Friday incoming products

After the rather lengthy in depth review post yesterday, I’m going to go with a shorter bit of goodness for today.  I’ve got a whole pile of products that are making their way from all around the world towards DCRainmaker Headquarters in in toasty warm Washington DC.

Here’s a quick lineup of the stuff, I’m pretty excited about all of it!

VASA Swim Trainer and Power Meter:

This dry-land swim trainer is used by top professional to get high intensity swim training efforts in, often complimenting their existing swim training.  Additionally, the model I’m being sent to try out also has a ergometer built in (power meter) that’ll measure your swimming power.


I’m not entirely sure where on earth it’s going to fit, hopefully in the CompuTrainer room…if not, The Girl’s car is clearly getting kicked outta the garage!  Well…that’s my implementation plan anyways…

CycleOps Power Beam Pro

A lot of you recently have been asking my opinion on this trainer, and since I hadn’t used it myself – it’s a bit hard to give an informed opinion.  The Power Beam Pro allows you to both control wattage on the trainer, as well as feed back that information via ANT+.  Pretty sweet and I’m pretty excited to give it a whirl.


Kayaking ANT+ Power Meter (Performance Blade)

Regulars of the blog know that in my spare time (of which, I have none) that I enjoy kayaking – even have three kayaks hanging from my garage ceiling.  Last week I was approached by a New Zealand company about an ANT+ power meter for kayakers, asking if I’d like to try it out.  The awesome part here is that it works with any ANT+ device that supports power meters.  Like for example, the FR310XT or the Timex Global Trainer. It also measures stroke, via cadence. Sweetness!


I’m looking forward to hitting the waters and giving it a whirl!

Hard to get giveaway for next week

You told me loud and clear in the survey back in January that if I could secure from companies hard to get products, you definitely wanted them in the giveaways.  I’ve got what is probably the hardest to get triathlon gadget out there today…coming to a giveaway near you early next week.

I know it’s two giveaways so close, but the opportunity just popped up today…so I think you’ll understand. :)

Update on Polar RCX5 Review:

Lastly, quick note on the Polar RCX5 post – I’ve updated it with a slew of answers to questions in the comments sections, as well as added the following chunks to the review:

1) Added Battery Life and Replacement
2) Added Backlight Section
3) Added ProTrainer 5 section
4) Updated how to integrate Sport Tracks and Training Peaks
5) Added how to create your own sport on RCX5

Enjoy everyone, and have a great weekend!


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  1. You mean to tell me that you got your hands on the garmin/metrigear pedals and you are already giving them away ;) Maybe on my flight over the pond and back to the good ol USofA I will get some luck and strike gold in this next giveaway……FYI If you are in Cali from June 5th-June29th, let me know…….If not best of luck in Boise!

  2. As a user of Computrainer…. I’m very excited about Cyclops Power Beam Pro.
    Although CT is very robust and reliable, the electronics are just awful, no support for ANT+, and the head unit and wires ?!?!? Is this still the early 90???
    Very tired of all the cumbersomeness of CT so can’t wait for the Power Beam, being wireless, a decent head unit and ANT+ support… now, if only it had virtual racing and better computer integration ;)


  3. So can that swim trainer thing replace swim workouts the way a bike trainer ride can? If so, I’d totally buy one.

  4. That swim trainer is a very interesting concept–I’d never heard of that before you posted it here…I wonder how it feels, works, and if it really can work you out the same as an in-the-water swim…interesting!

  5. Seb

    About new products : anyone heard of this one ? link to advancedhrm.com

  6. The swim bench is a true implement of torture – I’ve done some maximal effort testing on one! Have fun :-)