A May $600 Gadget Giveaway!


This is the last giveaway.

I mean, the last giveaway until the annual Giveaway Extravaganza next month of course!  I’ll let you read all about what that madness was like last year, but for now, we’ve got to get down to business for this giveaway!

The winner will get a $600 credit to CleverTraining.com, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on the vast majority of what they sell, or use their updated VIP program for anything else.  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the new Garmin FR735XT (in stock!), to a Cycliq Fly12 camera/light, this crazy foot massager thingy (really) or heck, even a chunk towards SRAM eTAP or the new CycleOps Hammer Trainer.  Whatever floats your boat.

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of what your training plans are for the weekend ahead.  For those in the US, it’s a long weekend – so substituting your BBQ’ing plans for training plans is acceptable.

The reason you need a short description of ‘what’ is that if you just put a simple one word answer (i.e.5k or hot dog), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  This is a pulled pork kinda place.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, May 30th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Michael

    Run throught the rain

  2. Sébastien Gagné

    Medium 70km ride and working around the house to get it ready for more renovations.

  3. Mika

    My plans were to ride up Highwood Pass, the highest paved road in Canada.

  4. Tony

    I was hoping to bike the Kettle Valley Railroad.

  5. Rob Campbell

    Long fat-burning ride!

  6. Adrian Cuciurean

    10k interval running

  7. Camping with the kids but will have a babysitter for 3 hours to go run in the mountains 🙂

  8. smithabr

    We went to the hospital Saturday afternoon and had a baby daughter born Sunday morning, so my weekend training is focused on improving my swaddling technique.

    I hope your project with the Girl goes as smoothly as ours did!

  9. michael khamsot

    122 miles loop to bridge of gods on monday!
    no training, just having a good time with friends!!

  10. Hammer

    Sadly injured out with an infection. Cursed luck.

  11. iain smith

    Thursday consists of a hill session with a steady upslope of approx 1/2 mile as part of a 2.25 mile loop, 10 circuits. friday and saturday resting ready for a 115 mile charity ride on sunday morning.

  12. Sorin

    Well, I was supposed to have my last recovery run from a half-marathon plan (race was 2 weeks ago), but I just got lazy and went for beer-recovery 🙂

  13. Jason

    Trying not to get fat

  14. CSPeluches

    Long run on Saturday morning. Fast swim on Subway and my hopes for a bike tour today diluted in the heavy rain.

  15. Ryan

    Coming back from NYC today, hopefully can get a quick ride in on Zwift when I get home.

  16. Christian

    Off to find me some hills in the South Downs, as I don’t think some lousy speed bump count as hill climbing training

  17. JonO

    Run, BBQ, drink, sleep, repeat 🙂

  18. Jonas S.

    After 700km in 5 days last week (grand tour through Germany, France and Switzerland) it will be a slow re-start with 1 or 2 shorter rides just to check my recovery.

  19. Jon Henry

    First open swim of the season in our central Minnesota lake.

  20. Steffen

    Did a sprint triathlon – next weekend will be reserved for longer bike rides…

  21. Jorge Godoy

    I will enjoy it even more training for my first half marathon. Have a FR630 or Fenix3 in my mind as well as wish list 😉

  22. Robbie Larson

    Cycling 45 mile road course on my CDale. Memorial Day with the family.

  23. Renee

    Triathlon transition practice, 20 minutes on the vasa, Brick (Bike + Run) & 20 minutes open water swim.

  24. Jens Rasmussen

    No training since I’ll be doing the half marathon in Torshavn saturday, and traveling home on sunday.

  25. Thomas Brockmann

    I am going to run a 5K every day, so I can enjoy eating hot dogs on Memorial Day!

  26. Tautvydas

    One long run and one longer ride. Long and boring fat burning sessions

  27. szyMarek

    60k mountain orientering

  28. zom

    ride my bike

  29. Mike Nash

    Running in the Mnweni area of the Drakensberg

  30. James

    I’ll be doing a quick ride out to the coast to get away from the heat.

  31. ron

    hiking half dome

  32. Tommy Haywood

    My arm came out of its cast on Thursay after a bike crash a few weeks back caused a broken elbow. Surgery to fix it. This weekend my training consists of basic physio!

  33. Rachel K

    2500 yd. open water swim, 50 mile bike, 30 min run. Then eat BBQ!

  34. Ramon Souza

    5k preparing for a race on 5 june.

  35. Anne

    Running a 10K post INDY 500. Then yoga.

  36. Piotr

    run, bike and swim separately 🙂

  37. sune bikeman kjær

    Train and read articles on dc rainmaker

  38. Ceren

    Will be running and workin on my strenght

  39. Juan

    a light, hilly run in the middle of Bulgaria while followed by eating cookies my mom sent me.

  40. Hakan

    Resting weekend sooo jog

  41. Josh

    Will try to limit my food intake, get some solid running and maybe even a hike

  42. Alberto

    Running and sight seeing in Morelia all weekend…

  43. edwin

    continuing training for sprint and olympic triathlons: 3650yd swim, 20mi bike, 6.5mi and 3.2mi runs done over the weekend.

  44. Mihai Tintea

    Indoor sessions with Wahoo Kickr and Garmin Vector 2S

  45. Kristin

    just had a few walks and a rather intensive unit at the gym

  46. Ann B

    Lifting and spreading mulch in the garden
    Bike ride if the rain subsides

  47. Bryan Alsdorf

    Most of my weekend will be spent remodeling the bathroom, but I hope to get a short training ride in as well.

  48. Yoav Magid

    I got to borrow my friend’s new Garmin Fenix 3 with HRM-Run, and 9 Miles around the national mall in DC. I learned that my vertical oscillation is WAY too high… Right afterwards I figured I might as well get the most out of my time with his watch, so I went for a Mile swim as well ? !!

  49. Alex

    We did two long training loops, well long for us (75k+)… on the second one, we were a little optimistic about the weather and ended up riding in the rain for 3h. At least it was warm rain.

  50. Daniel Todd

    Ride 30 miles in Pocahontas County, West Virginia with two cycling friends.

  51. Fabio Campos

    The Rio de Janeiro Marathon

  52. Dils

    A short race (7.1k) on Friday and maybe a recovery hike on Sunday if the weather allows it.

  53. Vitali Nazaranka

    2 orienteering events

  54. Meredith Yox

    Does taking my kids to the water slides count? There was lots of stair climbing involved 🙂

  55. pnoel

    S triathlon preparation : Saturday biking, Sunday running and wednesday swimming

  56. Ericka Rios

    It is recovery weekend, so my hardest workout will be dancing!

  57. Steve

    Enjoying the weekend and a fast 5k. Oh and some beers!

  58. iker

    Not specific plans but a very long bike ride for sure!

