Spring has sprung Garmin FR910XT Giveaway


If there were any more sign that it’s springtime around these parts, I’m not sure what it would be.  Starting yesterday we’ve got an out-of-nowhere string of 6 days of 70*F+ weather, including some days just a degree or two away from 80*F.  It’s nuts!

…and I’m lovin’ it!

In order help you usher in the warmer weather, I’m giving away a brand new (and not yet abused) Garmin FR910XT.  The FR910XT covers you across all sports from swim to bike to run.  So even if you’re green to the sport this season, you’ve still got plenty of time to start training in time for a triathlon this year (or, you can simply just stare into the shimmering blue colored light it emits).


The best thing though is you’ve got nothing more to do than leave a single comment below (multiple comments don’t count around these parts!).

All you’ve gotta do is tell me what you’re excited for the season ahead (and, if you’re from the Southern Hemisphere, what you’re excited for the offseason ahead).  Sound good?

The entry period will run until Thursday March 15th, 2012 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner. Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you. The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner FR910XT (with HR strap).

(Note: If you’re active duty US military and deployed and are unable to complete the entry method above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in. For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets. In short – I purchase and giveaway everything here, these are not sponsored by Garmin. Through careful planning I picked up a handful of them when they first came available…just so I could give them away to you. Thanks all!)



  1. My husband generously bought me a 910XT for my Ironman Kentucky training. I would love to win one for him.

  2. I’m looking forward to my first triathlon in September and hopefully my fourth marathon!

  3. I’m looking forward to nighttime races!

  4. looking forward to summer here in the Philippines and when out of town or at the beach, i just love running on the countryside and enjoying nature.
    – Jeff

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Ray,

    Started reading your blog a few months ago..amazing! Quick question, have you been able to write a review on the ibike cc + power? I just got a new iphone so I’m wondering whether to get the ibike or a Garmin Edge 800.


  6. Great, thx Rainmaker. I read your reviews on the 705 and 800 and ended up buying both in successive years. Looking at a wrist option and here is this review. Free as you say would be good, so thanks for the review and chance to be part of the drawing. Cheers

  7. I am looking forward to start in my second 70.3 tri in St.Pölten, Austria – 20.may 2012

  8. I’m excited to spend my first full season as a USAT Certified Coach!

  9. First HIM and getting back to some racing after a season of just training.

  10. Sagar

    Looking to finish my first half-marathon this summer!

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  12. Just finished listening to ur interview on IM talk, i look forward to learning more from you and ur research.

  13. Really pumped to feel like a runner again, after a 30-yr off season. Eugene Marathon pending, hopefully with a BQ time and rippin’ finish on Hayward Field!

  14. I’m excited for the first time to do more indoor bike training thanks to trainerroad.com!

  15. Marnix V

    i am looking forward to starting my fourth yr of tri’s. Go Hokies!

  16. I am so looking forward to recovering from Monday’s hernia surgery so I can start training all over again.

  17. Getting ready for my first half ironman

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  19. I was looking forward to a 70.3 this summer, but my wife and I are expecting our first child in August , so I guess that’s a good trade off 🙂 – cheers. Matt

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  21. Want to use it as a replacement for my old 310XT. Looks great.

    Would be a great gift for the coming spring and summer period.

  22. Looking forward to completeing my first ironman!

  23. Looking forward to watching London’s transport system grind to a halt under the weight of Olympic Games tourists……whilst I whistle by on my run home from work.

  24. I am looking forward to some nice weather and getting some detailed metrics on my training (luck permitting).

  25. T

    Excited every day to be healthy enough to train. Excited to start riding outside as I start a training cycle aiming for another IM in 2013.

  26. LindaHP

    I am looking forward to running and riding my bike and playing with my kids outside!!

  27. Looking forward to a sub 3 hours marathon!!!

  28. First off, Thanks for your blog. It’s realy nice to have some insights on products without the sales pitch ;0) Good Job!!
    I would love to have the new Garmin to complete the 2 IM I’m registered for this ear (Nice (FR) and Mont Tremblant (CDN)) I would love to get and share the stats to see my progression as I aboard the hardest part of my training. 2 IM back to back is a hard accomplishment and should be shared with others ;0) Thanks!! Keep up the good work!

  29. fredrik

    Can sure need some motivation to get out there (and not to mention replace my Mac unfriendly Polar watch) 🙂

  30. I’m looking forward to a healthy season after 3 years of hip surgeries!

  31. Hi Ray – Great site! I competed in my first TRI last year and have the bug. I’m looking forward to my second year racing and will compete in two sprint and two olympic distance races.

  32. I am excited to try to beat all of my times from last years races.

  33. Hi Ray – Great site! I competed in my first TRI last year and have the bug. I’m looking forward to my second year racing and will compete in two sprint and two olympic distance races.



  34. Looking forward to getting in shape after an Achilles tendon injury.

  35. I’m excited to complete my first tri and also maybe BQ.

  36. I’m looking forward to attaching a 2nd watch on my dog and seeing how his tracks differ from mine!

  37. Good job on the reviews 🙂

  38. Anonymous

    I’m excited about the season ahead because I’ll eventually store my home-trainer and leave the indoor pool to train outside.
    Nice long rides on the bike, long distance running and hopefully also open water swimming.
    Everything I enjoy to do when training for an Ironman…

    raphes75 @ hotmail.com

  39. I started the year by becoming a first time dad and have committed to ending it as a first time triathlete.

  40. Anonymous

    Having trouble commenting (grr), but I’m looking forward to my spring 70.3! katie.ingram@me.com

  41. I just ran my first race! 8K St. Patrick’s Day DC. I think I want to run a Tri…the Nation’s Tri but not sure how I’m gonna do it yet…busy schedule.

  42. I’m excited about running a 5k with my 6-year old daughter and going mountain biking with her.

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  44. Super excited to keep up with my training, and see the improvements coming through! Half marathon PR is expected this year!

  45. Hiya. I’m excited because I’m new to running and hoping to complete my first 5k without having to walk bits of it before the end of this year. I never thought I would be able to run (too overweight and unfit) but I tried it and now the bug has really bitten 🙂 I’m even thinking of trying a mini triathlon this year too. Thanks for taking the time to put together such an amazing site. It is perfect for someone like me who is new to running and doesn’t understand the kit. I now have a Garmin Forerunner 210. Thanks for your help 🙂

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  47. Would be so cool & exciting to try out this Garmin if I win it!!! I am currently trying work through my fear of open water swimming in the ocean so I can do sprints this summer.

  48. I am looking forward to my first race!

  49. Hello, I’m excited about the upcoming races, but also about just getting out zipping around the beautiful spring Norfolk countryside and making new running friends.

  50. I am looking forward to using my new Garmin FR910XT (that I am about to win)on some long rides in the Santa Monica Mountains.
    Please note my acceptance speech will be much more eloquent.

  51. My garmin forerunner 301 has been a faithful friend for thousands of miles but can’t take a charge anymore. I need to keep running, but I need something to track the miles with and map the results. I’m excited for a new season!

  52. I am looking forward to my first HIM and riding in the Police Unity Tour to Washington DC

  53. Bruno Badopi


    Here, in the southlands, summer is going away. Autumn comes with sun beautiful colors and lights. It’s not so hot to running and cycling at any time. It’s still good to swim in sea cold water.

    I’m from Brazil. Half time I’m on Niterói (very close to Rio de Janeiro – Every year we have a race crossing the bay over Bridge Rio-Niterói) with wonderful beaches and trails. Half time I’m on Barra do Piraí mountainbiking and running aside a river.

    It’s a good time. It’s a pleasant time.

    Congratulations!!! Your site (and you) makes a stunning job. Looking for informations about HRM with GPS I faced it. Now, daily, I’m here.
    Sorry, English is not my language.
    Best regards,
    Bruno Badopi

  54. I’m excited to start my first year of tri with the goal of completing a half iron in setpember

  55. I’m excited to start my first year of tri with the goal of completing a half iron in setpember

  56. Can’t wait for my first attempt at Boston qualifying in May!

  57. Sara Baker

    Looking forward to perfect-weather morning runs and better swim training. 🙂

  58. This year I want to be a good example for my little son by doing some sport again like running and mountainbiking after a long period of laziness.

  59. Just got my bike fitted to me and it is working out wonderfully!

  60. I’m excited to compete in my first full Ultra event in August …. and I just signed up for swimming lessons …. thinking future Tri??

