Garmin Forerunner 310XT Giveaway

Can you believe it’s August already?  You know what that means?  Well, not a whole lot really…except that we’re now simply one month closer to the end of summer. 🙁

So in an effort to counteract that – I’m going to give something away!  And since I love the Forerunner 310XT – I decided I’ll give one of those away.  Here’s my in depth review if you aren’t familiar with the little orange device.


Like the last two giveaways, there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you. I’m going about this like a random raffle drawing, except that you can get multiple ‘entries’.  Here’s the usual skinny on how:

One Entry: Simply place a comment below on this page, that’s it!  No lyrics to create, or poems to make.  No stories to tell, or anything complex.  Only comments on this page count (nope, comments from 2 years ago don’t count).

Two Entries: Three different ways to double up here.  In addition to the comment below, just put a link on your blog (if you have one) to this contest page.  Or the second option is adding your Twitter account as a follower of DCRAINMAKERBLOG and retweeting the contest announcement.  By simply spreading the word, ya get an extra entry.  (Note: If you’re already a follower, simply re-tweet and you get credit!).  The final third option for non-Twitter/Blog peeps is to Share this on FaceBook instead. Surely you have FaceBook, right?  There’s a handy button below the post for doing it automagically.

Three Entries: Triple-time baby!  This is easy – just do all three of the above!  Twitter (or FaceBook), Blog/Site, and Comment.  Ya max out at three entries though…no quadruple dipping here!

See, that’s pretty painless, right?

Please let me know in your comment below how many entries you’ve qualified for if more than one, as it’s super-difficult for me to lineup a Twitter account named “AwesomeRunner28” to a blog named “RunnerGuy” to a comment listed from “RunningCowTippers!”, and I certainly want you to get all your entries.  I don’t need to know your account names, just how many entries.  Also, if ya have technical questions/thoughts/comments/diatribes/poems regarding the FR310XT specifically, use that post page for those writings.

The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner 310XT (without HR strap).

The contest will run until Thursday August 12th, 2010 at 11:59PM Eastern Time when I’ll close the entry period.  I’ll announce the winner the following day.

For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets.  Thanks all!

(Note: If you’re active duty military and deployed and are unable to complete the three entry methods above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya counted for all three.  Thanks!)


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  1. I am going to link on facebook as wel for two! Awesome contest. And thanks for the Timex Global trainer review.

  2. Count me in for one. Great blog, and love the detailed reviews!

  3. You have the most amazing giveaways… oh and your blog is pretty good too ; ) I’m linking you on my blog also for 2 big entries. Thanks!

  4. Always good to hear what your up to. I learn something every day..
    Put me down for 3.
    Comment – Done
    Re-tweet – Done @Privateer29
    Facebook – Done link to

    Should get you there.

  5. Wow! This couldn’t come at a better time. IM WI in 6 wks! Fingers and toes crossed!

  6. Another great giveaway, count me in for 3, Twitter, blog and comment.

  7. GREAT BLOG BROTHER!!!…I enjoy your reading your page!

  8. I’m in for 3: twitter and facebook, blog, comment.

    keep up the good work!

  9. Have one already and I love it! Especially like the ANT+, had a forerunner 305 previously and needed to upgrade to get powertap data. Would love to get another for my wife. Enjoy reading your blog.

  10. Cool! Thanks Ray- add me in!

  11. Please put me on the list.
    Regards from the Netherlands!

  12. Great blog, now gimme a Garmin! 🙂


  13. In for 1!


    Go Ray!

  14. Sandra van Diemen

    Love that your giveaways can be entered from anywhere (i’m from holland)
    2 entries
    Done a retweet at faiththechosen2

  15. I got 2, would love to have this for

  16. In for two. (Retweet + Comment)


  17. MickyC74

    Great timing I was thinking of getting the wife one! Keep up the great work Ray

    Put me down for 2:

    1. This comment
    2. Re-tweeted (MickyC74)

  18. longfin

    Thank you!! I’m in for two, comment and facebook!

  19. Ray, you’re a legend!

    3 entries here. Blogged, tweeted, and commented.

  20. Long time reader, first time posting, love the blog keep up the good work!

  21. I have yet to find a more indepth blog with gear reviews than yours – it is amazing! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, count me in for 3…Twitter, Facebook, and comment.

  22. jancam81

    Awesome! Put me down for 3 – facebook, twitter and comment all done. Thanks!

  23. Put me down for one. Probably going to get one either way, it would be great to not have to buy it. Thanks for the great blog.

  24. Count me in for one….
    I really need a 310xt to replace the 405 (which really sucks..)

  25. I can do all 3. Great blog!

  26. Truesdad

    Great blog!! Pls count me in for one!

  27. Great contest!

    I’m in for 2 entries – I’ve retweeted the contest on Twitter (@russmcox) too.

  28. Great blog. Thanks for all the great information and the great giveaways.

  29. Put me in for 3 entries please
    retweeted and added your giveaway to my upcoming weekend roundup post which goes up Sunday. 🙂

  30. Hey Ray,

    linked on FB as well for 2


  31. 3 please
    Facebooked it
    Tweeter it
    Commented here.

    Fingers crossed

  32. Just try 🙂 (double with facebook) Mainly to tell you, you do a great job with this blog!

  33. beskamoo

    I wish I get picked. Wanted to get that Garmin for the longest time.

  34. Polina

    Sweet. 1 entry for me!

  35. Nice, love these contests.

    2 entries, retweeted as therealboto.

  36. Thanks again Ray. Two entries for me (comment and FB). 🙂

  37. I’m in, cool giveaway!

    Uno entry.

  38. I’m in, on my Blog too… 🙂



  39. Tweeted, facebooked, and commented, three entries, please! 🙂

  40. Really great blog. I enjoy reading it every day over and over 🙂
    p.s.: 2 entries please (i retweeted it also 🙂

  41. Really Nice, i’m on top, also on twitter 🙂 Thanks Ray !!

  42. Great blog! Your reviews helped me a lot the past year.
    Greetings from Belgium

  43. I haven’t commented before, but your decision to help out our active military folks who may not be able to use all three methods has prompted me to give you kudos! That’s terrific, good on you for supporting our troops.

  44. In for 2, comment and retweet by webhaaz.

  45. I’m in X 3

    Love the giveaways, love the blog.


  46. wow put me down for 2 entries please – its on my blog here link to

    cheers 🙂

  47. Thanks for paying it forward with your reviews and giveaways. This is my go-to site to refer friends for gear reviews.

