Giveaway Extravaganza: Suunto Ambit3 Vertical


Damn girl, that be some bright bling on you wrist there!  Like, construction worker orange, except….green. Neon green.  Fear not, I’ll be giving you the option to also choose from more boring colors like blue, white and black.  But let’s be honest – for a trail running watch focused on scaling mountains it’s probably best you have neon green.  That way the mountain lions can see and avoid you.

Well, unless said kittens decide that perhaps the green is but a dinner beacon.  An amuse-bouche of human with some Peanut Butter GU packets as the syrup.  Peanut butter makes everything better – especially lean trail runners who are otherwise nuttin’ but skin and bones.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Explainer

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. The Eric


  2. jero

    Nice! ?

  3. Krzysiek

    I’m in

  4. Alfredo

    want it!

  5. Jordan Abney

    C’mon random number generator….pick this number!

  6. Keith Rousseau

    Who doesn’t love fluorescent yellow?

  7. Chris Koch

    Dcrainmaker is the best!

  8. Ken Toro

    Hope that would fit my kit.

  9. Connor

    Fingers Crossed!

  10. Jack Fairbrother

    Would love this!!

  11. Daniel S.

    If I win this watch, I’ll look up what cadence is… just kidding, I already know it’s the number of gels per hour.

  12. Maksym

    what a nice day! was not on time for Felix, but this one looks great too!

  13. Blake

    The color isn’t great but that shouldn’t matter to anyone. This would be an awesome freebie!

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    Are you enjoying shark week?

  16. Henrik Ahlqvist

    Me give you should.

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    Hère it comes again, the always exciting DCR giveaway extravaganza!

  19. Julie

    Would love to try this watch!

  20. dan

    I need one

  21. Mandy

    Ooh my naked wrist needs this!

  22. Jan Strunk Nielsen

    Nice watch – would look good on my arm 🙂

  23. Casey


  24. Stefan

    I’m in

  25. Kris

    Oh boy, I’m not too late for this one, right?

  26. LX2

    DC rocks so much, love it!

  27. Joshua Golomb

    Would be nice to have!

  28. Danny Martel

    I could be lucky for once!!

  29. odessaboots

    Sweet Watch

  30. Sandy Clark

    Love it! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  31. H Levy

    That’s a bright band!

  32. Stefani

    Yes, please.

  33. Pete


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  36. David

    Roses are red, violets are blue, that green watch is mine for the taking, thank you! 😉

  37. DV

    Damn girl…

  38. Nat

    I’d love to try a Suunto product

  39. Marjolein

    Hope to win this one

  40. Shane Kenny

    I’d take one.

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    Sounds good!

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  45. Alan Rhea

    Great stuff to use

  46. Alex

    Pick me!

  47. Mikko

    Digiloo digilei, this would be nice!

  48. Andy

    how I need a new watch! and I’m a fan of Suunto!

  49. Wojciech

    Thanks for running this extravaganza!

  50. Luuk

    Beautiful watch

  51. Andreas

    Love the color!

  52. Adam

    Yes Please

  53. Pieter

    Yes please, vertical rules!

  54. Adam

    Please add me to this great giveaway.

  55. Kyle Christensen

    Does it come in black?

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  57. Carlos

    Phew just made it to this one.

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  59. Really cool watch, interesting color.

  60. Eduardo Callejo Mora

    I want to try a Suunto

  61. Lukas Zahrer

    Yes please!

  62. David Boisoneau

    yeah dude

  63. DNevin

    I love the yellow

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    Feed me to the mountain lions! Thanks!

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    Thanks, Ray!

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    looks sharp.

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    Great giveaway!

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    This is so nice of you

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    This is always so much fun! Thanks for doing this Ray and Clever Training!

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  80. Adi Gerblich

    Sore legs after a hard ride yesterday evening with 1500 feet of steep pain.

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    Nice gadget!

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    Sweet watch. Thanks Ray!

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    Blue is the bestest! 🙂

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  88. Marlon

    Love my vertical! I’ll take one in green as well!

  89. Stephen Kilbourn

    i like your blog for the articles, but the giveaways make it even more awesome

  90. Kim WEBB

    Awesome for training


    I’m in

  92. William

    Want one — thanks!

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    I need a new running watch!!

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    So cool.

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    great brand!

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