

    • It’s a tough one. I agree it’s due for a refresh. At 329EUR it’s a solid deal (especially since it’s a bundle), so in that sense I wouldn’t have any issues. Whereas at list price and non-bundle it’s a non-starter.

      I think more important than the age in this case is really the features. It’s more or less at parity with the Edge 820, so it’s not like there’s some major gap there. And with CIQ (and very few limitations on the Edge series), I think you’ll continue to see good development there by 3rd parties for years to come.

      And while historically Garmin has made most Edge device announcements at Eurobike, that doesn’t mean those units are available then. In most cases, it’s then months before availability. So basically if you want a unit for this summer/fall, go buy now. If you’re in a good spot, then it may be worthwhile to see what/if anything is announced in 7 weeks (but probably not available for a long time).

    • Ricardo

      Hello. In Amazon Spain, price for the Edge 1000 is lower. Just 269,99 Euros
      link to amazon.es

    • Dave Lusty

      Thanks, that’s pretty much what I was thinking. I have an Edge 810 which works if a little clunky when sat next to the FR935 (which is pretty perfect to me!). I think I’ll see if it drops any cheaper before jumping in, really hope the 1030 adds something special to justify such a wait – all I want is an 820 with large screen and small bezel :)

    • ekutter

      I’m in the exact same position as Dave. Edge 810 and FR935. Unless I need maps, I’ve started just using my 935 with quick release kit until an Edge 1000 replacement comes along. Actually works surprisingly well with CIQ data fields for improved layout. Given how long it’s been since they’ve released a flagship Edge and that competition is increasing, I’ve got high hopes there will be some major improvements. No idea what those are though.

    • tfk

      buttons Dave.
      you also need buttons.
      trust me.

  2. FX

    I would like to buy a Garmin and this 235 deal seems to be good.
    But I know that the 630 is great as well.
    What do you think ? The touchable screen worth it ?

    • I’d personally choose the FR235 over the FR630 in almost every case. The line has really blurred between what used to be two significantly different products, to what are fairly similar – especially with Connect IQ.

      The main things to look at there are whether you want some of the advanced running data and recovery metrics. If you don’t, then honestly I’d save the cash and gain the optical HR sensor. I believe in my review of either the FR630 or FR235 I dive into those thoughts in a bit more detail.

    • Just to make your FR630 related decision more challenging, it just went on sale for $300 (with a HR strap). Normally $450. Linkage: link to amzn.to

  3. Benjamin

    I tried to go for amazon.fr from germany to buy the FR230 for just 129€ (what a deal…)

    But the problem is: They do not recognize me as a prime member. On Amanzon.de i am prime member. So i can not order on amazon.fr a primeday offer…. :***-( Any advise on that?

    • It’s weird, sometimes I see that for me as well – but sometimes not. I’m a US Amazon Prime member, and our Amazon France side sees it fine, as does Amazon UK and Germany/Spain. But every once in a long while I’ll get a similar error message and I’m not sure why.

      You could just do the free 30-day trial for Amazon.fr and then cancel it in a few days. Problem solved. Well, I think there’s a 30-day trial for Amazon.fr like the others.

      Fwiw – Amazon.it does have it for about 150ish, not as good a deal, but still better.

    • Stefan

      The same for me. My German Prime Membership was not recognised on amazon.FR.

      However, the 230 deal is simply too good, signed up for the 30-day trial and will cancel it in a few days (once the watch has been shipped).

    • Benjamin

      Thank you for you answer. Unfortunately that is not a solution.

      I signed the prime membership at amazon.fr
      I put the FR230 in my basket
      I go further and the price switches to 179€ when arrived at the window where i can choose my adress. :**(

  4. Alek

    i have checked both France and Germany and DJI Mavic Drone Combo Pack is 1449E:(

    • Here’s the direct link to it: link to dcra.in

      In looking more carefully, it’s actually a slightly tweaked combo pack. Instead of 3 batteries like the normal combo it has two, and it appears to lack the car charger (but does have the charging hub). I’ll tweak description above. Still a solid 200EUR savings though for those parts.

