The Didn’t Get What You Wanted $500 Gadget Giveaway


I’m sure many of you received various sports gadgets over the last few weeks as part of the holidays.  But for those unlucky elves who received only a half-eaten gel packet in their Christmas stocking from their not-so-significant others, I’ve got a festivus of a present for you: This giveaway.

The winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero5 Black to a Garmin Vivoactive HR to a random pair of socks to the PowerTap C1 power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever floats your boat (note: they don’t sell boats).

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of what product you’d get and why (but don’t worry, you can change your mind later if you win).

The reason you need a short description of ‘why’ is that if you just put a simple product name (i.e. F3), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Thursday, December 29th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Probably a power meter for the bike

  2. JILL P.

    Would order myself a Polar 400 to join a heart rate training program I’ve had my eye on.

  3. Jeffrey Miesemer

    I’d be shopping for a new pump, Wahoo KICKR desk, and a few other bike accessories with my CleverTraining certificate.

  4. 8

    I’d love to wrap that new Fenix HR on my wrist !

    Best wishes for 2017 y’all !

  5. BostonSkier

    I would get a new Garmin cycling computer.

  6. Eric Woods

    I would get a GoPro Hero 5 black so that I could start recording my training and races; making cool videos like DcRainmaker does!

  7. jeffrey TOWLE

    I’d get a garmin fenix with heart rate.

  8. Terry T

    My 910XT is starting to die off, so either a Fenix 3 or 735XT. Thanks!

  9. Alex

    Fenix 3 HR

  10. Danny Gillins

    A new Garmin watch, not sure which one.

  11. Mary

    Anything powertap

  12. Jamie belcher

    Would have to be a Fenix 3. Someone at work has one and I need one.

  13. Spencer Reynolds

    I would use it for a Powertap C1 or p1 pedals.

    Don’t have power, just purchased a Fenix 3 and was given a Edge 520 :)

  14. Kim Molloy

    I would get my husband a new running watch… probably the Fenix3 HR. Or maybe I’d just get something nice for myself…..

  15. StefanU

    I would get a Garmin Fenix 3 to use as a running companion instead of the bike computer I now use.

  16. Eric Ericson

    Either a G3 powertap hub (for myself), or an Edge 820 for my wife’s bike.

  17. Meat

    Fenix 3 HR so I can one on each wrist

  18. B.

    Garmin HRM Swim & Triathlon Straps, because I am greedy =)

  19. Westin McEntire

    I’d def. get some powertap p1 pedals

  20. Tom Wanek

    GoPro for our upcoming event, the Haute Route Rockies in June!

  21. Alan E

    A FR735, to further allow my girls forget me!

  22. Ian Cassidy

    Probably a Garmin 520 and a Wahoo Ticker !
    Happy Christmas

  23. Terry Betcher

    Garmin virb

  24. Andrew

    I’d consider the Fenix 3 HR. Thanks.

  25. Stijn

    A table to add to my tacx, chairs work, but it would be a huge improvement :)

  26. Brady Gross

    I would most likely buy a Garmin 820 or a new Fenix! They both are just such great, BUT PRICEY items I have yet to cross off my long list of ‘wants.’

  27. James

    A recent Achilles injury has me down. Running is problematic. Hoping cycling could be an option, but winter makes it a challenge to experiment. So, have been researching trainers… not sure which, but that’s what I would buy. A trainer.

  28. Adam

    A garmin 230 with a he strap + garmin footpod + tempe sensor, just to get the most out of my trainings

  29. Rob

    Sadly, my Edge 500 just bit the biscuit. Need a new one asap.

  30. Dan

    $500 towards a Kickr would make it almost affordable, but I’d probably get a Vivoactive and give it to my wife for her birthday.

  31. Sandro

    Does an elliptic trainer count as gadget?

  32. Maarten Claes

    I’ll go for the 735XT from garmin as my current F3HR still feels ‘big’ and the wriststrap broke after 6 months of use ;-( Or a Tacx Flux.. so many things left on the wishlist tbh! :-)

  33. Gary Nolan

    A Wahoo ELMNT would be nice.

  34. Kara T.

    Garmin Fenix 3 because it looks awesome!

  35. Amy H

    A bike computer or other accessory for the bike. Why not have more gadgets!!!!

  36. Phillip Partridge

    I’d get the Forerunner® 735XT because my Forerunner® 630 is looking old now ;)

  37. Richard

    Probably the Gopro Hero 5 and I need a gimbal for that. Not sure yet which one!

  38. John W

    It’s going to be based on the flip of a coin – heads for power meter or tails for new wheel set.

  39. Chris

    I’d be looking to spend it on a Garmin Fenix 4 HR! (whenever that comes out)

  40. Ray R

    Definitely a new water bottle… and a whole lot of other good stuff :)

  41. Jeff Dawson

    I’d like a power meter (if I can find one that is compatible with my Chorus group set) so I can train with power on the road.

  42. Tole

    I would like a Fenix 3 HR or a Garmin Forerunner 735XT. I run trails all the time, use my phone plus echo for tracking, but would like to have better accuracy!

  43. Christoph

    Santa didn’t bring the Garmin Edge 520 to replace my broken Edge 500 :-(

  44. Rokas

    Fenix 3 (4-5 which ever new one is going to be). Would definetely help me track rehab after third knee surgery (darn those tendons)

  45. Julia

    I would look to purchase a power meter.

  46. Aaron Severin

    Oh it would have to be a garmin fenix watch!

  47. Ian

    I ordered myself the STAC Zero trainer, so I knocked that off the list, though won’t see it for another few weeks.

    However, I was hoping for a replacement for my (missing) Garmin 800. Either an 820 or a 1000.

  48. Tanasu

    A power meter so I can measure my output and train efficiently.

  49. Jason Rose

    I would really love a power meter. Training for my first Half Ironman event in British Columbia. Ready to take my training to another level.

  50. Steven

    Definitely a powermeter

  51. Brad Borgald

    I’d love to put that $500 towards a power smart trainer!

  52. Nick O'Kane

    I wouldn’t mind a trainer desk for those mid-ride ice cream breaks!

  53. Rob F

    Thanks for the opportunity. Debating between a trainer or replacing the Garmin with one with a HRM.

  54. Dave

    I think a drone would be so cool.

  55. Adam Baxter

    Garmin 810 nav bundle FTW

  56. Andrew Oh

    I’d go for a whole bunch of apparel. I’ve already got the tech gear I want/need/like.

  57. Andrew Clarke

    I’d buy a smart trainer of some sort. I have rollers and can’t justify the expenditure on a trainer as well, BUT with US$500 to go towards it it would be a done deal.

    That, or maybe a power meter.

  58. Craig E

    It’s time to upgrade to a trainer that takes full advantage Zwift. So a trainer for me, exact one TBD.

  59. Misti Schroll

    Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP-I need an interactive trainer so maybe I will actually put in my training for upcoming 70.3 :)

  60. WBG

    I would want the Garmin Fenix 3 with the optical HR. I’ve really increased my outdoor activities lately, and I think this watch would be perfect for tracking everything.

  61. metaxnerd

    I really need to get a power meter. So that is what the $500 would be used for.

  62. Nico

    I would go for power meter to get from measure what I feel to measure what I actually do!

  63. Francesco R

    An Apple Watch Series 2 ;)

  64. Ole Gunnar Tveit

    I´d get a Fenix 3 HR, for the awesomeness it brings :)

  65. Carlos Vazquez

    Hmm pedal based powermeter for sure … unless I can preorder the Garmin Forerunner 930 or 935XT then that would be sweet …

  66. Kristen Salkas

    It’s time for this triathlete to get a real tri watch! The FR920 is on my list, but I’m looking at the 735xt, too. Decisions, decisions…

  67. John Kissane

    Probably a 735xt as a replacement for my aging 620 to see what this optical HR stuff is all about.

  68. Lauren L.

    I would love to have a bike computer – probably a Garmin, but would need to read all of Ray’s reviews to determine which one. I don’t have a dedicated bike computer and it would be great to have more data available to me.

  69. Stephen Roth

    Santa forgot to bring me my Garmin Edge 520…maybe if fell out of his bag somewhere.

  70. Gregory Mauldin

    I would buy a Wahoo! KICKR Snap, so I can start using Zwift and trainer road.

  71. Graeme

    A goPro hero five for my upcoming heliski trip :-)

  72. Brandon Cave

    I would get a powermeter!!

  73. Patrick

    I would get a GoPro Hero5 Black because my son takes off and leaves me on bike rides. I’d love to see my face as he pulls away and I’m frantically trying to catch up.

    Thanks for everything you do Ray!

  74. Margaret Stratton

    I’d love to have anot updated Garmin, maybe a 235

  75. Spencer C

    Definitely a power meter! Estimated stuff gets old after awhile

  76. Alec Kadlec

    I’d get a power meter! I’m entering my second season of collegiate racing, and could use the training boost.

  77. Tim Wood

    Either a KICKR or a Garmin 520.

  78. Bob Bright

    The Fenix 5, when available. Because I presume it will be better than my much beloved Fenix 3.

  79. Steven Barnett

    I would probably go for the GoPro Hero 5 Black

  80. Jason

    Fenix 3!!!!!!!!

  81. Phil

    Power Meter for sure

  82. Carly

    I’d probably go for the Garmin Vivoactiv.

  83. Jason Nelson

    I’d get some clip less pedals and actual bike shoes so that people don’t look at me weird when I ride my Kestrel Talon tri bike wearing Brooks running shoes on plastic stock pedals.

  84. I would like to get a new trainer for my bike – one that is quiet enough that I can bring it indoors. I have been riding it in my garage for the last 3 years because it’s too loud for the rest of my family. So I have nothing to look at or watch while I’m sitting out there for hours! If there is enough money, I’d also like to get a power meter!

  85. Roger Parenteau

    SO hard to choose! A Stages V2 power meter to gauge my 107 max power? A super cool Fenix 3 to see the moment when my heart actually stops during training? I’m sure either one would help me become a top tier pro in short order.

  86. Gareth mills

    I’d put it towards a power meter so I can see how low my power output really is!!!!

  87. Steve

    Probably a GoPro of some sort. I love my iPhone 6s for photos but there just isn’t enough storage. I also find dedicated devices to be better solutions in most cases.

  88. Anders Sarvik

    I am very happy with my fenix 3, but I would like to complement it with a dedicated bike computer, Garmin 520 maybe

  89. Bryce

    I would more than likely get a Fenix 3 just because it is currently on my list to replace my older watches.

  90. Andrew

    A smart trainer. It’s so dark and cold in the northeast (plus, snow!)

  91. Brandon

    Garmin Fenix 3 HR – because I love my F2 and lost my HR strap.

  92. Dennis

    i would get a trainer!

  93. Fred S.

    Something that keeps me going in the right direction on my rides (turn by turn directions) like an Element or perhaps a Garmin.

  94. Joshua Frederick

    I’d probably get the Fenix 3 HR so I can stop wearing the Scosche RHYTHM+

  95. Jeff G.

    I probably would get a Wahoo Kickr.

  96. Dan

    I would definitely get a power meter. I have to check the deals at CT now…

  97. Camilo Arevalo

    I would get the latest multisport activity watch.

  98. PatMcC

    A Garmin Fenix 3 so I can start logging my hikes.

  99. DB

    Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP so I can bike in winter in Canada

  100. Zenek

    Garmin 920xt or fenix 3 and my 310xt on deserved retirement

  101. Ryan Margraf

    Would put the winnings toward a trainer. The 3 and 1 year olds are making me get even more creative with the workouts. This would go a long way to helping with that!

  102. Fred

    My life will never be complete without a Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Parang Machete.

  103. Chris

    I’d probably put it towards a Kickr Snap trainer because A) it would be nice to have a good trainer on those cold winter days when I come home from work and just don’t feel like going outside and B) there are no hills where I live, so the climbing simulation of a smart trainer might be good for training.

  104. Francis M

    I would buy a power meter! Just to help on my basic trainer and for summer time. It will be a great gift!

  105. Barry

    Fenix 3 HR so there’s no guessing how slow I’m really going

  106. Michael S.

    I’d get a Withings Body scale to get my wifi weight situation going

  107. Phil Mills

    Garmin Fenix 3HR

  108. MikeInEverwet

    Eyeballing Garmin 735XT and almost pulled the trigger earlier. Missing barometric was reason for hold up. Wasn’t sure if Polar was going to refresh v800. Happy holidays!

  109. Omar

    I’d get 735xt or maybe wait for a Fenix 4

  110. David Pfannenstiel

    I would be looking for a new trainer. My $100 performance bike special from 8 years ago is long in the tooth and needs to be retired.

  111. Martin

    I would buy a Garmin Edge 520 HR+CAD bundle.

  112. Billy

    I would probably get the Garmin 735XT. I would get this because I am a runner and have a Polar watch, but I’ve been pretty unimpressed with the depth of their software glitches and problems over the time that I’ve had it. That and the newer Garmin watches have the heartbeat monitoring through wrist (which is nice if I ever forget my strap), and look a lot better than my old M400.

  113. Peter Thompson

    A power meter! So I don’t get too excited on the bike and can run more of a triathlon than the transitions

  114. Jeff Noon

    I would probably get a Garmin Forerunner 735XT to monitor swims and runs a and keep my fitness on track.

  115. Andrew

    Would look to the latest Garmin multisport first.

  116. Tom

    A srmart trainer or waiting for a new Fenix 4 whenever that comes out…

  117. Richard

    It would be a powermeter for me

  118. Arun

    I’d get a Gopro Hero 5. High time I started making videos of all the trail runs and off-road cycling I’ve been doing. Must share my training with the world.

  119. Andrew

    I would definitely get a new Garmin…The Fenix 3 hr has me thinking of ways to convince my wife it is “money well spent.”

  120. Jon

    I would get a Garmin Forerunner 735XT to replace my 910XT that is on its last leg.

  121. Maarten van Vliet

    The latest Garmin Fenix watch

  122. Jon

    I want to get some bike sensors, like cadence and maybe a power meter for when I buy a bike in spring.

  123. Ryan Day

    I’d get a power meter. I’m training for my first Ironman this year and I’d love to have one.

  124. Kendall MaGee

    Power meter for my first Ironman event Sept 2017!

  125. Javier

    I’d love to get a Garmin vector power meter set. I have an Ironman to train for and I’m a data junkie.

  126. STL_J

    Zwift has me pining for a trainer with a power meter.

  127. Cherullo Lisa

    I’d get a Forerunner 735XT for my son who is just getting in to triathlon. Thanks Ray!

  128. Brian

    I have FR235 now. I would get FR735 so I could give my FR235 to my son.

  129. Susan Parker

    GoPro Hero5 Black

  130. Kelly

    I would have loved the new Garmin 735xt bc I am a small girl (like yours) and the other Garmin watches swallow my wrist.

  131. Lucy M

    I would use it towards a trainer! Planning to sign up for my first 70.3 in 2017 and I want to get a trainer to up my bike training game!

  132. PPP

    Power to the people
    one p-meter to my bike,

  133. Seamus B.

    I’d get a foot pod, new trainers and a Garmin edge!

  134. PC

    TACX Neo because Wahoo Kickr is too loud! ;)

  135. JohnO

    I would get the 735XT. My 920XT has started to locking up every few days.

  136. Kyle Shaw

    I would get the Garmin Edge 520 because I don’t have a bike computer and need one. Thanks for the Giveaway DC Rainmaker!!

  137. Raiki

    I would get a Garmin Edge because don’t have one.

  138. Ed

    Power meter, Power to the pedals that I can see in front of me.

  139. Billy Wong

    power meter to always know how slow i ride.

