The Because It’s Almost St. Patrick’s Day…Giveaway


While I was enjoying the umpteenth day straight of mind-bogglingly sunny weather here in the ‘City of Light’, it occurred to my that St. Patrick’s day is Monday.  Despite the French fondness for any reason to take the day off, it is not considered a national holiday here.  Not that it would matter anyway, I get to spend some 12-14 hours on a plane bouncing across the ocean.

So for no other reason than it’s (almost) St. Patrick’s day, and sorta-spring like (lucky charms and all), it’s time for a giveaway.


The prize is simple: A $400 credit to to Clever Training to buy anything from the site you’d like.  You can use it on anything they offer, from a Garmin/Polar/Suunto watch to a PowerBeam trainer, or a Quarq power meter.  If the item is over $400US, you’ll simply pay the difference, shipping is free either way.  The giveaway is open to all readers – including international folks.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Give me your weekend workout plans.  Simple as that!

Got it?

Entries will be accepted through Monday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (March 17th, 2014).  I’ll be you giving one device worth up to $400US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, depending on how tired I am after flying to Mexico City on Monday.  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  For devices/gadgets/gizmos over $400, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10MHD.  Even spring running or cycling gear.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail.   No leprechauns allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!

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  1. Daniel Sherman

    A short three mile run on Saturday and what’s billed as the hardest olympic distance tri in Arizona, the Bartlett Lake Triathlon, with over 2000 feet of climbing on the bike and over 600 feet of climbing on the run.

    • Kyle Schmidt replied

      5.5 mile speed training on Saturday morning, followed by an upper body weight training workout in preparation for a half-marathon next weekend. Sunday is for food and fellowship!

    • Melonie MacDonald replied

      Sat: 50min swim, 90min pace run
      Sun: 60min swim, 120min bike/trainer workout. First time taking my new Kickr out for a spin.:)

    • Sean replied

      Saturday: 10 Mile Run then building my new bike! TriSeason is on the horizon!

    • Tona Mendoza replied

      Long ride and long run!

    • Scott replied

      22 mile long run for Boston!

    • Mad_Triathlete replied

      Easy weekend:
      60min swim saturday morning, 90min bike (easy spinning) in the afternoon
      30min run sunday morning and a 2hr gym session on late afternoon

    • John replied

      Bouldering in a climbing gym tonight, racquetball in the morning, weight training Saturday evening, Spin class on Sunday. A light weekend!

    • Luis replied

      long bike

    • david micallef replied

      saturday = 12m run
      sunday = 50m bik & 1k swim

    • FrostByteVA replied

      8 mile hill run, and perhaps another 20 miles on bike. Waiting to win the prize so I can get the Polar V800 to track swims…

    • Darryl H replied

      Mon 15km run, 1hr cycle (trainer)
      Tue 10 x 800m intervals + 5 km run
      Wed 60km cycle + 10km run
      Thur 80km with hills, + 5km run
      Fri 15km run
      Sat 30km run
      Sun rest

    • Reiko Donato replied

      A 60-mile ride on the IMCHOO course on Saturday and an 8-mile run on Sunday.

    • Matthew Shepherd replied

      I will be Running along the beautiful Bournemouth beach on Saturday for 5 Miles,
      Then Going out on the Mountain bike round the new forest, using my garmin to explore! Distance unknown!

    • christine weisshaar replied

      lifting weights tonight, then 14 miles saturday! sunday is rest day.

    • Marcel Brinkman replied

      A long Sunday morning ride in the Surrey Hills – trying to emulate some mountain training South of London… :-)

    • Dan Morley replied

      Saturday 16k run
      Sunday 32k run

    • George Christidis replied

      as many bole km as possible, to prepare for the 200km local brevet in less than a month

    • Duan Dao replied

      definitely use a watch

    • John Nash replied

      18 km build-up on Saturday.

    • George Lin replied

      3 mile run and a full body work out on Saturday and Sunday.

