The Didn’t Get What You Wanted $500 Gadget Giveaway


I’m sure many of you received various sports gadgets over the last few weeks as part of the holidays.  But for those unlucky elves who received only a half-eaten gel packet in their Christmas stocking from their not-so-significant others, I’ve got a festivus of a present for you: This giveaway.

The winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell (or get points instead).  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the GoPro Hero5 Black to a Garmin Vivoactive HR to a random pair of socks to the PowerTap C1 power meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever floats your boat (note: they don’t sell boats).

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of what product you’d get and why (but don’t worry, you can change your mind later if you win).

The reason you need a short description of ‘why’ is that if you just put a simple product name (i.e. F3), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Thursday, December 29th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Ed S

    I would get a GoPro and a bike computer

  2. Michal

    Garmin Fenix Chronos GPS because its complete.

  3. Mike

    I dint get Mavic drone for Christmas.
    Because I’ve been a bad boy a few times this year.
    (But she loves that sometimes!)

  4. Bruce Mcfly

    A fancy new training watch !

  5. Niko

    I wanted the newest GoPro. Because those cameras are incredible

  6. Hugh

    Foam roller, too many injuries that could have been avoided.

  7. Larry Ahearn

    Probably a fenix 3 hr or 735xt…I’m currently using an ambit 3 sport…almost time for an upgrade, but it seems suunto’s new stuff isn’t competitive for the price any more.

  8. MaartenVD

    Garmin Edge 520, strava live segments here I come :)

  9. Stephen Lawson

    GoPro Hero5 Black to capture multiple Spartan races that I have planned for 2017

  10. Brett Bornhoft

    I would get a Wahoo Kickr snap as I have just moved to a colder climate and refuse to quit on my triathlon training.

  11. Jurassic

    I’d go for the latest heart, lung and leg combo by God to get competitive

  12. Howie

    I’d get the Biknd Helium v4 once available. It’s such a well-designed bike bag that makes travelling easy–AND with 4 wheels!

  13. Joshua Blazzard

    I would like a new Garmin Fenix 3 hr watch.

  14. training with a power meter could be the best i can do to improve my bike sessions :)

  15. Carl Belanger

    A new trainer to push some big watts!

  16. Miguel

    Wahoo Kickr please! I need a new trainer.

  17. David Sherrod

    Definitely the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 – your review makes it seem the best current camera option. I’ve had to borrow cameras from others when I go on rides that I want to capture; I’d prefer to have my own – and appropriate bicycle mounting equipment, spare battery, etc… Definitely would use the entire $500. :)

  18. Rob

    I never got the power meter I wanted…but here is hoping that I can get it!

  19. Michael

    No more injuries!

  20. Torkil

    I think I would buy the Tacx Flow. But I really need new bike shoes, so I would need to think about it:-)

  21. JDJ

    So many toys to choose from. I am leaning towards a nice trainer though.

  22. matt dokken

    I would get a garmin fenix 3 hr, because it’s appears to be the do-all watch of the year!!

  23. Riza Shaharudin

    I’ll get one of the Garmin watches, preferably one with optical HRM.

  24. Christy

    I would get the new TomTom multi sport watch with internal HR monitor.

  25. Andrew

    Garmin VIRB ultra 30. Need to replace my clunky Garmin VIRB XE with something better!

  26. Gerard

    I would like the new version of the Garmin Fenix.

  27. ACE

    I’d get SRAM eTap groupset to refurb my aging Pinarello!

  28. Becky

    Vivoactive HR

  29. Al Macdonald

    It would have to be a power meter. And it would have to be pedal based so I can move it/them between bikes. I need more numbers!

  30. EZ Rider

    Hoping that the Fenix 4 (or 5?) will be announced at CES I would opt for that one.
    Fingers crossed!

  31. doron leibovitz

    the newest garmin watches, probably

  32. Xavier Cesbron

    Un nouveau compteur vélo :)

  33. Gijom

    I would get my first power meter.

  34. David Wilson

    hmmm.. i’ve been thinking of a new watch to replace my 910xt. However, it needs the battery life for ultrarunning and i’d be looking to upgrade to something that acts as a daily activity monitor…

  35. Thorsten

    $500 towards a NEO would be great.

  36. RAFrisk2

    My lil boy got a bike for Christmas. If only Ihad a camera to record all the action….. hmmm…..action camera…. that’s a good idea!

  37. I would love Powertap P1s, to prepare for 2017 Vatternundan. A swedish 300 km team sportive and make it in 8h 30 min.

  38. Frank Besseling

    An dual 4iiiii power meter would be soooo great ….

  39. Mario Sobral

    If Santa didn’t have to buy presents for my wife and our three kids, maybe, just maybe, he could have surprised me with a Garmin Fenix 3 Saphire Gray with optical HR. I have behaved very well this year, and it would help me get a better understanding of my running with its additional metrics, as well as to be able to share my location and metrics live with the wife (she worries sometimes, specially during some longer runs), using Garmin LiveTrack. Oh well, it was already great seegin the wife and the kids happy with their presents, so the sweater and slippers that I got were just icing on the cake. Happy holidays and a great 2017 for Ray and all DCR readers !

  40. Jim Palistrant

    I would get a GoPro Hero5 Black!!

  41. Josh Cohen

    Garmin 735XT, getting into Tri’s!!

  42. Sebas

    Garmin forerunner 920xt because the battery life on my suunto ambit2s battery doesn’t last the ironman distance.

  43. Pete R.

    A power meter, I think.

  44. Mike Pisauro

    Activity trainers for the family and maybe a scosche rhythm+ for myself. Thanks for doing this.

  45. Scott

    new garmin watch or maybe money towards SRAM E-tap

  46. Edward Pilatowicz

    I’d get whatever new fenix device is announced later this year.

  47. Nick Pellegrini

    I would get the Garmin Fenix HR 3. I’m still rockin’ the Garmin 910XT and have been eyeing an update!

  48. Cliff Edens

    I’d order a Magnus as the name is so way cool ;-)

  49. Moshe C

    I’d get a new bike head unit as my edge 810 recently failed on me after 2 battery replacements :(
    my heart rate strap is falling apart from unsnapping the transponder so many times so probably a new hr monitor would be good,
    and of course a random pair of socks as well ;)

  50. Euan

    A power meter, so I can take my training to the next level in 2017.

  51. Jon

    I would buy a Fenix 3 HR because I’m curious about that watch.

  52. Leslie

    I would put it towards the Garmin 735xt for hubby.

  53. Andrew Sack

    I would love to get a Garmin Fenix. I think it could be my do-all watch (finally!).

  54. Natas

    Nice bike computer with maps

  55. Yuriy

    I’d very love the new Garmin Fenix3 HR.

  56. Raizo Balsanelli

    I’d get a couple more GP Hero5 Sessions so that I have to switch cameras from bike to bike less often and also to run front/rear camera setups more often.

  57. Ast

    No doubt a powermeter, could be a bad idea as I tell myself my turbo is probably badly calibrated and underreads, I’d have no excuse for a pitiful power output with a power meter.

  58. I would totally get a Fenix 3. I’m training for my first 100 & I need a watch with a long battery life!

  59. Spiro

    Well, since the entry deadline happens to be my birthday, I’d probably go with. Vivoactive HR!

  60. Mitch Devore

    As much as I would love a Garmin 735, I’m dieing to try zwift so I would definitely buy a smart trainer.

  61. Brian Beck

    Power meter. It’s hard going from a bike with a power meter to a bike without one.

  62. Virginie de Landevoisin

    Thx for your giveaways! Would Love a bike trainer so my daughter could train indoors in the winter 😊

  63. Michael

    Hi Ray, I’d get a go pro hero 5 and start shooting epic videos of my son learning to walk.

  64. Chooch300

    Smart trainer for indoor bike training.

  65. Laszlo A

    A FENIX3Hr would really boost my opportunities to analisye my workout data and make progress.

  66. Jaime Barajas

    Garmin Index scale :)

  67. Nick Weiler

    I could go for a new Garmin head piece!

  68. BD

    A Garmin to replace my Timex.

  69. Ricky

    Not sure which device, but something with the connect IQ. I’d like to see how well that works.

  70. Paul S.

    A new Cycleops Magnus trainer or the latest Garmin watch

  71. Jacqueline Brill

    A power meter so I can finally train with power in 2017!

  72. Michael Brokaw

    Fancy, I wanted a fenix 3 HR, but santa said I was too fat… seriously, no kidding! (Keep up the great work)

  73. dale jayne

    I would get the Garmin Fenix 3 HR because it will do everything I want to track (running, cycling, triathalon) and will also allow me to make custom profiles for sports I also do like martial arts and circuit training.

  74. Dennis

    garmin fenix 3HR or apply it to SRAM eTap kit

  75. Robert W

    I would really like a smart trainer!

  76. Drewskey

    A new garmin – my 500 is getting long in the tooth.

  77. Chris Walkup

    Garmin 735xt – It does it all!

  78. MotorHeart

    that some of the monitors activity and clothing

  79. John Kurtz

    Garmin Fenix3 because I need a new watch!

  80. Jordan

    I’d get an Edge 520 for my husband (he spoiled me with speed and cadence sensors for Christmas). Maybe I’d use the rest on an Edge 25 for myself!

  81. John H

    Definitely looking to get a power meter for the bike – time to get off the trainer in the Spring!

  82. James

    i’d like to get a drone but since this is fitness related, probably a brand new garmin fitness watch

  83. marc steingrand

    hello happy X-mas
    I need a new garmin virb 30 mine was stolen last week…

  84. alainquimarche

    Would upgrade my “old” Virb to a new Virb with all the funky data :)

  85. Brad Mockford

    I’d like to catch up to 2014 with a shiny new 920XT!

  86. Andris

    I’d really like to get a Stages power meter on the Cx bike! Or a better trainer (TACX or Wahoo). New gadgets make me want to train more :)

  87. Slav

    I’d get a powermeter

  88. Adrian Walton

    Liking the Garmin Fenix HR

  89. Brian

    Powermeter to help the sufferfest plan in 2017

  90. Chad Barber

    Garmin Fenix 3! Looks amazing and stylish!

  91. Björn L

    I’d get a Fenix 3 HR to track my training.

  92. Loai A.

    Gopro hero 5 black

  93. Ulf

    I would get me a nice sportswatch like a Harmin or a Suunto if I will be the lucky one…

  94. William Huntsberger

    New power meter. My Power Tap had wires :(

  95. John G

    I would get a Garmin Edge 1000. I used to have one, but it appears that after a bout of drilling holes in hard disks and rounding up old electronics, it made its way into the recycling box inadvertently… :(

  96. Amelia

    Garmin Edge 520 – going to need to be putting a lot of time on in the bike in the next few years…

  97. Michael

    P1 pedals or a smart trainer, need to train with POWER, McFly!

  98. Alanna

    I’d get a bike trainer! Every winter I decide I should get one and then never actually do, so I end up bike-hibernating a lot of the winter. My body doesn’t appreciate that come spring.

  99. Daniel Hurd

    Wahoo Kickr

  100. Hugh Scaife

    I would get a Garmin Fenix3 HR. Actually I’m still researching which Garmin. I’m going to do my first Ultra this year and I want one that has great battery life and does altitude. Merry Christmas everyone!

  101. DavidC

    735XT. It’s about time I upgraded my 405CX

  102. Dean M.

    I can’t justify a powermeter with the small amount of riding I do these days (2 kids!), but if subsidized, I think I’d go Powertap P1 and use on my stationary bike too

  103. BL

    I’d like either a Fenix 3 or HERO5. The Fenix 3 provides a wealth of functionality and looks great too. The HERO5 would replace a much needed replacement for HERO3.

  104. Erin Trail

    I’d love a GoPro Hero5 Black so I can use it to record all of my swimbikerun + MTB adventures!

  105. Carol A Feldmann

    I think I would get a GoPro Hero5, so I can record all of my adventures!

  106. Tamas Izmendi

    A nice Fenix 735XT would solve all my motivation problems for 2017.

  107. Jeremy Grecu

    I’ll get the Garmin Forerunner 735XT

  108. Jessica Robbins

    I would love a 735xt. Although I would love it for myself, I probably would give it to my little cousin, as I have a FR220 and she currently isn’t using a running watch, which she has stated she wants but is living off a college income.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  109. Steven N

    Would definitely spring for a Tacx Neo. My Powerbeam pro is getting a bit long in the tooth….

  110. Matt

    I would get an action camera, Virb Ultra 30 or the new Hero 5 Black.

