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Question of the day: Triathlon and Running Clubs

Tonight while cleaning the kitchen I stumbled upon a small DC Triathlon Club pin that I had picked up at the Multisport Expo a few weeks ago.  It got me thinking – how many of you belong (either officially or … Read More Here

A look at the 2011 Multisport Expo in Washington DC

Nestled in between all the craziness that was this weekend (racing a half-marathon, then baking 17 dozen cupcakes for a competition, and finally supporting The Girl in her triathlon cake domination), I had a chance to sneak out to the … Read More Here

Half-Mary here I come

In my random driving around today I decided on which half I’m going to do.  After looking at my options (all two of them: Philly and Outer Banks), I’m going with Philly’s Half.  It will be a shorter drive, and … Read More Here