Garmin FR910XT Giveaway Results

Wow, another crazy packed giveaway!  All in, there were over 1,900 entries!  Of which, 1,891 were entered in on the site, and another 19 folks came in from the US Active Duty e-mail registrations.  Thank you to everyone that entered!


Here’s a quick sampling of some of your most memorable Kona related things:

“When I was 12 I flew to Australia with my dad and we had a layover in Honolulu. After gorging ourselves on sushi, we met a very friendly, attractive woman who was paying an unusual amount of attention to my visibly embarrassed dad, and that’s when I found out what a hooker was.” – Oliver (Ray’s side note: Anything to do with Hawaii was accepted)

“It been almost 7 months when this journey first started. I’ve trained over 85 miles in the water, 1325 miles on the bike, and over 350 miles in my running shoes. All this training for one goal…. Finishing Kona Ironman World Championships.” – Daniel

“Constantly refreshing the browser because I have to read (yes, read!) the race progress through forum’s posts due to the slow internet connection I have.” – Elquique

“The finish of the 1999 edition when the Hoyts despite not making the bike cutoff managed to get to e finish line before midnight. I still get goose bumps every time I watch it. Its the ultimate source of inspiration.” – Carlos S.

“Watching the banana hammock & egg shell helmet races from before 2000 ;)” –Benjamin

“Last year I watched Kona on TV for the second time in my life. I had already lost over 100 pounds at that point and was looking forward to competing in my first triathlon in the spring. Now I have lost 200 pounds and am inspired by all the ironman participants I watch on tv and know personally.” – Lehmancb

“My only Kona memory is doing the 112 miles on the Kona course on Computrainer. Prob the single hardest thing I ever did ;)” –Rodrigo

“My husband is a U.S Coast Guard Helicopter pilot here at HITRON (Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron) and the XO of our Air Station will be racing KONA, and representing the Coast Guard in a big way! GO XO!!!!” – NBoger

“Watching Kona in the UK is like watching porn back in the 90s. You spend hours searching for a link to a dodgy stream and then sit up all night, trying not to wake the wife getting excited by blocky images.” – Twiki

“Not a good memory, but I very much remember getting my ass handed to me on the run..very ugly.” – Senior Homer

“The closest I came to Hawaii was watching Disney’s Lilo & Stitch movie” –Dfung

“Reading how Greg Welch finally won Kona in ’94 in rec.sports.triathlon. No Triathlon websites back then!” –Unknown (Ray’s side note: Going NNTP, that’s old school!)

With that, I entered the total quantity of entrants into (1,910), and here’s who popped up:


After digging on the page, I found that entry #1772 (as assigned by the official numbers on the page at the time of the drawing) was the below – from ‘Carlos’!


Thanks to all who entered!

And thanks to Clever Training who’s covering the cost of the unit, and shipping it out worldwide to the winner.

Have a great week all, and congrats Carlos!


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  1. Congrats! I am officially very jelous!

  2. Congrats to Carlos! Enjoy your 910XT. They are sweet.

  3. Awesome giveaway. Sorry I missed it! Hey Ray – It might be time for a new blog header. Man – you’ve been all over the world and I’m kind of tired of looking at Boise. Ha!

  4. Anonymous

    Congratulations to the winner, although it seems he did not play by the rules of “multiple comments don’t count around these parts!”

    1769 seems to be Carlos first entry, and 1772 a multiple comment

  5. Hi Jeff-

    Yes, a new header is definitely in order. I actually got all the new blog layouts from my (new, 2nd) designer this morning. Looks awesome!

    But, in the meantime, I agree, it’s time to put something else there…

    Hi Anon-

    Grr, that is an issue. Sometimes, Blogger doesn’t post right away and then people do dups. I’m hoping the move to WordPress will make this cleaner. There’s a bunch of cases like that – but it’s difficult to clean them across 2,000 entries. :(

  6. Amazing giveaway! Congratulations, Carlos, wherever you are.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Anonymous

    Hello Ray,

    Since there was a multiple entry and knowing that you are now the heir to a vast cupcake fortune it would be only right to give all the entrants a prize!

  9. Si no sale ningun Carlos…Puedo valer yo.

  10. Hi Ray! This Is CARLOS again! Wooow; I’m shocked, can’t really believe it; I have entered most of your giveaways and is incredibly exciting seeing my post as the winner! :0) I do have to admit the anonymous comment is correct, but believe me, was an honest mistake, I entered comment from my mobile and did not work, tried couple times and did not see it published so tried a second one, even that I did not see published so i was actually convinced had never worked, wasn’t trying to be sneaky or anything really. In any case.. I’m very excited, what do i need to do now?? I live in Amsterdam :0)

  11. Hi Carlos!


    Please send me an e-mail with your contact information, and I’d be happy to get you all hooked up!


  12. At Kona this year Garmin was giving away both the new green and new blue watch bands. made myself a little two color rainbow watch band..sweet! Still got my ass handed to me on the run…regardless of my new watchband.