  111. Barry

    I’d select a GPS brain implant to enable my wife to view my location on an online map and drag and drop me back home when I am late…which is pretty much every time I go out in the mountains…because it’s beautiful and I can’t help myself.

  112. keri

    garmin watches for my husband and I so we can train together

  113. Brian Hendricks

    Edge 1000

  114. Erica

    A GPS watch or three (to compare).

  115. Shion

    I’d probably get the “second” Garmin Vector 2s crank, since I’m too curious watt (heh!) the difference between my legs is.

  116. Pieter

    That powermeter I have been dreaming of.

  117. Carlo

    A wonderfull indoor bike trainer

  118. Nick D

    Would probably get a new Garmin bike computer to replace my old Edge 500

  119. Daniela S.

    So much to choose from… probably the Garmin FR735XT.

  120. Keith Earls

    I would love a Garmin fenix 3!

  121. Nick

    Fenix 3 HR – I have been searching for a replacement for my Timex Global Trainer for quite some time as the battery life is now less than stellar and I would really like a unit that can do activity and sleep tracking. Thanks for running this website. Happy Holidays!

  122. Daniel

    Fenix3 HR, liked the fenix2 but would like the HR capabilities.

  123. Martin

    I’d go for a Garmin Fenix 3 because I really want to upgrade from 910xt. Merry x-mas!

  124. Jack Dusthimer

    clearly temptation would either be power based, or updating my Fenix 2.

  125. Chris Izenour

    To put towards a Wahoo Kickr in order to build a bike torture chamber at home.

  126. Laura Amodeo

    Garmin Forerunner 735 XT

  127. wally

    a new trainer, for getting after it in the winter months.

  128. Joel Henriksson

    I will buy the pionner crank arm powermeter. I need it so i can start of the spring with a new powermeter on my road bike. i only have powermeter on my indoor kickr,

  129. Olivier

    This would be the perfect excuse to enter powermeter world

  130. Adam Nichols

    A smart trainer to get me through what’s left of the winter…

  131. John Fox

    A turbo trainer for the long dark winter

  132. Stefan C

    Garmin 735XT + HRM bundle for its multi-sport support (one device when traveling) and its basic course upload and nav features.

  133. Marcel

    I´d get myself a GoPro to record the great places I visit for great runs.

  134. Ben

    Probably a power meter – leaning towards 4iiii, but it’s tough to choose; would need to give Ray’s guide another read!

  135. The Garmin Forerunner 735 XT in blue for sure. Because it kicks @ss.

  136. Wojciech

    I would love power meter for Campagnolo.

  137. simeoni

    I’d get a Vector 2 pedal set with a $500 credit from Or alternatively i’d go for the Garmin Fenix 5 HR, especially if it is Galileo enabled. If not will just have to stick with my Garmin 735xt, love it!

  138. Albert

    I would love to get an indoor trainer as the evenings are very cold!

  139. NoSeat

    Umm, half of a maverix dji drone.

  140. Grant

    Garmin 735xt for all but IM distance tri’s and power pod to add to bike training. Would need to supplement the $500 though.

  141. Stephen Guerrera

    Fenix 3 HR for sure!

  142. Mike L

    FR 35 or Vivoactive HR in a hope of leaving the HR chest strap behind, or
    Vector to Vecto2 upgrade kit.

  143. David J

    I’d either get a GoPro HERO5 Session and Cycliq Fly6 for filming various rides and training activities, or an Edge 820

  144. Mark D

    Go pro hero 5, to record my upcoming honeymoon in Vietnam whilst hoping Ironman relax their videoing rules.

  145. B

    Will definitely use it towards the Powertap P1 pedals. Here’s to hopefully training with power in 2017.

  146. Karen Nakamura

    Was in a serious car accident this summer and the EMTs cut off my Garmin Vivoactive HR. Glad that they extracted me from the car and helivaced me, but still bummed about losing my watch as I get back into training.

  147. Drew Walters

    I would get as much outdoor and travel gear as possible. I moved to Hawai’i about a month and a half from South Carolina and being that I’m 18 a lot of people think im crazy but i just really love life and want to see the most of this earth before my time comes ya know? So I’d probably end up just getting a gopro hero session and a tent or hammock and numerous outdoor acessories.

  148. Andy

    I didn’t get a new trainer. Thanks for the contest!

  149. FGergely

    Garmin 735XT for my girlfriend :)

  150. Jordan

    I would get a new Garmin Fenix 3. It would be great for monitoring my training.

  151. runner33

    Never enough GPS watches a man can have ;-)

  152. Allen M

    GoPro Hero 5 Black or a trainer

  153. Seth Slipp

    I’d likely wait until CES in the hopes of getting a Fenix 4/5. And if not that I may jump into the world of bike computers with the garmin 820

  154. C

    A new Garmin for me

  155. Steve Lindauer

    I would get the Garmin Fenix 3, I need a new watch!

  156. Jeremy Grand-Scrutton

    It’d likely go towards a power meter, or maybe a smart trainer.

  157. David Abraham

    I’d definitely get the PowerTap P1 Power Pedals!

  158. Jason M Bezon

    Wahoo Kickr to get more productivity out of my basement

  159. Nikolaus Vogelsang

    PowerTap C1 power meter ! Always wanted one for truly comparable metrics!

  160. My Powertap is in need of new bearings, so probably a C1 or P1 to replace it.

  161. Nikoleta Egriova

    Vivoactive HR to track my daily activities!

  162. Victor

    Quarq Dzero Carbon GXP Power meter, absolutely wonderful product. I’d happily trade-in my BePro and Stages 6800 for it…

  163. David R

    I would most likely get a new trainer or the 735xt!

  164. Csaba

    I’d really like to have a Fenix3 HR! :)

  165. David Lemons

    I would get a Garmin Virb Ultra 30. Just to be different from all he GoPro guys.

  166. Moad

    I’d get a Suunto watch :)

  167. Lee Hoyle

    A nice down-payment on a power meter; the only thing I lack from a gadget perspective!

  168. Tony Butz

    My older vivoactive isn’t guite cutting my tri training. Probably upgrade to a 920.

  169. Jono

    I’d think I’d go for a watch/fitness band that supports cycling tracking. It’d be a good addition to the general data I get from my bike computer.

  170. Wendy

    I would get the GoPro.

  171. Paul

    I would get the Hero5, for hiking with my wife.

  172. Darren Lavey

    Right now it’s a tossup between a Fenix 3 HR or new GoPro.

  173. jim purvis

    a new garmin! my wife got one and I really like it!

  174. PiotrK

    Fenix 3 HR to get back to running :).

  175. shawn

    I’d get a bike computer so I can train better in the new year!

  176. SteveDC

    I would put the $500 toward a certain set of power meter pedals from PowerTap. Brim Brothers broke my heart by disappearing into oblivion and leaving my hopes dashed for a power meter that can do both legs independently (I have a bad leg) and be easily moved between bikes while still being under the $1000 mark. So the P1 are the next best option, or probably better, speaking in terms of data. Unfortunately they’ve always been out of my reach, budget wise.

  177. Heath

    I was hoping for a wahoo elemnt but it’s a bit out of the Christmas gift prce range.

  178. John Connolly

    The Garmin Heads up display for me.

  179. I’d love to get a Fenix HR 3 as a motivational item to get back into running again. Will you make me run?

  180. Stacey

    I’d love a Garmin 735 since my current watch can’t be used for swimming and a couple of pair of inexpensive sunglasses. I lose them like dryers lose socks!

  181. Chris Ashford

    Fenix 3 as I have just booked some ultra races for this year and need a way of linking to my Stryd power meter!

  182. Jason

    I would buy every muscle roller, massage ball and brace – because getting old sucks.

  183. Don Williams

    An optical Garmin HR monitor watch to give to my daughter who hates chest straps

  184. Shannon

    I’d get a Garmin 735XT!

  185. GoPro 5.

    Because it’s a chans to show more about XC MTB in Belarus. MTB – is the most popular bike in Belarus ( in cities too, hehe :) ), but not some many people knows about XCM/XCO events, or discipline at all.

    It can help to discover awesome world of XC biking for other.

  186. Tuomo

    I would get garmin 735xt – or something else!

  187. Jason

    Fenix 5 whenever that gets released post CES :)

  188. Mike Ben-Ari

    I would get myself a Powertap power meter for my bike! Because once I hopefully PR my 17th Marathon next week, I hope to concentrate a little on my riding, and work with power.

  189. Dr Matt

    I want a trainer (I think the tacx flux)!!!

  190. Stefaan

    I didn’t get anything at all last X-mas!
    I’d would get me a Stages XT power meter for my MTB.

  191. Bob Pankratz

    Garmin Varia Vision In-Sight Display for our 24hour race in Sebring; that would rock.

  192. christian

    probably a new running watch with HR – Garmin I guess

  193. Stuart Smith

    I’ve been dreaming of a Fenix3 with optical hr

  194. Ryon

    Garmin Vivoactive and an action cam

  195. Roelof

    A Garmin Edge 520 Bundle and for the remaining sum a downpayment on the Look Keo ANT+upgrade. I want GPS and more power options.

  196. Brian Sloth-Odgaard

    Happy new year i didn’t get a Velocomp Powerpod for Christmas. So you are my only hope

  197. Mark

    Gonna have to go with something that starts with “Fenix”.

  198. Leonardo

    I will get a new go pro of course!

  199. Brian

    I’d get a power meter or head unit I could switch between bikes for training

  200. Anthony Lazaro

    I would get the GoPro to motivate my son to check out the trails with me.

    • Brian

      Probably a bunch if “little stuff” like a Power Pod and som bike peripherals like a wahoo cadence sensor, etc

  201. rinke

    A good power meter to train more efficient for my first 70.3 :)

  202. Raphael

    A PowerMeter ! Merry Xmas to your family, DC !

  203. Peto G

    FR 630 or 735XT would be perfect as I somehow tend to run much more than previous year :)

  204. Tom Cavanaugh

    Power Meter, probably the PowerTap P1 power meter pedals

  205. Nikolas

    Multisport guy here, but I would like something that I could wear outside. So it would definitely be a Fenix 3!!! Merry xmas to all, happy new year!

  206. Ben

    I’d like to get the Forerunner 735xt to stay up to date with Connect IQ 2 and not feel so bad about the death of the Pebble product line.

  207. Gail Kellner

    I think I would choose a Suunto Traverse, or maybe a trainer.

  208. Matt

    Garmin 735 sounds like a great post Christmas gift.

  209. Eva

    I think I’d go for a PowerPod.

    Or a 4iiii Precision?

    Might have to re-read the reviews here :)

  210. Alex Ralton

    I would buy the smart watch that takes over my nervous system and makes me swim well. I appreciate said watch hasn’t been invented yet.

  211. Breanna Sackrey

    I would get the garmin Vivoactive HR! I have the original garmin vivofit and love it.

  212. niall duncan

    i would go for an Edge 810

  213. Michael Gibbs

    Wish I had gotten the Garmin Fenix 3 HR

  214. Pat

    A new Powertap… because my old one doesn’t work anymore. :(

  215. keke

    A new garmin instead of my old one

  216. zealoucity

    a new watch to replace the fenix2

  217. j fagar

    i’d get a garmin edge 820 bundle!

  218. Luis Marcos

    I’d go for the Fénix 3, If nothing better arises at CES. Thank you

  219. David Marchini

    The Garmin 630 with heart rate monitor or the Garmin 230 with hear rate monitor if the 630 is unavailable.

  220. Pierre

    Definitely an Edge 520 because the 735xt screen is a bit small for cycling.

  221. Rupesh

    anything new announced at CES 2017, of course pending your review!

  222. Kimberley Williams

    The Garmin 630 with hear rate monitor would be sweet!!

  223. Michaela

    I would buy a Garmin watch so I wouldn’t have to carry my heavy phone to track my workouts.

  224. I would buy my first-ever power meter!

  225. Scott Simmons

    I would totally get a powermeter.

  226. Manu

    I’d go for a Fenix 3 HR because it rocks !!!

  227. PMPB

    Probably a power meter. I’d love to get L/R power, but it’s currently out of my budget.

  228. Edward Druitt

    I would love a powermeter (bepro) to see just how disappointing I really am. God forbid go about improving it!

  229. Clair Stewart

    I didn’t get Garmin Vector 2 power meter that I was hoping for. Instead I received a Garmin Virb 30 camera and some cool gear to use it. So while I would have enjoyed the power meter more I am not unhappy with the gift I received.

  230. Chris Rodriguez

    I’d use the money to go towards a power meter, the p1 pedals would be a nice to have and that takes a good amount off!

  231. Mike Nielsen

    A Garmin 735xt would be a top pick!