    I found your blog while researching Garmin reviews after I broke my old school one on a trail run – good stuff!!!

  61. New 29er, started preparing for my first 50-miler.

  62. This year I want to be a good example for my little son by doing some sport again like running and mountainbiking after a long period of laziness.

  63. Chris N

    I’m looking forward to crushing dreams.

  64. I have just put away the cross country skis after our last sunday outing in ~60F weather, and can’t wait for all the snow to be gone. I’ll then be able to pull out the road bike and enjoy the warmer weather. In the meantime, I’ll get into running a bit more seriously!

  65. DC Rainmaker,
    Thanks for all the due-diligence on the products. It saves me lots of time and money… giving me more time to hit the roads around San Francisco. Thanks again.

  66. After 5 months of trainning (15 kgs. lost in the way), I am looking forward to my first half marathon and finish it in less than 1h55′

  67. I can’t wait to set some new PRs and get faster.

  68. Hey, I’d love a new tool to help me kick ass in 2012!!

  69. I am excited to enter my first Ironman 70.3 race this year in Boulder. I am looking forward to cutting my swim time by joining swim master this springs.


  70. Looking forward to my first 100 Miler in June…and my second in Sept!

  71. I’m getting close to all time PRs again and with any luck I’ll be able to hit one or more of them by the time summer is out.

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  73. I’m looking forward to that really tired but really good feeling while sitting on the couch after a hard brick workout.

  74. I am excited for gaining and racing with more fitness then I have ever had before! I would use this watch to replace my old 310xt. Pick me pick me!

  75. Looking forward to adding Nordic Walking, or ExerStriding, to my mix of daily exercises. Plan to lternate with my usual bike rides and runs.

  76. I am looking forward to running a BQ time at the Avenue of the Giants marathon in May. First time training with a coach and he’s pushing me hard so I’m quite excited by the possibilities!

    Oh and thanks for all the great entries on this blog!


  77. I’m looking forward to making the transition from life runner to triathlete. First one is later this month; the first in a series of three.

  78. I want a free watch. Your the best!

  79. Looking forward to sunshine. The PNW stays cloudy for 8 months at a time.

  80. I’m looking forward to continuing on with my run training, I’m in week five and loving it. I’m excited about the running, the increased fitness levels, but most of all, I’m excited that my daughter (11) has recently become very excited about running. I look forward to eventually passing my ancient forerunner 301 {yes 301} to her when I am finally able to replace it.

  81. David

    I am excited to get into the triathlon club. My plan is to run an Olympic somethime this year when I feel more comfortable with my swimming ability. Than, next year a 1/2 IM, than follow that up with an IM later in the year. So, 2013 is my IM year. A 910 would be great as my companion.

  82. I can’t wait to graduate and have time to get training and racing again!

  83. Looking forward to my 1st IM this year, and using my 910!

  84. Getting started with training for Ironman Florida. I can’t start training with this awesome product. Thanks for your reviews.

  85. david

    i am currently training for a spring marathon and summer 1/2 ironman.

    i have enjoyed reading your in depth reviews.


  86. Excited to race for the first time in my hometown of DC this summer at National Harbor

  87. Looking forward to my first tri in a new age group!

  88. utahkevin

    I have been a cat 2 cyclist for many years, I did my first marathon last year and this year I’m doing 4. Lots of running in store for the spring!

  89. Looking forward to my next marathon in april.

  90. C’est le printemps ! you run 25 or 220 km a week is equal, the main thing is to please you by browsing our beautiful nature. Bonne course à tous.

  91. I’m looking forward to seeing if all my work at low intensity over the off-season has paid off!

  92. I am excited for my first season of collegiate road cycling in the NWCCC

  93. I’m looking forward the good weather, to get back on the bike not only for racing, but for relaxing rides with fellows as well.

  94. God Bless America!

  95. Can’t wait to train in central park again this spring and summer!!

  96. looking forward to doing some Xterra races this winter.

  97. Can’t wait to get training in Central Park!!

  98. I am excited to be taking another crack at qualifying for Ironman Canada. Also, finally moving to a carbon bike and retiring my old P3SL.

  99. I am excited for my first half ironman in early may!

  100. Looking forward to getting started on my marathon training! Signed up for MCM, my first full marathon!

  101. Soarfeet

    Hey DC…really looking forward to 2012 season..second full year triathloning (Scrabble- is that a word?)..first year to get my head around the sport & training…this year to Kona-fy!…and most of all have fun. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge. Cheers

  102. I am excited to get into Trail Running here in Maine.

  103. Riding outside, haven’t been off the trainer since IMC in August!

  104. Really looking forward to finishing edinburgh marathon in may and beginning triathlon training… Keep up the great work, became a regular follower of your blog!

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  106. RobinD

    I am looking very much forward to my first bike race of the season in April, which is called “cherry blossom” when translated from german to english! 😉


  107. Great reviews, and blog

  108. warm weather and biking in fresh air!

  109. Can’t wait to run my first mini marathon. If i look back to when i was in high school i dont think i would have made a lap around the gym!!

  110. hoping to get fitter for my first tri and for a replacement polar that sank.

  111. I’m excited for my first full season of Triathlon’s. Recently did the indoor Issaquah Tri and signed up for the indoor Seattle Tri at Greenlake. Thanks for your race report!

  112. Looking forward to finally using a tri bike rather than a road bike with clip-on aerobars. Hopefully I’m faster…..

  113. Ray, I’m going to Ironman Brazil in may, as my A race this season. Hope I can do it using a 910XT 🙂


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  115. Amanda A.

    I’m excited to start biking with my dad to get ready for my first Biathlon!

  116. Looking forward to my first tri of the season. Though there will be rain. Bring it.

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  118. I’m excited to ride outside and not be all bundled up!

  119. I’m looking forward to the Wildflower triathlon festival and racing the ITU San Diego triathlon relay with my wife!

  120. Hi Ray,
    I hope to win the FR910XT since I am currently training for my first sprint triathlon this coming July.

    Completing a triathlon is a huge goal for me, since before 2005 I weighed 250+ lbs. After my father passed away due to diabetes complications in 2005, I started exercising and eating healthy to keep the diabetes away (it runs in the family – all of my uncles have it also).

    Now 75 lbs later, I am diabetes free (knock on wood), I have completed 1 half marathon, and am planning 2 more halfs this season. And I can’t wait for the triathlon! Great site. Your reviews are spot on since I am also a geek at heart.

    Albert Q

  121. I’m really looking forward to my first half triathlon. This watch would be of tremendous help getting my swimming times down. Hopefully in the nice spring weather!

  122. My first marathon run this October!

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  124. I was so excitedexcited to enter a 70.3, I bought an annual pass a to my local swimming pool, even though most of my swimming will be done in Winter!

  125. After running every day during February (FebRUNary) it’s the first season in a while I’ll be coming in fit :-).

  126. This is an awesome blog! Thanks for all the details on EVERYTHING you post!

  127. Personally, I glad to not have to do any marathon training and am looking toward training for shorter faster races. Plus playing with my kids.

  128. excited for my first trip to Seattle for lake stevens 70.3

  129. Hi DC Rainmaker,
    This year I am really looking forward for my first ever triathlon race. So far I have only done 10km runs and since last year I have been training with the tri club form my uni. I will start with a sprint race next June and from there I will hopefully build my way up to a Half Iron-man. Congratulations to your site, it totally rocks!


  130. I am looking forward to my first 1/2 marathon this october. I ran my first 10K last October. Does that mean 2013 is a marathon in October? Tina

  131. Brandon Money

    Trying to figure out how to convince my wife that a Powertap is going to benefit her as well, haha 🙂 You the man, Ray!

  132. I am looking for a watch that help me
    indicate my workouts otherwise it will be fade out…

  133. I am happy for get back to my schedule of training for my Ultra Race 52Km

  134. Anonymous

    I’m looking forward toward my Garmin 910XT!!!
    Cristiano Amorim.

  135. YEAH! New to running in the DC area and I love it!

  136. Hey Ray! Love your site! I’m planning on doing St George Ironman May 5th,.. would love this watch to help me train!

  137. BruceLan

    I should win this. Brucelan

  138. I’m looking forward to doing my first Triathlon in June. It’s a race in Copenhagen, just for women! (finished my first half-marathon in December), so this is my new goal!!!

