2013 Sports Technology Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals!


Updated as of Dec 10th 8:10AM Eastern

NOTE: At this point all these deals are expired!  Hope you enjoyed!

Perhaps one of the most anticipated shopping days of the year – at least for US folks, but these days many companies ship outside the US as well for relatively cheap.

The below highlights all the sweet Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals I’m aware of.  Black Friday is obviously this Friday, but most companies already have things on-sale this week.  Cyber Monday is next Monday, but again, things are a bit flexible there too – thus, mind the dates below and check back at least once a day for all the updates that I’ll post as new deals are announced.

Some of them help support the site, and some of them are just out there on the interwebs.  In both cases, I’m going to largely focus on the gadget side of things – but have provided a good starting point for other non-gadget deals.

First up, the below gadget deals support the site:

These deals are all via partner Clever Training and all earn free US shipping.  Some also qualify for the DCR 10% off coupon (if noted below).

Garmin FR210 (all colors): $149: Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Price normally $199. Deal Expired


Garmin FR210 with HR strap (all colors): $169: Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Price normally $249.  Select dropdown for HR variant.  Deal Expired


Garmin FR610 (all colors): $219:  Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Price normally $299-349.  Deal Expired


Garmin FR610 with HR strap (all colors): $249:  Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Price normally $349-399.  Select dropdown for HR variant.  Deal Expired


Garmin 310XT: $169: Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Price normally $210-249.  Select dropdown for HR variant (+$20US).  Deal Expired


Garmin Edge 800: $279: Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Price normally $449.  Deal Expired


Garmin Edge 800 Bundle: $389: Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Price normally $649.  Deal Expired


GoPro Hero 3 Silver: $199: Valid from November 28th to December 3rd. Price normally $299.  Extreme demand, all sold out.  Sorry!


GoPro Hero 3 Black (Adventure/Motorsport/Surf editions): $279: Valid from November 28th to December 3rd.  Price normally $329-399.  Extreme demand, all sold out. Sorry!


Suunto Ambit 2 (all packages/models): Get $50 Clever Training Gift Certificate for next purchase:  Also, still eligible for the 10% DCR discount using coupon code DCR10BTF and free US shipping.  Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Rough total savings about 20%.  Deal Expired


Timex Run Trainer 2.0: $50 Rebate: This brings the list price from $225 down to $175 (with rebate).  This product IS eligible for the 10% DCR discount with DCR10BTF and free US shipping.  So, your savings is actually a fair bit more with 10% off the $225 first. Rebate valid Oct 31st to December 31st.


TomTom Runner & Multisport (all packages/models): Get $20 Clever Training Gift Certificate for next purchase.  Also, still eligible for the 10% DCR discount using coupon code DCR10BTF and free US shipping.  Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Rough total savings about 20%.  Deal Expired


PowerBeam Pro Cycling Trainer: $799: (ANT+ variant or Bluetooth Smart):  Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Price normally $999US.  Deal Expired


PowerBeam Pro ANT+ with CycleOps Joule GPS: $999:  Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Price normally $1,250US.  Deal Expired


All CycleOps Trainers 20% off MSRP: Valid from November 25th to December 9th.  Price normally…more. ;)  Deal Expired


Thule Bike Racks: $199-$223: Valid from November 27th to December 9th.  Price normally $224-$252.  Deal Expired


Wahoo Fitness iPhone 4s and before bike/run cases: $39-59: This is for all their non-iPhone 5 products.  Valid from November 28th to December 9th. Price varies, but from $59 to $129.  Deal Expired

For anything not on clearance/deep sale, you’ll still get the 10% off from Clever anytime with DCR10BTF code (including the Suunto deals noted above).  You can look at the entire lineup of their Black Friday/Holiday items here.

A few Amazon-specific deals that are worth pointing out:

These are often specific to certain days of the week.  Buying through any of the links below supports the site:

American Express Amazon Deal: In short, if you use your AMEX card for any purchase over $75US on Amazon and link up your Twitter account, you get a one-time credit of $25US.  Good till December 31st.  Kinda complex, but may be worth it for some.  Full details here.


FINIS Neptune Swimming MP3 Player: TBA Price. Starting Monday at 7:40AM Eastern.  Note this is my favorite swimming MP3 player. Normally $110US.  Deal Expired


Garmin FR210 w/o HR strap: $139. Unclear how long exactly this deal will go for, expect just a few hours.  Deal Expired.