    2 entries – this one and a facebook link.


  48. I’m in for two entries please – twitter and this comment!
    Love the blog,

  49. Like this giveaway 🙂

  50. DC

    This is SHAILENDRA BHIDE from INDIA. More than 11000 kms away but still I watch and read ur blog everyday religiously. Its such a awesome site well articulated, researched and easy to read and understand what ur saying. KEEP IT UP. WISH TO MEET U ONE DAY

    RETWEET-DONE @bubbu64

    I have done all the 3 requirements to participate in the giveaway. I keep dreaming about the 310XT even in my sleep. lol. BTW I am a triathlete at age 47 training hard for the ironman next yr. This device will help me a great deal. My email is

    Thanks for your generosity. Your rock. Best of luck in ur endeavours.

    Shailendra Bhide

  51. Just started reading your site two days ago, count me in for 1! Thanks

  52. I’m in for one. Would be an excellent upgrade to my 305.
    Great blog!

  53. Woot!
    Best watch and best blog!!
    2 entries!

  54. Thanks for the all the product reviews – truely awesome.

    Count me for two,
    Facebook and comment


  55. Greetings from the Croatian! Your blog is excellent.

  56. Excellent blog, I’ve learned a lot and appreciate your approach. I’ve got my finger on the button to buy a 310xt, but perhaps I can be lucky here!

  57. I Ray – please put me down for two – a comment and a retweet. Cheers,


  58. Geert Vanhoof -

    Count me in Ray … great blog

  59. Hi. Great blog. count me in for one entry.

  60. I need this desperately!!! 3 Entries here we go!

  61. Anonymous

    Two (Twitter) for me please Ray!
    – Sam

  62. One entry for me. Keep up the good work!

  63. It’s Christmas in August?
    One entry for this lottery!

    Great job DC, have an happy summer,

  64. Well Ray, I’m definitely in on this giveaway, as it’s the only way I’ve any chance of getting such a great piece of kit. Thanks for giving me the chance of winning a Garmin Forerunner 310XT.
    I’m linking my blog up to yours and Facebook as well.

  65. Anonymous

    Been wanting a new dev. Count me for two

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. G

    Simply awesome giveaway!

  68. great competition. i’ll mention on my blog tonight and just retweeted as well.

  69. Count me in for two entries. Comment and retweet from @tbantham. Love the blog!

  70. Count me in for 2:
    Comment + FB.

  71. Already follower on Twitter, that’s two for me. Thank you for your blog, Ray. And congrats starring in SharkDiver !

  72. Count me in.
    Fingers crossed 🙂

  73. Awesome contest Ray!
    I am in for all three
    twitter (ewanhardie)
    Blog comment (


  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. Awesome! Put me down for 3 – facebook, twitter (@shawnskillman) and comment all done. Thanks!

  76. OK put me in for one shot.

  77. Not sure if you count me in for 2 or three – I commented (obviously) I also Facebooked and retweeted…no blog to link via, though.

  78. Thanks for a great blog and nice giveaways 🙂
    Please put my name down with 2 entries, FB and comment.
    Cheers from Iceland…

  79. shurley

    Count me in, thanks! Just the one entry… Great blog, btw!!

  80. I’m at least one entry, maybe even two, I’ll see if I remember the twitter one. I’d love to win a Garmin and your blog is great.

  81. Thanks for the chance to win the new Garmin. Lynda B (also re-tweeted as @lbanzi)

  82. Woohoo giveways! Single entry here! 🙂

  83. tomek grosz

    Good work 😉

    This is one of my favourite blogs for months.
    Thanks for very professional reviews.

  84. Put me down for 3, I commented, retweeted and blogged. Gadgets, love them!

  85. Blogged and Facebooked it. Sweet giveaway! 🙂

  86. Count me for 2! Retweeted and this comment. (Which is my first comment on your blog – I’m such a lurker! Great blog!!)

  87. Count me in!

    Thanks for your great reviews.

  88. Great blog. One of my favorites. Going to tweet this as well.

  89. bazaar01

    Love the blog-keep it up and good luck with the rest of 2010!

  90. tres por favor

    this might be the greatest blog giveaway ever…just saying

    *also a great way to replace a stolen 305

  91. Entered here and re-tweeted as Steve314

    Always look forward to your posts! Fun stuff.

  92. Shane W

    Another awesome giveaway! Only one entry for me as I stay away from any form of social networking.

  93. Count me in for 2 entries. Commented and re-tweeted. Thanks!

  94. Comment, Twitter, Facebook, linked-up

  95. Thanks Ray! Keep up the GREAT work!
    Re-tweet – check! @tpgrole
    facebook – check!
    comment – check!

    DCRainmaker for President! 😉

  96. I linked on facebook so count me in for two. Great blog.

    M. Chris

  97. 2 entries for me! (FaceBook – Thierry Guertin)

  98. Count me for 2 entries! I posted to facebook and am commenting on your blog!

    Be prepared to be bum rushed by entries for this beauty. Love the blog!

  99. Ray, you have the best giveaways EVER! (and the best product reviews!)

    Sign me up for 2 entries-just tweeted via @ActiveEggplant

    Fingers crossed!

  100. Re-tweet – check!
    facebook – check!
    comment – check!

  101. count me in! Thanks!! Carol Valentine

  102. Ray,

    Great blog, love the reviews and the entries about your travels.

    Put me in for three, link, retweet and comment.



  103. Great blog! And I love the giveaways

  104. Really enjoy your site. Also, since my 305 crapped out at Mooseman70.3, I could really use this! I’m in!

  105. Chris

    Thanks for all the in depth reviews!

  106. I’m in for two! retweeted from johnahull

  107. 3 entries for me!! Thanks for the giveaway

  108. This comment has been removed by the author.

  109. Count me in for Two, added to Facebook!

  110. Lost my Garmin at the finish line of Voyageur 50. So looking for a new one. 3 entries for me.

  111. Love you blog. Would love the garmin!

  112. Sign me up. Love your blog. I will retweet as well.

  113. Count me in for one…hopefully catch you at some local DC events!

  114. Finally a way to replace my broken down 305!!!!

  115. Put my name in the hat for the 310XT. Good idea & blog. Thanks.

  116. Awesome giveaway and great blog!

    Count me in for the following:
    comment – done
    linked on my blog – done
    facebook – done


  117. 2 Entries for me please –
    Commented here
    and retweeted (majorcane)

  118. Wow! this would be great to win!!
    Put me down for 3 entries please:
    Comment, Twitter and posted a link on my blog.