  139. Getting ready to start running again after a long break, after a lot of injuries.

  140. My plans are Triathlon Sprint in Susz, Poland and Half Marathon in Rijeka, Croatia. Wish me luck, I would need it .

  141. Juha P

    I am excited to get my running really going this season. Target: my first half marathon!

  142. I’m looking forward to start running again after 3 months with too much work.

  143. I need motivation to maxmize the trainings for triathlon, 910XT seems to be a good one.. cheers.

  144. I’m excited to train outside! Thank you for the great site.

  145. a_circelli

    I’m looking forward to my first half ironman… or maybe two or three olympic triathlon….!

  146. Anonymous

    Training, training and training ..getting ready for the first olympic triathlon in a month….i’m already excited!!!
    Gianluca laquidara.

  147. Very nervous about my first triathlon in 2 weeks, have i done enough training, will i be able to complete it…..

  148. The road beckons…pumped to get back on the bike and out of the basement.

  149. Looking forward riding my Bike to work again!

  150. Anonymous

    Last fall I was dared into my first marathon.

    I was then talked into running National this week.

    I signed up of my own free will for MCM this fall.

    In short, I am looking forward to MY first marathon this season.

    -Thom runs like this

  151. Looking forward riding my bike to work again! Keep up the good work!
    Daniel from Switzerland

  152. I’m looking forward to get back into triathlon. After being sidelined for a couple years, it’ll be nice to get back into the swing of things.

  153. In Olimpic year are Olimpic targets 🙂 For me it will be NORSMAN tri. GARMIN realy could help achieve our targets 🙂

  154. After being injured for two years, I am excited to be just able to run pain free again. I will never take my health for granted again

  155. I am very excited to start back training and doing the miami 70.3

  156. Looking forward to more of your great posts bro!

  157. Looking forward to begin training for a 10k, training at daylight (daylight savings yay!),with nice and warm temperature, hearing good music while training …. Ahhh good times to come!!!

  158. Mike v

    i’m sooooooooo excited for this season. I have not races in 16 months and want to throw down a lot!

  159. Can’t wait to get into my rowing skiff. Ice is still an issue but not for long…

  160. i´m training hard for my first 1/2 ironman.

  161. At present time, training for half marathon and the preparing triathlon again when the sun will warm us !

  162. Next sunday i’ll take part in my first Rome Marathon. It’s an understatement saying that I’m excited, and I’m already looking forward to improve my PB (and the FR910XT will help for sure ;-).

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  164. I’m really excited about warm southern weather, and longer days.

  165. I’m looking forward to getting back to half marathon training after ankle surgery this fall.

  166. Rommel Mangulabnan

    I’m looking forward to building my run volume and achieving a pb in a marathon. Thanks for the chance to win!

  167. The last thing I won was a set of crayons at age 6. Fingers scrossed please.

  168. I worked hard all winter, ready to see the results.

  169. I’m just excited for being able to train during daylight hours again.

  170. Wicked excited for my first Ironman at Lake Placid! (And uh, kinda nervous, like, throw up in my mouth nervous)

  171. I’m excited to start riding outdoor riding this season, especially having gotten back from awesome riding in Solvang, CA

  172. Hey -great contests !

    Good luck to all who enter!

  173. did this work? AWESOME DUDE

  174. I’m stoked about being ready for the Tough Mudder.

  175. Cant wait for IMCDA 2012!

  176. Mike L

    I can’t wait to run the marathon in Paris in April, and then again in Stockholm in June!

  177. I’m most excited about Escape from Alcatraz! And by excited I mostly mean nervous as all hell.

  178. I’m looking forward to training for my first 5k since high school (10 years ago) — and in Seoul! Lucky for us, it’s snowed the other day — glad to hear you got 70s and 80s going on!

  179. Thanks for the explanation about the calories. Buying the Edge 800 now with confidence! 🙂

  180. Looking forward to the nice weather and not freezing my arse off on morning runs

  181. Happy to run again! Back after some time hibernating!

  182. Looking forward to my first triathlon in NYC. Big change from the ones I’m used to in California.

  183. I’m looking forward to running my first marathon this October. After years of running the Peachtree 10k, I finally graduated to my first 13.1 last year and now the full. I can’t wait!

  184. I’ve decided to run a marathon in all 50 states, 9 of 41 so far, and could definitely use the FR 910 XT to keep track of my training mileage, and my cross training in the pool and on the bike.

    Thanks for the awesome blog and all the cool pictures!

  185. Hi from Brazil!
    You really inspire me. Can´t wait to complete my first marathon this year (Rio de Janeiro).

  186. Really looking forward to getting out on the road in the evenings again and off the trainer when the clocks go forward! Keen to work on my swimming like I have been able to with my trusty 305 on the running and cycling. Keep up the excellent blog!

  187. NZ MATT

    Listened to you on IM talk this week. Very informative – nice to have an independent review site!

  188. I recently got a 310XT (AFTER my first triathlon…) but am not against upgrading to a 910XT!

  189. A 3 hr marathon.

  190. Salut de France ou je lis ton blog regulirement

  191. Training has been nice, but I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to it warming up though, I’m a cold person if that makes sense =D

  192. coucou de france

  193. Arghh my feet hurt but I bet a new Garmin FR910XT would make the pain go away.

  194. tru_elvis@hotmail.com


    Long time reader/lurker, first time commenter. I just started biking last summer to get away from my mid-life rut of stress and weight gain every year. So far, I have loss 25 pounds and aim to lose another 10 pounds to reach my weight goal. This year, I planned on training for my local Tri and having this watch would be very helpful.

    Thanks for all your hard work to keep this blog up. It can’t be easy with your busy schedule.

  195. Runamarathon says: Spring is best for babies and puppies! I ran for thee hours today in the 78 degre DC spring; I couldn’t get over all of the babies, puppies, and proud parents. We all breathed in spring and shared lots of grins. The best things In life really are free.

  196. I’m excited to start my first triathlon ever, my goal is to do a couple sprints, and a half ironman by the end of the year

  197. I’m looking forward to next race seasons with this device.

  198. I´m looking forward to start running again!

  199. I´m looking forward to start running again!

  200. Seriously could use this piece of equipment! Looking forward to placing top 5 in age group at KC Tri in May and trying to qualify for Henderson at Ironman 70.3 Branson!


  201. Irongirl101

    Loved your interview on IM Talk this week – looking forward to some downtime before stepping up the run training in preparation for the New York marathon this year.

  202. Finished my first Half Marathon last month now its time to train for Tri next.

  203. Chris A

    I’m looking forward to London Marathon and then a summer of Olympic triathlons!

  204. Looking forward to this tri season after joining EN!

  205. I’m looking forward to my first Ragnar (6-person) in June – can’t wait for the weather to break so I can really kick the training into high gear.

  206. Preparing for a full marathon for the first time, cant wait.

  207. This past year I did my first ironman and have subsequently had a very extended offseason following the achievement. I’m excited about the upcoming season to regain fitness, and to return to participating in triathlon for the sole purpose of enjoying myself.

  208. Just finished my second 5k, next step 10k on my way to a Marathon

  209. I’m looking forward to my wife and I having a baby boy this July! Excitingly this is also the season that I’ve been preparing for over the last year to be the start of my triathlon racing again… So, my complete answer is that I’m looking forward to bringing Elijah with on training rides and runs, and having him and mommy relax while I swim. It’s going to be a beautiful year!

  210. I’m really excited by the men’s olympic triathlon. I am hoping to attend. Being a Brit I will be shouting for one of the Brownlee brothers but Javier Gomez will be aiming to show he has still got it. However, the Germans, Ozzies and Canadians will be hoping their man can win. It WILL be exciting stuff.


  211. great reviews! Would love the 910xt to train for my first IM this summer.

  212. I’m looking forward to beat my 10km personal best and prepare myself for half marathon.

  213. I’m excited to get back racing to see my improvements after a solid training block heading into second full season…
    Top 10 in Irish National Series races the goal!

    Keep up the great work dcrainmaker.

  214. Tara Randall

    My triathlete husband turns 40 in May and does his first Ironman in June. This would make a GREAT birthday gift!!

  215. I am excited about planned spring marathon PR

  216. Hi! My dad has been doing triathlons for two or three years now and is finally doing his first Ironman this June (Couer d’ Alene)! His 40th birthday is coming up and I thought this would be the perfect gift to finish off the end of his 30s strong!!

