Giveaway Extravaganza: Suunto Ambit3 Vertical


Damn girl, that be some bright bling on you wrist there!  Like, construction worker orange, except….green. Neon green.  Fear not, I’ll be giving you the option to also choose from more boring colors like blue, white and black.  But let’s be honest – for a trail running watch focused on scaling mountains it’s probably best you have neon green.  That way the mountain lions can see and avoid you.

Well, unless said kittens decide that perhaps the green is but a dinner beacon.  An amuse-bouche of human with some Peanut Butter GU packets as the syrup.  Peanut butter makes everything better – especially lean trail runners who are otherwise nuttin’ but skin and bones.

Giveaway Opens: 8:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 10:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

In-Depth Review: Suunto Ambit3 Vertical Explainer

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

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Thanks all!


  1. Robert

    Count me in, the nick of time.

  2. Amie


  3. Fredrik S


  4. Daniel Brosemer

    More bears than mountain lions here. Are they afraid of neon green too?

  5. Maximilian Aulbert

    Want it!!! ?


    J’adorerai l’avoir afin de me retrouver dans les sentiers en VTT ou en courant

  7. Tiffany Jowers

    This looks like fun!

  8. Mark Goddard

    Looks great.

  9. Noemie


  10. jamie kuch

    love the reviews, lets win some thing

  11. Josh

    1 – 131 Wellington RD

  12. Kyle David

    A major upgrade to my ’96 T6! Keep up the good work my friend!

  13. I wouldn’t say no to that gift! Wicked cool!

  14. PaulEA

    Nice one!! I want it!

  15. Dr. Fine Peter L

    Nice site!

  16. jay

    Love it!

  17. Abs Gordon


  18. Meghan Kennihan


  19. Balazs Domonkos

    Another ideal gift for my wife. Coolio! 🙂

  20. Sous

    Damn right I’m man enough to rock that bright azz bling.

  21. Jay

    Simply awesome

  22. Isaac Giesen

    Love the green!

  23. Daniel

    I need It!

  24. Scott Fridy

    First entry of the day.

  25. Tom

    Do I leave a comment here?

  26. David Creemers

    Yes please. Like one

  27. remco verdoold

    yes that seems ok

  28. Cliona O'Brien

    Looks amazing

  29. Jan Fhijnbeen

    Feels like Santa 🙂

  30. Josh

    I would love this watch!

  31. Jonathan

    Pick me

  32. Sam

    Fingers crossed!

  33. Charles Kaplan

    Looks good to me!

  34. Christian Martineau

    pick me pick me!

  35. Alanna

    what an extravaganza!

  36. Time to go vertical!

  37. Evan Wade

    Yes please

  38. Edson Ribeiro

    Its already mine!

  39. Tom

    Yes please!

  40. Remi Ricard

    Watch me win this !!

  41. Andre L.

    Me…me…pick me!

  42. Davey


  43. Brian Cooper

    I thank you.

  44. LaurentYe

    Looks great. Does it come with a buoy and a propeller to help my swim?

  45. Richard

    Fantastic giveaway !!!

  46. arian

    here here here. Thx ray!

  47. Thijs Bosch

    Awesome price, perfect for trail running in the Dutch dunes!

  48. Steve Martin

    Hope to win

  49. Rebecca

    Pick Me! ?

  50. Paul E

    Suunto makes some good stuff!

  51. Sandra

    I love bright things!

  52. Andy

    I’m hoping to win this awesome watch in neon so I can do some trail running with it.

  53. Simone pillon

    Great watch!

  54. Stefaan Carbon

    That would be an awesome trail running accessory !

  55. AndreasH

    I’m in!

  56. 8

    pretty cool too !

  57. Paul Morrison

    Suunto… yes please!

  58. Lauren Tingwall

    In need of an upgrade!

  59. Andrew Kuhn

    Sweet watch

  60. Alex

    Looks good to me. Enjoying the website. Keep it up!

  61. Kir

    Wanna win

  62. Sean

    Pick me!

  63. Bryan Trinque


  64. Carlo Gonzalez

    I like bright yellow.

  65. Cchin

    Cool watch

  66. Waldek Niemczuk


  67. Vince

    Keep em coming!!

  68. Peter McDonald

    Very cool.

  69. John

    Where’s my sunglasses!

  70. megan bilodeau

    Woot! Green machine!

  71. Rik Noorman

    I’d love this one!

  72. Rebecca R.

    Cool watch Ray

  73. Francis Parks

    Yellow is OK

  74. Hannu

    Please select me!

  75. Chris C.

    This one is for me 😛

  76. Raul Freitas

    I have 2 Ambit3s. Love the look, the GPS reading precision, hate that doesn’t sync my pool swims with Training Peaks, Strava… But as it’s a gift, I’ll gladly take it. Tks, Ray

  77. Jan

    Would love to play around with it in the Alps.

  78. Gteg

    That would match my kit!

  79. Cosmin

    Thanks for so many things!

  80. Josh


  81. Braden

    Yes please

  82. Turri Zanoni Andrea

    Impressive initiative!

  83. Manny Prado


  84. Hanson

    Super geiles Teil

  85. Tim Schulze

    Yes please

  86. michael bells

    very nice

  87. Lucas

    I need this bro!

  88. Kevin Perry

    I could use it

  89. Anusia

    Good watch

  90. Sarah

    Nice Watch!!

  91. Tony Claudino

    I have no issues with neon green.

  92. Tim

    Definitely could put this to use!

  93. Henry Ng

    I want this watch.!!!!!!

  94. Johan van Eemeren

    Looks cool!


    Yep, I’d like one!

  96. Ellen

    Crossing my fingers!

  97. Daniel Bouchard

    I’d love this!!

  98. Very nice watch, and the yellow will go well with my bike jersey

  99. Love from Australia! Will treat that watch like my first born.