The Didn’t Get What You Wanted $500 Gadget Giveaway


I’m sure many of you received various sports gadgets over the last few weeks as part of the holidays.  But for those unlucky elves who received only a half-eaten gel packet in their Christmas stocking from their not-so-significant others, I’ve got a festivus of a present for you: This giveaway.

The winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero5 Black to a Garmin Vivoactive HR to a random pair of socks to the PowerTap C1 power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever floats your boat (note: they don’t sell boats).

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of what product you’d get and why (but don’t worry, you can change your mind later if you win).

The reason you need a short description of ‘why’ is that if you just put a simple product name (i.e. F3), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Thursday, December 29th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.


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  1. Darren Robertson

    I’d choose a Garmin Fenix 3 while eating a span sandwich!

  2. Barry D.

    I’d like to get the new Kickr since it is quieter and maybe a little better (safer for hearing) to ride with my 4 month old in the playpen.

  3. Daniel

    I´ll go probably for a Watch, but might change opinion and get something else, thanks!

  4. Christina

    Definitely the Power Tap C1, need a power meter for my first full Ironman in 2017!!

  5. Cameron

    Garmin Edge 520!!.. Probably.. 🙂

  6. Dave Graf

    I would get a Garmin 735 Forerunner XT

  7. Jakob Claffey

    Id get the Garmin Fenix HR to wear as an everyday watch

  8. Max

    I would go for one of the Garmin GPS watches, because my Fitbit Surge won’t quite cut it when I start running longer distances.

  9. Kevin

    A GPS watch for me and also for my son who is in the Army and is deploying soon.

  10. Nick Sutton

    Thanks Ray! I’ve been smashing out a solid 4 months on Trainerroad & zwift via my recent tacx bushido purchase. Absolutely loving power training but sadly that doesn’t translate outside at the moment….This would most definitely help fix that problem!!

  11. Veronica

    I would prob buy the garmin 520 and a hr monitor. Maybe some running shoes too.

  12. Aldo

    I would look to get sram etap or pedal based power meter.

  13. Richard

    I want a new Garmin

  14. Neil

    I’d definitely get the random pair of socks. Because my toes are cold.

  15. Steve M

    I’d get a new Garmin watch, my FR610 is dying. Probably a FR630 because I love the touchscreen.

  16. Jeremy

    I would get a power meter!

  17. Brad Williams

    I would really like $500 to CT, I mean who wouldn’t?!?!?

  18. Josh Henderson

    Probably a power meter

  19. Dave H

    New modern fluid bike trainer such as Kinetic Road Trainer 2.0. Not only would I not receive such a gift but I need it because wife took over my previous trainer to ride while watching “Project Runway”.

  20. Jason

    A Quarq D-Four power meter, because I need another PM for my second bike.

  21. Jacob Mathieson

    Garmin FR630! And a recovery stick– time to start late spring marathon training.

  22. Ron

    Garmin Edge 1000 because I need navigation for some gravel races

  23. Brendon Mosher

    Garmin 920XT. I’m looking for something to replace my aging non-waterproof HR and take my triathlon training to the next level.

  24. Ardian

    Suunto ambit3 Vertical or Garmin Fenix 3 for my first GPS-sport watch which hopefully will help me continuously do running, swimming, and biking.

  25. Helen Burton

    GoPro to use on training rides to get video of drivers that harass cyclists.

  26. tatnai burnett

    Garmin 520 to control my Tacx neo, and a Bluetooth HR monitor to broadcast to my tablet. Thanks!

  27. Marc Teichmann

    I would get a Garmin 820 or 520 so I could have more screens than my 920XT and not have to scroll to look at my metrics

  28. Mark

    Fenix HR of course!

  29. Michael Rose

    Probably an edge 820, but I’ll have to peruse the options when I win.

  30. Tanya

    I would buy a Garmin virb ultra 30.

  31. Daniel vela

    Mmmhhh i hope that Wahoo Kickr is as silent as advertised… my wife will appteciatte those extra morning sleep hours

  32. Chris H

    I would like a Garmin Fenix 3 HR.

  33. Alex B

    Tacx vortex smart trainer, because this move to the east coast has made for some less pleasant early AM rides to say the least.

  34. pgk

    Thanks for all you do Ray. I’d pick up a direct-force power meter. My time with my kickstarter-edition PowerPod has been great, but with all the gravel I travel… something that works on varied surfaces would be nice; I’d love to put it towards a C1 if they made something appropriate – Quarq Red DZero 110 Hidden Bolt to mate to my 42t x-sync ring.

  35. Matt McCluskey

    I could use a new GoPro for cool shots during my rides. Thanks!

  36. Lee Short

    A new garmin multi sport device. My 910xt is showing its age.

  37. Chad Whyte

    I would use it on a 4iiii Precision Power Meter to better gauge my indoor training over the winter season.

  38. Antony Rutter

    A smart trainer without doubt. Having emigrated to Vancouver earlier this year and discovered what constant rain is all about, I need a trainer to keep those legs spinning over winter.