  59. Kyle Shaw

    This past weekend’s workout was a short brick followed by lots and lots of memorial day weekend relaxation on the beach.

  60. Andrew

    Playing in the pool with the kids.

  61. Boyd Park

    Edinburgh Marathon this weekend, we’ll call that training for the cycle sportive next weekend.

  62. Verónica Vargas

    This past weekend, I ran a really short distance for my marathon preparation

  63. vladimir

    1.Friday: Lane swimming – 2000m
    2.Saturday Run in the neighborhood ~8K
    3.Sunday: Hike in Banff National Park ~7k, 800m elevation gain.
    4. Monday: Run during lunch ~7.5K

  64. Francois

    I did a 200km ride on Friday that took more out of me than expected, so instead of biking back 200km on Sunday I took the bus.

  65. Alex

    Race rehearsals for Vineman in July. Pick me!

  66. David

    Just easy miles with my dog.

  67. David

    Two long rides and hiking with the baby in her new awesome baby carrier. And probably a hot dog or three.

  68. Annie

    Volunteered for the medical team at my local half and full marathon! Then a shorter bike ride than expected due to the heat, to train for an upcoming century ride weekend. With beer in between 😉

  69. Steven

    10k run and some weight training

  70. Chris Boyer

    Just got back from a beautiful and rainy run along the beach of the Outer Banks, far geographically and attidunally from my mid-west home.

  71. Chris K

    Short rehab rides for injured knee, hip and back following a fall… We’ll be back to longer and harder sessions in a few weeks.

  72. Matthew Gifford

    Walking around Washington D.C. probably 10 miles each day I am there around 3 days.

  73. Michael

    Rainy day in New York. Taking it inside.
    Cycleops bike trainer with my Trek.
    The plan is interval training.

  74. John

    Back to training land! I need to be back in shape ASAP for the summer running season!
    Winter was way too long up here in Canada!

  75. Main bike has a cracked frame, backup bike has a different mechanical issue. Pool party for me

  76. Kyle Engelhardt

    My training plan for the long weekend – sleep in, drink coffee, ride daily in the mornings by myself and then ride for fun in the afternoons with the family. Saturday was a good 40 miles, and 5 with the kids. Sunday was the same. Today is just an easy spin out for me in the morning, and a “tour-de-parks” with the kids this afternoon.

  77. DaveG

    I’ve gotten a couple runs in this weekend, hoping to get a bike ride in today (if the weather holds).

  78. victor

    20k city run

  79. Joao Vicente Goncalves Rocha

    Just did some indoor bike sessions and a 10k run!

  80. David Balla

    2.5 hour morning workout, just finished!!!

  81. Runnerchom

    I am coming back from injury so the plan is to do an easy couple of miles.

  82. Jan

    A loooong run was waiting…

  83. Jeff Baley

    10 mile trail run and a swim.

  84. CraigM

    Easy 5k run to collect a new cycling helmet on Saturday. Edinburgh Half Marathon on Sunday. Thanks for the Giveaway Ray.

  85. Jeff Loiselle

    I went for a long run on sunday morning but got caugh by a tunder storm midway. Didn’t need to take (another) shower afterwards…

  86. Ovi

    Aprox 100 km group ride for saturday, and
    A nice hiking day for sunday 🙂
    Summer like weather

  87. Hitesh

    Went away for the weekend, so a 10K run exploring a beach town.

  88. evert

    Went to ride M.T Ventoux from Malaucene and bedoin in 1 day 🙂

  89. Chris K

    I am a bit late for the weekend just gone! It’s been a long weekend in England, Saturday I got down to some threshold intervals on the trainer, then Sunday I went for a long ride around the Surrey Hills. All in all the weather was dryer than expected so a good weekend on the bike. This week I’m building a new wheel and dreaming of winning this competition and buying either the varia vision (which I’d certainly never justify otherwise) and/or the BSX Insight.

  90. Jeffrey Shore

    I’ve got a short “training race” crit on Tuesday night, one shorter group ride with intervals mid-week and, hopefully, a long group ride this coming weekend.

  91. Susan

    Trail running and skiing (I live in Colorado).

  92. Erol Bayram

    20 Miles long run.

  93. Steve Lyons

    Long, slow distance run and then grilling if the rain holds off.

  94. Michal

    I will be training for my newly started 5k training program.

  95. John Connolly

    More boring flat rides seeking overpasses to get my climbing in.
    And the not so boring Greek Food Festival.

  96. Santiago

    A few trainer ride and swim workouts. BBQ’s of course in between.

  97. Sergey

    10km run at the fitness club competitions on Saturday.

  98. Jack

    I already did a nice bike and longer run. Maybe an open water swim 🙂

  99. Giles Levy

    No BBQ (I’m vegan) so I have no excuse not to run tonight! (Some half mile intervals.)

  100. Craig Schaepe

    I am doing the 125k mont remblant gran fondo in Canada

  101. wally

    FTP intervals on trainer followed by easy 6 mile brick + EMS work.

  102. Damian Steele

    I’ll go for a 10km run and an 80km mountain bike ride, if the weather is dry.

  103. David Morgan

    65 miles on the bike followed by birthday cake for my little man. Enjoying the warm weather in New England.

  104. Bob Erwin

    I plan on weight lifting and running 6 miles later in the evening. Also, work aroun the condo .

  105. Op E

    Indoor trainer session and 5k run

  106. ricou

    My plans for next weekend is to make a nice hilly bicycle ride on Saturday with some friends. And then on Sunday I’ll test my left ankle on a short run.

    I would love to have the next Garmin Vivoactive HR for my wife and I.

  107. Fabio Pires

    I need to burn some real fat!!! So let´s ride everyday!

  108. Xander Schelfhout

    2 hours of brick training for my first Ironman 70.3 mid June

  109. Sampo Peltola

    Quality time with girlfriend with the odd run thrown in the mix

  110. Kai

    Just running by how I feel while recovering from injury.

  111. Radut

    Long run on Saturday, smoking a whole chicken on Sunday.

  112. George C.

    Bike rides on both days of the weekend 🙂

  113. Katri Kerem

    Definitely some longer biking and probably a yoga class. As my regular club trainings end in May I will be free to make my own plans. I have not yet had time to think about the weekend as I want to get a tough week at work done.

  114. John Phoebus

    This weekend, our tri club rode a local metric century that unexpectedly had three sections of gravel. Sunday, my training partner and I ran 12 miles on the Algonquin trail.

  115. Wendy Burgess

    Hiking with my husband and then a BBQ in the sun 😛

  116. Patrick

    A verrrrry hot run in St. Michael’s, MD followed by more casual kayaking and biking in the afternoon.

  117. Torgeir Nes

    Mountain half marathon

  118. Mike

    100km of cycling it’s good for me 🙂

  119. Molly

    I’ll be getting in a hard tempo run in preparation of my upcoming marathon.