Garmin FR310XT WITH HR strap: $159: Unclear how long this will last, but having the HR strap it’s a pretty awesome deal.  Deal Expired


Garmin ANT+ Footpod (Mini): $38.  Deal starts at 4:50PM Eastern, ends at 8:40PM (or when supplies run out). Normally $70.  Deal Expired.


GoPro Hero 3 Black Surf Edition: $239.  November 28th from 7PM Eastern till Nov 29th at 4AM Eastern. Normally $329US.  Deal Expired.


Polar RC3 GPS: $159US: Saturday, November 30th only. Deal Expired.


Polar RCX3 GPS: Saturday, November 30th only, and again on Sunday, December 1st at 3:40PM Eastern (White).  Links & Prices TBA.  Deal Expired


Mio Alpha Bluetooth Smart optical HR monitor: $159US.  Friday, November 29th only until 8:40PM. Normally $199US. Deal Expired.


Timex Marathon GPS Watch: TBA Price: Starts at 8:40PM Eastern time Monday.  Likely to be very short sale (an hour or two). Normally $79US.  Deal Expired


Wahoo Fitness Balance Scale: $65: Valid only Nov 28th from 1PM to 3PM Eastern. Deal Expired


Wahoo Fitness iPhone 4s and below ANT+ Adapter and ANT+ HR Strap: $59: Sale only good on November 29th until 11:50PM Eastern.  Normally $100US.  Deal Expired.


Wahoo Fitness RFLKT Bike Computer: $99: Monday, December 2nd only. Normally $129.  Deal Expired


Non-US Sports Technology Hot Deals:

The Amazon-specific deals benefit the site, and are specifically for non-US folks.  Note which countries below.  Remember that if in the EU, you can generally order from Amazon.de and Amazon.co.uk without any additional import taxes (that’s what I do in France).

Garmin Vector – $1,299AUS: This is a pretty massive sale, good for Australian folks.  Free shipping.  Normally $1,699AUS.  Deal Expired


Garmin VIRB – 249€: This is 50€ off the normal price.  Available on Amazon.de for November 29th only.  Deal Expired.


Garmin VIRB – £199: This is £70 of the normal UK price.  Available on Amazon.co.uk for November 29th only.  Deal Expired.


Garmin VIRB Elite – 349€: This is 50€ off the normal price.  Available on Amazon.de for November 29th only.  Deal Expired.


TomTom Multisport – 199€: This is about 15% off the normal list price.  Deal expires 11:40PM CET on Monday.  Deal Expired


Wahoo Fitness KICKR – £848: This is £100 off the normal price. Free shipping as well.  Available on the Apple UK store only, unclear on shipping rules to the rest of Europe. (Not, not on Amazon, on Apple, but figured it belonged in the non-US section).  Deal expired.


Withings Scales & Activity Monitors: They’ve got pretty much everything at about 15-30% off. Some solid deals there and all valid for international folks.  Deal Expired

Other random sweet deals:

Below, are additional sale items out there that don’t support the site, but are still pretty sweet.

4iiii’s Deals: 25% off everything they sell.  Especially a good deal on Viiiiva, their ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart bridge.  Also, the ANT+ Speed/Cadence sensor, which is the same unit that I recommend from Bontrager (just branded 4iiii’s).  Deal Expired


Basis B1 Watch: $30 off.  For weekend only.  Previously $199, now $169.  Deal Expired


Best Buy Deals: Best Buy is giving Gift cards ($20-$30) for purchase of the Pebble Smart Watch, FitBit Force Activity Tracker, Nike+ GPS Sportwatch, and Shine Activity Tracker (free band only).  Starting Friday, November 29th.  Deal Expired


CycleOps 300 Pro Indoor Cycle: $1,499.  This is the full-on stationary bike with manual resistance control.  Normally $2,160US.  Deal Expired


Garmin.com Sales: Varies daily.  Thus far, nothing major for fitness folks.  Deal Expired


FINIS Sales: A bit of a circular reference as it stands right now from FINIS (Facebook > Page > Facebook), but apparently they’ll be releasing a coupon to use on their site.  They make Swimming MP3 players, distance trackers, and other pool toys.  Deal Expired