  140. David R

    I need a new bike computer! maybe Edge 820

  141. Andrew Evans

    Garmin Edge 500 because it’s time to upgrade!!

  142. SparklyGlitterBomb

    I’m considering a Garmin Forerunner 235 or a Polar M400. There are so many choices I am having a hard time settling on something that has the basic features I want within my budget :)

  143. spicydorito

    I would definitely get a new cycling computer. A Garmin Edge 820.

  144. Myles Matteson

    Thanks for running this giveaway! I’d get a Velocomp Powerpod to put on my off-road bikes, and then also use it on my road bikes in combination with direct-force power meters to look at aerodynamics and such. Thanks!

  145. DaveG

    Fenix watch and try to make it work for sailboat racing

  146. Gummee!

    I’ve been getting crap on one of the motorcycle forums I go to ’cause I’m constantly getting passed in unsafe spots and telling them about it. I’d love to have video of the close calls to shut them all up. A GoPro would be awesome

  147. Jens

    I need a new bike computer

  148. Thorsten Marx

    I’d love the new Garmin Fenix HR! Good motivation to start into the new season!

  149. Carla R

    I would love a new bike trainer

  150. Zachary Cohen

    I need SRAM Etap because I am too old to reach my downtube shifters.

  151. juan

    a suunto watch perhaps

  152. Bem Jones-Bey

    I’d probably get a GoPro. I’ve been thinking about getting one for awhile.

  153. Kobi Sonoyama

    fenix Chronos, so I can be blinged out at work or wherever

  154. Roel

    I would love to win a meter to measure my (super) power(s)!

  155. Mike S

    Garmin Fenix 3 HR to help with all my outdoor needs!

  156. Dave Nagel

    For sure the styrd running power meter (is it even available on CT??). I would love a deeper insight into my running especially since I’m terrible as it is.

  157. Victor Preston

    I’d love to get a power meter! Need to get some better metrics than just HR, speed, and cadence.

  158. David Hiatt

    I would love to get a CycleOps Hammer direct drive trainer to replace my dumb trainer so I can fully appreciate my rides on Zwift.

  159. The Suunto Spartan Ultra!!

  160. Patrick Myers

    I will likely buy whatever Garmin announces right before/at CES.

    Honestly I’m really happy with my 920/Scosche Rhythm+ set up, but having an all-in-one (like a new Fenix) might be nice.

  161. John Carlsen

    A decent biketrainer to keep myself going over winter :)

  162. Ralph Mlady

    I would get a new Cyclops Trainer

  163. Michal

    Wish I had 735xt in the sock

  164. Thanasis katsantoulas

    Garmin Forerunner 735XT and my brain will go nuts or as we say to Greece “και τα μυαλα στα καγκελα”

  165. Andrej

    I would really like to get my first powermeter!

  166. Peyton Parkhurst

    Powertap P1 pedals!

  167. Mark

    I’ve got my eye on the Mavic…

  168. Oskar Pall Thorgilsson

    I would have to go for some nice things for my girlfriend. I’ve been riding for a while and I have everything I need but as she’s pretty new in the sport there are a few things she needs. ?

    I really appreciate your posts and product reviews, they help a lot. Keep up the good work!

  169. Paul Doucette

    I would likely get a new bike computer because,… why not!

  170. Dan Gay

    I’d get a new power meter because what I have is and old and crusty Quarq S975 from about a hundred years ago (or so it seems!)

  171. Alex

    A Garmin Virb Ultra 30 would be epic to capture those training adventures :D

  172. Steve Williams

    Garmin FR 735 – because it came out mid-cycle after I bought the 630 the day it released

  173. Hori

    Probably a trainer to burn the holiday calories


  174. Kevin M

    I’d get some powertap p1 pedals.

  175. Powertap P1 Pedals cause I have no power on my new road bike and I need a backup for my Stages PM that always fails in the rain(which is usually during races).

  176. Paul

    something gadgety that will most likely not improve my performance but fun!

  177. khris vickroy

    I need a new crank and cassette for the tri bike, but really just need running shoes. But i would just take nice weather to train in.

  178. Anna

    I would love a GoPro Hero5 Black! Being able to record and take photos while being active would be great!

  179. Brad Arrington

    I’d get a Kickr Snap. Especially since my wife just essentially demanded I find a trainer so I don’t go bonkers in the winter months.

  180. Jesse Saldana

    Would love PowerTap pedals?

  181. Emily

    I’d get a smart trainer so I could get in some “fun” indoor rides using zwift!

  182. Carl

    I’d buy a few bottles of ‘FatOff’. They carry that, right?

  183. Ales

    Finally a new GPS bike computer and arm HR.

  184. I’d likely get a Powertap C1 or P1. I’ve been procrastinating on spending the money on it but I think my training would benefit.

  185. Miguel Fernandez

    I would get a GoPro Hero5. Still using a GoPro Hero2 and I need to retire it!

  186. Norman Teinowitz

    upgrade my watch !!!

  187. It would get a C1 power meter for my tri bike.

  188. Shawn

    I’d get the Vivoactive HR my wife wants for after she gives birth and get us both some clothes so we don’t have to wash spitup off the stuff we currently have quite as often. :)

  189. Tom

    A smart trainer. Someone needs to be smart.

  190. Mike

    A cycling trainer! Winters in Cleveland are rough…

    link to

  191. Henk

    It would go towards a trainer, so I can avoid the cold outside.

  192. Jochen

    Powermeter for sure :-)

  193. Kelly M

    That delicious 735XT would sure let me do anything short of flying

  194. Kim Kronberg

    I’d get a Fenix 3 sapphire to replace my 4 year old 910XT.

  195. andrew belanger

    Power meter so I can train better!!

  196. David Fieldhack

    I would like a vivoactive HR, since I seem to be allergic to Garmin HR monitor straps lately.

  197. Michelle

    would love to get a bike trainer from Wahoo Fitnss Kickr Snap.
    Why? Cause it is cold outside, it will be nice to get cycling training done indoor sometimes.

  198. Tobias

    I would by a powermeter. Because I’m thinking since years about buying one, but don’t want to expand so much money for it.
    I don’t know which one would be my favorite, but i know where i can get help on that topic ;)

  199. Rick

    I like the “all-day-ness” of my vivoactive, so I’d probably go for the Fenix4 HR…unless it was too big. Merry Christmas, everyone.

  200. Sergio Matos

    I´d go for the GoPro Hero 5 please.

  201. Konstantinos Christidis

    The Garmin Fenix HR for sure!

  202. Oleg Derevyanko

    I’d probably get the P1 pedals or Garmin Edge 820 for my bike.

  203. Kyle

    Power tap pedals–so I can get power data when traveling and renting other bikes.

  204. Vencislav Kostadinov a.k.a. Clapping Monkey

    Would love to get the latest Fenix because my FR15 is very old.

  205. Brandon Lecrone

    Most likely would be looking at a trainer because I’m just not feeling the cold weather outdoor rides this year.

  206. yann

    id go for a power meter

  207. JSN

    Hopefully Garmin announces something new and cool at CES. If so I’ll want one.

  208. Bruce Gunderson

    My old Garmin gps watch is dying so I wouldn’t mind one of the new Fenix ones!

  209. Tom S

    I think I would go for a power meter.

    Thanks for the contest,

    Happy holidays

  210. TOm

    I would be happy to buy a Garmin Fenix 3 to compare it with my current Polar v800…

  211. Chad W

    I would use it for a new cycle computer.

  212. Pieter Hoogland

    Probably a trainer (I like the Tacx Flux), to compensate for some lazy weeks…

  213. Brandon Saft

    I would buy the new Garmin Fenix because my old Garmin just went to sleep…permanently!!!

  214. Don

    I would get a Fenix HR. Mostly for running; nothing like a new piece of tech to run with. But I’m really interested in the other activity features as well, like SUP. I may even wait to see what’s around the corner with the Fenix series.

  215. Sam

    Garmin Fenix 3 HR Sapphire Edition.
    Because I need it in my life :-)

  216. Rosalind Smothers

    I would like the fenix 3. This a beautiful sport watch

  217. Mike

    Replacing the trusty 910 with a newer triathlon watch.

  218. Thounee

    Garmin 735xt since Santa apparently didn’t hear me hint to that enough times over the past 3 months… :)

  219. Dee Dee

    Garmin 735xt because I am a out of money mother of for and could use a new triathlon watch for me training.

  220. Qiang Xiao

    a power meter, just because I don’t have it :)

  221. Xavier

    I’d love to get a Fenix 3 HR since my Fenix 2 has been through enough already!

  222. Steph

    As I already have a Garmin watch, I would choose an Edge 820…

  223. Daniel Watkins

    Probably a Garmin fenix 3

  224. Dennis Vandegrift

    A crank based power meter.

  225. Joe

    Power tap pedals. No power on my bike and I need 2017 to be a big year!

  226. Todd F

    Running watch for ultras

  227. Tim G

    A Fenix 3 with HR would be great!

  228. chris

    powertap please!

  229. Samuli

    It might be time to upgrade to GoPro Hero5 Black.

  230. Tim Hill

    Garmin Chronos … if you have to ask why, you won’t understand!

  231. Desi F

    A tri watch – just getting started!

  232. renee s

    I would like to combine all my tech into one. I think the Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Running Watch & Activity Tracker would suit my needs. It would be nice to run with just one thing on my wrist to get all my stats.

  233. Cinderella

    Either the GoPro5 or some new running shoes and a Yeti ?

  234. Jeff

    GoPro Hero5 Black — would love a good action camera :-)

  235. Panagiotis Athanasios Kotaridis

    I would get the Garmin Fenix 3 HR because it’s the most sophisticated sports watch but can easily be worn around the clock.

  236. Jose Beitia

    One of the Garmin watches. Mine broke and I need to get out and get some miles soon or I’ll go nuts. :)

  237. Terry Rasmussen

    No doubt Powertap pedals would be my first pick. Taking first cycling class this winter and can’t wait to get back outside in spring and continue improving my performance.

  238. Andreas

    I would like to have a Garmin Fenix 3 this would complete my Garmin set of 735 and 820.

  239. Gerardo Torres

    Fenix 3 HR for sure!

  240. Ed

    I’d get a trainer…it’s cold outside!

  241. Joe

    The Fitbit Charge HR 2 looks like the one to get.

  242. Rafael Aguirre

    I would buy presents for my runners friends

  243. Casey Cook

    I really really want a Garmin 800

  244. Jan Aniołek

    I’d get garmin 735XT – I guess it’s the form factor I like, although It won’t last as long as my 920xt. Happy New Year!

  245. Yang

    Garmin Vivoactive HR, cause remebering to put on the HR chest strap is sometimes a bridge too far.

  246. Scott Falconberry

    After getting a Wahoo Snap, now I need a power unit for the road bike…

  247. Viktor

    A fenix3 would fit the bill just right this season!

  248. Scott Bauer

    I wanted a Wahoo Elemnt (which I just used some gift money to purchase on I’d use the prize to put toward a new interactive trainer.

  249. Jason

    I would get the Fenix 3 HR. I bought the Fenix 2 used and have really liked it, but the newest and latest greatest one is outside my budget.

    Hoping for a Happy New Year for everyone!

  250. Jason

    So many things,

    HRM Triathlon – because I don’t have it yet
    Finis Duo – because I’ve embarked on a journey to swim 100 miles before February 10th in aid of rhino conservation and having completed 50 of them, I’m becoming very bored staring at the black line without tunes
    Garmin Forerunner 230 – for my wife because she’s earned it

    That should chew up $500 very nicely!

  251. Joe

    I would love a scale and some new running gear

  252. Martin Suarez

    I would go for a Garmin Edge 520

  253. brad

    I’ll likely upgrade my running or bike computer/watch to something a little more modern (smaller)! Merry Xmas and thanks.

  254. GoPro Hero Black – oh yes! Why? Cause I’m using a Hero 960 currently and it’s great but the quality (sharpness) is really lacking and I so would like a screen on my camera to line up shots.

  255. David

    I need the SRAM eTap setup. hope I can WIN!

  256. Paul

    I would buy the Hero 5, I need to get some good action shots on my rides!

  257. Jay Parker

    I’d get a Forerunner 735xt to replace my old 310xt which is a bit of a brick

  258. Samo

    Need a new Garmin Edge (don’t know exact model yet)…

  259. joe graczyk

    Garmin Fenix3 my Fenix2 is looking old

  260. James G

    I’d choose a Fenix 3 as this would be a nice upgrade on my current watch. Thanks!

  261. M. Lavrijsen

    Gifts for good friends!

  262. Jacob DeWispelaere

    I’d love to get some type of power meter! Maybe it will know where my Watts went this month :P

  263. Eli Selzer

    I’d probably put the cash towards a trainer, likely something in the Kickr line.

  264. Spencer M

    I would put that towards a smart trainer. Probably the Kickr Snap or the Cycleops Magnus. This would help make my Zwift rides that much more entertaining!

  265. Elliott Blackburn

    Still time to upgrade a certain runner’s watch ahead of next month’s marathon.

  266. JP

    I think if I won, I’d think about getting a wheel-off smart trainer like a Kickr or Tacx

  267. Navin

    Garmin 735XT HR strap Bundle for sure

  268. Darlene Dearden

    A new trainer. Mine is on its last legs.

  269. Peter kacandes

    Power tap pedals for my tt bike for sure.

  270. Yodi Soebadi

    HRM straps and a multi sport gps watch.

  271. Simon

    A powermeter is at the top of my want-to-have-list. Probably the Powertap P1.

  272. Mark

    I’d go with one of the power meters from the annual buyer’s guide to help my training

  273. Michel Gendron

    I’ll get a new trainer!

  274. David

    Would love to get a new Hero5 Black to record everyone’s “watch this” moments

  275. Skye

    I’d get some new road shoes!

  276. Ray Hilts

    I would likely replace my old Garmin bike computer with a new 520 or 820.

  277. Marie-Elaine Burke

    I’ll buy a powermeter!

  278. Valerie

    A Fitbit Blaze would be awesome! I like the Surge but my band has busted.

  279. Fred Shackelford

    The Wahoo KICKR Snap, because it’s time for an upgrade!

  280. Rutger

    I’d get a fitness / swimming tracker for my girl

  281. Lawrence Chan

    Hero5 or the Garmin VIRB ultra to take action pics

  282. Manning

    I’d get a power meter with a 110BCD, I’ve realised I’m not a climber and want a mid compact!

  283. Bill

    I would definitely buy in on a nice power meter and a new trainer!!

  284. Erik Elander

    PowerTap C1 for sure. Need to start training by power.

  285. Pierre-Luc Tanguay

    I would greatly appreciate a power meter, a bike trainer or any item from your fridge as a post-workout meal ;)


  286. Kyle

    I’d get the Garmin Fenix3 cause it has everything I could never use and it looks good too!

  287. Bogdan Vreuls

    I would get myself a powermeter. A product from 4iii or powertap would great. I’m very curious about the whole powerhype an want to get into it


  288. Deanne Miller

    I would probably end up getting something for my husband.. or maybe a GoPro.?

  289. Kristian Kleiveland

    I would probably get a Fenix 735 that I could not defend for myself buying before christmas :)

  290. Geert scholte

    I would love to have the Hero go pro 5, so That everybody can enjoy my rides

  291. Dan Balestrieri

    I would like a hero5 so I can relive it all again!

