A May $600 Gadget Giveaway!


This is the last giveaway.

I mean, the last giveaway until the annual Giveaway Extravaganza next month of course!  I’ll let you read all about what that madness was like last year, but for now, we’ve got to get down to business for this giveaway!

The winner will get a $600 credit to CleverTraining.com, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on the vast majority of what they sell, or use their updated VIP program for anything else.  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the new Garmin FR735XT (in stock!), to a Cycliq Fly12 camera/light, this crazy foot massager thingy (really) or heck, even a chunk towards SRAM eTAP or the new CycleOps Hammer Trainer.  Whatever floats your boat.

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of what your training plans are for the weekend ahead.  For those in the US, it’s a long weekend – so substituting your BBQ’ing plans for training plans is acceptable.

The reason you need a short description of ‘what’ is that if you just put a simple one word answer (i.e.5k or hot dog), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  This is a pulled pork kinda place.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, May 30th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Andrew

    Long run on Sat followed by a short run on Mon.

  2. Geoff

    My weekend plans consisted of a long trail run with my wife.

  3. Teresa

    I just started the rest running streak thanking those who made the ultimate sacrifice. I also rode y’day & will swim, bike & run tmrw!

  4. Tyler Bargen

    I am going to do some hard rides on my way to various activities. It is all about integrated workouts into my busy life!

  5. Heather Levesque

    Just planning to do a short run, followed by a Sunday long run.

  6. Dustin

    I road all 3 days of the long weekend. Packed in a good amount of miles and hills is beautiful Wisconsin. Definitely could have done without my two flats in an hour on Saturday though!!

  7. andrew white

    camping trip, mountain biking, trail running, and swimming.

  8. LJ Costanzo

    Focus on more interval based training. Including sprints on the running/bike path behind my place, and the local “stairs” which consists of 125 steep stairs and a dirt hill to sprint up. My old Polar FT4 doesn’t cut it anymore.

  9. Eugene Tsui

    Hoping to get back into running this weekend. A new toy would serve as extra motivation! Lol

  10. Josh

    I am recovering from a very nasty stomach virus. I am recovering from a very nasty stomach virus

  11. Myer

    A couple of wet laps around Central Park.

  12. Just trying to finish the month strongly. Still waking up to frost most mornings and by the time the temperature is looking friendly the wind and afternoon rain showers have arrived. Such is springtime in the Rockies.

  13. Josh Henderson

    20 mile bike ride, 3 mile run and then a round of golf

  14. Jason

    Short run Saturday, mountain bike ride Sunday, golf and 30 mile road ride today. Great weekend.

  15. Sarah L

    This weekend, I got in one run with my whole family and two by myself. I also enjoyed some BBQ.

  16. Jason

    Drive 20 hours, catch a Northern Pike or two and relax.

  17. Tan Chee Kwang

    Sat 7km easy trail run, Sunday 7km tempo on the road

    Monday 3km Recovery Run,
    Tuesday speed work on the track at (5km/10km pace)

  18. Patrick

    Eating way too much good food and not even touching my running shoes.

  19. S Michael

    Weekend training plans scrapped due to Achilles tendonitis. Stretching, rolling and PT exercises are the plan.

  20. Stefan Raab

    Mountain biking in the WVa mountains and BBQing.

  21. David Nelson

    4 miles of swim, 160 miles of biking and 25 miles on foot….. And lots of food and laying around.

  22. Jack

    I’ll Be in myanmar! so hopefully a lovely long slow run through the temples in Bagan!!!

  23. German

    I will be doing a low HR run on Monday

  24. Whoops, I’m a bit late to the game, but I think I can still let you know what I did this weekend, even if it is past tense.

    We tried to spend as much time on the bikes as possible. A bit of rain delayed us, but we managed to get nearly 50 miles in between storms!

  25. Ty

    Barely getting in on this one. I’ll do a weekend in review. Friday I did calisthenics and handstand training. Saturday me and the wife went to a ninja warrior obstacle course and then biked 5 miles. We had a lunch at a little cafe with roast beef, havarti, pogaca, oatberry shortbread. Sunday was just handstand training and mobility work. Mexican for lunch and a hamburger cookout for dinner. This morning I did The Murph workout in honor of Memorial Day. Grilled pork chops, carrots and broccoli for dinner. Back to reality in the morning.

  26. Erik Pieh

    Canoe 150 miles down the Rum River, (and drink a little rum along the way)

  27. Juanita

    Doing a 5 miler

  28. Pilar

    I will be having some friends coming over!

  29. Christian

    Normal weekend long bike/run/swim training, plus the bonus of leisurely, anytime, holiday workouts on Monday. Oh, the beer and grilling are great too.

  30. Nhu

    Too hot this weekend…long run cancelled!

  31. Jeff

    two trail runs with friends an open water swim at the lake. And a nice long hike with my four legged friend!

  32. Audrey

    Tennis ball machine workout!

  33. Karl

    Getting back to running, with a plan to do 10k matching my time from 20+ years ago.

  34. Eric

    Tunes Saturday, cookout Sunday, and 12mi run Monday.

  35. Darren Cope

    Riding as much as possible in the time available! Hopefully getting in some hills and maybe gravel.