Power2Max Deals: USA: $125 off all power meters with BOR chain rings mounted. Europe: €210 off BOR RR688 with BOR chain rings and bolts (€960 instead of €1170). Deals valid Nov 27th through Dec 2nd. Europe hereUSA here.  Deal Expired


RacerMate (CompuTrainer): They’re doing a bit of a sale for $200 off their trainer, down to $1,449.  But, I really wouldn’t go that route today (used perhaps, not new).  Deal Expired


Recon Heads up Display (HUD) Products (including Recon Jet): $100 off: Ends December 6th.  Deal Expired


Wahoo Fitness: 20% off everything on their site except the Wahoo KICKR.  Also, their Wahoo Balance scale for $49US (50% off).  Deal Expired


Wahoo KICKR: 20% off via Performance Bike ($928US).  Simply add to cart (add only one item, applies to lowest price item shows upon starting checkout).  Item base is $879, plus shipping equals $928US. November 28th to December 1st only. Normally $1,099.  Deal Expired


Withings Scales & Activity Monitors: They’ve got pretty much everything at about 15-30% off.  Deal Expired


Others to be announced: As usual, expect that I’ll update this section multiple times a day over the coming days (and Tweet out updates as well).  Many deals won’t be announced until Wednesday.

As I see more items that are sports-technology related, I’ll update the above.  For the non-gadget side of things (but still endurance sports), I’d highly recommend checking out this page from Michael Hutto – he’s done it for a few years now and it rocks.

With that, thanks for reading (and of course, supporting the site).  And remember, if you can’t figure out what on earth you want product wise, check out the new Product Comparison Tool I put together.  It has well over 5,000 pieces of data, combined into a simple and easy to use system that’s always up to date.

And finally, you can support the site through any of the below retailers just by clicking on the link and then wandering around via their search bar to whatever it is that you want to buy – even if not sports technology related:



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  1. Henrik

    If the CycleOps Trainers are 20% off, wouldn’t that make the price be normally 25% more. Sorry.

  2. If you see anything great on the Garmin Edge 510, definitely let us know! Thanks for finding the rest.

  3. John B

    REI? Really? Is that a new relationship?

    • Oddly enough, no. It’s always sorta been there, but I haven’t highlighted it much.

      There’s no discount for readers unfortunately there, but it does support the site. :)

    • ekutter

      No special reader discount but you still get the Clever Training equivalent of 10% back at the end of the year for members ($20 lifetime membership). Plus an additional 5% if you use the REI Visa card. And you get REI’s incredible customer service. And with still supporting this site, REI seems like a pretty clear winner to me.

    • Alasdair

      Dang, wish I knew REI supported you earlier! Bought myself and the gf a FR220 :( I always buy with them, the 10% dividend is nice but their customer service cannot be beat.

      Now to find something to buy from REI (but thins time using the referral link)… shouldn’t be too difficult a problem ;)

  4. Anonymouse

    Great stuff, Ray. But where’s the race report? Your fans are dying to know how the marathon went!

  5. all these deals are only in USA? or they works also in europe? any hints for something I could buy from paris?


  6. LT

    Good to know about the REI connection. I will start using the link through. It is a no brainer; I can shop at my favorite store and support my favorite site. Keep up the great work and I hope you find some turkey in France on Thursday.

  7. Victor

    I have the RFLT+ which in a way works the same as the Viiiva right? So would you see any reason to get it? Noting I have a watch and the 30pin Wahoo connector as well.

    • Yes and no. RFLKT+ doesn’t rebroadcast the data, it just makes it accessible to the apps that support it. Whereas the Viiiiva unit rebroadcasts the data back out again.

      It depends a little bit of course on what you want to do with it. In some cases the RFLKT+ is better, and in others the Viiiiva is better.

      That said, if you already have the RFLKT+, I wouldn’t see any specific obvious reason to double-down and also get the Viiiiva.

    • Victor

      Thank DCR. I guess was that, but I guess I didn’t know that it rebroadcast it. I assume that was covered in your review. Which I will need to reread.

  8. Pablo

    No deals on power meters, hu? I’m surprised. I imagine there’s A LOT of people interest in one but they can’t justify the prices, because they don’t “need” one. Maybe I’m just describing myself, but I think there are thousands and thousands of us out there.

  9. Vince

    Any chance Wahoo Fitness give discount on KICKR? They are posting that there will be Black Fri sale on their FB page!