  217. As all the mileage I had built up throughout the winter went down the drain a few weeks ago due to a knee injury and I’ve only just got released to start jogging, I don’t have high expectations for the season ahead. All the same, I’m really excited to get out there and run again — I may even be able to get in a few races this autumn.

  218. Looking forward to improving my sucky swimming skills. Been looking at the 910XT as an upgrade to my 305 :. Good luck everyone!

  219. I’m looking forward to warm weather and running outside, the way it should be.

  220. I’m very excited to see the results of all of my off-season winter work. I’ve been putting in a ton of base, and I want RESULTS!

  221. Excited about getting back to marathon training after a recent setback from a motorcycle accident. Can’t wait to start piling on the miles for a late fall race!

  222. Excited to start running again after a recent setback due to a motorcycle accident. Can’t wait to begin piling on the miles for a winter marathon!

  223. I’m excited about having another go at running a half marathon after having to cancel last year due to a calf injury. Also look forward to the first summer on the Focus bike I bought last fall.

  224. John P

    I am looking forward to biking the tour of Colorado and riding the mountains. The Midwest’s snow is gone and it’s time to ride.

  225. This is going to be a very crowded comment section!

    Anyways, I’m really excited (mortified by fear is more like it) as I’ll do my first Ironman this next May (Ironman Brazil).

  226. Chris

    I am looking forward to a run focus year and start biking with power (once the vector is finally released!).

  227. High time to start training and work towards that PB

  228. 1st Ironman this year. Looking forward to Louisville in June!

  229. Sean Linden

    Looking forward to getting back in the pool after dislocating my shoulder hotdogging it on skis.

    A nice 910XT would really help me get in shape!


  230. Excited for the 5 boros (not burro, mom) bike tour in NYC and Hub on Wheels in Boston!

  231. Time to start training towards that PB

  232. Looking forward to spring!!

  233. Looking forward to this season.

  234. My brother-in-law will be doing his first Ironman in June. I’d love to become his favorite sister-in-law by giving this to him!!

  235. Great weather here in Toronto. Looking forward to a strong season and PB marathon at the end. Thank you for all your amazing reviews Ray. Cheers from Canada!

  236. I am excited about participating in the Siskiyou Outback 50k, 216 mile Cascade Lakes Relay, and The North Face Endurance Challenge 50k Championships in San Francisco.

  237. d3vice

    This would come in handy for my GRC and Run For Your Lives training!

  238. I am looking forward to running my cond marathon in Sept. currently trying to rack up consistent miles before beginning training program.

  239. I am hoping to recover from the illness that’s been holding me back for the last two months, and get ready for the fall triathlon season in Taiwan. I missed the spring season, and there is no summer season (too hot). I was planning to buy one of these just before I got sick, so winning this would be perfect.

  240. This is the best one , I love it !

  241. 2012 race season is going to be awesome!

  242. I’m very excited and training hard for my first barefoot marathon in June this Year. It will be awesome!

  243. Courtney M.

    Excited for NJ Marathon on May 6!

  244. I am looking forward to Tri camp in Lake Placid, volunteering for IMLP, and doing IM Muskoka 70.3!

  245. I did just sign up for my first Marathon and need to start training…after the Rock n Roll DC this weekend.

  246. Scott Ernst

    What a great opportunity! If I win I will give away my existing Garmin to spread the karma. I’m excited about the warm spring weather – and training for a spring marathon!

  247. Anonymous

    King of Pain says:

    It would be really nice to have this as I’m a family man on a budget and really can’t afford something as nice as this. In 2011 I started training again and 2012 will be my comeback year. I’m doing a local triathlon in May. This will be my tune-up race since I’m doing the Vineman 70.3 in July.

  248. im excited to be running “for fun” again…just trying to enjoy myself 😀

  249. Looking forward to my first 50 mile challenge this fall!

  250. I’m excited for my first Ironman at Tremblant!

  251. UMSUPPSure happy this site exists. Purchased a garmin 210 and 500 based upon your reviews.

  252. At this point I’d just love to be outside in decent weather. Staying consistent and losing a few lbs is always on the radar. Have fun and do cool stuff!

  253. I’m excited to be running again after Peroneal tendonitis. Getting ready to run Baltimore UA this year!

  254. Really looking forward for my first openwater swim! I’ve been training hard on the pool for the last couple of months following some of the tips you linked.
    Cheers from Brazil!

  255. I finally have a “real” TT bike…makes me feel fast…we’ll see how fast I actually am

  256. I’m excited to try to make the Half Iron Man in less than 5h for the 1st time 🙂

  257. I am excited because there are no excuses now that it is good weather! Its time to get in shape for the tri season

  258. First Xterra ~ 6 weeks away. It’ll be interesting.

  259. Hopefully, at the end of the season I’ll be both a faster and a better runner. Not necessarily in that order…

    It’ll be interesting to see what my new shoes will do to help me achieve those goals.

    In addition to that, it would be nice if this is the season when I (finally) put some time and effort into becoming a better swimmer as well.

  260. First Xterra ~ 6 weeks away. Looking forward to the challenge.

  261. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and getting outside for training and racing, and off the trainer.

  262. Starting my second year of triathlons and getting a chance to repeat some races

  263. Looking forward to my second triathlon season and going back some of the same races for big improvements

  264. Watching the Ladies run in their sexy running clothes!

  265. Looking forward to starting outdoor training for triathlons around the state of Idaho. Especially excited to regain fitness after recovering from knee meniscus surgery over the winter.

  266. Need to get back on the training after 5 days of tacos and parties at SXSW

  267. Looking forward to beat my colleague Todd.
    We have a small competition going on. Both of us trying to place in our age group

  268. Jprides

    Sunny beach runs, longer days and more beautiful weather! Keep up the good work Ray.

  269. I am just getting started running again. I just had my second daughter. I am planning to start training for a few small races this year and then hopefully a marathon or half marathon next year.

  270. I’m excited to complete my second half-iron and then tackle the ironman!

  271. I am excited for spring weather and to be outside again!

  272. Sam A

    Looking for to continuing my weight lost and working towards my first tri

  273. I am training for my first Ironman – Wisconsin. Running Boston Marathon next month as well.

  274. Bouncerdawg

    Looking forward to running my first 10K (in under 53:00) and first half (in under 2:00:00) before the season’s over! Quite an accomplishment for just having started running last October!

  275. I’m trainning for my 2d marathon!!

  276. Hi, I’m from Brazil, I’m an open water swimmer and try to be a runner! I’ve been reading your posts for about a year now and, since I love sports gadgets, I find them very helpful and thourough. Excellent work!

  277. I am looking forward to running 4 marathons and one ultra marathon year. Livestrong Marathon, Seattle, Rock N’ Roll, CPT John Hallett Memorial Ultra Marathon, MCM Marathon, San Antonio Rock N’ Roll Marathon

  278. Really looking forward to DC Tri …oops. I’m actually looking forward to completing my first 70.3 this year.

  279. Sutrah from Perth, Australia;
    Entered my first mini Triathlon in January 2012 and doing my 6th this weekend. 3 events left until season is over. I’ve always been a runner and having to learn how to swim over the past 3 months has been a challenge BUT, my legs don’t sink anymore and I can breathe! In the off-season I’m looking at training hard on my swimming and bike so that I can enter a Half Ironman next year.
    p.s. The watch review on the 910XT was fantastic.

  280. This is my second full season of triathlons, and I’m really excited about it, hoping to see significant improvements from last year.

  281. i’m looking forward to learning how to train with my first child due in May. I get to find out how much I love the sport of triathlon…and it’s a lot

  282. Looking forward to training for this year’s marathons as well as training for my first triathlon.
    Keep up the great work Ray!

  283. I hope to get a chance to try out the 910XT…… free if I win if not gonna have to purchase one.
    Buzzards Bay Multisport- Bill S.

  284. Prepping for the triathlon season ahead, plus a couple of fun rides and a century, should be a nice summer!

  285. Looking forward to training for this year’s marathons as well as training for my first triathlon.
    Keep up the great work Ray!

  286. GravityFreek
    I was one of the lucky IMNZ competitors who has been given extra time to train for my first IronMan:) I’ll now be doing the IMUK. CAn’t wait:)

  287. GravityFreek
    I was one of the lucky IMNZ competitors who has been given extra time to train for my first IronMan:) I’ll now be doing the IMUK. CAn’t wait:)

  288. I’ve run a marathon, now on to centuries (bicycling)… maybe swimming next.

    Just found out about your blog and finding lots of good advice and motivation.

