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Why I think WTC made the right choice about Lance, even if it was wrong

Late last week when the world once again came crashing down on Lance, there was probably only group aside from Livestrong that was just as fraught as Armstrong: The World Triathlon Corporation, owner of the Ironman brand. As you probably … Read More Here

Ironman Texas 70.3–Race Day

(This is part II of my two day trip to Texas to spectate Ironman Texas 70.3.  The first day I cover all the pre-race festivities.  Whereas this post will be focused on race day itself.) I started off my day … Read More Here

Ironman Texas 70.3–The Day Before In Photos

Earlier this week I got the opportunity to swing on down to the Lone Star state to enjoy spectating Ironman Texas 70.3, here in Galveston, Texas. My goal is relatively simple: Bring you tons of awesome photos of the event, … Read More Here