  292. Oskar

    Tacx Flux, because I live in an apartment…

  293. Bart De Hauwere

    Hey Dude,
    Love the reviews on the website.
    I started biking 2 years ago and fucking loved it ever since. Started with a basic, super heavy ridley, and decided to keep riding and got a lighter cannondale caad 12. Omg that bike is amazing. Worth every penny. I drained my bank accounts and started to save for a bikegps. It took me weeks to decide (mio, polar, garmin,…) Which one. I wanted the garmin edge 1000 but not easy doable with a drained bank account. So I cheaped out and got a mio litterly 2 days ago that works like crap. Should have saved up more to get the ultimate gps: the garmin edge 1000.
    Anyways, fun contest. My gf send it to me because she actually feels sad because I feel sad hehe. She probably entered as well (Megan brawley aka cutiepie) what a great love story huh :)

    BTW, if I move to the states by the end of the year, I could bike with the garmin and have her ride with the shitty mio! 8-)

    Take care,

    • Marci

      I’d get a smart trainer or a power meter. I need more incentive to improve in all 3 aspects of triathlon, but I already have a watch to help with the run and a coach to help with my swim technique so now I just the bike smart trainer or the power meter so I can improve

  294. James Dudley

    I’d get a Garmin Fenix 3 or 920XT – to track swims and swim workouts, so I can see if I actually improve.

  295. Mike O'Neil

    I’d replace my partner’s aging 910xt with a Fenix HR or similar.

  296. FrankBriss

    À powermeter or à Garmin watch

  297. steve fitz

    No Fenix 3 but did get Apple watch 2. Looking forward to the review.

  298. Barry Lipp

    I’d hold out for upcoming replacement for the Garmin 920xt. No one does multisport better.

  299. Lynn

    Can’t express enough appreciation for this website and all the information you provide!! I would likely go for the P1s powertap pedal

  300. Asaf Cohen

    Now that I have my Fenix, its time for some new smaller accessories… A nice sensor for the bikes would be nice as well. A power meter maybe? There is a lot you can do with 500$! Thanks!

  301. Juzzie

    I’d go for a powermeter for sure…

  302. Gary

    Powertap C1 without a doubt – you can never have too much power !

  303. Stef

    A new trainer finally :)

  304. mcmatt

    I’d go for a Garmin Edge 820 because I just bought a Quarq DZero.

  305. Chris

    I would get the Garmin power meter pedals

  306. juan montoya

    will get the powertap C1 pedals since ill be training towards a full iron man

  307. Mike

    I’d go for a new trainer…

  308. jessica

    I’ll figure it out if I win. But it will be more running stuff.

  309. Charles

    I’d love a Kickr, my current trainer is cheap and not very good.

  310. stephane

    I’m in the market for a FR735…

  311. Ray

    A 920XT or edge 820.

  312. Marsi K.

    If I were lucky enough to win, I’d love to have a Garmin Forerunner 735XT! I’d have to upgrade to the tri package though. Having HR while swimming would get me back in the pool. I have a TomTom with optical HR, but the current pace read is not near as good as Garmin. (Hashimoto’s leaves me with overdoing it too easily.) The ability to pair to a cadence sensor would be nice too!

  313. Siph

    I d go for a power meter definitively

  314. Trent

    I was debating getting both the Garmin Vivoactive HR and the Edge 520. However, since I’m on a trainer 3 days/wk on average and only 1 run/ride outdoors/wk, I think it makes the most sense to put the $500 toward the CycleOps Magnus trainer. Going from a CycleOps Wind to the Magnus should be exactly what the Dr. ordered!

  315. santi

    Garmin Edge, model undecided, as I need to dust my bike

  316. The Eric

    Garmin Fenix 3 – non optical HR. Prefer the strap, it’s more accurate. Great watch, does everything I need plus more!

    Thanks Ray.

  317. Steve

    Totally go with a quarq power meter, those things would be perfect!

  318. kai

    I would consider a Stryd power meter b/c I’m a student of running.

  319. Chris Nelson

    New PowerTap pedals

  320. Jeff Barnes

    I would love a shiny new Vivoactive HR as the screen on my old vivoactive is becoming unresponsive and its driving me nuts!

  321. Edwin

    I’d be so happy to get a trainer. I was going to get a kickr snap back when rei was offering 20% off, but an economical situation left me with a pair of (quite excellent) cycle socks under the tree this year.
    Not complaining, but I feel training inside would be actually great compared to those cold and dark first 2km of a 5am morning weekday ride before work. Could be worse and have rain/snow, but it’s been fairly calm lately.
    Plus, always been curious about the smart resistance training; not entering spring with a few extra pounds from the holidays is all I want.
    Cheers, DC Rainmaker. Ride on.

  322. Francesc Cruz

    My ass needs a new saddle. Fyzyk Antares 00 woukd be the right one no more tech stuff for the moment.

  323. Brian

    I’d love to get a trainer. Too many running injuries this year mean, I need more bike time.. and winter is here.

  324. I’ll get a smart trainer because the winter is starting to show in my mid region

  325. Charles de Nobriga

    I’d get myself a trainer. I went out today for some fun miles and came back with blocks of ice where my hands and feet used to be. A trainer can’t replace a nice blast out in the fresh air, but at least “some” of my riding could be done in the warmth.

  326. Angelos Skoubas

    I would love to go for a hydration monitor (though not available yet), so I would settle for a garmin watch. Happy Christmas and Happy new Year to all. Thank you !

  327. Julia Geddes

    A GoPro Hero Black would be awesome :)

  328. Mark

    A power meter to stepup my training..

  329. Tom

    I’ve always wanted a trainer, probably the Tacx Neo for the noise benefits!

    Happy holidays everyone!

  330. Squeegy

    Time to upgrade the trusty old 910XT. A fenix 3 would do the trick!

  331. Patricia Didone

    I’d get a Forerunner 235 :)

  332. Neal

    I’d update my old Garmin 705 to a Edge 1000 model due to the newer features.

  333. Walter Cahall

    I would get a Garmin Forerunner 735XT – my old multisport watch is 4 years old, and my Garmin swim just stopped syncing workouts this month! Need a new watch fast!

  334. Amedeo

    I would get a new trainer or a power meter: I need to power my riding

  335. Ryan F

    Wahoo Elemnt! Gotta have that real time Strava segment feedback!

  336. There’s one significant area of triathlon geekery I have yet to explore–the power meter!

    Thanks for all that BOTH of you do for DCR and the tri geekery community. :-) And happy holidays! :-)

  337. Don Schenck

    If I win I’d buy some new Wahoo speed and cadence sensors, an optical heart rate monitor and a Fitbit of some sort. Thanks Ray!

  338. Matthew Aguirre

    I would love to get the new Forerunner 920XT. As my 310xt has been acting up and giving me a headache!
    Thanks for the opportunity Ray…appreciate it

    Matt Aguirre

  339. Jason

    GoPro 5 so I can finish my own “best hits” video for 2016

  340. Andre

    I’d like to get a Fenix HR as well. It would replace my M400.

  341. Joe R

    I’ve been debating for ages about a power meter (probably the Powertap P1 Pedals). This would essentially make the decision for me.

  342. Alex Arnason

    Garmin Virb to shoot winter alpine skiing and IM training in the summer!

  343. Ewout Spit

    A new indoor trainer to get me through the winter

  344. kellie stapleton

    Elite Drivo: why? I’d like an off-wheel trainer, it’s gotten excellent reviews (even from you),quieter than the kickr, great accuracy, and I’d give my kickr snap to my friend.

  345. Jonathan pye

    Probably a GoPro, only gadget type I don’t have left!

  346. Tomas Zelo

    I would definitely go with one of the Garmin Edge for my training rides!

  347. bryan

    I’d get a new powermeter because I think my right leg is Tour ready, but I just can’t tell with my left only meter which shows I am a 3 year old child.

  348. Mike Gagnier

    A crank or pedal based power meter

  349. DT

    I would go for a Garmin Chronos. I love that watch and its look

  350. James

    is there a new fenix or other multisport watch that has good integration with some lifting software?

  351. Jacek

    Either 735xt or a power meter…

  352. Dan

    New edge 1000 as my last bike computer broke

  353. Rich O'Kelly

    Harmon 920XT, although I may regret it once it tells me in objective terms how bad my swimming is…

  354. Traci LeBlanc

    I would get a trainer! No, no, a power meter. Or triathlon shoes… so many things to choose from ?

  355. coach dion

    maybe the new Garmin action camera. but I also need a new laptop so I can play better with my “toys”

  356. GKK

    4iiii precision to go on the road bike

  357. Craig

    Fenix 3 for my wife

  358. Chris D.

    A power meter I think.

  359. Kevin R.

    I’d pick up a Garmin Edge 520 to complement my Fenix 2.

  360. Norma S

    I would probably upgrade my Suunto if I won. Or maybe check out the Garmins again.

  361. Carol G

    It’s a toss-up between the Garmin 735XT & the Wahoo Kickr Snap. I’ve been a runner for 5 years but just had my 1-year anniversary in triathlon. Now that I have 2 bikes (instead of 0 a year ago), I’ve realized how much better my training would be with both (or either). That said, I’ve got a big goal for a marathon in April & the Stryd running power meters are intriguing…

  362. STEFAN

    Garmin fenix 3

  363. Eric Gross

    The Garmin Fenix 3 looks pretty amazing!

  364. Sergio Carneiro

    I would get a power meter, to improve my training and event pacing.

  365. Jim

    A garmin 820 because it is new and shiny and getting lost sucks ;)

  366. Felipe

    Best strapless Heart Monitor watch…

  367. Ricky

    GoPro Hero 5, I have a lot to shot ?

  368. Ivica

    Garmin Fenix 3 to refresh my equipment.

  369. Chris

    I would love a new Garmin 735xt this year :)

  370. Ryan LaChapelle

    Stryd power meter!

  371. Lucas

    A new Garmin running watch. Mine broke the day after Christmas!

  372. Chris Garcia

    Garmine Edge 820 so I can further fuel the data nerd in me

  373. MarcoInno

    Garmin 735XT, to support me in the ironman 70.3 training!

  374. Marcin

    Couple of Garmin products because I like it…

  375. Melinda

    I would get a running watch to celebrate my approaching one year running anniversary. I told myself that if I kept up with running for a year, that I’d celebrate with a watch.

  376. Stephen

    I would probably get a new PM or a Vivoactive HR.

  377. Rainer

    A new Garmin Edge 820, mine is toast after a car hit me :/

  378. Dieter

    I would get a powertap p1 tot start measuring power

  379. ciaran rodgers

    i would love an edge 820 or 1000. always good

  380. Brendon

    Would love the yet to be released new Garmin Fenix (the 5?). ?The 235 would also be amazing. My forerunner 610 is dying.

  381. Jim Kucharczyk

    Not sure which specific one I would pick, but some kind of power meter for the bike.

  382. Most likely the Garmin 820.

  383. Sean

    I would get a power tap power meter. Because it’s time I started riding with power.

  384. A new pair of socks woulb nice… or maybe 2 pairs…

  385. Bob

    I’m thinking of a power meter to help with Zwifting.

  386. Jim Judd

    I wanted a new power meter, did not get one.

  387. Ravi

    I was thinking about Fenix 3 HR.

  388. Jons

    I’d would most likely choose a power meter – the Powertap P1. The reason being why not.

  389. Jeff K

    Definitely would get a power meter, probably a 4iii or powertap C1.

  390. Rachael

    A power meter to help me meet my goals in this upcoming tri season :)

  391. George F

    I would get a 4iiii Precision power meter in order to improve my training

  392. Allison Miller

    Power meter for running and cycling would be a perfect addition to training fun

  393. Leah Gregory

    I’d love to have the PowerTap C1 on my bike.

  394. Andrei Dumitru

    Probably i’ll go for a GoPro since i would never pay actual money for that thing. Or same powermeter, maybe

  395. Oscar

    A power meter so I can track my slow progress.

  396. Laurent D

    A powermeter for sure :)

  397. Martins M

    GoPro Hero5 because I want to show others my MTB rides

  398. Neil

    I would have loved to get a wahoo kickr snap for xmas

  399. Conor

    920 xt. Don’t have a multi sport device ?

  400. Matthew D

    Garmin 735 w/Running HR. Been borrowing my now Fiancé’s for the better part of a year. She’ll want it back before she says I Do.

  401. Brian Reese

    GoPro Hero 5 to film antics on slops in upcoming ski trip.

  402. Michael

    Gotta be a hero5 black

  403. David Campigotto

    I would get a Powertap P1s. I have been reading up a lot on Training with a power meter and feel this is definitely what I need to get over the hump.

  404. Claudio

    The new forerunner 735 XT. Thanks!

  405. Andrew Lagodzinski

    I put the $500 towards a set of Powertap P1 or Garmin Vector 2 pedals so I can train with a power meter.

  406. Jeff Hahn

    Pick me, pick me! Ok, I did get something really cool (Fenix 3 HR) but I do have a few more things on my list….

  407. kburk09

    I could always add another garmin to the stable. Specifically a Fenix

  408. Harry Charlton

    Power meter all that way.

  409. Simon Phillips

    The best trainer £500 can buy… please

  410. SP

    It would be a tough fight between a Fenix 3 and a 735XT to replace my dying FR620 :-)

  411. Reymund

    Always wanted a powermeter and Powertap P1 is top of my wishlist to assist in my training and race.

  412. brian T

    some type of power meter
    or shoes and a helment

  413. Nicola Muggeridge

    A Garmin Fenix 3 :)

  414. Maxime

    I would get one FR735XT to replace my Polar V800.

  415. Dries

    Aah, I would like a stryd power meter and a watch more or less supporting it… Thanks!

  416. Andrew Stone

    I’d get a Fenix 3 HR so I’d look less (or more) dorky wearing it everyday at work.

  417. Ben Bastin

    I’d get a power meter like a power tap to nail pacing on my next race.

    Amazing site. Thank you for everything you do.

  418. Mike

    GoPro hero 5 or turbo trainer????? Thanks

  419. Brian

    Fenix 3 HR looks interesting

  420. Tom Coussement

    A new multisport watch would be great

  421. Kyle

    A power meter, because what good is power without the ability to express it quantitatively

  422. Paul

    This could turn 2016 around

  423. JC

    The Garmin 235 – oooh, that optical HR monitor and not having to wear a chest strap … Almost makes me wish ill upon my current watch, just so I can upgrade this feature.

  424. Dan

    I’d love to buy a Wahoo Kickr to kick off the new year!

  425. I would get a running GPS watch and it will probably be the TomTom spark 3 with music. Cos its the only one that does music. Thanks Ray!

  426. Jochen

    a powermeter, what else

  427. Andre

    Garmin Vector 2s, my wish for a long time.

  428. Philipp

    A trainer would bei perfect.

  429. Tim

    A trainer for sure.

  430. James

    A nice new Fenix 3 HR to assist with the London Marathon training :)

  431. Dave Johnson

    I’d buy the best Garmin / TomTom device I could! Love the stats etc, and up till today on my post-Boxing Day run, my forerunner 110 (in grey and pink, not great for a man) has performed well. But I dropped it in a HUGE puddle….now it doesn’t work.
    Spent all my xmas money (given by other people to me) on my sons, to encourage school excellence, and now will have to scrimp and save until I can find enough to maybe be another 2nd hand forerunner or equivalent!

    Please help!

  432. Bill

    Cycleops Hammer
    Want to feel the hills in Zwift. Zwift on a dumb trainer just isn’t so great.

  433. ibisxin

    A Garmin Fenix 3 HR would be a motivation for winter sports in Bregenzerwald, Austria:

  434. Sixto

    A Garmin Fenix 3 HR would just be great

  435. mgallion

    power meter for sure. power tap p1 sounds great.

  436. Chris

    I would buy the garmin speed and cadance sensors as well as a gopro hero 5 or a garmin virb.

  437. Jerome Campbell

    I would upgrade to the Fenix 4, assuming that it’s announced next week at CES.

