Photo of the day: The Riverside 100m dash


It’s been a while since a photo of the day post.  But last night The Girl and I were out along the Seine enjoying a new ‘park’ that opened up this past weekend – the Berges des Seine.  It stretches 2.3KM (1.4 miles), replacing what used to be a road along the river.  Now it’s filled with places to eat, relax and just enjoy the river.  Over the course of the winter since they closed the road I’d been enjoying using it for late night runs while it was still under construction.

With the opening last week, we got a chance last night to take a bit of a stroll and check it all out.  Above being a photo from about half-way down the park, a four-lane 100m sprint track.

Next to each ‘feature’ along the river, there are small plaques explaining a bit more about the item – be it art or an activity.


As we walked the length of the marked 100m section The Girl noted that it would likely be home to many entertaining late-night races, most fueled by alcohol.  And just as we neared the marked finish line, a pair of cyclists on Velib’s (our big heavy bike-sharing program here) zoomed up it, with the winner raising his hands in victory as he crossed the line about a foot ahead of the other.

Fun times, warm summer nights in Paris.


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  1. Sean

    Wouldn’t it be entertaining to go out there and set the first course record on Strava? You could sit back and watch as cyclists showed up just to try and beat your record!

  2. LIKE!

    Go on Ray, I dare you! ;-)


  3. Chris h

    seconding the strava!

  4. Third the Strava segment…for both running AND cycling!

  5. Hans

    Let’s make it Ray’s piste!

  6. Anthony

    Thanks for the heads up about Les Berges!

    I took the opportunity to run home from work tonight and have set up a Strava run segment called Les Berges.Unfortunately for me, the Paris 20km came by here in October last year and this segment is close to the end, meaning that the runners would be on their final sprint and my time of 7:38 not especaiily quick!

    • Awesome, I see it now. I just uploaded my run from tonight. I was doing 9+ minute long intervals, so I didn’t vary pace off of that for the 100m segment, but one of my intervals did appear to cover the full length of the 1.1M long segment…and put me in 4th. :)

      link to