  120. Steve

    general fitness, rode 55 miles Sat, Racquetball today. On a rest period after Ragnar Cape Cod 2 weeks ago

  121. Julian

    Last training ride before this year’s road trip : Cycling up the Mont Ventoux, the Telegraphe/Galibier and finally the Trois Ballons. Gonna be a fun weekend!

  122. Arno

    I plan a ~100km ride to Montebello, QC. Grain fed Alberta beef will be my post ride BBQ meal!

  123. david

    climb mt baldy saturday… run the SaMo mtns Sunday… eat my face off monday.

  124. eyal

    planned a 4 hours bike ride, did 1.5 🙁

  125. Ayse

    This weekend I had my next to last long run of half marathon training. Now I’m hydrating up for a short rest day jog before a long slow bike ride, then I’m going to (exciting) wash a carpet. No picnics or barbecues, though we did eat pizza in a friend’s driveway last night.

  126. Mark

    Did som OCR training and went out on a hike.

  127. Mike S

    Fitting in some interval riding in the neighborhood between the raindrops.

  128. Michael

    30 minutes on ski machine
    And working on distance and speed on my bike. Looking to increase speed and endurance. Intervals is my method.

  129. Diego

    Hi Ray.

    My plan is simple. 40km on a bike, some hills included and 15k running at easy pace


  130. James Barnes

    Raising my glass for the fallen and running a half marathon trail run

  131. FrBr

    101km Time Trial

  132. dieter Neirinck

    I did a 15k run and a 110k ride this weekend, prepping for olympic tri in three weeks.

  133. David Warren

    50 mile group rides on saturday and Sunday jamming the hills. Then family time and BBQ ribs on monday. It’s been a great long weekend!

  134. Tom Knoblauch

    I’ve had to work the entire weekend, 12 hours on Memorial Day. Thanks for your blog.

  135. Steven

    Getting on the trainer. Here in FL, the summer season is the best time to ride the trainer if you you can only ride during the hottest part of the day!

  136. Jennifer Jackson

    Getting back in the swing of things with an easy run on Sunday.

  137. Arthur

    a short 2 hours with Vo2max intervals, and then a long 6hours endurance with a fair bit of climbing

  138. Craig Mackenzie

    A couple of mountain bike rides

  139. Justin Hahn

    10 mile trail run getting ready to pace my wife in her 100.

  140. Santiag

    yoga-run-swim done ready for siesta

  141. Shawn Benbow

    I took my two year old son cycling (he in the Chariot) throughout the Edmonton, AB river valley.

  142. Fernando S.

    Start with my open water training for this season. Probably 1,5 to 2km swim in the mediterranean sea. And a short run of around 6-7km. And enjoy the spring!

  143. Enes Mahmuljin

    Just strenght training for me this weekend. Unfortunately still recovering from my ITBS.

  144. Paul

    Swim endurance session and some runs. Fast all out and then IM70 pace on tired legs. Booooom.

  145. Joshua

    3:30/:40 ride/run Saturday; wife & I cycling intervals Sunday; and some mile repeats and nap on the beach Monday. Also, homemade deer jerky making.

  146. Filip

    half ironman race

  147. Marek F

    Light run with some freeletics

  148. Denis Schapira Wajman

    Long transition training on saturday, and a slow bike on sunday.

  149. Matt

    44 mi/5 mi brick plus OWS practice in the Delaware Bay/Lewes Beach.

  150. Nangariel

    A long run in the forest on Sat

  151. Brunoille

    Cycling, running and more cycling if it’s sunny!

  152. Ofer Yehuda

    I plan to ride 50Km MTB, with about 650 meter climbing.

  153. Roman

    Not so much training this weekend, some short intervalls on friday, hillclimb race on saturday and on sunday…

  154. Ken Platteau

    That ‘ll be a 2k pool swim, with fenix3 and HR swim!

  155. Andrey Nikanorov

    Will go for long run

  156. Silas Olsen

    This weekend will be all about preparing for states!!! The Class S State Track and Field Meet is this coming Thurs, and I qualified in the 3200 meter (2 miles) race with a 10:34 as well as in the 4×800 meter race. I have already done a slow 6 mile run and plan to do another one before the day is over. After that, it’s on to XC, which is obviously way better.

  157. Jonathan

    My weekend included a bike ride with the wife. Some swimming and some Memorial Day Fun! Thanks to all the US Soldiers and families for their service!

  158. Michael Harris

    Had an awesome training run with my beautiful wife.

  159. Jeff Fettint

    A relaxing 45 miles ride along Chicago’s lake front followed by BBQ ribs.

  160. I’ve just started running again after a year off due to illness. I’ve done a 3.5km run already, and two short-ish cycles. I’m also about to sign up for a motivational race!

  161. Stefan Peeman

    Did a great time trial this weekend, happy with the result!

  162. Pablo Ortega

    GO back to running after 1 months of resting from my frist full.

  163. Peter Weir

    Participating in Giro d’Italia Gran Fondo Northern Ireland – Mourne Route 175km . My biggest cycling challenge to date.

  164. I’m training for Bike MS ride next week, 150 miles total, 75 from Richmond to Williamsburg and then 75 back the next day. I went 100 miles Saturday, and 17 hilly miles on Monday morning. Feel free to donate!

  165. remco

    saterday 5km intervals and sunday running 10km without any pain hopefully

  166. David

    Swimming session!

  167. Alex

    Many laps running around town lake in Austin

  168. Beñat

    100 kms ride with on saturday and rest on sunday

  169. Eric

    50 mile bike > t-run Saturday, long run Sunday

  170. Fijigabe

    I’m planning on riding 6 hours next weekend, plus 2 hours in the gym. Getting ready for CX season!

  171. Andrew Kenyon

    A long weekend with the family in the sunshine for me, with a couple of 5k runs in the middle.

  172. Brian

    Ribs on the smoker and an hour on the trails today

  173. Chaz

    No training for me. Instead a weekend with friends at the lake.

  174. kim colpaert

    I do a 1/4 triathlon race on Saturday and a recup ride on Sunday.

  175. Erik

    I will race a nice crit

  176. Liam

    Cycle to work little off the bike run before work, start work then ride home. Swim set in the evening bed 🙂

  177. Rick Swagler

    A 50-mile ride with some friends.

  178. Otacilio Duarte

    Like Gene Kelly, running in the rain in Curitiba, Brazil.

  179. J Well

    Trail run, go to work, clean the garage, run, play with kids, picnic, repeat.

  180. S. Wall

    Grilling, beers, and rest in preparation for a busy week ahead.

  181. Marius Popovici

    raced a local sprint tri!

  182. Mark

    Climbing through the Wicklow mountains on my bike 🙂

  183. Ari F

    Thanks to the comeback of my arch nemesis, a Pellegrini-Stieda syndrome, my training plans for the next week are limited to gym, stretching and yoga. Sigh.