  289. MNTriGirl

    I’m excited to start my first Ironman season!

  290. Ahhhh…outdoors on my bike instead of spinning like gerbil on my wheel or indoor trainer.

  291. This comment has been removed by the author.

  292. My wife and I are competing in our first triathlon on Saturday! Excited about getting the first one under our respective belts and hoping this will be the first of many more.

  293. I’m looking forward in running my first marathon this July.

  294. Looking forward to my 2nd tri season and my 1st full IM… if all goes well.

  295. Hogstuff

    Racing in TWO World Championships this year…ITU Cross Worlds and Xterra Worlds in Maui.

  296. Rain, rain, go away,
    I’ve got a 10k on Sunday!

    Excited to see the spring weather back here!

  297. I do enjoy reading you product reviews. I find them extremely helpful and make a purchase ever so much easier. Thank you!

  298. I do enjoy reading you product reviews. I find them extremely helpful and make a purchase ever so much easier. Thank you!

  299. I do enjoy reading you product reviews. I find them extremely helpful and make a purchase ever so much easier. Thank you!

  300. Anonymous

    DC, that would really help in the Boston Marathon. :o)

  301. Looking forward to running again after being injured.

  302. Dave

    I’m looking forward to my first race in over 20 years!

  303. Looking forward to my first olympic distance and possibly a half. Also buying a wetsuit. Looks to be a great year filled with lots of first.

  304. I really enjoy your product reviews and they have helped me with my buying decissions. Thank you!

  305. I really enjoy your product reviews and they have helped me with my buying decissions. Thank you!

  306. I am training for my first tri and have been drooling over this gadget. Winning one would make me a happy, happy girl!

  307. Looking forward to being able to complete a packed race season beginning with a 5 k, 10k, 1/2 marathon, couple of Triathlons and ending the season running my first Marine Corps Marathon!


  308. After my first ironman (Melbourne, Australia) I’m excited to enjoy life without training so hard for some months…also winter means snowboard!

  309. This comment has been removed by the author.

  310. Looking forward to doing a triathlon in the southern hemisphere.

  311. I’m excited about getting back in my Kayak and kicking my (Amateur) adventure racing career off once more. The 910XT will be the perfect tool. Lets hope my legs comply.

  312. Two weeks from spring warmup at IM70.3 Oside, and a few months from IMCDA. Spring is about starting to get locked in!

  313. My life would be complete with a honking FR910XT on my wrist.

  314. I am excited to complete my first marathon!

  315. This comment has been removed by the author.

  316. Just did my first century and looking forward to doing more.

  317. I’m excited to do my first running races this season!

  318. I’m looking forward to my first 70.3!

  319. I am looking forward to completing rehab on the Achilles tendon that I ruptured and had surgically repaired 3 months ago and returning to hiking, cycling, running, and all of the other things that I have missed oh so much.

  320. Looking forward to landing top 10 in my AG for an Olympic

  321. Due to the limited number of Triathlons close by, I’m looking forward to focusing on my run and maybe even doing my first bike race.

  322. I’m excited about Wildflower Long Course is less than 2 months!

  323. Desperately trying to lose weight and get fit for (field) hockey season! Its hard work, at 50, trying to keep up with the younger blokes – but its all good fun. 🙂

  324. I’m looking forward to running Comrades, and possibly start training for a triathlon after.

  325. Thanks for all the reviews and recaps of your runs. I wish I was there to try out this watch and see Cherry Blossoms at the same time – sounds beautiful.

  326. I am excited about getting running back on my schedule

  327. I’m from South Africa and looking forward to the winter MTB Series starting in June!

  328. I am a newbie at running and must say I enjoy it very much. I would like to improve my fitness and also distance in the coming months.

  329. This comment has been removed by the author.

  330. Hi Ray,

    Thought I saw someone who looked like you in NZ over the Christmas break… then read you where here! That was after I had been running in San Fran by a bunch of urban running people I also later read about on your blog. If you’re down under again a blog readers run might be in order!

    Anyway, I am looking forward to the upcoming off season because there are some great trail runs I want to do. This should keep the winter rain-blues away – and keep me from being upset that my wife has a 910xt and I don’t 🙂

    Keep up the great reviews and Cheers

  331. I’m excited to get back on the bike and get some more mileage in!

  332. Anonymous

    Running the english countryside


  333. Heard about you on IM Talk this week – great website. 50 in two years – setting my sights on a celebratory first ironman – i need all the motivation I can get and the FR910 would be a big help! Richard F.

  334. HI – after a 10 year break 2012 is back to running with a goal to complete the Prague Marathon in May. Can’t wait.
    Mark J

  335. HenrikD

    I am exited because This season Im racing both a 50mile trail race in the toughest conditions around here, and Racing the Ironman Kalmar in or neighbouring country Sweden. But what exites me most is the abilility to race both races with this giveaway Price.
    Love your blog.

  336. Hi Ray,
    Looking forward to my first 6.5k Open Water swim event in Apr.

  337. I am excited for this season because I am training for Ironman Texas…my first. I started 2 years ago when all I could do is doggy paddle.

  338. Will K.

    Being able to do most of my training outdoors.

  339. Hey DC,
    I’m super excited to be back running after an achilles problem! Can’t wait to start racing again!!


  340. Can’t wait to start my swimming lessons!

  341. Can’t wait to start my swimming lessons!

  342. I caught the running bug 6months ago. Joined a couple of 10k races but can’t improve my time beyond 7mins/km. After reading your review on 910XT – me thinks that’s what I’m missing! 🙂

  343. I want to run my first marathon and then start to running more offroad. Maybe some ultra in the future 🙂

  344. Dunhill Deodores

    Looking forward to running my 3rd marathon.

  345. Anonymous

    I am exiting about my next triathlon whether it will be at Laguna Phuket, Thailand with 910xt.

  346. Beat least year times and do some new races.

  347. Beating last years times, my 2nd year of triathlons.

  348. beating last years times.

  349. Anonymous

    I’m deeply excited to run my first trail on south of France !!!

  350. I’m from the Philippines and this will be my first year full of triathlons, I have been wanting to try it for the past 5 years but only now that I’ve gone into it. I have already done my first race and that immediately got me hooked and wanting to improve my game.

  351. Antonio Pérez Columé

    Hello!!! I´m learning to swin, the garmin 910 xt something to help me.

  352. Im excited because I have done all my rehab on my injured knee and I cant wait to get into some base miles during the off season and getting back to some running. My goal is a new PR in the Marathon in October.

    Andrew Steel – Melbourne

  353. Hi Ray, thanks for another great competition! This season I’m looking forward to cracking 2 hours over an Olympic Distance race 🙂 Have a good season, Greg.

  354. I can’t wait for my shin to heal, so I can start serious training for Berlin marathon

  355. I’m excited about my new Trek Madone 5.2 road bike which I plan to race at least once this season, if I get the courage.

  356. This would look really cool on my bike!!

  357. Steve

    After a year off to go travelling around the world I am really excited to be getting back to tri training and wearing a new Garmin FR910XT would be a fantastic bonus!

  358. I’m just looking forward to my favourite time…race morning. UP early and eat breakie while watching the sun rise…very peaceful and the perfect way to start a race morning. El Director 🙂

  359. I am looking forward to running a marathon without doing a swim and bike first.

  360. awesome site, incredibly detailed reviews! wish i could own this watch, but it’s a little bit too expensive for me

  361. awesome site, really detailed reviews, great! wish i had this watch, but it’s a little bit too expensive for me..

  362. Cool Cool Cool, I want one!!!

  363. awesome site, really detailed reviews, great! wish i had this watch, but it’s a little bit too expensive for me..

  364. This comment has been removed by the author.

  365. I am loocking forward to run the “Kerzerslauf” on coming saturday!

  366. I am loocking forward to run the “Kerzerslauf” on coming saturday!

  367. I’ve got a season of fitting in training around my studies, as well as supporting my wife on her first triathlon.

  368. I’m looking forward to running pain free in cooler weather after too many sunny months of osteitis pubis.

  369. I’m looking forward to running at home again in Austria after three years away from home.

  370. Got a wetsuit last year. It was great swimming OW and may participate in a race this year.

  371. I’m excited about running on dry Montreal streets after all the snow and ice has melted.

  372. Hi,

    Gigahlon ..two days full of sport.
    THE endurance race in Switzerland.

    can’t await it.