  119. 3 for me:

    This is my dream Garmin
    I posted on Facebook via button
    Linked in my sidebar

  120. Garmins rock and so does this blog.

  121. Fra

    Retweeted and commented

  122. Here’s my 2 entries; here and twitter. I could really bank on this with the Beach2Battleship in November; it would be quite the step up from my forerunner 50 missing the face plate I’ve been using for the past 15 months

  123. Awesome giveaway! I’m here and retweeted, so count me in for two entries! Thanks for the opportunity!

  124. Glad you made it back safe.

    Three entries for me:


  125. Tweeted, facebooked and blogged. You rock!

  126. I’m in for 3….
    1. Commented
    2. Linked on my blog
    3. Shared on fb

  127. Count me in!

    Not sure why I haven’t found your blog before…

  128. Please count me in for two entries! I am now following you on Twitter and I sent out a tweet (@marleneruns)


  129. Found your blog a month ago. Love the information, and of course the giveaways :-)!

  130. Awesome! I’m totally in for 3! Comment, Blog, Facebook.
    link to

  131. This comment has been removed by the author.

  132. This comment has been removed by the author.

  133. Put me down for 3 entries!

  134. Love the blog, especially when you talk about stuff going on locally (I live in Bethesda). Count me in for two – I’m also going to tweet this.

  135. Comment+Twitter (@nickbarnwell) = 2 Entries
    Keep up the great reviews!

  136. my tri training partner has this and I’m jealous, that’s right i’m admitting to gear jealously

  137. Heya! Put me down for two entries! Woot!

    1. Comment
    2. I’m re-tweeting (already a minion, er, follower)

  138. following on twitter @runtothefinish and tweeted

  139. Great giveaway! Put me in for 3 – comment, facebook & re-tweet. Thanks for the great blog!

  140. This comment has been removed by the author.

  141. 18000rpm

    Thanks Ray for continuing to run (pun intended) such a great blog. I’m in for one.

  142. awesome giveaway! put me down for two entries -I tweeted-twitter names is @tinypickles

  143. Sweet…
    Commented, am a new follower and reTweeted.

  144. Put me in for 2 (shared on facebook).

  145. This is the greatest giveaway!!! Count me in for 3! @elletri (did Facebook also), Blog, comment. Thank you!! ; )

  146. Great!! Awesome Blog!! One entrie. Thanks

  147. Cool blog–even cooler with give aways!

  148. And one more entry for a retweet (@boiler52).

  149. Count me in for 3 entries, this comment, Retweeted as @spaetzel, and on Facebook as link to

  150. Is this contest like the time I got a phone call telling me that I may already have won $100,000??

  151. Anonymous

    One entrie for me. Thanks.

  152. I found you through a friend on Facebook. I shared the link on Facebook, followed you Twitter @MLindsley and retweeted.

    Thanks for the product review!

  153. comment and tweet…thanks!

  154. thanks for the giveaway. I have posted on Facebook, my blog, and in your comments.


  155. I’ve been shopping around for a Garmin! Pick me, pick me!

  156. Pretty sweet giveaway – it doesn’t get much better than this! Put me down for 1.

  157. Great Timing – Just looking at getting one of these for my next race. Count me in. I will post on Facebook also.

  158. Great Review. Put me in the for 3. Comment, Link on link to

    and I will retweet (and follow)

  159. OK, please put me down for three – blog post (, Facebook profile (but not sure how to show you that) and a comment here!
    PS Love shark week!

  160. wow…you are awesome…

    2 entries for me

    blog – chiuman75

  161. Count me in for all three

  162. Thanks for the in depth reviews, often link to them for information for members to our little running forum in Aus. Cheers.

  163. Woody

    Only a device as accurate as a Garmin could measure how much I enjoy the Rainmaker blog.


  164. Hey Ray,

    Stick my name in the hat 3x. I put a link on my blog and gave it a thumb’s up on Facebook. If I win this thing, do you also give an oral tutorial to go along with the awesome review you wrote up???

  165. Looks cool, I’d love to get one!

  166. 3 entries – blog / tweet / comment

  167. I’m betting it all on this single comment! 😉 I love your blog. Whenever I travel, I keep my open for you in the airport. It makes being stuck in an airport for 7 hours a little more fun.

  168. followed on Twitter / retweeted @txskatemom & left a comment. woot!

  169. Count me in for three please, twitter, on my blog and the comment 🙂

    And thanks for giving away what is probably the best GPS device for a triathlete out there!

  170. I’m in for 3 entries. Here’s hoping for some luck…I have entered all of your contest sure I was going to win. Of course, I though I was going to win a new bike or a trip to France every day of the Tour de France too.

  171. Tweeted, Facebooked and commented! Woot. I am still badly in need of an HR monitor and GPS thingee. If I win though, it might ruin my birthday gift from my lady. I am willing to take that chance.

  172. The 310XT would ensure i would experience being Lost and Found at the same time!

  173. I’m in for one! Sweet Giveaway!

  174. Another givewaway…o happy day! Put me down for 3, Ray. Thanks for the detailed reviews and constant updates…awesome stuff here…

    Comment here, check.
    Link from my blog (link to, check.
    Re-tweat (peterffurtado), check.

  175. I’ve got the 305 and would love to upgrade to the 310XT. Love your blog too and read everyday. Thanks!

  176. Put me in for three – comment, blog and facebook.

  177. just one for me, thanks for the chance, off to read your review now, sounds like a great gift for my sweetie!

  178. Throw me in the hat for one please.

  179. Sign me up for three entries:


  180. where do you get this SHWAG?

    Count me in.

  181. I want one!!


  182. Still can’t justify spending that much money on myself, so sign me up for the raffle please 🙂

  183. steve

    I could use a new watch. Throw my name in the contest @nomadfornow on twitter

  184. Awesome that you have such cool giveaways… I retweeted too… 2 chances, eh?? 😛

  185. I’m also retweeting (as @austinrc).

    I’ve been reading my way to the present from the beginning, and it’s a great blog -lots and lots of great info!

  186. I love your blog. I read it everyday at work. It gives me motivation for those days I don’t want to run/swim/bike. Got the Giant Acorn Oly this Oct. Hope to see you there.

    Oh and shipping would be nil if I won. I live in Manassas 😉

  187. Count me in for three….

    Comment here
    posted on blog


  188. One comment – Done 🙂

    As always, great giveaway!