  39. JohnnyFever

    New race team for 2017 and need some new gadgets. Been looking at new multisport watches and power meters but only got lumps of coal in my stocking. Heck, I’d even just take half eaten gel packets

  40. Brian

    New GPS watch – 310 is staring to die.

  41. Tony claudino

    While i would love to think the apple watch 2.0 can work for us, i would follow your advice on the watches – maybe the suunto. Two other items would be a go pro for my commuting to work in NYC and a powermeter (time to focus on cycling). Happy holidays to all.

  42. Robert

    I need to upgrade my gadgets and take my training to the next level! Thank you!!

  43. Sandy Derevyanko

    If I won, I would use it to buy my husband a Garmin computer. I am trying to be a good wife. 🙂

  44. Nick

    Not sure what. Bought a fenix 3 and like it. Fenix 3 hr?

  45. Jordan Stanway

    Been thinking about trying rollers — if I got the gift certificate, I’d probably go for the Elite Arion Digital Smart B+ Smart Roller and try out Zwift with it.

  46. Lee D

    A new pair of shoes and a new Forerunner. Assuming Garmin doesn’t release some other devices that do almost the same things, but not quite, but kinda do, but without one key feature.

  47. Chris

    FR235 or FR735XT with optical heart rate…not for me but for my girl friend – she just started running and I want to motivate her!

  48. Soren Kensek

    A new power meter would be my choice!

  49. Velvety

    A new Edge unit or running watch – something to keep me motivated through the winter!

  50. Brent M

    I’d probably buy a Wahoo ELEMNT to run alongside the 820. Let’s see which one turns out to be better…

  51. Paul Kissel

    I would get a new Bike Trainer because Bend Oregon has been simply too covered in ice to bike outside. Fingers crossed!

  52. Robbie G

    I could use a new trainer that is a little smarter than my performance trek.

  53. Stoyan Savov

    Dear Santa, I’d love the new Garmin Fenix HR and Edge 25 🙂

  54. Brian B

    I would probably go with a new Garmin computer, or upgrade the trainer. Are there “smart” trainers for $500? Needless to say there are a lot of options.

  55. Jim

    Go pro Hero 5 to be able to ride some of my favorite outdoor rides indoors.

  56. Derek Briton

    I’d like to get my hands on the GoPro Hero 5

  57. Chet S

    I would get the latest virb action camera!

  58. Such a tough choice! There’s always a new gadget. I’d love a Thule car rack so I can travel with both my Ruby and Rockhopper. I’d also love to have more cycling clothing, can never have enough bike shorts!

  59. Jean-Marie Billon

    I didn’t get anything related to cycling but if I were to win the DCR $500 gadget, I would use it to towards a pair of PowerTap P1 power meter pedals. I am training based on heart rate but I would like have an idea of how I am doing on a power standpoint.
    I am already a subscriber to your newsletter and don’t buy anything without reading your reviews

  60. Elaine Kratz

    I’m thinking I’d put the money towards a new trainer… 🙂

  61. EmergencyMonkey

    I would put it towards my first ever road bike as a jump start towards getting myself and my life back on track.

  62. JC

    Mavic drone – but out of stock….

  63. Andy W

    I’d love to get a trainer – probably a Kickr!

  64. Pedro Navarro

    A fenix 5!

  65. Matthew

    I would love a new Garmin Fenix with the optical great rate sensor. Having to wear the strap isn’t horrible until you think about how the new model came out about 9 months after I bought the Fenix 2.

  66. D

    I’d get a wifi weighing scale and a Garmin Fenix 3

  67. Mark Klitzke

    Power meter to take my cycling to the next level. PowerTap is high on my list.

  68. Emre

    I’m gonna have to go with a pwoermeter because I’ve been without one for so long…

  69. Jurjen

    I’d love to get a stationary trainer, so I can continue training in winter

  70. Craig

    A new trainer. It’s getting cold out!!!

  71. Paik T

    I would spend it on a Garmin Fenix 3 HR to replace my current TomTom Cardio with cracked screen which I have been trying to keep alive by ducking into the nearest shelter at the first signs of a drizzle. Other than uninterrupted runs, I will use the new watch to run new routes which I can only do now holding my phone so that I can find my way back to where I started!

  72. Olly

    An indoor trainer such as Kickr Snap would be great 😉

  73. Stefano Minardi

    Without doubt a powermeter. Fingers crossed.

  74. JR

    There are so many things! But I’m mostly debating between the Garmin 735 or Edge 520 or a power meter. Probably the power meter so I can really start training.

  75. Peter H.

    PowerTap C1 Power because i Need a powermeter to train better to get stronger Or just simple to be faster with less…

  76. Manuel

    I would have Tacx Flux

  77. andrey

    i think anaddition of garmin vivofit to my fenix will do a nice combination.

  78. Tim Seal

    I would put it towards a kickr!

  79. gerard

    i would like the phenix hr, so I do not need the elastic strap anymore

  80. Chmou


    i’ll probably try to go for a powermeter

  81. TEDDO

    I’d likeur to get a hero 5….and then I will go back to Paris to film all the beatifull things. And after that…use is with my sports..? Grtz @Teddo13