The DCR Easter Bunny $600 Gadget Giveaway


First off, no, I’m not giving away the Easter Bunny.  That’d involve going to a nearby shopping mall and somehow kidnapping the poor guy as he gets photos taken with small children.  And I’m pretty sure that’d be awkward for everyone involved.

Instead, I’ll be like an Easter Bunny – and some lucky duck (or bunny as it may be) will get their gadget wishes fulfilled.  No searching for semi-rotten poorly water-colored eggs required.

The winner will get a $600 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell.  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the new Garmin Fenix3 HR, to a Fitbit Blaze, a pair of Hawaiian themed underwear (yes, actually) to the WatTeam Power Meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever floats your boat.

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of what your training plans are for the weekend ahead – with or without the bunny.  Note that eating chocolate eggs is totally valid nutrition.

The reason you need a short description of ‘what’ is that if you just put a simple one word answer (i.e.5k), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, March 28th, 2016 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Christopher Orso

    Weekend training plans are testing out my new shimano pd-r550’s without falling at a stop sign (first time clipless user), doing some strength training, and laps in the pool.

  2. EBEB

    Recovery weekend. Saturday: hour of gentle turbo, then relax for an FTP test on Tuesday.

  3. Rob T

    Back to back long runs I hope!

  4. Jörn

    My Goal was to run two times the day. At first a 12k Run and later some Speedwork on the treatmile.

  5. Daniel Yerga

    Friday will be running (4×2000), and saturday-sunday will be road cycling, probably some hilly routes!

  6. Lauren

    What I planned: Several TRX workouts, a few short runs (coming back from injury) and yoga.
    What I did: suffered from ear infections (both ears), slept and helped make a carrot cake.

  7. Peber

    No specific training, but cutting down and removing oversize Christmas trees is pretty strenuous and makes for good aerobic exercise

  8. Abel Oyhamburu

    Weight training on Saturday + 12 miles run on Sunday.

  9. Kelly Murlick

    3 days of downhill skiing – strength training?

  10. Bob Zipperlen

    I have a duathlon in two weeks. On Tues 3/29 I will recon the course with a 3m run and a 15 bike ride. On Wed pm I will ride my bike home from work, on Thursday I will ride the 12m to work. My wife is away this coming weekend so I will have to do my run-bike-run (3-17-3) brick early to take my son to the children’s theatre and then baseball.

  11. joe

    22 mile run and 3 hours of mountain biking

  12. Barry

    A short off road run

  13. Mark H Skattum

    Bike 20 miles and run 5 miles to beat away the chocolate!

  14. Matthew Brown

    Got a nice 4.25 Mile run in on Sunday! Not the weekend but planning a 10K tomorrow.

  15. Steve P

    2x painful 90 min TrainerRoad threshold sessions. And the Kickr won’t let me wimp out!

  16. Walter Cahall

    Saturday training plan 1 x 2557 mile flight from Maui to Portland, OR. Sunday training plan was either a 90 minute ride followed by a 20 minute run, or a 70 minute run. The Easter Bunny had other plans though!

  17. Andrew Wilkinson

    This weekend I cycled the flat roads of Suffolk in the UK whilst battling the winds of Storm Katie, needed to get some miles in my legs! and of course refuelled on chocolate eggs! 🙂

  18. The Sous

    10 mile peace run and a 20 mile long run on Sunday. Last big weekend before Marathon taper.

  19. Wesley

    Bike rides and Cadbury caramel eggs

  20. Greg Reasoner

    Rest per Dr orders.

  21. Lisa Hardegree

    Trail run with Team RWB and some miles in the saddle

  22. Frank Price

    Last long run before a half marathon next weekend

  23. Saturday will run in the mad bull 5K in our town. Also will plan to get out on the bike and climb some of our local hills here in Kentucky. Look to get in between 20 and 50 miles.

  24. Jesse

    Training plan was do my 5th and final run of the week… Accomplished!

  25. Alex S

    Planning on joining the club ride on Saturday or Sunday and possibly a trail run.

  26. Igor

    Tapper period before my IM.

  27. Luciano SR

    I need to improve my hiking skills, after Easter hike my knees are complaining!

  28. Drewids

    Lotta yard work…so strength training? Maybe take a short trip to Watopia when I my arms get tired raking.

