Nifty Garmin Edge 500 Custom Mount

As I’ve alluded to before, I’ve long since been following a sweet Slowtwitch thread on creating custom mounts for the Edge 500.  The goal of these mounts is primarily aimed at the Edge 500, and mostly focused on either reducing the aero-profile of the unit, or simply moving it to a more convenient location.  Some of the mounts are a bit ‘homegrown’, and some of the mounts are a bit more ‘refined’.

Last week a small business reached out to me to try and gauge interest in a custom Edge series mount that they’ve developed.

Unlike the traditional Edge 500/800 mount, which uses industrial strength rubber bands to attach atop your handlebars (or any other random location you place it), this one aims to sit just in front of your handlebars, by using a small hardened plastic mount that the Edge is then mounted to.


The goal of the unit is to provide a slightly more permanent location, along with being off the bars themselves.  The mount works with the Edge 200, Edge 500, and Edge 800, which all use the quarter turn quick release kit:


It should be noted though that while it does allow the FR310XT and FR910XT with the quick release kit to mount to it (since they also share the quarter-turn mount), those two units have the mounts on them oriented 90*, which means that if you were to place the watch in this particular molded mount, it would be turned 90* (in other words, facing the side of your bike).  I continue to wonder why exactly Garmin made the decision to offset those mounts, and nobody to date (internal or external to Garmin) has given me a good reason. Someday…

While the mount might work if mounted to your aerobars (with the Garmin inside the bars, like some to today), I talked with the owner about it and he thinks the mount as designed today might be a bit too wide for skinnier aerobars (without some sort of shim).  Though, that’s one reason why he’s looking for some feedback.

At any rate, the mount’s going to be available for about $30, at some point in the near future.

I’m looking forward to getting a test unit soon.  And thankfully, like other specialty mounts I’ve tested, they are quick and easy to test (I just ride) and even easier to write up a review on (they work, or they fail and my unit dies a miserable death).  There is generally very little middle-ground on these things.

Thanks for reading, and remember…Friday is almost here!


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  1. Ron

    I like the idea of having it farther forward than my stem, but the key question for me when you test it is how many cupcake equivalent ounces does it add? At some point it’s illogical to overaccessorize a lightweight carbon rig.

  2. Milessio

    Good on them for getting something produced. (though it is advertised as being $40).

    It is a shame an industrial designer or somebody used to designing plastic products wasn’t involved much earlier. It has the style/aesthetic of a piece of military hardware.

    It doesn’t appear to take any advantage of the opportunities of using injection moulded plastics (which wouldn’t add cost).

    At minimum the mounting bolt head should be on the bottom – hidden & not collecting sticky sports drink.

  3. Ron

    I don’t understand start up costs, but thirty bills sounds like too much for what is essentially a specialized piece of plastic with a couple of screws. Now Milessio is saying maybe forty. My stem is looking better and better.

  4. Hey Ray,
    Great info; been looking for something like this. I read Quarq was coming out with their version but no ETA. Do you have any insider info on this? Thanks

    link to

  5. Hi SSK8-

    I’ll check on it. Oddly enough, I’ve got a full SRAM RED built bike(Specialized Venge bike + new SRAM components) on a UPS truck headed to me to check out. Currently in Omaha, NE according to UPS – should arrive Tuesday. I suspect that may have their new mount on it…

  6. Love/Hate
    a run down of my opinions…
    1. better location, thus easier to read +1 (that is if you look at your garmin a lot while riding)
    2. I trust a bolt more than I do a modern (non rubber) rubber band for securing a $250 unit (E500). +1
    3. Cost $30-40, My stem looks very convenient, a band can be inspected pre ride for cracks/weathering. -10
    4. just a tid bit of info my stem isn’t available because I ride at night and that’s where the flashlight sits, so my Edge 500 is on the bars. But even then it isn’t in the way. While there is still room for my hands and the Edge 500. My hands being on top of the bars is like .0005% of the time.
    5. I guess you could negate the few extra grams for better aero… But if better aero is your game and a very few extra grams is a hindrance Make or break the ride stats. I’d seriously have to see drastic time differences to buy into that.

    Bottom line, I think it would come down to user preference, and how much $ they have to blow on personal convenience.

  7. Ray- Here is the post I wrote on ST a while back about something very similar. However I think you could get the 310/910 to work on it, not sure exactly how the QR is set up for them, but I know the 305 QR would work on it. Let me know if you want me to send you one, I think I can get them for about $8 at the shop up in Seoul, I am headed up there tomorrow and they are suppose to have 3 set aside for me so no worries to send one your way.

    link to


  8. Thanks Brad!

    I’d feel bad since it’d probably cost even more to ship it back over here. But definitely appreciate the offer!