  373. I’m excited to get back on the bike more often this spring and summer!

  374. Dimitri VDW

    fingers crossed that this year, i’ll finally have an injury-free season after years of knee problems.

    And if I do, i plan to make best use of the watch!

  375. Thanks so much for all your work on the blog – I read it every week and make sure my running / tri friends do too!

  376. Starting my first Triathlon in denmark this year… cant wait 😀

  377. Looking forward to getting the bike off the trainer and onto the road!

  378. I am looking forward to my very first triathlon 🙂

  379. I will run the Copenhagen Marathon. After that I will start with triathlon (sprint and Olimpic)

  380. My first marathon coming up in June!

  381. Chem82

    Looking forward to the opening of the Monza Formula 1 circuit to cyclists and runners: form April to July a great chance to practice time trial, roller skate or run in one of the places that made history of Formula 1!

  382. Excited to train for my first ultra!

  383. Marathon already done for this year, now want to run up and downhill.

  384. I am looking forward to getting back into running after being off sick for the last couple of months and hopefully run my first half marathon this fall.

  385. xuanlan

    looking forward to cycling in warmer weather.

  386. Spring is really in the air. Almost no snow(ehr.. ice) left and sun is up early which makes for great morning runs. Currently looking forward to my first marathon and it feels great! 🙂

  387. Looking forward to start training outside, now that the snow is mostly all gone. The new watch would be a cool addition!

  388. Can’t wait to start running again after a year away from the sport.

  389. I am excited to train in milder temperatures, right now the temps are around 30 Celsius at night, lots of running on the rain too.

  390. Super (super) excited about IM Lanzarote, my 3000km bike ride from Cabo Trafalgar in Spain to Trafalgar Square in London and my first (and possibly last) 100 mile run in November 2012! A big year! 🙂

  391. I like running in daylight. In winter I rarely get to see the sun when I run. I would like to do an cycling race this year in addition to marathon and tri (sprints).

  392. not sure how my race schedule is going to workout with my second child on the way.

  393. Looking forward to completing my first (hopefully of many) century rides this year.

  394. Just getting into the sport. This will be my first season!

  395. Pete Holahan

    Starting year three in Triathlon and looking forward to my new AG (65-69)…Old Guys Rule!!

  396. Global warming (in short term) is a wonderful thing!!!!!! I love spending less than five minutes getting ready for an outdoor workout!! Wooooooo!!!!

  397. Can go out in shorts and a t! Woo!!! Love it.

  398. I’m looking forward to helping my wonderful wife train for her multiple triathlons, and hopefully work my way closer to my first one.

  399. I hope that everyone is having a fantastic start to the year!

  400. Global warming (in short term) is a wonderful thing!!!!!! I love spending less than five minutes getting ready for an outdoor workout!! Wooooooo!!!!

  401. I’m excited to see what my mind and body are capable of achieving.

  402. Hiroyuki

    Hi DC Rainmaker! I’m looking forward to the next ultra marathons!

  403. I’m looking forward to heavy training and being able to eat whatever I want.

  404. Chris Y

    Excited about triathlons in Japan!

  405. I am most excited for skating outside while my husband goes running! I’m also excited for my new running shoes, which are red.

  406. Finally the ice is melting and spring is coming, time for outdoor training!!!

  407. I could use a new Garmin!

  408. HeatherA

    Training in rock creek park for my first marathon since improving at the DC Triathlon isn’t in the cards for this summer.

  409. Hi Ray, apart from following your blog I’m excited about the inaugural Celtman Extreme Race on June 23rd

  410. I’m from Cape Town, South Africa. I’m looking forward to training in some cooler weather – 41 degrees Celsius this past weekend!!

  411. Ryan K.
    First time to the blog. What an excellent resource. Thank you.

  412. I can’t wait for it to be nice out so I can cut down on all the laundry!!

  413. Really looking forward to start cycling again.

  414. I like giveaways but mostly I like winning.

  415. My husband would LOVE to get the watch for is training, he’s doing Nice Ironman and Mont Tremblant Ironman this summer!

  416. Stefani

    I’m looking forward to doing another half Ironman (with a new 910xt!)after several years of just marathoning!

  417. der Nate

    Hi Ray
    I’m looking forward to finally breaking 3 hours for the marathon and then I can happily turn my back on marathons and focus on running ultras.

  418. I am excited to start my training for Osaka marathon. This will be my second marathon. First one was Tokyo marathon last month.

  419. I am so excited for this race season to start. I juust have to put it into high gear and get training for real!

  420. I’d love the watch

  421. I’m looking forward to my first real season of races, A half marathon, full marathon warrior dash, sprint tri, and some misc 5ks!

  422. I love Garmin 910XT! YOU ROCK!!!

  423. I’m looking forward to racing and training injury free!!

  424. I’m looking forward to building on my gradual return to run fitness and to get stuck into the time trial season here in the UK.

  425. Mikkel U.

    Looking forward to running my ½marathon #9 🙂

  426. I’m signed up for IM Canada! Can’t wait to go flying up Rictor Pass next August. Mark

  427. The Garmin 910XT looks so good, but I can’t drop $500 on it while my 405 is still ticking

  428. I’m looking forward to post training/event meals, soaks, and massages that are earned. I’m also excited to be with Team in Training for another season.

  429. I’m looking forward to post training/event meals, soaks, and massages that are earned. I’m also excited to be with Team in Training for another season.

  430. I’m looking forward for a new race location that I never raced in… going to be excited!

  431. I am amped to just run in the sun!

  432. This comment has been removed by the author.

  433. Fisrt Half IM this year. Training hard, resting harder 😉

  434. Curious to see what I can do at the Marmotte this year now that I have way more time to train.

  435. Excited to get off the Trainer and back onto the roads. The snow is gone.

  436. I need the swim metrics! Thanks Ray!

  437. Anonymous

    Please don’t hate me, as I’m in sunny southern California and its been pretty nice all winter…on the flip side, I really have no excuse for not having trained more 🙂

    Would love the 910xt

    Brian from HB

  438. JRS Tri

    A warm welcome to the 2012 tri season… let the fun begin!!!

  439. B

    2nd Season of tri’s and racing with my wife.

  440. Hi DC Rainmaker, pretty excited for the first big race on April 1st!

  441. thanks for your all your reviews! they are much appreciated. they save this dad of three (33 yrs old) precious time. I have enjoyed the reviews of the iPhone, especially as they work with the latest technology.



  442. Wow! I knew this blog was popular but I didn’t realize how popular until I saw all of these comments.

    I hope everyone achieves their goals this year whether they are lucky to win the FR910XT.

    I am actively training to take my first steps to a half-marathon and then full-marathon. I have plenty of 5Ks under my belt.

  443. This comment has been removed by the author.

  444. Great weather, perfect for my distance training!!!!

  445. Murphy F

    I love all the reviews. I don’t make a purchase unless I check here first

  446. Excited for the warm weather and no more gloves!

  447. H

    Ready to rock Ironman round 2 at IMLou this year, plus San Diego and a few other races!

  448. Training is on track and ready to race here in Arkansas!

  449. Winter’s been great in Alberta. Lots of snow which translates into great skiing. Another couple weeks and it’ll be running / mountain biking season.

  450. I’m looking forward to really run a lot more seriously now that I started a (small, really small) blog and show some stats ! 🙂

  451. I am excited to train for and complete my first Olympic Distance Tri this summer!

  452. Hello, starting triathlon this year and doing a HIM in Sweden in the fall! Keep up the good job with the blog!

  453. Sun is out and shining here. So perfect weather to train.

  454. This comment has been removed by the author.

  455. I’m excited to complete my first double century and also the Death Ride this year. Another goal I have is to enter a road race and not come in last! – Fred

  456. Sean O'Mahony

    I think I could use this to check the effect on my heart rate of the 6th beer over the 5th beer when watching Milan-San demo this weekend.

  457. Absolutely love the blog. Keep up the good work…

  458. Yoland Morin (yoland.morin@hotmail.com)


    You always do amazing et very well detailed reviews. I’m looking forward to win this amazing watch to improve my training. Thanks a lot.

  459. Matt

    I am excited for my first sprint Tri in June!