  29. Joe mastropietro

    11 mile run, 3 hour training ride and Choctaw milk!

  30. Stokey

    Skiing then warm up indoors with Zwift!

  31. Juan Victoria

    Gravel racing… Maybe 😉

  32. Mickey Edlin

    I am going to do a 3 hour ride Saturday and 1.5 hour run on Sunday

  33. Sofia Biller

    57 mile gravel race in the hills of Michigan, 80-ish miles road riding in boring Chicago environs, intermittently punctuated by whiskey.

  34. Tyler Dueck

    I went for an 84km ride on Saturday with a friend primarily flat land training with a few sprints thrown in.

  35. Jason

    Long run and nap after.

  36. Jonathan M

    This week’s training plans includes today’s 4 mile run; Tuesday 60-60×20; Wednesday rest; Thursday threshold; Friday rest; Saturday 3x2mi interval, 5 min rest; Sunday 8 mi easy.

  37. Joseph Brescia

    Training includes lots of recovery after this past weekend’s Hell of Hunterdon. Just soft pedaling on the trainer is work right now. Ha!

  38. Jeremy

    Explore the new Zwift expansion (which is excellent!)

  39. Jonathan

    Easter egg hunts.

  40. jessie

    some trx session for me

  41. Alister

    Weights, Easter hunt with the kids then a nice long ride

  42. Frantisek Zacek

    No real training for me… Merely resting and getting ready for my (Road cycling) race on Sunday.

  43. Arnaud

    I’m tapering for Paris marathon, so just two runs at slow pace… and several capillarization sessions with my Compex device.

  44. Matt

    Easy hour run on Saturday. Long run Sunday! – 2 hours

  45. Naomi

    Did a couple hours with trainerroad, and a 2hr run on Sunday – hope to win this!

  46. Dan Brown

    Prime rib, chocolate, and a couple of Peloton classes is how I spent the weekend!

  47. Matt Nixon

    I will be running 6 miles on Saturday and biking 60 miles on Sunday.

  48. Kevin Iverson

    Trainer, trainer, and more trainer. Still cold outside and just snowed…again. Using the cream in the Cadbury egg as comfort for my college basketball defeat while utilizing the sugar as fuel! Double win!!

  49. James T

    A 5k trail run on Saturday and then off on my holidays on Sunday!

  50. Giles Anderson

    Saturday s 90 min HR 2 and 30 min HR 3 – I’ll do that on some nice ravine trails. Sunday will be a light bike and lots of stretching.

  51. Dave Osswald

    Go for a runoff the beach in Florida–on vacation!!

  52. Matt Stanley

    Brick with my 9 yr old son (4 bike and 1 run) and then a 6 mile run on Sunday.

  53. Allyn Crowe

    Had to take the weekend off to finish kicking the flu. But now it’s race season time. Next 4 weekends I’ll be running halfs!

  54. John

    A hike and long ride. Thanks!

  55. Jake saunders

    Planning a 45 mile bike ride and a 3k swim!

  56. Jodie swafford

    Hope to ride 26mi if my rolled ankle is better. No marathon relay for me 🙁

  57. Oscar

    Went out for a long run with a friend and then spent Sunday hobbling around after said run. Not sure why it hit me so hard, but it did!

  58. Robert

    Crashed my 2015 Tarmac a couple of weeks ago at 35k/hr and am now bikeless. 🙁
    So weekend training plans include running, running and some more running. Never know how far until I’m actually out there because I don’t have any races on the dock right now, especially none that would require a bike. :((((((((((

  59. Arash

    Next little while will be dedicated to getting back into running shape.
    So lots of running a mile walking a mile training

  60. Easy run and chocolate reward… Fat loading at its best…

  61. My training plans revolved around testing out a new mountain bike (Felt Decree), and (unfortunately) a fair amount of time on my Kickr. At least Zwift helps!

  62. Joe Fresso

    Training this weekend will be a short run Saturday and then the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8k.

  63. Naomi

    Long trail runs, rock climbing & beers with friends

  64. Marc Dowdell

    I’m getting my interval sessions in this long weekend.