    • Olivier leclercq replied

      2 weeks after the Vasalopet. Time to run again: 10 kms saturday morning. 15 kms sunday hopefully……

    • Tony G replied

      Since today is Pie Day, i gotta work it off somehow, so probably a quick spin on the trainer tonight. Followed by a full day of Soccer Coach training camp tomorrow. Then rest, and beer.

    • Lee Douthitt replied

      40 mile ride Saturday if the weather keeps, 8 mile run Sunday either way.

    • steve replied

      Indoor bike (trainerroad of course) Saturday, 2 hour run Sunday.

    • Robert Warden replied

      Weekends up to Boston (with all thoughts and focus on Boston).

      Wake. Run. Eat. Rest. Relax. Sleep. Dream. Wake. Run harder. Eat more, Rest longer. Relax diligently. Sleep deeper. Dream…. Boston Bound 2014!

    • Anne Chen replied

      Indoor trainer on Saturday and strength training Sunday

    • morey000 replied

      Saturday- LSD, up hill ~20mi, prepping for Mt. Lemmon marathon.
      Sunday- recovery run ~8mi

      Happy St. Patty’s Day. 😉

    • Danny Royce replied

      60 minute trail run on Friday afternoon. Short tempo run on Saturday morning with strides. Shamrock Half Marathon in Va Beach on Sunday. Possible recovery swim or ride after the race.

    • Kirk replied

      Sat: 1 hr run. 10 min warm up with 5×4 min zone 4 intervals and 3 min recovery.
      Sun: Rest day

    • Kyle K replied

      NYC 1/2 Marathon Sunday!!

    • Michael Hughes replied

      I’m going to run with my wife both days, 5.5 on Saturday and then either 7 or 10 on Sunday. One of those days I’ll also spend an hour on my new Kinetic Road Machine (on my very old Gitane Super Corsa, which I have just resurrected from the dead).

    • Fraser Allan replied

      Rest Day then crossfit 14.3.

    • taniwha replied

      All out effort on the indoor rowing machine on saturday morning.

    • Chmouel replied

      Some cycling tomorrow morning in sunny paris and after I belong to my family :)

    • Craig Ingram replied

      I’ll be doing a two hour training ride on the mountain bike Saturday and 100kms in the hills Sunday. Hope the rain stays away!

    • Herr Mustermann replied

      An easy post-flu / post CeBIT mountainbike ride in and around beautiful Hanover.

    • Steve Jutton replied

      4 easy miles with my daughter who just started cross-country.

    • Mack replied

      I’ve been sick all week so hopefully I’ll be healthy enough to exercise. I’d like to go on a nice 8 mile trail run this Sunday if so.

    • Sebastiaan replied

      A three hour bike ride on Sunday, walks with the dog aplenty and a run if I’m feeling like it. Gotta love an early Dutch spring!

    • Doug English replied

      Sat 30 km bike then 5 Km running Race, Sunday 2 hours on bike and swim and hike on mountain trail

    • Sean Montierth replied

      Cycling and running.

    • Dale replied

      Plan to do a training run on Sat and my long run on Sunday.

    • Johnny replied

      A 10km run on the Southdowns, followed by Daddy duties looking after a one year old…. Far more tiring than a run ha ha

    • adam replied

      started with a takeaway – whoops! but hope to end it with a 20k run around the most depressing city in the north of england!

    • Lee Reforma replied

      60 mile ride + 6 mile run in Chappell Hill, TX

    • annie eisenbqck replied

      CrossFit Open 14.3… Bike ride

    • Fanie Nel replied

      Did 30 km run today, 100 mile cycle tomorrow and mini triathlon on Sunday. IM South Africa is in 3 weeks, last big week.

    • Jamie replied

      I’m planning on a three hour bike ride tomorrow, and a 10-14 mile run on Sunday, depending on how the legs feel!

