Photo of the day: Most confusing triathlon swim course ever


It’s been a long time since the last ‘Photo of the day’ post, which have historically almost always been on Friday’s.  But earlier this week when we turned the bend on a tiny coastal road in Northern Newfoundland, I knew I had a winner.

Spread out in front of us were thousands of buoys.  Even the most determined of openwater swimmers would stop and take pause at the best way to navigate the course.  Do you go blue’s to white’s, or blue’s all first?  And are there numbers to follow, like one of those ‘paint by number’ pictures?  And what exactly would that swim GPS track file look like anyway?

All valid questions, and questions that I have no intention on finding the answers to.  On the bright side, this particular swim course comes with its own on-course aid station at every single buoy.  All the buoys are in fact part of a vast mussel farm spanning out over the entire cove.  So much so that they’re even visible from space, as seen in the satellite photo:


Thus the next time you complain about that swim course with the slightly out of place buoy – just remember this place…it could be much worse!

Have a great weekend all!


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  1. Hahhaha! You almost had med there. I was seriously thinking “WTF!!!?!?!!”. :)

  2. Paul Reed

    It’s funny. When I saw the pic on the main page, I thought “wow, that looks like Newfoundland.”

    Envious that you’re there. Have a great trip. Enjoy all that fresh sea air!

  3. Gerard Fleet

    For those of us from Newfoundland , this course is easily recognizable. However I must admit it was funny the first time I saw one in a bay. I hope your visit here was enjoyable.

  4. Tashunko

    Like one race swimm with small pink buoys, when all the racers have to wear pink swimm cap.

  5. While you laugh, there is a sprint triathlon in Krylatskoe, Moscow. The swim leg held in a rowing channel. Same amount of small, colorful buoys.

  6. Susan

    Love the pic! I was on a swim course (distance swim) and the last buoy started blowing across the lake without my knowledge. Finally a kayaker came and stopped me – I’m thinking they are pulling me because of time. No, it was because I was following the buoy as it blew away! LOL

  7. Milt MacFarlane

    …only in Australia the swim buoy came lose and was going out with the tide, tired swimmers gave up

  8. Stephen Kaas

    We just want to see the 920xt. Show it to us.

    • Tim Nordberg

      I concur :)

      But what will it be named?!

      I must assume Running Dynamics, Wifi and BT included from such a top end device (the other sports have it). Step monitoring? I really don’t care, especially if it’s at a loss for battery life, that’s still my favorite thing from the 610 to the 910 — I don’t need to charge it very often.

    • Glad you liked the photo Stephen!

    • Stephen Kaas

      I loved the photo and all that you do. That’s why we are waiting…patiently…for you to tell us about the device. I have the 310xt and have been waiting an upgraded 910.

    • Stephen amen, amen, amen…. can a brother get an Amen on the 920xt

  9. Fran

    Busy times fun post, keep’em comig!

  10. I used to row crew and the lane line buoys were confusing enough for me! Thank god I wasn’t steering the boat!

  11. Jon Niehof

    I had a race yesterday. Yellow buoys, yellow swim caps. Popped my head up to sight and it’s just yellow, yellow, everywhere, no idea what’s a buoy.