  189. Love your blog. I also posted this on Facebook. Thanks!


  190. Just found you through my girl TMB! Love going back and seeing some of your posts! I want a Garmin! Thanks for the giveaway, I HOPE I win 🙂

  191. Just tweeted all about this, thank you!!
    This is one of the coolest giveaways ever!

  192. Put me down as both commenting on this great giveaway, and now following you and re-tweeting.

  193. Hit me up for 2 entries!

  194. i hope i win this time. im in with the trifecta…fb, twitter and this comment. fingers crossed.

  195. No whammy, no whammy, no whammy

  196. Super thorough review – thanks for that! I’d love to get my hands on one to replace my 205.

  197. I just bought one of these based on your review and it’s AWESOME. Thanks for all you do!


  198. Very nice man! I actually rediscovered my twitter to get in all three!
    a_stout – twitter
    Biking the Bay – Blog
    And this here comment!

    On a fun side note… my captcha for this comment is “tranny”, haha!

  199. I lurves my Garmin 310XT, and this one is for my wife (if we win!). Blog (in a couple of days), comment, and Facebook! You got it 🙂

  200. Sweet give-away opportunity. I’ve done all three: (1) commented here, (2)Following you on my blog and (3) re-tweeted the post. I need the 310xt!!! Thanks

  201. I would love to win this 🙂

  202. I became a follower on twitter and retweeted your giveaway @runcourtrun

  203. Thanks for the blog, been enjoying it for some time now.

    I think I qualify for 3 entries:

    1) Retweet (earltedly)
    2) A blog post (link to
    3) This comment 😉

  204. Trykx

    Two … this plus tweet, same name.

  205. Thanks again for a great giveaway.

    Put me down for 2 (here and twitter)

  206. Great idea! I’ll post on Facebook too. 🙂

  207. Nice giveaway, count me for two (twitter).

  208. I’m in and you got a facebook link as well!

  209. k

    I’ll be tweeting. I would love to win a 310 XT!

  210. oooh, giveaways are amazing!

  211. Love the blog – I bought a Garmin after reading your reviews. Would love to have a 310XT! Keep up the good work.

  212. Any friend of Jeanne’s is a friend of mine! Twitter is over capacity but I will tweet your contest, post on Facebook and link to you from my blog

    I believe that counts as 3.

  213. I tweeted (@thisamazingday)

  214. and i facebook’d!!! I love it!

  215. Sweet give away! Love your reviews too!

    Count me in for one entry 🙂

  216. Sorry, I probably should have done it all in one post. To recap: comment (check), twitter (check), facebook (check), blog on sidebar (check). So that’s three for me!

  217. My brother-in-law just sent me your blog and I love it. I’m linking on Twitter for two entries.

  218. One entry for me, please! Longtime reader – love how the blog has evolved over the years. Thanks for the giveaway!

  219. great site and posts as always.

  220. Man, keep the good work!

    Oh, and count one entry for me, please 🙂

  221. Wow, another giveaway so soon? Thanks Ray!

    I’m going for the Comment/FaceBook/Twitter

  222. 2 for me. Twitter (natebabcock) and here!

  223. Andy E.

    Great blog, and love this contest. Count me in for 2, I also re-tweeted. Thanks, Andy E.

  224. Comment, comment, comment! What a sweet giveaway!

    (&thanks for remembering the deployed servicemen!)

  225. me please! One entry! 🙂

  226. Great work! Count me in for 2!


  227. Excellent blog!

    In for two (this and Facebook), thanks!

  228. I’ve been reading and rereading your reviews on the 305 & 310xt trying to decide…fingers crossed.

    I’m in for three:
    comment: done
    link on my blog’s sidebar: done
    FB post: done


  229. Brilliant idea to maximize comments and followers! Hope *I* win :))

  230. Count me in for 2. I posted a RT under @saturdaygolfer.


  231. MamaDill

    Yay for free stuff. Love your blog.

    2 entries for me, comment and tweet.

  232. Kate T.

    Just tweeted, and here’s my comment: put me down for 2 entries. Thanks!

  233. Count me in for two entries-RT by sarahalow. Thanks!

  234. count me in! Also just “followed you” on tweeter… and re-tweeted

    does that count for 3? :))) fingers crossed!

  235. I need a new Garmin, both my 305 and 405 just pooped out on me! Thanks for the potential!

  236. Thank you for the chance. Three for me.

  237. Wow, this would really help my training! Haha, good luck to everyone though.

  238. 3 entries for me please. Tweeted, Facebooked and on my blog. The prizes just get better and better!

  239. Love your blog, count me in for an entry!

  240. This comment has been removed by the author.

  241. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂 I’m using a crappy $40 Timex to record overall times and manually entering them into Buckeye Outdoors. I desperately need a GPS watch and have been totally coveting a 310XT.

    So much so that I posted this on Facebook, Twitter (jennrice), blog and this comment. Do I get 4 entries?

    Jennifer (

  242. Count me in three times please. I would love to have one of those.

    link to

    link to

  243. HI Ray! Put me in for 2 please (comment + FB). I know I have a blog but I’m not posting much there any more since getting on FB :-\

    Thanks for the giveaway opp and hope you’re doing well!

  244. I most definitely need to be in on this one, maybe it’ll motivate me to get back into the game! I’m also going to post on FB and tweet (chasingiron).

  245. Def would love to win this for my wife. I can’t run since I am crippled.

  246. Sign me up for this give away!

  247. I have done it all put me in for all entries!! AWESOME giveaway!!

  248. Dolph

    Great blog, awesome reviews.

  249. I love the blog. The reviews and tips are very valuable and giveaways rock!

  250. PietroSan

    Loving your blog and in-depth reviews from Italy! I also retweeted the contest (@PietroSan), so count me in for two 🙂

  251. Dan McGowan

    Three for me! Thanks for the great giveaways.


  252. Hope this comment # is my lucky #. I never win! LOL

  253. I admit, I’ve long been a Garmin hater (old school technophobe runner!). But your review makes me think I might really like this device. Especially if I didn’t have to shell out the $$$ to get it!