  10. Mikey T

    New pic for the Holidays?

    • Most of the times I take new pics for posts, unless I’m in a strange pinch (like on a different continent).

      That said, I actually don’t like this pic that much, but was all I had the effort to manage at 1AM last night…

  11. Frenchman

    I am confused by the Power2Max prices. Their site is full of slashed prices next to an actual price, but I thought for example that $879 was the regular price for the PM. Is that page typical marketing deception and the Friday deal just the free BOR rings? In other words, would the base PM prices stay the same next week?

  12. Rene

    Hey Ray,

    thx for those links.
    Do you know about any offers for us from Europe (in my case Germany)? (see also comment #9)
    Does Clever Training ship to Europe (Germany)?

    In general it would be pretty useful if you could find a similar site like Clever training to support you or we can support you by ordering some stuff with a discount voucher.


    • Most Black Friday deals are unfortunately for US folks (mostly since us over here in Europe aren’t doing the Thanksgiving thing, which is what triggers the Black Friday deals).

      Clever Training does ship many items internationally, depending on each manufacture. For most items, it’s flat rate ($29US).

  13. Michael

    I’ve been holding off on the FR10, hoping to get a deal somewhere. Recently discovered your site, been tremendously helpful, thanks.

    • You probably won’t see any FR10 deals from retailers this season, as Garmin hasn’t authorized discounts on them for anyone at this point (still MAP – Minimum Advertised Price). The one exception would be if Garmin themselves does a sale in the next few days (Garmin.com), via their Black Friday sales. So far though, just a bunch of maps on sale. :(

    • Michael

      Thanks. I’m considering the FR210 at that price point ($149). But from what I’ve read, almost as if the FR10 > FR210 w/out heart rate (which I’m not interested in). I do like three data point feature on 210 and longer battery life. What would you recommend given the current sale?

    • It’s tricky. The FR10 has some features that the FR210 doesn’t have (i.e. Run/Walk mode). But, the FR210 does have a lot that the FR10 doesn’t have: Treadmill/Indoor support via footpods, interval mode, and the HR strap that you noted. It also displays more data fields as well as has more customization (not a ton, but some).

      Personally, for me, I’d go FR210 over FR10 any day.

  14. Dave R

    Hi, Ray,

    That seems like a pretty great price on the Garmin 610. Would you recommend it over the 220 at that price?

    Also, from your experience, how real is the eight-hour battery life on the 610?


    • It depends, in general though, I’d go with the FR220. Here’s why you would want to purchase the FR610 instead:

      1) You want some of the basic navigational features of the FR610
      2) You want the cycling-specific mode (remember, you can still change the display to ‘Speed’ on the FR220), or you want ANT+ speed/cadence sensor support on the FR610
      3) You want to display 4 customizable data fields instead of three, per page.
      4) You want Virtual Partner (the FR220 has pace alerts, which is like a floor/ceiling instead)
      5) You want weight scale support

      Those are the main reasons. Personally, I’ll take the quicker satellite reception and upload of workouts through the phone, as well firmware updates that way. Also remember that the FR220 has significantly more features than it’s older sibling, the FR210 (for example, advanced workout support). So it’s really more of a FR620 ‘Lite’ than it is a FR210 ‘Pro’…if that makes sense.

      Just my two cents…

      Oh, and for battery life, it’s generally pretty real.

  15. Jake

    Thanks Ray. Have been wanting to upgrade to garmin 800 for a while. Also did the free maps from your post a while back too since micro SD cards are also on sale now. Can’t wait to get it on the bike and play with some new routes.

  16. Any chance The Garmin Vectors or Wahoo Kickr will be on sale either on their sites, or somewhere else? This are the 2 things I really want this season. Would love to save on some of that purchase if I can.

    • Zero chance on Vector unfortunately, at least online (since it’s not allowed to be sold online anywhere yet, including Garmin.com). Your best bet there would be to find out what local bike shops are doing around BF deals, and see if any are offering any across the board discounts, and then picking it up there.

      For KICKR, it’d be up to Wahoo if they offer anything themselves, which I’d expect they’d announce later tonight if so.

  17. colin

    Does the 310xt being several years old have any effect on battery life? Are the units being sold still in production or have they been sitting on shelves for a long time?

