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Strava Launches Spotify Integration: Hands-On Quick Overview

Look, I’m a sucker for Spotify integration in anything. Be it watches, Ikea speakers (because I’m too cheap to buy the fancy-proper SONOS ones), or as is the case today, Strava. Don’t worry, this post is a quickie, and more … Read More Here

Jaybird Vista Earbuds Hands-On: An AirPods/PowerBeats Pro Competitor for Sports?

Here’s your real-life testing on how it actually works with sports GPS watches like the Garmin Forerunner watches and Apple Watches. Everything the athlete needs to know. Read More Here

Spotify rolls out Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music Support

It’s been some four months since Garmin first announced Spotify integration for their music enabled wearables. This allowed those with music enabled devices to download Spotify playlists and music to their watch and play it back sans-phone, using just Bluetooth … Read More Here

Tech Tidbits: Spotify on Garmin FR645 Music, New COROS Helmets, No Apple Watch ECG Yet

Got two and a half quick tech tidbits for you today, as I keep my head down focused on a flotilla of trainer posts for the next 48 hours. All trainers…all the time.  Until then, some non-trainer news that will … Read More Here

Spotify Now Available on Garmin: Everything you need to know

For the last two months I’ve been happily listening to music while I’m running. And finally, now you can too. It wasn’t that I couldn’t listen to music before that point. Certainly I had plenty of devices that supported music … Read More Here

Hands-on: Waterfi’s Spotify Streaming Swimming Music Player

I’m a Spotify person. Sure, there are many audio services, but the one I listen to virtually the entire day (and at night with the kids) is Spotify.  Largely because it works anywhere I am in the world, without funky … Read More Here