DC Rainmaker Paris Open House & Unveiling–December 13th, 2014!


Update – Dec 12th 2014 – If you registered but did not receive location details, simply use the Contact page and I’ll reply to you with the event details (usually within a few minutes).  A few folks mistyped e-mail addresses in the RSVP form so my attempt to send the details failed for those.  Thanks!

Wanna be the first to see the new DC Rainmaker space?  Yup, an actual office of sorts.  Well actually, more like a totally kickass mancave.  Or how about being the first to see the newest Bertie’s CupCakery location?  Here’s your chance!

On Saturday evening, December 13th we’ll be unveiling both – but I want to invite DCR readers in the area (be it in Paris or others who wish to travel) to come in and check it out!  We’ll be doing an open house of sorts, and you can bet we’ll have plenty of awesome CupCakery related sweets there for you to enjoy (on the house of course!).

The above photo was taken back this past June when we started construction – and things have mostly wrapped up fairly recently.  It’s a combined space for The Girl and I,  split between an area for me and the growing collection of gadgets/trainers/etc, as well as her for a CupCakery related endeavor, plus some shared office space.  It’s pretty awesome.

But guess what – there’s more!  The following day is the local Santa Claus 10K race, where everyone dresses up like Santa and throws down.  Seriously, people run fast here!  We’ve made it a bit of a tradition to run each year (in full costume) – and this year will be no different.  The race is Sunday morning (Dec 14th), but like most Parisian races it doesn’t start till later Sunday morning (10:40AM), so you don’t have to worry about getting up early.  Here’s last year’s event.

So whether you’re in Paris, or want to make an enjoyable weekend trip to the city, this is a great opportunity.  Remember, the major Christmas markets are open here then too, as is ice skating just a few hundred meters away at the Town Hall.  No matter the reason, we’d love to have folks swing by.


For the Open House:

Date: Saturday, December 13th, 2014 – Starting around 5PM.
Address: To be announced address, but within the Paris 5th Arrondissement
Closest Metro: St-Michel Notre Dame (RER-B/C) or Cardinal Lemoine (Line 10)
Price: Free of course!

For the Santa Claus Run:

The event is in Issy, which is easily accessible on the RER-C line on the western Edge of Paris.  There will be thousands of Santa’s, and when you finish you get a bottle of wine.

We’ll be doing the wave titled: “Course n°5 – 10km Déguisé – 10h40” – It’s the general Santa 10K event. While there is an elite/licensed race as well, we’ve always done #5 and had a blast.  Plus, I assure you – there are plenty of very fast people running this race too.  Specific registration link is here, then select the top option on that page for 25EUR, before selecting course #5 on the next page.  And obviously, ensure you select to get a costume!  Of course, feel free to do any of the waves, including the kids one.

Sign up!

For the open house simply use the form below to sign-up (just so I can figure out how much cheese to buy, and cupcakes to make!), we look forward to seeing you then!  For the Santa 10K registration, be sure to use their site above.

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I’ll use the e-mail provided to finalize any additional details as we get closer to the date.  Oh, and yes, there might be some giveaways there too…

See ya then!
– Bobbie & Ray


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  1. I come if I win the LOTTO before then… Looks like fun!

  2. Francis C

    Wish I could be there. Good luck Ray and “The Girl”! I know it will be a blast!

  3. Mike

    Looks good Ray, I’d love to come up from Toulouse but it’s just not possible from a work/family/Christmas shopping perspective!!

    Perhaps I could could send some local cheese/wine in my place?

    Really cool you’re opening up to your readers like that.

  4. hollyoak

    Sounds good, I should be able to make it on Saturday, not Sunday though as I’ll be racing in Thiais the week before and in Houilles after Christmas. Tried to sign up but I can’t see a way to submit the form? EDIT – Ah ok, there is a hidden scroll bar ;-)

  5. marco

    I like Bobby’s working boots.
    No risk – no fun!