    • It likely has a small impact if bought years ago, but I haven’t seen anyone complain about it.

      Units bought these days are made recently, Garmin is still actually making the FR310XT (though, that sounds like it’ll end in the coming months).

  18. Blaine

    Question, it is the 28th but the sale price on the gopros have not dropped… Why is that? Thanks, think I am gunna get one if I can get a Black for $279 haha.

  19. Henry Levy

    This deal came up thought you might like it. Go pro Hero 3 for $199.00
    link to dealnews.com

  20. Sl

    Gopro hero 3 black surf edition is deal of the day on amazon for $239.99.

  21. Mike P

    For most of Europe, if someone is interested in the Garmin Virb Elite:

    At the moment there is a nice Virb Elite EUR 355.30 deal on amazon.de (directly from amazon, marketplace offers are in a similar ballpark, but often not as flexible with shipping etc.) – it is no problem to have this sent to eg the UK (this rehashes taxes and adds some shipping fees, but still comes down to just over 300 GBP/364 EUR).

    amazon.co.uk and amazon.fr still list the Garmin Virb Elite with 349 GBP and 399 EUR respectivly, not sure why Germany seems to get better deals right now (often those come all from the same warehouse under Amazon EU S.a.r.L. afaik). Those deals are fickle of course.

  22. Thien

    Was looking at the Ambit2 S and noticed the white colour. Do you know how much smaller the strap is? Is there any other difference? Any reason why a guy can’t wear it?

  23. pablo

    Nothing on any well known power meter brand…

  24. Brent

    For those itching for a power meter and willing to consider a Powertap, check out WheelBuilder.com. There are some Reynolds packages there that are looking awfully tempting. Just weighing out getting slick new wheels against a Kickr myself…

  25. Alfonso

    Any deals on the FR 910 this season?

  26. dragos

    Garmin Footpod (Deal starts at 10:50 PM ~ 13h) and Wahoo Fitness Blue HR (Deal starts at 5:40 AM ~ 20h) on amazon.com

  27. Nancy

    I am looking for a Garmin 910XT. Please let me know if a sweet deal pops up! Thanks

  28. Ash

    Wahoo KICKR is ~ 10% off at the Apple store for today only (in the UK at least: £848 vs usual price of £949).
    link to store.apple.com!

  29. Turn The Damn Cranks

    The Garmin will be a deal again at 3:40 pm Eastern on Amazon.

  30. Todd

    Just found that Wahoo Fitness has the Balance Scale for $49 w/ free shipping.
    link to wahoofitness.com

  31. Michael

    FR210 $139 on Amazon (w/out HRM).

    link to amazon.com

  32. Pablo

    Thinking about getting this at wheel builder.com
    DT Swiss RR 465 PowerTap Package $794.
    Would replace stock shimano rs10 wheels on my cannondale slice 5.

    Would it be a lighter, better build or am I sacrificing performance in getting a power meter? Any thoughts? My first pm purchase.

  33. Chris O.

    Hey guys! Performance bike has 20% off nearly everything and it worked on a Wahoo KICKR!

  34. Blaine

    I waited until today to get the gopro and even bought a new sd card today on black friday for it now to discover that they are sold out…. :'(

    • Jon

      Me too. Very upset. Clever Training showed in stock and took my money. Now they email and tell me they don’t have any and are refunding.

      I passed up other deals because I had already gave them my order, and now I have gotten nothing.


    • Jon

      To be clear, I placed my order early this morning and was just refunded. How can a website not have a means to count inventory?

      Now I have missed other sales on the Hero 3. Their offer for a discount is no good for me, as I wanted the older slightly larger design for my application.

    • Chris O.

      Hero 3 and hero 3+ cameras are the same size … The quoted size difference is in the skeleton housing. You could get a hero 3+ and then get the older housing for the hero 3 if you really wanted the larger size. You can find this info on the support site at gopro.com as the back pack accessories actually need the old housing.

    • Jon

      Chris, thanks for the response. That is useful information. I plan to use the camera on a brushless gimbal for a quadcopter that was designed for the Hero 3. This is without the shell, so if what you say is correct that would be OK.

      Still, I find their offer for me to buy a more expensive model from them not an acceptable solution. Target had a ‘white’ for sale for $200 with a $ 40 gift card. Such deals are now gone. I am lost as to how an online marketplace does not count inventory.