  254. Ohhh this would be so great to have! Count me in. 🙂

  255. Here’s my first comment…

  256. On my sidebar on my blog…

  257. This comment has been removed by the author.

  258. I am NOW following your blog…

  259. Count me in! Have retweeted too!

  260. AWESOME!!!!
    I am in for 3 🙂
    I commented
    I follow you on Twitter
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    I also put contest on my blog:

  261. I’m glad to have found your blog! I also tweeted about it (@katenesse) and facebooked.

  262. Count me in for 2! Comment and retweet. Thanks for a great blog.

  263. 3 for me. Here’s my blog link and I’m off to tweet 🙂
    link to

  264. You should give it to me.

  265. Oooo…pick me, pick me!! Three entries here…comment, FB, Twitter and blog. Awesome contest, thanks!!

  266. I’m glad to have found your blog! I tweeted (@katenesse) and facebooked, too.

  267. This is really cool. I’d love to have one.

  268. I follow.
    I tweeted.
    I put it on my blog: (
    And I facebooked about it.

    It pained me though because I really… REALLY want to win!!!

    Great giveaway and I love your blog!

  269. Please drop my name/blog in the hat.

  270. Count me in for 3 entries. Have fun with this one. Looks like you may be busy with this drawing.

  271. Henry

    Keep the reviews coming. Count me in for two entries (Twitter).

  272. Just knocked out 3 entries for the 310XT! Hopefully I can be the big winner – Love the detailed reviews here btw –

  273. Sign me up. Love your blog.

    Lantana, Texas

  274. Wow words cannot even describe how badly I’d like to win this!

    And be sure to check out an awesome blog launch giveaway! :]

    link to

  275. Awesome giveaway. 1 entry. Really enjoy the review depth and quality. Keep it up, Ray!

  276. I am so ready for a Garmin. I have been waiting for 2 years. 🙂

  277. Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!

  278. I’m in for 3 – twitter, facebook and comment. Thanks!

  279. Just to me make it harder to cut up the names…Joe Mathison, and I’d love the 310XT!

    Love the blog!

  280. DC. I’m in for two.

  281. Great Website! Entry 1

  282. Howdy! This is Karen from Kansas, burrows3416 at yahoo

  283. Posted on Facebook – Entry 2

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  286. Following you on twitter! Entry 3!
    Thanks – I love the blog, so much great info!

  287. I’ve got 2 entries (this/facaebook)

  288. Put me in three times. comment, facebook and blog.

  289. Anonymous

    Only two (facebook and here). Damn twitter folks now have 50% better odds! 🙂
    I want two bonus entries for not being a fair weather fan! 🙂 C’mon luck, let’s see some changes!!!!!!

  290. Hope you find a new way to randomly select these. THANKS!

  291. Anonymous

    Ray – I have to replace the 305 for the Girlfriend that went through the washer and dryer.

    Put me down for 3 – cheers,

    Timmy P in Canada

    YOu and I will be doing Races on Sunday basically as far as you can be on either side of Canada. hahahaha. Ill be on Vancouver Island for a 70. 3

  292. Sarah

    I would love a Garmin to help with my quest to run more. Thanks for the giveaway.

  293. Anonymous

    Ray im in for 3 – have to replace the 305 for the Girlfriend that went inot the washing machine

  294. Please sign me up for three.
    You might have some trouble with the language on my site but the link is there…. Shared on facebook (link to aswell.


    Jan van der Linden

  295. Count me in for three. Comment, tweet, and FB. Awesome giveaways….never a dull moment on the DCRainmaker Blog.

  296. Yeay! Garmins! Adding to Facebook too… so that’s 2 for me.

  297. Fantastic giveaway, if only I tweeted. Facebook and comments, though! Thanks.

  298. Hello!! count me in 🙂
    + FB

  299. I almost bought the 310xt until I saw your giveaway. I guess I can wait until after to see if by some small miracle I win it.
    I’m posting on Facebook for a second chance.

  300. Three entries. Tweet from @ransick, will post a link on my weekly blog this Sunday

  301. Samuel Kordik

    Count me in! I’d love to get my hands on one of these. I tweeted as well.

  302. Keep up the great reviews Ray. One Entry.


    Maggie R. Put me in for two for commenting and FB’ing…great blog, awesome giveaway. I would love to win this…need one badly.

  304. Love to win. Will share this on my FB too!!

  305. I added this to my blog as well, so I guess that gets me two entries! This is probably the best blog giveaway I’ve ever seen.

  306. Three?
    Comment (see below)
    RT- @dwdillard

    Awesome giveaway!

  307. bday

    Great blog. Garmin would be a wonderful birthday present! (for me)

  308. Nice blog.
    Count me in for one.

  309. Thanks for the very helpful reviews, and the contest of course 😉

  310. One entry only — hope it’s a good one. Great (and generous!) contest!

  311. I need a new Garmin so badly! Please pick me! : )

  312. Great giveaway !! Great blog !!!

  313. Great stuff as always Ray! I just linked you on my blog as well….
    link to

  314. Posted it on facebook for 2 entries.

  315. I love you blog – I can haz Garmin?

  316. Sweet Blog. Also a DC resident!!

  317. Jamie

    Great blog! Put me in for two entries: comment and facebook. Thanks 🙂

  318. Dude, your going to be cutting for ever on this give away. Count me in for one

  319. Very impressive contest! I’ll have my fingers crossed. 🙂

  320. Shared on the Book…thats two

  321. well…I never win anything so my odds must be increasing? Great giveaway, Man!

  322. Add my name into the hat once please. Thanks for a great blog!

  323. Jake Jendusa

    2 entries please 🙂

    FBook and Comment

  324. tokelle

    Love your reviews – could totally use a new Garmin – had a scare with my 305 dying the other day! Linking on my FB page!

  325. Katie K. from St. Paul here – put me down for 2 entries! I shared on FB. Worth a shot!

  326. Love your blog and website. I check in 2-3 times per week for you updates. Reviews are awesome and used it when purchasing the Garmin 705. However been training for tri’s more than just cycling so carrying the 705 when running is getting old. The 310XT would be much more beneficial!!! 🙂
    Also putting on FB…

  327. Guess I am in for 3 (facebook/blog/comment)

  328. Would love to win the Garmin!

  329. Count me in for 3: Comment, Retweet (@mattdurf), and FB share.

    BTW…love the blog…perfect blend of great info, inspiring dedication, and unadulterated geekiness (in a good way ;))

  330. Oh this is fantastic!

    I am a struggling power walker who does 1/2 marathons.

    And I feel like dying most of the time with my arthritis & rheumatoid.

    But I will still be out there trying to go for one more race..

    And I will post this on my blog!!

    This would be great!!!

  331. Purchased two cycling devices in the past based on your in depth reviews…so thanks. In need of a good running watch, so free would only sweeten the deal.