  438. Yanick

    I would get a power meter for outdoor training.

  439. Michael Harris

    I’d get a Garmin 735XT, I really need to replace my 310.

  440. Jorge Gonzalez

    I want to get a smart trainer to enjoy some winter workouts in my garage.

  441. Joseph

    I’d get the Fenix 3 HR so I could swim, bike, run without a strap. Thanks Ray!

  442. Ronaldo Covre Bastos

    A powermeter because riding by feeling isn’t really the right way

  443. Faisaal Faruk Senan

    A pair of powertap p1 perhaps!

  444. James Millson

    I would love to get a 4iiii power meter and viiiiva. Thanks

  445. Jannosch

    A trainer would be great in order to defeat the Winter time.

  446. Ariel Shaqed

    I’d get a Suunto watch with optical hr measurement. Because my Garmin without optical measurements is beginning to agree, and I’d like to try TWO new things in ONE watch.

  447. Ada

    Happy Holidays, Ray!

    If I may enter the competition/lottery I would like to go for the Scosche Rhythm+ Optical HRM.
    Why? Because I never had a HRM which was working properly and this one might be the one.
    From 2009 till 2012 I had premium HRM within the 310XT and from 2012 recently I am/an not using the 3rd generation of HRM within 910XT.
    I have not switch to the 920XT, because it is not supporting Tanita scales, however pair-able with HRM-Run, HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim. All these HRMs are not compatible with 910XT, so practically I am without a reliable, well operating HRM.

    Off the topic, I have a request to all of you: just drop the old imperial system and for sports, pls go with metric…It is sooo confusing to see your activities in Paris and units in miles…

    I noticed, that you and most of the users in their comments are using the units incorrectly. Here are some corrections:

    KM for kilometer. Correct is km. Capital M stands for Mega, kapital K for Kelvin (temperature).
    nm means nanometer (length)
    Nm means Newtonmeter (torque)
    g as gram is weight
    G is also Gram, used for coloring microbes G+ or G-, but used to mark Giga (10^9) as well, like 150 GB.

  448. Domen

    I always wanted some quality GPS cycling computer, so I’d probably choose one of the Garmin Edge computers (most likley 520). Or action cam, I don’t know, it would be difficult to decide.

  449. John

    Garmin FR920XT fir the mrs because her Fenix 2 died!

  450. Chris


  451. Daniel

    I’d be hoping Garmin releases a Fenix 4 at CES and getting it. Barring that, probably a F3 HR. My Fenix 2 is a little long in the tooth; I’d be happy to hand it down to a relative who needs a durable GPS watch. I’m currently switching between the F2 and a vivofit for sleep&step tracking, and I could just keep a F4 on my wrist all the time instead.

  452. Paulo

    A Garmin Edge 820 to help my training for the Half hironman in 2017. Thanks

  453. Ana

    Aero Helmet or trainer… that’s a difficult choice !

  454. Iris

    I think one of the only things I could share with my father could be the GoPro Hero5 Black

  455. Drew

    Gotta get a power meter. Need to find a way to get some consistency going from the trainer to the road

  456. John

    A Quarq DFour powermeter for the gravelbike! :-)

  457. Nicos Loucaides

    Set my eyes to. Powertap powermeter.. not sure whocjh one

  458. leclercq.olivier

    Go pro please!!! Because it would be so great to get films about my activities

  459. Alejandro Coy

    I would get the garmin forerunner TX920 for my triathlon season. Thanks !!

  460. Ugo

    MAybe a new smartrainer so that the home trainer get less annoying

  461. Mike Kiser

    Fénix 3, so that I can use it for triathlons as well as orienteering with my 3 boys

  462. JJ Tan

    My Bike Computer flew off my bike!

  463. Greg Olsen

    I’d definitely go for the Power Tap P1 pedals!

  464. Nicolas

    I’d get a Fenix 3 HR to replace my Forerunner 220 and track my mountaineering sessions.

  465. Jay Medlock

    Probably a. Garmin Fenix to replace my Suunto

  466. MariosP

    Fenix3 HR so I can step up my game :D

  467. Thija_59

    i would like the gopro hero5 black or something to replace my RCX5 for longer trail

  468. Todd Zarin

    Garmin Edge 1000 as the combo of touch screen and connectivity seems an unbeatable upgrade from the 810!

  469. YC

    I would like to have 735xt for triathlon training. Fenix 3/HR is too heavy for me.

  470. Mark Yancey

    I need a new trainer for those long, cold days here.

  471. Steven K

    I need a power meter so I can use zwift!

  472. Andrew K

    I’ll definitely be upgrading my turbo trainer. My cycleops Mag has seen better days and getting quite loud during sprints! Itching for one of the newer wheel-on smart trainers.

  473. Anders Karlsson

    I´d like a Fenix 3 or maybe a more specific runners watch.

  474. I need more time for exercise, but I hope that 2017 will be a great opportunity to road more. I would love a Fenix 3 HR or a Elite or Wahoo trainer, hard to choose. I think will be a Wahoo trainer ^^

  475. David Caracciolo

    I was looking to get the new Stryd foot pod power meter.

  476. James

    A proper bike computer so I can retire my 910xt

  477. Sara M. in CA

    I would get my husband a Garmin triathlon watch because he wants to get back into triathlons soon.

  478. Jon

    The kickr desk. Dont want to spend any more time fuddling with setup

  479. Andrew M

    A powermeter for sure. But I’ll have to spend hours trawling the DCR website (again) to work out which one.

  480. Bjørn Tomas

    I love the Fenix HR so I going to get that one!

  481. Jeff Roth


  482. James W

    Wahoo kickr snap, cause i need/want to upgrade to smart trainer this year.

  483. Charlie

    I would love to upgrade my trainer. I’m on a nashbar cheapo model and winter is upon us!

  484. Fenix 3HR for next season and/or FR235 for my wife

  485. Mark

    Garmin Edge 820

  486. Matthew

    Maybe the HRM-Run strap and some accessories for my watch. Or a watch for my wife. Or both.

  487. Jaco

    Allmost 2017, so time to upgrade to upgrade to build-in HR. And switch from the 920xt to a 735xt

  488. Samir

    I’d get a 735xt to replace my old TomTom Cardio.

  489. I would probably go for the Power Meter!

  490. Tyler Holtby

    I would get the tacx neo. I’m seriously trying to dial in every metric so I can seriously compete in triathlons instead of just doing them.

  491. Andy M

    Garmin Forerunner 230 and spend the rest on some running apparel

  492. Matija

    Probably powermeter or new Garmin.

  493. Nick V

    I would have to put it towards getting a Cyclops Magnus!

  494. Devon

    I’d use it towards getting the Wahoo Kickr – so I can ride inside this winter and not get (too) out of shape…

  495. Ryan

    I wouldn’t get anything at the moment because CES is right around the corner

  496. Ali L

    I think I would put it towards a trainer. finger’s crossed.

  497. shawnd

    I’d get a Power Meter. Not sure which one, but I really feel like I should have one.

  498. Mark Louder

    A power meter or a kickr to improve winter training.

  499. Richard McCulloch

    Another power meter as you can never have too many.

  500. Mike

    I’d go for a Powertap power meter, so I could have one on my road bike as well as my tt bike.

  501. Richard Howard

    I’d get the Garmin Virb Ultra 30, amazing looking piece of kit

  502. Bret Bartness

    Garmin vivoactive HR watch.

  503. Amelie

    Awesome giveaway! I’d really like to get a garmin fenix 3 hr to step up my running game and pursue my goal of finishing my first triathlon. this watch would help me a lot and boost my motivation. i’m lacking this a bit at the moment. greetings from germany :)

  504. John

    I’d get some kind of power meter to start more focused bike training.

  505. Julian Middlewick

    A 735xt would do me….

  506. Markus

    A new HR watch as my current one just gave up on me. Thx!

  507. Robert

    I would love to try one of Garmin cycling GPS for my MTB rides

  508. Tore Johan Olaussen

    Would love a 735XT

  509. Gary

    I would like a new Garmin 820 to replace my 500.

  510. Jorge

    I’d probably get a power smart trainer so I can start doing zwift.

  511. Jo

    I would buy the Garmin 920XT for the Triathlon season. Need something more reliable for training than what I have at the moment.

  512. Tony

    A garmin Edge 820 to go with my brand new fastroad bike Santa got down the chimney.

  513. scott

    indoor trainer. $500 isn’t enough, but good start!

  514. Dylan

    Would love to try a fitness smart watch different from Apple Watch.

  515. IgorB

    A powermeter would be nice

  516. Albert

    I would get the new GoPro5 for my next diving trip!

  517. Stephen Bond

    A bike computer to go on my first road bike

  518. von

    new bike computer or power meter (pedals) or action cameras (front and rear)

  519. Drawtender

    Been injured and out of it so long, I don’t even know what I need any more. Wouldn’t mind having to decide though.

  520. Ron

    Garmin FENIX – latest version – just to up my game on my wrist!

  521. JMA

    I would get the Garmin action camera to replace the GoPro I never had !

  522. Dustin

    I’m dreaming of a Fenix 3 HR…which beats the headphones I got for Xmas!

  523. I’d get some new sunnies because it’s summer here and I’m tired of squinting when I run. And then who knows what else?! So many choices!

  524. Tom

    Really wanted a new Garmin watch but apparently what i have already is good enough…

  525. Fred

    A nice Fenix would be great ! Thanks

  526. Jenn H

    A new trainer for my husband and I to use to get ready for next season!

  527. Andrew Peel

    I want a second bike camera so either a Cycliq Fly6 or Gopro Hero 5 Session please?

  528. Brian Miller

    I would use the $500 credit towards a fenix 3 watch. I love the look and all the functionality. Doing triathlons makes this the prefect watch to get.

  529. Frosty

    I would like to buy a Power meter so next Xmas holidays I can tell ALL family members about my huge FTP

  530. Lisa Schlitzkus

    I’d get a scale to connect my apps because I don’t have a cheapo crappy one and I want it to enter all my info. Of course I’d have to use DC Rainmaker to research one first!

  531. Boris Parizot

    Fenixxxxxx si longtemps attendue !!!

  532. Thomas Leong

    GoPro hero 5black. Would be great for cycling adventures and family holidays

  533. Michael B.

    I would get the Garmin Fenix HR because it has optical HR

  534. Dennis

    I would go for the gopro hero 5, so I can make movies of my kayakpolo tournaments

  535. Krishna D

    Fenix 3 HR. Would be great to replace my Fenix 2.

  536. Serdar

    Surely gopro hero 5 black. I will be a father soon and i want to record every min of her life

  537. Brooks Daniel

    I’d use it to get a new trainer to stay on track during cold Korea winters.

  538. Robby Parker

    Any fitness item. I am a school teacher in NC (used to be in SC) . Like to show my students the importance of being healthy!

  539. German

    I will get a Garmin camera

  540. Noah Bühlmann

    Hey Ray
    I’d probably get a new GoPro since mine is broken now :-(

  541. G

    Fenix 3 to cover the Engadin Swimrun race next summer. Amazing combination.

  542. Walter

    I’d probably get a powermeter to go with the new fatbike that should be ready any day now :-). Happy Holidays and all the best in 2017!!

  543. Will

    Any roller that can help to recover from my last injury. TACX or Cycleops would be good candidates.

  544. Anna Downing

    I’d get a Garmin 630 with HRM package because I ❤love❤ data!!!

  545. Rob

    Fenix 3 HR to help me get back into running

  546. Rob

    A Garmin Edge 820 to help me find my way across the USA!

  547. Geoff Smith

    A power tap c1 to move between bikes.

  548. DJH

    Ooh, I’d upgrade my Garmin running watch, definitely!!

  549. The Gopro Hero 5 is on top of my list for making the best sports movies.
    Best sound and video quality in a small package

  550. Andrew Burrows

    I’d get the other side for my garmin vector 2 S pedals which I got because Sue at work persuaded me that I only needed one side but now I’m not sure and I’m craving all the extra data I could be collecting if I had both of them.

  551. Chris Jackson

    Would love to get over Santa’s rejection of my number one coveted item this season by winning the Garmin 735XT. I expect it will meet all my multi-sport needs, and replace my aging Suunto that’s woefully dated at this point. Thanks for the chance!

  552. the 4iiii power meter and at $499.99 the prize would be perfect!

  553. Jamie

    I’d like to get the Wahoo KICKR SNAP for indoor workouts when the weather’s too wet, windy, or cold. Thank you! And happy New Year!

  554. Michael

    Fenix 3 – for running, swimming, biking and triathlon … but also for hiking in the Alpes

  555. I’d get a KICKR SNAP to be able to train my climbing for Rad am Ring next year!

  556. Aaron

    I would get the GoPro Karma gimble to smooth out the video on my Hero 4 Black.

  557. TerryC

    Fenix 3 HR so I would only need one watch to cover all my needs

  558. Marcin

    Running watch, cause don’t have one yet …

  559. YG

    I would have the new GoPro5 black for my bike riding.

  560. Andrew MacDonald

    A power meter so I can work on getting my watts up while training for IMMT

  561. Eric Levario

    Garmin 800! The incident detection would be ideal for my wife checking up on me :)

  562. Erik Molina

    I’d use it for the new Fenix 4!!!

  563. Quentin

    Hmmm. A Fenix 3. So that i can see how fast i really am while chasing my 7 year when he is on his bike.

  564. Anthony

    Fenix 3 HR – my Fenix 2 is starting to feel it’s age!

  565. Gaetan Dallaire

    A power meter for my wife so she can work on getting here watts up

  566. Andrey Frolov

    I would go for one of Garmin Edge devices.

  567. I would like to get GoPro5 just because I lost mine a week ego

  568. Scott Gibson

    I would pick a shiny new Garmin Forerunner 630 just to see if I run faster using a Russian GPS system versus a US one. And if it didn’t prove to show I was actually a faster runner than I thought, I would simply use it to read Tweets all day long as well as the DC Rainmaker Newsletter.

  569. John R

    Garmin 820

  570. Dennis

    Definately a Garmin Fenix 3 HR. It will for sure help me to reach some of my fitness goals for 2017.

  571. Q

    I would save it to buy the new STRYD power meter for running. It would be interesting to see that as a metric for running.

  572. Ray Jasicki

    Garmin 735 or maybe a Fenix 3 HR

  573. Cedric

    Power meter for sure!

  574. Gary

    I would get a new controllable bike trainer.

  575. ClownNinja

    I would love to get a set of P1 Pedals. Needs some interchangeable power for both bikes.

  576. Chaz_M

    sadly missing a decent turbo trainer.

  577. John

    I would definitely be getting a Fenix 3 – gots to track and measure things.

  578. James

    pioneer power meter with that will fit on my caad 12.

  579. Raciel D

    I would definitely go for the GoPro Hero5 Black, but I’ve also been eyeing a Smart Trainer cos I’ve been hearing about Zwift from my friends and deffo have a case of the FOMO! lol

  580. Blair

    I fenix 3 and a Yeti Hopper for some cold, post race recovery adult sodas.

  581. Gustavo Jimenez

    Fenix 3 HR, just because I have used a F2 for more than two years and … don’t know a new brand gadget will be wellcome.

  582. Robin S

    I treated myself to a Tacx Vortex last month, but I’d really like a Vivoactive HR and a fancy schmancy trainer table/desk because I will be stuck indoors for a loooong time – at least until I finish making this tiny human who is due in August.

  583. Bill

    I’d put it toward a power meter

  584. Kathy Bray

    Decisions, decisions … but I think it would have to be the Garmin Forerunner 235 to motivate my running during these darkest and coldest of months … along with the Fitbit Aria WiFi Scale to remind me not to eat as if I need to hibernate!