      I also checked my paypal… no refund yet.

    • I just sent an e-mail to Jon to get him all set. It looks like there was some confusion. He should be receiving the Hero3+ at no additional charge. Thanks all!

    • As a side note. If anyone else that did order in time and didn’t receive the Hero3+ upgrade at no charge, please simply shoot me a note on the Contact Page (upper right corner of this page), and I’ll get you all squared away.

      And of course, that goes for anything else related to Clever Training. If there’s an issue, I’ve got a 100% track record in getting it corrected in your favor. :) Just use the contact form above and I’ll get it sorted out quickly.

      Thanks for the support of the blog!

    • Jon

      Ray, thanks!

      I emailed back. Looking forward to getting resolved.

  35. David

    Watch out for the exclusions at Performance Bike on their “20% off everything” sale. Truth in marketing should make them say “some things 20% off, most stuff still list price”.

  36. LV Bob

    Another reason you gotta love Ray’s blog…he makes sure that his referrals are worth something.

    @Ray – You should consider putting the REI link up permanently. Like I am guessing a lot of people, I but a good deal of stuff from them online. Still not as good a deal as Clever Training but they carry a much broader assortment of gear.

  37. W

    The Finis code is not working for me on their EU store… Pretty lame, I couldn’t find any indication of any limits before giving them my e-mail address.

  38. Eli

    Cyber monday at REI: CycleOps 300 Pro indoor cycle is $1499.99 (from $2160) Resistance is controlled manually so personally would seem to be better to but your bike into a cheaper trainer that can vary the resistance but guess there are people who like these. Guessing the website will be updated by tomorrow: link to rei.com
    (was an a flyer handed out at the store)

  39. Erika

    Looking for a cyber monday deal on the Garmin Forerunner 620 (preferred) or 220. I didnt see them on your list, but I am hoping something has come out since the update. Thanks!

    • No, outside of general flat-rate percentage off type deals (i.e. 10% off), you won’t find any deals on either. In general, Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are almost always targeted at slightly older products. Given the FR220/620 are still somewhat in the ‘hard to get’ category, there’s no reason to offer large discounts there.

  40. Dan

    Here’s the link for thefeed.com sale … link to bit.ly … May purchase anything, not just the subscription. Great way to try one or two of something.

  41. DT

    30% off online at City Sports… works for the Polar Loop…

  42. Mike

    Art’s Cyclery has Kurt Kinetic Road Machine trainers for 259 shipped. Looks to be the old model and not the new 2.0. Read your review and I think just the base and knobs changed. Would you buy the old one or spend the extra on the new model?

    Thanks for all that you do!!

  43. Brad

    I see you posted that the clever training site has garmin products on sale until Dec. 9th. I was going to purchase a 610 through them, but it is set now at $249-up $30 from the $219 you listed. Any idea why?

  44. Brad

    Any idea if or when garmin will come out with new colors for the 620? I have the black/red for the fr10 and don’t like it for the 620. Just curious.

  45. Mihir

    Hey Ray!
    Any recommendations for non-electronic/smart turbo trainers? I’ve got a carbon frame and a crank based PM if that changes anything. I noticed you hadn’t done any reviews on them, but I figured you’d be the right person to ask. Noise isn’t a concern, I’m pretty far away from people. I was looking at something very entry level, definitely <250

  46. Laura

    I’ve.been searching for days for a deal on the Garmin 910 xt but have not found any. Do you know of any deals for this? THANKS!!

    • No, outside of general flat-rate percentage off type deals (i.e. 10% off, like here through Clever Training), you won’t find any deals on either. In general, Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are almost always targeted at slightly older products or ones with lower demand.

  47. LV Bob

    Withings (withings.com) has deals on bundles on their website through December 24. Just picked up the Smart Body Analyzer and the blood pressure cuff (two items I’ve been wanting) at a savings of almost $84. Yeah, I know it’s pretty lazy when you can’t be bothered to enter your data on a spreadsheet manually.

  48. Tobbe

    Sorry for butchering the HTML tag… please disregard the above comment.

    FYI, the deal for FINIS Neptune Swimming MP3 Player does not appear to be much better than the normal price. It is currently marked at $109.95 through the link. Appears at first glance to be a great deal but as you mention in the comment it normally is $110 at amazon.com.

    Thanks for a great site!