  65. Mykola Bartosh

    Friday swimming intervals 3000 m
    Saturday bike riding 10 km warm up/ 40 km of main route/ 10 km recovery
    Sunday running 12 km with temp 5.30
    Sunday night burger night!

  66. Michael farrar

    My weekend training plans are to get in a long run before the kids wake up on Sunday

  67. Scott Bauer

    Training for my upcoming half-marathon.

  68. Henry McGee

    Last training run this Saturday before me and all my family from around the country converge in Chicago for a 10k/half-marathon followed by ample amounts of beer and Spring training baseball!

  69. Josh Schroeder

    Does riding a bus back from a hockey tournament for 16 straight hours count as training?

  70. Vrush

    Had aimed to get a nice 15k run in, which I managed to do between the cold rain downpours 🙂

  71. Ski

    Weekend is already done, but I ran 10 miles and found some Easter eggs! Not all at once..

  72. Hannah Frith

    Me please! My weekend plans involved exploring DC and breaking the daily step record on my fitbit!

  73. Kirsten Wilson

    Swim intervals, long bike, rest day and bike VO2max

  74. Hilary

    A short run and a long one…gotta tire out the dog!

  75. Alex S.

    There will be swimming, biking, and running. Not in that order. Volumes to be determined. Each time I finish on my stationary trainer, I think “gosh, I wonder how THAT ride would have looked if I’d been measuring power.” Please help me out!

  76. Stephanie M

    This weekend, I will spend my Sunday Funday Runday with my awesome friends training for our spring Half Marathons!

  77. Michael

    CrossFit, some Olympic lifting and a long run.

  78. Chong Wai Hoong

    Planning a short ride of about 20k on Saturday and a longer 40k on Sunday.

  79. Nicolas

    Riding across the brand new SR-520 bridge between Seattle and Bellevue with 5,999 of my closest friends!

  80. DHutt

    I’m going to say that this weekend is a rest day…. If only every rest day involved ribs and strawberry rhubarb pie.

  81. Conor Murphy

    Best intentions is to see me have a crack at a 5k parkrun on Saturday followed by a long 15k sunday run… But Chocolate could happen so a 12k long run Monday morning is a backup!!!

  82. Andrew

    Slow, slow bike ride (first time out after ski season)

  83. Amy Penberthy

    Tempo run on Saturday and a long interval run session around Centennial Park on Sunday.

  84. Helen Burton

    A recovery week before starting another steady state build.

  85. Julia H

    My training plans included dying eggs and going on nice long walks with my mom whom I hadn’t seen since Thanksgiving. Easy weekends are important to recuperate the mind and body.

  86. Scott D

    Ride Friday, sailing Sunday. Beer

  87. Michele

    Long run, then hiking with the dog

  88. Tomas

    Going for a run on the beach

  89. Tony

    30 minute tempo run on Saturday and a 6 mile run on Sunday.

  90. Tim

    Treadmill intervals and a swim

  91. Joe J

    I’m on vacation this week and at the peak of my half marathon training. Flying to Orlando tomorrow and already plotted my run routes around the hotel. Doing 10 on Wednesday and 8 on Friday on unfamiliar grounds will be tough.

  92. Adam Ystenes

    Taking the new bike out for its first ride. Need to burn off the candy I helped my kids eat.

  93. Michael S.

    Kia Ora.Weekend over in this part of the world… but did manage a chocolate-fueled jaunt on the treadmill, followed by a session of tin throwing. Good times.

  94. Peyton Greenwald

    My weekend plans include a lot of sweet spot base on the road bike, fueled by Cadbury eggs…

  95. Matt Perkins

    I have a 40 mile road ride planned for Sat and some mountain biking on Sun.

  96. Eric Powell

    Weather permitting, I’ll be working out the kinks on a new bike.

  97. Troy Brown

    I’ll be back in the gym on Friday and in the pool on Sunday for a good 3000m set. Coming back after 10days off on vacation.

  98. Sebas Vela

    Going for a short run 8km then grab my bike for 30km

  99. Andrew Gorman

    Tapering for Boston Marathon. 6 miler Friday after work, cross training Saturday (round of golf), and long run Sunday of about 16 miles.

  100. Don

    Do a criterium race on Saturday and 2.5 hr endurance ride on Sunday.

  101. Kevin

    Doing some spinning on the bike trainer.

