Getting set for Interbike!

Next week I’ll be hanging out in warm and sunny Las Vegas for Interbike.  I arrive Sunday and will be there all week long, eventually finishing up with racing in the Las Vegas Triathlon on Sunday.

Luckily, my badge for the event came just in time this past Saturday, right before I left early Tuesday morning for a few other cities that I’m headed to first, before eventually making it to Vegas.


Inside the very thin envelope (At first I was worried it might be like college admissions letters, thin is bad…) – was a single sheet with badge and event information.


I can’t say this was the most exciting pre-event badge I’ve ever gotten…especially given it was just printed on paper.  Hopefully once I’m there they’ll give me a lanyard or something, otherwise I’ll need to secure some duct tape to tape it on me.


The week is actually spliced into a few different chunks:

Monday-Tuesday: The Outdoor Demo a few miles away from Vegas in Boulder City
Wednesday-Friday: Interbike, on the main Vegas Strip
Wednesday-Thursday: The Health And Fitness Show, also on the main strip

I’ll be covering all the events…at each event, as well as many of the new wares that vendors are promoting.  I plan to publish mini-In Depth Reviews on interesting new gizmo’s and gadgets (or whatever else floats my way), along with Interviews and other discussions with companies and organizations.  For example, I have meetings with both Timex and Garmin, along with folks from many other sports and sport technology groups that I’m sure you’ll be excited to hear from.

Also, The Girl will be joining me midweek as well, and will be helping out too.  Good times ahead!

Speaking of vendors…

Over the past month or so I’ve been getting little Interbike alert e-mails from different companies looking to get media coverage.  Some of these are typical, and what you’d expect to see – for example, this little e-mail from Yakima:


Then there are those products that while they likely don’t appeal to you as my mainstream readers, they do appeal to bike shops that may carry the items – such as these kids trikes:


But finally, there is this e-mail I got earlier in the week.  Instead of introducing it in written form, I’ll just go with the screenshot from the media kit first:


Confused? No worries, it’s called ‘Performance Lingerie’ (I know that, only because I read the press release…I’m not normally that fashion smart).  Here’s what they have to say about it:


Be sure to fully take in the 10 product names mentioned in the first paragraph above.  Feel free to pause for a moment and reflect on each one.

Clearly based on this, I need to re-arrange my schedule.  This must absolutely go to the top of the list.  Sorry Garmin and Timex, priorities, you understand.  Plus, this gives me a chance to add a new label category on the site: Lingerie.

So – get ready next week for all sorts of publishing goodness.  You’ll probably see a higher frequency of posting next week as well, and a little bit different mix of content.  Though, I have a feeling you’ll still enjoy it all.

Oh – and if you’re at Interbike and wanna chat, drop me a line at my e-mail on the sidebar.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Imagine that, reinventing the wheel with sensual wear for the casual commuter. Clearly the world is about to change!

  2. Las Vegas, and Bikes, how could it get better than that.

    I’ll be looking foward to the report from Performance Lingerie. Including an explanation of what is Performance Lingerie.

    Have a good trip.

  3. I have been on the fence about a power meter and bike computer. Hopefully Interbike will shed some light on the upcoming products. With the new Garmin 800 coming out I would like to see a rebate on the 500 or 705.

  4. What retailer do you work for? I didn’t realize you are in the industry. I’ll be there “shopping” the floor as well. It’s the last year it will be in Vegas – there will be massive parties!

  5. Ummmm yeah… I love that you waited until you had left the state of Virginia before posting about the “Lingerie” you’ll be checking out in Vegas… remember I can have fun in Vegas too! hahaha

  6. WTF is performance lingerie? And how does lingerie take the place of bike shorts? Are they padded panties? How is that sexy?
    I hope these aren’t supposed to go under your bike shorts, everyone knows you go commando under bike shorts.

  7. Performance lingerie…huh. It boggles the mind and their intended use of it make no sense at all. I can’t see it happening.

    They will probably have these clear plastic sleeves that the badge fits into that you were around your neck on a thin elastic cord/string (I’ve walked more than my share of trade shows).

  8. I donot know a lot of commuter cyclist and the one I do know are men. But I’ve never heard anyone complain about bike shorts being too bulky or wishing they had a thng to ride to work in.