Quick note: My Slowtwitch post on Garmin/Road ID combo

As you’ll know, I don’t normally ‘promote’ another one of my posts directly with a post of its own.  But in this particular case, I wanted to make a small exception for a quick heads up about an article I just posted over on Slowtwitch in this week’s Weekly Mailbag.

As part of that post, I lead in with a segment sent in by reader Cody Elder, who created an ingenious combination to integrate a Road ID with a Garmin Forerunner 305

I think it’s pretty important that all athletes – but especially cyclists – wear some form of emergency contact info. Thus, I highly encourage you to check out the post and see how you can easily integrate the two together with a small project that your friendly 1st grader could complete.

So..head on over to the ST post to get all the deets!


I’ll now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…thanks all!


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  1. Inspired idea!
    Hmm… wonder if the RoadID strap is narrow enough to fit a 310XT?

  2. Kim

    what a great idea – i am going to try this for sure. thanks ray!

  3. i have been thinking about this for a while, glad I am not the only one!

  4. Tim

    I too wear a RoadID and strongly recommend that all cyclist do as well. While I think that this is a clever idea I wouldn’t do it. In an emergency situation I don’t want my RoadID to serve a dual purpose between being a watch band and a emergency ID tag. I would be too concerned that an unknowing person could mistake the RoadID for a dedicated watch band for the Garmin.

  5. Amy

    What a great idea. I had never thought about switching the band to the road ID. So nice that you would not have to wear yet another strap! I think it would encourage more people to wear a Road ID.

  6. I recommend the RoadID with the reflective stripe. Then it helps you from getting hit, not just after you get hit.