  102. Matthew Hunt

    Long ride on Sat with a short run after and then a long run on Sunday

  103. Jeff Beck

    The weather hasn’t broken yet for spring, so my training continues to be indoors 🙁

  104. Bryce Nixon

    Play with my daughter and hopefully go for a ride.

  105. Ben McDonald

    It rained this past weekend so my Xterra training on the bike didn’t happen. I did an easy 6 mile run and swam today.

  106. Juan Iriarte

    Commuting to work by bike on Friday, swimming on Saturday morning, run 7k with my wife and another bike ride on Sunday.

  107. Jenn

    Easy to post a goal after it’s done….chased the Easter bunny for 10k Friday and again for 5k Monday…..never found it, just the evidence left behind and quickly eaten 🙂

  108. RMG

    Went for a four mile run followed by an hour and a half of high intensity gym time. Legs are destroyed.

  109. Dave

    Back in the saddle ride

  110. Cody Dickerson

    I’d recently started swimming more, so I’ll be swimming laps at the local Y and running I the evenings. I’ll try to get at least one bike ride in this week as well. Hoping to knock off my first triathlon this summer.

  111. Jeff Barnes

    Run a little and rise a little. Hopefully that offsets some of the eat a lot..

  112. Joey

    My training will involve unloading a truckload of mulch to get my yard ready for Spring.. Good times. I also hope to get in a run with my beautiful wife and awesome 20 month old lil boy. =]

  113. Ben

    Trail run with tons of elevation gain on Saturday with an easy bike ride on Sunday.

  114. Gary Lewis

    Working on building back my bike and run fitness.

  115. Renato Atilio

    I plan a friday at gym, a saturday swimming and a sunday with chocolate eggs nutrition 🙂

  116. jesse dexter-thornton

    Going to the gym with my dad.

  117. Richard W. Mable

    Assembling a Trek Madone 4.5 that’s arriving Wednesday and taking it out for shakedown ride

  118. Juliana Granados Mota

    My plan is a short run and a long swim! And shall avoid too much chocolate!

  119. Leandro Anjos

    Weekend with my family, no workout unfortunately…

  120. David Hill

    Pre-Easter festivity bike trainer ride and brick run.

  121. Robert G

    Two hours out on the bike, an hour run, 3/4 mi. swim and a spin class. And a few beers for recovery. 🙂

  122. p k

    Running repeats 10×40 meters 4x and 2.5 hr functional movement based training regimen.

  123. Jennifer Wimmer

    2 hours on the trainer, hour run outside if possible, 2000 yd swim, strength class

  124. Stephen W.

    Went on a nice hike in a county park. Even spotted a desert hare on the way out — how fitting!

  125. Jvance

    Peeps and some zwifting. Good times.

  126. Rob L.

    Did some hiking while on vacaction in Argentina.

  127. AnnaMDT

    Plan to spend time with the family and get in enough activity that will hopefully counter-balance the calories in the chocolate.

  128. Richard

    Going for a short ride with the family

  129. rubens fernando maciel alencar

    My goal for the end of the Easter week was cycling 40 km on Friday and Sunday. I managed to ride half of what was planned.

  130. Ethan S

    Spend some time with the kids on their swimming form, then swim myself, followed by a short treadmill session. Thanks!

  131. VTThrash

    Run 2 out of 3 days with my 14 year old in training for his junior high track team. (may sneak in a long run for myself on the third day)

  132. Nicholas Carey

    Just did mine – 11km run. Windy as all hell.

  133. Larry Steinberg

    If the doc says my broken wrist us healed then out on the mountain bike.

  134. gerard

    My training this weekend consisted of a ladder repeat session on the track on Friday, a 12km easy run on Sunday, and a killer mat pilates class on Monday (more core baby!)

  135. Jilly Bean

    Still resting/recovering after Shamrock Weekend. So instead I will chase my 8 year old in bunny related festivities.

  136. David

    16k run

  137. Eduardo

    Recovery weekend after upping my milage recently.

  138. Ranjith S

    A 20mile hike in the redwoods.

  139. Joshua

    Tagging along with my wife on her marathon training (around 24 miles in 2 days!)

  140. Dan

    Back to Masters swimming after a Spring Break break.