    • Alek

      thanks- i could not find it through normal search option on amazon page.

  5. Stephan

    Ray, would you go with the Fenix3 HR at this price point? I’m coming from a 910XT, so it’ll be a massive upgrade, but should I instead go with 735 or 935? Frankly, I use it mostly 1) as my running watch and 2) during races. I have a dedicated Edge 520 for cycling.

    • From a FR910XT, that’s a good upgrade path.

      At the same time, for your description, I might consider the FR735. It’s set to be at $399 from this weekend (upcoming) forward and it has better long-term Connect IQ support. Sure, I love the FR935 more than the FR735, but I’m not sure for most people if that jump in price makes sense (it does if you run in the mountains though).

      Hope this helps!

    • ekutter

      Ray, have you looked at all at the new Approach S60? Looks like it’s a golf watch based on the Fenix5/935 platform and appears to offer many of the features including the running/biking/swimming modes, although maybe not multi sport mode. And It’s priced at $399. If I didn’t already have a 935, I consider it as I really liked the touch screen on my 630. Looks like it doesn’t have the 20+ hour battery, but for running, could be a good deal.

    • Dave Lusty

      Ray probably has looked at that, but his one says Forerunner 245/645 on it rather than Approach S60 and he won’t be able to say anything until later this year ;)

    • Interesting, I actually hadn’t looked at the S60 at all. Funny.

  6. Teresa

    I have the go pro session in my cart. I was hoping to get go pro 5. You didn’t find it available in US? What is difference in session & 5? I want to use it mtn biking, road cycling, kayaking, & paddleboarding.


  7. funkright

    I’m always torn, buy the TickR or the TickrX. FOMO is the only reason I would buy the TickrX, I am not sure I would use it without a device (Edge 820, Apple Watch, iPhone, etc…). Is there any reason the TickrX is a MUST buy?

    • No reason in my opinion. I use the regular TICKR and TICKR X interchangeably. I never use it without a device. Today I used the regular TICKR on my bike ride, but last week it was the X.

  8. Dan

    Garmin Fenix 3 HR – amazon.it – 284eur

  9. Simone

    No Canadian representation?

  10. saltz

    at $319, Fenix 3 v Fenix 5 more compelling or is the delta in battery life, smaller face make the latter still a better choice for 24 hour races and weekend long hikes?

    • 24hr races will be hard with the Fenix 5 to be honest (you’ll likely end up just barely short) whereas the Fenix 3 you can at least using the charging thingy on your wrist (you can still charge the Fenix 5 mid-use, just not on your wrist).

      Personally I like a smaller watch – but that’s just a me thing.

  11. daveyg

    I have a very old Forerunner 610 and want to upgrade. The 235 looks a good price in the UK at £175. Any news on when a 245 and can they really add much more? I like the 735 but can really justify double the price as a mere runner

    • Garmin typically does about a 2-year cycle for the Forerunner series, putting it on pace for this fall. But ya never know.

      As a runner coming from the FR610, unless there are some very specific advanced recovery/etc features of the FR630 that you want, I generally believe the FR235 is a better option.

  12. Michael

    128GB SanDisk SDSQUNC-128G-GZFMA
    Price in Amzon Germany is €31,99


    You can now freely announce that within the next week the ultimate bicycle computer will be released. It will have all of the best features of garmin and wahoo together in on perfectly sized for factor. It will do everything but pedal.

    I know this to be factual because yesterday I purchased a wahoo element to replace my garmin 810. I think it was the day i ordered my 810 the 520 came out and the following week or two after I received my 810 they launched the 820.

    there is no doubt that i will now once again have missed the boat.

  14. Patrick

    I somehow scored a DJI Phantom 3 Standard for $161 USD with shipping. Not too bad.