    • Jorge replied

      Saturday bike
      Sunday rest

    • Joe Rodriguez replied

      Saturday: 1000 yd swim & 40 mile bike ride
      Sunday: 20 mile bike ride and 10K

    • Nicole replied

      DC Rock & Roll half-marathon on Saturday; 1 – 1.5 hour easy bike ride on Sunday.

    • Catherine T replied

      Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon in DC!!!!

    • Owen warburton replied

      Can’t train this weekend as managed to fall off bike last weekend and waiting for the stitches to come out. Might still try to sneak something easy in though.

    • Toby replied

      A 10k run to check the start of the cherry blossom (Sakura) season.
      Sunday running with backpack to an onsen…

    • Steve E replied

      My plans for the weekend – Saturday might be intervals or cross training depending on how I feel (I’m fighting off some sort of cold or sinus infection…. Ugh) and Sunday will be a nice, easy 12 mile run.

    • Dave Mawer replied

      A recovery run tomorrow because I ran hard today… followed by an hour’s worth of intervals Sunday!

    • Harvey replied

      Four Courts Four-Miler (in a kilt), then a move on Sunday (more strength training than cardio)

    • Ryan Vittetoe replied

      just a couple of runs: short fast 3-4 miles Saturday, 10 miles on Sunday

    • Luis Rubi replied

      Saturday: Recon ride
      Sunday: Race!

    • Spence Bridges replied

      Riding mt diablo in Cali.

    • Keith Brown replied

      12 km tempo run on Saturday AM. Got a marathon on the following Saturday so this will be my last quality run before the race.

    • Raymond Fong replied

      Saturday: 15km run
      Sunday: 15km run

    • Dan replied

      20 miles on the trail on Saturday.
      recovery on the bike on Sunday!

    • M replied

      I’m doing a 60min spin on my kinetic by Kurt trainer, followed by a 10km run. Sunday I will be doing an open water swim in my wetsuit.

      (Plus, painting some of the house, playing with the kids and loving the wife!)

      Good on you rain man!

    • Pieter Maré replied

      10km paddle Sunday
      10km run Mon
      2km swim Tues
      10km run, 45min bike trainer Wed
      2km swim, 45min bike trainer Friday

    • Justin Hoffer replied

      Taking a spring trot around the neighborhood.

    • Dani Pindado replied

      No workout on saturday because on sunday i am going to take part on a 10.55km race in Magstadt, germany link to

    • Dave B replied

      Long run Saturday, long bike Sunday.

    • Jan Hawkins replied

      Saturday: 1 hr run, 1 hr swim, as much as I can fit in on the bike
      Sunday: 45 min bike, Interval rune

    • john mitchell replied

      First half marathon in 4 weeks but got a calf strain so had to cut back this week-rest Saturday then 6 mile easy run on Sunday.

    • prucha82 replied

      After busy last month working in the warehouse, flue, recovery and tiredness I am going back to running this weekend, after more than 3 weeks. I will try 8-10 km depends how I will feel. Weather here in Pilsen is cloudy and rainy, but can´t stop me! Wish you all have fun with your sport/lessiure activities during this weekend. Greetings from Czech Republic.

    • Mike A replied

      Sat: 40 min swim workout, 3 mile easy run
      Sun: Brick – 2 hour trainer ride, 30 min run

    • Johan Carlhem replied

      Training??? I will be in bed dreaming of a new bike, eating bon bons and ice cream while recovering from a cold.

    • Madeleine Cozine replied

      Saturday – 8k race – Shake your Shamrock!!!!
      Sunday – AM 90min Masters Swim, PM – 90min endurance run

      Happy St Patrick’s Day all!!!!!

    • Eric replied

      Hoping to get my first 2 digit mile run in since I sprained my ankle.

    • Dan Catlin replied

      Saturday – easy 20 mile bike ride with the lovely bride on her new Ruby.
      Sunday – training ride with daughter prepping for her 700 mile epic this Summer.