  232. Gary A.

    I would get a smart trainer.

  233. Tycho

    I’d certainly get the TomTom Adventurer, because it has so many cool features!

  234. iain smith

    Already have a Garmin Forerunner 610 for running but would like an Edge 520 for on the bike.

  235. ErR

    A Garmin Forerunner 735XT so I can train and run with power.

  236. JAG

    I would purchase the PowerTap P1 pedals, and make 2017 the year of training with power!

  237. kevin

    definitely need a new garmin – my old one is on its last legs

  238. Andrew

    Have the GoPro Hero 5 in my sights!

  239. Al

    A Garmin Virb Ultra 30 would be good…

  240. Donovan Hall

    Would love the Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS Running & Multisport Watch, a significant upgrade from my Suunto T6 with GPS pod!

  241. John B

    Hard choice between a Fenix 3 HR, or a new Wahoo KICKR SNAP. Probably the trainer because I think I can milk another season out of my aging watch.

  242. shailendra bhide

    Surely I would get a Garmin 735 XT tri watch to train for my triathlons races next year.

  243. Vivek Abichandani

    I would love a Garmin 630!

  244. Jason

    Edge 820

  245. I would get a Fenix3 as my current GPS watch is not that good at handling HR and more advanced calculation/training metric. I also like the long battery life and ConnectIO stuff.

  246. Shannon

    The Garmin Forerunner 630 Touchscreen GPS Running Watch; there are so many features but I think it’s what I want for cross training activity tracking!

  247. benji

    power meter. def power meter.

  248. Mark

    I’d definitely go for the Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP, to go in my garage. The reason being that it’s -1 degrees outside in the UK, and I’m not man enough to go for a ride in that!

  249. Andre Wachsmann

    A Tacx Neo because my actual trainer – a Tacx Multiplayer – wasn`t supported by Zwift. But it works absolutely well year for year for year for year !

  250. Stephan Galland

    The Garmin 820 because my 520 doesn’t work properly

  251. Niko

    I’d probably get a GoPro Hero to record my travel adventures

  252. Garmin Fenix HR, to track everything with one device.

  253. Milessio

    A Fenix watch for Victoria, so she doesn’t have to run with a boat anchor around her wrist!

  254. Denni schoonakker

    I’d love a fenix3 HR

  255. Alberto O.

    I would like the money, to order a Kickr

  256. Paul

    I want a Gopro Hero 5 Black for Christmas

  257. Mike

    It would have to be a gopro hero 5 for me

  258. Benjamin

    Some sports watch that a) connects with Scosche Rhythm+, and b) allows for uploading structured training programs (unlike the TomTom Runner I got that sadly does neither).

  259. Jay Lowell

    I’d use the money to offset the cost for. A new TACX NEO, Flux, or Wahoo KICKR trainer so I don’t have to ride outside all winter.

  260. Rutger Kok

    Id put the money towards getting myself a new trainer, probably a wahoo kickr snap!

  261. Terri

    I would like to purchase my father a Garmin vivoactive HR. It let him know how much walking he does each day.

  262. Jacob

    I would get a new smart trainer – working with an old lemond revolution from 12 yrs ago!

  263. Alex

    Probably the last suunto?!

  264. Martin G

    Proper power meter to replace my limited crowd funded paperweight

  265. Jeremiah Jenson

    Suunto Ambit

  266. Chern

    A fenix3 or maybe a fenix 5 ??

  267. Ryan Dalman

    Fenix 3 hr or edge 820

  268. Lionel Lau

    I’d go for a Fenix 3 HR or a Garmin Edge 820

  269. Louise Kennedy

    Some sort of power meter. Perhaps a PowerPod?

  270. And1

    I would probably get Garmin Fenix 3 – best all-rounder…

  271. CMV

    Tough one as I’m quite happy with my fenix3… Maybe a Suunto Spartan Sport if it was below 500$ (but it isn’t) so an Edge 520 or a Lezyne microGPS for the bike… plus some extras.
    Happy Holidays to all!

  272. The new Garmin replacement for the fr735 or the 920xt else I need the Mavic..

  273. Derek Brown

    I’ll get a Wahoo Kickr!

  274. Matt

    Garmin Forerunner 235 – My Timex RunTrainer is getting up there in years and miles and sometimes it tells me I’m in a neighboring city for about a half a mile…

  275. Hubcaps

    Garmin edge 520 and 735xt. I don’t have a computer yet and it would be nice to replace my 920xt, mainly for daily use.

  276. Kaj

    A fancy trainer, or maybe some new clothes for rainy/snowy days.

  277. Sébastien Gagné

    I would get a set of Withings’ product (scale, activity tracker). The new Steel HR looks interesting.

  278. Eric M

    I would get the new Kickr or the Cyclops Hammer for winter training in the rainy pacific northwest. Plan B would be a powermeter to use with my “dumb” trainer.

  279. Eric H

    Garmin Fenix!

  280. Pyro

    I would have to have to get an fr735xt. I have been drooling over it for six months now.

  281. Stian Horne

    Upgrading my dumb trainer to a Tacx Neo. The only way I could afford such a trainer…

  282. Chris Tallman

    New trainer for sure, been looking at the Magnus, but with $500 credit maybe it’s “Hammer time”

  283. Carl

    A power meter would be great since those things are pricey!

  284. Albert

    I would like to get Garmin Forerunner 735XT for my wife because she is awesome. :-)

  285. Brian Darroch

    I’d like a Garmin VIRB UIltra 30

  286. Cassie Winter

    Power meter to help me qualify for Kona!

  287. Rob W

    The power tap P1’s have been high on my list for sure.

  288. Drew Ellison

    Easy decision … Wahoo Elemnt. Then I’d have a reliable GPS unit (instead of the G.unit I have now).

  289. Luca

    I would probably go for a powermeter…

  290. Lee Gilbert

    Hi Ray, another fantastic giveaway! I would use this credit to get a Garmin Vivosmart HR+ and Forerunner 35 (green one of course!) :-)

  291. Graham

    A VIRB Ultra 30 to capture my outdoors adventures or a Vivoactive HR.

  292. Coedy

    I would still love a power meter perhaps power pedals.

  293. Martin Smejkal

    Sure it needs to be powermeter. Nothing is better for elevating the cycle training than PM. Some brand new Quarq would be great.

  294. Scott

    I’d get a Garmin Fenix 3 for everyday wear.

  295. Nate t

    One of those fancy trainers…

  296. Steve Fitzgerald

    Definitely a power meter

  297. Bora

    A bike computer for sure

  298. Kevin

    A Fenix 3 HR to replace my aging FR305 with something that can do it all and look good while doing it!

  299. Neupr

    I’d want to get a Suunto Spartan Sport to track all my activities. :D

  300. Brandon Dyksterhouse

    I would get a power meter because I have always wanted to take my riding to the next level.

  301. Julia

    I would get a good tri watch for my daughter

  302. Tsachi

    I would get an ant+ trainer so I can keep recording my exercise in winter

  303. Norman

    I expect I’d get a new gopro hero 5 black as I lost my Hero 3 black in the Alps and haven’t been able to justify three cost of a new one.

  304. Carlie

    I would also like a new power meter for my training

  305. Greg K

    I love my Vivoactive HR, but would really like something for triathlon. Fenix 3 HR perhaps…

  306. Dylan

    Definitely a GoPro HERO5

  307. Daniel

    Garmin Fenix 3 HR for longer battery life than my FR220

  308. Colleen

    I would upgrade to a garmin 235

  309. Brian

    Garmin 735. Seems to be the current best all around feature set for running and cycling.

  310. Jason Woelper

    I’d buy a pair of Garmin Vivoactive HR for my wife and I to replace our old Vivoactives.

  311. Bobcat

    I will get a new watch, cause my forerunner 25 got wrecked in a crash, and maybe something more for my bike. :) [depending on my friends interests, i can split part of the money]

  312. Chris

    I would usw the Coupon towards a Garmin Edge 520 because I don’t have a bike Computer anymore…

  313. kgreene

    Quarq dFour gxp, 175mm. What a great company.

  314. Dan

    I wanted a smart trainer with direct-drive.

  315. Maria

    I wanted a smart trainer with direct-drive.

  316. Todd Zenner

    New FR735xt for wife!

  317. Jason

    I want to have a Tacx Flux trainer. I already have one tacx entry level trainer, but will love to enjoy the auto resistence change when playing zwift. also, one less rear wheel to keep is very attractive for small flat size in Hong Kong.

  318. Erik

    I’d think I’d get the Garmin Edge 820… or some gear for commuting

  319. Mike Broyles

    PowerTap C1 power meter would finish out my bike and help on training this 60 year old body.

  320. Carl

    Probably a power meter since 2017 will be a “bike year”

  321. David

    I’d love a cycle computer since I don’t have one yet. And since I have have a couple of bluetooth smart devices that I use with my trainer, I would probably go with the Wahoo ELEMNT.

  322. S Neabore

    Would love a new action cam!

  323. Mark Yeo

    I’d love to get a Garmin Edge 520 so that I won’t have to keep looking at my watch for my HR and Distance!

  324. I’d get a Lezyne super GPS for my commuter/touring bike and a Wahoo Elemnt for my road bike.

  325. Colleen Chan

    Totally looking forward to getting a watch that can track optical HR!

  326. Joshua

    For sure matching vivoactives for me and the SO to start off 2017 the right way!

  327. Scott Baldwin

    A 920xt because my 910xt is on its way out. Thanks Ray!

  328. Yeo Chin Iuan

    A smart trainer sounds good :) training rides won’t be so boring with Zwift or another smart trainer platform!

  329. John Fuhrman

    A power meter of some sort.

  330. Chris

    Garmin Forerunner 920XT

  331. Kris struve

    A power meter for my cross bike.

  332. Pierre Protz

    I’d use the money towards an indoor trainer. The Tacx Flux or the Wahoo Kickr. If your going to ride inside you might as well be on the best.

  333. Andrew

    I would get that Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera to record it all!

  334. Ted

    No question… Garmin fenix 3 hr!! Best multi sport watch on the market right now.

  335. Aaron

    Powertap C1

  336. Larry

    Maybe make my riding safer with a Garmin Varia and a compatible head unit.

  337. Jeff M

    CycleOps JetFluid Pro Trainer
    Garmin Bike Speed & Cadence Sensor
    Because I’d like to get into indoor cycling!

  338. mike mcmillen

    I really need a power meter. . . . Ok I really WANT a power meter, same thing right?

  339. Andri J

    I would love a Wahoo KICKR SNAP for building up strength on this festive season

  340. Kyle

    4iiii power meter so I can train and ride with power.

  341. Darren

    I’d get a Garmin Edge 520

  342. Thibaut

    I’ll get a GoPro Hero5 Black with few mounts and the karma grip !

  343. Chris

    I would love to have the Fenix 3 HR! My old Garmin needs replacing.

  344. Eric

    Fenix 3 HR. To slightly upgrade from my Fenix 3!

  345. Susan tahir

    A Forerunner 735XT for me please. I’d use it to help me mentally shift to short courses in 2017.

  346. Andrew

    Most likely a Vivoactive HR for my girlfriend so she can start actively tracking her runs…Either that or a GoPro for scuba diving!

  347. Jasmine

    I’d love to get a GoPro so I can take amazing pictures when I go scuba diving!! There’s an entire world to be discovered under water!

  348. Jeffrey

    Powertap p1 pedals for me. Why? Power awareness will be the key to my training success in 2017!

  349. chrisC

    I prefer Fenix 3 HR, my FR405 is getting old and takes too long to grab satellite.

  350. Alex Chavez

    I’d definitely go for a Quarq power meter, to really get my training to the next level!

  351. Mike P

    A powermeter to improve my worst leg – the bike. The PT pedals based on the DCR recommendation.

  352. Harry

    I would like to go for a Garmin Fenix 3

  353. Sébastien

    I’d get a power meter!

  354. Rolando Ramirez

    okay, I can get convinced to have a Garmin Virb Ultra 30 camera just because it would be fun

  355. Marcio

    I’d fo for Garmin Virb Ultra 30

  356. Rob

    Very happy with my Polar V800, so would probably hold on to it for a while.

  357. Grant

    Garmin 735xt as I’d like to start doing triathlons.

  358. Joel Strickland

    A GoPro for sure!!!

  359. Valere

    A 4iiii powermeter

  360. John N

    Probably a GoPro or a Garmin camera

  361. Michael Lambert

    I woud get a Garmin watch or bike GPS to replace aging gadgets.

  362. Chris D

    Power meter because I need one.