  332. Already linked the contest on Facebook. So Put me down for 2. Great blog. I enjoy reading it every day.

  333. Wow. cool prize! 🙂

  334. Love the blog, got hooked on your in depth reviews earlier this year. 2 entries

  335. Anonymous

    Get site found the reviews spot on!
    really helped me to make a decision

  336. In for the double today (FB / post) Keep up the great reviews!

  337. I have a friend who really wants one (we are training for our first 1/2) but she can’t afford to purchase on her own! She would freak out if I won this and then gave it to her!!!

  338. Wow! 350+ posts already! Looks like this is going to be a huge blog promotion for you Ray. Count me in for all three as well.

  339. Count me in for two entries.

    Comment and Twitter.

    Love the blog!

  340. Thanks for your great reviews. Contains exactly what I want – not just copy and paste from the product’s site – don’t you hate that!

  341. I have the Garmin 305 but would love to upgrade to the 310 for multisport events and training. I’ll be linking this to my facebook page as well so my tri team can enter too.

  342. Oh my gosh, I NEEEEED a Garmin SO bad. Put me down for 3 🙂 Facebook, blog, and comment.

  343. Linked up on the running blog!

    Can I just please win? Please?

  344. Following you on Twitter for the 2nd entry.

  345. comment, facebook, twitter! thanks!

  346. In for 2: commented here and linked it in the sidebar of my blog.


  347. Found your blog while googling reviews on this exact Garmin!

  348. What an awesome giveaway!

  349. I want one! Please random picker pick me!
    And I’m re-posting on twitter, Lnw80050

  350. SCB

    Awesome contest. Also going to link on facebook for two!

  351. SCB

    Awesome contest. Also going to link on facebook for two!

  352. I was looking to buy one of these so I hope I can save the money for new shoes instead. Thanks for all you do!

  353. Count 2

    I’ll facebook too!


  354. Sounds fun. Hope this works!

  355. Yes! Garmin just died this weekend on a 140km run! One entry please and thank you!

  356. Nice contest – facebooking and blogging!

  357. Oh! My 5yr old Suunto is TOAST. I’d LOVE a Garmin. Enter me 3x please!

  358. Pick me, pick me! I don’t have a blog…though…so I only get one comment chance. I am training for IM KY 10…with Michele Emerson…and so could use the XT for the event. IT is by far the best piece of equipment ever!! And…this is my first IM…!!!


  359. Great blog, I enjoy your reading your page almost every day!

  360. Keep up the great work

  361. yahoo!! Great prize!

    im in for 3..

    Las Vegas!!


  362. linked to facebook – check
    re-tweeted on twitter – check
    comment posted – check

    count me in for 3!

  363. Anonymous

    I’ll take one entry – Eric, Naples, Florida.

  364. I would love to win this for my husband!

  365. Count me in for one comment with this comment.

    (You should be able to reach me via the google account I’m logged in with but if not i’m at halffastvanilla at gmail dot com.

  366. Facebook and blog comment. Brilliant giveaway, and awesome that you will send anywhere in the world (severely deprived of access to Garmin products here in Amsterdam!) Woohoo!! I have my fingers and Injinji socked toes all crossed for this one. Thanks DC RAINMAKER!

  367. Following you on Twitter and retweeted! Thanks!

  368. Put me down for 3 please!

    BTW I have been a long time stalker and blogged about you a while ago when you posted some of my ‘secrets’ about the 305 and swimming. You had a great post and I wanted to share it with others.

    Awesome job!

  369. Kaves

    Ray – best give away yet! I’m good for one entry…

  370. Great site!

    I RT on twitter that too.

    3 entries for me!


    how can i resist a chance for free stuff.

  372. Count me in for 3 entries
    comment, twitter, facebook, spreading the word!

  373. wanty wanty want!

    I have linked and facebutted and commented.

    Oh, how I want thee, 310XT…

  374. Marcus Stromberg

    Love the blog!! Can’t wait for new posts everyday.

    Count me in for two (comment & share on Facebook)

  375. Put me down for three – comment, blog link and facebook.

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  376. Count me in for two: left a comment here and posted on Facebook

  377. Awesome idea!! Will definitely link to facebook!! Thanks!!

  378. Anonymous

    Great contest!

    Brendan from Maine

  379. I have tweeted your twitting.
    I have linked to you in my blog.
    I am following you.
    I am thinking about you often.

    Put me down for 3.

  380. Put me in for two! I’m commenting and posting this giveaway on my blog’s sidebar.

  381. scott


  382. Awesome blog, and awesome contest!

    I also posted to facebook, so count me in for 2.

  383. Great giveaway. I linked it to my blog and posted it to facebook.

  384. Wow, what an awesome giveaway. Please count me in!

    ::crosses fingers::

    If I win, I solemnly swear to start swimming.

  385. I know you said no “quadruple dipping,” but I’m doing all four, anyway. So count me for three entries. I REALLY want this watch, so count me for 300 if you feel the urge.

  386. I’m in for two entries: this comment and facebook. Sick give away! Always enjoy your posts.

  387. Facebook and Twitter also. Love the blog!

  388. I NEED a 310XT!

  389. In for one. Thanks. Can’t wait for the Cervelo giveaway.

  390. Anonymous

    Woohoo, I’m a new reader and this is such a generous giveaway! I’m in for 2 entries: this comment and FB post.
    Cheers! SL

  391. Thanks for all the time you put into this. Make mine 2 entries!

  392. Anonymous

    Entry number 2! First one was on FB!

    ME WANT!

  393. I am a follower and could so use a Garmin. I don’t have one yet!

  394. I tweeted or retweeted!

  395. I posted a link to my blogs sidebar!

  396. WOW what I wouldn’t do for a 310xt! Count me in for 2, I am commenting and I tweeted!

  397. Here’s my comment. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  398. This GISrunner desperately needs a Garmin (my blog header even says so) – put me down for 2 entries

    Link on my blog sidebar ( and this comment

  399. I’m in for 2 – comment and Facebook!

  400. Woo Hoo Consider me entered! 1) for this comment and 2) going to share on my FB profile right now!

    Thanks for holding this contest, it’s awesome. 🙂

  401. Megan

    Hi! I am now following you on twitter and I retweeted your link. So that’s two entries for me!! Thanks! Megan (aka nutmg on Twitter)

  402. Also… Following on Twitter, tweeted the giveaway and posted a link to the giveaway post on one of my blogs:

    Cheers! And thanks again for offering the giveaway.