    • Jeff Sankoff replied

      3 mile run today, skiing Breckenridge tomorrow then Sufferfest video when I get home at night. Legs should be good and toasty after that…

    • Harald replied

      today only working in the garden

      tomorrow on Sunday it´s either a 30km long run at 6:13min/km for marathon training (which would be the sensible thing to do)

      or a 10km race here in Hamburg and then the Girl takes the car home afterwards and I´ll do a 20km long run from there home to get to the 30km to meet my training schedule

    • Stanley C replied

      Saturday: Party all night
      Sunday: 20 minutes jog at the park followed by stretching and bodyweight exercises: pull ups, push ups, sit ups

    • Kyle replied

      18 mile long run scheduled for Sunday

    • Andy Comiter replied

      On Saturday I’m doing an easy 1/2 hr bike with an easy 1/2 run before dinner. 2575 Triathlon on Las Olas (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)- .5 mile swim/12 mile bike/3.1 run. Most intense activity of the weekend- Watching the Florida Gators in the SEC Tournament!

    • Jim replied

      Run, bike and rock climb. Spring has Sprung!

    • Lindsay replied

      Swimming and a short 4 mile run along the river tomorrow – building up to the Rock n Roll half marathon in Liverpool, UK in late May!

    • Ilan Goldfeld replied

      Friday : 3 * ( 22 min Z2 + 2 min walk)
      Saturday: rest day

    • Daoud Amojee replied

      1 mile swim Saturday and a 5k run or maybe slightly more on Sunday. A good dose of metric and imperial…

    • Chris Banting replied

      Run the second leg of the Sarasota Half Marathon relay with my sister.

    • Eric S replied

      7 mile tempo run on Saturday. Rest day on Sunday.

    • Thomas Veheim replied

      Im going for a 15km run today and tomorrow Im going to Barrys Bootcamp!

    • Joel Jueckstock replied

      11 mile run on Friday, easy rest/recovery run + strength work on Sat., rest on Sunday–hang out w/ my kids!

    • Charlie replied

      Taking it easy this weekend. Probably a 2 mile run tomorrow.

    • Peter Godwin replied

      Steady run for 40min

    • David G replied

      Brisk 50km cycle in 50km winds in the outskirts of Edinburgh on Saturday. Olympic lift session on Sunday morning followed by a 10km run before dinner!

    • Simon Fairclough replied

      Two weeks until Head of the River and 4 weeks until my first duathlon so: Saturday run to the rowing club to warm-up, 20 minutes on the ergo at threshold then tempo run home.

      Sunday run to the rowing then 5k test on the ergo, then an hour on the water in the eight before 24minutes on the ergo at threshold and a flat out 5k run home.

    • Dani Pfulg replied

      Skiing as long as there is snow an the legs are not too tired.

    • Niels replied

      Rest Day then a 5K training run

    • Jamie Baker replied

      5 mile run and 1000m in the pool on Saturday. 11 mile mountain bike on Sunday.

    • Benjamin Wilson replied

      Starting training for my first duathlon; a brick (2k run/8k bike) today (saturday) followed by 45 minutes of intervals, possibly on the trainer due to the northern new york weather.

    • chris replied

      5 tempo run on Saturday, Sunday rest, Monday hill repeats

    • Todd Fields replied

      Sat-rake dead leaves and cut weeds
      Sun-MTB all day!!

    • Mark R replied

      Saturday is a rest day. I’m running a 6 mile long run on Sunday.

    • Andrew replied

      Spin and then a 6mi run

    • Acatri.St replied

      40mi bike ride on Saturday morning. Beach run (5km) on Sunday


    • Russell replied

      Local St. Patty’s 5k

    • Scott replied

      7 miles Saturday and 5 miles Sunday for first half in June

    • Nicholas frenette replied

      10 km running and some computrainer intervals

    • Sean Benjamin replied

      3 hour bike ride, no other rules other than the amount of time.