  184. Rachel

    I am moving into slow start for training for Steamtown. I ran 10+ miles on Sunday and 5 miles today. Undoing it all with a bbq.

  185. Jitendra

    3rd week into marathon training for Sydney Marathon in September.
    Plan is to do a 10 miler at race pace +30 secs per mile.

  186. Scott Mason

    Weights, yardwork, a good solo bike, and birthday cake for my 3 year old neice 🙂

  187. David Graham

    Sprint triathlon followed by a recovery swim/bike the next day to freshen up. Then a bbq maybe 😉

  188. Kristaps

    On sunday will be racing

  189. Michael Brown

    One long ride of 90-100K
    One long run of 15-18k
    One long swim of 3-4k

  190. Rosan

    I go out for à walk with the dog and when the sun is shine i go biking.
    Further i take rest and enjoy the days!

  191. Riccardo Canola

    I will do half marathon and probably 60km with my bike! Then back to studying.

  192. Just a long run with a few colleagues after work

  193. Lauren

    Ramping up my base mileage in anticipation of fall marathon training. And trying to adjust to the heat in DC.

  194. Andi Z

    60k bike with 1000m climbing and an easy 15k running.

  195. John Nelson

    I had a nice ocean swim. Loads of fish and a few sharks (dusky whalers). Other than that, enjoying recovery mode after Ultraman Australia, and taper mode ahead of Ironmna Cairns…

  196. This week rather I’ll be doing some crit training in a group tomorrow or Thursday depending on how I feel. Definitely doing some interval strength trainings on a local bridge and some sprint training.

  197. Daniel Cox

    ~115km social bike ride on Saturday out west of Calgary. Rest day Sunday.

  198. It’s a long weekend here in New Zealand so some long hilly rides in prep for next months Far North Flash. Race from the northern most point of NZ

  199. Tomas

    Will do 55 km MTB ride near my summer house 🙂

  200. Tyler Ross

    Got a decent 30 mile ride in Saturday during the sunshine! Spent Monday at the pool….not swimming.

  201. Kay

    When the heat hits, hit the water.

  202. Stefan

    Last soccer match of the season!

  203. Ken

    As much riding as I can make time for!

  204. MoGreen

    5 mile run , grill meat, wash , rinse, repeat every 24 hours

  205. Stephen Addison

    Had some long runs planned, but a friends wedding and the resulting hangover meant a far more relaxed time heading to the local county fair!

  206. Maggs

    Whatever I need to do to track down the hot swimmer. Do probably swimming a lot.

  207. Lee

    Three BBQs!!! No time to train 😉

  208. Mark Croonen

    Just the usual
    Solo on Saturday up the local Mountain
    Sunday is a long ride at tempo with the evil twins killing me on the hills.

  209. Rosan

    I go out For walking with the dog and chilling when the sun is shine .
    Also i enjoy the free days ?

  210. Steven Chase

    Trying to sneak in a few runs between family time…

  211. Cody Cox

    For the long weekend workout plan.
    Endurance trail run Saturday = 15miles
    Up and back stair run Sunday = 428stairs X3
    Fast weight training early morning Monday = 1.75hrs
    That was my long weekend workouts!!

  212. Mark Smith

    2 10 mile trail hikes with the dogs and 2 Peloton spin classes!

  213. Will Sparrow

    In between soccer matches, I’ll be squeezing in some trail time on my mountain bike and hopefully a swim.

  214. Marcello

    Actually restarting after a half marathon… So .. just some easy 10k

  215. Simon Saunders

    Solo 100k ride, just keep building…..

  216. kay

    Actually BBQ’ing and open water swimming, easy running on sunday.

  217. André Hornæs

    Enjoying my vaction with my family in mallorca, and i hope to squeeze in some quality runs.

  218. Ronan Kearns

    250km 5000m grand fondo at the weekend (or would you call it an audax) so training for the next couple of days will involve tapering my effort.

  219. Cliff C.

    Long weekend going to be cycling with co-worker for a longer distance, continue with 15min high intensity (at least for me) training climbing hills etc. Eating more greens for a all rounder training plan on memorial weekend!

  220. G Switch

    I plan for a 3 mile interval run on Monday (already done!). I am re-starting the bodyweight series from Reddit on Tuesday (looking forward to it!)


  221. Tole

    Long, long trail run on Sunday

  222. Dan

    Recovering from injury. Out 6 weeks! Slow cooked ribs and chilli to pass the time. Remembering those that gave all!

  223. steph

    Christmas in May.
    Thanks Ray.

    Last week-end in Paris was pretty rainy, my motivation was not on top: only one run w/ 17K. But I’ll take my revenge on next week-end—hopefully.
    Keep goin’

  224. Gareth Speechley

    Riding with a guest at my cycling/triathlon hotel in Girona, Spain.

  225. Don Shin

    Training (or should I say rehabbing) for the Santa Rosa Marathon in a few months!

  226. Jake Saunders

    Long bike ride followed by a run on Satudrday, easy 1:45 bike on Sunday with an open water swim in the ocean later (so cold!)

  227. Uri

    A 8k run and 1k pool swim

  228. Keith

    I ran a 10k and also plan on doing some other light running and some lifting. Happy Holiday?

  229. Ro Ka

    Club 5k handicap run on Friday, crack of dawn ride on Saturday morning, lido swim on Saturday evening. Sunday is for passive recovery.

  230. J Winchester

    Got some miles in along the coast…nice weekend for it!

  231. Jacob Borrett

    Run run run. That half marathon ain’t gunna run itself! Probably 14-15 miles over the weekend at 8 min pace.

  232. Troy Adams

    3 mile run and some heavy lifting.

  233. John Alvaro Figueroa

    I was training with zwift, with easy recovery routine, after a bad sick thursday and friday. Thanks Ray for your giveaways!!!

  234. Orel

    I’ve done my first bike and run training 20k + 5k. I really enjoy !

  235. Julien

    On Saturday: 100km brick IM pace, run at HIM pace. Sunday, brick again! 1hour ride + 1 h30 run intervals. Want to improve for my third full distance at Mont-Tremblant on August 21st!!

  236. Drew

    Marinated chicken and some indoor cardio (long *rainy* weekend)

  237. Dave

    Making ribs today and enjoying an off day with my family.

  238. Michael

    Mowing the lawn. Then a bike ride to relax.

  239. Spud

    Ironman Austria training..
    Sat 6hr zone 2 bike with a 15 min z4 effort + 1hr z2 run.

    Sunday 1:30 bike + 3:00 z2 run.

    Wish me luck, I cannot wait ?

  240. Marco G

    Getting some base training in with a new baby. Not easy.

