Thanks!!! …and a tiny little request!

clip_image001First up – a huge thanks to all who nominated me for the Annual Awards.  This is the third year in a row I’ve been nominated.  The past two years I’ve ended up ‘on the podium’ in the top three – so I greatly appreciate this honor!

EverymanTri now moves into the voting phase to narrow the Top 10 down to the Final Winners.  You can wander over and vote for whoever you choose as your fav here (and yes, that list includes me!).

To be honest, I’d don’t know yet what I’d do if I won the Timex Global Trainer (first prize), but, I suspect since I already have one…that it’d go to a good cause…

In addition to the awards – the internet-wide Bloggies are taking place now.  These are pretty much the biggest awards out there for blogs.


There are of course a ton of really awesome blogs out there to vote for, but luckily – you can choose different blogs in many different categories.  You could even choose mine should you wish to (in Sports).  Of course, I wouldn’t want to pressure you or anything…you know…like try and persuade you with promises or guilt.  Well, actually, on second thought – I’m not entirely above doing either.

I could promise you that The Girl would bake you all cupcakes if I got into the final three for the Sports category.  But then I’d likely be stuck mixing cupcake batter for months…and that would cause me to probably get fat from eating too much batter.  And we don’t want that.  Plus, I’d probably go into debt shipping out that many thousands of cupcakes.

I could promise you that if you got me to the final three in Sports that I’d take ya’ll on a trip to NYC to watch the final awards.  Except…true to the awards, they aren’t in NYC, but rather – on the Internet live.  So, I can’t promise you that trip to NYC either.  But I can offer you a free trip to Twitter to watch the awards?  Good deal, huh?

I could promise you a piece of the award.  You know, like sharing the winnings.  Except…you don’t win any winnings at all.  Which would then beg the question of how I split zero into thousands of pieces.  I think my calculus teacher said that was impossible…but I didn’t do to well in that class…so not sure there.

Or, I could just promise to keep on delivering all the content I do day in an day out.  But, the reality is – I’d do that whether or not I won anything.

So…I’ll stick with promising that I’d simply be really grateful if you voted for me.  That…I can promise.  I’d open up the blog to lots of new folks, which is always a good thing!

image(Click above to Vote!)

Of course, when you vote for the Webbies you may want a bit of guidance on some other categories, I offer you a few of my favorites.  They don’t know they’re some of my favorites…but they’re just folks I enjoy reading:

Favorite Food #1: The Pioneer Women (http://www.thepioneerwomen)
Favorite Food #2: Seattle Food Geek (
Favorite Food #3: Barefoot Kitchen Witch (
Favorite Topical: Flight Blogger ( – I love aviation…what can ya say?
Favorite Travel: View from the Wing (

So…be sure to check some of them out and give them some love!  Oh and most importantly – swing on over by this Sunday…as, the nominations close then!

Thanks all – I appreciate your support!


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  1. Anonymous

    You are the Best, award or not!! Thank you for all your help….please keep it up. My boys and I enjoy looking at your posted picutres. Kevin C

  2. MSB

    I’ve got my vote in!

  3. VOTED… you didn’t mention that AFTER voting for ray’s favorite blogs (my 3 being: rainmaker, pioneer woman and seattle geek) you verify the votes in email. they don’t make it easy!

  4. Just voted for you on both websites, GOOD LUCK RAY and keep up the great write ups!

  5. Joick Cameron

    Does the Garmin foor pod work with the Garmin 920 Xt watch?
    Great article!!