  585. David michaud

    Without a doubt I’d get an indoor trainer. It’s so cold here in Canada that training in the garage is our only option. Love the Girl version of the newsletter BTW. Happy holidays


  586. Simone

    Oh my goodness… I’d get a new headlamp. Or maybe a new watch. Or maybe some new fancy gadgets for my bike. Or maybe a new pair of trail shoes. Or maybe all of it!

  587. Yury Y.

    A new GPS head unit, maybe.

  588. ian

    I’d get a Power Meter, just cannot decide which. Hmm…

  589. aj guckian

    I would buy a smart trainer.

  590. Luc Nérée

    Garmin 735 XT would be pretty sweet.

  591. afton

    Some kind of bike computer.

  592. Devin H

    If I won, I would be sporting a new set of PowerTap P1 pedals

  593. Chris

    Garmin Vivoactive HR.

  594. Anthony

    Fingers crossed ! Happy end ?

  595. Stuart Rankin

    I ws hoping to get a new trainer, something a little more portable than the one I have now.

  596. Josh

    I’d use the credit towards a Wahoo Kickr

  597. John

    I’d buy a smart trainer so I can stay off the roads.

  598. Suunto spartan trainer serait parfaite :-)

  599. Samantha M

    If I won, I’d buy so many CEP socks.

  600. Elena Vispe

    Garmin Fenix 3 with the optical HR option.
    That includes all the features I need

  601. Bert

    I’d get the forerunner 735. I’m hoping to do a big tri this year and could use a watch that helps with the pool!

  602. Jeffrey Harrison

    Vector 2 pedals. $500 would certainly help put those on my bike

    I already support you and I am subscribed. You are my go to source for info on latest equipment.

  603. Shane Pickles

    A Garmin 820 and if the budget stretches a GoPro as well! ???

  604. Stefani

    Probably a garmin 735

  605. Rebecca

    I would put this towards a power meter or towards a new Wahoo Kickr!

  606. Mark Goldman

    Definitely upgrade the head unit to a Garmin 820 or a GoPro! Thanks for doing these Ray!

  607. Ricardo Resende

    I guess a Fenix 3 HR!

  608. Rob P

    A Powertap C1 because I’m still kicking myself for not pulling the trigger on a one day deal that came up before Xmas.

  609. lily

    Garmin 735 :) Thank you!!!

  610. Lars Roar

    I will propably get myself a Garmin Forerunner 735 as I’m getting tired of my old 910xt.

  611. Ricardo HR

    I love GArmin, so I want a FR 735xt, to complete the collection.

  612. Rhonda

    I would love garmin 735

  613. Rory Miller

    Wahoo elemnt. Jump off the Garmin bandwagon

  614. James Ritchie

    Hi, I’d love a garmin edge 820 cycling computer so maybe I won’t keep getting lost.

  615. Pomorider

    I’d like to get a new trainer please

  616. Robyn

    Hmmm, this is tough. Any one of the following: Tacx smart trainer–I’m moving in January and will have more space for indoor workout equipment; GoPro HERO 5 Black–my 2 was “lost” in my move 2 years ago; Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Black HR, but only if work won’t let me bring in a Garmin Vivoactive HR (I’d use the Suunto for actual training and the Garmin for a “work” watch). :D

  617. Michael S.

    Definitely a Wahoo Snap… or most of a Wahoo Snap. Baby just around the corner, so training on the road for a few hours no longer an option!

  618. Giles Levy

    Probably a trainer or some other indoor stuff for when I’m too lazy to get outdoors

  619. Laura Fitzgerald

    Decided to step things up a bit this next year; so a new Fenix 3HR would be awesome as I train for my first marathon….But a couple of Vivofit Jr’s also look fun for my two kiddos.

  620. Jeff

    Probably the android wear Polar watch, the Polar M600. Or potentially switch over to the Garmin platform… would have to do some research.

  621. Dan H

    Stages ultegra

  622. Matt H

    I am in dire need of a new cycling GPS – so that would be the leading contender…

  623. Greg P

    I would get a power meter. Been wanting power for a while now.

  624. Marta Araujo

    This would be great for an upgrade… well santa can you give me my overdue present :)

  625. Bradley Peet

    Got my eye on a Smart Trainer… CycleOps Hammer, preferably, or maybe the Wahoo KICKR. Why? Because while it’s pretty darn good riding weather MOST of the time here in Hawaii, trainer time is still good for… you guessed it, training.

  626. peter p

    an Fenix 3 as it can do everything

  627. David Wallace

    Fenix 3 HR. I recently discovered the site and didn’t realize the tech I was missing. Everything comes together in the Fenix to track my life. Because after all, if it isn’t on Training Peaks, it didn’t really happen, right?

  628. Benny B

    I would get the Fenix 3 HR because it is frickin bad ass.

  629. Reeli

    PowerTap P1 would be my first choice…

  630. Tyler Ellis

    Definitely the Garmin 735xt. I’ve been eyeballing the watch for quite some time!

  631. Definitely a footpod and garmin edge

  632. Gary Fuller

    A trainer for my wife so we can ride Zwift together and suffer at the same time.

  633. John

    A new garmin running watch!

  634. Arif Lukito

    Scosche Rhythm+. I’ve been having problem with my hrm strap. Waiting for Scosche Rhythm+ to drop in price.

  635. Mallory Lundy

    I would get some running shoes, a Scosche RHYTHM+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor, and a Suunto Ambit3 sport sapphire watch. :-)

  636. John

    I want a fenix3 for running and biking.

  637. Blackdiamond

    I want the Garmin forerunner 735. I have a 610 and want the wrist based heart rate and the ability to track hiking.

  638. anybody_

    A bike power meter would be nice.

  639. Garrett D

    Not sure exactly, but I’ve had my eye on a Gopro hero 5 as I get back into making videos.

  640. twoxj

    I would pick up a power meter to take my training / racing to the next level.

  641. Sam

    Why didnt Santa bring me a muscle oxygen sensor?

  642. Miguel

    Power meter for sure

  643. Samuel Khoo

    I always wanted to buy a GoPro Hero5 Black which I can shoot my trail cycling video and it’s water proof!

  644. Emm

    Hmm, so many choices, but maybe a garnin 735

  645. Chris Benten

    A new smart trainer for my wife so she can Zwift.

  646. Mark W. Walling

    An Edge 820… my 510 is getting long in the tooth

  647. Stephen Cooper

    I’d pick up a Garmin Edge 520 to replace the 310XT living out its last days on my road bike

  648. Jörn

    A Garmin Edge would be nice

  649. David Granatstein

    I’d love to get a trainer – CycleOps Magnus seems decent enough. I’d love to get some training in while the kids are sleeping!

  650. Spencer oswald

    Probably a power meter!

  651. Carl H

    GoPro 5!

  652. Milton Evans

    I’d get a Garmin multisport because I want to complete a half tri and full tri in 2017

  653. Kurt

    well, lets be all greedy now and ask Santa for a new bike… :)

  654. sko

    A power meter to better focus my training.

  655. Joey

    A new Garmin–I’m afraid mine is on the way out.

  656. Eduardo

    New fenix 3. Time to upgrade…

  657. Matthew

    Could use a refresh of some of my running shoe selection. New Altras all around!

  658. Joel

    A new Garmin watch would be nice.

  659. Jonathan

    A Tacx Flux trainer!

  660. Andy smiley

    A new gps watch cause my band is coming apart on my current polar watch.

  661. Bart Girdwood

    PowerTap P1 pedals – because training with Watts is critical to improvement.

  662. Jon S.

    Fenix or Edge … tough decision.

  663. William Rush

    Down payment on a drone!

  664. Steve S

    Probably would put it toward a garmin edge 520 or a power meter!!

  665. Pat

    I didn’t get a Garmin action cam! Would love to capture races and bike tours with the kids.

  666. Jason

    I’d put it towards a new smart trainer

  667. James Park

    Powertap p1 pedals. I want a system that I can even use on my family bike……..

  668. Gil OnCarbs

    The power is my dream! A powertape c1 and i make a feast with my mates

  669. Boliche10

    I guess I’d go for a go pro camera. It’s about time I jumped on one of them.

  670. Glen

    I’d like a Fenix 3 HR because I’ve started winter running and my phone doesn’t like the cold. Also, I saw someone else with one and it had a cool face with the Sufferlandrian Coat of Arms.

  671. Joe

    One of the newer Garmin Tri watches

  672. Dave

    I’d get a Fenix 3 HR because I still have some unused wrist space.

  673. Liam

    A powermeter, as it’s the missing tech from my bike.

  674. Chadathin

    I would likely put this toward a 735xt for my wife. She never spends money on herself and she’s still using the 305 I gave her 5 years ago.

  675. Jeff D

    Fenix 3 HR wound be great for me!!

  676. Stephanie

    I’d put it toward a wahoo cycling desk or a new group set because indoor training season is here!

  677. Shane Meade

    I would get a 4iiii power meter.

  678. Wendy

    A GoPro. I run with friends often and want to capture memories of all the miles we log together.

  679. vect0r

    Well … Buy the next fenix watch !

  680. Collin

    I’d put it toward a new trainer to keep pedaling through winter!

  681. Kevin

    I would probably get a new GPS watch, not so happy with my TomTom.

  682. Steve

    Likely a bike trainer

  683. Jim Richards

    A Garmin Edge 520 and a Garmin Varia Radar emit to pair with it.

  684. Chuff

    A new smart trainer for sure

  685. stephen kilbourn

    I cracked the screen on my Garmin 500, so I’d be upgrading that.

  686. Jo C

    Having recently started running (aiming for my first half marathon in 4 months) and using only my phone to record the runs, I’d like a Garmin Forerunner 735XT so that I can get more accurate data and just get a better idea of how I’m tracking towards my goals.

  687. Brett Ward

    I would get a Powermeter

  688. Carlos A.

    I’d buy 735XT to upgrade my 920

  689. K Lam

    Happy Holidays Ray, The Girl, The Baby and The Dog!

    Thank you so much for another giveaway! I would love to get the PowerTap P1 for training and racing Ironman events.

    And Best Wishes for the New Year!

  690. Philip B

    Hoping for a Fenix 5x but if the rumors don’t come to pass, an action camera and/or drone would do just nicely. Anyway, looking forward to all the goodness coming out of CES real soon.

  691. Beau Buisson

    Well, maybe the GoPro session. But, if I acutually won. I may have to put more thought into it! Fingers crossed

  692. Mike Stevens

    I would like to put it toward a fenix3 HR or the new fenix 4. Since i have heart disease and like to run it would really help ease my worries about over doing it.

  693. Caleb

    I’d love to use this towards a GoPro. My old camera recently died and an action cam would be a perfect replacement.

  694. Fred B

    I would love to get my wife a power meter.

  695. Mitch

    I’d get a Garmin 820… Or finally throw down on a smart training… because nothing is smart about the way I go about winter in Wisconsin.

  696. Ryan

    SRAM E-tap because hot damn!

  697. Yuri

    Garmin Fenix 3 because it has longer batter life than my FR 220

  698. Carmen

    Time for a new GPS watch!

  699. efrain

    I want a garmin 1000 bc i want to be able to sync via wireless

  700. MTR

    Santa forgot to bring a Garmin Verb

  701. Joshua

    Would love to get the new garmin FR for my wife since her old one is on the brink of meltdown from 5 years of use.

  702. Sergey

    Fenix 3 hr

  703. Chrissy

    I would get either the fr735 or the vivosmart with gps. Looking for an all day activity tracker.

  704. JP

    Would get a dual sided PM

  705. Johan A

    I’d get Fenix 3 or DJI Mavic Pro!!!

  706. Lannon Rogers

    My 4 kids would love to use a GoPro Hero 5 for their Mexico snorkeling adventure in march!

  707. Nathan

    I have been wishing for Fenix 3 HR. Looking to track some mountain runs properly with this one!!

  708. Jeff

    I would put it toward a Garmin chronos.

  709. KDK

    Would get a GoPro for all-weather action shooting…

  710. Robbie

    A toughie, so many good options these days.

  711. morey

    Well, I’ve been a bit unhappy with my newly purchased Clever Training F3HR. Granted, I didn’t expect the HR during running to be all that accurate, but now my altimeter is going haywire. So- maybe I’ll put that $500 towards the new, as yet unannounced Fenix 5.

  712. Mitch Tucker

    Garmin 735XT, then I could pass my 235 to my wife. Since my Birthday is the 30 it would be a nice treat for my upcoming training. Good luck to all. Hope everyone has an amazing 2017. Stay Healthy!

  713. CK Ow

    I would get myself a trainer.. the wahoo kickr looks fantastic :)

  714. Sam Timmer

    Maybe a new fenix4 if it is announced in January like Garmin seems to do with its Fenix line.

  715. Jacov Lalou

    A GPS sportswatch to help get my running started.

  716. Lauri

    A GPS sportswatch to help get my running started.

  717. Joe

    Garmin 520. So I can give it to my buddy who doesn’t have one!!!

  718. Christopher Kight

    I would get a Fenix 3 HR. After 6 US Navy deployments using my Fenix 2, it finally kicked the bucket. The Fenix series is the most reliable and can take the most abuse while still helping me track my runs, swims, and cycling while overseas!

  719. Kyle B.

    I need a gopro! Or the newest Garmin fenix.

  720. Andrew

    I would fenix 3 for the new year.

  721. Linc

    I’d like to replace my Fenix 3 HR with a Fenix Chronos – not that there’s anything wrong with my current 3 HR.

  722. Jason

    New tacx trainer or power meter. Thanks!

  723. Sion Edwards

    Too many choices – Stages Power Meter? New Garmin 920xt watch?

  724. Carlos Zevallos

    I would like a 735xt. It looks sweet, especially with Oreos on it.

  725. Luke

    Fenix 3, cos Ironman.

  726. Raun

    Probably one of those GPS watches with a HR sensor :)

  727. Mike Catania

    I would like a power meter for peaches ( my orange klein qpro)

  728. sam

    i would get a garmin edge since i would like to start tracking my bicycle rides.

  729. Jerome

    I’d get a Fenix 3, to help with my new career in Swimrun.

  730. Darren O

    I’d probably look to get the new GoPro 5, for no particular reason.

  731. Richard strange

    I’d like a Garmin VIRB Ultra 30… cos shooting in 1080p is so 2016 and I need an excuse in my life to upgrade my TV to a 4K model :)

  732. Mathieu Cagnard

    Fenix3 HR to upgrade my triathlon watch.
    Happy holidays.

  733. PattiC

    I’d get the Garmin Forerunner 735XT :)

  734. Dean

    Love a new Edge to start the year off with a bang!

  735. Christine

    A new running watch to get fit for the wedding :)

  736. Ozgun

    I am just starting to train for triathlon therefore I need a lot of equipments… It would be so perfect to win a computer bike like Garmin Edge 820!

  737. Venky

    I would fancy a garmin chronos in steel leather, thank you very much :)

  738. I’d put it towards a power meter – probably the P1s since they are easy to move between bikes.

  739. Allan

    A 4iiii precision power meter to drown myself in ftp tests!

  740. Serban Mestecăneanu

    I have my eyes for a while on Garmin Virb ultra 30…

  741. Wilco Blom

    Probably a gps watch or an action camera, both will ben used during trail runs!

  742. John Nelson

    I like the idea of the Scosche RHYTHM+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor – I have a 920XT and find the chest strap quite annoying…

  743. Tom K.

    I would probably get a power meter as I don’t have it yet:)

  744. Rad

    Well, I would probably buy a sport camera.