  241. Sebastiaan

    Thanks for the Twitter reminder 🙂 I’ll hopefully be out on the trail on the mtb!

  242. Peter

    I plan two 3 hour bike excercises.

  243. Jill

    My “training” consisted of 45 minutes at the gym followed by beer, burgers and hot dogs! Post-pregnancy at its finest!

  244. Mathieu Cagnard

    Saturday, spinning class / Sunday, swim ans short run / Monday, long run and few beers and grads parties in between ?

  245. Jesse

    Mostly rest with some swimming this weekend… Foot is still a little sore from latest half marathon.

  246. Matic

    cycle as many kms as I can

  247. Priz

    Carolina BBQ Sunday
    Burgers with Cheddar Monday

  248. grestri

    Still sick loosing best moments if this season, so unfortunatelly I’m going to train only my core strength and do a little loop around my city.

  249. Ryan

    Friday – 8 at marathon pace, then pork tenderloin
    Saturday – 6 easy with the pup, then pool, ribs, Kolsch and a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup S’more nightcap
    Sunday – 14 at 7:20 pace in the heat, then Sazeracs and Game of Thrones
    Monday – 5 easy with the pup in a downpour, then pizza and chocolate chip cookies

  250. James Kenningham

    Climbing Ventoux via all three road routes back to back! (Approx 4,500m of vertical in 88 miles).

  251. Brendan

    I’ll be playing soccer on Friday night, recovery at the beach in Saturday then shoot some hoops on Sunday

  252. DOB

    4km swim Saturday and 7-hr spin Sunday ahead of IM in 4 weeks, excited mixed with pain face!

  253. Marty

    Having friends over for burgers and dogs!

  254. Eedee Stephens

    My husband and I went on a windy and hot bike ride, amd I plan to take it easy before beginning to work with a new coach!

  255. Danny Painter

    Intervals on turbo – get to hill if possible

  256. Craig Watson

    long run of 18 on saturday, 60 mile bike on Sunday, and 14 mile run on monday

  257. David Maume

    I plan swimming, biking and running. I would appreciate a 920XT to train better. 😉
    Txs for the great job you did here.

  258. Ulf

    Starting up the base training program for Göteborgsvarvet 2017, with a slow distance run.

  259. Daniel

    Rugby and a run ideally. Capped off with the good news of a competition win!

  260. Vanessa

    5K with my new Garmin forerunner 235 🙂

  261. Clas

    Planning a distance tour on saturday on my bike at least 200 km, looking forward to that.

  262. Michele

    Long run on Saturday if I can survive the abnormal heat/humidity, easy run Sunday, hike with dog Monday

  263. Federica

    signed up for the half marathon of the Chianti Classic Marathon in Tuscany Italy! On the 5th of June

  264. Simon

    I went out for 3 rides with each 1000 vertical meters uphill and about 3000 – 3500 vertical meters downhill

  265. Oscar

    My weekend training plans will probably be a 60km out and bike ride. Or a trail ride on the mountain bike (which definitely sounds more fun!)

  266. Jeff Ryder

    New family addition; so run, diaper change, sleep, not sleep, maybe a little on the trainer….after a nap.

  267. Patrick

    I’ll be taking care of all the people who indulge and eat too much. Hospital tss points.

  268. JF

    Century on Saturday, brick on Sunday and Memorial Day BBQ on Monday (ok, and a swim). 🙂

  269. Jonathan

    Riding around New Forest on a rental mountain bike.

  270. MikeB

    Trans-Pacific travel and recovery. Not even a BBQ. 🙁

  271. Tom

    Bike, bike, bike, repeat 🙂

  272. Patrick

    hey DCR this weekend I’m doing a sprint triathalon at Eastern Washington University

  273. Flemming Lundager

    Running x 2… We have the weather for it now.

  274. Travis Tucker

    I plan on going on a long run with my dogs.

  275. Scott T.

    Couple of long rides, cookouts, and the pool.

  276. Bob Mako

    Staying close to nurse my wife after surgery. My training is a Firefly/Serenity marathon. Back yo running hopefully next week.

  277. Eirik Torneng

    I started the weekend of doing hill repeats and then continued with a weekend long bachelor party, which might go as alternative training.

  278. David Barron

    Going to finally turn around my downward slide. Plan to get back on the trainer at least once, and also a Memorial Day run.

  279. I’ll start back biking after more than 2 weeks off! (Cold, then dentist surgery)

  280. Mircea G

    No training this weekend. Racing the TotalTriMallorca Olympic distance triathlon. Should be fun!

  281. MatevzH

    Weekend is already in the past. Still.. 60k cycling on saturday, and 22k mountain trail run on sunday..

  282. Daniel

    50 mile ride.

  283. Tim K

    I’ll be going for a run with the Mrs. She just finished her first ever 10km, and I’m enjoying the time we can now spend jogging together (without the exhaustion!).

  284. Aaron Lee

    Raced the first Tri of the year on Sunday, Monday I’m relaxing and cleaning all the mud and dirt off the bike!

  285. Matt

    Little trail run on Saturday, bike on Sunday, little tempo run on Monday…a little rest next weekend I guess. Coach is mean.

  286. Alicia Chase

    Rode 39 mi on Friday, 33 miles today. Yesterday was 9 mi run and 2400m swim.

  287. Robert A.

    On saturday I’ll do short pre race workouts of appr. 15 – 30 min. each in swimming , biking and running. Sunday is my big race for this season the 70.3 IM Kraichgau.

  288. Josh leahy

    Training plans: bike ride with my 5 y.o.

  289. Jerrod

    As always, just ride!

  290. Mark Dwight

    suffering from jet lag — just a little slow running

  291. Chris K

    Ran the Run to Remember during Boston vacation this weekend to honor all first responders. Another half-marathon on deck for this Saturday means a 2000 yard swim tonight and a gentle taper shakeout run!

  292. wb

    I’ll be racing bikes on the road and riding with friends and family.

  293. Craig D

    Heading to Europe (St. Moritz) next week for a training camp with Brett Sutton, so just getting in some final sets on the turbo, in the pool, and out on the track to prepare!

  294. Oscar g

    To prepare my wedding for next weekend

  295. Mikkel

    Easy brick session… 30k cycle, 2h bbq, 30k cycle

  296. Casey Mungall

    Morning runs as part of my half- marathon training!

  297. Sandy Milton

    Speed reps or pyramid hill reps on Friday and a short trail run on Sunday

  298. Andy Hill

    I’m planning on getting some miles behind me in prep for an upcoming half marathon! Can’t wait!

  299. Val

    Did a zipline/obstacle course. My quads hurt!

  300. Ismail Randeree

    5km run on Saturday and 20km mountain bike ride on Sunday.

  301. Kevin Tan

    A 20min shakeup up run on Sat before Christchurch Marathon on Sun.