  6. Neil

    I would so like to come, but I was in Paris just last weekend. I did get to visit the current cup cakery, and can see why you need a new location – lovely but far too small where it is.

  7. Lindsay

    One of the few days I actually work! Soon though, I need to coordinate a time to come up and visit you and Bobbie!!

  8. Jeff

    Love that Parisian races don’t start too early. Why should one have to choose between a good race and a good night out before.

  9. Scott Buchanan

    Typical…. Checking my diary I’m in Paris for 10 days but leaving on the 10th! Ho hum….

    As per usual I will be making my regular ‘run nutrition’ stops at the cupcake ry so won’t be missing out!

  10. Laurent

    Would love to come, but I’ll be driving down to the Alps for skiing on Dec 13th :))

  11. Tyler

    I thought everyone in Europe meticulously removed, de-grouted, and repurposed every 100+ year old brick when doing a renovation?

    That looks like some good ol’ ‘merican (or Canadian) sledge-hammerin’.

  12. Andrew

    Ray, are you able to provide any cheap but decent places to crash in Paris for this weekend? I’d love to travel there with my second/better half for this weekend since there are some nice cheap flights from Poland.

    • As odd as it may seem, I don’t actually know the hotel scene very much unfortunately.

      That said – your best bet is Airbnb.com, which you can find lots of options, especially for that time of year since it’s just barely ahead of the holidays. The city is so easy to get around on Metro, so anywhere is good.

      In searching for that weekend for Paris, and checking the ‘Whole place’ checkbox (which means you aren’t sharing with the owners, it’s all yours like a hotel), then I’m seeing many options below $100US (70EUR), with a number in the $80ish range (50-60EUR). All of which are relatively close. Also a ton of option just about $100US, some of them rather impressive.

      The closest options would be the ones that say they’re in the 5th, but anywhere in central Paris is close.

      Would be great to have you make it!

    • Andrew

      Thanks Ray! I hope we will make it! Cheers :)

    • Scott Buchanan

      Have you considered hostals? Some friends recently stayed in a St. Christophers Inn (Gare du Nord) and as a safe place to sleep & leave stuff if was O.K. €30ish from memory.

    • Till Sawala

      You’re spoilt for choice on Airbnb in Paris. We had a great time here this summer: link to airbnb.de

      It’s an old charming house, quiet, but right in the Quartier Latin, bakery just across the street, metro 2 minutes walk, and you can be on one of Ray’s favourite long run courses along the Sene in about 500 meters…

  13. Eric

    Cupcakery moving or adding a 2nd location?

  14. Bertrand

    HI Ray, I’ve been a regular reader of your adventures (sport, technology, travels and… cupcakes) for quite some time and I’d be very happy to come and say hi!
    Cheers Bertrand

  15. Chmouel

    My (8yo) kid will be running the course earlier in the morning (yeah they make the young kinds running at 9 and adults at 10 :)) and we will be cheer you up guys after !

  16. Matt

    looks like I need to look at booking some ICE train tickets from germany that weekend for me and my girl then. I guess if worse comes to worse it’s only a 5 hour drive from us. but i really would prefer not to drive the train’s only 2.5 hours.

  17. Scott Turvey

    Isn’t it “Santa Claus”? :)

  18. Ayush Gupta

    I am just moving Paris to Antibes in the 1st week of December :( :( :(

  19. Mike Lacy

    I’ve never had a desire to travel to Paris, until now…best wishes on your unveiling…wish I could be there!

  20. Going to miss the opening by a week. We leave Paris on the 2nd.

  21. Woohoo! I’ll finally get to see you personally. Thanks Ray.

  22. Allan Broadribb

    Love the en suite bathroom – or is that your new office chair!

  23. Wish I could be there. Good luck Ray and “The Girl”! I know it will be a blast! Love that Parisian races don’t start too early. Why should one have to choose between a good race and a good night out before? I would so like to come, but I was in Paris just last weekend. I did get to visit the current cupcakery and can see why you need a new location – lovely but far too small where it is.