  36. Chris S

    8 Mile Trail Run on Saturday
    16 Mile Long Run Sunday
    Food Monday

  37. Mike G

    I’m returning from a family vacation this weekend, so I’m going to be trying to get back on track with my training.

  38. Craig T

    Long Trail Runs in National Park each day of the long weekend

  39. Chip Manuel

    I ended up going on two longer rides at a leisurely pace, soaking up the beautiful weather in Wisconsin! I had to get my bike rides in before devouring brats and BBQ!

  40. Steve

    Trainer Road!

  41. My training plans for the weekend were a bike ride on Saturday followed by a run on Sunday with Monday off. Unfortunately, I ended up napping on Sunday and missed my run! But, with it being just a week after the Chattanooga 70.3 I’m not too worried. 🙂

  42. LCH

    Two swims this weekend (with the kids)

  43. curtis

    i’m gonna run, run, and run. once fast, once short, and once long.

  44. Matt Phan

    Ran Mountain 2 Beach marathon on sunday

  45. Jim Jones

    I took a weekend off from the bike and did some remodeling around the house.

  46. Stephanie

    Training for my first 5k so 3mi interval runs

  47. Ornoth

    Sorry, weekend’s over. Spent it off-network, at a mountain lake deep in the Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts. Happily, posted an entry an hour and a half before closing time.

  48. Jeff Hinrichs

    10 mile run on Saturday morning followed by 2 days of rest in preparation for half marathon on June 5th.

  49. Megan

    Continued training for fall and winter ultras. Speed work Saturday and a long run Monday, with some smoked ribs on the grill Sunday.

  50. nicklesmn

    No training, just some family time at the lake, trying to catch a few fish. Training resumes on Tuesday. Thanks to all who have fallen.

  51. Anne M.

    My weekend plans included a marathon then some much deserved rest.

  52. Mitchell Mond

    I did a long bike ride on Sunday followed by a short slow run.

  53. Scott

    Soccer soccer soccer!

  54. Ben Mullin

    Got a random invitation to go run a trail half marathon course on Sunday. My weekly running volume has been about 13 miles, so of course I said yes.

  55. Steven Crawford

    Running a 5k race and then surviving food-a-palooza with my family

  56. Asaf Cohen

    A long weekend in Baxter state park, Maine (just returned!). Hiking, rowing, and, of course, some running. Was fantastic (except for the small but annoying insects…).

  57. Thom

    Walked 5 miles with the kids, spouse, and our two labs in Pine Grove Furnace. Took a stop along the way for the labs to take a swim in the creeks along the walk.

  58. C chin

    Mtb and and short run

  59. Moshe f

    Just some easy hills Sunday and Monday.

  60. Andrew

    Barely squeezed in 2 short rides and 1 BBQ.

  61. Greg

    Run focused weekend with lots of beer/swim brick sets. And by swim I mean floating in a raft double fisted. Merica.

  62. Brucy

    12oz arm curls all day. Maybe a few runs to the…. grocery. j/k weights, running, rowing, and swimming if I’m adventurous

  63. MDW

    Doing some running and lots of yard work!

  64. Ujwal K

    Wanted to get back to p90x but ended up eating ice cream and watching movies.

  65. Tara

    Casual bike ride, morning run, and chillaxing by the pool

  66. Benjamin

    Body weight exercises and a run or two.

  67. Mike

    Lots of swimming with the kids and the dog at the lake. And bar-b-q

  68. Takeshi Nakata

    run in the morning

  69. Lisa

    Getting in a long run before my second half marathon in a couple weeks.

  70. Timo C

    Only got out and rode my bike today since I was in Chicago all weekend

  71. Jordan Parker

    Grilling steak and ignoring my training peaks plan

  72. Jeff

    25 mile ride sat and sun BBQ on Monday

  73. Keith Thompson

    Lots of beach time and a 10K Memorial Day run (completed with a PR).

  74. Owen

    Short backpacking trip with my family.

  75. Ryan G

    After a 2 week hiatus check out my new neighborhood in Seattle with a long run along the waterfront.

  76. Yeung Ka Ming

    Swim 3km at Shek O Hong Kong and bike training for 100km at Shek O road.

  77. Meredith E.

    Three days off work – three days of jogging and getting coffee.

  78. Ronni

    Weekend of training (swim, bike, run) in Lake Placid and climbing Whiteface Mt.

  79. Charlie

    This is probably too late? (hopefully not)

    Planned to do a 20 miles run and did it!

  80. Pedro Garcia

    Just regular cycling on my City speedway

  81. Joel

    A swim and a brick on Saturday, a long bike on Sunday!

  82. Brian Greaney

    Remembering how to run after a winter and spring of much smoother biking. Time in the pool with the kids is tri training, right?

  83. Don Pendergraft

    Taking it easy this weekend. Beer and burgers and remembering those who sacrificed for our freedom.

  84. Josh Fike

    Lots of kettlebell swings, along with some getups.

  85. Kathryn

    Ironman Nice tapering so a 4 hr ride, open water swim, and running intervals

  86. antony

    Training for La Marmotte. Just completed 184 windy km in Bangkok on Sunday