  302. Roger Dennis

    Free stuff is needed

  303. Hamish Barker

    Training plans are/were to take a quick blast down the hill to the office and maximum effort back up.

  304. E

    long run on saturday and stretching the rest of the weekend with bbq thrown in there

  305. Colin

    A few runs with my son in the stroller.

  306. Robert Finke

    Stand up paddle board, bike and run this weekend.

  307. Pat Cooper

    My girlfriend’s sister got married. Not much time for training!

  308. Jason Fears

    6 mile run on Saturday and a 25 mile bike on Sunday.

  309. Trisha

    Plan on riding 50 miles with friends.

  310. Bruce M

    Planned a short 42.2km “training” run at the Edinburgh marathon and nailed it!

  311. Travis Stratton

    4 mile run, ribs and whiskey.

  312. Peber

    Will be working, being on call. Hopefully time for a longish bike ride and a short run

  313. KJ

    Planned on biking around Lake Washington but my rear derailleur still hasn’t arrived 🙁

  314. Adam Pavlak

    5.5 mile half marathon training run on Monday.

  315. Iain

    Beer & bbq. Couple of short runs to work off the beer.

    Sorry if this is a duplicate

  316. Shawn Warner

    I’m planning a 3 day solo tour, camping along the way 🙂

  317. Ivan Clavijos

    Just an easy weekend after completing previous one my first triathlon of the season.

    A short run on Saturday and some 40-50k on bike on Sunday

  318. Tom Lawton

    Racing the Outlaw Half. And recovering. BBQ may be involved in the second!

  319. Stephen

    Long run on Sat, recovery run on Sun., walk in the park on Mon.

  320. Armin

    Planned for the weekend was:
    1.) ~60km ride to my parents and back (check)
    2.) a ~20km run (got pushed to tomorrow because I unexpectedly had to work yesterday :/)

  321. Saturday: Easy 11K
    Sunday: Long Run (16K)
    Monday: Barbecue Day!

  322. David Gardiner

    3 trainer road rides on the kickr

  323. Gijs

    Wow nice!

  324. Andreas

    a short 5 mile run in Saturday, BBQ with family and friends on Sunday, on the bike on Monday

  325. Stefan K

    Sturday – organising a trail running competition with my sport club
    Sunday running in off trail/orienteering 90 minutes
    Monday – watt based intervals in Zwift

  326. Mike

    Beers at the pool. Back at it on Tues

  327. Steve G

    Planning for a TR workout, an outdoor ride and a short run.

  328. Alan Mohr

    I’ll be putting in a long ride on my bike this weekend. Hopefully the weather cooperates.

  329. Jonathan Hjertström

    Swiming in the sea for the first time this year.
    Greetings from Sweden

  330. Ryan M

    Open water swimming in the gulf and beach runs!

  331. Andrew

    10mi run + hot power yoga

  332. Jeff Kramer

    I rode Bike The Drive in Chicago, ran 9 miles on Sat morning and rode 27 miles on my bike this morning.

  333. Ryan

    Ditto what someone else said… Looked for a good marathon at the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, MI. Ended up with a poor split in heat and humidity. Enjoying the recovery on the couch now.

  334. Michael Patti

    Did my training run on Saturday, did some insane core work Sunday (yard work), and today after it cools off after dinner I hope to get in 2.5 miles with my 7yo who has been training to run his first 5k in 2 weeks. He’ll be faster than me before I know it.

  335. Lee Ragsdale

    Saturday long run, Sunday rest. Monday run and boot camp. And, chasing around the kiddos at the pool.

  336. Wojciech G

    I went on a couple of easy runs over the weekend, and today am partaking in some burgers and hot dogs with the family!

  337. Katrina

    Raced Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon. My goal half for spring training!

  338. Morgan baynham

    I’ll be alternately zwifting and running. 11 month old baby means any training gets squeezed in and around meal/bath/nap time.

  339. Mike Johnston

    4.5 hour bike Saturday followed by 45 min run. 2 hour run on Sunday followed by an hour bike. Monday rest and eat BBQ.

  340. Jake

    Fri – Quick 15 mile ride. Catch up with friends I haven’t seen in months and the new X-Men.
    Sat – Replace window assembly in car, clean garage and get KTM ready for Sunday ride.
    Sun – Hit the trails on Orange. BBQ after cleaning up.
    Mon – Breakfast with friends, taking advantage of Memorial Day sales, get ready for the week and give the body a needed day of rest.

  341. Roy Atkinson

    Long cycle around the beautiful mountains of Kerry in Ireland. Doesn’t get any better. ?

  342. Mat

    Trying out a wetsuit before my first open water swim!

  343. Marisa

    I ran the Med City Marathon on Sunday, as a training run for Grandma’s in 3 weeks.

  344. Peggy oin

    My training plan is to pace fellow runner in a half marathon in 2:13 time frame follow by a 15km trail back to the nature as recovery run.

  345. Des Lynch

    Signed up for Dublin marathon race series so got myslef out running and also trying daily 4 minute very intense hiit sessions

  346. Fred Garderes

    Back to back runs (12 and 15 milers) in preparation for July 100miles run in Tahoe!

  347. Carla Brown

    My plans include a couple of long runs and some strength training so I can have that slice of apple pie guilt free!

  348. Kevin R

    I ran 2 marathons this months so I’m taking it easy 6 miles run Sat, Sunday and Monday off.

  349. Alberto A

    Signed for the Captextri but bad weather a lot of rain

  350. Jeff moran

    BBQ and pool parties after morning HIIT workouts

  351. Cristina

    Training hard for my first marathon !!!

  352. Gareth Loggenberg

    Running between 4 barbeques telling myself gluttony is an acceptable part of training.

  353. JeffB

    Much riding, running, and grilling!

  354. frenchpattern

    Managed 5k while it wasn’t raining. Success!

  355. Joe

    Doing my first marathon at Notre Dame in South Bend.

  356. Japiooo

    First ever 20 min FTP test with my new Stages. Thx for the reviews!

  357. Joseph

    4mi run with the wife tomorrow morning. Mamma needs an new HR Garmin.

  358. David

    I was pretty sure to do a long run and a long ride. But in fact, almost nothing unfortunately… next time !

  359. Sergio De La Garza

    The past weekend just won an MTB competition here in Mexico City, a 22km in total, 5 laps of 4.4 km with a time of 1 hour 21 mins.

  360. Tony Reeves

    I will be continuing training for the Trek 100 charity ride at Trek headquarters in Waterloo Wisconsin USA want to get at least 40 miles in

  361. Desmond Loh

    I wll be doing a Duathlon race this weekend. But on usual weekends when I’m not racing, I’ll be doing tempo runs over a hilly course with my running group of around 10k & above in the morning, 20 laps in the pool during noon and finished it off a 20k easy ride in the evening for Saturdays. Sundays are reserve for long haul rides on bike or LSD in the morning, follower by 20 laps in the pool during noon and finished it with cross-training in the gym in the evening.