  403. I’m in for three: facebook, blog and comment. That sharkdiver video was pretty cool!

  404. Great blog and nice contest. Put me down for 3:
    Comment, Twitter (Stevers75) and facebook (link to

  405. Geez.. How did I not know this already..Thanks to my buddy buddy, who alerted me to this giveaway. More than the giveaway, I love your blog..Awesome reviews. (Oh, I just tripled – commented, tweeted via @transportgooru and FB-ed)

  406. Great contest, thanks! Please put me down for three (comment, blog, FB). 🙂

  407. Your reviews are all well written, insighful, and a generous gift of your time and talents, thanks!

    Please enter me 3 times:
    blog (
    facebook (Amber E Rydholm)

  408. In for 2 with a twitter tweet.

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  410. Got the follow on Twitter, and the share on Facebook… Now all I need is luck!!

  411. Wow! This would ice my week! But if I won then I’d have to be really honest about my mileage…oh no! what if my routes are short and I am really slow as molasses 🙂 ? Okay, enter me anyway, I’m willing to take that chance!!

  412. I posted your blog on FB. sorry I don’t tweet.

  413. I’ll take 3 entries:
    -RT @vebah
    -Facebook link to

  414. I am linking you on my post…I spent the morning in the ER with middle dependant unit so I am behind in posting but I will get it up there! Thanks!

  415. Tweet sent, comment posted…FINGERS CROSSED!

  416. Count me in 🙂


  417. Hey! I am good for all three entries!! Blog, Comment, & Facebook – complete! Thanks!

  418. A 310XT, no less!!
    I am game!

  419. Oh my god, I am DYING for a new Garmin – I have the good ol’ 50, which keeps crapping out on me during my runs! Sweet giveaway!!!

    I commented on your giveaway at my blog:

  420. Courtney Shorr

    I would LOVE to get this!! I have always wanted one, and being new to the tri world ( and a broke college student) I am still working on getting all this fun gear!! I will put this on FB too

  421. Courtney Shorr

    Courtney SHorr 801-634-9081

  422. Tammy

    1st time to read your blog- it is a great read!!

  423. Count me in. One entry

  424. Wow! I’m a regular since a couple of weeks. Love your blog.

    Please add me as well

  425. On my blog and twitter….thanks!!

  426. One for me. Awesome stuff.

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  428. Ray – Great giveaway. Fantastic job on the TGT review. Count me in for all three. Tweeted and Facebooked.

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  430. Holy crap a Garmin give-a-way!?! I’m impressed. You’ve got some serious connections. Put me down for three entrys.

    Gotcha hooked up on my blog, facebook, and the obvious comment. If you need to find me I’m @

    Thanks for the contest!

  431. Thanks for doing all of the product reviews that you do…

    I’m posting to my blog and facebook with the name Cardholic

  432. Put me down for 3:
    Twitter follower (and tweeted)
    Linked on my blog

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  433. Woohoo!! Put me down for 3.
    Tweet @cjsgrun
    Posted link to

    3rd time is a charm I hope.


  434. Like contests and liking your blog. Very funny and informative!

  435. jenn

    Love the blog! Did i mention I’m a born winner!

  436. I’m in for 2:

    Comment here
    Re-tweet (@leobinda)

    Thanks for your blog!

  437. Count me in for one. Thanks!

  438. Awesome giveaway! Thanks!

  439. Tweeted (as realrellim), commented, and blogged at 😀

  440. Two entries for me please! 🙂 Comment and I tweeted (@cbkingery). My garmin died this week – please be my lucky week! 🙂

  441. I would love to have that. Thanks for having the drawing.

  442. Would love to have a 310XT. Thanks for the giveaway. This is also posted to FB.

  443. 1. Cool idea .
    2.Twiter done
    3.Blog done.

  444. 2nd floor. Re-tweet and comment!

  445. Considering the amount of people who have entered, I’d say my chances are slim to none, but alas…I have been coveting the Garmin…so put me down for a comment and a facebook link. Pick me, pick me (the girl with her hand up waving it furiously to get your attention).

  446. A free Garmin, you say?? Love it! I have an old-school one for running, but an update would be nice…Thanks for givin’ me a shot. =)

  447. I sure would like a new Garmin 🙂
    Thanks for the contest.
    Sharon from Houston

  448. I sure would like a new Garmin 🙂
    Thanks for the contest.
    Sharon from Houston

  449. perfect timing. my forerunner 305 bounced off my wrist this morning while mtn biking. never to be seen again…by me at least.

  450. Garts

    Great blog, and your giveaways are just getting better and better!!!

  451. I love free stuff. A referral from Dangle the Carrot

  452. Two for me…one comment and one facebook post.

  453. Awesome! Facebook post here we come.

  454. Katie Mc

    LOVED your review – actually all your reviews. Thank you. And thanks for opening up this contest. Count me in for 2 entries – a comment here and a tweet (Katie140)

  455. Garmins rock and the 310XT looks amazing.

  456. Count me in for 3
    Comment here, linked to FB, and you now have a permanent link from my blog 😀


  457. Here’s hopes that I win!!

  458. Top blogging top reviews linked to facebook and twitter

  459. sign me up and i will keep my fingers crossed! thanks!

  460. Alex H

    I would love the upgrade. Amazing thing you do on this site. Comment and Facebook for 2 entries.

    link to

  461. Anonymous

    plus facebook = 2 entries!

  462. DC friend

    also facebook!

  463. Whoa, 500+ comments! Hope you have fun and do well in your Nfld tri this weekend! Good luck!

    ps. doing 3 entries including Twitter & FB

  464. Recently retired and no longer deployable, but happy to get a single entry. Thanks for all the in-depth testing you do.

  465. Thanks for all the technical info – it has been really helpful – especially the SportsTracks info!

  466. I feel like Oliver Twist in these giveaways. And am okay with that.


  467. Danae

    Put me down for two – comment and facebook. My boyfriend loves his Garmin almost as much as me and is insisting that I enter.

  468. DAD

    This is one family member who wants one.

  469. Awesome giveaway.

    I’m posting here, shared on Fb and retweeted.

    Good luck to everybody! (but especially me)

  470. 3 please! Commenting, tweeted, and linked to you on my blog.

  471. im in for two comment and twitter.



  472. 3 entries! thx for the reviews!

  473. Count me in also. Cross posted link to facebook and twitter.

  474. Thanks for the offer

  475. Everyone is a winner!

  476. sign me up…
    1) my comment:link to
    2)twitter:link to
    3) facebook:

  477. count me in! gave you some facebook love as well–though I think that was reall stupid, as I actually lowered my odds of winning as a result.