  9. Ian

    I can certainly see why Above Category designed it – many of their custom painted bikes have a matching (or AC) stem. The last thing you’d want is to have that hidden under your bike computer!

    Unfortunatly their design as it stands would clash with the mounting for my lights so i’d need another similar mount on the other side of the stem for those.

  10. Ray-

    No worries, if the Venge doesn’t come with one and you aren’t satisfied with the one that you are showing here let me know and I will send it free of charge, my donation to your “little slice of internet”.

    The good thing about the one that I have is you can mount it on either side, the bar is adjustable to go to the left or to the right.

  11. Personally I’d love to have a mount like this. It’s really hard to see the computer on the stem when in the drops. Coincidentally I was just researching my options in this area yesterday and came across the item linked below. It’s a different approach and I believe it would work for the Forerunners since it just adds a minibar in front. For my Edge500 I’d prefer the Above Category design though.

    Pro Carbon GPS Mount

  12. I saw the BikeRadar article about the Quarq mount myself and I’ve been eagerly awaiting it. Any news you can track down would be much appreciated!

  13. Another great mount… Are your friends at sportypal ever going to sell the Sony mount (or even talk about it?) Cheers Kurt NZ

  14. carlos

    How will this mount fit on aero bars?

  15. For aerobars it would likely require some sort of shim as the mount is too wide for most aerobars.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I wish it was thought out better to sit flush with the bar. As is, the Edge will be above the profile of the bar.

    I still don’t understand why people don’t like the FSA mount. Having two pivot points is key. With the FSA you can angle the arm down, then mount the Edge flat, and it’s flush with the bar. Granted, I’d rather have an integrated 1/4 turn, but for $30, I’d like a better look.

  18. Just received my shipping notice from Above Category for 2 Bar Fly Garmin Computer Mounts. A nice surprise as I was expecting a mid to late April delivery. I have had the FSA mounts for several years but they tend to vibrate/shake even on slightly rough roads with my Garmin 800. I am hoping the Bar Fly is more solid with the integrated 1/4 turn mount.

  19. Anonymous

    I just received my mount yesterday and have to say I’m very pleased with the mount! The mount seems very solid (doesn’t shake when hitting bumps), can be ‘snugged’ and hold firmly rather than fully torquing it down to the bar, which allows you to adjust the tilt of the Garmin when riding (think: the sun is reflecting off it into your eyes when riding, or you can’t see it well). The mount weighed in at 18g, while the Garmin mount that came off my bike weighed 8g-so there’s a net 10g weight increase (not a whole lot). Additionally the mount makes the Garmin a whole lot easier to see when you’re down in your drops and also frees up the tops of your bars better for placing your hands there or riding in a ‘pseudo-TT’ position.

    The mount that holds the actual Edge 500/800 is a bit snug at first, causing one to wonder if it will even fit, and the ‘springy-ness’ of the Garmin mount (to eject the unit) doesn’t seem present yet. I think this is likely due to the ‘tightness’ of the new mount. I suspect this performance will improve with install/removal cycles.

    Also, for those wondering, the mount has a clearance hole right in the middle to allow air into (or sound out of) the set of small pin-holes on the bottom of the Edge 500 (this is either the barometric pressure sensor, or the speaker-I forget which). So the manufacturer was thoughtful in accomodating the standard input/outputs from the Edge 500 / 800 hardware.

    Overall, I’m very pleased already and highly recommend the mount-even if a bit steeply priced.


  20. Anonymous

    Oh, one more thing (for anyone wondering): the width of the strap that mounts to the handlebars is 3/8″ wide (0.375 in / 9.5 mm). Hope that helps…


  21. Anonymous

    It would be great if someone would make something for the back of the bike, i.e. an attachment for bike lights. With today’s aero frames i.e. Cervelo S5 etc it’s quite difficult if not impossible to find a rear light that will mount properly to aero frames.

    Cateye has done a great job with their RM-1 saddle mount accessory however they have been out of stock for quite some time and there is absolutely no one else in the market that does any sort of good saddle rail accessory for lights. Well exposure does but that is limited to their own exposure rear light and even then it doesn’t fit properly onto Cervelo seat post/saddle set ups.

  22. I purchased the new BarFly Garmin Edge Quarter Turn Bike Mount which replaces a previous FSA Control Center Computer Mount.

    The old FSA mount worked fine, but rattled around a bit making the display hard to read.

    The new mount is solid (no rubber bands), but the 90 degree twist is far from the solid clunk I’m used to.

    I suspect if they made the plastic the same, perhaps Garmin would sue, I dunno.

    Bottom Line; I like the new mount; solid as a rock and easy to read.