  141. Matt Wolfe

    Strength, long swim, long bike (on the trainer), still working on getting my running form back.

  142. Samuli Jarvinen

    Weekend is for transition towards the snow. Next week is skiing!

  143. Lee Reforma

    25km Trail Race this weakend to start out the trail running season!!

  144. Xavier

    Ski all weekend long, that should be a sweet workout session.

  145. Iván Higuera Mendieta

    I’m planning to improve the pace of my long runs.

  146. Morgan williams

    Went away for the Easter long weekend, so very little training. Apart from chocolate eating that is…

  147. Brook

    Started out with an easy run to test Matt Fitzgerald’s 80/20 Running theory.

  148. Eric

    Last loooong run before Boston, have to as a split run because of injury issues.

  149. Moses

    Riding long enough to get a proper sunburn

  150. Thien

    Brought my bike out for 1st ride on Sunday for a easy ride around town

  151. JonP

    Well I’m afraid no running in the near term as I recover from osteitis pubis, but Friday swimming and a lot of weekend PT exercises to get prepared for training for the New York marathon.

  152. Jeremy Speirs

    Well on Friday, a 30-20-10 style fartlek, chased by a 21k+ long run on Saturday. I will try my best to avoid stepping on any leftover Easter eggs since they would be kind of ripe by then.

  153. Brad

    After a hard week, I took Saturday off and then went for an endurance ride on Sunday. Now I have enough reserve to start the training cycle over again.

  154. Smichael

    Hot yoga one day, long run the next day, eating a chocolate bunny as recovery nutrition.

  155. Michael

    Weekend over already… but there was a lot of beach running.

  156. Nick

    I’ll be running my local half marathon this Saturday, and likely following up with more run miles on Sunday.

  157. Stephanie Bechtold

    Strength training, core work, and PT!

  158. Batmansdad

    Marathon training. Way behind, so lot to catch up on.

  159. Lauren

    Hiding all the easter eggs from my 2 year old.

  160. Casey gourley

    I have my first sprint tri of the year on Sunday.

  161. Chris Owens

    My training plan? Cherry Blossom 10 Mile run! First race since getting hit by a car last summer on my bike!

  162. monica

    Golf and a seven mile run

  163. Starr

    I’m starting my summer running training plan and also getting ready to do some spring gravel cycling events.

  164. Alex

    Actually it will be a recovery weekend, with low intensity cardio (cycling)

  165. Lance VB

    Great Easter- too much food to work off! Still snowing and cold so indoor riding it is.

  166. Thomas K

    recovering from eating lots of chocolate

  167. John Phoebus

    12 mile run followed by two days rest.

  168. Ricardo HR

    Start training again before my 45th birthday, follow my plan for half marathon in 16 weeks.

  169. Francisco

    Going for a long mountain bike ride

  170. Adam W

    Hey, probably too late, My training was taking extra rides on the public holidays. Less traffic. But Rain complicated things a bit.

  171. David

    Need to get back.. Winning would be nice…

  172. Paul

    Evening beach run in Khao Lak, Thailand.

  173. Andi

    Got new wheels, so if the weather allows, a couple of rides.

  174. Roy Atkinson

    Back to work, so a couple of runs and a cycle at the weekend.

  175. Tim

    3x3500m freestyle swim
    2x 10k low speed running
    Core Strength exercises in between

  176. Sven

    A quick 10k tempo run on Monday.

  177. Kevin V

    The “ronde van Vlaanderen” Cyclo saturday (227km) and recovery ride sunday

  178. Jeremy Linter

    My training has been put on hold while I decorate the nursery and assemble a cot in preparation for our first child….if I work hard enough I may be able to go for a run

  179. Toms

    I will ride a bike for fun!

  180. Emil

    Too late?

  181. lots of dog walking and bbq

  182. Angelo Bryant

    My goal is to win my home race in 2016

  183. Peter

    Just running, preparation for the Prague Marathon.

  184. Bogbrush

    Another 40 miles of running as prep for London Marathon

  185. Asbjoern

    Go up and down some hill and, if weather permits, ride around aimlessly for several hours.

  186. Pawel

    Hard one. For next three days:31k long run,next day 20×1′ HM pace, and last one will be 14k treshold.