  460. I am super excited to finally run in warmer weather and NOT having multiple layers on!!!!

  461. Training for IMKY 2012, less than 24 weeks away!

  462. This would be just the thing to celebrate the start of the new season 🙂

  463. I’m looking forward to run 140Km relay race around Santa Catarina island next month!!!

  464. I just found this site…awesome! Great info and a chance to win goodies! Spring has arrived in New England and it’s time to ride!

  465. Planning to run my first half marathon in a week and the Bay to Breakers in May.

  466. I’m looking pfrward to competing again.

  467. Looking forward to MTB serial and few halfmaraton races …hope to finish them all … :))

  468. I’m looking forward to running my first full marathon in ten years!

  469. I am looking towards my first 10k

  470. Loving the great weather for training in the spring hopefully the 20-30 degrees above average doesn’t hold true for summer……

  471. One year into my mid-life crisis – fortunately, it’s been all about getting in shape. I’m looking forward to continuing to run in 5Ks, 10Ks, and HMs, and thinking about making the leap to Dus (no swim for me).

  472. This comment has been removed by the author.

  473. Can’t wait for more warm running weather. This last week in DC has been great!

  474. I’m looking forward to a week of cycling in the Alps

  475. I can’t wait to experience my first Ironman at Mt. Tremblant this summer! Also, being the first year this Ironman is taking place makes it even that much more special!

  476. 2nd season of triathlons and moving up to Olympic distance!

  477. I’m super excited to getting running again and crushing IMLP after a long period of nagging knee issues!

  478. Marc Harrs

    I’m excited to start training for my first marathon in October. Running through the Texas summer should be great!

  479. Excited for swim metrics in the pool!

  480. Anonymous

    excited to get out and swim with my new Garmin – I need the motivation –
    thanks ray

  481. Looking forward to another season of running ultras. Have a 100k on the schedule for mid-June.

  482. Thanks for all your posts. Just picked up a computrainer and it’s kickin my a$$!


  483. I’m looking forward to this season because 2012 is the year I’m going to beat my husband.

  484. I am competing in my first IM this year and would love to have this with training and racing!

  485. Dan Mc

    I’m excited to race again!

  486. I started running last August. I’m still really beginner and still out of shape (over 250lbs for 5′-9″) but I’m running walking 3 times a week. I look at the upcoming season to keep the good work and reaping the benefits of such good exercise.

    Love your posts.


  487. Working towards my first HIM. Actually my first tri…

  488. I’m doing me 2nd ½ Ironman – this time in my hometown with swin start 1 km. away from my house – perfect! 🙂

  489. Charles

    I’m excited about racing on my new Trek Madone 4.7 this year.


  490. I’m excited about building up base training for a half iron during the offseason, and breaking all my PB’s for individual swim, bike, run in the process

  491. I’am wondering how it will look in my wrist. thanks DCRm

  492. Commented on Facebook but don’t know if that counts. Waiting to decide on 910XT or Ambit per your review, a free 910XT would solve the entire problem

  493. Steve M

    Jut today signed up for my first triathlon – Pacific Grove CA in September!

    Excited but more than a little daunted!

    I need this watch! Please! 🙂

  494. TriDevil

    You are a true gentleman. Looking forward to a great 2012 of racing!

  495. I am excited to race one of the newest Ironman’s on the circuit this summer (Ironman Mont Tremblant in Quebec, Canada) and hopefully get a Kona spot…..HOPE, HOPE, HOPE!

  496. I’m looking forward to my first full Ironman Event. My goal is to finish with a smile, but deep down, I really want to smoke the course.

  497. After taking last year to care for my wife with cancer, this year I’ll compete in my first ever triathlon (with my wife and three daughters) AND attempt to complete the Triple Bypass bike ride.

  498. First Marathon on June 6, 2012 … just finished my 14th 1/2 with a PR. Almost ready to GO!

  499. As a swimmer rookie I do need help to count laps.

  500. I can’t wait to start doing track & road races again – seriously dislike cross country!

  501. Great site! I stopped by to check out the Garmin 305 reviews 🙂

  502. I am excited about racing my second Ironman and going under 10 hours in Austria. This is my second year in this fantastic sport so I still have lots of improvement ahead. Great work Ray, listened to your interview on IMTALK.

  503. Came here looking at updates about the Vector status. Might as well take a chance on the FR910XT.

  504. Could use a new Garmin as mine has become somewhat unreliable as of late.

  505. Looking to start the tri season in South Beach on April 1st. Its gonna be a great year!!

  506. Excited to get the season underway at IronMan Lanzarote and put the last few months training to good use.
    Bring on the season.

  507. Wow. Count me in

  508. I’m recovering from a hernia and looking forward to finally doing some running and cycling again. This new HRM would be the ultimate tool for getting me back in shape.

    Beautiful site keep up the good work.

  509. Starting to train for a marathon this winter.

  510. I’m looking forward to my first Olympic,Ocean Marathon and 70.3 in October, as well as watching the Olympics!!

  511. I’m excited about getting back on my bike after an ankle injury and racking up the miles

  512. Your blog has made me an running addict, and since I am Dutch I’m always in for free things!

    Keep up the good work.


  513. Hi…..retired cop finally looking forward to training with my wife for Ironman


  514. getting ready for the 70.3 on June and Ironman preparation for the fall 2012

  515. I’m looking forward to getting back into tri shape once I rehab from my recent shoulder surgery (I’m two weeks post-op).

  516. This comment has been removed by the author.

  517. Free 910XT? No wai!

  518. I am excited about long long rides with old and new friends. I’m also excited about my first IM this August.

  519. I’m excited to start training for my first Ironman!
    IM Arizona in November…!
    Wish me luck.

  520. Im excited for my first 70.3 of the season this weekend in San Juan.

  521. Because IMFL is only 232 days away!

  522. I’m looking forward to competing in my first tri this year!

    Bill – Switzerland

  523. Hi- Just getting started and by that I mean 1/2 mile is pushing it for me 🙂
    But hey got to start somewhere!

  524. Nina L.

    So excited to start a new season stronger and faster! Time to start competing!

  525. jgrotzin

    I’m excited to up the miles and get running fast again!

  526. Always could use another watch.

  527. Excited to train to run my first marathon this December!

  528. Joe Fitzgearld

    I am looking forward to do some great swims, bike, and runs in the sun.

  529. Excited to have my one year old soon cheer me on during the transitions.

  530. Jouke Rozema

    Could be a perfect training mate for my first Ironman, 16th sept 2012 Wales..STOKED!

  531. I am excited to start nordic x-skating (on- and offroad roller ski) this season.

  532. Thank you for sharing the great review with everyone.

  533. Leaving my comment for the drawing, AND a question. Do you have any problems keeping HRM strap in place during swimming? Mine falls down to my waist during speed sets, and especially when pushing off the wall. Any advice for keeping it in place?

  534. I am really excited about the soon new release of brim brothers Zone PM, looking forward to get one and train hard with it for my bike leg!!!

  535. This comment has been removed by the author.

  536. Matthias Mayer

    Can’t wait for that piece of technology.

  537. I’m an Aussie newly arrived in Denmark. To help meet some new friends, I’ve joined the local enduro club. We’re heading to Sweden in June to do the VatternRundan – an epic 320km bike race. Compared to my European friends, I’ve got plenty of training to do between now and then if I’m going to keep up with them! National pride is at stake … and quite a few rounds of beer!

  538. I’m excited to start training agin, after a long pause.

  539. William Trask

    VERY EXCITED TO START THE NEW SEASON… Warm Sun I can’t wait! Go away rain… I don’t want to see you again in Seattle. wtrask4@mac.com

  540. I’m excited to train for and then race Marine Corps Marathon in the fall

  541. I’m most excited this season to run my first 50K!

  542. Audra Trask

    My husband I are looking forward to working out together this summer!

  543. I’m looking forward to start running and to get my first 5k.

  544. Looking forward to completing a Spring half-marathon in Bad Durkheim, Germany, my first Tri this summer, a Tough Mudder in Scotland, and the Athens, Greece Marathon in November!

  545. I’m looking forward to a season of many century rides across the US.

  546. Thanks for the Garmin reviews – they’re really helpful!

  547. Excited about my first marathon abroad – Paris, France in April. Voila!

  548. www.twitter.com/alopezfdez

    I’m hoping that I can just finish my first tri 😉

  549. This would really help me complete training for my first ironman

  550. Anonymous

    Snow slowly melting, so I’m excited about the fact that soon I’ll be able to get my road bicycle on the road again!

