Garmin Forerunner 610 Giveaway Results!

Thanks all for the great entries in the FR610 giveaway.  There’s literally over 1,600 great egg related and training stories in there.  Everything from stories of kids forgetting to hard boil the eggs before coloring and then hiding them (and then accidentally breaking them) to finding plastic eggs years later when doing yard work.  And for those not celebrating Easter, it sounds like virtually everyone was crazy busy with training plans.  Makin’ me seem lazy!

If you haven’t had a chance to go check out all the entries (yes, all 1,600+ of them) – definitely go spend some time reading them.  It’s almost as addicting as reading I Can Haz Cheezburger.  Almost.

Unlike previous giveaways, there were no points awarded for re-tweeting/blogging/Facebooking or skywriting.  This lead to a fairly simple selection of winners.  I had a total of 1,623 comments (that made it before the midnight cutoff), and then another pile of comments from Active Duty military folks via e-mail that I created a small spreadsheet for.  I gave them numbers from 1,624 to 1,640.

With that, I was off to to pick out a winner!  And the lucky person is:


With newly added comment numbering, I’ve dramatically reduced the time to pick a winner by removing the mythical spreadsheet of the past.  Now, I merely find the comment number.  It’s glorious!  Just trust me on this one…pure heaven! 

Anyway, the winner is:


Congrats Sean!

Quick update – Sean just e-mailed me to let me know he’s thrilled!  As a member of the United States Marine Corps on the All Marine Triathlon Team, I’m sure he’s going to put it to good use!

For those that didn’t win – don’t worry – you can still go out and pick up your very own FR610 and enjoy touching it all day long (What? It’s a touch screen device…keep your mind out of the gutter!).

And if you utilize the link above, you help to support more giveaways like this.  It’s sorta like recycling: Utilize linkage > More Giveaways > More good stuffs for you.

Thanks for reading and supporting the site!


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  1. Congrats Sean! Use the hell out of your new cool toy.

  2. You must be glad you don’t have to draw lots anymore XD

    Congratulations Sean!

  3. Can’t believe I won…I never win these things.

  4. Congrats to Sean!! Glad to see it is going to a good home :D

  5. I’m waiting for the 310XT replacement giveaway anyway!

  6. I lost agaiiiiin… nooooo…..