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Mio Alpha Optical Heart Rate Monitor In-Depth Review (Bluetooth Smart/ANT+)

This optical heart rate wrist strap measures your heart rate and transmits it to Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ devices. But how accurate is it? Read More Here

Annual Public Service Announcement: How to fix heart rate strap dropouts/spikes

I just wanted to put out a quick post as a reminder for folks that may be running into heart rate strap spiking or dropout issues with colder/dryer weather.  A dropout is when the strap monitoring your heart rate records/displays … Read More Here

How to fix heart rate strap chaffing issues

A day or two ago, someone posted to Slowtwitch with an issue where they were getting chaffing issues with the Garmin soft strap, to the point of the skin being red and raw.  This was primarily in the area of … Read More Here