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  479. I’m down! I could use an upgrade from my FR60 that has seen one bike collision too many.

    Tweeted also…

  480. Anonymous

    Don’t know anything aabout this but my son would love it, I’m sure.

  481. One entry for me. Thanks.

  482. Count me in for 2 entries (this + facebook). 🙂

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  485. I am in great need of this. Please choose me. Thank you!

  486. sounds great – – touringmark

  487. Hi Ray… I entered three times.

    via facebook
    via my blog
    and by commenting here!

    Keep up the great work!

  488. Great idea! Put me in the contest.

  489. Sounds like some things in life can be free…
    This is a great concept and a better site.

    Count me in X 2: Comment and FB


  490. Deanna

    Gimme that Garmin!

  491. I’m in for 2, here and facebook. Thanks for all the great reviews!

  492. Linking on facebook for two entries!

  493. I just got a Garmin but have a friend that desperately needs one! Thanks!

  494. RRRRRRRoling the dice!!!

  495. WooHoo I could really use an upgrade! Count me in 3 times..running now to add to my blog and facebook!

  496. Awesome. Count me in for one.

  497. I won’t win, but I do want to:)

  498. loyal reader…love the blog!

  499. Just discovered your page, and definitely the best reviews around!

    I’ve retweeted, too 🙂



  500. posted to my blog yo!

  501. As I don’t have any blog, I’m going to retweet like crazy! Please pick me! pick me! PICK ME!! I need that yummy 310XT! PICK ME!

  502. PICK MEEEE! as I don’t have a blog, I will RT like crazy!

  503. Chris

    Garmin woot woot

  504. Trifecta! My post linking to the contest goes live Saturday morning. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  505. I’d love this!!!!

  506. I Facebooked the giveaway, no tweeter here:)

  507. What a great giveaway! Thanks!

  508. I am loving your blog since I am doing my very first baby triathlon, and I would love to win the watch!

  509. Count me in for 2 please and big thanks !!!

  510. Count me in for 3 again Ray!

  511. Count me in for 3 again Ray!

  512. Count me as 3. Thanks Ray!

  513. Please count me in for 1. I really appreciate the quality reviews you provide. Nice work.

  514. jacob

    x2-comment and facebook…great site here…you have now been bookmarked..

  515. Sweet blog! Put me in for one.

  516. Comment, facebook, and re-tweet (kgraham11). Great blog! Purchased the Forerunner 305 because of your review. 310 would be a nice upgrade and the wife would snag the 305. Keep up the good work!

  517. Tweeted, Facebooked, blog linked, and commented. Only 3 entries right? =)

  518. I may actually get into a half marathon if I had this baby!

  519. Fantastic blog. I’m in!

  520. Put me down for one!

  521. Put me down for 3 …

    Link on Blog

    Great giveaway Ray!

  522. Thanks Ray!

    3 Entries Please
    – Comment
    – Facebook
    – Blog link to

  523. ashleh81

    Two please.


  524. Love the site and have enjoyed following your posts.

    Please put me down for three entries … this post and I’m following you on Twitter and facebook.


    John Kynaston

  525. Great contest, and wonderful review of the Timex Global GPS. Many thanks, and I’m sure I’ll be back, based upon the 45 minutes that I just spent messing around on your blog!

    Oh, and I’ll post to Facebook and retweet too…sign me up for three!

  526. nice gadget… frens told me to get this garmin thingy, well donno if its worth it coz its expensive where i come from.. so would be nice if i can start running with this watch… ;)…so cross finger!!!

  527. DOS entries for me. The geek in me reads that as DOS, as in Disk Operating System, not dos the Spanish for two. Hmm. See – I really need a new gadget!

    Sharing on Facebook as well!
    WV: disores. When I run too much, my knees, dey get disores and I has to massage dem.

  528. Wow!!! what a generous giveaway!!!

  529. Love your blog, it’s inspired me to train for my first Tri. Love the gadget reviews because I’m a techi. Guess put me down for 3, @tophercochran

  530. Rhys

    Hey mate, I’m in for two. 1) this comment and 2) follow on facebook (if I did it correct?).

    Great reviews on 310XT and Timex Global Trainer….I’m think 310XT might be the go.

  531. I’m one entry short. My writing skill is below average so I cant blog about this contest. What I did was to retweet about it and of course make this comment. My understanding is that I cannot tweet and share on facebook at the same time. My Twitter account is @ferdinand_dti and the link to my RT is link to


  532. Thanks for the product reviews. Of course, thanks for the contest.

  533. 2 for me! But who’s going to be scissor-hands this time?

  534. Anonymous

    New to running here (1 year, 4 months and 1 day). Hope, hope, hope to win the Garmin. Thanks!

  535. Amazing blog! I found it last week when i was looking for a timex global trainer review. I cant stop reading it, excellent reviews

    I’m in with 3:
    Facebook share
    Retweet @juanlocreille

    Thanks Ray! I’ll be waiting for the orange one!

  536. Nice blog … like your product reviews

  537. Count me in two entries, Ray!
    I have you posted on my Facebook page

  538. Great blog – followed a link here from Facebook so your contest is working! Pick me! Pick me!!!

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  541. Count me in for three entries! In need of a new Garmin which will pick up satellites more effectively than my current (apparently slightly defective) 305.

    (Retweeted via @pipssqueaks, plus posted on my blog.

  542. 2 times – here and Fbook. Thanks for the great blog!

  543. Hi,

    I’m in for 1, feeling lucky…

  544. Here and on Twitter for 2. Would go perfectly with the metrigear pedals they are definately going to release any moment now, which will work with perfect accuracy and support ANT+. Right? :p


  545. This comment has been removed by the author.

  546. Stick me down for a “threefer” 😀

    1. Comment – tick
    2. Twitter Retweet – tick
    3. Blog note – tick

    My eldest son would love to have his own 310.

  547. Nice! I’ve just received the Garmin Forerunner 305 for my birthday last Friday. But I’ll happily take an upgrade. I’m sure I can find another very worthy recipient for my 1 week old Garmin. Now to tweet your blog post and put it on FB. Thanks!

  548. this will be the most awesome giveaway!!! well, first time reading your blog.

  549. Here and facebook. Love the contests. Just need to win one now.

  550. Great!Keep up the good work.
    Sign up for one entry.

  551. Anonymous

    Awesome! What a fantastic offer! Good on you – good karma must be heading your way.

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