    • Bartholomew Eisfelder replied

      Indoor ride on the trainer :( snowing again…

    • taku replied

      Took the kids to Disney, walked a bunch, running trails on sunday 10k 1700 ft of climbing

    • Robin Crimp replied

      9k run – early days in training for the Queenstown Marathon

    • Cheryl Morton replied

      For this 51 year old female, training for my 1st half marathon at the Gol a Coast means a training plan of running 4 days a week. I don’t really know if I can do it but I’m going to give it my all

    • Bo replied

      Running and weight training for me this weekend. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Isaiah replied

      Some long indoor bike rides. Still cold outside

    • David Klossner replied

      MountainAthletics workout with North Face in DC.

    • Greg replied

      Long run Saturday, long run Sunday. Training for a 50 miler in may.

    • Sam replied

      Run on a park in Bangkok (at 26+ degrees)
      Despite the protests going on around town.
      Sport wins over battles…

    • K. Cooper replied

      Ran a local 10K with my kids. Daughter won her age group, son won 2nd for age group, and I won 1st for “old guys” Masters…

    • Lucas M replied

      Just a long swim on saturday and medium Zone 2 run on Sunday

    • chris12345 replied

      Mardi: 1H05 Home trainer
      Mercredi: 1H05 course à pied_14Km
      Jeudi: 1H Home trainer
      Samedi: 1H Home trainer (à jeun)+1H15 course à pied 16 Km+3H de vtt
      Dimanche: 50 Km de roller 2H05

    • Mike Kmiec replied

      Sat: 2 hour bike ride, tempo pace
      Sunday: some core and strength work
      Mon (St Pattys): 1 hr trainer ride at threshold

    • J dal Cais replied

      120′ ride on Saturday and 60′ run on Sunday.

    • gantz replied

      Saturday-70km medium/aggresive cycling
      Sunday-100km easy/medium cycling

      preparing for 160km century ride on jun 2014 and trying my new bicycle setup

    • Sharon replied

      Saturday: 2 hours and 15 minutes on Kickr trainer, trainerroad’s Warren workout
      Sunday: yoga and an easy recovery ride on the trainer

      Thanks for such an informative and fun site.

    • Terrence Hornsby replied

      Saturday: 65 mile ride
      Sunday: 20 mile bike, 5 mile run brick workout
      Enjoying the Florida winter weather!

    • Hervé H. replied

      15K runs in forest saturday
      2k swim sunday
      + a big nap

    • Fergus Anderson replied

      Slow 6km run as I recover from IT band problems followed by 20mins core strength exercises

    • OJ replied

      Sprint triathlon on Saturday, easy run on Sunday of undetermined distance, then weight training on Monday.

    • Bill Burton replied

      42-mile bike ride on Saturday. 8-mile run on Sunday.

    • Ted Wollnik replied

      24 miler run sat followed by 5 miler on Sunday in prep for May Ultra

    • Daniel Sheeter replied

      4 mile trail run and an orienteering event.

    • Raymond Wynman replied

      Saturday ride for 48 miles @Z2/Z3 pace with Z4 intervals in the middle. Sunday ride for 1hr @ recovery pace.

    • Douglas Cash replied

      Last few long runs before a 3/30/2014 marathon. 6 miles on Saturday and 12 miles on Sunday

    • Penelope Hand replied

      Sadly weekend workout consists of me relaxing, drooling over workout gadgets and being insanely jealous of all runners I see out on the road. Being pretty sick lately and ER visits in the past week will do that to a gal. :)

    • Rob Rix replied

      Jogged up a mountain (1300m) on Saturday. Lay around enjoying coffee, wine and a good schlocky book on Sunday.

    • Bernie Pechlaner replied

      15-20 mile road Saturday
      28 mile trail run Sunday

    • Stephen Kmep replied

      Saturday: 1500m pool swim and 50km breaking in the ZIPP disc on the P5
      Sunday: first Half Marathon race of the season

    • Dboatrunner replied

      Planning to do a 10k run, with some weights later on!

    • Pedro Fradique replied

      No training this weekend but a nice bike ride with my older kid, through new cycle tracks in Lisbon.
      Thanks for the giveaways as allways.
      Good luck all.