  363. Dan

    Garmin Varia Rearview Radar

  364. Dav Nadz

    Yup, power meter! That’s what I need.

  365. Aditya

    I want GoPro Hero5 please….
    i want it to make a nice documentation of my future hiking activities

  366. Dan

    Garmin Varia Riverview Radar

  367. giorgitd

    I’m ready for PowerTap pedals! Gotta have mobile power that can move between race and training bikes…

  368. Jay

    A power meter…. I so need a power meter!!!!

  369. Raymond W

    Likely to get a activity tracker

  370. Daryl Croft

    I think I would go for a Garmin Fenix 3 HR. Looks really cool for a data junkie.

  371. Michael Sena

    Hey Ray, I would love to win the Garmin Fenix 3 (or maybe 4???). My old suunto ambit 2 has been broken for a while and I have been relying on a fitbit for the last 7 months or so.


  372. Ralf Gfrerrer

    A powermeter

  373. Chale

    i would like to have an Edge 820, having a state of the art Bike GPS will motivate me to start cycling again.!!! jeje

  374. Frank

    I’d use that $500 to get me half-way to the PowerTap P1 pedals. I haven’t trained with power yet. This seems like a good jump start. :-)

  375. Frank Di Cosmo

    I’d love to put the winnings toward a trainer, specifically a Tacx or Wahoo.
    I need one to take the heat off my hip that is struggling with all the running I am doing.
    Thanks, Ray!

  376. Sarah J

    BSX Insight because I like all the data

  377. Nick

    Getting hooked on a Go Pro – Soon

  378. michael khamsot

    Fenix 3 HR, would be a sweet watch.

  379. Tracey

    Would love a GoPro Hero 5

  380. Nikita

    Garmin Fenix 3. It will help me to start running :)

  381. Erik Althoff

    I would likely buy a Garmin fenix 3 hr or a Suunto Spartan.

  382. John G Wilson

    I was really hoping for that new smart trainer to be under the tree.

  383. Krzysztof

    I would get the GoPro Hero 5, because my Hero 3 Black could use replacing ;)

  384. Edwin Chen

    a garmin fenix 3 or 735xt

  385. Astatine

    Please i want a go pro 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  386. Chris Garman

    I’d get a power meter. Specific model TBD based on your power meter review post.

  387. Michael

    I would get a new watch, probably the Forerunner 735 or the Fenix HR.

  388. Bruce

    Power, because that is what I’m lacking

  389. Tony

    Fenix 3 HR watch :)

  390. Simon Graber

    I’d go for the Fenix 3 HR which suits best for my extended MTB-Trainings taking place next season

  391. Hendrik Verbeelen

    If allowed to wait a bit, I will opt for the Fenix 5.

  392. Harvey

    Since I finally took the plunge on the Fenix 3 HR using the Black Friday discounts, that means that either the next Fenix or a new Forerunner 9##xt is imminent… but I’m so happy with the F3HR that I would use the $500 towards something to measure cycling power when off the trainer, because maybe that’s the only thing holding me back from setting a new record.

  393. SteveG

    Garmin FR 630. Although it’s served me well, ready for an upgrade from my 610.

  394. Graham

    Probably an upgraded running watch with optical hr monitor

  395. Flemming Vind

    I would go for the garmin 735

  396. Andy

    Have everything I need, so would buy something for my better half now.

  397. Stoney

    I’d get the Garmin 820 mostly for its crash detection feature.

  398. Andrew

    Garmin Edge 520 because we’ve just had one nicked from my family. And a lot of socks to make up the difference

  399. Torgeir

    A bluetooth HR monitor, as Im looking into trying Zwift on the iPad.

  400. John A. Fossum

    Tough choice between a powermeter or the new GoPro Hero5!

  401. Thomas Liu

    I’d get a Garmin Fenix 3 HR. I ride a bicycle around for work alot and it would convenient way to keep track mileage and bio data.

  402. Sietse de Vries

    I would like to have a Garmin sportswatch to track my triatlon progress. 2017 is going to be an awesome sportfilled year!

  403. Adler Teixeira

    Powertap P1 or a Garmin power meter. At least I’ll know how weak I’m now.

  404. Dave

    I’d get some kinda power meter, for my training to deliver pain in next year’s bike race season.

  405. Eysteinn

    A Garmin 520 bundle for my bike :)

  406. Vital Weber

    Should go fancy but in the end I need new clothes :)

  407. Jerome

    What : I’d get a Fenix 3 HR
    Why : just lost my old Fenix 3, so a replacement with an upgrade would be great :-)

  408. Martin D

    L/R Power meter of some kind…to help me train for Dragon Ride

  409. linda McCain

    New shoes for my partner and an activity watch for me.

  410. dmr

    Tough choice but i think a Tacx Neo would be high on the list. The winter would fly by!

  411. Carsten Hoever

    A trainer, probably a Tacx or Wahoo.

  412. Jimbo

    Power meter, I’d get a power meter.

  413. Agnessa

    I want a Vivosmart HR+.

  414. Peter Collingridge

    Definitely Powertap C1 for me.

  415. Daniel

    A Suunto Spartan Ultra – it might no have reached its full possibilities but there are quite some things taking it over my Fenix3

  416. sny

    probably another powermeter

  417. Miguel Malabanan

    Wahoo Kickr to train on!

  418. Half

    I’d get a powermeter!!!!

  419. Jim Toye

    Love the P1 pedals to finally train with power :)

  420. Leonor Rodrigues

    I’d get a Garmin Fenix 3 for my father.

  421. Op E

    Towards a new trainer I guess

  422. Jeroen Huygen

    I would get the new Hero5 session to put on my FPV racing drone! Figure i could do some really sick shots with it. I’ve only discovered your blog 5 months ago but now i try to come by everyday to see what you’re up to and what kind of gadget you’re testing.

  423. Steven

    Looking forward upgrading my bike with a nice set of Powertap P1 pedals.

  424. Saskia

    Still an internal conflict here! It goes between injury recovery items or a watch that can be used in the pool. (Garmin Fenix or FR735XT)!

    The injury recovery items are self explanatory, but as I am recovering from injury and started swimming, I also started to become a real data-addict. When it comes to indoor swimming, this part is always a little tricky when it comes to gathering data, and then the watche would come in for great help.

  425. Jesus Cabrera

    Well at first thought i would love to have a power meter, but they’re out of my budget the extra credit could help me get one and i hope with it i can improve my training.

  426. Mub

    I’d like to get a red&white Garmin 920xt HR bundle as I have smashed my FR620 and lost my HR band at an ill advised Spartan race.

  427. Joanne McLaughlin

    Me pleeease

  428. Joanne McLaughlin

    Oops misspelled my email

  429. Eddie Soltani

    PowerTap all the way. Thanks.

  430. Martin

    It would definitely have to be a Tacx Flux, so I could get my lazy @ss back on the bike over the winter months ;-)

  431. Sliper

    I dream about powermeter, so i would take this toy

  432. Adam w

    Garmin fenix 3 hr
    Why, cos my 620 is playing up and I’d like to track my Heart Rates.
    Thanks Ray

  433. Joseba

    A powermeter, to move to next level training

  434. NCD

    Already got the varia radar for my birthday (last month)- works fine with edge.
    A 735 would be a nice addition for triathlon.

  435. David

    I’d go for the Garmin HR 3. Superb quality for running and trail.

  436. Bryan

    I’ll take a Go Pro Hero 5 Black please!

  437. Nick Verschoor

    Hi Ray, what a great giveaway! If I would win I would buy the new Feiyu Tech G5 stabilizer. Looking forward to that one. Thanks.

  438. Jose

    GoPro to share with the kids.

  439. Csongor Gyulai

    I would like to get a GoPro Hero 5, just because its awesome and I dont have a drone yet :/

  440. Andy Smith

    A power meter. I start training for my first iron man on the 2nd of Jan. The 1st Jan is my birthday ;0)

  441. Przemek B

    I would use the credit for Garmin Vector Pedal Set to move the training to the next level…

  442. Phil

    I’d get a big fenix HR to monitor time as it flies by

  443. Nat

    A GoPro that I could attach to my dog 😎

  444. Arno

    I would like the Garmin Vivoactive HR ;-)

  445. Jonathan Bibby

    Would love a Garmin 820 to help me to try some new routes

  446. Stephen de Souza

    I really want an 820. I couldn’t buy one as my 810 does all I need but I WANT the new version

  447. jez edwards

    garmin fenix 3 hr pls ray BUT IM in UK !!

  448. Yvan L

    Will most likely go for à Nice gopro hero 5…..

  449. Dean

    Probably go towards a powermeter, or a GPS, or a… 😀

  450. Blacky

    4iiii precision or a fenix 3

  451. CSPeluches

    Hey, I could use a power meter… Though Ray you have so many followers now that the odds are pretty low…

  452. Andreas S.

    Nice! I’m sure, I will find something fitting my needs….

  453. Jacob Sconyers

    There are a few possibilities for me. Maybe a new action cam, because my GoPro is old and busted. Perhaps a slimmer Garmin activity tracker/watch, because my Fenix 3 is hard to wear with a suit or cuffed shirt. Or maybe a swimming mp3 player, to listen to audiobooks in the pool.

  454. Jacky Wong

    Garmin 820, need it because i wanted to get a new model.

  455. Edward C

    I’d go for a Tacx Flux to keep my training going through the cold, dark winter’s days

  456. Conor

    I was lucky enough to win, I would go for a fenix3 hr as it looks awesome and it would be a great step up from a Xmas jumper…..!!!!

  457. Zafril

    I need new camera for my new year..i really hope my life change after win this giveaway.. I want GoPro HERO4 Black..thank you

  458. Kevin

    If I were to win I would go with a wahoo kickr to make winter trainer more enjoyable

  459. Melkunie

    A bike-trainer so I can combine biking with looking after our newborn daughter

  460. Lukasz

    I’d like to get Garmin Vivoactive HR.

  461. Russ

    I would get a sunto ambit 3 and some sensors for bike and hr because my old Garmin (so old I’m not even sure which model it is) is really struggling and doesn’t do swimming.

  462. Evette

    Happy good year to all runners

  463. Stuart Brown

    Undecided between a Stages or putting the money towards a Tacx Flux…

  464. David Griffiths

    wahoo kickr so I can use zwift.

  465. James

    Wow, another great giveaway. I’d love a GoPro! Videoing bike races and rides would be fun. Happy new year everybody.

  466. Stefan Bluemmers

    A Powermeter!

  467. Sebastian

    A Fenix 3 HR – my 910XT is so n its last legs!

  468. Orhan Chakarov

    I want a power meter. The PowerTap C1 will fit great in my training.

  469. Gerard Bux

    A bike-trainer to try Zwift

  470. Michael Stern

    I would get one o’ them wacky bike computers that works with Strava Live.

  471. Ezequiel Negri

    Y Would get a powermeter for my Tri bike. Not sure the C1 chainrings fit my crank but I could strech some extra bucks for a quark or infocrank. Merry Christmass and Happy Birthday to me.

  472. Pearse Carberry

    Garmin Fenix 3 HR for sure !

  473. Mattias Kardell

    I would get the Forerunner 735XT and use this to follow up on my plan to make a PB in a half marathon in May

  474. Casey Ross

    Probably some sort if diggers tracker as I don’t like wearing my gps watch 24/7

  475. Heiko Hamann

    I would like to get the Taxc Neo Smart Trainer.

  476. Margaret

    Mio FUSE. I bought one for my husband for Christmas but want one for myself now.

  477. Rok

    I’d get Garmin 735XT because my old Polar RC3 is not waterproof for swim and I have battery issues too. It’s old I know.

  478. Ander

    Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS Running & Multisport Watch HRM-4 Bundle Black/Grey Would’ve been the best present under this year’s Christmas tree.

  479. Marc Salvia

    I’ve just bougth Fenix 3 last Black Friday, so maybe the HRM-Run or Edge 820…

  480. Bogdan

    Garmin Fenix 3 as a great all-purpose watch!

  481. Struan Lownie

    A new trainer. As cycling to work this morning in -6c was no fun but I need to keep training

  482. Maarja

    The Forerunner 735XT for sure. The best this year.

  483. Jason Tharp

    A garmin fenix 3 HR watch please!

  484. Maarten

    a fr735xt for my girl so she can prepare for her next triathlon

  485. Davide Nenna

    I would like a Garmin Vivoactive Hr

  486. I would get a Tacx Vortex Smart, no questions asked! How awesome would that be?!

  487. Tony Zamora

    Go pro or new garmin to replace the old 500 I have!