  551. Timo M

    Snow slowly melting, so I’m excited about the fact that soon I’ll be able to get my road bicycle on the road again!

  552. Thanks for the reviews! I stumbled upon your site while researching the Nike gps sportwatch. Good Work!

  553. I’m looking forward to RnR DC on Saturday.

  554. Hello Ray, reading your blog (daily) for 1 year now from Brussels. Currently training for my first tri (sprint) in June. Thanks for the excellent work!

  555. Looking forward to a healthy year after a season-ending shoulder injury. Just excited to race again and enjoy being out there.

  556. Looking forward to some alpine climbing in the Haute Route!

  557. Super psyched for early season road cycling trip to NC first week of April.

  558. Great site, Rainman. Keep it up!

  559. Looking forward to some nice cols in the Alps.

  560. Preparing for EcoTrail, marathon de Paris, Triathlon LD belfort, Triathlon LD alpe d’Huez and the cherry on the cake UTMB!

  561. Anonymous

    Hoping to recover from pain, running in 5fingers and looking forward to competing in more triathlons
    All my best

  562. Discovered bike and swimming (ear problem) a year ago and loved it. After six month of intense training I am heading to my first triathlon in a few weeks. Feels like it’s the beginning of love story. <3 <3 <3

  563. I’m training for the Tough Mudder, gonna kickass in 2012.

  564. Anthony

    Just ran my first Marathon! Now I’m signed up for the Liverpool Triathlon UK in June! I cant wait to get in the open water!

  565. I’m excited for the new tri season in Ireland as I’m living there temporarily for work. Happy (early) St. Patty’s day from the land of saints and scholars.

  566. I am excited because I enjoy challenging myself to do things that I once thought impossible. I swore I’d NEVER be a runner and completed my first marathon last year. Now, on to do more things that I swore I’d NEVER do. 🙂

  567. Looking forward to the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, and excited to try for my first Sub 2 half!

  568. I’m excited about ramping up for my second half marathon, then figuring out what to motivate myself with after that–full? tri?

  569. Excited about moving away from marathons to shorter distance races for the next few months.

  570. Lookin forward to running my first triathlon this spring!

  571. Have been a big fan of your posts for a couple years now. And oh man, could I use this!

  572. I’m excited to start back at training after a knee surgery to start off the new year!

  573. Can’t wait for the sun to come out. Starting to rust…need sun.

  574. Rick Robertson here. Just discovered DC Rainmaker and am very impressed with the reviews! Trying to decide what kind of training devices to invest in and these reviews are going to be a great help. Thanks for taking the time to do these, DC!

  575. I’m looking forward to my first triathalon!

  576. hip82@yahoo.com

    I’m looking forward to entering my first half iron and marathon this year.

  577. Shawn Ev

    I’m excited to run a half marathon on Saturday!

  578. I’m excited about sunny runs and rides!

  579. Anonymous

    Hey Ray, really love this site looking at it all the time now since i found it last year. Just got my new asics gel shoes and just need a new watch would love that FREEEEE FR910XT


  580. One word: Boston
    Happy training for you,

  581. Can wait for my first triathlon ever June 9 in Joliette city (Quebec)

  582. Getting back to training after a few months really light after Kona. Signed up for IM Cozumel to get myself motivated!

  583. Excited to “only” be doing HIMs this year, no fulls. Feels cracked in the head to think a half i sfor fun!

  584. This looks like a great watch! I am looking forward to Triathlon season and analyzing the progress of my workouts.

  585. I’m looking forward to training for my first race!!

  586. Matt H

    I’m excited to see if my extra time in the double makes a big difference in my subpar swim splits!

  587. I haven’t done any triathlons, but I still love your site and reviews! Very thorough!

  588. I just improved my last year’s 10k time. I’m looking for the same with my hm, 5k, and 8k.

  589. Improving my 5k,8k,and h’m times

  590. I am looking forward to the off season ahead to train for my first triathlon in 8 years. This will also be the first time my son will see me race.

  591. Anonymous

    Excited to be doing my second tri season!

    Jim Simon

  592. I am attempting my first ever triathlon in my life. Just did my first ever Biathlon in my life 3 weeks ago.

    All this after 1.5 years of resting recovering from Plantar Fasciitis!

  593. Hi Ray, I’m excited for all of my events. Namely, Boston Marathon, IM TX, IM WI, Chicago Marathon. Also looking forward to more coaching this year.

    Randy Egge

  594. Jimmy Trask

    I’d love to track my runs in Denver this summer!

  595. I am excited to double my number of races this year: from one to two!!!

  596. Training for Tri’s I’m excited to be training for my first half ironman and the weather has been incredible

  597. I am excited to get out and enjoy the weather before the heat sets in for summer! I have run 1/2 marathons, working my way up to a full marathon and then onward bound to a triathalon.

  598. I’m exited to be training for my first half ironman and the weather has been great

  599. Just found your blog and I’ll definitely be back for more! RR

  600. olmanwompa

    Getting ready for Hawaii 70.3 in June! First half-iron…

  601. beavertail

    Looking forward to the sunshine and getting back outdoors!

    Thanks for putting together such great reviews and giveaways.

  602. Ainsley O

    I am excited to get back in shape and go biking.

  603. Looking forward to evening runs in daylight.

  604. I’m super pumped about not risking my life by running o er black ice

  605. I’m excited for doing my first OW Tri – the IronGirl Columbia in August. Last year did a few sprint tri’s in pools – had a blast!

  606. Anonymous

    I’m excited about the great weather and to get back to training after some time off.


  607. I am really looking forward to improving some races this year.

  608. sneaking in at the end! looking forward to biking outside!!!

  609. After 4 years of Olympic I’m going after my first Iron Man this year!


  610. I’m excited to complete my first Ironman!

  611. willyum

    Very much excited about “running wild” high up on the mountain trails.

  612. Looking forward to my third half, and first full marathon.

  613. I’m looking forward for a great injury-free year

  614. I am simply hoping to have a fast and enjoyable running season.

  615. I’m looking forward to finally getting my bike on the road and putting the trainer away for a couple months. In addition, I’m pretty excited about the fact that I don’t have to wear tights when I run

  616. I am excited and thrilled at running a fast half marathon with a brand new garmin watch

  617. Looking forward to getting back into the routine. Sick of the off-season.

  618. I am excited and thrilled at running a fast half marathon with a brand new garmin watch

  619. I’m looking forward to trying road racing on a real team this year!

  620. I’m excited about Vineman!

  621. Im preparing for my first duathlon, so Im very excited about it!!!

  622. Very excited about the races comming this summer!!!

  623. Very excited about the races caming this summer!!!

  624. Im very excited about the races comming this summer!!!

  625. I’m excited to start run sessions this summer with my new training buddy, my now-seven-week-old son, Kai. While my Suunto t6d will likely log the miles & HR just fine, it would be great to simplify things with an integrated GPS unit. However, the aforementioned baby boy now eats up budget money that would have gone for said GPS unit.

  626. Looking forward to doing my first sprint tri this year!

  627. I’m in Texas and its been this way all winter. Where was the off season?

    I’m excited to build up a custom tri bike for my wife this year! It runs in the family!

  628. Looking forward to my first 1/2 ironman.

  629. I can’t wait to run outside unburdened by multiple layers of clothing and just enjoy the sun and the grassy trails.

  630. Dan B

    Looking forward to competing in a marathon relay with my USAF compatriots in late April, and then my first full marathon (or race, for that matter) in November.

  631. Karl Watanabe

    Really looking forward to the new season. Lots of tri’s coming up with my first Ironman in Lake Tahoe being the last!!! Could really use that 910 this year.

  632. Ning Sun

    I only began swimming a year ago when my doctor told me swimming is the probably the only way which might help to relieve my neck problem. Starting from learning to swim till today completely falling in love with it. Life sometimes takes unexpected turns just like that. About 3 months ago one of my friends introduced me to the long distance running and show me how I need to control my speed and heart rate to get a good run. Wow, that makes a huge difference. Now I am a regular runner in additional to swimming every day. I’m sure before long I will get hooked to bicycle as well. 🙂 I am now in the market to get a triathlon watch hence ran into your site. I have learned a great deal from reading your wonderful informative reviews. Thanks a lot!