    • Kamil replied


      Morning 2.5 h bike – main part – 214W
      Evening: 45′ swimming, main part 100/200/300/400 at thresold, after that 300 / 500 paddles / 800 of endurance.

      relax :)

    • Sumet N replied

      Weekend plan:
      Saturday Bike 60-80 kilometers
      Sunday Run 8-12 kilometers

    • Eddie Fuchs replied

      Nice 10 miler run. First “long” run in a while thanks to a hectic life lately, but felt awesome!

    • Jason Chan replied

      quick 5 miler speed training
      core workout at the gym

    • John Tsimperidis replied

      To Enter: About 15 miles of cycling around Windsor, UK on Saturday and followed by a proper barbeque with burgers and lots of beer on Sunday!

    • Chase Gibson replied

      Saturday, 10 mile run with an alumni runner of mine. Sunday, 16 mile long run.

    • Celso Costa replied

      Run 8K on Saturday

    • Alex Schleif replied

      On Sunday, I went for a 164km bike ride from London to the South Downs and back – almost 2000m of climbing in gorgeous Spring sunshine.

    • Charlie Brandwick replied

      1 mi. swim and 6 mi. run on Saturday. 60 mi. ride on Sunday.

    • Arnd replied

      Sat: rest day
      Sun: long run

    • Roland Kuehne replied

      Saturday: 30k long run
      Sunday: 45min recovery run

    • Craig Weaver replied

      Friday: drag 100lbs of gear 3 miles ice fishing
      Saturday: 4 hours of standing/speaking at our Multisport team start of the year meeting
      Sunday: Recovery day
      Monday: 30 minute run on treadmill

    • Joel replied

      Run 5 trail miles!

    • Wayne replied

      Saturday: Rest
      Sunday: Easy 3 Mile Run followed by an easy 20 mile bike

  2. Jake

    A warm weekend so I should be on the bike saturday for an unknown amount of miles.

  3. Tender

    Long run this weekend with a vivofit and forerunner.

  4. Luke

    6 miles tonight and another 10 on Sunday. Hopefully outdoors.

  5. Blanca

    Rest on Saturday, Body Pump class and 115-minute-long run on Sunday, getting ready for Madrid Marathon on April 27th!

  6. JohnM

    I’m starting off with some strength training (fighting to pry the trainer tire off my rear wheel and install a road tire) followed by some brisk base miles in the still rather chilly Ohio countryside.

  7. Ken

    Take advantage of the warm weather on Saturday for my 2nd outdoor bike ride, then volunteer at the St. Patty’s day road race I’m registered to run in but can’t due to a hurt hammy.

  8. heiha

    Saturday rest, sunday cycling

  9. James Spooner

    A nice sunny long run over Hampstead Heath in North London hopefully!

  10. 14 km of easy running on saturday and 8 kms with strength exercises on sunday. Next sunday I´ll be running Trasierra Trail near Madrid and it’s time to adjust the effort

  11. aho

    It’s spring! A nice long run sunday morning :)

  12. Erik Lindahl

    Gonna do the “Birkebeinerrennet” 54km nordic skiing on saturday and 45min easy session on bike on sunday for recovery!

  13. Looking forward to a long run with my training group

  14. Go for a 60km test ride with new GP4000s tires (link to on Saturday afternoon, bouldering on Saturday evening and finally a “longer” 100km ride on Sunday afternoon facing 60km/h winds and (likely) a lot of rain. Sounds fun!

  15. Keith Forshew

    Spin class on Saturday unless it warms up, followed by a short couple of miles brick run. Sunday long run 12-14 miles in preparation for the Philly Love Run in a few weeks.

  16. ron

    bike ride then spa with the bros

  17. Lee

    Saturday 3 hrs mountain biking (training for Leadville races) hopefully before the snow rolls in
    Sunday Snowboarding.

    Gotta love Colorado.

  18. Diego Alberto Prado Cardozo

    Completely NOTHING….all weekend with my kids!

