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The Ironman Access Country Club Program? Maybe…maybe not…

For most that saw World Triathlon Corporations (WTC) e-mail announcement on Wednesday, or heard about it online, the initial reaction tended to be of anger – if not outright disgust.  However, the more I dug into responses from folks on … Read More Here

Ironman Florida – The Finish Line at Midnight

As I’ve blogged in the past, probably the most moving moment of any Ironman race is watching the last few finishers push to make the midnight cutoff.  All Ironman races start at 7:00AM, and allow competitors until midnight to finish … Read More Here

Ironman Florida 2009 Race Report

My alarm started buzzing away at 4:30:00AM…and started hitting snooze at 4:30:03AM.  After thinking through the situation for a bit more, I hit snooze another few times – taking me to about 5AM – when Lindsay called (I asked her … Read More Here

Ironman Florida – Day 2

This morning I was up again fairly early – by 7AM (which is way early by me-standards).  I had another brick, though this one a fair bit shorter than yesterdays. Today’s game plan called for swimming backwards on the course … Read More Here

Ironman Florida – Day 1

(Note: These were written pre-race and are set to auto-publish once per day for the next few days) There are a lot of reasons I’m looking to do Ironman Florida – but the biggest being I just wanted a second … Read More Here

Ironman Florida…done.

I’ll keep this simple and quick for now (the full story will start auto-posting tomorrow). Technically a PR…but by a hair.  It was a rough day, but there were some very solid moments sprinkled in there…including that I’ve now successfully … Read More Here