  745. Jordi

    I’d probably put the $500 towards the purchase of a new trainer. I’m still undecided as to which one better suits my needs, but I’m really attracted to the idea of being able to cycle at home since I’m a bit strapped for time lately.

  746. Andrew

    Garmin Fenix 3
    Why, my 3.5year old Forerunner 620 is showing signs of age and the Fenix looks cool.

  747. Mark

    I’d like a Fenix Chronos, but I’m not sure I’d be willing to cover the difference.

    I’d have to consult your website for recommendations on running … erm, telemetry. Either some sort of foot pod like a Runkeeper or a…. yeah, I dont even know what’s out there. Maybe a Garmin 735xt. Can I wait for a Fenix 3 successor?

  748. Tim

    During these dark – short Belgian days a trainer or maybe a Fenix3 to replace the current FR220 would come in nicely :)

  749. Gabriel Robert

    My Garmin 500 just died so I should replace it I guess

  750. Craig Chambers

    P1 powertap pedals for sure.

  751. Cpot

    Happy holidays all! It’s the 735XT for me

  752. Fareed Daaim

    I want running shoes and more running shoes for road/trail to last me another year of running. Thanks Ray!

  753. TD

    Garmin Fenix 3 HR for hiking and marathon training.

  754. Anne Farawila

    a powermeter for my CX bike. Powertap G3 disk or stages.

  755. David Sànchez Gonzàlez

    A power meter in order to check properly my effort and efficiency.

  756. AndreaB

    A new pair of running shoes and a nice watch for swimming for sure.

  757. brian

    Buy my partner something nice then maybe a foam roller to sort out my niggles

  758. Andreja R

    Powermeter under the christmas tree or a new TT bike

  759. Povilas

    I’d love to get a new watch, most likely a Fenix 3, since my current Forerunner 310XT needs a constant fix of super glue.

  760. Oliver

    A new Garmin GPS watch!

  761. gil eliraz

    Fenix 3 HR of course. It is the best tri watch ever (and I use it alot).

  762. Lisa

    I’d love a GoPro Hero5, or any GoPro, really because I’d love to get more video of some of the remote trails that I run. Happy New Year!

  763. I’d be hooking up a GoPro Hero5 Black to my bike :)

  764. Koen

    I’d start with the Garmin HRM-Tri and swim. And some stuff I could do without but would be really nice to have like a snorkel and maybe an aero helmet.

  765. G.S. H

    I’d buy a Garmin FR 630 HRM.

  766. Michael DT

    I’d most likely go for a GoPro or the Garmin Virb Ultra action cams, since I’m pretty happy with my current watch.

  767. debbie snyder eliraz

    For my husband – he wants the new fenix 3 for his Triathlon training

  768. I would take a PowerTap C1 power meter… because I need a power meter and the C1 fits on my bike and works with my V650 Polar computer.

  769. RaksiA

    A GPS assisted sportwatch (Polar M400 or V800). Why? I got tired of suffering with my smartphone.

  770. Lauris

    I will get power meter, because … because I want one.

  771. Donce

    Maybe I’d get one of the newer Garmin Edge models, because one being used is quite old.

  772. Magnus Ekberg

    I would get the Garmin Fenix 3 HR

  773. Janusz

    I for sure find something interesting for 500$.

  774. Aris

    If I won, I’d go for an action cam, but not sure which one yet.

  775. Rain

    Bike trainer would be nice

  776. A GoPro Hero5 to attach to my daughter and then make her run through a playground

  777. Matt B

    I’d go for a Go Pro Session to strap on while trail running and cycling

  778. probably a GPS for my bike

  779. Viatcheslav

    GoPro and pair of shoes

  780. Tomas

    HRM tri & HRM swim and maybe some other stuff

  781. Michal S.

    I’d go for Gopro 5 to upgrade my 3 :)

  782. Mike M

    I would put it towards a trainer. After having been unable to enjoy any fitness options due to injury for what seems like forever,a trainer might just be the ticket to get me moving again.

  783. david micallef

    Power meter would be fantastic

  784. Frank G.

    I’d get a FR 630, or maybe the new Fenix if it will be released in time.

  785. Nigel

    A new garmin watch to replace my 620, who’s battery died on Christmas eve ;-(

  786. Tom

    GoPro Hero5

  787. michal

    I’ll buy GoPro Hero 5 :)

  788. Jan Jozaf

    I wish to have the Garmin Fenix 3, as I think it is currently the best watches on the market.

  789. Ioannis Papatheocharis

    Probably an optical HR watch to replace my vivoactive. 24/7 heart rate sounds enticing, especially if you are heading for your 50s like I am.

  790. Kasper

    I would go for a Fenix 3 with optical heart rate

  791. Joe

    Would need some appliance for indoor cycling (ergometer) because I have only time for training in the evening/night and my bike has been sold to someone who uses it…

  792. Barrett

    Either a Fenix or a powermeter.

  793. qbaqba

    I’d choose GoPro because Santa Claus forgot to bring it :)

  794. JP

    Not 100% sure what will be the use of those 500$, but most likely wil be fenix 3 HR or suunto spartan

  795. Dean Shears

    Well, like others, I’d really want the next Fenix but that seems to be a few weeks away, but perhaps the Edge 820 in the meantime.

  796. Mark

    Towards a new indoor trainer.

  797. Daniel

    Hi! I’d get a Fenix3 watch, cause I plan finish my first triathlon this year :)
    The watch I’m using right now is simple running watch not supporting bike sensors or swimming so I’m looking for something more professional.
    Thanks for your blog! and all the best in new 2017!

  798. Ruben Martinez

    I’d ike to have the new Fenix

  799. Fredrik

    I’d go for a more business friendly sport watch. Probably the Garmin Fenix HR.

  800. Martin Perry

    Can’t stop looking at those fancy looking Garmin Chronos watches, but holding out hope for a nice Fenix 4 at CES, keeping fingers and toes crossed!

  801. Peter Valcke

    I would probably go for the GoPro Hero5 Black to film my next enduro adventures in Ecuador !

  802. Marc Taymans

    I would take Garmin HRM tri & HRM swim and some other stuff for my bike. Thanks, Ray!

  803. Robert Grover

    I want to upgrade my chainrings to Sram 11-speed on my Quarq Cinqo power meter, which otherwise still works fine, but I’ll need to have someone do it who knows how to calibrate the new rings, which isn’t an easy or cheap endeavor here in Germany, or at least not as cheap as it would be back home in NYC. So yeah, that’s what I’d do with $500, and if I had a little geld left over I might buy some lights, because it’s dark here in northern Europe.

  804. Carl Treleaven

    A new Go Pro Hero 5 to update my original one!

  805. Oriol

    I want a Suunto Spartan. Just to try.

  806. Hylke

    I’d probably start with a Fitbit Charge 2 for my wife and add a powermeter for myself

  807. KK

    Hoping to get a Vivoactive if I got the voucher.

  808. RM

    New Garmin running watch to replace the old one.

  809. Tran

    I’d get a p1 powertap pedal power meter since I need too equip a bike with power

  810. adam

    I’d take a Garmin 520 bike computer and some sunnies thanks DC.

  811. Bouke

    Maybe the Tacx Flux (next to the Neo I already own) so my girlfriend and I can zwift together.

  812. greentopiaries

    I would like to get the Garmin Vivomove Classic Activity Tracker with Leather Band so I can continue on with my fitness goals in 2017. Thanks for the chance! :)

  813. Nick

    Garmin 735XT or Fenix3 to replace my old 910XT

  814. sam pink

    Got to be a 920xt, 2017 there’s a full ironman distance on the horizon!

  815. Sebastian

    I’ve lost my SJ4000 so new GoPro 5 would be a great upgrade.

  816. Susanna

    A Garmin 735xt for my logging my runs

  817. Dalton H

    New smart trainer or activity tracker!

  818. Imran

    Probably get a Fenix 3 HR. Hopefully that will motivate me to run.

  819. Balazs Domonkos

    I would get a new fitness watch for my wife. Let’s go for a new Garmin Forerunner 235 :)

  820. BMyers

    A Garmin 520 or 820. My 500 is about to give up the ghost.

  821. Edwin

    I would upgrade to a Garmin Forerunner 630 HRM bundle for the advanced running dynamica.

  822. miraclees

    Would love an upgraded V800 with good optical HR to upgrade from my M400… as that does not seem available (yet?), then I would settle for F3 HR :-)

  823. nion013

    For me Garmin 920xt

  824. Pedro Lobo

    A Garmin Fenix 3 to track my montain adventures! :-D

  825. Geoffrey Tan Wern-Jyan

    probably the P1 pedals

  826. Claudio Silva

    I’m looking at the Garmin FR 735XT… Simply because Santa decided to keep it for himself!

  827. Olof Glans

    For myself I’d buy a tacx vortex smart or a Garmin forerunner 735xt. The girl could get a Garmin vivoactive hr.

  828. Wouter Schep

    Definitely the GoPro Hero 5, because my last action cam has never returned after I sent it in for repair, and the supplier went broke.

  829. Tako Tabak

    For sure a power meter. I would really like to measure my rides and see (hopefully) progress.

  830. Jo Hanssen

    Pioneer shimano dura ace 9100 power meter cranck arm.
    So I can order a 2017 bike to get new energy to enhance my cycling

  831. Del

    I’d get a Garmin Edge 520 for the decent mapping as my old Garmin can’t do mapping and I’m getting tired of pulling my phone out to check Google maps when cycling unfamiliar routes!

  832. BIKND Jetpack Bike Travel Case so I can explore the world and take my bike with me.

  833. Gary Bath

    GARMIN 735XT to kick start my tri career

  834. Geoff R

    I would go for a Garmin Edge 1000 or Polar V650 to get finally a GPS for the bike.

  835. O would definitely choose Withings Body Cardio – I wanted it but… Additional shoes would be also great:)

  836. Fraser Allan

    Fenix 3, my 910 just bit the dust.

  837. Oliver

    I’dget a better gps watch for running like the Garmin Fenix 3 HR

  838. Rink

    A powermeter for my racing bike. It has been sitting on my wishlist for months.

  839. Job

    So much cool stuff, probably a nice Garmin watch of a new GoPro. Fingers crossed…

  840. David

    I’d get a stages power meter to save me from constantly changing batteries on my limits meter.

  841. I’d get myself a nice Garmin Vivoactive HR so I could develop an app for it!

  842. christian jonhammar

    I would love a Garmin 735 To accompany me on my runs..

  843. Nicolas Soenen

    I would go for a tacx flux!

  844. Xavier Gutiérrez

    I’d get me a Garmin Fēnix 3 to go with my Stryd foot pod or the latest GoPro!

  845. Gitan

    Probably a running watch…

  846. I need to get myself a GoPro Hero5 Black, to capture all the over the bars mountain biking crashes that keep happening

  847. Matthew

    I didn’t get a Spartan ultra because it is too expensive

  848. Ronald

    I think I would go for a Garmin Virb….

  849. Holger

    Hey Ray,
    I’d definitely go for a powermeter!

    This or some new trainers as the old ones are pretty worn out..

    Good look for everyone!

  850. KVE

    I will wait for a little bit until Ray reviews the Fenix 5 :)

  851. Jon Mather

    New bike computer with navigation

  852. Hassan Elhassan

    I’d love to grab a power meter, still more inclined toward the bePro power meter just given the price point :)

  853. Michal

    I’ve spent last six months on researching which GPS watch to buy. I’ve read numerous articles, went through tons of forums etc. And what’s most annoying, I’ve treated all friends around with my thoughts and concerns on certain products. In the end, considering all pros, cons and price of course, I ended up with Garmin FR35, while three of my friends got the Fenix 3, saying that I was talking so much of it awesomeness that they just couldn’t let go:) So, I’d for sure grab a Fenix 3 HR Sapphire to not stand out from the pack!

  854. JW

    I’d love a new GoPro for my drone

  855. Charles dL

    I would go for my first power meter

  856. Pieter Brankaer

    I’d get a Garmin Forerunner 735XT so I could pretend to be a real triathlete (again) :-) .

  857. Joscha

    I’d buy a Powermeter or an indoor trainer …

  858. Andrew

    It’s time for a new power meter

  859. Daryl Young

    GoPro hero is what I’d pick up.

  860. Sergio V.

    I’d get a smart trainer to put in the training, even if outside is raining cats and dogs!

  861. Vincent

    for sure a garmin powermeter!

  862. Jeff C

    I would get a Garmin Fenix 3 HR to upgrade current watch ;)

  863. Leon Booyens

    most prob Scosche RHYTHM+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor x 2 and some other goodies.

  864. Judit Adamko

    I would love to have a watch with optical heart rate measurement.

  865. I would like to by a nice Suunto GPS watch.

  866. Tim F

    A set of PowerTap P1 pedals

  867. Paul R.

    I would get the GoPro Hero 5, something I’d really like.

  868. Harald Tomberger

    Garmin Fenix 3 because I could use the optical heart rate sensor!

  869. Maarten

    I think I’ll drop in some extra cash for a Garmin Fenix 3 HR.
    For monitoring rest-HR and making sure I walk off those Xmas calories

  870. Nick Connor

    Oh, a power meter, or a Garmin 920XT, or a Fenix 3. So much to choose from…

  871. I’d get the Garmin 735 because of its built-in HR monitor!

  872. Daniel Jessee

    I’d probably get a Garmin VIRB Ultra because of the ease of using the metrics.

  873. Nathan

    So many things to choose from but I am in the market for an Index so that would be nice :)

    See you in Oz

  874. Without a doubt it would have to be a Power Meter for the bike. Recently started training with power on a Wattbike at the gym and (unlike many other training metrics) I actually feel like I’m making progress chasing power numbers.

  875. Jon Murchinson

    GoPro Hero Black to capture my kids’ on the slopes!

  876. Rolf Johansson

    Apple watch

  877. Leonardo Nascimento

    I would get a power meter because I don’t want to “guess my numbers” anymore.

  878. Barrie

    Some crank power meter or other, would be just the ticket.

  879. Fergus

    Dear Ray, would love to replace the Vicoactive for Jane with Vivoactive HR. Liking the vertical format of the display.

  880. I’d like the $500 gift card to buy my wife a new Garmin running watch.

  881. theboxers

    I would put the credit toward a new smart trainer and then join in on some sufferfest sessions

  882. I would get the Garmin Fenix or something better!

  883. Morgan Williams

    I definitely need a new Garmin F3 – mine has been exposed to far too much to keep it looking good into 2017

  884. Christoph

    I really should get a new trainer for the winter. I don’t know which, but 500$ should be enough :)

  885. Allan Saito

    A Fenix 3 would be nice!

  886. Grant

    Go pro hero 5

  887. Ramon

    The present would be a top of the line multisportswatch so there is absolutely not one single excuses available to me why I should not be running and swimming next to my bikeriding..

    So that would be it..

  888. Robert

    Easy – didnt get anything : (

  889. Thijmen Groenewegen

    An upgrade for my shimano 105 group!

  890. Kristian Wernersson

    I would get the Lezyne Super GPS so I can beat the sh*t out of that Strava segment…

  891. I would use the credit towards a new Wahoo Kickr.

  892. Stephanie

    new Trainer would be fine : )

  893. Elfar

    The GoPro Hero Black 5!

  894. Pja

    I’d get a fr 630 to upgrade my 620.

  895. Simone

    Laufuhr, Trainer

  896. Jose Manuel Vidal

    A powermeter

  897. I would wait for the Garmin Fenix 4 (or how Garmins upcoming watch will be named)

  898. Kevin Church

    I’d have to go with the GoPro hero 5 black since I dunked mine in the ocean with the wrong housing on it!

  899. Francis

    i’ll get a garmin fenix 3 to upgrade my.