  19. Jeff

    A 4 mile run Saturday, followed or preceded (haven’t decided yet) by a bike ride of uncertain distance (not part of the current training plan, just feel like getting out on the bike). Then a 10 mile long easy run on Sunday.

  20. Nelson Diogo

    A soft 60km Road Bike ride on saturday morning + 10km run right after! A light run at the mountains nearby on Sunday to get some climbing

  21. Paul

    Looking to ride 4 hours or so Saturday and maybe 2 on Sunday.

  22. davide

    run. run a lot.

  23. Erik

    Saturday is my scheduled “long” run through the city of Tacoma, WA! Going for a very short 60 mins as per the LLS Team in Training schedule. Then on Sunday I have a 40 min jaunt through my city (Kent, WA) to recover. When I’m not running, it’s yard work time!

  24. ray

    Finally getting some above freezing yelps here in northern WI. Running 14 miles on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.

  25. RELAX! teaching Handgun Shooting & a bit of Scuba.

  26. Matthias

    Forecast says a rainy weekend is coming for south Germany.
    But I’ll still do my road bike rides to test my never used (so far) rain clothes.
    I plan to do each day a 50km round tour.


  27. AK

    Swimming (in a pool) for an hour on Saturday and then a 3 mile run for Sunday. Trying to will spring into existence in a somewhat cold Wisconsin.

  28. Mark

    Shooting for a 90 minute run on Sunday (if my injury gives me the go-ahead)

  29. L

    First run after two weeks off due to a stupid never-healing injury

  30. Morten

    Long nice run :)

  31. Headed to Rochester, NY, where I hear they just got another foot of snow. Should make for an interesting long run…

  32. Thomas

    I’m going to play rugby on Saturday, do a recovery jog that afternoon and then do a 7 mile tempo run on Sunday.

  33. Training for HAT (50k) with an easy 20 miles on the trails.

  34. Lars Frederiksen

    Saturday a short fast trailrun (12-14k) Sunday a good long Trailrun (30-35k)

  35. ed

    to take it real EASY this weekend after having just qualified for BOSTON MARATHON 2015 a week ago. First time trying, first time qualifying. WOOHOO!

  36. Tracy

    Saturday is my long run day. I have a 9 miler this weekend. Sunday is my cross training day. Usually it’s biking or hiking.

  37. Martin

    Intervalls today, easy ride tomorrow and no clue on sunday.Cheers

  38. Ride OUTSIDE, not on the trainer.

  39. Scott

    I will be running in the Get Lucky Twin Cities 21K in St. Paul, MN.

  40. Tovi

    Friday: 2 hour easy ride today on my rollers,
    Saturday: 1 hour swim tomorrow followed by another easy 1 hour ride
    Sunday: Running the March Madness 13.1 marathon in Cary, IL to test my current level of fitness and speed!

  41. Amanda Abbott

    A 1 hour spin class on Saturday and a 4 mile run on Sunday!! Yay for finally being able to run outside again!!

  42. Kevin Kunak

    10 mile trail run Saturday and St Pattys days 5k on Sunday.

  43. 1:30 MAF run on Saturday and a 3 hr easy bike on Sunday. And drinking beer in between the two :)

  44. George H.

    The Rás na hÉireann 5K in Somerville, MA on Sunday followed by a wee bit of IPA for the 12oz curl part. Beer is very Irish you know. :)

  45. RL

    Long run on Saturday, short one on Sunday.

  46. Chris M.

    Run a marathon. Then beer can arm curls.

  47. Stevie Lyn Smith

    Running my 10th marathon at the DC Rock’N’Roll Marathon on Saturday. On Sunday I am taking a rest with coaches orders to eat a lot of junk food, be lazy, lay around and swear whenever sitting down/standing up! :)

  48. Flo

    Sat: 2h30 ride with lots of hills (Z2-Z5)
    Sun : 4H30 flat ride (Z2) + 20 min fast run