  488. Jim Carr

    Hello DC. I’d put that nice $500 credit toward Newton Road Shoes and Inov-8 Trail Shoes. Why? Because those are the shoe brands that work best for me. Happy New Year!

  489. Cory Kawa

    Fenix 3 as a good triathlon watch that also looks good for day to day use.

  490. Nathan Tressler

    I would buy a CycleOps Magnus Smart Trainer. Something has to get me into the pain cave right?

  491. Julie

    If I won I’d get the Garmin 235 forerunner because I need a gps running watch while I train for my first marathon.

  492. Jens Rasmussen

    I’d get a Wahoo Elemnt or a Garmin watch.. or a power meter :)

  493. Grant

    Power Tap P1, to help maintain steady cycle training output.

  494. Jessica

    I’d get a Garmin 735xt because I want something I can swim with once in a while.

  495. Luna

    Hi Rainmaker,

    thanks for your good job all the time


  496. Alexa

    Garmin FR 235 to help me train for my first marathon.

  497. Chad

    Definitely the Garmin Fenix 3 HR – my brother has one and I need one to compare notes!

  498. K.C.

    Edge 820 because it would be nice to have a dedicated bike computer.

  499. Devin

    I would buy an action cam for trails. Probably the virb.

  500. Petr Kristek

    I would get GoPro Hero outdoor camera. To catch the adventure, to make a story, to have unique memories from journeys.

  501. dancov

    I woul buy a power meter, probably 4iii precision, so to improve my training sessions

  502. Stve

    Train (doing some intervals) and get prepared for HM at Egmond Netherlands on 8th January

  503. Effi

    It hard to pick, but I’ll likely either go with a new fitness watch for the wife since hers just died recently or a gopro to collect videos of my adventures while trail running or open water swimming.

  504. Bryan

    I would put the money towards a power meter of some sort.

  505. Adrian

    Round shaped dial excluded the Fenix and 735XT, so I would get the one and only ultimate 920XT for my multisport activities…

  506. Leslie

    A new power meter (p1 pedals) because you need one to train properly

  507. Erik

    Power meter…

  508. Yoav

    I would like a CamelBak Run Ultra 4 70oz Electric Blue/Poseidon to get more efficient hydration during long runs. cheers.

  509. Henry Ng

    Coros helmet. The best replacement for my overdue bluetooth headset.

  510. Pedro Fradique

    Hello and Merry Christmas!!
    I’d probably gift myself a Garmin 735XT
    Thanks for the giveaway

  511. Joao Carreira

    I would get the Powertap P1 power meter, the single side version. It would be awesome to train and ride with a powermeter!

  512. Mike Frazier

    I’d get a Garmin Edge 520, because my wife has taken over my Garmin 510.

  513. Daniel Lee

    I’d get a new smart trainer to supplement my rollers.

  514. San Man

    Garmin Edge 820 or 520, can’t go wrong with either of these.

  515. Kevin

    A 920xt with the whole tri pack

  516. David Janas

    Not going to lie…Fenix 3 Sapphire or Chronos is just freaking amazing! Battery life, durability, and features. Plus I love how they look. I really want something that can look professional and handle all of the activities I do. My 920 is awesome, but doesn’t really scream “business professional”.

  517. Jim

    Why…I would get the ELEMNT BIKE COMPUTER, TICKR HEART RATE, & RPM SPEED AND CADENCE BUNDLE. I don’t have any of those devices and think they would up my training and riding experience. Thank you

  518. Tom Bowles

    I’ve always wanted a Garman Fenix 3, but never had the money to buy one.

  519. Jesus Climent

    I got a pair of sleepers, and I wanted a fenix3.

  520. Peter Shellabarger

    I’d probably go for a new Garmin bike computer to help me navigate and not get lost all the time.

  521. Paolo Veronesi

    I’d get Fenix 3 HR to be monitored all the day

  522. Joel S

    Would appreciate a Garmin 520 for cycling and being able to train smarter and not necessarily harder.

  523. Chris Shallcross

    I’d go for upgrading to an Edge 520, some new pedals and shoes or maybe a power2max power meter.

  524. Ben

    Trainer with a power meter so I could video game it up on Zwift during the New England winter.

  525. Galja

    I would buy a FR 630 hrm!

  526. chris bigley

    smart trainer

  527. Zsolt Csapó

    Defenetly a power meter

  528. Ben Eldred

    Almost certainly a new Garmin watch to kickstart my training in 2017

  529. Jim A

    I’d love a Garmin 735. Since I’m focusing on olympic distance, I don’t think I quite need this behemoth of a 920 on my wrist at all times. Plus, I mean, ……optical HR makes running without a shirt a little less strange :)

  530. Emerson H

    Definitely a new garmin watch

  531. Hannah King

    Something for my husband to get him fit!

  532. Miguel Guimarães

    I would get a Garmin varia vision set so my bike rides would be even “more geek”

  533. David Chasnoff

    A Garmin 820 so the mapping would be up to date.

  534. Scott Gregory

    My pick would be the Garmin Vector 2 pedals. The pedals sound like they are easy to install and use. The new pedals would also give me an excuse to upgrade to a Garmin bike computer. I have been using a Polar CS600 computer with the wind power sensors for many years, and would love some new tech for the New Year!

  535. Kristine Grigsby

    A Garmin FR235 because I signed up for 50k swimrun for my 30th birthday with a mind more optimistic than its body would suggest. I need all the help I can get.

  536. Jennie

    Wow fab prize! I’d pick the Garmin vivomove for myself or maybe the Withings activity steel, I need a classy looking watch for work and the GoPro hero5 session for my husband!

  537. Sean

    I’d put it towards a nice pair of Powertap P1 pedals so I can start training with power.

  538. Andrew Rutherford

    Power Tap Pedals for training for the Etape

  539. RC

    It would be awesome to get a power meter. That would help my training.

  540. Garmin 520 because I am crazy about the strava segments

  541. Justin B

    I would get the Garmin FR 735XT, never had a triathlon watch that can track pool and open water swims so it would be nice to finally get one!

  542. Vincent Kendziora

    I would love to get a Withings Aura Sleep System.

  543. Krzysztof

    I’d love to get the 735XT :) My big & old chinese no-name watch needs replacement…

  544. Katka

    I want some nice Garmin watch with all day tracking and HR.

  545. Matt

    I would grab one of the latest garmin watches.

  546. Carole Faghel

    To have one of the indoor trainers would be great.

  547. Jon

    A smart trainer would definitely top the list for me.

  548. andrew curtis

    Didn’t get a new bike computer because everyone I know knows I’m too picky for them to try shopping for :(

  549. Simon Vaillancourt

    I want a smart trainer as my current trainer is 8 years old and has no smart capabilities.

  550. Andrew Cripps

    I would like the DJI Mavic Pro so that I could get some more great shots of myself falling off a skateboard!

  551. Boyneskibum

    I was hoping to be able to get a Wahoo KICKR SNAP. Living in a cold climate can really limit my time on the bike outdoors, would love to be able to keep up the training during the winter!

  552. Ron

    a nice sports watch would be welcome.

  553. Aga

    Probably I would get one of the Polar watches.

  554. Reuben

    Stages Power Meter!

  555. Matt S

    Garmin Fenix

  556. Brian Norton

    From your reviews, I keep coming back to the Garmin Forerunner 235. It seems like exactly what would serve me best for my activity level and interests.

  557. Brett C Smith

    Taxc Neo because Canadian winters are cold and snowy.

  558. Stephan Verdeyen

    I need a new triathlon watch! The battery on my 910XT is going. And it’s just old…

  559. Sammy Ash

    735XT or fenix3 HR

  560. luis

    I need a new tri-watch urgently!

  561. Yannick Piette

    I would get a new gps watch, either garmin or polar

  562. Konstantinos Velaoras

    go pro for me please!!

  563. Patrick

    I would really love a Quarq power meter!

  564. A Levario

    Garmin Vivo active HR
    My training for marathon would benefit from being free from an HR strap ( chafing has gotten old).

  565. Paul Thomas

    Fenix III HR

  566. Michelle

    Tom Tom Spark 3

  567. Andrew Z

    Garmin FR235! I’ve never owned a running or smart watch, but this one has just about everything I want in one.

  568. Shawn

    Garmin FR735 – need a new multi-sport watch that supports ANT devices!

  569. Peter

    I would get myself a GoPro Hero5 Black.

  570. Matt

    Spoiled for choice – either the a Garmin watch for me or a bicycle trainer for the wife. Fingers crossed!

  571. Jeff

    I would love a powermeter!

  572. Matt LeGrand

    A powermeter would be nice. Might keep me from being naughty next year.

  573. Costi

    Maybe a Garmin Vivoactive HR. Good luck everyone.

  574. Olli

    Power meter for either road bike or TT bike. I realized I’m too lazy to switch the current meter between two bikes.

  575. Hi, I would like to get a new trainer, and this would be a good start!
    I might also change my mind and get a gopro too.

  576. Eric B

    I would go for a Garmin 735 or maybe towards a Fenix 3

  577. Adrian

    I’d love a Garmin Edge 520 to be able to upload activities without having to plug into a computer as well as utilise ConnectIQ apps.

  578. Shawn

    Time for a new GoPro.

  579. Leah

    Ill have my husband pick the most useful gadget for me

  580. A Garmin 230, I suspect, though further thought might find something more creative.

    Why? Because my wife loves her 230, and I think she’d find the 235 interesting, fun, and convenient.

  581. Daniel

    Santa brought some new cranks, but forgot the power meter. 4iiii has the solution to my problem.

  582. JR

    Forerunner 235 would be fine fine fine

  583. Richard Szostakowski

    Definitely a power meter

  584. Daniel Thompson

    I’d go for the PowerTap P1 pedals. So sweet!

  585. Walter Drill

    Garmin Vivoactive HR or one of the heart rate monitors that polls HR through the day. I’d like to see more data about my HR and activity patterns. Thanks!

  586. Would love to get my hands on one of the new GoPros

  587. Marcos Buosi

    I’ll get a HRM-TRI

  588. mike smith

    a pair of P1 pedals to capture my massive power output

  589. Mark

    I’d probably ground myself with a new Garmin watch. My current unit has me in orbit at 65000 ft.

  590. miecho

    I would like to get a Fenix 3 HR to update my FR920XT :)

  591. Mike B

    I would probably get a power meter. It is something I have held off purchasing until the prices come down.

  592. Larry Phillips

    I’d get a Garmin Forerunner 735 XT

  593. David P Bradway

    I’d update to a newer GoPro

  594. Lester Li

    Garmin Fenix, love the hiking functionality and it looks bomber

  595. Mick

    The next Fenix 4/5 or maybe the next V800, M800?, to upgrade my M400

  596. Rocky Fennell

    I would like to get a fenix 3HR to replace the FR735XT I used to have.

  597. Heather

    I’d get my husband a new gopro to replace the one he lost on vacation in the Alps.

  598. Ute Hagemann

    Cycleops Hammer, baby! Hope everybody had nice holidays!

  599. Nick

    I’d love to upgrade to the Fenix 3 to branch out into tracking more than just my runs

  600. Michael

    I would most likely pick a Garmin Forerunner® 735XT. I currently use a 920XT and would like to try the wrist based HR.

  601. David Balla

    New Garmin GPS Watch, the old one died and I haven’t replaced it yet.

  602. Jonathan Cushing

    New Garmin running watch please, not sure which one but sure I could spend many hours choosing if I have $500 to play with!

  603. MG

    Probably go towards a new trainer or power meter

  604. Tjeerd

    A Fenix watch would be really nice to get as a replacement for my garmin 235.

  605. Brittany L

    I am in need of a new trainer. So that is what I would use it for

  606. Jason

    I would get an Edge 820 because my old one is on the fritz.

  607. Josh Schroeder

    I think I’d venture into power with that PowerTap C1.

  608. Garrett Metz

    New smart trainer, old trainer is wearing out and winter is here.

  609. FlyingSaucy

    I’d like a kickr.

  610. Mary

    As an ultra runner, I’ve been eyeing the Fenix3HR for a while now.

  611. Peter H

    I’d finally get a HR monitor for my fenix 3

  612. Norman

    Fenix 3 HR sapphire, know how hard I’m working and looking good while doing it,

  613. Todd T

    So hard to choose! Probably a Hero5, or maybe help with a new trainer, or wait – a power meter!

  614. Jacobus

    The 4iiii Precision Power Meter, to pace myself up the climbs.

  615. Victor

    I’d get a a Garmin Fenix 3 HR or something similar so I can track some trail running!

