Ballgames, Bags and Boxes

The last few days have been a bit of a blur – hence the reason why things have been somewhat quiet on the rainmaker front.  On Wednesday night I had a surprise bachelor party thrown for me when my brother came into town.  The centerpiece being a Nats vs Seattle Mariners game – which is pretty cool since I’m an M’s fan from growing up in Seattle.  Regrettably…the game itself was somewhat fuzzy…


Moving right along, everything in the house is revolving around boxes and bags.  Boxes coming in, boxes going out, bags to pack.  Then unpack, and repack again…and again…and again.  The Girl leaves at 6AM on Friday (in a few hours) for the wedding destination, with me following along in a few days.  But in order to ensure we’ve got everything the packing has to be largely done before she leaves.

So between all the boxes that we’ve got packed going outbound with wedding related stuff – we’ve also incoming Wedding Registry gifts, not to mention the usual stream of DCRainmaker related product review boxes.  I think it was Monday afternoon when I walked out of the garage and the UPS/FedEx guys had piled up the boxes to the height of the garage door.  Not quite sure why they just didn’t ring the doorbell…perhaps they liked stacking.

And then…to top it off, we got 266 pounds of Gatorade delivered via freight.  But I wrote about all that over on the Men’s Health Urbanathlon blog.

Hopefully this weekend I’ll have a chance to get through all of the DCR related boxes…I know there’s some cool new stuff from Wahoo in a rather large box, then there’s the gigantic VASA swim trainer/power meter to unbox.  Plus some other goodness that I’m finishing up taking photos of in the pool for, currently scheduled for release/announcement next week as well.  Good times!

But…I’ve gotta get up here in a few to run to the airport, so thanks hanging in there and thanks for reading!


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  1. Ray, Sounds like it is a little hectic at your place. Just wait til you and the girl throw some kids in to the mix. HaHa. I hope you two enjoy your wedding and don’t worry about the little stuff. Just remember to have fun.

  2. Ray, I enjoyed looking at your brother’s Gatorade art. It appears that you have a creative family.

    Enjoy your wedding!


  3. Roy

    There’s still time Ray! Which there won’t be once you are married!!

  4. Samuel

    any drinking involved during the bachelor party?

  5. Drinking? Hmm…can’t remember.