  362. karen

    Long training ride with friends if the rain holds off.

  363. Colin

    Made some artisanal bread and I plan on sitting down with it, some butter, some honey, and some cheese.

  364. Darren Lavey

    I kept it pretty lazy for the long weekend, just 3K in the pool on Sunday.

  365. E L

    It was a little bit of everything, getting back into training. Two km swimming, a quick bike ride and a short run!

  366. B-rian

    Riding in the Alabama heat, swimming in the Tennessee and running the Shoals

  367. Shannon P

    I took Friday off for a 4-day weekend & walked 3 times (15 miles total) between Thursday night and today. Sucks coming back from an injury!

  368. Victor Ng

    I will be taking part in the The Great Relay, Singapore with 3 of my good friends running a total of 100km this weekend.

  369. UVA tri

    Yard work followed by a swim – run brick

  370. Jenny

    Spent the weekend outside. Swam a little too.

  371. Gerard

    Run, rest, and eat. A great weekend!

  372. James

    My training plans involve trying to bump up my PD curve in WKO4.

  373. Jun Zhao

    race half marathon on Saturday and 10K on Sunday back to back.

  374. Reman Chim

    I will be participating in a 100km relay race with my buddies on Saturday in The Great Singapore Relay. Following that, I will do a Recovery Run on Sunday morning to complete a Back2Back weekend programme 🙂

  375. Giles Rowland

    Nice ride out to the country Sunday, gym Monday

  376. Charles Lee

    I ran the Virginia 10 miler course to get a feel for the route again.

  377. John Nadolski

    Hard Saturday am group ride, then saddle sore recovery for the remainder of the weekend.

  378. Neil Fishman

    Spent the weekend at a soccer tournament with my 16 year old son in Maryland. I found a park with trails on Saturday and had more of an adventure than planned, including one fall. Sunday was a travel day and I did my long run on Monday (training for half marathon on June 12).

  379. Stephen Sands

    To have my first summer bike ride be a 42.5 mile ride on Long Beach Island, NJ followed by a Cohiba robusto!

  380. Robinson Milani

    just a nice long run a a bike ride with friends

  381. Kp tan

    Long run with srrides

  382. Kevin Collings

    My training plans wound up being a bust due to real life, so… it’s back to commuting as training this week!

  383. Jay

    Two short rides, one towing a Burley. A spot of open water, a bit in the pool and as little running as I could get away with 🙂

  384. Steve

    Went outside he box with prime rib today. Will need extra training time this week as a result.

  385. Wil

    Taking 10-15 minute walks with my dog. I strained my back a few weeks ago to the point where I couldn’t even bend down to ut shoes on. Pain is less now so I can go slowly go back to running 4-6 miles week. I will start again next week.

  386. Michael savelli

    Reno-Tahoe Odyssey 178 mile relay race, as an ultra team.

  387. Steve

    Working on climbing endurance. There’s two really big hills near my house and I’m working on conquering both before the summer’s out.

  388. Mark

    Relaxing post-honeymoon cruise along the beach with my wife. Then bbq!

  389. Ian

    I plan to take an extended bike ride Saturday and have a swim workout on Sunday. Back to work Monday.

  390. Paul

    Group trail run and then some cross and strength training.

  391. Adam myers

    I am racing, but hey, racing is training and training is racing!!

  392. Cesar Roman

    I’m currently recovering from shin splints, only strength training.

  393. Tim

    Final training runs for a half marathon and continuing to build towards my 70.3 in July…and a little dirt biking if the weather is nice!

  394. Andrew

    Saturday: 100 km base building ride down Beach Rd
    Sunday: 8 km run

  395. Helen Burton

    Steady State intervals and wash my bike.

  396. Adolfo

    Ribs! And biking up tunnel road

  397. Mike

    Lots of food and running with a swim and a ride sprinkled in there.

  398. John L

    Several 30 mile rides in hot weather and dodging rain storms.

  399. frankis

    Not a holiday here in Canada. Our holiday was last week. Did 12 miles on Sunday in the humid heat. Felt sorry for those racing.

  400. Michael Thayer

    Riding, running and watching racing all day Sunday.

  401. Andrew

    Long run on Sat followed by a short run on Mon.

  402. Geoff

    My weekend plans consisted of a long trail run with my wife.

  403. Teresa

    I just started the rest running streak thanking those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I also rode y’day & will swim, bike & run tmrw!

  404. Tyler Bargen

    I am going to do some hard rides on my way to various activities. It is all about integrated workouts into my busy life!

  405. Heather Levesque

    Just planning to do a short run, followed by a Sunday long run.

  406. Dustin

    I road all 3 days of the long weekend. Packed in a good amount of miles and hills is beautiful Wisconsin. Definitely could have done without my two flats in an hour on Saturday though!!

  407. andrew white

    camping trip, mountain biking, trail running, and swimming.

  408. LJ Costanzo

    Focus on more interval based training. Including sprints on the running/bike path behind my place, and the local “stairs” which consists of 125 steep stairs and a dirt hill to sprint up. My old Polar FT4 doesn’t cut it anymore.

  409. Eugene Tsui

    Hoping to get back into running this weekend. A new toy would serve as extra motivation! Lol

  410. Josh

    I am recovering from a very nasty stomach virus. I am recovering from a very nasty stomach virus

  411. Myer

    A couple of wet laps around Central Park.

  412. Just trying to finish the month strongly. Still waking up to frost most mornings and by the time the temperature is looking friendly the wind and afternoon rain showers have arrived. Such is springtime in the Rockies.

  413. Josh Henderson

    20 mile bike ride, 3 mile run and then a round of golf

  414. Jason

    Short run Saturday, mountain bike ride Sunday, golf and 30 mile road ride today. Great weekend.

  415. Sarah L

    This weekend, I got in one run with my whole family and two by myself. I also enjoyed some BBQ.

  416. Jason

    Drive 20 hours, catch a Northern Pike or two and relax.

  417. Tan Chee Kwang

    Sat 7km easy trail run, Sunday 7km tempo on the road

    Monday 3km Recovery Run,
    Tuesday speed work on the track at (5km/10km pace)

  418. Patrick

    Eating way too much good food and not even touching my running shoes.

  419. S Michael

    Weekend training plans scrapped due to Achilles tendonitis. Stretching, rolling and PT exercises are the plan.

  420. Stefan Raab

    Mountain biking in the WVa mountains and BBQing.

  421. David Nelson

    4 miles of swim, 160 miles of biking and 25 miles on foot….. And lots of food and laying around.

  422. Jack

    I’ll Be in myanmar! so hopefully a lovely long slow run through the temples in Bagan!!!