  900. Wojciech_S

    I would love to get a powermeter. My wife says it’s too expensive :(

  901. I d like to receive a garmin fenix 3 HR with th hrm strap … but maybe I will… or I will wait for the new watch to be released before choosing :D

  902. Lasse Hurri

    I didn’t get any sports gadget this Christmas. I’d like a GoPro Hero5 black.

  903. Uri

    Don’t know yet. Garmin 735? For the optical HR seems reasonable

  904. Kim

    A car rack for my bike because mine is falling apart

  905. Jonathan Cushing

    A new Garmin watch to replace the one that broke :(

  906. Scott

    I would love a Garmin Fenex3 so I can track my progress on my first 50 miler this spring.

  907. Dyan

    I’d get a Garmin vivoactiv for constant monitoring

  908. Greg

    A new Garmin, maybe the 735 – something I can use for swimming and biking

  909. Jim L

    Garmin 735xt to replace my Garmin 910xt. It has been a faithful friend, but is showing its age.

  910. Jac

    I’d get a Fenix 3 HR to replace my trusty but aging F2!

  911. Burgess Eberhardt

    I’d get a heart rate monitor that doesn’t require a strap. Don’t like wearing the strap and it slips down.

  912. With the $500 prize, I would probably use it towards some powertap pedals or a 735xt.

  913. EJ

    I’d go for the Garmin 930XT so I still have optical HR measurement the next time I go out for a run and, again, forgot to put my HR strap on.

  914. Victoria

    An action camera (Go Pro/Garming Virb) to shoot trails, adventures & races.

  915. Kyle

    fenix 3 hr for my ultra this summer

  916. Kyle B

    Definitely a power meter. I am a big data junkie and want more information to help me better train!

  917. Chris Young

    PowerTap P1

  918. Luís Faísco

    I’d choose the Suunto ambit3 vertical with heart rate monitor. Thank you.

  919. TimW

    I’d put the money towards a shiny number generator, a power meter!

  920. Daniel

    A powermeter is strongly recommended

  921. Shan Sharif

    I just got a Tri bike and would love to get a power meter on that as i have one for my road.

  922. Nicholas

    I would probably use this to get the updated Garmin Fenix 3 HR. I have the current Fenix 3 but my wife got the Apple watch and suddenly I am more jealous to have the heart rate monitor on board.

  923. DocRMP

    GoPro Hero 5

  924. Benshead

    I’d use it toward a new trainer!

  925. Israel Rosa

    I want a Garmin Watch to run

  926. Jesse

    Id get a power meter so I can have a meter to measure my power.

  927. naomi

    A watch that can show HRV!

    good nex year

  928. Sam Walters

    In the unlikely event I win, I would like to purchase a set of Elite Arion Digital Smart B+ Smart Rollers. I prefer rollers to trainers but would like to add the additional feedback data and control that these would provide.

  929. David

    All the gels $500 can buy.

  930. Christopher Averett

    Most likely some sort of crank based power meter.

  931. Alexander

    Honestly, this is a tough choice… But maybe Garmin 735XT?

  932. lexa

    I would start with a new Fitbit and some accessories to go with it.

  933. Daniel


    My FR220 is getting a little long in the tooth and I’ve noticed it’s taking a while to find satellites. It’d be great to step up to the next level.

  934. Mike B.

    Saving for the release of Shimano’s power meter crankset.

  935. Iain

    Well either a edge 520 to replace my aging one or a power meter or a Fenix 3. So many choices…

  936. Alessandro

    I would get the Garmin Fenix 3 HR to combine my run with my hike passions

  937. Rick H

    I would probably get the PowerTap P1.

  938. Miles Taylor

    Probably a Power Meter – I’m interested by the WatTeam Power Beat, depending on any reviews of the updated model.

  939. Stan Hodges

    I’d get a powermeter or a garmin edge

  940. Travis Pelfrey

    I would get the Garmin Edge 820 so I can have a nice cycling computer to go along with my bike.

  941. Jeff

    Terribly jealous of my friend’s drone and gopro. So I would buy better ones!

  942. Lance B

    A power meter or watch

  943. I have an old garmin 310, which can’t hold for longer anymore, so I could real use a new GPS watch – Ie. the 920.
    link to

  944. Edvard Major

    I’d use it towards Tacx Flux

  945. pedrosoj

    i would probably get the garmin fenix 3 hr

  946. Staffan

    I would get a Garmin Fenix 3 with HR to assist me in training

  947. Kopi Zoli

    The bePro Dual Side Power Pedals would be great for me :)

  948. ryanovelo

    I would love the 735XT to begin training for a triathlon!

  949. Ricardo Duarte

    fenix 3 hr!

  950. Sam

    I’d love to get Garmin Forerunner 235 to replace my G610

  951. William Darling

    I would get a power meter to start getting faster!!!

  952. Ben Ahlswede

    I have a sneaky feeling there will be a new Garmin Fenix coming out sometime soon, so I would wait for that. Or maybe the new premium triathlon watch.

  953. Dan Baxter

    I didnt get the new Garmin Edge 820 that I wanted so that would be nice

  954. MGlaz

    I’d get a Vivoactive HR as a replacement for Fitbit,

  955. Kyle

    I would likely buy the TomTom Adventurer or Garmin VivoActive HR. I’ve really enjoyed my TomTom Multisport (purchased 2 years ago), but I think it’s about time for an upgrade. Was waiting to see what next year’s releases in the Fitness Watch Category might look like before upgrading, but figured if I won this, it might give me the incentive to go ahead and pull the trigger.

  956. davide

    Edge 820 stop missing direction anymore…almost!

  957. Arno

    I’d probably buy a new HRM run or Optical HR meter to replace my old HR strap.

  958. Steven Bass

    I would get a garmin edge 520 or a wahoo element. i’m currently using a garmin 310xt as my dedicated bike computer, it works but would love to have a larger screen with some more data!

  959. There were several items on my list that didn’t happen. Missed the sale on the Fenix3. Then held out for the Tacx Flux, which didn’t make it to the LBS before Christmas.

  960. Viv Menon

    Power meter. Because I don’t have one :)

  961. Robert Zolnowski

    would go towards the purchase of a smart trainer

  962. Eric

    I’d like replace my aging original Fenix with whatever is announced this year

  963. I had and i would love to purchase a powermeter for my road bike

  964. Hugo Noronha

    I would like to have a Garmin Edge 1000 because it has DI2 Control

  965. Would take fenix 3 HR replacing my old forerunner

  966. jose

    A 4iiii power meter

  967. Jeff

    I would almost certainly pick up some powertap P1 pedals.

  968. Joost

    Edge 820 would be very nice…..

  969. Susan

    Definitely a new Garmin watch… probably 735, but maybe the new Fenix. Still have a 910.

  970. Matt

    Garmin Edge 520 to track my rides!

  971. Mark Bridges

    A new Garmin head unit.

  972. Markus

    My wife needs a new training watch, so I might by your street running recommondation: the Garmin Vivoactive HR. With the rest of the money I’m sure, I’ll find something nice for me too :)

  973. Roberto

    Need a new trainer, mine is making too much noise. Maybe a Wahoo Fitness KICKR

  974. Shane Wheeler

    I would like a power meter, because I don’t have one.

  975. Sebastian vela

    I want a GoPro hero black for Christmas

  976. Bill H

    I’d love to get a new Garmin Edge 520 to replace my still usable, but long-in-the-tooth 800.

  977. Guy Ward

    A powermeter so I can train to power and cry at my lack of it

  978. DaveG

    Happy Holidays Ray!
    I’d probably get the Garmin 735XT, as it seems to be able to do everything.

  979. Lefthandside

    A running/rowing watch for my wife and the rest towards a kickr snap for sure!

  980. Sean

    I’d get a new pair of cycling shoes, as mine are pretty worn out and dirty.

  981. Kevin R.

    A new Garmin bike GPS would be a great way to get me back on track (and off) in the new year.

  982. I got everything I asked for… except maybe some new kit…. but that’s not a gadget… so I’d have to say a Vivoactive HR… cause I don’t wanna wear my 920 around all day

  983. Jason Myers

    The Fenix 3 HR. I want to track elevation while BC skiing this year.

  984. Heather Riley

    $500 towards anything expensive and Garmin; either bike computer, gps sports watch or power meter :-)

  985. Deron Lawrence

    A brand spankin’ new Garmin Forerunner!

  986. Jonathan

    A new Garmin Edge – mine has just died

  987. Corey

    Probably a cycle trainer for some winter gainz.

  988. Ale Muñoz

    I’d either get a Fenix 3 HR, or a FR375xt (been searching for an upgrade with HR for my beloved FR230, though I’m tempted to just get an FR235 and call it a day… : )

  989. Jon

    probably a new garmin

  990. Tomas

    I don’t know

  991. Alda

    I will be happy with s swim watch.

  992. Justin Leopold

    Cycleops Hammer

  993. Jake

    Fenix 3hr. If i would buy it on my own Garmin would release fenix 4 just next day after that :)

  994. Neal

    I’d have to go with the Fenix 3.

  995. Tom

    A decent power meter to boost my training results!!

  996. Petar P

    I’d buy a powermeter because I want to up my bike training.

  997. PascalDG

    I would go for a 735XT. My 910 is getting old and weak :-/

  998. Francisco Ramirez Rubio

    Life is short, today we have great technology to record it. Go ahead and give me that GoPro Hero5!

  999. Ed S

    I would get a GoPro and a bike computer

  1000. Michal

    Garmin Fenix Chronos GPS because its complete.

  1001. Mike

    I dint get Mavic drone for Christmas.
    Because I’ve been a bad boy a few times this year.
    (But she loves that sometimes!)

  1002. Bruce Mcfly

    A fancy new training watch !

  1003. Niko

    I wanted the newest GoPro. Because those cameras are incredible

  1004. Hugh

    Foam roller, too many injuries that could have been avoided.

  1005. Larry Ahearn

    Probably a fenix 3 hr or 735xt…I’m currently using an ambit 3 sport…almost time for an upgrade, but it seems suunto’s new stuff isn’t competitive for the price any more.

  1006. MaartenVD

    Garmin Edge 520, strava live segments here I come :)

  1007. Stephen Lawson

    GoPro Hero5 Black to capture multiple Spartan races that I have planned for 2017

  1008. Brett Bornhoft

    I would get a Wahoo Kickr snap as I have just moved to a colder climate and refuse to quit on my triathlon training.

  1009. Jurassic

    I’d go for the latest heart, lung and leg combo by God to get competitive

  1010. Howie

    I’d get the Biknd Helium v4 once available. It’s such a well-designed bike bag that makes travelling easy–AND with 4 wheels!

  1011. Joshua Blazzard

    I would like a new Garmin Fenix 3 hr watch.

  1012. training with a power meter could be the best i can do to improve my bike sessions :)

  1013. Carl Belanger

    A new trainer to push some big watts!

  1014. Miguel

    Wahoo Kickr please! I need a new trainer.

  1015. David Sherrod

    Definitely the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 – your review makes it seem the best current camera option. I’ve had to borrow cameras from others when I go on rides that I want to capture; I’d prefer to have my own – and appropriate bicycle mounting equipment, spare battery, etc… Definitely would use the entire $500. :)

  1016. Rob

    I never got the power meter I wanted…but here is hoping that I can get it!

  1017. Michael

    No more injuries!

  1018. Torkil

    I think I would buy the Tacx Flow. But I really need new bike shoes, so I would need to think about it:-)

  1019. JDJ

    So many toys to choose from. I am leaning towards a nice trainer though.

  1020. matt dokken

    I would get a garmin fenix 3 hr, because it’s appears to be the do-all watch of the year!!

  1021. Riza Shaharudin

    I’ll get one of the Garmin watches, preferably one with optical HRM.

  1022. Christy

    I would get the new TomTom multi sport watch with internal HR monitor.

  1023. Andrew

    Garmin VIRB ultra 30. Need to replace my clunky Garmin VIRB XE with something better!

  1024. Gerard

    I would like the new version of the Garmin Fenix.

  1025. ACE

    I’d get SRAM eTap groupset to refurb my aging Pinarello!

  1026. Becky

    Vivoactive HR

  1027. Al Macdonald

    It would have to be a power meter. And it would have to be pedal based so I can move it/them between bikes. I need more numbers!

  1028. EZ Rider

    Hoping that the Fenix 4 (or 5?) will be announced at CES I would opt for that one.
    Fingers crossed!

  1029. doron leibovitz

    the newest garmin watches, probably

  1030. Xavier Cesbron

    Un nouveau compteur vélo :)

  1031. Gijom

    I would get my first power meter.

  1032. David Wilson

    hmmm.. i’ve been thinking of a new watch to replace my 910xt. However, it needs the battery life for ultrarunning and i’d be looking to upgrade to something that acts as a daily activity monitor…

  1033. Thorsten

    $500 towards a NEO would be great.

  1034. RAFrisk2

    My lil boy got a bike for Christmas. If only Ihad a camera to record all the action….. hmmm…..action camera…. that’s a good idea!

  1035. I would love Powertap P1s, to prepare for 2017 Vatternundan. A swedish 300 km team sportive and make it in 8h 30 min.

  1036. Frank Besseling

    An dual 4iiiii power meter would be soooo great ….

  1037. Mario Sobral

    If Santa didn’t have to buy presents for my wife and our three kids, maybe, just maybe, he could have surprised me with a Garmin Fenix 3 Saphire Gray with optical HR. I have behaved very well this year, and it would help me get a better understanding of my running with its additional metrics, as well as to be able to share my location and metrics live with the wife (she worries sometimes, specially during some longer runs), using Garmin LiveTrack. Oh well, it was already great seegin the wife and the kids happy with their presents, so the sweater and slippers that I got were just icing on the cake. Happy holidays and a great 2017 for Ray and all DCR readers !

  1038. Jim Palistrant

    I would get a GoPro Hero5 Black!!

  1039. Josh Cohen

    Garmin 735XT, getting into Tri’s!!

  1040. Sebas

    Garmin forerunner 920xt because the battery life on my suunto ambit2s battery doesn’t last the ironman distance.

  1041. Pete R.

    A power meter, I think.

  1042. Mike Pisauro

    Activity trainers for the family and maybe a scosche rhythm+ for myself. Thanks for doing this.

  1043. Scott

    new garmin watch or maybe money towards SRAM E-tap

  1044. Edward Pilatowicz

    I’d get whatever new fenix device is announced later this year.

  1045. Nick Pellegrini

    I would get the Garmin Fenix HR 3. I’m still rockin’ the Garmin 910XT and have been eyeing an update!

  1046. Cliff Edens

    I’d order a Magnus as the name is so way cool ;-)

  1047. Moshe C

    I’d get a new bike head unit as my edge 810 recently failed on me after 2 battery replacements :(
    my heart rate strap is falling apart from unsnapping the transponder so many times so probably a new hr monitor would be good,
    and of course a random pair of socks as well ;)

  1048. Euan

    A power meter, so I can take my training to the next level in 2017.

  1049. Jon

    I would buy a Fenix 3 HR because I’m curious about that watch.

  1050. Leslie

    I would put it towards the Garmin 735xt for hubby.

  1051. Andrew Sack

    I would love to get a Garmin Fenix. I think it could be my do-all watch (finally!).

  1052. Natas

    Nice bike computer with maps

  1053. Yuriy

    I’d very love the new Garmin Fenix3 HR.

  1054. Raizo Balsanelli

    I’d get a couple more GP Hero5 Sessions so that I have to switch cameras from bike to bike less often and also to run front/rear camera setups more often.