  616. Garmin 920xt with HRM strap, so I can track my HR during workouts for health reasons. It’s been a rough couple of years and this would be a great addition to my workouts as I hope to get back to more intense training soon! Although a pair of JayBird wireless headphones would be in the running too…

  617. Robert Pawlak

    The Tacx flow – I’ve been looking at the direct drive trainers for a couple of years now, and this one looks to have a good mix of capabilities for the price.

  618. Mark E.

    New Smart Trainer for Ironman training.

  619. Miklos Miyata

    I’ll probably buy an Fênix 3 HR.

  620. Jason Brubaker

    I would pick a Garmin FR 630 because of all the running specific features but it’s still wearable on a daily basis.

  621. Mirek

    Bike computer made by Garmin. It can help me with training for my first tri :-)

  622. Farhan Hummayun

    garmun fenix 3hr… best and complete thing ever.. a perfect companion…

  623. kyle kennison

    I didn’t get a new smart trainer for Christmas. Looking for something to train on the IMChoo course without being in Chattanooga .

  624. Matt Hutchinson

    Want: fenix 3 hr
    Why: Really really want it and don’t want to wait 7 years for my 50th Birthday to be given it ;)

  625. Keith Donaldson

    I would get a Garmin Fenix 3 HR. I had a Basis Peak watch. It was such a fantastic, accurate and unobtrusive device that monitored HR 24/7 plus sleep, etc. But alas…it was killed with fire.

  626. Steve Lund

    GoPro Hero5 – have a trip to Hawaii coming up where that would be incredibly useful and fun. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

  627. Mario

    A power meter would be nice !

  628. seboricor

    I think a Fenix would be a good end of year gift:o)

  629. Oriane17

    Probably a small drone.

  630. Coco

    A device to swim and walk.

  631. Mark Larsson

    Garmin vivofit for the family

  632. Sébastien

    I think I would take a Fenix 3 or something for mi bike.

  633. Matt D.

    I’d get the Fenix III hrm. I love my fenix 3 and would like to leave the heart rate monitor strap at home.

  634. Tony Sabo

    I would most likely get a new Garmin Fenix watch for the 2017 season to help with my triathlon training and also for tracking my hiking/skiing.

  635. S2

    A surprise for my wife …

  636. Uri Peliowski

    Apple Watch

  637. Corri

    A Garmin 735XT so that I can stop wearing HR chest straps.

  638. Louis-Philippe Laurin

    I would certainly get the Tacx Flux because my noisy Blue Twist wakes up my neighbour when I crave a pain session in the middle of the night.

  639. Nadine

    A Vivofit 2 would be good for me.

  640. Andy Hudson

    Hi, would like to upgrade from a forerunner 10, to a watch which picks up a signal quickly and will sync to my iPad without hassles every time. Thanks

  641. Tom Billings

    If I had to choose, I’d probably go for the fenix 3 HR and a few new pairs of socks.


    I’ve always wanted to give Garmin another go for my budding running goals. Plus you can never have too many pairs of socks!

  642. paul bayne

    I’d get a power meter, any power meter. Probably a stages for my cyclocross bike.

  643. Keith G

    My next purchase is going to be a Garmin 520. I’d probably put the rest toward a power meter or smart indoor trainer.

  644. Andrew L

    I would love a new trainer. Mine chews thw heck out of my tires during wet season!

  645. Katie Massen

    I would get a new garmin forerunner-most likely 630 with heart rate monitor

  646. Akshay Samel

    I would get a Powertap P1 power meter, to improve my cycling time for the next IronMan.

  647. Michael

    I would take one of the Suunto sportwatches.

  648. Hammer

    Having accidentally bought my wife sensors that didn’t work with her cycle computer last year, I’d have to spend it on a Garmin Edge 520 or 820 to make it up to her.

  649. George C.

    Edge 820. I moved to a new town, so having map capabilities would help a lot.

  650. Thomas S

    Garmin Hrm Swim and Tri bundle :)

  651. I would get a new Garmin cycling computer, most likely the edge 820

  652. Matt

    My 620 is pretty beat up these days… but what to get next? soooo many choices!

  653. Kelly

    Well if it’s free. I’d go for the Wahoo Fitness Bike Desk.

  654. I would get a stages XT powermeter for my MTB

  655. Ken

    GoPro HERO5, to document my outings in style! Thanks, Ray!

  656. Marc D,

    I would like a powermeter. Maybe a powertap P1…

  657. Krzysiek

    Garmin Forerunner 735XT looks good to me. We would break many new records.

  658. Andrew

    I wouldn’t say no to an upgrade to my Garmin 500. Happy Holidays all

  659. Carla

    Upgrade my bike computer!

  660. Girard Michelle

    I’d like to have the Garmin F3 HR

  661. jCO2

    A powermeter..

  662. CKova

    I would get a cycling trainer, preferably Zwift-ready – likely Tacx – or I would put the money towards the purchase anyway. Thank you and Happy New Year!

  663. dave holden

    Probably the wahoo trainer as a) I can’t afford one and b) my old turbo is that used I get seasick as it rocks side to side so much!

  664. David H

    I’d go for a Garmin fenix 3 HR to be rid of the hassle with the HR-strap when skiing, wwkayaking and other outdoor activities with many bulky layers of clothes and gear.

  665. James Burkett

    I would absolutely get a Garmin Fenix 3 – I started weekly open water swims between lap swimming and my vivoactive isn’t able to handle the open water swim measurements. Plus, I’m on my second vivoactive watchband which is currently held together by electrical tape – the chlorine in the pool eats away at these bands.

  666. Brilly_AU


    Or maybe a new Garmin so that I can use it’s excellent turn by turn navigation feature to find said hoppy awesomeness after a long day in the saddle.

  667. mrbeez

    I would really like Garmin fenix 3 HR. The old watch has a really bad battery and need a new one.

  668. Elizabeth B.

    A new trainer. Probably a Wahoo KICKR SNAP.

  669. Courtney H

    I think i’d buy a gopro, because I love photography and want to use one in the ocean.

  670. Anna

    A few of my running shoes need replacement soon. So probably a pair of nike zoom streak 6 and i am stil tempted to buy the 735xt

  671. abc123

    I would get either a power meter (Power tap hub with discs, or maybe the crank mount) or the Virb, as my bike is already pretty well set up, and for other stuff I have a Fenix 2 that works well.

  672. Anthony Bone

    I would go for a hero 5 black!

  673. Troy Fischer

    I would upgrade to a Stages Power Meter and start rolling some serious road…….

  674. Kate

    I’d get a power meter. Not sure which one yet.

  675. Carolina T.

    I’d like a pair of Inov-8 Unisex X-Talon 225, because I want to start mountain running

  676. Alan B.

    I’d get me a dang ol’ Garmin 735xt Tri Bundle. uh huh.

  677. Hwieniawski

    running shoes! And a fancy gadget watch

  678. Joe Spurgeon

    Wahoo Kickr–to keep the training strong and get revenge on Eric

  679. Can

    I am planning to buy a trainer since it is too hard to ride outdoors during winter.
    Tacx satori smart is leading my list, cheapest “smart” trainer.

  680. Rafal

    Would be very happy to order a bike trainer – nice gift to use during the winter period :) Thanks.

  681. I’d get either a Fenix 3 HR watch or Hero 5 Black.

  682. Ivailo Kostadinov

    I would like Fenix3 HR, because it is the upgraded version of Fenix3, which I already have.

  683. miriam

    bought myself a FR235 and super happy with it – on winning I’d have to decide between the GoPro I’ve always wanted or go practical to replace my earphones. thanks for the giveaway!

  684. Renato Cunha

    Garmin edge820 as an upgrade to my old edge 800

  685. Timothy Healy

    Go Pro and if they have one a kid sized helmet. Wanna get how my kid looks at the world like I’m the commercial!

  686. Darren Kreeger

    I would get a Garmin 920xt. I really love gadgets!

  687. Mary

    A power meter for sure! I don’t have one yet.

  688. brian mc bride

    rotor power meter

  689. Seowon Kim

    5 pairs of running shoes

  690. Joshua Zaniewski

    That Vivoactive HR would be good enough for me!

  691. Bastoone

    I would go for a bike computer probably a Garmin 520

  692. Johan

    After losing my garmin edge, a replacement would be handy.

  693. Zbynek Srubar

    If I shall replace my Garmin Vivoactive HR, than it would be with Garmin 735XT.

  694. Frank Bauer

    I would go for a Garmin 820 bundle.

  695. Adi Tal

    After so long, a GoPro Hero5 Black to take some cool pic. ;)

  696. Jago

    I`d love to buy me the Sportswatch garmin F235 or maybe a nice Powermeter :-)

  697. Nico

    I`d go for a garmin edge 820

  698. Ingo

    I’d get a GoPro Hero 5 Black

  699. Rocco DiMambro

    Power meter! Gotta get those results.

  700. Ryan

    Looking to get a new bike trainer that supports ANT resistance control.

  701. Vincent

    Garmin fenix

  702. stephan

    Well, my 910xt failed, so this would be a good time to get a 920 I think.

  703. Joe Campbell

    Powertap c1 power meter would be a Christmas miracle!!!

  704. Bart van der Linden

    I’d get a Garmin 735xt as you recomend ;-) to track my progress as a fresh new triathlete.

  705. John Kensek

    Garmin 735xt! Sweet watch!

  706. Heather Kensek

    I would get a Garmin 520 and give it to my wonderful husband!

  707. Stan

    A karma grip to improve gopro videos!

  708. Niels

    I love me fenix3, but with a 500 refund, the chronos might come intro play :-)

  709. JF Gagne

    I want a 735xt for my wife…

  710. Mark Gudmastad

    Def GPS watch and/or GoPro

  711. Shawn Green

    I would get a new trainer to get me through the long New England winter!

  712. Matt Reingold

    If I could , I’d get a gopro so that I can get some good recordings of when I go out and run. I’ve been dying to do so!

  713. Aaron Lee

    I didn’t get a 110 BCD power meter =(

  714. Dana Hall

    I would get a Garmin Edge 1000 to replace my Edge 800 because of its new and updated features.

  715. Tempest Gray

    I’d go for a new Garmin Watch because in 2017 I plan to run the distance across the state of Texas. For those of you that don’t know, that is 880 miles! Gotta have a good watch to track that!

  716. JL

    I’d get a Garmin 735xt, because the rest of my family already has Garmins, I’m the only one stuck with my old Suunto.

  717. Harvey Schouls

    I’d get a power meter or new indoor trainer.

  718. James Jobes

    I would get a bike trainer!

  719. Joe

    I would get a power meter. Probably the PowerPod.

  720. Gil Lee

    Def a new tracking watch

  721. Alan

    I would definitely go for the Garmin Vivoactive HR! Thanks!

  722. Aj

    Heck I would love to get a new trainer to give my old one to my wife :)


  723. Chris Houghton

    I’d replace my old Garmin. It’s hanging on by a thread and I’d love to upgrade it without saving my $$ for six months.

  724. Tim Smith

    Edge 820

  725. Brett Erickson

    I’d get a new Garmin (not sure the flavor) to track my runs. My current one has seen better days!

  726. Jason

    The CycleOps JetFluid Pro Trainer would be great so I can train in those winter rainy days

  727. A Stages powermeter in hopes of not overcooking the bike part in Lanzarote next May.

  728. Grant K

    New bike computer garmin edge maybe

  729. Richard

    I think I would get the Fenix 3 hr. I would like to be able to upload my activities via my phone!

  730. Olly

    Garmin FR630

  731. DBK

    Harmon Fenix 3 or a Trainer

  732. Ryan

    Garmin vector 2S upgrade…so I can have dual sided power and see the analytics on my 520!

  733. Manuelobe

    A new Gopro

  734. I would get the Garmin 735XTto take my running to the next level!

  735. Clint

    Hero Session… or a Fenix 3 HR maybe.

  736. Ze Pinho

    I would wait for the CES in January and hope the F4 is announced :)

  737. Jerry Hicks

    I’d pick up the 4iiii power meter for Ultegra so that I could use power to train with Zwift!

  738. Tyler

    I would get a power meter. Probably power tap p1s

  739. Susan W

    I’d get a GPS watch with a sensor so I wouldn’t need to wear a strap for HR. Probably a Garmin.

  740. Alonso

    I’d appreciate a power meter so I can step up my cycling game and become a stronger rider.