  423. German

    I will be doing a low HR run on Monday

  424. Whoops, I’m a bit late to the game, but I think I can still let you know what I did this weekend, even if it is past tense.

    We tried to spend as much time on the bikes as possible. A bit of rain delayed us, but we managed to get nearly 50 miles in between storms!

  425. Ty

    Barely getting in on this one. I’ll do a weekend in review. Friday I did calisthenics and handstand training. Saturday me and the wife went to a ninja warrior obstacle course and then biked 5 miles. We had a lunch at a little cafe with roast beef, havarti, pogaca, oatberry shortbread. Sunday was just handstand training and mobility work. Mexican for lunch and a hamburger cookout for dinner. This morning I did The Murph workout in honor of Memorial Day. Grilled pork chops, carrots and broccoli for dinner. Back to reality in the morning.

  426. Erik Pieh

    Canoe 150 miles down the Rum River, (and drink a little rum along the way)

  427. Juanita

    Doing a 5 miler

  428. Pilar

    I will be having some friends coming over!

  429. Christian

    Normal weekend long bike/run/swim training, plus the bonus of leisurely, anytime, holiday workouts on Monday. Oh, the beer and grilling are great too.

  430. Nhu

    Too hot this weekend…long run cancelled!

  431. Jeff

    two trail runs with friends an open water swim at the lake. And a nice long hike with my four legged friend!

  432. Audrey

    Tennis ball machine workout!

  433. Karl

    Getting back to running, with a plan to do 10k matching my time from 20+ years ago.

  434. Eric

    Tunes Saturday, cookout Sunday, and 12mi run Monday.

  435. Darren Cope

    Riding as much as possible in the time available! Hopefully getting in some hills and maybe gravel.

  436. Chris S

    8 Mile Trail Run on Saturday
    16 Mile Long Run Sunday
    Food Monday

  437. Mike G

    I’m returning from a family vacation this weekend, so I’m going to be trying to get back on track with my training.

  438. Craig T

    Long Trail Runs in National Park each day of the long weekend

  439. Chip Manuel

    I ended up going on two longer rides at a leisurely pace, soaking up the beautiful weather in Wisconsin! I had to get my bike rides in before devouring brats and BBQ!

  440. Steve

    Trainer Road!

  441. My training plans for the weekend were a bike ride on Saturday followed by a run on Sunday with Monday off. Unfortunately, I ended up napping on Sunday and missed my run! But, with it being just a week after the Chattanooga 70.3 I’m not too worried. 🙂

  442. LCH

    Two swims this weekend (with the kids)

  443. curtis

    i’m gonna run, run, and run. once fast, once short, and once long.

  444. Matt Phan

    Ran Mountain 2 Beach marathon on sunday

  445. Jim Jones

    I took a weekend off from the bike and did some remodeling around the house.

  446. Stephanie

    Training for my first 5k so 3mi interval runs

  447. Ornoth

    Sorry, weekend’s over. Spent it off-network, at a mountain lake deep in the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts. Happily, posted an entry an hour and a half before closing time.

  448. Jeff Hinrichs

    10 mile run on Saturday morning followed by 2 days of rest in preparation for half marathon on June 5th.

  449. Megan

    Continued training for fall and winter ultras. Speed work Saturday and a long run Monday, with some smoked ribs on the grill Sunday.

  450. nicklesmn

    No training, just some family time at the lake, trying to catch a few fish. Training resumes on Tuesday. Thanks to all who have fallen.

  451. Anne M.

    My weekend plans included a marathon then some much deserved rest.

  452. Mitchell Mond

    I did a long bike ride on Sunday followed by a short slow run.

  453. Scott

    Soccer soccer soccer!

  454. Ben Mullin

    Got a random invitation to go run a trail half marathon course on Sunday. My weekly running volume has been about 13 miles, so of course I said yes.

  455. Steven Crawford

    Running a 5k race and then surviving food-a-palooza with my family

  456. Asaf Cohen

    A long weekend in Baxter state park, Maine (just returned!). Hiking, rowing, and, of course, some running. Was fantastic (except for the small but annoying insects…).

  457. Thom

    Walked 5 miles with the kids, spouse, and our two labs in Pine Grove Furnace. Took a stop along the way for the labs to take a swim in the creeks along the walk.

  458. C chin

    Mtb and and short run

  459. Moshe f

    Just some easy hills Sunday and Monday.

  460. Andrew

    Barely squeezed in 2 short rides and 1 BBQ.

  461. Greg

    Run focused weekend with lots of beer/swim brick sets. And by swim I mean floating in a raft double fisted. Merica.

  462. Brucy

    12oz arm curls all day. Maybe a few runs to the…. grocery. j/k weights, running, rowing, and swimming if I’m adventurous

  463. MDW

    Doing some running and lots of yard work!

  464. Ujwal K

    Wanted to get back to p90x but ended up eating ice cream and watching movies.

  465. Tara

    Casual bike ride, morning run, and chillaxing by the pool

  466. Benjamin

    Body weight exercises and a run or two.

  467. Mike

    Lots of swimming with the kids and the dog at the lake. And bar-b-q

  468. Takeshi Nakata

    run in the morning

  469. Lisa

    Getting in a long run before my second half marathon in a couple weeks.

  470. Timo C

    Only got out and rode my bike today since I was in Chicago all weekend

  471. Jordan Parker

    Grilling steak and ignoring my training peaks plan

  472. Jeff

    25 mile ride sat and sun BBQ on Monday

  473. Keith Thompson

    Lots of beach time and a 10K Memorial Day run (completed with a PR).

  474. Owen

    Short backpacking trip with my family.

  475. Ryan G

    After a 2 week hiatus check out my new neighborhood in Seattle with a long run along the waterfront.

  476. Yeung Ka Ming

    Swim 3km at Shek O Hong Kong and bike training for 100km at Shek O road.

  477. Meredith E.

    Three days off work – three days of jogging and getting coffee.

  478. Ronni

    Weekend of training (swim, bike, run) in Lake Placid and climbing Whiteface Mt.

  479. Charlie

    This is probably too late? (hopefully not)

    Planned to do a 20 miles run and did it!

  480. Pedro Garcia

    Just regular cycling on my City speedway

  481. Joel

    A swim and a brick on Saturday, a long bike on Sunday!

  482. Brian Greaney

    Remembering how to run after a winter and spring of much smoother biking. Time in the pool with the kids is tri training, right?

  483. Don Pendergraft

    Taking it easy this weekend. Beer and burgers and remembering those who sacrificed for our freedom.

  484. Josh Fike

    Lots of kettlebell swings, along with some getups.

  485. Kathryn

    Ironman Nice tapering so a 4 hr ride, open water swim, and running intervals

  486. antony

    Training for La Marmotte. Just completed 184 windy km in Bangkok on Sunday