  1055. Ast

    No doubt a powermeter, could be a bad idea as I tell myself my turbo is probably badly calibrated and underreads, I’d have no excuse for a pitiful power output with a power meter.

  1056. I would totally get a Fenix 3. I’m training for my first 100 & I need a watch with a long battery life!

  1057. Spiro

    Well, since the entry deadline happens to be my birthday, I’d probably go with. Vivoactive HR!

  1058. Mitch Devore

    As much as I would love a Garmin 735, I’m dieing to try zwift so I would definitely buy a smart trainer.

  1059. Brian Beck

    Power meter. It’s hard going from a bike with a power meter to a bike without one.

  1060. Virginie de Landevoisin

    Thx for your giveaways! Would Love a bike trainer so my daughter could train indoors in the winter ?

  1061. Michael

    Hi Ray, I’d get a go pro hero 5 and start shooting epic videos of my son learning to walk.

  1062. Chooch300

    Smart trainer for indoor bike training.

  1063. Laszlo A

    A FENIX3Hr would really boost my opportunities to analisye my workout data and make progress.

  1064. Jaime Barajas

    Garmin Index scale :)

  1065. Nick Weiler

    I could go for a new Garmin head piece!

  1066. BD

    A Garmin to replace my Timex.

  1067. Ricky

    Not sure which device, but something with the connect IQ. I’d like to see how well that works.

  1068. Paul S.

    A new Cycleops Magnus trainer or the latest Garmin watch

  1069. Jacqueline Brill

    A power meter so I can finally train with power in 2017!

  1070. Michael Brokaw

    Fancy, I wanted a fenix 3 HR, but santa said I was too fat… seriously, no kidding! (Keep up the great work)

  1071. dale jayne

    I would get the Garmin Fenix 3 HR because it will do everything I want to track (running, cycling, triathalon) and will also allow me to make custom profiles for sports I also do like martial arts and circuit training.

  1072. Dennis

    garmin fenix 3HR or apply it to SRAM eTap kit

  1073. Robert W

    I would really like a smart trainer!

  1074. Drewskey

    A new garmin – my 500 is getting long in the tooth.

  1075. Chris Walkup

    Garmin 735xt – It does it all!

  1076. MotorHeart

    that some of the monitors activity and clothing

  1077. John Kurtz

    Garmin Fenix3 because I need a new watch!

  1078. Jordan

    I’d get an Edge 520 for my husband (he spoiled me with speed and cadence sensors for Christmas). Maybe I’d use the rest on an Edge 25 for myself!

  1079. John H

    Definitely looking to get a power meter for the bike – time to get off the trainer in the Spring!

  1080. James

    i’d like to get a drone but since this is fitness related, probably a brand new garmin fitness watch

  1081. marc steingrand

    hello happy X-mas
    I need a new garmin virb 30 mine was stolen last week…

  1082. alainquimarche

    Would upgrade my “old” Virb to a new Virb with all the funky data :)

  1083. Brad Mockford

    I’d like to catch up to 2014 with a shiny new 920XT!

  1084. Andris

    I’d really like to get a Stages power meter on the Cx bike! Or a better trainer (TACX or Wahoo). New gadgets make me want to train more :)

  1085. Slav

    I’d get a powermeter

  1086. Adrian Walton

    Liking the Garmin Fenix HR

  1087. Brian

    Powermeter to help the sufferfest plan in 2017

  1088. Chad Barber

    Garmin Fenix 3! Looks amazing and stylish!

  1089. Björn L

    I’d get a Fenix 3 HR to track my training.

  1090. Loai A.

    Gopro hero 5 black

  1091. Ulf

    I would get me a nice sportswatch like a Harmin or a Suunto if I will be the lucky one…

  1092. William Huntsberger

    New power meter. My Power Tap had wires :(

  1093. John G

    I would get a Garmin Edge 1000. I used to have one, but it appears that after a bout of drilling holes in hard disks and rounding up old electronics, it made its way into the recycling box inadvertently… :(

  1094. Amelia

    Garmin Edge 520 – going to need to be putting a lot of time on in the bike in the next few years…

  1095. Michael

    P1 pedals or a smart trainer, need to train with POWER, McFly!

  1096. Alanna

    I’d get a bike trainer! Every winter I decide I should get one and then never actually do, so I end up bike-hibernating a lot of the winter. My body doesn’t appreciate that come spring.

  1097. Daniel Hurd

    Wahoo Kickr

  1098. Hugh Scaife

    I would get a Garmin Fenix3 HR. Actually I’m still researching which Garmin. I’m going to do my first Ultra this year and I want one that has great battery life and does altitude. Merry Christmas everyone!

  1099. DavidC

    735XT. It’s about time I upgraded my 405CX

  1100. Dean M.

    I can’t justify a powermeter with the small amount of riding I do these days (2 kids!), but if subsidized, I think I’d go Powertap P1 and use on my stationary bike too

  1101. BL

    I’d like either a Fenix 3 or HERO5. The Fenix 3 provides a wealth of functionality and looks great too. The HERO5 would replace a much needed replacement for HERO3.

  1102. Erin Trail

    I’d love a GoPro Hero5 Black so I can use it to record all of my swimbikerun + MTB adventures!

  1103. Carol A Feldmann

    I think I would get a GoPro Hero5, so I can record all of my adventures!

  1104. Tamas Izmendi

    A nice Fenix 735XT would solve all my motivation problems for 2017.

  1105. Jeremy Grecu

    I’ll get the Garmin Forerunner 735XT

  1106. Jessica Robbins

    I would love a 735xt. Although I would love it for myself, I probably would give it to my little cousin, as I have a FR220 and she currently isn’t using a running watch, which she has stated she wants but is living off a college income.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  1107. Steven N

    Would definitely spring for a Tacx Neo. My Powerbeam pro is getting a bit long in the tooth….

  1108. Matt

    I would get an action camera, Virb Ultra 30 or the new Hero 5 Black.

  1109. Barry

    I’d select a GPS brain implant to enable my wife to view my location on an online map and drag and drop me back home when I am late…which is pretty much every time I go out in the mountains…because it’s beautiful and I can’t help myself.

  1110. keri

    garmin watches for my husband and I so we can train together

  1111. Brian Hendricks

    Edge 1000

  1112. Erica

    A GPS watch or three (to compare).

  1113. Shion

    I’d probably get the “second” Garmin Vector 2s crank, since I’m too curious watt (heh!) the difference between my legs is.

  1114. Pieter

    That powermeter I have been dreaming of.

  1115. Carlo

    A wonderfull indoor bike trainer

  1116. Nick D

    Would probably get a new Garmin bike computer to replace my old Edge 500

  1117. Daniela S.

    So much to choose from… probably the Garmin FR735XT.

  1118. Keith Earls

    I would love a Garmin fenix 3!

  1119. Nick

    Fenix 3 HR – I have been searching for a replacement for my Timex Global Trainer for quite some time as the battery life is now less than stellar and I would really like a unit that can do activity and sleep tracking. Thanks for running this website. Happy Holidays!

  1120. Daniel

    Fenix3 HR, liked the fenix2 but would like the HR capabilities.

  1121. Martin

    I’d go for a Garmin Fenix 3 because I really want to upgrade from 910xt. Merry x-mas!

  1122. Jack Dusthimer

    clearly temptation would either be power based, or updating my Fenix 2.

  1123. Chris Izenour

    To put towards a Wahoo Kickr in order to build a bike torture chamber at home.

  1124. Laura Amodeo

    Garmin Forerunner 735 XT

  1125. wally

    a new trainer, for getting after it in the winter months.

  1126. Joel Henriksson

    I will buy the pionner crank arm powermeter. I need it so i can start of the spring with a new powermeter on my road bike. i only have powermeter on my indoor kickr,

  1127. Olivier

    This would be the perfect excuse to enter powermeter world

  1128. Adam Nichols

    A smart trainer to get me through what’s left of the winter…

  1129. John Fox

    A turbo trainer for the long dark winter

  1130. Stefan C

    Garmin 735XT + HRM bundle for its multi-sport support (one device when traveling) and its basic course upload and nav features.

  1131. Marcel

    I´d get myself a GoPro to record the great places I visit for great runs.

  1132. Ben

    Probably a power meter – leaning towards 4iiii, but it’s tough to choose; would need to give Ray’s guide another read!

  1133. The Garmin Forerunner 735 XT in blue for sure. Because it kicks @ss.

  1134. Wojciech

    I would love power meter for Campagnolo.

  1135. simeoni

    I’d get a Vector 2 pedal set with a $500 credit from Or alternatively i’d go for the Garmin Fenix 5 HR, especially if it is Galileo enabled. If not will just have to stick with my Garmin 735xt, love it!

  1136. Albert

    I would love to get an indoor trainer as the evenings are very cold!

  1137. NoSeat

    Umm, half of a maverix dji drone.

  1138. Grant

    Garmin 735xt for all but IM distance tri’s and power pod to add to bike training. Would need to supplement the $500 though.

  1139. Stephen Guerrera

    Fenix 3 HR for sure!

  1140. Mike L

    FR 35 or Vivoactive HR in a hope of leaving the HR chest strap behind, or
    Vector to Vecto2 upgrade kit.

  1141. David J

    I’d either get a GoPro HERO5 Session and Cycliq Fly6 for filming various rides and training activities, or an Edge 820

  1142. Mark D

    Go pro hero 5, to record my upcoming honeymoon in Vietnam whilst hoping Ironman relax their videoing rules.

  1143. B

    Will definitely use it towards the Powertap P1 pedals. Here’s to hopefully training with power in 2017.

  1144. Karen Nakamura

    Was in a serious car accident this summer and the EMTs cut off my Garmin Vivoactive HR. Glad that they extracted me from the car and helivaced me, but still bummed about losing my watch as I get back into training.

  1145. Drew Walters

    I would get as much outdoor and travel gear as possible. I moved to Hawai’i about a month and a half from South Carolina and being that I’m 18 a lot of people think im crazy but i just really love life and want to see the most of this earth before my time comes ya know? So I’d probably end up just getting a gopro hero session and a tent or hammock and numerous outdoor acessories.

  1146. Andy

    I didn’t get a new trainer. Thanks for the contest!

  1147. FGergely

    Garmin 735XT for my girlfriend :)

  1148. Jordan

    I would get a new Garmin Fenix 3. It would be great for monitoring my training.

  1149. runner33

    Never enough GPS watches a man can have ;-)

  1150. Allen M

    GoPro Hero 5 Black or a trainer

  1151. Seth Slipp

    I’d likely wait until CES in the hopes of getting a Fenix 4/5. And if not that I may jump into the world of bike computers with the garmin 820

  1152. C

    A new Garmin for me

  1153. Steve Lindauer

    I would get the Garmin Fenix 3, I need a new watch!

  1154. Jeremy Grand-Scrutton

    It’d likely go towards a power meter, or maybe a smart trainer.

  1155. David Abraham

    I’d definitely get the PowerTap P1 Power Pedals!

  1156. Jason M Bezon

    Wahoo Kickr to get more productivity out of my basement

  1157. Nikolaus Vogelsang

    PowerTap C1 power meter ! Always wanted one for truly comparable metrics!

  1158. My Powertap is in need of new bearings, so probably a C1 or P1 to replace it.

  1159. Nikoleta Egriova

    Vivoactive HR to track my daily activities!

  1160. Victor

    Quarq Dzero Carbon GXP Power meter, absolutely wonderful product. I’d happily trade-in my BePro and Stages 6800 for it…

  1161. David R

    I would most likely get a new trainer or the 735xt!

  1162. Csaba

    I’d really like to have a Fenix3 HR! :)

  1163. David Lemons

    I would get a Garmin Virb Ultra 30. Just to be different from all he GoPro guys.

  1164. Moad

    I’d get a Suunto watch :)

  1165. Lee Hoyle

    A nice down-payment on a power meter; the only thing I lack from a gadget perspective!

  1166. Tony Butz

    My older vivoactive isn’t guite cutting my tri training. Probably upgrade to a 920.

  1167. Jono

    I’d think I’d go for a watch/fitness band that supports cycling tracking. It’d be a good addition to the general data I get from my bike computer.

  1168. Wendy

    I would get the GoPro.

  1169. Paul

    I would get the Hero5, for hiking with my wife.

  1170. Darren Lavey

    Right now it’s a tossup between a Fenix 3 HR or new GoPro.

  1171. jim purvis

    a new garmin! my wife got one and I really like it!

  1172. PiotrK

    Fenix 3 HR to get back to running :).

  1173. shawn

    I’d get a bike computer so I can train better in the new year!

  1174. SteveDC

    I would put the $500 toward a certain set of power meter pedals from PowerTap. Brim Brothers broke my heart by disappearing into oblivion and leaving my hopes dashed for a power meter that can do both legs independently (I have a bad leg) and be easily moved between bikes while still being under the $1000 mark. So the P1 are the next best option, or probably better, speaking in terms of data. Unfortunately they’ve always been out of my reach, budget wise.

  1175. Heath

    I was hoping for a wahoo elemnt but it’s a bit out of the Christmas gift prce range.

  1176. John Connolly

    The Garmin Heads up display for me.

  1177. I’d love to get a Fenix HR 3 as a motivational item to get back into running again. Will you make me run?

  1178. Stacey

    I’d love a Garmin 735 since my current watch can’t be used for swimming and a couple of pair of inexpensive sunglasses. I lose them like dryers lose socks!

  1179. Chris Ashford

    Fenix 3 as I have just booked some ultra races for this year and need a way of linking to my Stryd power meter!

  1180. Jason

    I would buy every muscle roller, massage ball and brace – because getting old sucks.

  1181. Don Williams

    An optical Garmin HR monitor watch to give to my daughter who hates chest straps

  1182. Shannon

    I’d get a Garmin 735XT!

  1183. GoPro 5.

    Because it’s a chans to show more about XC MTB in Belarus. MTB – is the most popular bike in Belarus ( in cities too, hehe :) ), but not some many people knows about XCM/XCO events, or discipline at all.

    It can help to discover awesome world of XC biking for other.

  1184. Tuomo

    I would get garmin 735xt – or something else!

  1185. Jason

    Fenix 5 whenever that gets released post CES :)

  1186. Mike Ben-Ari

    I would get myself a Powertap power meter for my bike! Because once I hopefully PR my 17th Marathon next week, I hope to concentrate a little on my riding, and work with power.

  1187. Dr Matt

    I want a trainer (I think the tacx flux)!!!

  1188. Stefaan

    I didn’t get anything at all last X-mas!
    I’d would get me a Stages XT power meter for my MTB.

  1189. Bob Pankratz

    Garmin Varia Vision In-Sight Display for our 24hour race in Sebring; that would rock.

  1190. christian

    probably a new running watch with HR – Garmin I guess

  1191. Stuart Smith

    I’ve been dreaming of a Fenix3 with optical hr

  1192. Ryon

    Garmin Vivoactive and an action cam

  1193. Roelof

    A Garmin Edge 520 Bundle and for the remaining sum a downpayment on the Look Keo ANT+upgrade. I want GPS and more power options.

  1194. Brian Sloth-Odgaard

    Happy new year i didn’t get a Velocomp Powerpod for Christmas. So you are my only hope

  1195. Mark

    Gonna have to go with something that starts with “Fenix”.

  1196. Leonardo

    I will get a new go pro of course!

  1197. Brian

    I’d get a power meter or head unit I could switch between bikes for training

  1198. Anthony Lazaro

    I would get the GoPro to motivate my son to check out the trails with me.

    • Brian

      Probably a bunch if “little stuff” like a Power Pod and som bike peripherals like a wahoo cadence sensor, etc

  1199. rinke

    A good power meter to train more efficient for my first 70.3 :)