  741. Oh my. It would be the Garmin Fenix 3 HR. I’m getting married on 28th Jan and my birthday shortly after so there is no chance I’m getting it for my birthday. Plus I really don’t need it. But if I did I’d be swimming, running, cycling and darting my way to fitness (and give the birthday money I got for it to charity)

  742. Sarah van Vliet

    I’d love PowerTap C1 power meters so my fiance will stop talking about them

  743. Ty

    I think I’d like a power meter. Or the Fenix 3HR… decisions decisions… (sigh)

  744. Marcio Marques

    Fenix 3, definitely the FENIX 3! The watch is to die for! My 910XT is just getting outdated! Time to roll in the new tech!

  745. Hans

    I would really like to get a Fenix 3 so could use the $500 to get a nice start. :)

  746. Oscar Roig

    Mmm, probably a Garmin Fenix 3 :)

  747. I’d get a 920xt tried bundle to help improve my training for my first triathlon.

  748. Megan

    Garmin vivoactive HR to track my fitness and how many steps it takes to chase my toddler around the house!

  749. Reilly2k

    920xt – doing triathlons would help loads!

  750. Huan

    I’d get the GoPro so I can document my kids’ bike adventures.

  751. flammecast

    I’d probably go for one of the Tacx Smart trainers, I’m a dad to twin girls so I’m extremely time crunched and I’d like a fairly quite trainer to use in the house 😁

  752. Probably get a powermeter specifically for training.

  753. Lorne

    A wahoo product

  754. wb

    I’d put it towards a Hammer, since it’s trainer season in my neck of the woods and resistance control will help with my motivation.

  755. The Garmin Vivoactice HR is the way I’m leaning at this point.

  756. Jason Whelan

    I am not 100% sure, but I think it would go towards a new power meter!

  757. Scott B

    I want a hamburger. No, cheeseburger. I want a hot dog. I want a milkshake. I want potato salad . . .

    Actually, a trainer, or a power meter, or maybe that potato salad ;-)

  758. Stephen Cooper

    A power meter would be amazing! A power Tap C1 is looking favourable. Fingers crossed.

  759. Simon Howells

    I’d go for a Garmin Edge 820 as it looks awesome :) and my current GPS has a crack in the screen :(

  760. Definitely go for a Wahoo Kickr Snap or Tacx Vortex trainers. Upgrade from my old non ANT+ FE-C based Bushido.

  761. Dustin

    I would buy a new watch with a built in HRM. I’m tired of wearing a chest strap.

  762. Jess

    I would get a smart trainer! Or new bike computer

  763. Damien

    With this temperature I would go for an indoor bike trainer !

  764. Jeremy

    I would like a garmin 920 so I can track my swimming at the gym with my new membership.

  765. SBS

    Since I am doing a lot of trail running and hiking these days to train for my first ultra marathon, I would probably get the Fenix 3 HR.

  766. Pat Smith

    Power meter. Probably the Powertap P1 pedals.

  767. Blake

    I could definitely use a nice trainer now that we’ve had our first snow!

  768. Dan J

    Garmin Vector power meter pedals

  769. Will Sparrow

    Maybe a new trainer, just in case it actually gets cold in the southeastern US this winter.

  770. Jamie Kite

    I think I’d pick up a Garmin Fenix 3

  771. Nick Wehmeier

    I’d probably get some kind of power meter for measuring power.

  772. Ivan

    Powertap P1. Versatile power meter to train/perform more structured/strategic outdoors.

  773. Alex M

    $500 worth of socks. Nothing beats that new sock feel.

  774. Troy

    I really need a PowerTap.

  775. Adam

    It’s high time for either power meter or bicycle computer.

  776. Samuel Schmidt

    Probably looking to get a running watch! Maybe a Fenix.

  777. Nacho

    I will get a power meter, probably P1

  778. Des keogh

    I would love a Fenix 3 HR and a vivoactive HR for my wife. We are doing our first marathon in Paris in April, and we could pop in to the man cave to pick it up. It would save you postage !!

  779. Eric

    Tacx Neo, to train for a ride across Europe

  780. Dom

    Hello, i would like to test the garmin vivosmart hr+ but i get the misfit ray .. I would like ti test into skiing and cycle mod thx

  781. Greg

    PowerTap P1s. I need to start using power.

  782. Eric McMinoway

    I want a bike computer for my new tri bike!!!!

  783. Jerry

    I’d get the Fenix 3 HR because I need a new running watch and I am ready for something new.

  784. Henry

    Smart trainer, to help as I work back toward bike fitness!!

  785. Matthew Hunt

    Would definitely get a Wahoo trainer. Right now I only have rollers

  786. Marco

    I’d love to get a Garmin Varia Vision HUD!

  787. Aaron

    A new trainer, so I can have some fun this winter!

  788. Mandy Breen

    I could use a new watch!!!!

  789. Karl tucker

    Tacx smart trainers so can ride whatever the weather

  790. Maarten Visser

    I’m hoping for a power meter, but end up with random socks ;-)

  791. Ron L

    I’m leaning toward the Powertap P1 pedals to replace my Powertap hub (but could be swayed by a new Garmin computer … LOL)

  792. Natalia

    Something Garmin…

  793. justin

    i would put it towards another wahoo kickr or an element computer

  794. Kevin

    I could use a power meter or a new trainer.

  795. Matt Mirfield

    Either the Garmin F3HR or 735 as I need to diversify my training from just cycling, and actually get back in the pool after a shoulder injury!

  796. Migue Zr

    A power meter!! Let’s jump to the next level!!

  797. Mark Acher

    I’d pick up a Fenix 4 after CES 2017. (wink)

  798. Shawn

    I would get a new trainner for the winter months.

  799. Jordi

    A Garmin Edge 820 to replace my 500

  800. Ben M

    After having 2 different indoor trainers breakdown on me in the same day, I would definitely take a wahoo kickr. Thanks for doing this.

  801. Jimmy

    A garmin edge 820- with a training camp in Spain coming up, having maps out front would come in handy!

  802. Alice Varga

    This giveaway is awesome, thanks! :)
    Id probably choose the GoPro Hero 5!

  803. Stu

    I’d get a GoPro for a planned big trip in the wilderness next year.

  804. Miriam Garcia Casado

    New GPS for my road bike! Thanks

  805. Joshua

    Probably get the Garmin HRM tri and a turbo trainer. I just got a Fenix 3 for my first 70.3 in May!!

  806. Gyucso

    Well, I didnt wish for a Fenix 3 for xmas because I knew you would have this giveaway!
    So, i think its obvious that I would go for the watch, if I were lucky enough to win :)

  807. Sandman

    I would like to purchase a Suunto Ambit 3 to help me train for my first ironman.

  808. Gary Spanedda

    I would have loved to get any Garmin cycling computer for my Cannondale!

  809. Borja

    I’d get a Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire with Optical HR because it’s the best multisport watch in the market hands down.

  810. Fred

    A bike computer for my kid… or a camera.

  811. Stuart Grey

    A power meter for social winter online riding!!!

  812. Amaury Cork

    I would get a Garmin forerunner 630 to try out the running dynamics.

  813. Collin

    I would get a power tap C1 for my first full IM in 4 months. It’s going to be windddyyy and I’m a complete bike weenie.

  814. Brendan ONeill

    I would like a wheel off wahoo trainer (have a snap now).

  815. Thomas Larsen

    A Garmin Vivoactive HR for my wife

  816. Justin Valentino

    I’d upgrade to a Fenix 3 HR and give my current Fenix 3 to my wife. Although I’m still waiting on the strap replacement I didn’t get for christmas; since my F3 band is cracked in two places. So I’d probably throw that in the cart too.

  817. Mike

    A suunto spartan sport or ultra. Although I hope
    they fix the bugs with the spartan. ;)

  818. Jon Powell

    Power tap or maybe a garmin, hmm descisons descisons!

  819. Mark

    I think probably a power metre, but would also be tempted by a new Garmon 820 for the map routeing

  820. Rebecca Kieselbach

    A Garmin watch for sure!

  821. Dan

    A smart trainer!

  822. Martin Smith

    Fenix 3, to upgrade my forerunner 220.

  823. Paul

    I would get the new TomTom Runner 2 with built in music. It would help me determine if I can make the jump from a 5k’er to a 15k’er or even half marathon !

  824. Ethan

    The elite rampa would be awesome — I’ve never used an app with a trainer before.

  825. Charles Lee

    A Garmin Fenix 3 HR would be cool!

  826. Yannick

    I would get a wahoo trainer so that my bike doesn’t get lonely during winters.

  827. Dan

    I’d go for Powertap P1 pedals so I can crush an optimal split on the hilly bike at Ironman Wales!

  828. JS

    Smart trainer…..

  829. Gary

    GoPro as it would save me trying to hold my iPhone when filming from my bike

  830. Ray

    GoPro Hero 5 to video my kids in the water.

  831. Dan

    I’ve been eying a Garmin GPS watch. I couldn’t justify the cost.

  832. Todd Johnson

    Garmin Fenix 3, to get heart rate monitoring and good looks in one package.

  833. Erik Hash

    I would use the money as down payment on a cycle trainer.

  834. Nobby

    A Garmin Fenix 3 HR to help me train more effectively to reduce my 5k running time

  835. Jimm

    Vivoactive HR for my wife’s running and activity tracking.

  836. Daniel

    I’d get an 820 as I’d like to have a play with garmin iq

  837. Ross

    Some kind of power meter!

  838. Mike Orsini

    I would get the Garmin Forerunner 735XT GPS Running & Multisport Watch because I want to track all of my training

  839. Andy Jeanson

    I would probably get Fenix3 to use for trail running or a new Garmin bike computer.

  840. Luis Graterol

    I need a new running watch. Your work is amazing


    I didn’t get that Fenix I wanted. Darnit!! Garmin is king of the fitness wearable, so I want the king device. :)

  842. Oscar

    Possibly a power meter. Or a new trainer? I don’t teeechnically need either, but I’ve always wanted a power meter and a new toy would make the winter trainer sessions more fun.

  843. Stevie Doyle

    I would buy a power meter, not sure which one but your website will help me decide.

  844. Robert Tam

    I would like to get a set powertap p1 pedals so I can train with power

  845. Emma B

    Garmin Vivoactive HR so my husband stops moaning about not getting one for xmas

  846. Zane

    A Garmin Edge 820 and a hundred bucks worth of running shorts/socks…but then again, a power meter would be nice too…

  847. Kevin

    I’d love a new Garmin that supports swim training. A quality triathlon watch is what I’m in need of.

  848. Florian

    I would probably go for a GoPro as I recently got myself a new Garmin FR230 (via your Amazon link I might add 😉) and don’t really need more than it offers.

  849. Bernardo Tapia

    Hi Santa Ray

    If I received a 500.00 credit to I would definitely put it towards a Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP!!!! The drought is over here in CA and I definitely find myself needing one to get training workouts in on cold and rainy days.

    Thanks Santa Ray,


  850. Michael Larsen

    I would chose the BSXinsight 2.0 lactate threshold sensor, multisport edition. Because I would love to track my LT for the coming season.

  851. Mark G

    I would probably get a Fenix 3 HR to to supplant my Epix which is no longer being supported by Garmin :(

  852. Daniel

    I’d like to try a bike power meter and start training by power. They said that is great!


  853. Joseph mcleod

    I’d get the new quarq quolecter (sp). As a single guy I rode solo a fair bit and I’d like a way to send out tracking without burning my phone battery

  854. Mehul Ved

    I’d get the Garmin 920XT as I need a new tri watch and it’s the best VFM as well as the best fit for my requirements.

  855. Cezary

    Power meter, probably pedals to continue training plan outside.

  856. Henny

    I’d get a Garmin Forerunner 735, to boost my tri training

  857. I’ve been a runner for a long time, but started cycling in 2016. I would likely purchase a new cycling computer if I won this gift card giveaway. I’m looking at the Garmin Edge 1000.

  858. Brian Chabot

    Any cool gadget that will help my marsthon training…could be a smart watch or another new toy!

  859. Byron

    Power meter pedals most likely

  860. Mark Contreras

    I’d like a shiny new Garmin 235 to help make me an epic marathon runner!

  861. Russell P.

    Edge 830 and Precision 4iiii

  862. Michael Davis

    I’d get a Garmin Edge 520 because I’m sick of using my smart phone as a bike computer.

  863. I’d go with the powertap C1 since power is the one thing I’ve never had and has alway been on the eventually-get-it list of upgrades.

  864. Helena

    I would buy a high end action camera to use as a sort-of dash cam, to wear while working out, so that I have a record of aggressive fellow road users who push me off the road. Since it is dark so early now, a high end camera would be awesome, in order to capture at least some detail when it’s dark outside.

  865. Matt Kelly

    I’d put it into the kitty for a wahoo kickr.

  866. Chad Roberts

    Power Tap Power meter

  867. Alexandria

    For sure a Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP, it’s cold here in Alberta and it would jazz up those long indoor rides!!!

  868. Mark

    Would love a Garmin edge 520 to take my half iron Man training to the next level

  869. Kevin Bretney

    I would get a Power Tap G3 so I can finally start training with Power.

  870. Fraser

    A Garmin watch so I can look as cool as my wife while running with her.

  871. OMG, what would I get? So many options… perhaps a new trainer, training on something with an ERG mode sounds appealing. Maybe put it toward another power meter, I’d like power when I’m on gravel and not using my P1s… Or perhaps a new Edge, then my wife can get my old one. :)

  872. CarlosMartinez

    A go pro to show proof of the crazy things I see on my rides.

  873. Ivan

    Loved my Polar V800 which died right before Christmas… Would love to try Polar M600 this time.

  874. Riccardo Canola

    Hi, in case I win I will definitely get a Garmin Forerunner 735XT to track all my activities. Thank you for this opportunity. Happy new year to you all!

  875. Oscar

    A garmin edge 1000 for the nike rides

  876. David Boisoneau

    sure could use a new triathlon watch!!

  877. Peter Coull

    It’d be hard not to put the cash towards a kickr and get on the zwift bandwagon.

  878. Michael

    New cycling computer because the battery on my old edge barely lasts a long ride anymore!

  879. Kyle

    The new wahoo kickr

  880. Henry

    GoPro Hero5 Black! For filming all the running/hiking/snowshoeing adventures.

  881. Adam Kasch

    I would get a good start on buying a tacx flux. So my wife can have a dedicated trainer.

  882. David dylla

    Power meter for my wife that fits her tri bike.

  883. Tracy K

    I’ll probably pick Wahoo Kickr.

  884. Would probably be a camera, GoPro or similar to take round OCR races with me. Can’t justify buying one myself but winning the cash for one would be good.

  885. Kevinm

    Probably a power meter to check the trainer accuracy.

  886. Leo

    Definitely one of the newer Garmin watches. New year: faster watch, faster run.

  887. KenB

    I’d definitely put the money towards a new power mete!

  888. Simon Farlam

    A shiny new Forerunner 630 to replace my very battered F220 with very cracked screen. Then I can go running in the rain again without having to wrap my wrist in a plastic bag!

  889. Sean

    I would likely buy a new Garmin Virb to use on the bike.

  890. Terry C.

    I’d get a bike trainer because I need to take my training to the next level in 2017!

  891. A Garmin Edge 520 because Strava no longer supports my Wahoo RFLKT and I’ve been without a head unit for a few months. Life’s tough without staring at a stem during my ride.

  892. Russ Lilley

    Fenix 3 HR. I love my garmins

  893. Chris H.

    Probably a power meter of some sort. Why? Because I haven’t got one.

  894. Francisco Araujo

    I’d certainly go for a power meter, to add more data to my training

  895. Kyle

    I’d love a Fenix 3 HR (or Fenix 5??) for when I get past a stress fracture!

  896. MitchD

    Stryd footpod so I can run on zwift!

  897. CAG

    Fenix HR, tied of wearing HR strap.

  898. Tom B

    I’d like to get the new, as yet unreleased, Fenix watch that should be out pretty soon…

  899. William Hunt

    Too many choices! 920xt or power meter. Oooh! Resubscribe to DCRainmaker!

  900. Darren Robertson

    I’d choose a Garmin Fenix 3 while eating a span sandwich!

  901. Barry D.

    I’d like to get the new Kickr since it is quieter and maybe a little better (safer for hearing) to ride with my 4 month old in the playpen.

  902. Daniel

    I´ll go probably for a Watch, but might change opinion and get something else, thanks!

  903. Christina

    Definitely the Power Tap C1, need a power meter for my first full Ironman in 2017!!

  904. Cameron

    Garmin Edge 520!!.. Probably.. :)

  905. Dave Graf

    I would get a Garmin 735 Forerunner XT

  906. Jakob Claffey

    Id get the Garmin Fenix HR to wear as an everyday watch

  907. Max

    I would go for one of the Garmin GPS watches, because my Fitbit Surge won’t quite cut it when I start running longer distances.

  908. Kevin

    A GPS watch for me and also for my son who is in the Army and is deploying soon.

  909. Nick Sutton

    Thanks Ray! I’ve been smashing out a solid 4 months on Trainerroad & zwift via my recent tacx bushido purchase. Absolutely loving power training but sadly that doesn’t translate outside at the moment….This would most definitely help fix that problem!!

  910. Veronica

    I would prob buy the garmin 520 and a hr monitor. Maybe some running shoes too.

  911. Aldo

    I would look to get sram etap or pedal based power meter.

  912. Richard

    I want a new Garmin

  913. Neil

    I’d definitely get the random pair of socks. Because my toes are cold.

  914. Steve M

    I’d get a new Garmin watch, my FR610 is dying. Probably a FR630 because I love the touchscreen.

  915. Jeremy

    I would get a power meter!

  916. Brad Williams

    I would really like $500 to CT, I mean who wouldn’t?!?!?

  917. Josh Henderson

    Probably a power meter

  918. Dave H

    New modern fluid bike trainer such as Kinetic Road Trainer 2.0. Not only would I not receive such a gift but I need it because wife took over my previous trainer to ride while watching “Project Runway”.

  919. Jason

    A Quarq D-Four power meter, because I need another PM for my second bike.

  920. Jacob Mathieson

    Garmin FR630! And a recovery stick– time to start late spring marathon training.

  921. Ron

    Garmin Edge 1000 because I need navigation for some gravel races

  922. Brendon Mosher

    Garmin 920XT. I’m looking for something to replace my aging non-waterproof HR and take my triathlon training to the next level.

  923. Ardian

    Suunto ambit3 Vertical or Garmin Fenix 3 for my first GPS-sport watch which hopefully will help me continuously do running, swimming, and biking.

  924. Helen Burton

    GoPro to use on training rides to get video of drivers that harass cyclists.

  925. tatnai burnett

    Garmin 520 to control my Tacx neo, and a Bluetooth HR monitor to broadcast to my tablet. Thanks!

  926. Marc Teichmann

    I would get a Garmin 820 or 520 so I could have more screens than my 920XT and not have to scroll to look at my metrics

  927. Mark

    Fenix HR of course!

  928. Michael Rose

    Probably an edge 820, but I’ll have to peruse the options when I win.

  929. Tanya

    I would buy a Garmin virb ultra 30.

  930. Daniel vela

    Mmmhhh i hope that Wahoo Kickr is as silent as advertised… my wife will appteciatte those extra morning sleep hours

  931. Chris H

    I would like a Garmin Fenix 3 HR.

  932. Alex B

    Tacx vortex smart trainer, because this move to the east coast has made for some less pleasant early AM rides to say the least.

  933. pgk

    Thanks for all you do Ray. I’d pick up a direct-force power meter. My time with my kickstarter-edition PowerPod has been great, but with all the gravel I travel… something that works on varied surfaces would be nice; I’d love to put it towards a C1 if they made something appropriate – Quarq Red DZero 110 Hidden Bolt to mate to my 42t x-sync ring.

  934. Matt McCluskey

    I could use a new GoPro for cool shots during my rides. Thanks!

  935. Lee Short

    A new garmin multi sport device. My 910xt is showing its age.

  936. Chad Whyte

    I would use it on a 4iiii Precision Power Meter to better gauge my indoor training over the winter season.

  937. Antony Rutter

    A smart trainer without doubt. Having emigrated to Vancouver earlier this year and discovered what constant rain is all about, I need a trainer to keep those legs spinning over winter.

  938. JohnnyFever

    New race team for 2017 and need some new gadgets. Been looking at new multisport watches and power meters but only got lumps of coal in my stocking. Heck, I’d even just take half eaten gel packets

  939. Brian

    New GPS watch – 310 is staring to die.

  940. Tony claudino

    While i would love to think the apple watch 2.0 can work for us, i would follow your advice on the watches – maybe the suunto. Two other items would be a go pro for my commuting to work in NYC and a powermeter (time to focus on cycling). Happy holidays to all.

  941. Robert

    I need to upgrade my gadgets and take my training to the next level! Thank you!!

  942. Sandy Derevyanko

    If I won, I would use it to buy my husband a Garmin computer. I am trying to be a good wife. :)

  943. Nick

    Not sure what. Bought a fenix 3 and like it. Fenix 3 hr?

  944. Jordan Stanway

    Been thinking about trying rollers — if I got the gift certificate, I’d probably go for the Elite Arion Digital Smart B+ Smart Roller and try out Zwift with it.

  945. Lee D

    A new pair of shoes and a new Forerunner. Assuming Garmin doesn’t release some other devices that do almost the same things, but not quite, but kinda do, but without one key feature.

  946. Chris

    FR235 or FR735XT with optical heart rate…not for me but for my girl friend – she just started running and I want to motivate her!

  947. Soren Kensek

    A new power meter would be my choice!

  948. Velvety

    A new Edge unit or running watch – something to keep me motivated through the winter!

  949. Brent M

    I’d probably buy a Wahoo ELEMNT to run alongside the 820. Let’s see which one turns out to be better…

  950. Paul Kissel

    I would get a new Bike Trainer because Bend Oregon has been simply too covered in ice to bike outside. Fingers crossed!

  951. Robbie G

    I could use a new trainer that is a little smarter than my performance trek.

  952. Stoyan Savov

    Dear Santa, I’d love the new Garmin Fenix HR and Edge 25 :)

  953. Brian B

    I would probably go with a new Garmin computer, or upgrade the trainer. Are there “smart” trainers for $500? Needless to say there are a lot of options.

  954. Jim

    Go pro Hero 5 to be able to ride some of my favorite outdoor rides indoors.

  955. Derek Briton

    I’d like to get my hands on the GoPro Hero 5

  956. Chet S

    I would get the latest virb action camera!

  957. Such a tough choice! There’s always a new gadget. I’d love a Thule car rack so I can travel with both my Ruby and Rockhopper. I’d also love to have more cycling clothing, can never have enough bike shorts!

  958. Jean-Marie Billon

    I didn’t get anything related to cycling but if I were to win the DCR $500 gadget, I would use it to towards a pair of PowerTap P1 power meter pedals. I am training based on heart rate but I would like have an idea of how I am doing on a power standpoint.
    I am already a subscriber to your newsletter and don’t buy anything without reading your reviews

  959. Elaine Kratz

    I’m thinking I’d put the money towards a new trainer… :)

  960. EmergencyMonkey

    I would put it towards my first ever road bike as a jump start towards getting myself and my life back on track.

  961. JC

    Mavic drone – but out of stock….

  962. Andy W

    I’d love to get a trainer – probably a Kickr!

  963. Pedro Navarro

    A fenix 5!

  964. Matthew

    I would love a new Garmin Fenix with the optical great rate sensor. Having to wear the strap isn’t horrible until you think about how the new model came out about 9 months after I bought the Fenix 2.

  965. D

    I’d get a wifi weighing scale and a Garmin Fenix 3

  966. Mark Klitzke

    Power meter to take my cycling to the next level. PowerTap is high on my list.

  967. Emre

    I’m gonna have to go with a pwoermeter because I’ve been without one for so long…

  968. Jurjen

    I’d love to get a stationary trainer, so I can continue training in winter

  969. Craig

    A new trainer. It’s getting cold out!!!

  970. Paik T

    I would spend it on a Garmin Fenix 3 HR to replace my current TomTom Cardio with cracked screen which I have been trying to keep alive by ducking into the nearest shelter at the first signs of a drizzle. Other than uninterrupted runs, I will use the new watch to run new routes which I can only do now holding my phone so that I can find my way back to where I started!

  971. Olly

    An indoor trainer such as Kickr Snap would be great ;-)

  972. Stefano Minardi

    Without doubt a powermeter. Fingers crossed.

  973. JR

    There are so many things! But I’m mostly debating between the Garmin 735 or Edge 520 or a power meter. Probably the power meter so I can really start training.

  974. Peter H.

    PowerTap C1 Power because i Need a powermeter to train better to get stronger Or just simple to be faster with less…

  975. Manuel

    I would have Tacx Flux

  976. andrey

    i think anaddition of garmin vivofit to my fenix will do a nice combination.

  977. Tim Seal

    I would put it towards a kickr!

  978. gerard

    i would like the phenix hr, so I do not need the elastic strap anymore

  979. Chmou


    i’ll probably try to go for a powermeter

  980. TEDDO

    I’d likeur to get a hero 5….and then I will go back to Paris to film all the beatifull things. And after that…use is with my sports..😂 Grtz @Teddo13